Best Shirt supplier for sublimation?

2023.05.30 00:23 Nervous-Caregiver577 Best Shirt supplier for sublimation?

What website does everyone use to order their polyester shirts for sublimation? I can’t find 65% polyester on neither jiffyshirts or shirtspace
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2023.02.04 23:02 1m_Just_Visiting LPT: if you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear branded clothing. Use a wholesale website to buy Gildan, Hanes, FotL, etc. branded plain color t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, etc for far less than you would pay at a store.

For clarification: I understand the wording was a little confusing. By “branded” I mean a company brand or logo plastered on the clothing everywhere.
My top suggestions would be,, and
Edit: as many have suggested. Crafting stores like Michael’s do carry these shirts as well. But generally just one type (usually the most basic) and not as many colors as an online retailer. But still a great option.
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2022.03.04 03:45 Salvo7 Could I buy singular t shirts from shirtspace

I am not interested in buying wholesale, but I do want some cheap, good looking, plain t shirts that I can wear outside and found some on shirtspace. Is this is a good idea?
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2021.11.05 15:06 Djcraziej Any preference on which wholesaler to order blanks from?

I've used Jiffy and Jones, and considering trying Shirtspace. So far both seem comparable as far as price and availability. My main question as I put in a large order of whites as well as a small inventory of samples, is one better in any regards and also am I missing out on any wholesaler?
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2021.07.21 17:01 SmoreKat where to source tshirts for novice

is shirtspace a good website for wholesale shirts? and what company should i go with? i know gildan is a bit too cheap for me, maybe hanes or fruit of the loom? i will be printing on white or black shirts with plastisol on a screen printing press, if this info is needed.
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2020.10.18 19:48 24BrownMamaba24 Where can I buy blanks in Canda

Hey Im 16 year's old and I have made a clothing brand. I have the website ready the designs ready and everything but no actual physical product. I asked around and I heard Shirtspace was pretty good and if I wanted quality Blanks I should get the "Champion T2102 Adult 7 oz. Heritage Jersey T‑Shirt" but I soon noticed shirtspace doesn't ship to Canada. Is there any website Canadians get there blanks from if so please let me know, also I would like to know which blanks you guys use because I have also came across bella+canvas and American apparel blanks if they are any good. Thank you for your time I'm also gonna be posting my design's up here in a minute IF you did want to check em out. Thank you for your time
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2020.10.05 18:52 PaleHaunt T-Shirt supplier shortage. Where to buy from?

Hey guys. I've used S&S for years, mainly because they are local to me, and pick up is easy. They have a huge shortage of stock at the moment, and it's been growing over the months. It started with the bigger sizes. Bella Canvas 3001's, 2XL went first, now Large is gone everywhere, XL is at ONE location... What is happening? ShirtSpace seems to have plenty, for almost $1.00 more a shirt. Where else do you guys buy stock from? I need to set up a few more accounts it seems.
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2020.06.03 23:27 adventurepaul Advice about printing on quick dry moisture wicking polyester t-shirts

Hi Everyone - I'm a brand owner, not a screen printer, but hoping the experts could give me some advice. For the first time, I'm looking to print our shirts on quick dry moisture wicking polyester shirts (the kind that are great for travel). It'll be a white monochrome design printed on a dark t-shirt (royal blue, black, or dark grey). Three questions please:
1. What are your recommended shirts?
I've been looking at the Gildon G460 and someone recommended the A4 N3142 -- however I'm very much open to your suggestion. I'm looking for shirts that are great for travel.
2. Is there anything special I should be aware of for printing on this type of shirt?
I was searching through this subreddit earlier and one user wrote, "Some retail shirts are treated with an additional "stain blocker" which prevents ink from bonding to the material." in response to another user's question about why their plastisol ink started rubbing off. What other issues should I look to avoid?
3. Will long term storage or warehouse heat be an issue?
I've never printed on this type of shirt before. Are there things I should take into consideration with storage so that I don't destroy an entire lot of shirts? Like if the ink gets hot, will it bleed or stick onto another touching shirt?
Sorry for all the questions. Here's v1 of our shirts if you'd like to see the design, and v2 will be the new quick dry version. Thank you.
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2016.10.27 22:52 javi_14 Thoughts on Quality of Next Level Shirts

I've become really interested in this sub and would like your opinion on the Next Level 3600 Men's Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Crew Shirts that can be found here:
These shirts are ridiculously cheap and I would like to make sure that they are not complete garbage. Regarding the material is the ringspun cotton any good? What type of details should I be looking into when buying plain shirts like this? All in all, would you reccommend these shirts? I am not a fan of shirts that stretch out and if I were to buy any of these they would be to go out.
As always thank you for taking the time to read my post :)
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2016.06.12 19:37 onionloaf I need tank tops!

As the title states, I an looking for tanks tops. I am currently using and jonestees but am not loving the pricing, us there any other vendors thay offer better pricing on tanks?
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2016.05.09 01:34 onionloaf Wholesale suppliers

I am looking for other suppliers that can be a "one stop shop" for all of my printing needs, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, zip hoodies and more. I am currently using and both places offer great pricing on t-shirts but am finding out that I am not able to compete with tank tops, sweatshirts, zip hoodies ect. Can anyone offer other suppliers or tips to help me out in my search?
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2015.09.21 21:29 deadswans White VS Prepared for dye white?

im using shirtspace to order some shirts for the first time to print on. I'm getting some gildan 200 black and white shirts but for the white there are 2 options (white and prepared for dye). Can anyone explain the difference?
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2015.04.22 22:13 profgrosvenor Types of shirts for printing

Hey everyone, I just got a 1 screen printer last week and I am really excited to start making shirts. I've done a few tests on random shirts just to practice, but I'm wondering if there are certain types of shirts that work best. I think I heard 100% cotton somewhere, but can I get away with a blend?
I am using the Green Galaxy colors from Ryonet, and looking at for shirts. If you guys know of better inks or better wholesale sites please let me know. Also, on that site I only recognize Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom, so if you guys know of another brand that might be better quality I would love to hear your opinions.
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2014.12.07 23:31 Somuchtwoble4 question about printing on Terry

I'm a fairly new screenprinter,and have done primarily tshirts(100% cotton) and hoodies(50%cotton/50% poly) does anyone have experience/advice about printing on terry cloth such as
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2012.11.28 00:09 choppingjerks has anyone used

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