Boyds pumpkin patch clarksville tn

I’m so happy 😁

2023.06.10 23:41 tezzy92 I’m so happy 😁

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2023.06.10 20:35 The2x [US-WA] [H] Ad Icons, Animation, Disney, DBZ, Freddy, Funko, Games, GoT, Harry Potter, Haunted Mansion, Heroes, Marvel, Movies, Myths, Star Wars, TV. Grails and Exclusives [W] Paypal

Reducing the amount of lines I own. Majority here are exclusives.
Great - Mint Condition unless noted with small defects.
Never taken out of boxes.
Primarily use PPG and Ebay for pricing w/ condition in mind.
Shipping not included. U.S. only.
Cash Local Pickup: Southern Puget Sound Area.
Comment below and PM for interest, questions and pics.

Ad Icons
Dragon Ball
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Haunted Mansion
Star Wars
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2023.06.10 17:02 Schneetmacher [Sell][US Only] Fragrances from Arcana Craves, Possets & More!

[Sell][US][Perfume / Fragrance]
Hello, IndieExchange! I haven't posted here in a long time, but I have several new offerings, mostly samples - including several decants (mainly of fragrances where samples are hard to come by). I'm really hoping to find good homes for these fragrances. (All are oil based, unless otherwise noted.) They have been stored away from sunlight / cool dark space.
Check near the bottom of this post for sample bundle prices!
The notes for all items can be found here, but here is the actual product list:


Siren Song Elixirs, "Taro Milk Tea" (~5 mL) -- $14.00
Possets, "Priya" (1.25 mL partial) -- $3.25


Area of Effect
"Isabelle" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"K.K. Slider" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Viva Piñata" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Candy Cane LN" (1 mL decant) -- $3.00
"Fresh Ginger LN" (1 mL decant) -- $3.00
"Garnet Grapefruit LN" (1 mL decant) -- $3.00
"Pumpkins Crave Samhain Fires" (1 mL decant) -- $3.00
"White Cake LN" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Agave Lime Stiletto" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Black Cat in the Pumpkin Patch" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Cranberry Noel" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Coconut" (~2 mL) -- $4.00
"Demogorgon" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Get Off My Bridge" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Snakeskin Grisette" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Tahitian Monoi Cake" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Twisted Deceiver" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
"Vampire's Bane" (2.5 mL) -- $4.50
Folx Magic
"Philter" (1 mL) -- $3.00
Haus of Gloi
"3 Hausketeers" -- $3.00
"Be Mine" -- $3.00
Nui Cobalt
"Ghost Train" (0.75 mL) -- $2.50
"Glass Pumpkin" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"House of Identity" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Seduction" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Snow Cat 2022" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Sultry" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"The Wings of the Morrigan" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Diamond of the Season" (2 mL) -- $4.00
"Selene" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Bear Lake Shake-Utah" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"My Lover's Lips" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Pippin Pie" (1 mL) -- $3.00
"Priya" (1 mL decant) -- $3.00 * 5 4 of these
Mugler, "Alien Goddess" (1 mL EdP) -- $3.00
Tom Ford, "Bitter Peach" (1 mL EdP) -- $3.00
And... here are the bundle prices:
Take all 3 Area of Effect: $7.50
Arcana Craves Bundle of 3: $7.50
CocoaPink Bundle of 3: $9.50
Both Haus of Gloi: $4.50
Nui Cobalt Bundle of 3: $7.00
Both Poesie: $5.50
Bundle any 4 random samples (including decants): $10.00
Take the whole lot: 95 $80.00 shipped!
Shipping is 75% of cost, maxing at $5.00 (unless you’re buying the lot). And I reuse packaging (though I'll try to include some treats / freebies, as well). I aim to get orders out within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Home is pet-free, and while a smoker lives with me there is no smoking in the room where fragrances are stored. PayPal G&S only.
One final note: I rarely ever use the chat function; so if you're interested, please comment and I'll send a DM. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 12:58 ARedQueenn Spooky Pumpkin Patch House! Need More Decor. Halloween can't get here soon enough!

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2023.06.10 11:51 emunroginn New Releases & Freebies 10 June

New Releases 10 June

Kindle Unlimited
Kobo Plus

Other Queer Romance

Kindle Unlimited
Kobo Plus


No new releases.

