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2023.06.10 22:24 lethrahn I'm running a lost mines campaign and would love some magic item inspiration.

I'm running a modified Lost mines for a group of four. i have plans to extend the campaign into a shadowfell/ dragon cult storyline
we have:
a half-drow twilight cleric
a firbolg Greatsword bear totem barb
a tiefling necromancy wizard
and a half elf bard with the shadowtouched feat tying her to the shadowfell.
I'm trying to come up with magical items to replace the standard Lmop loot with something a little more interesting than a +1 sword or an axe that is good at cutting wood.
I'm planning on rolling for some magic items but i would love some suggestions that are more themed to the characters and setting.
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2023.06.10 22:23 red_dog_forge the big mystery list. VERY SPOILER.

kinda reminds me of season 2 of lost. .here we go...big mystery list. feel free to add or answer! off we go!
lighthouses in the landlocked forest,
magically appearing bracelets,
mysterious ghost boys that guide you.
creepy drowned zombie kids spouting mystery words
. voices over the shortwave that know what your wifes doing out of sight
a house that implodes even though the foundational walls wernt touched,
ac current from nowhere.
that same ac current charging a dc battery bank straight from a light socket
. a radio that REQUIRES an masted antenna structure instead of a grounded dipole or monoline.
a circular road that leads back ro the town,
a dancing ballerina that appears after a music box vision , subdermal worms that killed dried husk ambulatory illusionist zombie/gouls
. tents that get dragged
. talismans that keep out said ghouls unless u open a door,
mysterious visions
civil war soldier visions that fire real ammo
who the fk was martin
who threw the rope
whered the lighthouse go/dungeon/tower disappear
why are the trees moving?
why is fall suddenly coming and why DIDNT the seasons occur before rhat.
what did victor eat for 40 Years
whos playing the fkn jukebox?
why do the zombie ghouls have bile?
how did the creatures know to check the box?
whats up with the woods doggos?
why os NO ONE whiteboarding/ meeting/talking to each other about all this stuff?
what garden? it should be HUGE and where just about everyones working.
how was other food not livestock not prduce but things like salt and baking soda and flour appearing?
where was spike through the forehead gals boyfriends body?
what happened to the motel?
wtf was the apparation pinned under the boulder?
who or what created the bottle tree?
how come no one's interested in victors POV, ya know, the guy whos survived there since before most of em were even born?!
who made the talismans?
what do the talismans marks mean?
what do the cave drawings mean?
how do the talismans work?
how are trees teleporting ppl and thinggs
what possesed sarah?
spiderwebs and poisonous spiders?
sped up healing?
what caused the schizm between colony house and townies?
why does the arrival of two sets of travelers trigger a catastrophe?
speaking of catastrophe what flood?
what do the dates symbolize?
why do the lights occasionally flicker?
why did boy in white tell victor about Tabitha
what caused the storm
why was elgin freaked out?
why did Mari arrive?
whats up with the puppet?
whats up with the rock piles?
who was the caged girl monster in the tunnels?
what freaked victor out in the tunnels?
who chained up martin? why was he chained up, and who were his two dead chained up companions?
how did he know about Abby
why did the boy in white leave victor for so long then return? why does victor dislike Elgin?
what was up with the exit sign?
wheres the missing bus passenger?
whats the symbol jade/victochristopher see?
why could everybody suddenly see the worms?
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2023.06.10 22:22 Elbandito78 My Week in Outlands

