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2023.06.09 15:58 sluggish2successful Beginner Commuter Wondering Whether to Get New Bike or Refurbish Old One

Hi all,
I'm currently riding a Specialized Hardrock Sport which I bought secondhand. Mine has disk brakes on both tires, though. (The bike shop I bought it from specializes in refurbishing/upgrading used bikes.) It was a good deal at $400 and I've enjoyed this bike.
I got a new job a few months ago, and I've been bike commuting 3-5 days/wk to my office. It is a 5 mile commute in the greater Boston area that takes me 30-40 minutes each way to complete depending on the wind and how energized I am that day. It is pretty hilly and goes through an industrial area with a lot of 18 wheelers and accompanying detritus in the bike lane. Accordingly, I got a flat this week that I didn't notice until the next day when I wanted to go to work. I regularly have to pick metal flakes out of the tires, etc.
My price range is anything under about $1000 or so. Used is fine, but I don't really know what to look for in a used bike. I'm 5'8", 180lbs, not very fit (as you can tell from how long it takes me to go 5 miles lol).
So I'm a little torn now. Should I get new/beefy tires for this old bike that is probably 10+ years old, or should I just buy a new one that's better suited to bike commuting? If you think I should go for a new one, what is a good fit for me? I'm concerned about getting a road bike given how much detritus, gravel, and hills I have to deal with daily.
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2023.06.09 15:58 Hopeful_Cranberry897 Help! Can't find matching brick, what to do?

Help! Can't find matching brick, what to do?
We're converting our garage into an addition to our brick house, and as part of that process, we are removing the garage door and replacing it with a smaller glass sliding door. Because the door is smaller, there will be a gap of about four feet on either side of the wall that we need to fill in. Our builders have told us that they can't match the brick to our current house.
So, now we're trying to figure out what to do. I think our options are 1) fill it in with wood panelling instead, 2) go with slightly mismatched brick and hope it's not too noticeable, or 3) choose a style/color of brick that's totally different and treat it like an accent. Do you have a recommendation between these options? Are there others I'm not thinking of? Image attached for reference.
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2023.06.09 15:57 baggyfrog17 Genlocke update

Genlocke update
planning on giving the rom hacks a rest and go back to original games for a hardcore Genlocke
order of games will be Leafgreen -> HeartGold -> Emerald -> Platinum -> Black -> Black 2
all champions will carry over to basic form in the next game, and death box carries over for all Generations, will be playing each with hardcore nuzlcoke rules, Set mode and no items, plus every Gym battle will be using same amount of pokemon as Gym leader, with no overleveling the ace
will also be counting all static/gift pokemon as route encounters, and no legendries allowed
Starting with Leaf green will be using Bulbasaur as my starter due to trainer ID code matching, will post updates as much as possible, any hints and tips will be appriciated
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2023.06.09 15:56 Queasy-Pattern-6804 suddenly back where i started

stress triggered bad ibs-d for a month before discovering the low fodmap diet in february. i'd never had any ibs symptoms before in my life. after i switched to eating no/low fodmaps my ibs resolved itself almost completely. I stuck to the diet religiously for around two months, and then began reintroduction, which went incredibly well. For a month and a half now I have been eating absolutely anything I want with virtually no issues. there was one time that i ate way too many rice cakes that contained molasses and it triggered symptoms for a day and a half or so but then i immediately went back to normal and have just avoided molasses.
on tuesday and wednesday of this week I was stuck inside because the air quality in my city was hazardous from the canadian wildfires. one of the only foods i had at home was a granola sweetened with coconut sugar and i ate a ton of it, more than a whole bag :( since then i've had a horrible ibs-d flare for 3 days straight. i've been able to keep food down (like im not immediately rushing to the bathroom) but have had no normal BMs the whole time. in fact it's been as bad/extreme as i've ever experienced. i initially thought it was from stress from the bad air quality/orange colored sky, as stress is what triggered my ibs in the first place. however the longer it's gone on the more i think it has to do with all of that coconut sugar, which i'm assuming is similar to the high quantity of molasses i couldn't tolerate.
I'm flying cross country on monday and i'm super worried this won't be resolved before then. do i need to go back on a low fodmap diet for now? i've been literally 99.9% fine since the start of May so it's hard to imagine having to take these steps back, but i'm really concerned at how long this flare is going on.
any advice would be so appreciated, as i've never experienced such a regression in my symptoms and don't know what this means for me. thank you!!!
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2023.06.09 15:55 JustTenTwitch Just a heads up - Pokemon GO paper code cards expire on July 1st 2023!

I noticed this when opening packs yesterday and I imagine there are quite a few people that don't realize they have an expiration date. This applies to only the big folded papers they give you in boxes and tins, codes from packs do not expire.
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2023.06.09 15:52 Nurseresidences Daily Golf Deals 06-09-2023 (NurseResidences)

Your Friday daily deals. Give a shout in the comments (so others can upvote) if there is something you would like me to look for or sign-up to get these via email, below.
$45 $13 Dry-Fit ThreeSixtySix Golf Polos (Six Styles): Multiple different styles in S-XXXL across 30+ colors. Moisture wicking and UPF50. Use coupon code DADSDEAL at checkout. Shipping is $6.50. Limit 1x per order