Free At Time of Posting (may be location-specific)

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2023.06.10 09:38 Educational-Let-1027 I ruined things with my precious INFJ

My crush and I have had this slow burn/will they won't they type connection for over a year. We used to work at a restaurant on our university campus. There were definitely a lot of mishaps and miscommunications along the way, but even so, it was obvious he liked me. But do to past rejections, I didn't want to make the first move. On my second to last day working there, a customer asked for my number. My crush was on his break when this happened, but his work BFF was nearby at a register charging out another customer. I only accepted this in a platonic way, because I need male friends. Not to mention, that guy turned out to be a total creep and possible kidnapper.
The next week, my crush started going out with his sister's friend's cousin. They dated for three months. They posted stories of them going to the pumpkin patch, the movies, different boba shops. It hurt seeing them together. They stopped talking over winter break. I don't know why, but they did. It seems like he still likes me, but I know he genuinely had feelings for her too. They made a playlist together. I'm just at a loss for what to do.
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2023.06.10 08:29 Radnomshit101 How do I get a cuddle buddy

I’m 18 year old male and I’m straight. I’ve been out of a relationship since February and I’m trying to find a cuddle buddy but I have no idea what to do or who to talk to. I live in Clarksville tn if that helps
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2023.06.10 07:54 scoobydoobyrew First post ever, wanted to share my Mugi with everyone.

First post ever, wanted to share my Mugi with everyone.
Does anyone else have a JRT Chihuahua mix?
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2023.06.09 21:56 PirogiRick My friendly acreage murder floof, Asha.

My friendly acreage murder floof, Asha.
As sweet as can be, but does not tolerate any trespass by critters. She doesn’t currently have any animals to protect so she watches our gardens and pumpkin patches. I could not ask for a better helper. She doesn’t listen, and goes where she pleases, but she’s always on the job.
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2023.06.09 21:50 vavavavavavoom Found in central Arkansas

Found in central Arkansas
It appears to not have wings? It’s a little smaller than a ladybug. I found it on some grass in my pumpkin patch. I can’t find any info on it anywhere.
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2023.06.09 14:12 Doogs321 Rugby Tournament

Rugby Tournament
Free to attend RUGBY tournament tomorrow, 6/10 in Huntsville! Rick Cooper Memorial Park, 5283 Triana blvd.
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2023.06.09 02:17 BardicRamblings Neighbor forced us to dig up our plants

So I live in a rental property with a. Couple roommates (all of us mid 20s) and our neighbors to our left (couple that’s probably late 40s to 50s idk I’ll refer to them as husband and wife) has for the most part have just been an annoying but not so bad o can’t just mind my own business. Husband seems nice enough aside from the smoking on his back porch that comes into out kitchen window and playing loud country music, but ya know it his house and I can just close the window. His wife on the other hand is probably the worst woman I’ve ever had the displeasure to be around, she has a terrible attitude and thankfully I havnt had to converse with her directly. There’s the background now here’s the issue. I’ve recently taken an interest in gardening and spent about $200 building a small plant nursery in our basement, for the last month I’ve been growing a bunch of stuff like herbs and flowers to put in our back garden. My roommate requested I start some pumpkins for him cause he wanted a small patch of them (4-5 plants in total) to put in our front yard in a little corner bed that was already there from a previous tenet. It took me about a month to start these pumpkins and they’ve been happily growing outside for another month. Out of no where we get a call from our landlord that our neighbor, the wife, complained to her about the pumpkin plants, claiming she’s “worried they’ll kill her tiger lilies she got from her fathers funeral”. Our landlord has decided to make us move the plants, which will most likely die from being replanted especially in this hellish heat wave we’re in. We put in so much work to grow these plants and now being forced to basically kill them to please a woman who doesn’t even pay our rent is infuriating. I don’t even know what to do other than seethe.
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2023.06.08 01:15 Relevant-Rooster2935 Causes of Teenage Hair Loss
Hair loss may be more common among adult men and women, but some teenagers may also experience hair loss. Teenagers undergo many physical changes as they grow through puberty, which can trigger underlying conditions or cause bodily changes that can result in hair loss.

Alopecia Areata

An autoimmune condition called Alopecia Areata can cause hair to fall out in patches. Autoimmune conditions develop when your body mistakes healthy cells for harmful invaders. With Alopecia Areata, your immune system attacks your hair follicles, and you may notice hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or body.


