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2023.06.10 22:24 Muffinfeds Interview with QAHALOM Founder

Interview with Leslie Arbouin Vargas. Founder and CEO of QAHOLOM.
Tell me about QAHOLOM.
I had been thinking of becoming independent for many years. During this time, I was working in Multi-Latin and Multinational companies like Grupo Familia, Jerónimo Martins, Ernest & Young Consulting. The time came where I decided to take the giant leap forward with all the experience I had accumulated. I had the motivation to be a grain of sand in the country and help with employment opportunities for people and help bring my business idea to the country. I wanted to take advantage of the knowledge I had gained in IT and use that in a closer circle. In addition, the generations of today don’t have as many obligations as we did when were growing up so I wanted to create an economic company where it could be maintained over time rather than risk of being replaced at any time. With all these factors and looking to start a new company in 2016, I decided to retire at my previous position to go after my business idea. Let me just say it’s not easy to decide to leave everything and get out of your comfort zone to lose your monthly salary to pursue your business idea.
Anyways, I left my previous company and dedicated myself to study for three months to create the business plan and business model. I’ve always been very fond of information technology, of the importance of information and the potential that information has. That was my main vision during those three months. This was back in 2016 so remember that back then the terms of artificial intelligence, robotization, digital automation knowledge was still ethereal. I wanted to make those technologies that were already available in Colombia at that time, in companies like Bancolombia or Sura. The processes existed in these very large companies, and I wanted to be able to democratize that access to smaller companies. I began to see that many of these features are charged on demand. The development of the cloud came with great force, through the clouds of Amazon, Microsoft, Huawei. They had been implementing consumption by demand for interesting technology. I was quite interested in this so I decided to go more into the demand management path. After a long time thinking about this, I decided to start.
I was following our company’s phrase phrase: “The future isn’t predicted, it is created”, a phrase from Abraham Lincoln. And from so much thinking and saying “Where is this going to go? What am I going to do?” In that moment it was very hard for me to understand where the technology was going. I said to myself, “Just roll up your sleeves and start with what there is”, and that’s how I decided to start… without even knowing very well what I wanted to build. I was looking to manage complete automated business processes, and not get into the world of pure automation because I don't think pure automation has much value compared to an automated management process. Another pillar was the human value. We never justified a project by the number of people that are replaced, but by the scalability that can be given to the business through the way people work with the technologies. People start to change their mind and they start to change their professional profile and really enhance their value. We approach projects more from that point of view than from the replacement of human resources.
We began with our first client who believed in us and again, we didn’t know what technology to use or how to build it. We slowly began to find the way. We kept looking back at the company phrase I mentioned earlier. It has to be this way, by doing and if not, there is no other way. From there we found the method, the form, how to sell. At first it was very difficult for people to understand me, what we wanted to do, it was even hard for me to explain it because I didn't know how to put it together very well either. Over time we were able to explain our services well. The Pandemic arrived and although it was scary for all of us, it was very important for us because there were more ears in terms of digital issues and it facilitated the entrance to the organizations. We started contracting people and thanks in large part to the pandemic, we never decided to open a brick-and-mortar office. Today, I have many employees that aren’t in Medellín and are in different Colombian cities and countries.
Our business is focused on offering the possibility to digitalize your workforce through a mix of technologies: Digitalization, cognitive learning, robotization, artificial intelligence, and visualization. We master digital work. What we do is we use a virtual machine, and we put it into the organization just like when a consultant arrives at a company. The company then gives me access for that computer so I can enter and access the tools with which the virtual machine needs to work internally, for example, e-mail and operating systems like SAP or Oracle, base applications like Microsoft 365, company databases. We also integrate our application so organizations can interact with the information because it’s not just automation, it’s managing the process from end to end. There will be points where users need to interact with the organizations. For example, “Give me your opinion on this. Send me this form so I can include it on this billing process”, so they work with the human teams. We charge under the SAS model. So, let's say for the companies, they don't need to erode their capex initially. They can charge as an operating expense and there are many, almost all of them already enter it as an operating expense. What do companies get? It allows companies to have complete control of the process, visualize processes that were previously invisible, as they weren’t digitized, improve productivity, have the employees focus their attention on things they actually want to do.
