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Playlist with movie clips

2023.06.10 22:48 fireplace156 Playlist with movie clips

We are throwing a major 4th of July party. Long story short I used to go to a bar and it had really great music playing. And another thing was between the songs movie clips would play. So in between songs an audio clip from superbad or Pineapple Express would quickly play. How the heck can I do that for our party?
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2023.06.10 22:45 AlphaBladeYiII I loved the Ewoks recruitment scene in the RotJ novelization.

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2023.06.10 22:39 gesaranesara Antitrust 2? Bill Gates (Foundation) replaces Buffett as chair of Berkshire Hathaway; each are each others' largest shareholders!

Antitrust 2? Bill Gates (Foundation) replaces Buffett as chair of Berkshire Hathaway; each are each others' largest shareholders!
Gates said that the 88-year-old Buffett helped him to get through the antitrust lawsuit more than 20 years ago that put Microsoft's future in jeopardy. Gates said Buffett served as a "great counsel" to his dominant tech company, which the US government sued in 1998 for using its power to destroy the competition and further the monopoly of its Internet Explorer browser.
"The toughest thing that I went through was this antitrust lawsuit, where it didn't seem very predictable," Gates said last week at an event hosted by venture capital firm Village Global. "Getting somebody who is successful in another domain, but yet has kind of a business-type mindset ... that was a huge gift."
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2023.06.10 22:38 ProffittAD [WTT] Munroe Sigil Price Drop

Offering for trade consideration again today my 2021 Munroe Sigil in S90V with copper inlays on the pivot and pivot screw.
I acquired this knife recently here on the swap, and while I do absolutely love the design, I can't help but wonder what else may be out there. Unsure of the previous number of owners. Haven't carried this one or cut with it other than a piece of paper. The blade is quite sharp and I believe it is likely the factory edge. I disassembled it twice, once on arrival to tune the action and make sure everything was clean, and once to install skiff bearings, which did actually improve the action quite a bit and will likely continue to do so as they break in. The finish on this knife makes it difficult to tell if there is really any carry wear, though there is a bit on the tip of the clip and perhaps a snail on it as well. I have included photos of these as best as I could get. I also believe there is a small mark on the pivot screw in the copper, but it is very small and I couldn't get it to show up on camera. Overall it is in excellent condition. The action is great on the skiffs, lockup is solid, and centering looks perfect to my eyes. The box, COA, tag, band-aid, and original bearings are included. TV 1150 1100
Album and Video
I can trade up or down for the right knife, multiples can be fine too for the right bundle, and cash can go either way. I would primarily like to trade for a dragon scale Grimsmo Rask, though any Rask would be of interest. I do not particularly like acid washed blades, so I'd likely pass on any of those. Also of interest are TBC, Holts, Shiros, Craig Browns, Hermans, JG, Rassenti, Eutsler, and other high end customs or production knives. Please feel free to send offers or questions, chat is preferred. Much prefer to trade with established members here, if your flair is under 25, I would need you to ship first or we could see about a proxy service. Knife will ship USPS fully insured. Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.10 22:32 detronbphillips 5 drawer cart side tray minor upgrade

5 drawer cart side tray minor upgrade
A 450mm X 300mm silicone soldering mat is a great size to use as a working cover for your side table. I attached it with binder clips' then removed the handles.
Not a perfect fit, but this gives me some protection and a place to store my mat.
It does stay in place when the side tray is lowered
Thanks for looking
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2023.06.10 22:29 JoshAsdvgi The Sly Young Man