Various factors can cause a lack of proper nutrition: poor eating, overeating, lack of access to food, dietary imbalances, eating disorders, or digestive conditions. If you lack the following nutrients, you may experience hair loss. We’ll also list a few food items rich in each nutrient to give you an idea of what to add to your diet.


There are a variety of medications or medical treatments that can cause hair loss. Be sure to consult your primary care provider if you experience extreme hair loss or other concerning side effects:


As hormones naturally surge when kids hit puberty, this is also the time for hormone-related conditions to awaken. Two of the most common hormone-related conditions are Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Thyroid conditions, both primarily affecting teenage girls:


The physical and emotional changes teenagers experience can cause extreme stress, leading to hair loss. Psychological stress can significantly contribute to hair loss, but stress can come from other things like; surgery, pregnancy, extreme dieting, or major illness. Some teens and pre-teens (typically between 10 and 13) can also suffer from Trichotillomania, where people feel the overwhelming need to pull their hair in this psychological disorder.


While SMP INK can’t currently help your teenager, they wanted to share some valuable information that may give you answers to why your teenager is losing their hair! SMP INK left some helpful tips and links to more in-depth knowledge for you to find. If you are an adult suffering from hair loss, our team at SMP INK can help! Book your free consultation today!
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2023.06.08 00:12 xxbaniazxx Advice on my Home Decor!

Advice on my Home Decor!
Hello! I just joined Webkinz and I would love everyone’s advice/opinions on how to improve my home! I know that my house is relatively simple/less grand compared to everyone else’s, but I am a relatively new player and I do like things to be on the simpler side aesthetically. I’ve included all the rooms in my house with comments on what I think could be changed (some I am already happy with but just included so y'all could get a sense of my style), please do let me know what you think :) I'd love to hear what y'all would change even on things I didn't comment on/rooms that I am happy with. Also, my username is zaiba in case anyone wants to be friends :)
*Note: I am not a deluxe player and I don't have estore points, so sadly I can't really access those kinds of items/decor.
Lychee’s Room: I just don’t think that everything comes together cohesively and can’t seem to find the right wallpaper to match the furniture. I have already tried all the Wshop wallpapers (I’m not a deluxe member and don’t have estore points so I sadly can’t access those) but I just don’t think the blue is quite right. I don't love that Yogurt and Lychee have a duplicate painting in their rooms but I can't find any wall decor that fits better.

I just think there is a lot going on here, would it look better if I removed the decorative two middle rows and just kept the crops? The flowers are much brightemore saturated than the crops, do you think that is off putting, and if so, what should I put instead? I do think it would look better if the rare crops in the corner each had their own row, but that is all that I've got for now, huge S/O to u/SophiaEve2018 for being so kind as to send them to me. :) If anyone else has rare seeds, I would be love to pay you whatever you think is reasonable for them!
Gym: Again, I think the wallpaper doesn’t quite fit right but I have tried everything in the W-shop available to non deluxe members and nothing seems to fit.
Secret Garden (option 1 of 2): This is one of my favorite rooms, I just can’t decide which bench looks better. I think aesthetically I prefer the simpler one but I almost feel as though it would be a waste not to use the fancier one. What do you think?
Secret Garden (option 2 of 2): This is one of my favorite rooms, I just can’t decide which bench looks better. I think aesthetically I prefer the simpler one but I almost feel as though it would be a waste not to use the fancier one. What do you think?
Bathroom: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change.
Backyard: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change.

Living Room: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change.

Kitchen: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change.

Ginger's Room: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change.

Yogurt's Room: I am satisfied with this room but would love to hear suggestions/what you would change. I don't love that Yogurt and Lychee have a duplicate painting in their rooms but I can't find any wall decor that fits better.

Pumpkin Patch: This room is for profit so there isn't much to be done in terms of aesthetics.
Watermelon Vineyard: his room is for profit so there isn't much to be done in terms of aesthetics.

