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A small city up north of Dayton. This subreddit will be about Huber heights and what is happening in the city

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Are you wondering what's going on in Cleveland Heights Ohio? Join our subreddit and share news and things that add value to Cleveland Heights residents.

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For fans of Nightvale presents: Dreamboy

2023.06.10 22:54 CaptainHoward5 Can Miguel see the future?

Spoilers for across the spider verse
Like how did he know about Dr. Strange and Peter from NWH when Across the Spider Verse takes place only 1 year and four months after the first that was set in 2018? He either deals with Spider-Man related multiversal rifts throughout all of time (sorta like the TVA?) or there is a weird plot hole that was totally unnecessary.
If he does work across all time, does he know about the TVA and do they know about him? He must’ve come around after them because these alternate universes only started popping up after Kang died and the multiverse’s gates were opened wide.
Idrk what to make of this and it just seems like a stupid detail to add to the movie that overcomplicates things a lot.
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2023.06.10 22:53 Vincents_Hope 23 [TM4TM] Dallas TX trans guy seeking another transmasc for LTR (monogamous)

Hey everyone, my name is Kellan, I am 23, single/monogamous, and I’m looking for a relationship here with another transmasc/trans guy. I’m in Dallas, TX but open to limited time long distance and I also want to move out of Texas at some point.
I am a trans guy (he/they). I’ve had top surgery and am in the process of starting T (should be starting this week!)
I work in the animal care field and I really love what I do :) I am into art, drawing, history, watching tv/movies, anime, rock music, concerts, philosophy discussions, men’s fashion. I’m still figuring out my political beliefs but I’m more or less a leftist.
I was raised Mormon, now Episcopalian. It would be really cool if you’re religious/spiritual but it’s not a requirement.
I don’t drink or smoke and prefer that you also don’t smoke. You can find pics of me on my profile and my insta which is linked there.
If you like personality tests, I’m an INFJ and a 4W5 enneagram.
About you:
Openminded/open to sharing when it comes to mental health as well.
Comment or DM me if you’re interested!
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2023.06.10 22:52 EyeSeveral6584 Destroyer of Worlds in the new Spiderman movie?

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2023.06.10 22:52 justapeiceofgrass [LFA] Here to refresh this character request, if I could pay I would, but no money of my own

So, first of all, hello, to any possible artists. This is the second request I'm putting up here, just for the record. His name is Zeppy, he's a Changeling Jester, the original class was way of the drunken master monk, for the flavor of his fighting. Now, I'm bringing him back with a homebrew subclass that allows illusionary duplicates of himself, which he can attack through, which only do psychic damage, but it takes your action to do so. I'm not gonna explain everything it can do, but the duplicate ability is probably important. Now, going to the description: Despite the vivid colors of his typical court jester outfit, which he removed the jingle balls from, he is quite stealthy. As he never really removes his mask, he always looks like a changeling, until he decides to take the form of a more demonic version of himself(no powerup to do that, it's mainly flavor for intimidation). Due to this, the face under that classic comedy mask is always the near pure white of a changelings skin, with the eyes not having pupils, as with other changelings. The hair is usually the messy but neat bedhead type, he's around 30, as the DM allowed him to come from that original campaign, through a shared world thing. As for height, he's 5'9", he wields a couple of daggers that he hides in the outfit, and a rapier, which is clear to see, but he doesn't have it on him during Performing. If it matters, he has 10 strength, 20 dexterity, 14 constitution, 14 intelligence, 14 wisdom, and 18 charisma.
Even if you don't decide to draw it, thank you for reading this. If you'd like to contact me for more communication, or just to get some more details, send a friend request to Alex 2.0#5830 on discord. If I'm not supposed to put that there I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything for accounts.
Have a good day/night, know that you're loved, and don't push yourself. If you're sleepy, please take a nap.
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2023.06.10 22:52 SirJosephGrizzly Fun center in Columbus area during the mid and late 90s