The Sly Young Man

The Sly Young Man

There were two brothers, one married, the other unmarried.
The married one lived in one place; the unmarried one, in another.
They did not want to live together.
One time the unmarried brother wanted to visit the married one.
When he approached his house, he listened, and thought, "Why, my brother and his wife are talking and laughing quite merrily."
When he came nearer, however, he noticed that the man's voice was not that of his brother.
So he crept along the wall very cautiously, and then looked through a rent in the skin covering.
A strange man was having quite a merry time with his sister-in-law.
They were hugging and kissing, and talking and playing with each other.
He thought, "My brother is not here.
Probably he is off hunting wild reindeer."
The others meanwhile took off their breeches to and made love right before him, though unaware of his presence.
At the most critical moment the young man entered the house.
The woman, however, shook herself free, swifter than a she-ermine, and in a moment the man too was hidden beneath the blanket.
The young man said nothing.
He simply sat down and waited for the evening.
The other man, the one hidden under the blanket, having nothing else to do, also waited. Late in the evening, the married brother came home.
The unmarried brother said nothing to him about the strange man hidden in the house, the woman also said nothing; but both were silent and very anxious.
The married brother said, "Listen, wife! Our brother has come to visit us.
Cook plenty of the best meat and reindeer-fat, and we will have a hearty meal .
The visiting brother said nothing, and waited, as before.
The woman cooked some meat, and taking it out of the kettle, carved it with great care and spread the meal.
The married brother said, "Come on! Let us eat!"
The other answered, "How can we eat, since a strange man is hidden in our house?"
The married brother said, "Then I shall look for him in every corner, and certainly I shall find him."
He did so, searching all through the house, but found nothing.
Then he said again, "So it was a joke of yours.
Come on! Let us have a meal!"
The unmarried brother said, as before, "How can we have a meal?
A strange man is hidden in the house."
The same happened three successive times.
At last the unmarried brother said, "Leave me alone!
How can we have a meal? A strange man is hidden in your bed, and covered with your own blankets."
The married brother pulled off the blanket.
The strange man was lying there, face downward.
His head was under the pillow.
The married brother felt very angry.
He drew his knife and with a single blow, cut off the head of the adulterer.
Then he came to himself and said with great sorrow, "Oh, brother! – and you, woman!
You ought to have warned me in time.
Now, what is to be done? I have killed a man. What will happen to us?"
He sat down and cried most wretchedly.
The other brother said, "What of it?
There is no need of crying.
He has been killed, and we cannot change it.
It is better that I carry off the body and dispose of it."
He took the body and carried it off.
After sometime he found the tracks of the killed man and followed them up.
He came to a beaten road, and then to a large village.
It had numerous houses, some of them Tungus, and some Yakut.
They had herds of reindeer and also of horses.
In the middle of the village stood a large house just like a hill.
It was the house of the chief of the village.
The unmarried brother arrived there in the night time and soon found the house of the killed man.
He entered at once, carrying the corpse on his back.
The parents of the killed one, an old man and an old woman, were sleeping on the right hand side of the house.
The bed of their son was on the left hand side.
He went to the bed, put down the body, and covered it with a skin blanket.
He tucked in the folds with great care, and then placed the head in its proper place, so that he looked just like a man sleeping.
The old man, and the old woman heard a rustling sound and thought, "Ah, it is our son!
He has come home." Then the father said, "Ah, it is you! Why are you so late?"
In another corner slept the elder brother of the killed man and his wife.
He also said, "Why are you so late? You ought to be asleep long ago."
The man who had carried in the corpse crept softly out of the house and went home.
He came to his married brother, who said, "Ah, it is you! You are alive.
And what have you done with the body?" – "I carried it to the house of his parents and put it down on his own bed.
He ought to have slept on it long ago."
After that they had a meal.
Then the unmarried brother said again, "I will go back and see what happened to the dead body." – "Do not go!
This time they will surely kill you." – "They will not kill me. I shall go and see."
He would not listen to his married brother, and went back to the house of the dead man.
He approached, and heard loud wailing.
The relatives of the killed man were lamenting over the body.
He entered and saluted the old man.
Then modestly he sat down at the women's place.
The old man said, "I never saw such a face in our village.
Certainly, you are a stranger, a visitor to our country." – "I am," said the young man.
"And why are you lamenting in this wise?" –
"We have good reason for it," said the old man.
"Two sons we had, and now we have lost one of them.
He used to walk in the night time, heaven knows where.
Then he grew angry with us and in that angry mood he cut off his own head.
After that he lay down, covered himself with a blanket, and then he died.
So you see we have good reasons for lamenting."
They had a meal and then some tea.
After that the old man said, "We have no shamans in our village, although it is large. Perhaps you know of some shaman in your own country?" –
"Yes," said the young man, "I know of one."
He lied once more. He did not know of any shaman. "Ah!" said the old man, brightening up, "if that is so, go and bring him here."
He asked them for two horses, – one for himself, and another for the shaman whom he was to bring.
"I will ride one horse, and the other I will lead behind with a halter for the shaman."
He rode off without aim and purpose, for he knew of no shaman.
After a long while he came to a lonesome log cabin.
Some wolflings were playing before the entrance.
He entered. An old wolf-woman was sitting on a bench.
Her hair was long, it hung down and spread over the floor.
A young girl was sitting at a table. She was quite fair, fairer than the sun.
This was the Wolf-girl. The wolflings outside were her brothers.
The old woman looked up and said, "I never saw such a face in our own place.
No human beings ever came here.
Who are you, – a human creature, or something else?" – "I am human." –
"And what are you looking for, roaming about?" – "I am in great need.
I am looking for a shaman, having been sent by a suffering person."
She repeated her question, and he answered the same as before.
The old woman held her breath for some time.
Then she said, "I am too old now.
I do not know whether I still possess any power, but in former times I used to help people." He took hold of her, put her upon his horse, and rode back to the old man's home.
He took her into the house, and said, "This is the shaman I have brought for you."
They treated her to the best dainties, and all the while she was drying over the fire her small, strange shaman's drum.
After that she started her shamanistic performance.
According to custom, she made the man who had taken her there hold the long tassel fastened to the back of her garments.
"Take care!" said the old woman, "do not let go of this tassel!"
He grasped the tassel, and the old woman wound herself around like a piece of birchbark over the fire.
The house was full of people, housemates, guests, onlookers.
After a while the young man said, "I feel very hot.
Let somebody hold this tassel for a little while, and I will go out and cool myself."
He went out of the house.
The moon was shining brightly.
A number of horses were digging the snow for some tussock-grass.
He caught them all.
Then he cut down some young willow and prepared a number of willow brooms – one for each of the horses.
He tied the brooms to the tails of the horses.
Then he set them afire, and set the horses free.
Seeing the glare and scenting the smell of fire, they ran away in every direction.
He went back and took hold of the tassel again, as though nothing had happened.
Then some other person went out, and hurried back, shouting, "O men! the country all around is aflame!"
And, indeed, the horses were galloping about, waving high their tails of fire.
"Who lighted this fire?" said the people. "Perhaps the spirits."
Everyone left the house. They stood outside, staring upon that living fire fleeting by.
"Ah, ah!" said some of them. "It is our end. This fire will burn us down."
Not one of them thought any more of the old woman.
The young man, however, quietly slipped back into the house.
The old woman was drumming more violently than ever.
She was so full of inspiration, that she had noticed nothing at all.
He looked about. No one was there. The old woman drummed on.
Then he lifted from the ground a big kettle full to the brim of ice-cold water and all at once he overturned it over the old woman's head.
After that he put the kettle over her head and shoulders.
The old woman shuddered, and fell down dead, as is the way of all shamans when frightened unexpectedly.
The young man left the house, and mingled among the people outside, looking most innocent.
After some time, however, he said, "Why are we standing here looking at this blaze, and meantime we have left the shaman alone in the house?
That is wrong."
They hurried back, and the wolf shaman was lying on the ground, wet and stone dead, half hidden in the kettle.
The old man was in great fear, and wailed aloud, "Alas, alas! I lost a son, and that was bad enough; but it is much worse that this Wolf-woman has died in our house.
Her children will surely come and wreak vengeance upon our heads.
We are already as good as dead. O God!" he continued, "we are in a bad plight.
Somebody must go and carry the Wolf-woman to her own house."
The people were full of fear and nobody wanted to go.
Then the old man tried to induce the young visitor to convey the body of the Wolf-woman to her family.
The young man said, "How can I do this? They will tear me into bits."
The old man had a young daughter who was very pretty.
He said, "Please toss this old woman away! If you come back alive, you may marry this young girl as your reward." –
"All right," said the young man, "but still I am not sure.
Perhaps, even if I come back alive, you will break your word and give me nothing." –
"No, never!" said the old man, "I will deal honestly with you." –
"So be it," said the young man.
"Now please kill for me two ptarmigan, and give me their bladders filled with fresh and warm blood."
He took the bladders and placed them under his armpits.
Then he drove some iron nails into his heels, into the very flesh.
He took the old woman and put her upon the saddle.
Then he bound her fast, though not very strongly.
She looked, however, quite like a living person riding a horse.
They set off and reached the house of the wolves. "Oh," the wolflings raised a yell, "Mamma is coming, mamma is coming!
"Easy," said the young man. "My horse shies easily.
Take care lest you cause some great misfortune."
And he secretly spurred his horse with the nails of his feet.
The horse reared and threw him down.
The other horse did the same.
The body of the wolf-mother fell down like a bundle of rags.
The bladder burst, and all the blood was spilled.
They lay there side by side, swimming in blood.
The wolf-children said, "O brother! our mother is dead; but that is as nothing.
We have killed that stranger by our imprudence.
He is near unto death, and no doubt his brothers and sisters, and all his kith and kin, will come here to have revenge."
They went near and looked at him.
The blood was streaming down his arms and legs. "Oh, oh!" said the wolf-children, "How can be live?"
In despair they took him by the hands and feet and shook him and said to him, "Please, man, do not die here!
We will give you our pretty sister."
They worried him, howled over him, and entreated him, and by and by he acted as though feeling a little better.
He sighed low, "Oh, oh!" In the end he fully revived and came to.
"Ah!" said the wolflings to their sister, "see what good luck we have.
A man was dying, and we said, 'We will give you our sister,' and he revived."
So he took the girl and went home.
"Be sure," said the wolf children on taking farewell, "when you return to your own place, not to tell your kinsmen that we had nearly killed you!" –
"I will not tell," assured the man, and galloped off with his bride.
They came to the old man. "I have come back and am alive!" shouted the young man. "Where is the girl?" –
"Here she is," said the old man.
"Thank the Spirits, you have come back safe!" He took the other girl, and went back to his brother with two women and three horses.
The brother said, "How long it is since you were here! I thought you were dead but I see you have brought some girls." –
"I have," said the young man.
He entered the house, and without much ado, cutoff the head of his sister-in-law.
"There you are!" said he.
"You shall have no more paramours."
He gave his brother the old man's daughter and took for himself the old woman's daughter. After that they lived on.
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2023.06.10 22:28 bleepbloop1990 And the waters prevailed upon the face of the earth.