Of course, there’s always the fear that employees will be replaced by machines, but what actually ends up happening is humans shift to the tasks that they actually enjoy. I’ll give you an example, we worked with a client, Pintuco, and they had the same fears. We did a workshop with the employees and the boss, and we asked them what they needed in their jobs, what did they always ask their boss about, but the boss didn’t have the human resources to approve that request? They told us that are always stuck in the computers instead of working with the vendors. The conversation got very interesting with the employees saying that they don’t have time to talk to the vendors and clients. Now, they have an additional sales force that accompanies the customer, the vendors because the information needs to pivot back and forth from inventory to transportation. So after we came in, that team became an additional sales force, no one was let go. They’re now able to sell better and sell more.
What inspired you to create QAHOLOM?
I don’t think there was anything specific. It came out of many things, what you want from life, what you want to contribute society, what are you passionate about, what you want for your future. I can’t pinpoint something specific, but I always was motivated to be an owner of a company. Since Uni I carried this motivation, and it was normal to have fears about starting it. I always think if a Uni graduate who wants to create a company like QAHOLOM, what would their journey be like? Well, honestly it would be almost impossible. The reason being that you’re just a Uni graduate with no work experience and you’re suddenly approaching CEOs of big companies and you’re trying to sell how you’re going to scale their business with technologies. It’s going to be a hard road convincing them of all of that when you don’t have experience. Anyways, I always had the vision of wanting to be an entrepreneur.
Tell me about what you do on a typical day. What do you do at your job?
Everything. Most importantly, I sell everyday. I call potential clients whether it’s the first call or it’s the second call, or to charge them. I have meetings with the team to know what they’re doing. We use digital tools to be able to work wherever we are. We use tools that help us construct diagrams, models, and brainstorming because this is key in our area. I work with the accountant to look at the invoices, charges. I meet with partners who I’ve had the pleasure of calling partners thanks to doing business with them. It starts when you are in a company, you are very involved in your topic. You meet many people with many interests, and you can see a possibility for business in other areas. I help develop ideas talking with people, small businesses who are just starting to grow. I’m always working on everything!
What do you love about what you do?
I love seeing people grow, change, and improve. We have a focus on the education side too. We have two people in distant locations who we hope can use the tech we use. Right now, we are helping them in this educational process so that one day they can join the company or other companies within the same sector. That’s a big focus for QAHOLOM, being able to help people grow professionally. In the company, I have people from Chocó, people from very humble backgrounds. We finance part of their educations; we help prepare them with technological knowledge. All of this is something I’ve always been passionate about. It motivates me to grow more so I have more money to finance education for people who want to self-improve.
Another thing is being able to contribute to the economic employment here in Colombia, to be able to provide a formal employment to someone and give them a good salary. Transfrorming society even in the smallest circle that you are a part of – that’s something that motivates me. Lastly, I love information at the professional level, how can one transform companies from the use of information technology?
It's funny, I’ve had zero turnover since I started the company. There was one person who left on their own terms because he asked for a promotion, but I couldn’t give him one at the time. The next day he came in and finished the company. This was three years ago, he had access to everything through the Cloud and deleted everything! So, when we woke up there was nothing. We were fortunate enough that Microsoft helped us from India and other countries, and we were able to recover a large part of our operations. Our clients understood what happened and waited for us. After two months, we were able to re-establish our full operations. I tell this story because it’s like if you brought someone in to work for your factory and they light your factory on fire. After him, no one has left our company, everyone has been happy working at QAHOLOM. That’s beautiful to me because I initially thought I was going to have high employee turnover, especially in the technology sector which is used to high turnover.
What’s the hardest part about what you do?
The hardest part is the most passionate part, maintaining the team and maintaining the self-development of the people. It takes time and effort to motivate them, stay present, see the work advance, maintain the discipline, maintain the methodology, etc. The people are the most beautiful part and the hardest part at the same time. The tech is hard but once you study it, you learn it, if the methodology is complex, you work on it in a disciplined form until you get it. People always have moving variables so it’s the most challenging work.
Tell me about some plans QAHOLOM has for the near future.
We want to become the biggest support labour force through digital technology. If someone wants something incredibly fast, we want to be able to train that algorithm to meet that demand. So the challenge right now is perhaps to increase the speed of training on algorithms and mediating the incorporation of new technologies. Today we’ve incorporated Azure OpenAi and that’s helped us improve our training speed significantly. Right now the goal is to take on the new challenges of technology and improve the training of the digital labour force.
Full Interview:
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2023.06.10 22:22 Mailooc1 28M UK, Games, movies or chats