TLDR: Returning player and I'm really enjoying it.
So a couple months ago Reddit's algo dropped this subreddit into my feed for whatever reason. I used to play in the late 90's, early 00's off and on and loved the game. Like many of you it left such a big impression on me. So, I joined and thought "neat! Maybe I'll see some people telling some cool stories about the old days". After lurking a while, I saw that there are still active shards/communities out there. Remembering what it was like when I was younger, I wondered if I should return. If it would be as fun (and addicting) as I remembered. One shard I kept seeing get mentioned was Outlands...in both good and bad ways.
Last week I decided to give it a try. After deciding to play on Outlands I was concerned about the massive changes to the map and gameplay. Not to mention the (what seemed like) rampant PK'ing. Right off the bat, I was hit with a nostalgia bomb in the character creation screen. I log-in and start exploring the Shelter Island. The first thing I noticed was how alive the place was. Lots of people running around. I walk up to one person and say "hey". We get to chatting and I tell them I'm new. They point me to some resources for the game (Discord and scripting), a few tips, drop me some gold, and give me their Discord contact info. Over the course of the past week, I made a couple of characters to test things out.
My impressions:
Overall I'm having a blast. So far my favorite thing I've done was stealthing through a dungeon when two reds show up and hide so they can ambush. I stealth around the corner (in the direction players will be coming from) and as soon as I see a couple I yell "REDS AROUND THE CORNER". They immediately stop and bounce out of the moongate. I Immediately follow. Honestly the PK'ing was my biggest reservation about playing again. I didn't want it to be me getting killed over and over again, unable to do anything.
If you're on the fence about playing, like I was...just do it.
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2023.06.10 22:22 ImpressivePitch2204 Tips for Stygian zinogre?

I am stuck on this guy, he deals so much damage and it’s hard to attack him when he is charged up with all the dragon orbs he summons. Is there anything I need to know?
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2023.06.10 22:21 DutchDolt WT4 new arrival, I have questions

I'm a lvl 60 that just arrived in WT4. So I see that nightmare dungeons in WT4 start at 20. Although I could do lvl 20 on WT3, I got my ass kicked in WT4.
What would you recommend me to do? Run non-nightmare dungeons in WT4 to gather some Ancestral gear and a couple of levels, before I attempt nightmare again? Do a bunch of Tree of Whispers and Helltides?
Also, I have loads of lvl 20 Sacred Sigils. Those are pretty useless now, right? Running WT3 nightmare won't bring me Ancestral gear.
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2023.06.10 22:21 NightlyDelirium Looking for a specific kind of Chinese takeout spot

Just moved here from the south last fall and I'm struggling to find a decent place for Chinese takeout, and I think it might be because I'm not getting what I'm used to. Where I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, most places served their chicken dishes with sauces on the side to preserve crunchiness, but here, it seems the batter places use are different and, to my taste at least, always leaves the chicken tasting somewhat slimy as the batter and sauce sort of adhere together, everything always comes drowning in sauce at pickup. I'm pretty sure that's what they're going for, but for some reason it isn't what I grew up eating.
I've tried Home Taste on Delaware (which seems to have the best reviews in the city) and Golden Dragon in Cheektowaga. Both tasted identical to me.
This is basically what I'm looking for. Crunchy chicken with that ridiculous laser red sweet and sour sauce on the side. Anyone know where I can get it?
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2023.06.10 22:20 bloozecluze Need help creating a better-looking transit diagram for fictional DND setting

Need help creating a better-looking transit diagram for fictional DND setting
I'm a dungeon master and I'm trying to create a color-coded metro map for my players but I can't seem to make it look... good. I've been trying and remaking drafts for the past few weeks but I'm not a designer and they all sort of suck to me. The game is in about 4 weeks and I just want to make something to proudly present to them. The attached map I made using tennessine.co.uk/metro/ but I've also tried metromapmaker.com and a few others.
My idea is to have four quadrants (green, pink, orange, and red) of different sizes that can be accessed by one main line (dark blue) and then each quadrant has its own unique system. I just really suck at making these I think. Any ideas or advice on how I can make this more visually pleasing and less clunky? All help is appreciated!

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2023.06.10 22:20 GamerRyan14 Blood moon and dungeon bosses

Is there a lore reason why dungeon bosses don't respawn during a blood moon?
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2023.06.10 22:19 Chun--Chun2 Why are white normal monsters stronger than bosses?