The villages were at first interested, later, confused, and, finally, annoyed, when Noah began bringing animals aboard the strange sailing vessel he had constructed on land.
The animals, driven in pairs by Noah’s many sons and relatives, trampled crops, disrupted the stalls on market days, and set the dogs to panicked bouts of barking. In one case, an exotic pair of beasts, much like a cat, but larger and more fearsome, got loose and devoured a portion of Eleazer’s flock.
When Noah, foregoing the customary and expected haggling, paid the weregild for the infraction without complaint, the villagers found this to be perhaps his strangest action yet. The village, like those around it, did not have a high priest to enforce codes of behavior, there were no sacred rites, no rituals which must not be profaned; most people felt that how another worshipped the gods, or chose not to, was not their business.
While there were no rules to enforce, and nobody to enforce them, there was one thing all the villagers believed in, and that was the importance of driving a good bargain. Noah’s flouting of this one, solitary, social norm was difficult for the other villagers to fathom. But then, Noah and his family had always been strange, even for a society that did not much care to police the border between strange and normal.
Noah and his followers spoke fondly of a prior age, perhaps mythical, perhaps not, when unthinking obedience was seen as a virtue and not a failing. When there was only one God to be worshipped and those who chose not to were punished, not shrugged at.
Some village elders told tales of a similar time, but viewed the departure as a moment of great triumph, not a fall from grace. In their telling, there was a great uprising among the people. They threw off the chains the high priests had placed on their necks. Overturned the altars, spilled the sacred incense, toppled the mighty temples their labors had built to be enjoyed by priests and acolytes.
When the rains first began the villagers retreated into their tents, sought shelter beneath the wooden barricades of the public houses where feasts and dances were hosted on festival days. They drank wine and burned incense and laughed and told stories.
But the rains did not stop.
The waters rose and the villagers sought refuge in the high places, carried their belongings to the mountain peaks. When they sought safety in the high walls of the boat Noah and his family had constructed they were greeted with arrows and spears and left behind crippled bodies in the mud to be slowly taken by the dark relentless waters.
When the waters reached the last of them, huddled together on the high peaks, they saw with horror that there were great creatures within its depths. Creatures with many teeth and wide mouths, and a ravenous, unthinkable hunger. Creatures made to consume all that lived upon the earth.
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2023.06.10 22:24 SpaceWitchSalem Hard getting into anime and thinking should I?

Hey, I am 22 year old female and I am not sure should I get into anime. I loved animation from a young age;Disney, Pixar ect. Somewhere around middle school I started loving more fantasy, horrospooky (paranormal, not psychological) and action Then since I was into nightcore (phase that ended) and one of them had clips from Spirited Away and I loved the animation. But since I didn't know animation other than "for kids" maybe Prince Of Egypt which was great still wasn't sure. Looked more into anime remembered some I from my childhood (didn't see them as anime,I thought just cartoons) Pokemon ect. Came across Wolf children which I also loved.But I still saw that many of them were or connected to sexual content to be specific porn. Thats my main problem ; sexual content, sexualizing female body and sexualizing underage characters, I dont mind romance I don't watch it as genre but as long as there's consent, its between adults and don't have some realy messed up fetishes or kinks I don't care. I want to get into it but part of me doesn't want to be associated with seems anime & manga in general is niche hobby/entertaiment. Does it bother anyone else? And is it possible to enjoy it despite that? Also any non or very little romance fantasy,paranormal horror or action (I love martial arts) recomendations?
*Sorry for bad englisch, its not my first language
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2023.06.10 22:24 KombatThatIsMortal [resident evil: VILLAGE] Great sequel, super fun. Mercenaries gave me carpal tunnel

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2023.06.10 22:23 Buddy-red12754 How much tip is appropriate for a haircut at Great Clips (if the price is $12)?

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2023.06.10 22:16 mrRabblerouser WTS- TRC, Shirogorov, Hinderer, Emerson, GEC, Northwoods, RGT

Ok folks, I’ve been meaning to whittle down my collection quite a bit for a while, and I just bought a new car, so no time like the present!
Timestamp + Extras
TRC Mille Cuori- One of the best fixed blade makers in the game. This one is BNIB and is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect do everything camp/survival/utility knife with steel butt. This one typically sells out very quickly whenever dealers get it in stock. DLC coated Vanadis 4E (V4E) steel. Comes with box. SV: 400 SOLD
TRC This Is Freedom- Awesome slicy fixed blade that cuts like a laser. I’ve used it a few times in the kitchen even on some very difficult cuts and thanks to TRCs outstanding heat treat it’s still shaving. M390 steel, and again due to the ht this thing is super tough. Check out DBK video on the much smaller classic freedom to see what I mean. Some very hard to see micro scratches on blade. Comes with box. SV: 250
Shirogorov Neon NL (black and white micarta)- I’m the second owner but neither I or the previous owner used or carried it. Gorgeous flawless Shiro quality of course. Smooth and fiery action. Comes with box, cloth and CoA. SV: 475 SOLD
Hinderer XM-18 3” Slicer- This one has RC bladeworks micarta scale, Skiff bearings, and a deep carry clip. Awesome knife, great quality. Ive used it to cut a few things, but still shaving sharp. Comes with triway, original green scale, and box. SV: 375 PAYMENT PENDING
Emerson Mini A-100- BNIB. Always hard to find this one in stock, but after a long time of waiting I finally did. Love the simplicity and aesthetics, but it just didn’t make the cut for me. SV: 200
GEC #59 Shaffer Farm Whittler (Desert Ironwood)- BNIT. Only taken out when I first got it, and just now for photos. Typical GEC quality. A little scuff on big blade. SV: 175
Northwoods Bear Lake (Blueberry burlap micarta)- Beautiful slippy. I used it to cut open a box once or twice but has basically just sat in the sheath since I got it. Comes with coin and leather sheath. SV: 275
RGT titanium scales for Spyderco Native 5. These are green anodized with blue accents. I put them on and then realized I preferred the carbon fiber scales. These will fit the fluted carbon fiber or g10 versions of the Native, but not the lightweight. Paid 180 for these, but I know they were on sale recently. I’ll say SV: 80
Not interested in trades unless you wanna trade for an Oz Roosevelt. PayPal F&F, no notes. Ships Monday with USPS and tracking will be provided.
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2023.06.10 22:15 hoffmajo89 GEC Sale - 87, 14 “s”, 81 (user), H20

Hello swappers. I’ll save you the sob story, but I find myself in need of some fast money so a few of my GEC collection are hitting the swapping block. Details are below, and I’m trying to price for faiquick sales.
All prices are PPF&F with shipping included. For multiples, I’ll knock $10 off for each additional knife that I can ship in one box.
Feel free to chat any questions.
GEC 871223 - Indian Paint Brush Jigged Bone $175
This one is essentially new in tube, but I have pocket carried it once. Never cut anything. It’s just a bit large for me to use regularly. Jigging is great and crisp, and the dye is fantastic with a bit of yellow where it meets the bolsters and end caps. Factory edge, never cut, no patina.
Includes tube, pin, wax paper wrap, and of course the knife.
GEC H20823 - Midnight Camo Micarta $50
This one is new and unused. I just got it but need to sell as I’ve already got another. The micarta on this is a very dark blue/green. This one has the “muskrat clip” blade. Very thin and looks to be a great slicer. I am including a temporary leather pocket sheath along with this one for free. I made it for my other H20 and it’s functional but I just don’t need it. Factory edge, never cut, no patina.
This one will include the wax paper that it shipped on but these H20s didn’t come in a tube so that’s it.
GEC 141122 “s” Cocobolo: $135
This one is an “s” knife, meaning there is a small cosmetic defect. The defect on this one is that the cover on the pile side has a void. It is stable, but I went ahead and put a small drop of super glue in there to keep it from spreading at all. I think it looks interesting with this small bit of character on the back side. Otherwise the knife is unused and like new in tube. Factory edge, never cut, no patina.
This one includes the tube, pin, wax paper wrap, and of course the knife.
GEC 818222 “deluxe” Snakewood: $130
This is an excellent, very slicey and thin knife. You get two slender and long blades in a very pocket friendly package. This one is the “deluxe” snakewood, meaning I paid extra for the covers with nice figuring in the wood.
This one has been carried and used quite a bit but is in excellent condition. Covers, bolster, and shield show extremely minimal pocket wear, as I normally carry it in a slip. The main blade is like new, factory edge and no patina. There’s a single tiny blade rub mark on the main blade. The secondary blade is used quite a bit with patina and has been sharpened. The secondary blade has some moderate blade rub, but that’s normal for this knife and I’ve never seen an 81 that didn’t have some rub since it’s such a thin knife.
This one includes the wax paper, tube, knife, and an extra 81 pin I had laying around.
Please let me know if you have any questions. No trades please.
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2023.06.10 21:59 LBPrice62 30 Things You May Not Have Known You Could Do In TOTK!!! Ultimate List!!