Hey! I'm looking for some new friends to chat, play games or watch movies/shows.
I'm from the UK, so would like you to be in the same time zone.
Some of my interests are:
History. Travel. Cooking. Gaming. 80s music. Lord of the rings. Football. General geeky things!
Send me a message!
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2023.06.10 22:22 Iwtlwn122 Mod question:

Mod question:
What time, in which time zone, does the black out on the 12th begin?
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2023.06.10 22:21 ThrowandThrowMeAway- [21F/EUR] Dealing with a song addiction... Send help.

Good evening, everyone. I'm back, looking for someone, or some people who could message me. Usually I'd post when feeling lonely, but I guess I'm also after some advice about something, which I could share more in detail if we message. Anywho, I often find myself in a weird slump where I work and then come home to pretty much nothing. It doesn't help when you're dealing with mental health issues either. It can spiral out of control at times. I wish I could have people to enjoy my interests with, but there's pretty much no one. But shying away from the sadder stuff, I like: baking, videogames and cute things. I also love music so if you're into anything alternative-wise, I'd be down to exchange some songs. I live in Europe, so I'd prefer to talk with other people who reside in Europe or other different time zones that are relatively close. 20-28 years old only! I mainly use Reddit for communicating, so it would be great if we stay on it. Feel more than welcome to introduce yourself, or tell me anything random. We'll take it from there. And if you have inappropriate content on your profile, and are looking for something that is not platonic, I will block you. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 22:20 __Bl4nk_ High school Bullies.

High school Bullies can either be some of the pettiest or some of most horrible people ever, never an in between. They’re either out to get you or want to find something to hate you for. (Boredom or jealousy maybe, I dunno)
In high school I had several bullying issues and I never brought it to the school because I didn’t want my parents involved due to the kind of stuff involved, and because my school never took bullying seriously. I’ve had incidents of bullying that happened temporarily, like there was a guy who used to get physical and punch me when he saw me; then there was a girl who bullied me for dating a certain person.
However, before any of the more serious parts started to play, there was a girl in the school that kickstarted my bullied officially. Lets call her Ruby, we started off as really close friends and then things took a turn for the worst.
She started off with copying my personality, like my whole personality, she started liking everything I liked and hating everything I hated and it was very obvious but I didn’t entirely pay attention to this, it was my friends at the time who told me about how she was acting. Then she started copying my hairstyles, I used to go to hers in the morning before school started, and whatever hairstyle I had she felt the need to have the exact same. After hair she went onto glasses, I wore and still wear circular glasses with golden coloured frames, i’d get called Harry Potter for it. One day she randomly came into school with the same glasses on, however because she didn’t actually need glasses she admitted to people who asked that they were fake. I knew this because she told me the shop she went to and all I can say is they definitely don’t prescribe glasses and they had the fake glasses that she wore. This all went on for quite a bit and it did bother me so I stopped turning up to her house so she couldn’t copy my hair, I stopped telling her things I liked and disliked, and I changed my prescribed glasses(when i got to change them) to ovals instead of circles.
Lets just say she didn’t like this, so she took her treatment towards me to a different level. She started to have random arguments with me, for example, in a drama class we got to choose a play to show and people chose the few scenes in my group, when it got to me I chose a scene that was to my comfort because of my stage fright. When Ruby heard this idea she proposed a new one, it was out of my comfort zone and because she already chose a scene I denied it, she went off. Ruby started swearing at me, yelling at me and i yelled back too and tried to make her understand that I had stage fright (which she knew after past experiences before this event); she wasn’t having it. I eventually walked off and got asked by a few what happened, I explained the incident without any insulting to Ruby and instead was just crying. When they asked her though, she spat insults and exaggerated what happened.
We mostly argued while she also manipulated me to stay through comforting me about issues that started to happen, it emotionally manipulated me to stay friends with her.
At some point she started a fight with someone who I knew, the girl Ruby fought with is a completely different story but the fight was more of a cat fight. Scratching. When they got pulled away from each other that was when I realised I needed to switch things up, so I stopped hanging out with the Ruby girl for good. Even so, this didn’t stop her from continuing the insults, she proceeded to saying she would kill me if she could and in general death threats, for a little bit she took a few of my friends away with her lies and people started to hate me.
Before she left the school though, she decided to take it further. I had SH difficulties and she found out when I was ranting on a chat that had my friends on it because I lacked motivation to see them in person. I forgot she was in this chat but even with this I never said reasons to why I was hurting myself, but she took it up on herself to make the reasons about her(one reasons was her but it was never mentioned). One day i went into school and found out she told my whole year and teachers that I was SH’ing, i got called into the office but lied and got away with it. Even so, the telling still stuck with people in my year because then i started getting emo jokes and SH jokes by the popular groups.
When she left the school to move to a different one, she made rumours in the new school that I bullied her. It got to a point that I had people messaging me from that school that I knew, saying I was horrible and sly, saying that it was my fault she left. Every time someone messaged me about it all I tried explaining the truth, but the rejected it, so I would break down and this eventually resulted into me having panic attacks.
I am now out of high school and in college but she goes to the same college as me, and to this day i’m still trying to move on from the struggles she gave me, the trust issues that she gave me, the trauma she caused me. I am doing well on this and I can now walk past her without wanting to either break down or throw a brick at her head.
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2023.06.10 22:15 repulsims 37M SoCal - looking for friends to voice[chat], watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games (open world survival, fps, rpgs, fighting games, ect), so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat but I'm going to ignore all "hey, sup" messages. Not asking for a lot of effort tbh, just tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.10 22:12 100pushups_100situps [WTS] ASE, Panda, MS65 Morgan, MS66 Iowa Half, 1957 Proof Set