Diablo 4
Why can a normal white monster 1 shot me, while a boss doesn't even break my barrier?
How is this possible? Did they actually ever test the scaling in the development process of this game?
Lilith of lvl 100 does not 1 shot me, but a normal succubs in a dungeon does randomly. How is this even possible, ignoring how stupid it is.
Is it a bug? Does normal monsters deal the damage of bosses, and bosses the damage of village npcs, aka 0?
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2023.06.10 22:18 DrLeoMarvin Any other dudes in their lates 30s that have played Zelda since the 80s hate the new one?

I'm so fucking annoyed with the new Zelda. I can't not finish it because I've never not finished a Zelda game and my ADHD, OCD or whatever it is, won't let me. But this game is a fucking chore. I don't like finding other things to fight with, I want to fight with my fucking sword. This is Zelda goddamit, my sword should be enough for 90% of the fights. And I'm over the goddamn gluing shit together, puzzles that are far too open ended, accidentally teleporting to the top of a dungeon OUTSIDE IT just to spend 15 minutes trying to get back into it. Fucking worst Zelda ever.
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2023.06.10 22:18 Chun--Chun2 Why are white normal monsters stronger than bosses?

Why can a normal white monster 1 shot me, while a boss doesn't even break my barrier?
How is this possible? Did they actually ever test the scaling in the development process of this game?
Lilith of lvl 100 does not 1 shot me, but a normal succubs in a dungeon does randomly. How is this even possible, ignoring how stupid it is.
Is it a bug? Does normal monsters deal the damage of bosses, and bosses the damage of village npcs, aka 0?
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2023.06.10 22:18 Stoborobo Game Of Thrones Opening is actually the best Show Opening in history

I'm sure it's been said before but watching House of the Dragons Opening lack of this really cemented it for me. The first minute of Game of Thrones finds a way to allude to and guide the viewer through all of the relevant cities, approximate distances, relational context, as well their most important functions and status; Seats of ancient houses, like Winterfell, alive, abandoned, or maybe occupied by the Boltons; Braavos, the free city, home of The Iron Bank and the House of Black and White; The Wall, continent wide wall made of Ice; Etc.
And in doing so, it really makes one of the most inaccessible aspects of fantasy and sci-fi genre -- Politics and Scale -- immediately accessible, and catchy.
I hope other shows that do this copy this idea frankly because it does so much to establish the scale of the world and story before the episode technically begins.
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2023.06.10 22:18 parallelmc Parallel [SMP] {Semi-Vanilla} {Java 1.19+} {Multiworld Exploration} {Vanilla-Style Gameplay} {Player-Driven Lore} {Player Shops} {Custom Items} {Active Community}

Looking for a server that lets you explore like never before? Welcome to Parallel, a semi-vanilla SMP where players can travel through rifts between worlds in order to face great dangers, traverse uncharted territory, and collect gleaming treasure. Featuring a vibrant community and continuous updates, you're sure to never get bored.
🔮 IP Address (1.19+): play.parallelmc.org 🎉 Join our Discord: https://discord.parallelmc.org 💻 Server Website: https://www.parallelmc.org 📸 Server Photos: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/3023191-parallel-semi-vanilla-smp-1-19-multiworld ("Server Images" tab)
Server Features
Server Rules
So what are you waiting for? Join Parallel to start crafting your journey today!
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2023.06.10 22:17 Kilik_Odagawa After 1761 days of casual play, I have completed ALL glory towers with farming defenses