$290 $210 MINT Cobra LTDx Black Driver : Available in Right and Left Handed with 4 lofts and 3 flexes to choose from. Comes with free headcover. Use coupon TRIPLE at checkout. Shipping is free
$660 $561 MINT Cobra LTDx Men's Iron Set: Available 5-PW,AW AND 4-PW in Right Handed with regular and stiff flex options . Use coupon TRIPLE at checkout. Shipping is free
$130 $86 MINT JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedges: Callaway 56¼ Wedge in Right Handed with regular and stiff shafts available. No coupon code needed. Shipping is 9.95

SRIXON GOLF BALLS - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any 2 boxes of Srixon golf balls and get one box FREE. No coupon code needed. Shipping on orders over 99.99 is free
15% off any Callaway or Titleist Balls at All balls are AAAA or better. Includes ProV1s and other premium balls. Use WEEKENDGOLFER at checkout. Always free shipping
Don’t miss another deal - Sign-up here to get these posts via email every day (9am PT / Noon ET).
Clubs Request - Looking for a specific club, fill out a query here. Specify exactly what you want to see and get alerts in your inbox when my scraper finds a club
Thursday's deals - click here in case you missed it
Note: I may earn commissions on these deals when you make a purchase. This income helps cover the costs involved in building scraping tools / identifying these deals. This is cleared with the mods.
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2023.06.09 15:52 Electrical-Food9136 How to overcome indecision on minor/trivial things?

I find myself in a bit of a pickle, and I could really use your input. You see, I've always struggled when it comes to making decisions about colors and designs. It's not that I overthink it anymore, but I simply can't seem to figure out what I genuinely like. It's like I have this shallow self-view that keeps me from settling on a choice.
In the past, I used to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection, obsessing over every detail. But now, I've realized that it's more important to let go of that mindset and embrace a more carefree approach. However, even with this newfound freedom, I find myself stuck in a loop of uncertainty.
Choosing a design, whether it's for clothes, furniture, or even something as simple as a new phone case, becomes a never-ending quest. I'm left feeling lost, unable to define my personal taste. It's frustrating because I can't pinpoint what truly resonates with me without delving into overthinking mode. I know it may seem silly and insignificant, but it's become a bothersome aspect of my life.
Have any of you faced a similar struggle with choices and self-perception? How did you overcome it?
I've considered the coin flip method, but let's be real, relying on a small piece of metal to make decisions for me feels more like outsourcing my brain than solving my indecisiveness.
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2023.06.09 15:50 Ill_Return_3450 Glitchy pokemon home

It's not a huge glitch but has anyone else have pokemon from home judt go through the side of cliffs or buildings when free roaming
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2023.06.09 15:50 salthin MEMORY RECORD - When Good Men Go To War