I used to spend a lot of time with my family in the Columbus area. My sister and I have been trying to remember a family center that was around in the ‘90s (1997-99 to be specific.)
I’m not sure if it was in the downtown area or in a suburb but I know it was a local standalone and NOT a chain such as Chuck E Cheese, Magic Mountain or Discovery Zone. The carpeting was charcoal-colored and looked similar to the flooring you’d find at a movie theater. The rest of the layout was very white, very bright and very sterile.
The centerpiece was a giant playpen like you would find at some McDonalds at the time and since this was when Cartoon Network was first getting big, I remember cartoon-themed (almost positive they were animals) mascots walking around but I’m pretty sure they were knockoffs; think fake Banana Splits or something like that.
This was not in a strip mall or plaza. Parking and then walking a distance was required. I feel like the building it was in was multi-storied and the other floors had nothing to do with it. Perhaps it was in a mall and there were stairs that took you to other areas. Games wise, it seemed there were more games of chance and ticket-oriented machines than arcade cabinets. It was very much geared for super young kids.
We were coming in from Johnstown so the closer your guess is to that town, the more accurate it probably is. I remember my family loved going into Westerville so that would be a good place to start. I understand that even if someone knows exactly what I’m talking about, it might be a wash since there’s little evidence these pre-recession fun centers existed. I have a couple local joints in southern Ohio that have been completely erased from history.
I know this is vague but any attempt would be appreciated!
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2023.06.10 22:51 Mindless_Patience_75 EU 26M Eccentric hermit trying to get back to civilization

Asocial and nihilistic misanthrope looking to meet all types of individuals from all around the world to hopefully become long-term friends :)
I'm a quiet person without necessarily being shy ; I'm curious and open-minded but I do joke around and might make fun of you if you say some dumb shit or if you believe in religion or astrology 😁 I'm also really light-hearted and even though I'm able to be empathetic, I usually prefer to see things in a positive way so if you trauma dump I might make some insensitive jokes to light up the mood so yeah I don't usually get along with snowflakes or people that take everything so seriously 🥶
I don't have any crazy hobbies just the classic stuff but I do be really into music, mostly indie/folk stuff like bon iver, phoebe bridgers and novo amor and also modern rock (the oldest I'll go is oasis or nirvana). I watch tons of movies/shows/anime (I've seen twilight and the vampire diaries, yep), been playing video games since middle school, love nature and outdoor activities and I like animals more than humans. I have 6 cats but if you want cat pics it's gonna be 10€ per cat, life aint cheap 😎
Anyways, I don't have any requirements as long as you read everything and know what you are getting into you can dm me directly :) I'm from Europe but I'll glady talk to anyone from anywhere as long as you are 18+
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2023.06.10 22:51 LeatherWorldliness66 27 [M4F] @Anywhere (But I do live in the UK)

Hello! This is my throwaway account.
Lately I have been pretty lonely, most of my friends had moved away and I was not in a proper relationship for years now. (Yes I know, sad. I do have my reasons why that is the way it is). Im not the best at conversations but I will do my best to make you laugh with my quirky humor .. if that wont work I will attempt to shower you with memes.
Im straight, not so tall (5'9) Slim and ... balding ( Still coping with that ).
Hobbies: Technology, Swimming, Video Games, Movies and COOKING. Recently bought a slow cooker so Im trying all sorts of different recipes atm.
I do travel alot (it's a work thing ) so its not really fun. I have got nowhere to go on holidays, so if you're like really away I will be more than willing to jump on a plane and visit your sexy arse. Oh! and Im located in the UK, but Im Polish.
Im more than happy to trade selfies if asked. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I do wish you well!
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2023.06.10 22:50 FullEnglish85 37 [M4F] canadian heli pulot looking for distraction