After 1761 days of casual play, I have completed ALL glory towers with farming defenses
When I started this account, it was off the back of losing my original while serving in the military. Some friends of mine brought me back in, and I decided that instead of following whatever dungeon meta there is, I would implement a restriction on myself. No duplicates.
This ruleset gave me a theoretical "end" to the game where I have built every possible unit C2U has to offer, and really push the limits of what can be done to get to where you want to be. I've managed to stick to that, even in the face of Double Mellia/Tricaru teams being the single best way to get progression done. Some of the players that I was a mentor to that stuck around (Shoutout to Faraday on Global) have LONG since passed me, but this has been a strange and fulfilling experience.
As I sit here, staring at my phone, I can't help but ask myself "What now?" Sure, I can continue grinding out runes and maybe, JUST MAYBE, see Conqueror 1 in Arena for the first time in my account's history. I could subject myself to the whims of the 300 SPD club in RTA, or I could spend the next few months leveling up fodder and finally getting around to emptying my Sealed Shrine of the entirety of the 4* RGB units and the 45 5*s that are just collecting dust from the moment they were summoned.
I'm not certain that I want to, though. I ultimately suppose whether I continue to play depends on what Reloaded is going to bring us. For those of you new summoners out there trying to wrap your minds around the complexity of this game, remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep your goals in view, and keep them ATTAINABLE. This game is about luck, and trying more means more chances for fortune to smile on you.
Y'all have a damn good day, now. Maybe I'll see you in the Skies.
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2023.06.10 22:16 Code-Neo i bought a Dell Inspiron 15", 2.5 GHz x 4 cores 8GB for $65 on craigslist and want to turn it into a Linux Machine for fightcade and Emulation, How do i back up the windows 10 OS the guy put on it and put Linux on it

As a personal hobby of mine at the moment is trying to have a collection of Janky computer hardware and software. I was looking online for the most jankyist, oldest, and cheapest laptop I can find locally. a Dell Inspiron 15", 2.5 GHz x 4 cores 8GB ram is what I got today. As the title says i want to make this a Linux fightcade Machine. I would like to know how to back up the windows 10 os on it and then install Linux. Which version of Linux would be best for my purposes and (i know its stupid) that I can change the wallpaper on it too. Here is a link to the page I found and bought the laptop from.

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2023.06.10 22:16 NotLikeIDontCare Cutting Thunder Tree and repurposing some content to flesh out Conyberry. Thoughts?

Hi Everyone :)
There's a lot of debate regarding Thunder Tree online and I have decided to cut it (See reasoning further down).
That said, I am sad about cutting so much content from the module and I've been thinking about how some of the encounters, items and NPCs of Thunder Tree could be incorporated elsewhere in the story. That’s when it hit me: What other keyed location exists on the map, that is in desperate in need of some content? That’s right, Conyberry. It’s always bothered me how Conyberry is on the map, but there is NOTHING to see there (I know it’s relevant for DoISP).
So that idea would be to flesh out Conyberry with some of the content originally contained in Thunder Tree.
The content I want to include/reposition:
  1. Radoth is trying to remove some monster (maybe twig blights) from the ruins of Conyberry
  2. The Owlbear using the ruins to rest.
  3. Merna’s heirloom (captive in Redbrand Hideout) is in an alchemy shop in Conyberry.
  4. “Hew” the +1 battle axe.
  5. A big monster (just not something as cool as a dragon) like a Shambling Mound as leader of the twig blights.
Additionally, I’ve been preparing the Redbrand hideout and it seems Iarno escaping is very likely. Accordingly, I’ve been thinking about his next moves, since the module doesn’t specify. I had the idea, that after the Hideout, Iarno would move to Conyberry and try to setup shop there. After Cragmaw castle, I would build in some reason for the players to hunt down Iarno in Conyberry. E.g maybe Gundren’s mind was wiped and he doesn't remember the location of Wave Echo Cave and the map is with Iarno.
Let me know what you guys think!
Reasons for cutting Thuder Tree:
If you want a more in-depth reasoning, here is Mathew Perkins video on the matter:
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2023.06.10 22:16 Original-Orange Friend is hesitant to continue in the trial because of the sub model