I hope you all enjoy this one! Got a lot of these hanging around in my writing folder ready to be proofread and published.
The following record has been altered for mortal consumption.
General Richard sighed deeply as he sat in the council chamber. This was all too much. He could see the Xol representative across the chamber, talking in hushed tones with another Xol. Ashley sat beside him, arms crossed. After everything he'd heard about her, she seemed a normal person, even if she was a bit awkward. Her umbra was tight against her skin, and almost translucent. He knew from her tutoring that it's weakness was a trick.
Silva Wrassack, a Sage of Law, sat to his right. Her face was impartial, as always.
Soon, all of the representatives arrived.
"Attention all sapient races." A voice called out. "We are gathered here today to address a grievance by the United Republic of Terra, against the Xol Khanate."
Richard straightened his tie.
"The Council held a remote motion to hear the grievance, and the motion was accepted. Representative from the United Republic of Terra, you have the floor."
General Richard cleared his throat, and then spoke. "Peoples of the council, I am General Richard Hammond. With me is Ashley, the Apostle of our home star, Sol, and a Sage of Law, Silva Wrassack."
Murmurs ran through the chamber. God, Richard hated talking in front of politicians.
"Before I voice the Republic's grievance, I would like to extend a hand of friendship and peace to those around us. I am a General, indeed, but in Human culture, if there is peace, I am doing my job correctly. For background to those of you who who do not know of the Republic, we are a republican representative-democracy of Humans. Humans are a bipedal, warm-blooded, hunter-scavenger, omnivorous mammal species. We typically make decisions based on both emotion and logic. Humans have a lifespan of 110-130 years with our current medical technology, and we reach adulthood by approximately age 17, and reach full maturity at approximately age 26. We sometimes alter our bodies with cybernetics, but typically only for increased access to information and to enhance our social opportunities."
He saw nods and more murmurs across the chamber.
"Sadly, the Republic is here as a matter of conflict. We are here to file a grievance against the Xol Khanate." He gestured to Silva for her to continue. Better to let the Lawyer do her job.
Silva spoke up. "We accuse the Xol Khanate of the enslavement of our sovereign citizens, and the occupation of Pre-FTL Republic-colonized systems. We demand our systems be left, and our people freed and returned to us. We are open to negotiation, but our demand of our people's freedom is nonnegotiable."
The murmuring turned into a cacophony.
The arbiter managed to calm things down for the moment.
"Representative Jir'lan of the Xol Khanate, the integrity of the Xol Khanate has been questioned. The United Republic of Terra claims you have claimed their citizens as part of your workforce. What say you against this claim?"
The Xol representative, apparently named Jir'lan, spoke after a moment. "It surprises the Xol Kahnate that the United Republic of Terra exists in the first place. Our contracted workforces are second to none in the galaxy, as most of you know, and were any humans to be among them, they would be the rightful residential contracted workers of the Xol Khanate, and would not be citizens of this Terran Republic. How a human would end up outside of an FTL-isolated system is beyond me. I motion to table this discussion, and move on to more important matters."
The arbiter let out noise of boredom. "Motion to table, any objections?"
Sage Silva raised her hand. "We have an objection. How may I address you, arbiter?"
"Your objection is heard. You may address me as simply Arbiter."
"Understood, Arbiter. Our objection is as follows: when the human race finally united as one nation more than two thousand years ago, we sent out generation ships as an act of unity. The residents of those ships were Republic citizens, as were their children, and their children's children, and so on. When they arrived at their destination systems, those systems and the colonized planets became Republic territory. At the time, we did not know of the sapience of stars, but those stars would today be allowed to become Republic citizens themselves, or negotiate terms for colonization."
"Objection heard. For clarification, please define the function of a generation ship."
"Oh, I see." Silva said. Richard was surprised the concept was foreign. Silva continued. "A generation ship is a type of exploration and colonization vessel that travels at sublight relativistic speeds. As per the name, the crew of the ship is a pre-designed and regulated society that lives and dies aboard the ship, until it reaches it's destination system."
Murmurs began to echo as the sage explained the concept. Was it really that crazy?
"Understood. Any responses to the objection?" The Arbiter spoke. A distant hand was raised.
"Representative Glagnon of the Firma Federation, what is your response?"
The gruff looking alien spoke up. "How many of these generation ships have you fielded?"
Silva nodded as the arbiter gestured to her to respond. "Thirteen. Each vessel holds approximately 1.2 million people."
"Response heard. Any other responses?"
Another alien spoke. "What is the United Republic of Terra's policies on indentured servitude?"
Silva cleared her throat. "In the Terran Republic, Involuntary servitude under any circumstances, by any means of coercion, is illegal and will result in life imprisonment and the dissolution of any organized group or corporation found culpable by a random jury of their peers and a Judge."
The murmurs rebounded as Silva explained. Richard didn't have much hope for this dialogue anymore. It was clear that slavery was commonplace.
"For the record, extreme cases of systematic exploitation can result in a death penalty."
"Outrageous!" An alien shouted. The murmurs turned into roars.
"SILENCE!" The Arbiter declared. "Order shall return to this chamber. Are there any objections to the objection raised by the United Republic?"
Jir'lan spoke. "The Xol Khanate objects. Any humans or generation ships which have entered territory are ours by right of appropriation under Article 76392-Kit."
"Objection, Arbiter." Silva said, "The Terran Rep-"
"Silence. Provisional Attendees of this council are only allotted one objection for every motion. Speak again and you will be arrested for contempt."
Richard could barely hold in his rage. What kind of council was this?
"Any objections?" The Arbiter asked the chamber. Silence rang.
"Objection resolved. The motion to table this discussion passes, and the motion to question integrity fails."
Richard sighed. Of course it would come to this. He then heard a message in his communicator. The Central Congress just voted. He took a deep breath.
"Arbiter, I wish to comment."
"Granted, though no new objections are allowed."
"Of course, Arbiter." Richard said, a shiver running down his back in disgust. "Members of this council. I want to reiterate the Terran Republic's extended hand of friendship. However, it disappoints me greatly that this galactic council of supposedly intelligent beings refuse to do anything about this injustice. Our citizens and systems have been taken from under our nose by a law that we never agreed to follow, nor that we knew existed. I have been in contact with the Central Congress of the United Republic of Terra during this discussion. Fourty-Eight seconds ago, in a monumental unanimous decision, all 18019 members of the Central Congress, under guidance of the Grand Council of Sages, voted to declare a war of liberation on the Xol Khanate. "
Roars filled the chamber. The face of Jir'lan turned from surprise to both anger and humor. The sly shithead thought this was funny!
"SILENCE." The arbiter thundered, bringing the wining to an end. "A motion to declare war under the galactic rules of conflict has been raised."
Richard couldn't hold himself in. He laughed.
"You misunderstand, arbiter. There is no motion. We are not asking for approval. We will not be pushed around by the hubris of this council who thinks themselves better than their peers, and thinks the rights of individuals are an afterthought. We will follow our own rules of conflict, which we will deliver to this council and the Xol Khanate momentarily." he said. "We will take our leave. After all, I am a general. It is time to do my job. To the Xol Khanate, we heavily recommend you start removing your non-military population from your military centers and emplacements. We do not like killing civilians."
The door behind Richard locked.
"You will not leave. It is not our hubris, but yours, to presume this is your decision, or that you are equal to anyone else. Speak again and you will be detained." The arbiter said.
Ashley stood up, and spoken for the first time. "Respectfully, Arbiter, you can go chuck yourself, your mate, your extended family, and your firstborn in an incinerator."
Outrage ran through the council chambers, the Arbiter's face twisted to disgust and anger. Ashley turned to the locked door. Richard saw Ashley's umbra flared up in a rainbow of colored tentacles, and the door simply crumpled. His umbra control couldn't compare, even though Sol and Ashley had been directly tutoring him for weeks now.
"Security, detain them." The arbiter spoke.
Richard opened his briefcase. He flipped open the hidden panel and pulled out his issued PDW. Ashley took a deep breath.
They bolted down the hallway. Armored aliens rounded the corner and held out weapons.
"Let us pass if you value your lives. We have no quarrel with you. Raise your graspers above your head and drop your weapons." Richard said, pointing his weapon back. "Don't make me do this."
The guards took a step forward.
Richard opened fire, the bullets cracking the air. Two guards fell, and one more stumbled. Their shiny armor was cracked and split, a single hole in each. Not designed against kinetics, he guessed. He turned his gun on the remaining guards, but a flare of burning light filled his vision before he could do much else.
The rest of the guards became charred husks on the ground. Ashley's eyes burned with an orange light, the wispy flame in her hand dying out. She held the hand out, and Richard took it.
He spoke into his communicator. "Detonate the ship, according to plan A2." He heard a distant rumble as the plastic explosives vaporized any hint of Terran data or technology.
Ashley pulled him close, then her umbra yanked them through the metal corridors. They shot through the hallways towards the emergency exits.
"Gonna be a rough ride home, General." She said as the white, gold, and chrome hallways sped past them.
"That's fine. Always wanted to see those floes and swells you keep talking about with my own eyes, anyway."
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2023.06.09 15:50 VictyLusi [H] Gen (1-8) RNGs, BDSP Legends/Eggs RNGs, (Shiny) SV/SWSH Pokémon/Breeding, Shiny Manaphy, RNGed Dittos, Shiny Jirachi, XD/Colo RNGs and Ribbon services; Vivillons, Items and Shiny GO Lgnd/Myth. More inside [W] PayPal