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2023.06.07 20:25 Otherwise_Boat_6438 Sevens Rugby this weekend

Sevens Rugby this weekend
Join the Huntsville rugby club at Rick Cooper Memorial Park for the third annual Rocket City 7s rugby tournament. Teams from the southeast competing in a full day of fast play action. Bring a chair, cooler and the fam and join us on the pitch and under the sun. First kickoff is at 9AM.
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2023.06.07 15:03 cfs_kenshin New Bug Megathread - Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 5: "The Remembering"

Please post here if you encounter new bugs in Update 5, this is to help prevent clutter on the subreddit.
Frequently reported bugs:
- Added a toggle to the Options menu on high performance hardware (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X) that allows players to increase the Valley item limit, allowing for the placement of 1,200 unique objects / 6,000 total objects (including duplicates).
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2023.06.07 13:57 skkkrtskrrt TheNicotineTest - Personal experience

On Twitter there is an open patient survey ongoing, called #TheNicotineTest
It refers to this paper:
Protocol here:
To take part in the survey after testing it:
My personal test and opinion:
28 years old, male, no smoker, 65kg, 180cm
ME/CFS after covid last year July and EBV last year September. Mild and undiagnosed until January 23. Big crash after 2 days heavy indoor cicling (zwift)
Now Bell 30, mostly housebound.
Main symptoms: PEM, POTS (resting hr 80, standing 100, walking 120), muscle fatigue (daily steps around 1500), bad blood circulation in hand and feet, swollen glands inner side of lower jaw, bad sleep, Slight brainfog but not too much to worry about that, constant sore throat, palpations after physical or mental exhaution, GI issues (probably light MCAS)
I took Nicotinel 7mg patches for 24h/Patch for 8 days straight without pause.
Side effects: Slight tachycardia on day 1 (+5/10 hr) Headache on day 2-3 No other effects
Benefits: None, completely no change in symptoms. I checked hr, hrv, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, perfusion index 3 times daily. Nothing changed in the 8 days of patch and in 14 days afterwards.
Personal opinion: I think the theory of the paper might be ok, but the listet cases are not comparable and significant at all. Also the from a lot of persons called herx reaction at the beginning is in most cases bullshit…it’s just the side effects of nicotine which can cause a lot of symptoms. Also i think it’s completely random to think this also works for ME/CFS with other causes. I just tried it out of interest and the easy way to test.
If you want to try it i would say go for it. If side effects are to strong just stop it. In severe cases I would not try it…
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2023.06.07 06:26 Silent-Composer-873 [REQ] ($400) (#Clarksville, TN, US) (Repay $575 by 6/13/23) (Zelle, CashApp, Venmo)

Just needing to cover some extra material costs, until I’m paid by the GC for completion this weekend. Flexible on repayment amount.
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2023.06.07 04:55 KasaKellina Hobby Lobby 2023 FALL! Sneak Peek!

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2023.06.07 04:06 Remarkable-Dark-9097 DNA Results are in!!

DNA Results are in!!
UPDATE: Sorry if I did this wrong 🙃 This was my 1st Reddit post and I put the update in the comments of the original post, but apparently I was supposed to post a new thread for the results? IDK. Please don’t downvote me into oblivion 🤪 Results in last 2 pics. For anyone who doesn’t wanna scroll through the pics:
 48.2% American Pit Bull Terrier 34.6% Boxer 17.2% Supermutt 
EMBARK SUPERMUTT ANALYSIS What’s in that Supermutt? There may be small amounts of DNA from these distant ancestors:
 American Staffordshire Terrier Golden Retriever Bulldog 
Original post: Adopted this sweet girl a couple weeks ago but her breed mix is a mystery. What do you all think??
The rescue had her listed as lab/whippet mix but I’m not sure I see it. I sent off a DNA test so I’ll know in a few weeks (and of course will update this post)
About JuJu: ~St. Louis, MO area ~Roughly 3 years old ~40lbs ~Small frame ~Short, smooth single coat ~All black except one white toe on each back foot, a white patch on her chest, throat and a tiny bit of white on her chin ~In certain light her coat has a brown sheen to it ~Has done well being introduced to skittish cats, only chased once. ~Very active, loves to RUN fast, loves kids, has gotten along with all dogs she’s been around (30+ dogs at daycare) ~Not much interest in toys but this could be due to treatment at her previous home ~WILL find a way out of a fenced yard, just to go sniff things ~Most unique ears I’ve ever seen. She puts them up, down, slanted back like a bunny, half folded with one pointing straight forward and one pointing straight backward, or half folded and pointing out. ~Super picky about foods. She does NOT like peanut butter, plain yogurt, pumpkin or calming chews among other things. ~when she wants/needs attention or is anxious she puts her paws on your chest and leans in hard.
Probably some of that doesn’t matter, but thought I’d give as much info about her quirks as possible as they could be a tip-off to certain breed traits.
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2023.06.06 18:42 AnTi90d I found an isolated patch of these while boating. Are they unripe blackberries? Some locals said they weren't, but they also didn't know what they were. (APPALACHIA / TN / VA)