I have a friend who I’ve convinced to play the trial and he is very standoffish and borderline against the idea of needing to subscribe for a game at all.
He comes from a background of playing a lot of strategy games and shooters and in when he takes a dip into MMOs it’s either free trials of MMOs like Guild Wars 2 or games that have no sub like ESO (which I don’t think he has bought any expansions for beyond his initial purchase).
After some convincing from myself and some other friends we convinced him to give the trial a shot and none do the classes clicked for him until he saw Rouge and then later the full job in Ninja. He likes a lot of things about it but when he was looking up guides (which assume you are at the current expansion) he got hung up on how some of the “best abilities” are in the level 70s which is all behind Shadow Bringers and that otherwise the ninja is a DPS that doesn’t do anything damage wise and utility wise without it. I don’t play Ninja so I couldn’t comment on it any more than that it’s content he won’t even get around until after he’s out of the content in the trial. I think it’s a really weird thing to get hung up on since the game is balanced around making sure any job can clear the highest level of content.
Can anyone confirm the ninja is still any good at 50 and 60?
His other bigger issue was the idea of subbing for a game as a whole. He likes the idea of just buying the game once and then DLC but never needing to pay more than those aside from cosmetic micro transactions. I tried to explain how subscribing keeps out a lot of the predatory micro transactions that plague other free to play games and even still in a game like ESO. And that the servers are expensive along with everything around development. He’s super hung up on this and the thing easier about Ninja that he’s borderline about to drop the game not to mention that he’s around over halfway through patch 2.0 MSQ so he hasn’t experienced doing lv 50 dungeons and trials.
Is there any suggestions on how to convince him to at least not outright quit the game over this? I’m not even trying to convince him to sub. I just want to get him to play further in the trial and do some of the more fun PVE content with the rest of our friends. And how do I best justify the need to subscribe for the game for Stormblood and on? He enjoys playing the game but these things really bother him and make him want to drop it as a whole.
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2023.06.10 22:15 RiceEatingWeeb [river] Yambar, gruvbox, emacs, bemenu and live wallpaper with custom scripts

[river] Yambar, gruvbox, emacs, bemenu and live wallpaper with custom scripts submitted by RiceEatingWeeb to unixporn [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:15 Fear_Galactus Help with Swarms

One of my players has chosen Paper Miniature Dragons as her swarm. While I don't particularly care what the swarm is made out of, the player is insisting that the swarm, due to it being magical, would not adhere to the properties of being made of paper. In the scenario, the players were facing a tempest dragon that was causing torrential downpour. I advised that despite the magical nature of the dragons, they would still be a swarm albeit a mushy, ineffective one at best. The player does not like this decision and insists - "it's magical" so environment shouldn't matter. So help me out:
View Poll
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2023.06.10 22:14 J1NR0L0GY How to optimize my cs throughout the mid-game?

So after watching a shitload of xFSN Saber's Vod-Reviews on ADCs of different ranks I kinda got that in the mid-game your job as adc is to always farm the mid wave to create a window of opportunity to do stuff and then return back to farming. Now that I tried to exactly do this I figured out that it's actually not that easy.
The point where I struggle the most is on how to decide if i join the skirmish nearby (not across the map obviously) immediately because I can't shove the wave fast enough or when do I join my teams rotation instead of walking up to any lane that has a wave pushing us.
Of course if Baron or Dragon is up I do stay nearby at least and follow if needed but every other instance? How about that?
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2023.06.10 22:13 EvilKween93 This whole time I thought the Butcher was just a hardcore mechanic.

After 2 Betas and now mid chapter 2 on my first character I finally found him in a dungeon . . . I should have just submitted 😭😭😭
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2023.06.10 22:13 SockofBadKarma Constant lag after dodging

I don't know if this is a server-side thing or if there is something weird with my computer, but I can't find anyone else talking about this:
Whenever I dodge, I have a very substantial chance of my character simply standing still, unable to respond to any other movement or skill inputs, for 1-2 seconds. By this time the mobs will have reached my new location and started attacking me again, so I have to dodge again, and then I freeze again, and so on. It makes high level nightmare dungeons (i.e., anything more than 20 levels higher than my character level) impossible to play because I could simply be locked into my own self-applied chain CC from failed dodges.
I have no latency in any other aspect of the game, my computer is very highend, and I have no other graphic or performance issues in the game. It's just this, and I want to figure out why it's happening. Are other people experiencing the same thing and it's just an issue with Blizzard servers, or what?
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