Hi, i'm looking for someone fun to chat/flirt with. I'm never really sure what to say in these things but i enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, camping anything outdoors really. Board games, video games, reading, movies, and woodworking. I'm a pretty average guy.
About me: i'm 6'1 200 lbs fit and bearded.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.06.10 22:50 Mrs_Poutine 24F - [Group] Calling all Nerds! Let’s be friends 👀

Hi, Hello, Howdy.
Speak Friend and Enter into a fun little group of friends that just wants to find more like-minded nerds to chat with throughout the day. We're all from NA, so that's where you need to be to join this very exclusive group of absolute heathens.
We're all friendly, love to chat, play video games on PC almost every day (and you're free to join us!), watch movies and anime, and are currently planning to start an online DnD campaign if that's something you're interested in!
We talk a lot about our different hobbies and interests, share music constantly, make fun of each other, and overall try to have a good time together. If you're looking for someone that will always say General Kenobi when you say Hello There, look no further than this fantastic group of nerds.
Let me know if you're interested and a little about yourself like your age and where you're from (ASL for all you fellow old folks)!
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2023.06.10 22:50 SeanP_AI Beta-test QuickQR.Art - Scannable QR Art for your brands, generated in seconds by AI

Hello there! 👋 Are you a content creator, marketer, or someone who loves exploring creative solutions for your projects? We have something exciting to share with you! Introducing QuickQR.Art, a game-changing QR code art generator that can take your branding and marketing efforts to new heights. We're currently on the lookout for passionate individuals like you to join us as beta testers and help shape the future of QuickQR.Art.
Join our discord for details of the beta: As a beta tester, you'll have the opportunity to harness the power of visually stunning QR code art to enhance your brand's identity and engage your audience. We truly value your expertise and insights, and we're eager to hear about your experiences and goals in the world of content creation and marketing. Thank you for considering joining us as a beta tester. We appreciate your willingness to help us shape QuickQR.Art into a valuable asset for content creators, marketers, and like-minded individuals. We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on this exciting journey together! Warm regards, The QuickQR.Art Team
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2023.06.10 22:49 InevitableCrit How I Remember inspiration: Stickers

I often forget to give inspiration and my players forgot they have it so I bought a pile of D&D stickers from Amazon. They were 50 for $8CDN. Later I found more on TEMU for $1.50 to $3 for 50 that are about the same quality. My players get them when they earn an inspiration and stick them on their note books when they are used. We range from 30 to 50 so it is not just teens that like stickers.
Each pack of 50 had all unique stickers and I now have about 200 to give out.
For those who are rightfully wondering if these stickers are made with stolen art; some are old D&D art, some are clearly drawn from live frames of movies or shows like Galavant. But most I have not found using reverse image lookup except in pack of stickers from China.
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2023.06.10 22:49 AmazingJames135 Allegiant Part 2

So I’ll admit that I’m only a movie watcher, but can someone tell me what happens after the events of the ‘allegiant’ movie? (As in what happens in the second part of the book)
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2023.06.10 22:49 IcyResolution5919 Miles could be 16 or 17 and Gwen could be 17 or 18 during ATSV if there's at least a two-year time gap between the two movies.

If you guys think about it, after Into the Spiderverse ended, Peter B. had to start rekindling his broken relationship with Mary Jane in his universe which meant it could've taken at least a few months or a year before they start doing the seggs in order to conceive Mayday. This means that an additional 9 months is needed before Mayday is born into the world. With how big and mobile she is during the movie; we can assume that Mayday is at least a one-year-old during ATSV which means that there's at least a 21-month time gap between ITSV and ATSV.
Of course, this is all with the assumption that time runs parallel between all the spiderverses. Having at least a two-year time gap in between the two movies is a plausible conclusion to arrive in if we base it around Peter B. courting Mary Jane and Mayday's conception and birth.
Now as for Miles' and Gwen's ages, it was mentioned during their final farewell in ITSV that Gwen is 15 months older than Miles. Miles at that time also just started his enrollment as an 8th grade middle schooler in Brooklyn Visions Academy which could then put his age in the range around 14 or 15. Now with Miles' 15 months age gap with Gwen, we can make the assumption that Gwen could be 15 or 16 years old during ITSV.
With the two-year time gap and the 15-month age gap combined, it is possible that Miles is around 16 or 17 and Gwen is around 17 or 18 years old during ATSV.
Of course, it's possible that there could be some timey-wimey stuff happening in the spiderverse that can say otherwise. Unfortunately, how time runs in the movie still remains unexplained so I'm making all this with the assumption that time runs the same all throughout the spiderverse.
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2023.06.10 22:49 pookashew Smartest Rick and Morty fan moment 💀