Can currently accept venmo (preferred) and PPFF for payment
Proof pic:
A few more odds and ends I am looking to sell
WTS the following:
2020 ASE in capsule, very minor toning - $35 $33
2015 Panda BU in capsule - $32 $31
1884 O Morgan : NGC 65 - $185
1946 Iowa Commemorative - Blast White NGC 66 - $135 $130
1957 Proof Set in capital plastics holder (IMO unattractive toning on Rev of Half and Quarter with spotting on Obv of Dime, please see pictures) - $30 $27 [Free FC Shipping if you buy this and any other item(s)]
\The Binion Morgan, T2 ASE, and Libertad in pictures have sold*
Please add $5 for first class and $9 for priority shipping.
I am happy to use a middleman if desired.
If middleman elected, the buyer is responsible for shipping from middleman and tip.
Willing to ship first to high feedback users at my discretion.
Pricing is generally firm but please let me know if you see something way out of line.
Items will ship out Monday. Once item has been scanned at the post office it is the responsibility of the buyer.
Please use PM for faster responses.
Payment: can only accept venmo (preferred) and PPFF at this time, please use F&F with only an emoji or '.'
Please let me know if you need more pictures
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2023.06.10 22:10 KingPowerDog Why I Believe the Xbox is a Viable Platform And Why it Should Not Matter to You

Wanted to get this off my chest before the subreddit goes dark.
So I know a lot of members here consider Xbox a superfluous choice for gaming. Like it wouldn’t even be considered as your primary platform because “you can basically play any Xbox game on PC.”
While this is true, I still have my Xbox as my primary platform. It is the first one I consider buying multiplatform games for, and it is the one I spend the most time on. I’m sure many people are thinking I’m wasting my time, money, or both, but my take is, and always has been, to choose the platform that fits your specific needs.
For me, that is the Xbox. Of course, I have my reasons:
TLDR; all my reasons for having an Xbox Series X are specific to how I personally play games. As I said in the beginning, my choice of platform should reflect my own use cases, and so should yours. Play on PC, Switch, PlayStation, mobile, Steam Deck, or a retro handheld, as long as you can play the games you enjoy.
I hope that whoever reads this that is considering getting a new piece of gaming hardware feels more comfortable making the choice that matters for you and we can all respect our fellow gamers, no matter what platform they play on. Love and Peace!
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2023.06.10 22:10 IceJD 56.0.0 Observations - Sales

56.0.0 Observations - Sales
This post has not yet been QAed
Last Updated with V56.0.1 data
This includes only a) Narrative sale days, b) Gumball sales, and c) insights on when Cascade and Holiday "hours-based" "sales" will occur (separate detailed posts on "c" sales will be posted closer to when they occur).
  • Sales for emoji charges that would cost a player between 225 and 450 per emoji charge have not occurred since March 22, 2022..... so these appear to be a fully retired game feature

*** This information is not an official resource connected to Jam City. This is unofficial information that is subject to change at any time (including after an event/box/sale has already begun in part of the world). This info is more detailed than official resources, but it may contain minor errors (as will any resource, including the official resources!). Great efforts are taken to reduce and minimize errors. But some are inevitable and, accordingly, planning and relying on this information carries some risk by those using it ***
IceJD maintains many other comprehensive resources in this DEB Facebook Group as an admin