*In the depths there are 34 yiga schematics you can collect with yiga designed machines!! Also with each yiga schematic, there is a treasure chest with 20 crystallized charges, that's a total of 680 crystallized charges, almost enough for 7 battery upgrades!!
*If you shoot an arrow with a Muddlebud attached at a Battle Talus, it will aggravate the Talus and throw off ALL enemies that were on board!!
*When fighting a Flux Construct, if you take out a weapon and fuse it with one of the Flux Construct squares, it will cause it to fall apart!! Alternatively using Ultrahand on the head, you can wiggle it until it detaches, also causing it to fall apart!!
*Turn Luminous Stone into gems by feeding them to Dondons, located in the Bronas Forest by Lake Floria and collecting their "poop" (this is one of the best ways of farming rupees in TOTK!!!
*Fuse a Lizalfos Tail to a weapon to make a whip (and use the elemental ones for a magical whip)!!
*Put a beehive on a stick to create a bee wand, which sends bees after enemies and briefly distracts them when you wave it. Alternatively attaching a beehive to an arrow and firing from a Lynel bow with x3 or x5, it will then create 3 or 5 hives respectively that will attack enemies!!
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2023.06.10 21:31 jimcrocefan89 The Savage North, Neverwinter Region Campaign. (Open to LGBTQIA and people of color)(Beginner friendly) (Paid) ($20 per player per session).

About the adventure:

The year is 1494 DR. Our story begins in the small hamlet of Oakhurst of The Savage North region southeast of Neverwinter. It is The Midsummer Festival (30th of Flamerule) of Oakhurst where the town hosts a day of games, merry making and auctions off an apple known to heal the consumer of any illness upon its consumption. Two weeks have passed since a small band of adventurer's were able to locate the ruin known as The Sunken Citadel where the goblin tribe who trades the town the divine fruit is presumed to be lairing in hopes of finding the tree the fruit grows from after multiple attempts at planting and growing the seeds of the auctioned apples have failed over the past 12 years. After a short trip back to town to restock on supplies 2 days after their initial foray into the ruin they set out again and have yet to return. Since their initial trek several farmers from the local village have also gone missing. Monsters, bandits, cults and evils unknown have started to reassert themselves into the region as it revives from the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Hotenow almost 50 years prior. The Cathedral of Helm's Hold has been reclaimed from a fiendish scourge by the newly formed, Order of the Gilded Eye (an offshoot of Order of the Gauntlet that believes in strking against evil before it has committed wrong). The nearby town of Phandalin has held its first election after the defeat of the Redbrand gang and their leaders less than 2 years ago and has enjoyed a lengthy period of peace and prosperity that seems to evade the surrounding countryside. Is the evil the plagues the region mere coincidence or is their some nefarious plot brewing? Join me to find out. My games are open to all including beginner players, people of color and anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA. Characters will be starting at level 1. We will be running two of the modules out of Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need a mic and headset to play. I don't require video for my games but you will need to have a Roll20 account, its free to play. We will be using discord for voice chat during streaming so you will also need a discord account (also free).

What I provide

Professionally created content, an immersive experience, maps, pregenerated characters, and a great experience.

Gameplay details

The players can expect varying levels of combat difficulty and RP with a small amount of puzzles. The first two modules I'm running which are out of Tales From the Yawning Portal span levels 1-5 and are geared towards teaching beginner players the basics of the game including combat, RP and some basic puzzles, however I have enough content prepared to run the campaign to high or potentially epic level.

Content warnings

Safety tools used

How will character creation work

I have 15 pregenerated characters already loaded into the game (convenient for players who don't have the time to create a character or the new player who is unfamiliar with the mechanics of the character creation process) for people who are just looking to get started playing. If a player is interested in creating a character they will need to make it in Roll20 using The Charactermancer. For stats we will be using standard array or point buy.

Players can expect

Professional Game Master

Alan Cooper

25 years as a TTRPG player
10 years as a Game Master
1146 Hours logged on Roll20.
Brings Roll20 Plust Account w/dynamic lighting. A treasure trove of prepublished material as well as a mountain of homebrew content, Mordenkainen'es Monsters of the Multiverse, professionally made and homebrewed maps, and Tales from the Yawning Portal.
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2023.06.10 21:27 radertron DIYs & get me down to at •least• 800,000…

DIYs & get me down to at •least• 800,000…
i don’t need anything! oh! unless you have a baggy shirt in a color other than brown or grey that you don’t want. i would love that. other than that? NOTHING! chat request for dodo… i have a ton of DIY’s (mid to EXCELLENT) in front of & around nooks (direct right out of airport), & i am due for a large spike next week & still love to play. i grind this game into oblivion. i have a stand alone ATM next to nooks on the left, you can deposit to your account from my island. don’t worry about pocket space for bells! please DON’T: shake, pick, dig. if you need fruit, veg, etc. lmk & i will get it for you. PLEASE DO: take bells (i’ll be putting bags on the left out of the airport), learn/take DIYs, shop, visit villagers, visit my fake humans’ houses (i play for four, it’s all me). sign my board. roam around. be 18+. this is a queer / 420 friendly hashtag cultcore island alive since launch. if you’re not cool with those things… please don’t come. great for my restarting heroes (i admire you), & new players (welcome!). it’s a gloomy boring saturday afternoon IRL… i stink at in-game chat except abbreviated garble & emotes so you can message me here if you have any questions / needs while visiting. will keep it as non-chaotic as possible. so, pack snacks & make tracks… xo -rader from diazepam
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2023.06.10 21:10 SpaceSugarGlider Connecting Wilson/Davis & Elizondo: AAWSAP, AARO, and Zodiac

This post is long, controversial people and ideas appear below, I speculate at points, and there's a lot of acronyms, so a summary up-front: The Wilson/Davis meeting was real, the program Admiral Wilson told Dr. Davis about was real. It is the same program--Zodiac--that Lue Elizondo and Harry Reid ran afoul of in 2009, pointed in its direction by Dr. Davis. The program is so powerful in the US DoD that it managed to do what all organizations do when they feel threatened by a competitor: it "consumed" the UAPTF (successor to Harry Reid et al's AAWSAP), and re-org'd it ultimately as "AARO", to serve a role once filled by Project Blue Book: a public UFO debunking group to make the subject appear mundane. AARO, unknown perhaps to some or all working for it, is the public relations wing of the control group behind the cover-up, or is itself now an active arm of it. AARO should not be trusted. The control group guards the gateway to a reality wilder than imagination.
In May 2022 the United States held hearings on UFOs (9-min highlights).
In those proceedings, representatives of AOIMSG (later re-designated "AARO"):
...appeared publicly representing the then-recently re-organized program, succeeding the UAP Task Force.
The two gentlemen claimed no knowledge of any UFO program/s within the US Government in the years between AAWSAP (which officially ran from 2008-2012, and continued in some fashion through 2017 before being succeeded by the UAPTF) and the USAF's Project Blue Book (which closed in 1969).
They claimed no knowledge of well-known UFO incidents (which would have been in the files they inherited from UAPTF), claimed no communications attempts had been sent to unknown fliers in US airspace (Implies that unknowns--including Russian or Chinese--can enter and exit US airspace without challenge), showed a short video of a 'dot' in the sky claiming it was all they had to go on, and so on. Christopher Mellon said at the time:

But Mr. Moultrie's and Mr. Bray's testimony did not match information previously released, not limited to but specifically by Luis Elizondo, who once ran AAWSAP/AATIP: the predecessor to UAPTF, the program AOIMSG/AARO re-org'd from and the papers and materials of which they had in their possession.
We know that AAWSAP/AATIP and UAPTF shared at least some personnel (Dr. Eric Davis was a consultant to both programs, for instance), it is reasonable to think there was a continuity of data between programs as well, meaning that AAWSAP's data became UAPTF's, and in turn: AOIMSG/AARO's. Which leads me to ask why the representatives of AOIMSG/AARO seemed ignorant of data they should have had. I don't expect the people at the top to know everything off the tops of their heads, but one would think they'd have their resident nerds brief them before going before Congress.

So what did AAWSAP/AATIP know?
Though former director Luis Elizondo has often asked us to "read between the lines", limited in what he can publicly say due to the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) he's bound by, his message becomes clearer when events are laid out in order, dots between them connected.
When comparing information from AAWSAP and Elizondo to the Wilson/Davis notes, parallels emerge and details bolster each other.
This has implications for the legitimacy of AOIMSG/AARO.
Part 1: Admiral Thomas Wilson meets "the gatekeepers"
The notes of the 2002 meeting between Admiral Thomas Wilson and Dr. Eric Davis:

Uploaded in 2019 by UFO researcher Grant Cameron, the Wilson/Davis notes were found in the personal papers of late NASA astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, after he passed in 2016.
The notes had been rumored to exist for over a decade prior. Edgar Mitchell discussed the story behind them on CNN's "Larry King Live" in 2008: (time-stamped)
The notes are one of the most controversial cases to appear in ufology in decades, with credible supporting and skeptical arguments alike. No less than John Greenewald Jr. (of The Black Vault) has speculated the notes were written for a film or TV show.
I ask your indulgence as I respectfully disagree with Mr. Greenewald below.

The Wilson/Davis notes contend that Admiral Thomas Wilson (US Navy, now retired) met Dr. Eric Davis (of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, NIDS, AAWSAP, and a consultant for UAPTF) in Las Vegas in 2002 for a confidential meeting at Davis's request. Davis tooks notes during the meeting, and those notes are what Grant Cameron eventually published online.
Admiral Wilson allegedly told Dr. Davis in that meeting about the admiral's attempt circa 1997 to gain access to a reverse-engineering program managed by at least one large American private defense contractor, and controlled via an unusual governmental Special Access Program, or SAP.
SAPs can serve as "umbrellas" for USAPs: Unacknowledged Special Access programs, which can themselves be umbrellas for even more secretive programs, programs that ultimately even the SAP Oversight Commitee has little or no window into. Like a "Russian doll" of secrecy.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Steven Greer (of CSETI) obtained a document dated 28 July 1991, said to be leaked from the Nellis Test & Training Range (NTTR) in Nevada:
This document listed a number of group code-names, warning each to suspend visible operations in light of an impending civilian UFO-researcher event in the nearby town of Rachel, Nevada, just to the north of the NTTR.

Dr. Greer, at that time in the mid-'90s working alongside Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Mitchell later distanced himself from Greer), met with Admiral Wilson around 1996, and showed him that allegedly leaked document from the NTTR.
Dr. Greer asked the admiral to see if he could, using his clearances and access, find anything about any of the code names on that list.
Two of the names on that list are MAJ and MAJI Ops. If legitimate, this would lend credence to the idea of some group with a name similar to "MAJIC" or "Majestic": extremely loaded terms.
Admiral Wilson searched the Pentagon Records Group, and found at least one of the names on that list (we don't know which): it was a Special Access Program within what was at that time the OUSDAT (at that time, the Office of the Under-Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions and Technology).
From the Wilson/Davis notes page 7, Wilson speaking to Davis in 2002:
They told me of a special projects record group not belonging to usual SAP - a special subset of the unacknowledged/carve-outs/waived programs - not belonging to usual SAP divisions as organized in '94 by Perry himself - set apart from rest but buried/covered by conventional SAPs

The admiral was concerned that the program he found should have been something he was aware of, if not in control of. But he had no prior knowledge of it at all.
He reached out to its leaders, and was grudgingly granted a meeting with three people who called themselves the gatekeepers, who reluctantly told him they represented a reverse-engineering program: that they had in their possession at least one intact vehicle "not made by human hands".
They were mostly concerned with how he found them and what he wanted. When he said he needed to be vetted in, they saw to it that the admiral was rebuffed and threatened--with loss of rank and pension--if he pursued the matter further.
Admiral Wilson has been contacted multiple times over the years since and has denied the Wilson/Davis notes each time, as he promised he would within the notes themselves.
In a 2020 interview with the NY Post's Steven Greenstreet, Dr. Eric Davis awkwardly refused to confirm or deny the meeting and notes. Judge for yourself, here is that clip, he reads to me as a man cornered:
Next I'm going to get into AAWSAP, and it's worth noting I feel that Dr. Davis was a consultant to that program. He reported to Dr. Hal Puthoff, who himself reported to Lue Elizondo. (L to R: Puthoff, Elizondo, and Davis)
As all these people worked together and shared security clearances, they were freer to talk about certain topics than Dr. Davis appears in the video with Mr. Greenstreet above. This potentially has implications, for how and from where Elizondo might know where to look for "certain things".
Part 2: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the mysterious "other" UFO group
2008: AAWSAP's beginnings have been gone over many times, I'll summarize only. The New York Times article from December 2017 that revealed the program is here.
A brief summary of the origins of the program can be had here, in a somewhat neutral tone.
The program grew out of discussions between Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and the late Senator Harry Reid, and initially was led by Dr. James Lacatski with a focus on studying unexplained phenomena, including UFOs.
When Dr. Lacatski left the group, former counter-intel officer Luis Elizondo was brought in to lead the program.