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2023.06.10 22:48 siiri_69 Why can't I be the child?

Hi, I (15nb) have an older brother (22m) with autism who gets frustrated very quickly. The thing is, I also have autism but bc I've been masking it since I was little, I don't let it effect me as much. Genuinely speaking, me and my older brother are closer, closer than we are with my other brother (18m).
Obviously, my brothers are legal adults. They drink and smoke and it'll be fine. They're both in college and all that. I'm still in high-school and in my last term of year 10.
Yet for some reason, I have to shut up so they don't get pissy. I have to clear a path so they don't hit me. I have to do everything so they don't get annoyed at me.
But when I'm in a bad mood, they do everything in their power to push me. When I'm in a good mood, they do everything to make it seem like I'm the crazy sibling. I always have to make things right by shutting up.
Me and my brothers were watching Avatar 2 (I've already watched the movie twice so I know what happens) and my oldest brother asked a question that would've been answered if he continued just looking. I told him to look and he continued looking at me while saying he was. It was a back and forth of "look!" "I am!" playfully until he started getting aggressive so I started getting aggressive and then he ended up just yelling at me, whole looking at me, "I am looking!". As he said that the thing that would've answered the question, he missed.
My mum turned to me and said "just don't" to me. When I tried saying that he wasnt looking she just went "I know, but you know how he is"..
Like of course I know how he is, I've been having to walk on eggshells my entire life to make sure he didn't get like this. I have to make sure that he is the one who's calm. All. The. Time.
I've always kinda known but I don't think I had the realisation like I did when she said that. I have to shut up so a man 8 years older than me is calm. Autism or not, I'm still the child in our relationship. And I also have autism but no one but my friends acknowledge it. My own dad (who I never see) said I didn't. We can't get a diagnoses cuz it means we involve the school and I'm a good student so I couldn't possibly have it (/sarc).
It's just annoying how I have to be the bigger person when I'm the youngest in my house. Anyone else can have emotions other than happiness except from me and I'M the teenager and they're all adults. I'm just tired.
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2023.06.10 22:48 OkOil1277 How can I legally hire an escort in Ohio?

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2023.06.10 22:48 fireplace156 Playlist with movie clips

We are throwing a major 4th of July party. Long story short I used to go to a bar and it had really great music playing. And another thing was between the songs movie clips would play. So in between songs an audio clip from superbad or Pineapple Express would quickly play. How the heck can I do that for our party?
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2023.06.10 22:47 grumpy_berry 23 [M4M] [relationship] midwest/anywhere - looking for that special connection :)

hello there! as you can tell by the title im looking for a special connection, something that feels effortless ya know?
a little about me is that i’m 23 and gay, but you probably guessed that! some of my hobbies/interests are video games, thrifting, horror movies, and being silly i guess hehehe
i would prefer someone my age or older, i’ve always gotten along better with people older than me as well as someone in the states! however these are just preferences so feel free to reach out as long as you’re 18+
also i really like funny and weird ppl idk why mwahahaha
ALSO ALSO there’s pics of me on my profile if you’re curious :>
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2023.06.10 22:47 EctoplasmIDidntPlasm Was this a migraine? [21 AFAB]