📸📖 "Narrative" Sales 📖📸

A new sale type first occurring June 13, 2023 and July 11, 2023; Because this is a new feature, I'll cover these first 2 in more depth. I may not cover these extensively long-term!
• The sales involve 5-related offers. If you buy ALL 5 purchases, you will receive two things: a "grand prize" and a virtual photo placed in a virtual scrapbook.
  1. The grand prize for the June 13 sale is a Platinum Donald emoji; for the July 11 sale it is an Iolite Fairy Godmother emoji.
  2. The scrapbook is just a gimmick that you access through the in-app settings icon. Just another device space taker, IMO!
🤑 The overall costs for the entire 5-part sale is, unsurprisingly, expensive! The total is 500 Gems AND $92.95 USD for each of the separate June and July 1-day sales


Details on the sale feature here; All Gumball sales have equal odds of getting each prize
  • Group collection, token quest exclusive, crystal, and platinum emojis are UNDERLINED/ITALICIZED
They tend to add these in minor updates, but that is not guaranteed!

🏴‍☠️ New "Cascading" Sales 🏴‍☠️

  • These will be described in standalone posts closer to the actual sales date. For an example of a "Cascading Sale" see this post: March 31st
  • I see little value in highlighting the "theme" of these sales early
  • 🤑🤑 The prices of these sales are approximations as they change a lot, and often change by $5-$10 USD in minor updates

💰 Holiday "Hours-Based" Sales 💰

🎺🤹‍♂️🎉🇺🇸 "The Parade Sales" (aka, U.S. Independence Day Sales) (July 4th) ‍
  • There will be 3 different sales available only for a period of hours between 12:00 AM and 11:59PM on July 4th. All sales occur in your local time zone. Limit on the allowed purchases per sale varies.
  • It appears that ultimately there will be 5 more sales added to this series
  • Full details will be in a separate post closer to the start of the sales
👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ Friendship Day Sales (July 30th thru 31st) ‍
  • There will be 7 different sales available only for a period of hours between 12:00 AM on July 30th and 3:59PM on July 31st. All sales occur in your local time zone. Limit on the allowed purchases per sale varies.
  • It appears that ultimately there will be 1 more sale added to this series
  • Full details will be in a separate post closer to the start of the sales
Full details will be added as the sales periods approach, but for now.....
  • All sales occur in your local time zone.
  • Sometimes, but not always, the emoji boxes in the "real money sales" have a version available at the same time just for gems.
  • If you have all the emojis in the current active sale box maxed then you may NOT even be able to view the real money option.
  • Like in the past, for the "real money version" there is a limit on the number of purchases that can be made for each separate offer
  • The "real money" version is described as a "deal" or "sale"; the amounts are set as USD and then converted to local currency based on exchange rates. I report the USD costs.
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2023.06.10 22:09 Samowarrior SPC day 1 Convective outlook