I'm going to put aside the fact Mr. Elizondo met the head of a US Government UFO program that ran in the 1980s, which already makes AOIMSG/AARO's assertion there was no program between Blue Book and AAWSAP false. Mr. Moultrie and Mr. Bray had only to ask Elizondo if he knew of any other groups, but they apparently were incurious.
2009: Mr. Elizondo, the fresh director of AAWSAP, bumped up against a different group (not the one from the 1980s) within the US Department of Defense--a Special Access Program of some kind--which he and Sen. Harry Reid had reason to believe held deep secrets about the same kinds of subjects AAWSAP was looking into, specifically non-human-created technologies.
Not being a Special Access Program themselves, AAWSAP had no access to this other group's personnel, data, or materials.
Senator Reid, who was at the time the US Senate Majority Leader and one of the trio of senators (along with Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye) who'd gotten AAWSAP initially funded, tried to get AAWSAP (as "AATIP") re-designated a Special Access Program itself:
This would have granted specific AAWSAP personnel (as AATIP) the appropriate clearances to be vetted into this strange SAP they'd run into.
Senator Reid was rebuffed, and he, along with AAWSAP/AATIP personnel--including Mr. Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff--was denied access to the other group and its materials. They shut out not only Elizondo (a trusted and decorated military veteran who already held top-secret clearances), but the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.
George Knapp (investigative journalist: KLAS Las Vegas, MysteryWire, Weaponized):
What was the intention, with making it (AAWSAP) into a Special Access Program?
Sen. Reid:
Well there are certain things that we had learned in our work, that there were places that we needed to go, that people had certain things, equipment, and other stuff, that we needed to see, and you couldn't do it unless you got, clearance from the Pentagon, and they wouldn't give it to us.
It suggests that there are other studies or programs, that might shed light on this mystery?
Sen. Reid:
Other programs, that have been done, and information they have, including different um, pieces of evidence.
...Do you know what those pieces are?
Sen. Reid:
No... um, I've just only heard rumors, and I'm not going to get into rumors.
Part 3: UAPTF, to AOIMSG, to AARO -- Stealing back the narrative
In 2012, AAWSAP was refused additional funding and officially closed, though the program continued in some fashion until Elizondo's resignation from the US Government and his joining Tom DeLonge's To The Stars in 2017.
After Elizondo went public, the US Government effort that had been AAWSAP/AATIP was ultimately reborn as the UAP Task Force (UAPTF), which eventually counted among its members UFO whistleblower David Grusch.
Under To The Stars, the current public UFO disclosure advocacy effort began, with Christopher Mellon acquiring and leaking three now-famous videos of UFOs recorded by US Navy personnel, the release of History Channel's Unidentified series, and a steady stream of press: the tone of which began to take the subject more seriously.
This began to apply pressure from the outside to the subject: by re-framing it as an aerospace integrity, safety, and national security issue, credible people like Mellon poked the US Government asking, "Why won't you take this seriously?"
This led to increasing serious interest in the topic not only by the public but by vocal members of the US Congress like Mike Gallagher and Tim Burchett, by respected journalists like Ross Coulthart. Stigma was chipped away at, new reporting avenues were added for US military personnel; progress seemed to be being made.

In response, I think the group Elizondo and Reid, and before them I believe Admiral Wilson, had encountered, did what any organization that feels another could become a threat to it does: they bought out the competition, consuming the UAPTF and making it their own.
In a December 2021 article for The Hill, Elizondo and Mellon each voiced concern over the re-org and move of the now former-UAPTF to AOIMSG (later re-branded AARO) under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (OUSD(I&S)):
"...If we want 70 more years of secrecy on this topic, then OUSD(I&S) is the perfect place to put it. They’ve had four years so far, and we have little in the way of efforts serving the public interest."
"...the inability of OUSD(I&S) to engage effectively on the [UFO] issue is why so little has changed or been accomplished since 2004."
With the newly-branded AARO in their pocket, the control group regained the upper hand. Instead of doing away with a government UFO office entirely, they would control the one that existed and through it shape the public narrative, getting disinformation back on track.
Part 4: Who is this "other" UFO program?
For decades there has been talk of an organization operating behind the scenes within the US Government on the UFO problem, from Project Aquarius, to the "men in black", to the Majestic 12.
In May 2021 UFO researcher Project Unity tweeted this brief exchange between UFO researchehistorian Richard Dolan and Lue Elizondo.
Richard Dolan: "Have you ever come across evidence that supports the reality of an organization, whether we call it MJ-12 or Zodiac?"
Lue Elizondo: "Sure, absolutely"
Richard Dolan: "Okay so I want to ask about Zodiac, I've got reasons for asking, is this something you have come across?"
Lue Elizondo: "Yes"
Richard Dolan: "So can I ask you what you can say about that?"
Lue Elizondo: "I cannot".

Like the devil of Earth myths, they've "had so many names".
They may no longer go by "Zodiac", but they almost certainly did as recently as 2009, in order for Elizondo to know that name, unless he heard it from Dr. Eric Davis (possible, even likely).
Zodiac is almost certainly the program Sen. Harry Reid tried (and failed) to get his people vetted into. I believe it's the same group (or a related silo) which denied Admiral Wilson access to their reverse-engineering program in 1997.
This group is either the current version of whatever it was Admiral Wilson found via the Pentagon Records Group, or it sits beneath it in hierarchy. Dr. Davis is likely the person who pointed Lue Elizondo in its direction, when Elizondo took charge of AAWSAP and started snooping around internally.
Zodiac is either the umbrella group itself, or one of several sibling programs (Unacknowledged SAPs) nested within a master SAP.
If it's a sub-program, it might be the reverse-engineering wing, compartmentalized apart from other silos. The other big candidate in this case could be crash retrieval.
The reverse-engineering program places recovered non-human technologies in private corporations (exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests), access to which is limited to strict "bigot lists" and protected by extremely punishing NDAs.
Progress on reverse-engineering is glacial if anything, but we will be shocked to learn what things we use in daily life have come from or were influenced by alien technologies.
People have been ruined or buried in unmarked graves for breaking ranks with the program/s. Favored aerospace and technology corporations have benefited from the relationship while their competitors have been bought out or ruined.
Military application of technologies takes all precedence.
Crash retrieval sounds straight-forward but I bet it has a lot of nuances, a lot of special skills and equipment. A global quick-response infrastructure is implied (meaning groups ready to deploy across the globe at all times. We don't want people flying out of Wright-Pat to get to a crash in say Australia, we'd want a team with the right equipment already in say Guam, ready to activate), with skilled/trained personnel and equipment standing by at all hours. The field personnel may be military or ex-military. National borders would seem to mean little and essentially violating other countries' territories a required part of the job.

Reverse-engineering, and crash retrievals, are likely not the only silos of the group.
Joe Murgia ("UFO Joe") interviewed Commander Will Miller, who is referenced in the Wilson/Davis notes.
Joe Murgia: When you say “Control Group” like you did in Leslie Kean’s book, do you mean an MJ-12-like group?
Will Miller: Yes, I’d opine that there are probably multiple “Control Groups”, each one covering certain aspects of the UFO/ETI issue; i.e. one probably covering crash retrievals & analysis, another covering collecting & analyzing reports of “encounters,” another related to overall oversight, etc. That’s just within DoD. Additionally, there are a limited # of DoD “contractors” who even have the technological capability to work this issue to include analysis, security, etc.