[info: I'm 21 AFAB, in the UK, about 5'6 and I take a prescribed SSRI and combined contraceptive. I don't drink or smoke. Brief emetophobia warning]
I saw the new Spiderverse a couple days ago. I already had a bit of a headache before leaving, which I chalked up to the heat, and made sure to bring water with me.
By the end of the movie, my head was absolutely pounding, and I seriously thought I was going to spew everywhere during the drive home. It's important to mention here that the new Spiderverse has a LOT of flashing in it - I had to shut my eyes during some sequences and look away at others, and I have no history of photosensitive seizures.
I got home and took a bath to wash my hair, which helped a little, but I laid down to try and sleep for all of 5 minutes before I had to get up and throw up in the bathroom. After that, I actually did go to sleep (I don't actually remember falling asleep) and wake up at about 4am with my headache mostly gone. It's been a couple days and I'm able to eat and drink as normal but my head still feels kind of odd.
I guess I'm just wanting to know if this is something I should be concerned about. I haven't had a migraine before, but that is what I think this was, and if not maybe epilepsy or something? I ruled out heat exhaustion, I've had that a couple times and this was very different, plus I was hydrated, wearing loose summer clothes, and the cinema was air conditioned.
Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
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2023.06.10 22:46 Obvious_Cold_4485 What is the weirdest thing you've ever collected?

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you were living in a movie?
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2023.06.10 22:46 Tyranid457TheSecond1 [Bob's Burgers/The Mist] What if the Belchers were in the grocery store?

The Belchers are on a road trip and end up caught in the storm from the movie/story.
They stop at the grocery store for snacks and end up trapped inside by the mist.
How would the funny family get along in this situation? Would Bob and Linda join David's group, Carmody's cult or stay out of it? What would the kids be doing?
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2023.06.10 22:45 zuzuboy981 [USA-OH][H] Qotom Firewall device, Thinkcentre SFF with i5 10400 and 64GB DDR4, Synology DS218+ NAS, Ryzen 5 3600 Gaming PC/Server [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hi All,
I have decided to downsize and retire a few of the items from my rack. The prices below do not include shipping. I will shave off a few for local sales (Columbus, Ohio)
-- Synology DS 218+ Diskless Price: $175 Timestamp
This was my first NAS and was in use 24x7 with 2x 3TB HDDs since 2019. I retired it last month as I finally moved to unRaid. It was purchased new from Amazon and I had upgraded its memory to 8GB DDR3L. I still have the original box, charger and the 2GB DDR3L memory stick which is included with the sale.
-- Qotom Q305P Firewall device Price: $75 Timestamp
Has 2x Intel I2111 NICs, Intel Celeron 3205U, 4GB DDR3L and 32GB M.2 SSD. Sale includes the charging brick as well. I have a similar unit currently working as a pfSense firewall device and it has no issues running my gigabit internet with traffic shaping.
-- Lenovo ThinkCentre M70s SFF Price: $400 Timestamp
Has Intel Core i5-10400, 256GB NVME, 64GB DDR4 (max), power cord. I was using it as my all in one Proxmox server until I moved some of the services to docker containers on other spare thin clients and the unRaid host.
-- Custom AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ServeGaming Rig Price: $400 Timestamp 1, 2, 3
Okay this one's a shot in the dark. I just built this server (not even a week old) from spare parts but I am not sure if I will need it. Specs are: Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte B450 DS3H WiFi Motherboard, 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz, 1TB Solidigm PCIE 4.0 NVME, Thermaltake Versa H18 Case, Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 AIO, Arctic P12 Case fan. I have added 4x rubber feet to the right case panel to lay it flat on my lack rack but I have the orginal standoffs which is included as part of the sale. I might end up keeping this one unless someone wants to buy it locally for a home server or a gaming rig. Pretty much all components in it are under warranty. I am currently testing Proxmox on it.
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