SPC day 1 Convective outlook
Day 1 Convective Outlook NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 0254 PM CDT Sat Jun 10 2023
Valid 102000Z - 111200Z
...SUMMARY... Very large hail of 2-3 inches in diameter, damaging thunderstorm gusts of 60-75 mph, and a couple of tornadoes will be possible this afternoon through late evening from the ArkLaTex into central Texas.
...20Z Update...
...North/Central TX... Recent surface analysis places an outflow boundary from Wise County southeastward to Ellis/Navarro Counties and then back eastward/east-northeastward into northwest LA. Cumulus is developing along this boundary across the southern Metroplex vicinity, and the air mass here and south is strongly unstable (i.e. MLCAPE 2500+ J/kg). An initially cellular mode is anticipated, with some supercells possible. Very large hail will be primary threat, but a tornado or two is also possible if any storms interact with the outflow boundary. Expectation is for eventual upscale growth, with the line then moving southeastward into east/southeast TX. The threat would transition to damaging gusts during that time, with a few gusts from 60-75 mph are possible. This area was also addressed in recently issued MCD #964 and Severe Thunderstorm Watch 262.
...Central Plains/Central High Plains... Overall expectations across the central High Plains and central Plains have not changed. Across the central High Plains, thunderstorms expected to come off the higher terrain and move into the lower elevations, with an attendant threat for damaging gusts. Over the central Plains, a strong storm or two is still possible this evening and overnight as a cold front pushes through the region.
..Mosier.. 06/10/2023
.PREV DISCUSSION... /ISSUED 1131 AM CDT Sat Jun 10 2023/
...Southern Plains to the lower MS Valley through late evening... A cluster of thunderstorms is moving southeastward across the ArkLaTex as of late morning, with an MCV over eastern OK (trailing the initial convection/outflow). Surface temperatures are warming into the 80s with boundary-layer dewpoints in the low 70s from northeast TX into northern LA/southern AR, which is boosting MLCAPE to the 2000-3000 J/kg range. Vertical shear remains relatively weak near and ahead of the primary convective band along the outflow, and the strongest updrafts should remain along the southern flank of the cluster. Thus, the expectation is for occasional damaging gusts with precipitation-loaded downdrafts, with a somewhat outflow-dominant structure to the cluster as is moves southeastward through the afternoon. Other, more isolated storm clusters with isolated downburst potential, may occur this afternoon along the instability gradient into MS.
Farther west, outflow with the morning cluster is moving southward into north TX. Strong surface heating and a feed of steep midlevel lapse rates from the west will contribute to strong buoyancy (MLCAPE
3000 J/kg) this afternoon, along and south of the outflow boundary. Additional thunderstorm development appears probable by mid-late afternoon along the slowing outflow, and storms will subsequently spread southeastward toward southeast TX before weakening early tonight. Vertical shear will become sufficient for supercells along the outflow boundary as a weak midlevel trough/speed max moves eastward over TX within the southern stream. The steep lapse rates/large buoyancy, in combination with mainly straight hodographs and effective bulk shear of 35-40 kt, will support supercell clusters capable of producing isolated very large hail of 2-3 inches in diameter. Some upscale growth will be possible this evening, with a corresponding increase in the threat for damaging outflow gusts. Any tornado threat will rely on favorable storm interactions with locally backed flow/stronger low-level shear along the modifying outflow boundary late this afternoon.
...Central Plains this afternoon into tonight... Scattered thunderstorms are expected this afternoon across the central Plains in associated with remnant MCVs and differential heating zones. Buoyancy and vertical shear will not be strong, but isolated/marginal hail/wind events will be possible. Other clusters of storms may form across the High Plains and move east-southeastward this evening into tonight. These storms may produce isolated strong-severe outflow gusts from eastern CO into KS.
Top/Latest Day 2 Outlook/Today's Outlooks/Forecast Products/Home Weather Topics: Watches, Mesoscale Discussions, Outlooks, Fire Weather, All Products, Contact Us
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2023.06.10 22:07 Proof-Molasses-3060 Filed 5 years worth of 1040-NRs & 8843s in April. Still not indication that IRS received my returns. (California affected zone)

5th year F-1 international student leaving this month. Title speaks for itself. I used USPS secured mail, with a return signature and everything. It arrived on April 19th. I live in California in one of the affected zones where the extensions to October. So I believe I am in the clear here. But I thought all was well until I checked the IRS website again and my returns are still N/A.
I am not receiving any payment (as my income is too low) so I mailed to the Austin base as it says here. I was told by IRS that standard time is 6 weeks. I was wondering if it usually takes this long for international students. And if so, how long is the usual wait time? And do I have to file again to make sure?
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2023.06.10 22:03 SpaceshipInBlackhole [28/M] looking for friends

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.10 22:03 SpaceshipInBlackhole 28M/europe med student looking for friends

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.10 22:02 SpaceshipInBlackhole 28M/europe med student looking for friends

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.10 22:02 SpaceshipInBlackhole 28M/europe med student looking for friends

I'm from south-east europe.. . I've been looking for chats/friends. All the good stuff. I'm into music, anime/manga/youtube, ,video games, history and animals. I'm mostly into old music and into ton of sports as well like tennis/basketball/football/swimming... Also like to hike and do kayaking as well.
Send me a chat and tell me about your day/life/things you like/what brings you here, or whatever you want to talk about :)) Got 1 exams left and stuck at home nowadays srudying for exams,so got ton of time to text. Just looking for friends from diffeent places and idc about time zone cuz I generally sleep late. Also would be cool to have workoout/progresa buddy too
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2023.06.10 22:01 JacksonRiffs Is it Possible to Have a Parking Ticket Dismissed by Mail? (Nassau County, NY)

I just got a trial date in the mail for a parking ticket that I pled not guilty for. The ticket was for exceeding the time limit in a 2 hour parking zone at an LIRR station (not metered). I have Google maps data that shows I was only there for 45 minutes so I intend to fight for a dismissal since I didn't come anywhere near the time limit, much less exceed it. The letter included a plea by mail option, but it seems like it's only if you're looking to get a reduced fine and not a dismissal. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get a full dismissal via this method. If not, I'll just appear on the set date. I'm sure they figure most people would rather just pay the fine than go to the trouble of fighting it. I'm not most people.
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2023.06.10 21:54 chopper0275217 [USA-TX][H](2)ASUS PG32UQ 4K 144hz Monitors[W] PayPal or Local Cash