The other silos under the master umbrella program, compartmentalized apart from each other, could look like...
(This is me speculating wildly on what these other programs could contain information on, and should be taken with enormous grains of salt):
  • Biological remains, and what can be gleaned from them on the environments the beings evolved in; cell-structure, nutritional requirements, reproduction, ancestry/evolutionary history. Weapons applications of non-terrestrial biology.
  • Intelligence gathering on off-world organizations. Spying on those watching humanity, maybe even using stolen alien technology to do so. Implications of using ET tech to spy on terrestrial competitors, both corporate and national. Implications if any of our visitors turn out to be biologically human (meaning their ancestors were taken from Earth and a viable breeding population of humans is kept part of the alien society even now, identical to us, perfect spies).
  • Organic/machine interfaces - anything from physical control consoles, to mind/machine interfaces, to biologically-integrated technologies, purpose-grown artificial/synthetic life-forms, genetic engineering.
  • Xeno-linguistics and communications. Alien languages: spoken, written, computemachine language/s, and maybe things we don't have an analogue for (IE the oft-reported telepathy, either naturally evolved or technologically achieved).
  • Exo-politics - the nature of alien command and social structures (or lack thereof) and initiatives; policies on dealing with native life-forms (like us).
  • Terrestrial foreign power intelligence gathering - what do other countries know/have and what are they doing with it? Given the reasons for the cover-up (weaponization), this would seem of paramount importance to the overall program.
  • Recovered craft: testing and potential use thereof. As astonished as I feel writing this... have we taken recovered or reverse-engineered craft off-world ourselves? Do we use them for terrestrial espionage? A single alien craft, if useable by humans at all, could be a game-changing military asset, so I doubt this... but I can't call it "off the table".
  • New (to us) physics - imagine what someone capable of traversing the space between star systems (or "parallel realities" if one prefers) knows about the nature of reality, that we humans do not. As the late Carl Sagan once said, "To bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." Weaponization of ideas learned from alien understanding of physics (IE microwave or beam weaponry, gravity manipulation to achieve force fields, time distortions, or targeted gravitational disruptions).
  • Materials science - compounds or isotopes not found in the Sol system or even guessed at. Atomic or sub-atomic level engineering. Imagine trying to understand objects that came from industrial-sized fabricators with integrated particle acceleration capable of "3-D printing" anything from hand-held devices to entire starships in minutes using nothing but hydrogen and helium as building blocks, engineering from the sub-atomic on up with integrated quantum-computing in every atom of the device. The possibilities, as astounding as I find it, of 3-D printing custom-engineered living beings or exact duplicates of existing organisms.
  • Exo-computational devices and databases - consider what might be gleaned from understanding the alien version of a "computer". Imagine the data stored within: star charts, maps back to the point of origin or colonies and to every other inhabited biosphere within thousands of light years (or on a multi-galactic scale), medical data, historical data, entertainment like music or visuals, 3-D data storage including imagery and sounds from Earth's own past and/or countless other worlds under their observation. Not to mention insights into the minds of the people who made the technology: how they think and process data, at what speed, etc.
...and god knows what else.
Imagine if there's a silo that holds alien medical technologies: treatments or cures for diseases. The ability to re-grow lost limbs, to repair spinal damage or lost eyesight/hearing. Even if not applicable (yet) to human biology, the ideas that could come from this if shared with the medical community across Earth... all brought here incidentally in a "first-aid kit" aboard someone else's spacecraft. In defense of Zodiac, imagine the terrible weaponization potential.
Could we ever forgive these people for keeping secrets like this? For the crimes they've committed to do so? Even if they did what they felt was needed to protect national interests, at some point the base fact that we're not alone should belong to everyone. Because it really feels like what started as an attempt to hide technologies that could be weaponized if a competitor figured them out first has turned into "hiding everything we've done to hide that technology, and we can't mention aliens because that begs the question how did they get here, which brings us back to the technology", tech they don't know how to make more of.
Conclusion: Following "Lue's Clues", thoughts on and fear of the control group, disinformation, and questions
There is implication in information from Elizondo and Dr. Davis that there's been a clandestine organization controlling the UFO issue operating within the US Department of Defense for decades, a group which has repeatedly shielded itself from prying eyes. What they can't shield they reduce through propaganda to ridicule. If not in name or historical fact, this may as well be the Majestic 12 of UFO lore.
I write that name with a heavy heart, and with fear. People on these forums always snipe, "That's just what you want to believe," or, "Nobody wants to believe more than me, but c'mon".
I read those replies and every time think, "Do you know what you're saying? Have you read the Majestic documents? They're terrifying. Of course I don't want it to be real! I want it to be fake, like Robert Hastings said!" The reality they suggest is horrifying to me.
I've recoiled from, fled from, the possibility of the Majestic 12 for more than 30 years, since I first read the initial papers in Timothy Good's Above Top Secret in late 1989.
I with great trepidation read Stanton Friedman's TOP SECRET/MAJIC, hoping for some fatal flaw. I've read with interest (and often unease) these past few years everything Harry_is_white_hot--probably the lead researcher currently working on the topic--has put out about MJ-12. I keep hoping for that fatal flaw in the basic concept of a shadowy "men in black"-type group like this. No conspiracy can be that big and remain hidden, surely.
But objective reality is not influenced by what we want or would find more comfortable to be true; it simply is what it is.
That's not to say everything in the Majestic documents is real (I still hope to god it's not; they literally contain a directive on when to execute stranded alien beings to preserve secrecy), but the fact of a real organization filling that role--whatever its real history is--is for me no longer escapable after David Grusch.

I've had suspicions about AARO since its inception as AOIMSG, since the warning from Elizondo and Mellon about OUSD(I&S) in The Hill.
The re-org of UAPTF into AARO seems to me an attempt to regain control of the narrative after people like Elizondo and Mellon began to apply public pressure on the US Government to disclose what it knows about UFOs. What they can't keep secret, they ridicule: a powerful social tool.
For two decades, the US Air Force used Project Blue Book to gaslight not only the American populace, but the news media and the world, into thinking there was no "there" there in UFOs. That those of us interested in the topic were insane, to be socially ostracized, shamed, and shunned.
Blue Book was, it was later revealed by its former scientific advisor Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a public relations and propaganda program.
AARO is in its purpose no different, and will be the first place the news media turns to explain to them what is going on with the unfolding David Grusch story. Well, AARO or Neil DeGrasse-Tyson. Maybe Bill Nye.
The Grusch story is already being attached to the sensational Las Vegas "aliens in the backyard" tale - see ABC News Chicago, complete with X-files music! - scroll down the article to see them mention Mr. Grusch. Zodiac's tendrils in the press are twitching, and not even that much: just poke the bias toward mundanity they've nurtured in us for decades.
As the infamous quote goes:
"There's nothing to hide?"
"There's nothing to hide at all."

I don't know everything above and I'm absolutely very obviously speculating in places, on things I would once never have considered possible and which looked absolutely wild to my eyes even as I wrote them. I may stumble in some places but I think I've headed in the direction Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Dr. Eric Davis, and others have pointed us in.
Mr. Elizondo's information, passed in pieces due to his NDAs, has been widely mocked as "Lue's Clues": deliberately mysterious and obfuscated. He's been derided as a grifter and con-artist, he's been doxxed, he's provided what he can at enormous personal cost to himself and his family. Stringing the information and hints that he's put out together, the picture not only becomes more detailed, it implies a conspiracy which in and of itself will be an ontological shock, beyond which lies even more shock, after shock, after shock.
If a nobody like me can read what Elizondo's getting at, why can't Mr. Moultrie, or Mr. Bray, or Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick for that matter? Do they not at least have questions? Are they so incurious? This is literally their job, at least on paper.
David Grusch has briefed AARO personnel on his extraordinary findings, and AARO still says, "We have no credible/verifiable indication of non-human intelligence." Saying little, they speak volumes.
The implications make me feel, appropriately I think: "somber".
I'll end with some brief thoughts from Lue Elizondo:
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 20:41 megamasterbloc what's this weird side panel ?