• PoGO Pokémon. All were obtained by a close friend. All will have SPA/ENG Tag, OT Menri (if not custom), ID 538184/750488 and proof (1 PoGO pic, 1-2 transfer pics, 1 HOME pic if possible):
Shiny Celebi 12€, Shiny Meltan 25€, Shiny Melmetal 20€, Shiny Genesect 6IVs (No PoGO Sticker) 40€. Shiny Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, Groudon, Giratina, Reshiram and Kyurem available for 7€ each. Shiny Azelf 10€, Shiny Mesprit 8€, Shiny Uxie 15€. Darkrai and Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defense or Speed) 10€ each, Shiny Deoxys (Normal, Attack or Defense) and Shiny Darkray 20€. Shiny PokéBall Latias Lv 11, Shiny PokéBall Latios Lv. 8 35€.
• Self-Obtained Korean/Japanese Manaphy Eggs for BDSP. KOR: Naughty 31/31/17/3/31/15, JP: Timid 31/19/23/27/31/31. 15€
• Walking Wake untouched 15€ (Training services included). ENG Tag Relaxed Lure Ball, ENG Tag Serious Lure Ball, SPA Tag Relaxed Lure Ball, JP Tag Gentle Dream Ball. Pics + Video proof.
• Iron Leaves untouched 15€ (Training services included). ENG Tag Bashful Friend Ball, ENG Tag Sassy Friend Ball, SPA Tag Bashful Friend Ball, JP Tag Rash Dream Ball. Pics + Video proof.
• Self-obtained Star Shiny Love SP Palkia Modest 23/19/31/31/27/31. Pics + Video proof
• Event Dracovish with proof 3€
• SPA WCS Victini with proof 25€
• SPA Celebrate Poké/Dream Ball Impish GMax Eevee OT VictyLusi ID 017759/220961 and Ultra Ball Impish GMax Pikachu OT VictyLusi ID 017759. 3€
• RNGed Shiny/Non Shiny 3 Segment Dunsparce caught from Gen3-5 games service (Price depends on the original game, check each RNG specifications below)
• Register 807 Pokémon (Gen1-7) on Home Dex using Moving Key with a random wild Gen7 Pokémon 3€
*Using Moving Key HOME copies PkBank data. As I have Dex completed you will register all of them even if I transfer only 1 Pokémon. That works to get Original Color Magearna (Just Gen 8 Pokémon left) Also Forms and Shiny will be registered too (I have some Shiny Locked Pokémon registered but that shouldn’t affect, you can just see Shiny form in Dex)
• All SWSH/BDSP Items less Key ones. 0,5€ each (Johto/Dream/Beast/Sport/Safari Balls are 0,2€ each). Scarlet-Violet ones are 0,25€ each or 0,5€ each (Special Balls).
• Training - Shiny Paradox/Breeding (SPA-ENG) services for Scarlet and Violet.
- I do Playthroughs for Miraidon/Koraidon for 10€ (Training service included)
- 5IVs, -SpAtk, 6IVs, 5IVs 0Atk, 5IVs 0Spe SPA/JP Dittos. 1-5€ each.
- Training: Level, Nature (Mint), IVs (Bottle Caps), EVs, TM/EM Moves and Tera Type change. 1€ each
- Shiny Breeding: Ball, IVs (4-5), EMs and Nature. You can request Pokémon as Shiny Eggs. 5€ each
- Shiny Paradox Pokémon: Ball (Training service included). 6€ each (3€ if you ask more than 3)
-Vivillon services. I can get any Pattern but the most plenty I have are: Marine, Sun, Jungle, High Plains and Continental. We can use Union Circle so you can catch them yourself (as many as you want). 3-5€ each Pattern. For Shiny ones the service is only available if they are caught by myself not in online UC mode (8€ each)
• Legends Arceus Evolution/Training Service (Level, Nature, IVs using Grits, Tutor Moves) and custom OT Playthrough for Shaymin/Darkrai or Enamorus.
• RNG for BDSP: CaptureSight + RNG Apps. Legends and Arceus (Shiny, some IVs, Nature, Poké Ball), Unown (Shiny or 0Atk), SPA/ENG Eggs (Shiny, IVs, Gender, Moves, Nature, Ability, Poké Ball), Starters (Shiny, some IVs, Nature), Mew/Jirachi (some IVs, Nature) and Eeeve/Rotom (Shiny, some IVs, Nature, Poké Ball). Square Shiny service is available.
- BDSP playthrough for custom OT 8€
- Normal Legends: 2€ Each (Nature and 3-4IVs), 6€ (Nature + 5-6IVs)
- Shiny Legends: 6€ Each (Nature and 3-4IVs), 12€ (Nature + 5IVs)
- Shiny Arceus 10€ (Nature and 3-4IVs), 14€ (Nature + 5IVs)
*If you buy more than one Legend price will be cheaper (Less 5IVs ones)*
- Shiny Perfect Eggs 2€, Normal Perfect Eggs 1€
• Breeding Services for SWSH (SPA Tag): Any Ball, IVs, Nature, EMs, HA or Shiny. You can ask for a Competitive Team with all less Legends (Those go apart). Normal: 0,5€ Breedject/1,5€ BR, Shiny Eggs cost 10€ each (I use CaptureSight to check Eggs data). Training Service Included: TutoDT moves (+PP max), change ability or nature and train EVs.
• Shiny Self-Caught Pokémon (I have Pic Proof) OT VictyLusi (Make them Competitive with Objects without extra payment) 0,5-2€
- ID 017759: Safari Ball Jolteon, Ultra Ball Drifblim, Premier Ball Diggersby. Master Orbeetle, Dive Ball Ditto, Luxury GMax HA Charizard (Level 50 & 80), Safari GMax HA Venusaur(Level 50), Friend GMax HA Venusaur(Level 80), Dream GMax HA Blastoise (Level 50) and Master GMax HA Blastoise (Level 80)
Shiny Dive Ball Calm Tapu Fini 15€
- ID 220961 Star Shiny: Poke Ball Skuntank, Poke Ball Glalie, Ultra Ball Galvantula, Heal Ball Clefable. Star Shiny Dream GMax HA Blastoise (Level 80)
- Star Shiny Poké Ball Linoone OT Asce ID 875609
• SWSH playthrough for custom OT 8€ (Wolves/Calyrex/Horses)/6€ (Kubfu/DLCs Legends)