I’m selling both of my gaming monitors I no longer need I recently purchased the LG 45 inch OLED monitor. One of the monitor has been in the box for a while I used for streaming but I quit last year. It’s a great monitor can be overclocked to 155hz. Color are great. HDR is OK but not enough local dimming zones for true black but it’s gets bright. It has a unique feature where you can have ULMB with vsync enabled. Has HDMI 2.1 and Display-port 1.4. Comes with everything from the factory. I paid about $1000 for each.
Asking $900 for both. OBO
Located in DFW Forney 75126
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2023.06.10 21:46 SimplyMoo looking for someone to possibly decorate the exterior of my house me! (read for more info)

looking for someone to possibly decorate the exterior of my house me! (read for more info)
So I'm not too shabby of a builder, but I'm not very skilled at exterior design, especially the wall colors and materials and all that, so I'm looking for someone who can do that for me, or at least help me do it.
I have the advanced placing, multiple floors, and basement game passes.
I will have the walls/body/layout of the house already built, I just need someone to help with most of the exterior.
Here's a list of what I KNOW I'll need help with, although other obstacles may present themselves: - coloring/texturing of entire exterior - Roofing - a veranda/front patio of some sort - a driveway - giving the house some kind of shape with pillars, windows, shutters, or whatever else we may need - a sweet little pathway up to the front door
*** I DO NOT need help with the gardening, the backyard, or furnishing the patio/veranda
I'll probably have about 20-30k as a budget, but I might be able to up that if need be.
I attached 4 images of the style that i like the most for houses with both actual houses and bloxburg houses (in order of what I like the most to what I like the least) as inspiration/reference. Each image has a caption about what I do/do not like about each build.
I am willing to pay a little bit more or up the budget a little bit if needed! I'm in EST, so please be aware of time zone difficulties.
I am willing to pay if necessary, (ONLY INGAME MONEY, NO REAL MONEY) but if you do require payment, please mention that when you comment!
Please lmk! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2023.06.10 21:40 xcski_paul WIBTA if I refuse to be co-executor

Deep background: I’ve had a contentious relationship with my father, my mother, my step-mother (dad’s second wife), my brother, and my ex-wife. You could say the common factor is me, but I don’t think it was. My biggest beef with my dad and his wife is that they both treated me like my opinion on things, even if they deeply affected me, doesn’t matter. They’ve always done things and made decisions without asking me or even telling me.
Many years ago, my dad approached my brother and I and asked us if we’d be executors for his and his wife’s estates. We said yes and he gave us current wills and powers of attorney.
(Another irrelevant aside: both my dad and my step mother love my ex-wife more than they love me, so the estate is being split into equal parts between me, my brother, my 2 kids, his two kids, and my ex-wife.)
Flash forward to his death, and I arrive on scene thinking I’m going to have to do executor stuff, only to find out my brother has a newer copy of the will and his wife’s brother had an even newer version of the will where he (Des) is now executor. Fine, I thought, I didn’t want to do it anyway. I shredded my paper copies of the wills and POAs and deleted them off my hard drive and cloud backup.
Sometime in the intervening years, Des has decided he doesn’t want to do it any more. I hear through the grapevine that now my ex-wife has an even newer version of the will, that names me and my brother as co-executors again. I fruitlessly wait to see if anybody is going to bother asking me if that’s ok.
She died yesterday. I told my daughters (who love the second wife dearly) and ex-wife and brother that as far as I’m concerned, nobody bothered to ask me if I wanted to co-executor, so I’m not going to do it. I’ve put up with this bullshit for 62 years and it ends as of yesterday. They’re making me feel like an asshole for not wanting to do the job, considering although I live across an international border from the corpse, I live several thousand miles and 3 time zones closer than my brother.
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2023.06.10 21:40 ParinianMoon Can someone tell me how this is possible ?