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2023.06.10 20:41 PerspectiveOk1872 Found a 10193 torso in a BAM at B&M

Found a 10193 torso in a BAM at B&M
I can’t believe it but I found the left torso today at a Bricks and Minifigs store in their Build a Minifigure bin. As far as I know this is a unique torso to the 10193 medieval village set which I’m lucky enough to have from childhood - the right figure is the original. I’m super stoked to have 2, because it’s a great torso for building out a village full of people.
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2023.06.10 20:38 TheHudinator Demko, Spyderco, Benchmade, and ZT clones

All are clones. I repeat, all are clones
Sold sold sold Demko AD20 clip point in milled titanium. It's been nicely modded. Mirror finish. Anodized scales and hardware. Really nice clone. It's a looker for sure and the action is great. Sv80
Sold sold sold Demko AD20.5 Sharkfoot in milled titanium and 3V. Nicely modded. Stonewashed blade and nice anodized scales and hardware. Once again, great clone. Looks great and action is great. Sv80
Sold sold sold. Spyderco Spydichef. Reprofiled blade with mirror finish. Sweet anodized scales. Action is acceptable on this one, but not great. I especially like the way this one looks. Sv50
Sold sold sold. Spyderco Chaparral. Really nice clone. Tight and right. Sv40
Benchmade 42 Springer Balisong. It's been purposefully dulled so I dont bleed out while aimlessly flicking it around. Action is amazing. Love it. Sv80
ZT Rexford 0808. I'd assume it was original if it wasn't for the d2 stamp. Excellent clone. Sv50
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2023.06.10 20:29 RevSullyPJohansonEsq Looking for Suggestions : Small Personal Bluetooth Speaker For Construction Sites

I'm in the trades, and sometimes I'm om construction sites where I can't wear earbuds, but radios are allowed. I don't usually spend a lot of time not in one spot or one room, so a big speaker that I can put on a cart doesn't do much for me.
I'm looking for something small enough I can clip on to my vest or tool bag and walk around with that sounds good and is loud enough for me to hear. 8+ hour battery would be great. Speakerphone is optional, but nice to have. I'd like to be around $50 or less give or take, refurbished is perfectly fine with me.
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2023.06.10 20:28 c0rpsey these Dollar Tree “gel nail” soak off removal clip things work great for getting nail wraps off without damaging your natural nails

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2023.06.10 20:23 HotEntranceTrain Reinforcement learning for automated trading

Reinforcement learning - RL is a branch of machine learning that deals with learning from interaction with an environment. RL agents learn by trial and error, taking actions and receiving rewards or penalties based on the outcomes. RL agents aim to maximize their cumulative rewards over time by finding the optimal policy or strategy for each situation.

Reinforcement learning has many applications in various domains, such as robotics, games, healthcare, etc. One of the most promising and challenging applications of RL is automated trading. Automated trading is the process of using computer programs to execute trades in financial markets without human intervention. Automated trading can help investors to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and exploit market opportunities.

However, automated trading is not a trivial task. Financial markets are complex, dynamic, noisy, and uncertain. Traditional methods based on fixed rules or historical data may not be able to adapt to changing market conditions or capture hidden patterns. Therefore, reinforcement learning can be a powerful tool for automated trading, as it can learn from online feedback and optimize its performance in an end-to-end manner.

There are different types of reinforcement learning algorithms that can be used for automated trading, depending on the problem formulation and the learning objective. Some of the common types are:

- Value-based methods: These methods learn a value function that estimates the expected return of each state or state-action pair. The agent then chooses the action that maximizes the value function. Examples of value-based methods are Q-learning, SARSA, and Deep Q-Network (DQN).
- Policy-based methods: These methods learn a policy function that directly maps each state to an action or a probability distribution over actions. The agent then follows the policy function to choose an action. Examples of policy-based methods are REINFORCE, Actor-Critic, and Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO).
- Model-based methods: These methods learn a model of the environment that predicts the next state and reward given the current state and action. The agent then uses the model to plan ahead and choose an action. Examples of model-based methods are Dyna-Q, Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS), and Model Predictive Control (MPC).

To illustrate how these algorithms work, let us consider an example of using reinforcement learning for automated stock trading using historical data from 30 Dow Jones stocks from 1/1/2011 to 1/1/2021.

- Value-based method: We can use Q-learning to learn a Q-function that estimates the expected return of each state-action pair. The state can be defined as a vector of features that describe the current market situation, such as stock prices, indicators, portfolio holdings, etc. The action can be defined as a discrete choice among buying, selling, or holding each stock. The reward can be defined as the profit or loss incurred by taking an action. We can use a neural network to approximate the Q-function and update it using the Bellman equation. We can then use an epsilon-greedy exploration strategy to choose an action that maximizes the Q-function with some probability of random exploration.
- Policy-based method: We can use PPO to learn a policy function that directly outputs a probability distribution over actions given a state. The state can be defined as in the value-based method. The action can be defined as a continuous vector that represents the percentage of portfolio allocation for each stock. The reward can be defined as in the value-based method. We can use a neural network to approximate the policy function and update it using a clipped surrogate objective function that balances exploration and exploitation. We can then use a stochastic sampling strategy to choose an action according to the policy function.
- Model-based method: We can use MPC to learn a model of the environment that predicts the next state and reward given the current state and action. The state, action, and reward can be defined as in the policy-based method. We can use a neural network to approximate the model function and update it using supervised learning on historical data. We can then use an optimization algorithm such as gradient descent or genetic algorithm to find an action that maximizes the expected return over a finite horizon.

These are some examples of how reinforcement learning algorithms can be used for automated trading. However, there are many challenges and limitations that need to be addressed before applying RL to real-world trading scenarios. Some of these challenges are:

- Data quality: RL relies on high-quality data to learn effectively. However, financial data may be noisy, incomplete, or inaccurate due to various factors, such as market manipulation, human errors, or technical issues. Therefore, RL agents need to preprocess and validate the data before using it for training or testing. Moreover, RL agents need to deal with the non-stationarity of the data, which means that the data distribution may change over time due to market evolution or regime shifts. Therefore, RL agents need to update their models and policies periodically or adaptively to cope with the changing environment.
- Exploration-exploitation trade-off: RL agents need to balance between exploration and exploitation, which means that they need to try new actions to discover better ones while exploiting the current best actions to maximize rewards. However, exploration and exploitation have different costs and benefits in financial markets. Exploration may incur losses or risks due to taking suboptimal or uncertain actions. Exploitation may lead to missed opportunities or overfitting due to sticking to a local optimum or ignoring new information. Therefore, RL agents need to design appropriate exploration strategies that can balance the trade-off and achieve long-term optimal performance.
- Reward design: RL agents need to define a reward function that reflects their learning objective and guides their behavior. However, reward design is not a trivial task in financial markets. Different investors may have different preferences and constraints, such as risk appetite, return expectation, transaction cost, etc. Therefore, RL agents need to customize their reward functions according to their specific goals and scenarios. Moreover, reward functions need to be consistent and informative, which means that they need to align with the desired outcomes and provide sufficient feedback for learning.
- Evaluation metrics: RL agents need to evaluate their performance and compare their results with other methods or baselines. However, evaluation metrics are not straightforward in financial markets. Simple metrics such as cumulative return or win rate may not capture the true quality of a trading strategy. They may be influenced by luck, randomness, or market trends. Therefore, RL agents need to use more sophisticated metrics that can account for various factors, such as risk-adjusted return, drawdowns, volatility, etc. Moreover, RL agents need to use proper testing methods that can avoid data snooping or overfitting biases, such as cross-validation, backtesting, or paper trading.

These are some of the challenges and limitations that reinforcement learning faces when applied to automated trading. However, these challenges also provide opportunities for further research and improvement in this field. Reinforcement learning has shown great potential and promise for automated trading and has attracted increasing attention from both academia and industry. With more data availability, computational power, and algorithmic innovation, reinforcement learning can achieve better performance and efficiency for automated trading in the future.
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