-Zacian/Zamazenta customized (Ball, Nature(Mint), IVs(Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 4€
-Kubfu/Urshifu customized (Nature (Mint), IVs (Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 4€
-Crown Tundra Legends (Calyrex, Galar Birds, Spectrier, Glastrier, 6 Regis, Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Keldeo, Cosmog, Dynamax Adventure ones) customized (Ball, Nature(Mint), IVs(Bottle Cap), TAG and OT) 5€ (Horses/New Regis/Dynamax Adventure) 3€ (Rest)
Ready 3€: Jolly Master Ball Zacian OT Lusi ID 551981, Docile Master Ball Spectrier OT Lusi ID 107630, Quirky Master Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 871386, Hardy Poké Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 098775, Bashful Heavy Ball Calyrex OT Lusi ID 972832
• Meltan & Melmetal: Usser will be able to choose the Nature, Nickname and Ball of the Melmetal and will have SPA Tag. Prices are 0.50€ Meltan and 2€ Melmetal
• Ribbons services available for Gen3-8 (There are some excluded). Price depends on how many and type (Check Spreadsheet)
• WISHMKChannel Jirachi, Ageto Celebi: Dolphin Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder + VBA + Ruby/Sapphire Save Files (+ Rscheksum for WISHMKR Jirachi). I can RNG Nature for Celebi. Channel Jirachis are available to RNG Nature, IVs and Shiny (Star or Square). Colosseum Jirachis are fixed (Star Shiny or Good IVs). Check Spreasheet.
-WISHMKR Jirachi 5€ Normal/10€ Star Shiny
-CHANNEL Jirachi 10€ Normal/12€ Star Shiny/14€ Square Shiny
-Ageto Celebi 7€ Random/13€ with Nature
• Pokémon Box Mons. Dolphin Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder + VBA-M + Ruby/Sapphire Save Files. Shiny RNG a(Star or Square) available (Check Spreadsheet)
• RNG/SR XD/Colosseum Mons Services (See Spreasheet). Square Shiny and TID/SID RNG is Available for both games (To get good Spreads). (Dolphin Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG Reporter + PokeFinder + XD/Colosseum Saves) (Check Spreadsheet)
Colosseum: RNG is Available for ALL Noiseless Zones Pokémon for Pokémon Colosseum (Such as Entei and Suicune) and some few Noise Zones ones (Check Spreadsheet). Completed a Self RNGed Collection and JP e-reader ones aren’t available due to I don’t have Card files to get them legit.
XD: ALL Available (Completed a Self RNGed Collection) such a Shiny Johto Starters/Eevee/HORDEL Elekid, Shadow Mons (Shiny Locked) and Shiny PokeSPot Pokémon.
• Manaphy Egg RNG Service: OT, Nature, IVs and Shiny. Pokémon Ranger 1 Cartridge + TWLSaveTool + Gen4 Games + Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder. 5€ Normal+IVs, 10€ Shiny and 15€ Shiny+IVs
• RNG Service from Gen1-7. Mons will be proofed and you can choose the OT of mons (Gen1-7), also you can ask for different types of RNG that aren’t listed. You can for ask Nature, Shiny, Hidden Power, IVs (Depending Game) and TutoEgg Moves. (Check Spreadsheet)
- Gen3 (RSE/FRLG): Visual Boy Advance Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder. Available RNG: Legends (Event not allowed)/Gifts/Safari/Wild/GameCorneStarters/Eggs and Square Shiny service available.
- Gen4 (HGSS/Platinum): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + Pokefinder. Available RNG: Legends (Event not allowed)/Events(Regis/Sinjoh Ruins)/Gifts/Starters/Wild/Safari/Game CorneEggs/ID-SID RNG and Square Shiny service available.
- Gen5 (BW/BW2): Desmume Emulator + Lua Scripts + RNG ReportePokefinder. Available RNG: Dream Radar Legends(Less Palkia)/Wild/Gifts/Starters/Legends/ID-SID RNG and Square Shiny service available. *Entree Forest for DW Mons is available but you have to provide the save with Legit Mons
- Gen6 (XY/ORAS): NTR + PCalc + 3DS RNG Tool. Available RNG: Starters/Unowns/Event (Latios or Latias)/Eggs (TSV too)/Legends (Less Groudon and Kyogre) and save ID-TSV RNG. Square Shiny service is available.
- Gen7 (USUM): (NTR + PCalc)/(Citra Emu + Python) + 3DS RNG Tool. Available RNG: Starters (USUM), Wormhole Legends/UBs (Wild Included), Stacionary Legends, Gift Pokémon, Eggs (TSV too) and save ID-TSV RNG. SPA Tag Ash Greninja and Square Shiny service is available.
I can breed all Vivillon Patterns less 3 due to I created a new save file with the Region of my PAL DS changed. The only ones I can’t breed are Elegant because is only for Japanese DS Regions and Modern/Savanna because are for American DS Regions.
- Gen1/2 (Y/S/C). Mons Available: Legends (Including Celebi)/Gifts and Eggs (Only Gen2). Nature is determined by experience and Shiny Breeding is Available (With Glitched Shiny Ditto + Debug Menu for Speed Up). IVs RNG is available only I don't do Shiny Legends due to there isn't RNG for that.
• RNGed Dittos Available (for 3DS or Switch):
-You can ask for any IVs Spread and any Nature.
-Tags available: SPA-JPN
-Game used is Pokémon White for all.
Spreadsheet with all FT and Prices:\_8lQ/edit?usp=sharing
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2023.06.09 15:49 Electrical-Food9136 How to overcome indecision?