Are monthly challenges (and # daily quests) different for everyone? Is there a way to complete additional daily quests? Or am I following a bot? Thanks!
Info: As you can see from the photo, someone I follow on the app has completed the June challenge. Today is June 10th. I am only given 3 daily quests and must complete 40 of them to meet the monthly challenge, making their achievement impossible. If I did 3 quests per day, it would take a minimum of 14 days to meet the challenge. (3x14=42). Additionally, you can see that the achievement was made 18 hours ago, which means depending on their time zone, they may have completed the challenge on June 9th.
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2023.06.10 21:37 ZaBaronDV Beyond Red, Blue, and Yellow: The 2012 United States Progressive National Convention

Election season has rolled around in the United States, and already things have gone crazy. Breaking with tradition, President Joe Biden lost the Democrat nomination for President, and to the former Governor of Montana Mike Gravel, who controversially chose for his running mate the sitting Secretary of the Interior John Kerry of Massachusetts.
Not it's time for the Progressive Party to choose its candidate, and since the 2008 split in the Progressives and John Kerry's departure from the Party, things have been in chaos. The Party that once united so strongly behind Howard Dean in 2004 is in a leadership crisis, divided between what have become known as the Vilsackers, the larger portion of the Party who support Tom Vilsack, and the Andersonites, the smaller but no less passionate supporters of Rocky Anderson. And so the Convention convenes in Madison, Wisconsin...

Fmr. Mayor Rocky Anderson of Utah

The former Mayor of Salt Lake City and former Presidential candidate from 2008, Anderson is back to tackle the campaign trail once more. Anderson definitely made a splash in the election, outperforming expectations. Anderson was the greenest Mayor in Salt Lake City's history, and reformed the city's justice system. Of particular note, however, is Anderson's plan for a massive expansion of the country' railway system, which he says will turn things around economically for the nation by both creating jobs and expediting commerce. But Anderson is controversial in his own Party, with mixed opinion in his own home State. He's also already lost an election, and that could be seen as him being damaged goods. To say nothing of the bitter relationship he has with Vilsack's wing of the Progressives.

Fmr. Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa

Tom Vilsack, like Rocky Anderson, is back after two failed campaigns in 2004 and 2008, where he tried to run for President but ended up being Vice President. This time, Vilsack is going for it all; He won't accept being Vice President. Vilsack is a proponent of tax increases to provide funding for social programs and create a surplus. He's also pushing even harder to take his State's Grow Values Fund to the national level, in order to create high-paying jobs. While this had a mixed reception in 2008, now it seems like that has only matured in value since. That said, he and his wing of the Progressives are not popular with the Anderson wing, and any such split of the vote would lead to a Progressive loss.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

The first of two compromise candidates to come forward this time around, Bernie Sanders is the self-avowed democratic socialist Senator of Vermont and an old ally of Howard Dean, making him perhaps able to bridge the gap between the Vilsackers and Andersonites. He strongly supports auditing the Federal Reserve, increasing taxes as needed, and even working in parts of Vilsacks Grow Values Fund and Anderson's proposed expansion of the nation's railway. All this to be included with health reform and a total reevaluation of foreign policy. That said, Sanders' avowed socialist political leanings makes a number of citizens nervous, and he has a considerably more mixed political image outside of New England. But one has to ask if winning is really more important than reuniting the fractured Party?

Jill Stein of Massachusetts

Another compromise candidate comes in the form of the physician Dr. Jill Stein of Massachusetts. Stein's proposed plan to tackle the economic issues comes in the form of the Green New Deal, a name hearkening back to the days of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Called ambitious by some and unrealistic by others, Stein's Green New Deal is controversial even within the Party itself. On the balance, she is relatively unknown outside of New England, and does little to appeal to the Vilsackers or Andersonites.
It's now up to the delegates. Who will carry the Progressives into 2012 as the Presidential nominee?
View Poll
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2023.06.10 21:36 House-of-fun [M4M] Demon Slayer Oc x Oc

Hi there, thanks for having a look at my post.
I am on GMT time zone, I’m English, however hopefully this isn’t a dealbreaker as I’m quite flexible, I’m a night owl so I’m usually up quite late and overall able to work around other peoples timetable. Response wise, I’m not personally a fan of one large post a day, I like to send quite a few if possible, able to bounce off eachother nicely as well, for my writing style, I am semi-Literate to Literate, writing one to two paragraphs per response.
Genre wise obviously there will be an action focus but also we can have some slice of life aspects between ‘quests’ and i do tend to like including romance. I am not a manga reader, if you are that’s not an issue but id prefer to avoid spoilers if possible.
Jumping into plot, I was planning to play as a Hashira, one who has developed his own breathing technique to enhance his unique physique, and for you to play a potentially new or recent addition to the Demon Slayer Corps, being assigned to help and train you and get you more experience in the field.
Either we can create our own demons and storylines to follow or we could follow the events and arcs in the show as if our characters were the main ones etc.
If you’ve read this far and you’re interested shoot me a message!
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