I found an isolated patch of these while boating. Are they unripe blackberries? Some locals said they weren't, but they also didn't know what they were. (APPALACHIA / TN / VA) submitted by AnTi90d to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 18:22 Waelder TCF PATCH 3.4.0 - 07th June 2023

TCF PATCH 3.4.0 - 07th June 2023
Read the patchnotes in the game's website:
The game will go into maintenance tomorrow 7th June 2023 at 08:00am CEST and the game will be inaccessible for a few hours.
Hello Prospectors!
Patch 3.4.0 has been cooking behind the scenes for a little while now, and it's finally ready to be served. Complete with seasonings, a tall drink, and a few changes that might catch your interest, we're following up on some changes from 3.2 and 3.3 while also addressing some issues that have been highlighted by our community. On the menu today will be additional AI changes, a balance pass on some of our early game weapons, the usual stomping of a few pesky bugs and exploits, an adjustment to Tharis storm cycles, and yes, an adjustment to Progenitor Slags. We recently discussed in our Discord Server that we're taking some time to focus on repaying technical debts and relooking into systems to have more flexibility with our code in order to make things more smooth, however a lot of these things are not necessarily "player-facing" so we will use these notes to focus on changes that you will see and experience directly within the game. As always, be sure to let us know what you think of the new changes after you've downloaded the new update, and we will continue to monitor and address them as soon as we can. Onto the notes!


Weapon Balance, my old friend, it's nice to see you again! As a fun fact from our data, the three weapons that are the most requested to receive a balance pass are the Manticore, AR-55, and C-32 Bolt Action. This is something that we are always investigating and keeping tabs on behind the scenes, but after our feedback from the 3.2 patch, it seemed there were a few weapons that needed a bit more than just a damage value changed, so we've made a few more changes to lightly poke the meta to encourage a nice mix of weapons and keep things feeling fresh with your encounters. The vision that is planted in our brains here is to make sure our early game weapons feel like early game weapons without nerfing them into the ground or making them unusable in engagements with higher-geared players. However, with a TTK this short, sometimes that perfect balance can be hard to find. Having said that, minor changes are the plan for this one, let us know what you think!
Manticore (MK1 & MK2):
  • Magazine size: 24 -> 22
  • Headshot multiplier: 1.5 -> 1.4
AR-55(Rusty, MK1 & MK2):
  • Projectile speed: 36400 -> 34200
PDW (Rusty, MK1 & MK2):
  • Increased hip shot spread by 15%
  • Damage falloff multiplier: 0.7 -> 0.6
C32(MK1 & MK2):
  • Damage falloff multiplier: 1.0 -> 0.7

Matchmaking Changes

We've heard your feedback that something just doesn't feel quite right, and we've noticed it in our matches as well. In order to address it, we've done some deep dive investigating to answer a few questions: Is matchmaking working as intended? Is "beginner matchmaking" working properly? Now this covers a really wide range of variables and not every player's reported issue can lead to the same outlier in the way our game matchmakes, but we've made some major changes to the way our matchmaking registers and removes players on a server, to prevent server over population, which we believe should fix squad separation issues as well. We intend to continue keeping a close eye on this topic, so please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know if you experience or notice any differences!

Anti-Cheat Improvements

Fighting cheating is our number one priority, and we are aware that for some of our players the current state of the game is not ideal. As with every patch, 3.4.0 will contain various backend improvements and tweaks to our anti-cheat formula. In addition, we have added new systems to the game to help detect and prevent the kinds of cheats we have found to be the most common. While we would love to go into detail about exactly what is being changed, any info we give on our methods is unfortunately information that can be used to circumvent those methods. Regardless, we do expect that these changes should have a noticeable effect on the state of the game, and we will be monitoring them closely after they go live and adjusting them as necessary.
If you would like to contribute to the games anti-cheat efforts, reports are always one of the most useful resources at our teams disposal. Simply sending a report in-game can go a long way, and you can also make use of our #reports-and-appeals channel in our official Discord server if you would like to give some more detailed information to our anti-cheat team or would like to include a video clip with your report.
We hope these changes go a long way towards improving your experience on Fortuna, until next time Prospectors!