I find myself in a bit of a pickle, and I could really use your input. You see, I've always struggled when it comes to making decisions about colors and designs. It's not that I overthink it anymore, but I simply can't seem to figure out what I genuinely like. It's like I have this shallow self-view that keeps me from settling on a choice.
In the past, I used to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection, obsessing over every detail. But now, I've realized that it's more important to let go of that mindset and embrace a more carefree approach. However, even with this newfound freedom, I find myself stuck in a loop of uncertainty.
Choosing a design, whether it's for clothes, furniture, or even something as simple as a new phone case, becomes a never-ending quest. I'm left feeling lost, unable to define my personal taste. It's frustrating because I can't pinpoint what truly resonates with me without delving into overthinking mode. I know it may seem silly and insignificant, but it's become a bothersome aspect of my life.
Have any of you faced a similar struggle with choices and self-perception? How did you overcome it?
P.S: I've considered the coin flip method, but let's be real, relying on a small piece of metal to make decisions for me feels more like outsourcing my brain than solving my indecisiveness.
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2023.06.09 15:49 baka-tari My first box of doorknobs

I started my military career in June of on Sand Hill at Fort Benning. I can still tell you the unit I was in for Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), and the names of my Drill Sergeants . . . this knowledge is embedded in my DNA, it's like a cheap tattoo etched inside my eyelids. I will know I'm senile when I can't pop out those details at the drop of a hat.
It was in my 13 weeks of Basic Training and Infantry AIT where I first got acquainted with the wide range of colorful people I'd encounter in the Army. In my platoon we had delinquents who could barely get moral waivers that were battle-buddied with college boys who'd lived charmed lives; we had "old men" of 30 wanting to do their patriotic duty that were battle-buddied with kids so young and green they shaved twice a week whether they needed to or not. We had Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves and even a couple of MOS reclasses.
On top of all that, we had Waters.
Private Waters was born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). His mom simply could not turn off the tap while she was pregnant with him - he carried that burden throughout his life. Folks with severe FAS have a look about them. Just as you can unfailingly recognize a person with Down Syndrome, you can look at a person with severe FAS and know it immediately.
Go ahead, take a minute to do a google image search on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - you'll see what I mean.
♫ . . . . . the girl from Ipanema goes walking . . . . . . . ♫ . . .
Welcome back. See any features you recognize on someone you know? Explains a lot, doesn't it?
Severe FAS can result in problems with learning, memory, attention span, communication, vision, or hearing, among other things. Waters definitely had issues with the first four on that list.
Here's the thing, though: Waters wanted to be there at Infantry school. He volunteered to join the Army. He mustered enough concentration to take - and at least minimally pass - the ASVAB. I don't know what his score was, but it was enough.
Whenever someone gives me shit about soldiers being brainless, I have a canned response that's based in bitter personal experience: Yep, soldiers can be stupid, but you have to pass a test to get into the military. Any dumbass motherfucker can be a civilian.
We all knew that Waters needed some extra guardrails, and all of us in that basic training platoon stepped up to help him through. This could be a problem sometimes. For example, Private Tentpeg would walk past Waters in the morning and remind him to make his bunk before heading to formation. So Waters would start making his bunk. Then Private Snuffy would walk past, see Waters was making his bunk (and think to himself "Yay! Waters remembered to make his bunk today!") - then he'd remind Waters to square away his wall locker before heading down to formation.
Do you see where this is going?
Hearing Snuffy, Waters would go start to square away his wall locker. If you asked him in that moment if his bunk was good to go, he'd tell you it was, because he remembered that he had started to make it. He just couldn't remember if he had remembered to finish it. If he was then distracted by something else while working on his wall locker, he'd also insist that his wall locker was squared away, and for the same reason. If he looked at any of those items again, he might realize he needed to finish them, but he didn't operate well without either a really obvious visual cue or someone directing him. The latter usually produced better results.
He wasn't much better physically. To see Waters run, do pushup or situps, try jumping ja- . . . er, "side straddle hop" - or even march, tbh - the only phrase that came to mind was "like a monkey fucking a football." So. Much. Uncoordination. The final PT test almost sank his timely graduation.
In one instance, Waters came to me complaining that he was missing a button from his BDU blouse (BDU's? Fuck, I'm old). It wouldn't button up correctly, and could I give him a hand? I looked at it for a couple seconds and could see that he'd started with the wrong button in the bottom button hole. I calmly explained this to him and helped him correct his mistake. I'd learned early on it didn't do any good to get upset at Waters - he couldn't help it and yelling didn't fix the problem. He got a sheepish look on his face as I adjusted his buttons, was a little embarrassed, and said simply "I'm sorry, I get like that sometimes."
Me: I know, Waters. It's okay, we've got your back.
And that's just the thing - he knew. All his life, Waters knew he was a little short upstairs. But that didn't stop him from trying. He asked for help, he accepted the help, and he worked hard to overcome his limitations. On top of that he was a team player and he didn't shirk hard work. It was because of his attitude and commitment that the rest of us helped him along. We pushed, and pulled, and coached, and looked after him all the way through 13 weeks of Infantry training. In the end Waters met the standards - on his own and just barely - but goddamnit he graduated with the rest of us and didn't get recycled.
We weren't thinking about it at the time, just being fresh in the Army ourselves, but looking back I'm pretty sure there was a Squad Leader, a Platoon Sergeant, and a First Sergeant who were cursing us and our Drill Sergeants when Waters showed up at his first assignment. I never knew if, or how long, he lasted on active duty.
Sure, he was about as sharp as a box of doorknobs, and definitely frustrating sometimes, but he was our teammate and as long as he kept trying we weren't going to let him fail. That lesson of teamwork and cohesion stuck with me through 27 years of service, and I carry it still. I've known a lot smarter people who can't be bothered to put in half the effort that Waters did. I don't have time for them, but I will always help someone who is working hard to help themselves.
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2023.06.09 15:48 shif0557 First PC build for gaming/as media player and storage (2000 EUR)