  • Insurance payout timer has been increased from 45 minutes to 6 hours in order to combat a known item duplication exploit
    • This one is a significant change for us, and we discussed methods to address item duplication in a way that was quick and impactful. This change will ensure the game instance has shut down and all players have left the instance before dishing out insurance reimbursements.
    • Additionally and for clarity, players participating in this exploit will receive a ban if they are found to be duplicating items. Don't give into the temptation!
  • We've adjusted tuning of creature proximity senses as a follow up from patch 3.3.0
  • We've adjusted Crusher and Marauder aggro so that disengaging with the fiercest of terrestrial creatures isn't as difficult. No more Jeffs launching interplanetary acid bombs across the map as you run away clutching your last stim
  • Storm cycles on Tharis Island have been shortened by lowering the time between storms from 25 minutes to 21 minutes to make forging feel less tedious. Duration of the storm remains unaffected
  • Slightly increased the probability of receiving Progenitor Slag as a byproduct of forging from 10% to 13%
  • Decreased the required amount of slags for final safe pocket upgrade from 3 to 2
  • Windfall's Shop received some swanky new images to showcase item bundles


  • Weapon, melee, and consumable textures should no longer disappear after using a throwable consumable. For real though this time
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit above Green's Prospect Garage
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit near Osiris Research Center
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit near the lab at Rock Pools
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit at Pinnacle Labs
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit near Favela
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit near Skeleton Observation Site
  • Fixed an unintended area near Waterfall Labs
  • Fixed an unintended area near Korolev HQ
  • Fixed an unintended area near Rock Pools
  • Fixed a "stuck spot" at Root Rock Tunnel
  • Fixed a "stuck spot" at Fallen Tree
  • Fixed a "stuck spot" at a specific building near Hay Fields
  • The Howler took a few more aviation lessons and should no longer get stuck on environmental objects
  • Fixed several hiding spots that could be abused by using certain emotes in bodies of water.
  • Fixed an area where players could clip through and hide on the Laser Drill
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to climb to the top of the dungeon on Crescent Falls
  • Adjusted a spawn point on Tharis Island that was a bit too close to AI creatures
  • Fixed a damage mitigation bug that could occur with the Jungle Bandit archetype
  • Fixed a rendering/collision issue with a vehicle in Pumpkin Fields
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to move while emoting
  • Fixed an issue with some keybinds not being present when using an AZERTY keyboard. Don't get caught inspecting your weapons too often now!
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash in the event a Player Report came back with an error
  • Fixed a exploit regarding Free Loadout Runs and claimed insurances
  • Fixed a collision issue with a tree root near Pumpkin Fields and Starport Landing Pad. We're prospectors, not termites
  • Fixed an issue with a weapon's weight being affected by the ammo weight reduction perk.
  • Fixed an issue with the explosive damage perk reducing damage from storm strikes and fauna damage
  • Fixed a visual issue with the "Top Tiktok Howler Creators" decal on the station
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be redeployed to the same map if foamed while disconnected instead of being sent back to the station
  • Addressed missing localization for the "Email" textbox in the Newsletter (DE, ES, FR, IT, JP, KR. PL. PT, RU, CN)
  • Fixed an issue with faulty SFX when attacking Blast Ticks with a melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue with the Fortuna Pass displaying incorrect rewards when skipping levels using Aurum
  • Relocated a mysterious floating rail at Favela to its proper location
  • Fixed an issue with broken armor UI still showing the broken icon after being repaired
  • Fixed an issue causing Error Code ## with some players when dropping
  • Fixed an issue with squad separation not functioning as intended. You should only see parties of the same size deploying to the planet in Trusted Matchmaking

Known Issues & Things We Are Working On™

While some of these issues might take a bit longer, we are still investigating and aim to find fixes and address these as soon as we can.
  • We are aware of your feedback that you want to see a default weapon skin setting.
  • We are investigating changes to the process of selling items smoother.
  • Deysnc Issues - we are cautiously keeping an eye on this topic and working with players where possible to investigate these instances.
  • Getting kicked back to the lobby is currently under investigation.
  • We received a bunch of reports that performance has taken a hit in Season 3 and are investigating.
  • Our Welcome Packs descriptions need to be reworded to reflect the disappearance of mandatory wipes.
  • Streaming tools can lead to crashes for some players.
Additionally for those of you who read our little messages at the bottom, Patch 3.5.0 is scheduled for June 28th, so no need to wonder which Wednesday it'll be! Also, you look stellar today!
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