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Games: Elder Scrolls series, GTA V, some of the Total War series, Subnautica. Also generally a lot of music listening and film watching on my media players of choice, as well as general use such as communicating with my online friends through Discord and other social media, etc.

What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Max. € 2000. Willing to stretch the budget a few extra hundred (within reason).

When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Between now and a month: as soon as I can.

What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
The tower and everything that goes in it, plus monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?

If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No, probably not.

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Lots of storage space for all my media (in addition to games, film and mostly rare and/or ripped music, a collection that will be growing steadily). At least one big SSD (maybe something like 2TB) plus at least one other large drive (2+TB): HDD in that case is obviously more cost effective, if HDD I would like one that has a long shelf life and is reasonably fast. Of course I will be backing up my drives regularly. A motherboard with lots of drive mounts would also be useful if I'm going to expand my storage in the coming years.

What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
As long as everything fits, haha.

Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I'll purchase a Windows license but it doesn't need to be included in the budget. Debating whether I should go with W10 or W11, leaning towards the former.

Extra info or particulars:
New to PC building.

Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 15:46 DeviousWookiee Space Wolf / Leviathan Box Question

My son and I are going to get started with 40K with the new box set. He really loves the Space Wolves and wants to go that route. I get these are push fit so the upgrade sprues won’t work so is there a way to easily add to the models that will be in that box to give them the space wolf feel? Are there other boxes with plenty of extra bits to where you can add items to give them the feel? Or is it just paint them the right color and slap the sticker on?
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2023.06.09 15:45 Soft_Appropriate OTHER: I wish people gave VFX artists a break.

I've seen so many people on this sub complaining about how the CGI looks in The Flash. It's okay to point out whether it looks unfinished or not, but I do take issue with people saying it looks "lazily rendered".
Regardless of the variety in quality...


To the people that are constantly comparing The Flash to Man of steel, take into consideration the context of their productions. Back in 2013, there was only one DC film and that film didn't go through major changes during filming and post-production (thank you Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder and Christopher Nolan). Ten years later and we've had for the most part 2 films per year. The Flash has apparently been through A TON of changes during its production, much like Green Lantern. Meaning that VFX artists have to abandon shots and scenes they had been working on for weeks to work on new ones.
Another major factor is that with the rise of streaming platforms, a lot more projects get green-lit. A good example is how Disney used to have their projects scheduled much more separately, but ever since the launch of Disney+, they have a lot more projects with all the different franchises they distribute. We have a Star Wars show, Marvel films and series, live-action remakes every single year.
Another thing is that several major VFX studios have been sadly closed and many smaller ones are starting out. And it seems like a good number of VFX artists prefer working at smaller studios because they don't feel overworked with really tight schedules and indecisive clients.
I miss the times when people would just view special effects as a tool to tell a story.
I'm not saying that movies or artists are immune to criticism. I simply wish people weren't so dismissive of how hard the craft of animation and CGI is, as if it was so easy to produce.
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2023.06.09 15:44 SquirtleBob164 Pokemon Elsagate?

Pokemon Elsagate?
I found some images about pokemon elsagate of it:
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2023.06.09 15:43 BadlyFavorite Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues

Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues submitted by BadlyFavorite to Reelsvedios [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:39 BadlyFavorite Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues

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2023.06.09 15:39 JorgeAndTheKraken Day 1 Discussion Thread: It’s About Damn Time

Well, the Air Quality Index is below 100 and the air is a normal color, so let’s do this thing.
Temps are expected to be a little mild for the season, topping out at 72. Heads up that we might get some rain, so prep accordingly. It’s not predicted to be super heavy, but snagging a plastic poncho at CVS or wherever is never a bad idea - they fold up small for convenience and will keep you from being soaked if something does come down.
Remember to HYDRATE. Also, while the AQI is worlds better than it’s been, it’s still not ideal, so it’s a good idea to take breaks and chill, especially if you’re at all sensitive in the respiratory sense.
Other than that, LFG. Who are you psyched to see? How’s security? What’s going on with the new layout? Here’s the place to 🌮 ‘bout it.
Have fun, and remember: You’re doing great.
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2023.06.09 15:38 oktravis [For Sale] Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Cure, Deftones, Kendrick, Kanye, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Tool, The Strokes, MCR, QOTSA, Taylor Swift, Korn, Good Charlotte, The Used, The Weeknd, more

Some new, some old w/ lowered prices. Continually trying to help family catch up on endless medical bills. As usual if anything seems to pricey, just ask.
Free shipping please keep that in mind with prices. US only, shipping from California, deal for bundles.
Last go round I had some a few shipping delays-if you're one of those and want something make sure to remind me for the deal.
The Cure - Wish (30th anniversary) * sealed * $38
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 * sealed * $32
A Day to Remember - Common Courtesy (yellow milky clear) * sealed * $33
Alice in Chains - Dirt * sealed * $24
Beastie Boys - Check Your Head * sealed * $31
Beyonce - Renaissance * sealed * $32
Charli XCX - Crash (white) * sealed * $27
Daft Punk - Homework * sealed * $33
Deftones - Adrenaline * sealed * $27
Deftones - White Pony * sealed * $32
Far - Water & Solutions * opened/never played * $90
Fugees - The Score (orange) * sealed * $31
The Get Up Kids - Something To Wriite Home About * sealed * $25
Good Charlotte - The Young and the Restless (neon green) * sealed * $35
Good Charlotte - s/t (opaque blue) * sealed * $35
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I * sealed * $33
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II * sealed * $33
Jackboys - Jackboys (neon yellow, urban exclusive) * opened/never played * $33
Jane’s Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual (pearl) * sealed * $33
Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds (opaque red) * sealed * $45
Justin Timberlake - Justified (light blue) * sealed * $39
Kanye West - College Dropout * sealed * $35
Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.A.A.d. City (opaque apple red) * sealed * $29
Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, M.A.A.d. City (milky transparent) * sealed * $29
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly * sealed * $29
Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered. * sealed * $22
Kendrick Lamar - Mr Morale & the Big Steppers * sealed * $37
Korn - Issues * sealed * $26
Korn - Untouchables * opened/never played * $26
Madonna - Bedtime Stories * opened/never played * $18
Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children (pink translucent) * opened/never played * $40
Metallica - Ride the Lightning (electric blue) * sealed * $28
Metallica - Master of Puppets * sealed * $22
Metallica - the black album (some blacker marbled) * sealed * $28
Metallica - Load * opened/never played * $24
Metallica - Garage Inc. * sealed * $37
Metallica - S&M * sealed * $43
Metallica - Hardwired to Self-Destruct (flame orange ) * sealed * $29
Metallica - 72 Seasons (red/black) * sealed * $27
Methods of Mayhem - self titled * opened/never played * $19
Michael Jackson - Dangerous * opened/never played * $23
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade * sealed * $32
Nirvana - In Utero 2013 mix * sealed * $35
Pearl Jam - Ten (purple) * sealed * $23
Post Malone - Twelve Carat Toothache) * sealed * $27
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris * sealed * $28
Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R * sealed * $26
Radiohead - The Bends * sealed * $33
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (red) * opened/never played * $12
Soundgarden - Superunknown * sealed * $28
The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth * sealed * $22
[Taylor Swift - Midnights]]( all 5 of the standard US color releases * sealed * $23/each
Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor’s Version - 4xLP red) * sealed * $32
Tool - Lateralus * sealed * $35
Tool - Fear Inoculum (gold art triple gatefold) * sealed * $52
The Used - self titled (red oxblood & bone white split) * sealed * $38
v/a Lost Highway soundtrack * opened/never played * $25
v/a End of Days soundtrack * opened/never played * $40
The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness) * sealed * $38
The Weeknd - Starboy (blue) * sealed * $25
30 Seconds to Mars - self titled) * sealed * $26
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2023.06.09 15:36 BadlyFavorite Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues

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2023.06.09 15:34 theclumsystol Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues

Pokemon GO announces weekend five-star raids to make up for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf technical issues submitted by theclumsystol to Filmfestivel [link] [comments]