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2023.06.11 00:29 No_Network99 why iam lonly

Today, i am 25 years old, and I couldn't make one single friendship. in 2016, I decided to be an extrovert for the first time in my life, and my goal in university was to build a decent amount of friendship, to feel like a normal human being, And I have failed to make a single one even at university. Sometimes, if I hadn't met my colleague for 1 week, he started acting like he barely knew me Even if we had been together for 2 consecutive years,
I tried my best with more than 300 person in my life, I tried to be my truly self or the type they want or do favour for other without asking them in return, I even did things that I don't want to make other satisfied. And what do I get in return ? They don't even say hi if they saw me again after a period of absence.
I thought maybe iam the bad thing to be with, I did reflect on myself and reviewed everything I do or say and even recorded what I did daily to be sure I didn't do anything wrong for anyone, and I realise iam a good person not boring and had a good sense of humour ( at least I never failed to make someone laugh ) I changed my personality multiple times for every one of them, and yet nothing has changed.
As an introvert, it's already hard and uncomfortable to face the community.
And until now, I have failed. The only thing changed: I started to feel severe loneliness and overthinking about people, a worthless person who shouldn't be in any type of any relationship
As a man, I know my words are pathetic, and i dont like them either, but I can't stop thinking WHY, And what I did wrong?
I write this because I just wanted to talk for no specific reason. Maybe it will make my mind shut down for a couple of hours, and I can sleep well.
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2023.06.11 00:29 paymeinapples I just want it all to end

31m living with mom in a state I hate. Never had a serious relationship. Suffered career failure last year and have been out of work for 9 months. No idea what I want to do. Broke and have $13k college debt. Been to a mental hospital 5 times for suicidal ideation in the past 4-5 years.
I've been having a really rough time finding work. I said I've been out of work for 9 months, but I've actually had two jobs that didn't last long during this time. One was an awful warehouse job and the other was a call center. I used to be an ESL teacher but I was so unhappy living abroad and doing the work and I eventually had panic attacks that made me quit my job.
I just see no hope of ever moving out of my mom's house and having my own place, especially in this economy. I have no hope of finding a different career or even leaving this state. I have no hope of finding a gf stateside as the odds of finding a date are just so hard for men and you've got to be confident, which I'm not.
I've talked to numerous therapists, have been on most anti-depressants, and have done TMS treatment. My life isn't getting any better, and I can't even begin to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
Since I can't buy a gun for 6 months because of my recent involuntary hospitalization, I was thinking of buying 6mg of fentanyl and placing out. I have little to live for other than my family. And that doesn't even seem to be enough. I'm just a rotting, undead corpse that just wants to Rest In Peace.
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2023.06.11 00:29 jomijomi_ Ratan will always be one of my favorite LI’s, this is the perfect ending for me ♥️

When I finished the story, I immediately thought of the moment we first met Ratan and compared it to the ending we have now and it made my heart feel so heavy with bittersweet feelings! I’m so happy with the ending I have, I think it’s the perfect one for this couple and me (Rage of Goddess + Loyalty + High Respect), but I feel conflicted to say bye to these characters and also the story! All stories have to end at some point though, and I think this ending is wonderful especially for Ratan because we get to experience a life with him that he deserves away from the trauma and stress of everything that happened and he gets to experience a different more simple life with the human he fell in love with 💖! The normalcy in their relationship in this ending really made me feel like I accomplished giving these two a nice life together, and I love the thought of Amala slowly introducing Ratan to all the simple human joys of life! Not to mention how beautiful he looks, I think he’ll always be one of the most beautiful RC characters 🤭!! Since it’s such a long game, I felt relieved when I got this ending and it just felt so right! They feel so peaceful now and I am also at peace! I also absolutely adore that in this ending Amala helps Sana move to London and start a new life working together, I’ve always been so worried about Sana in the story and really hoped she’d end up happier too!! 🥹🙏 My girl really deserved better! I only wish that we got to see everyone else’s endings too, I’d love to know how they are doing!
On my other account, I went for Amrit’s route: I really love the story in this route, I think Amala and Amrit being together makes the plot itself more intense and I personally love their chemistry and grew to love Amrit too, >! however I don’t think I will be finishing that route. I know what happens to Amrit on the Rage of Goddess routes, and even though all the endings make sense because of who he is as a character, they aren’t endings I’d like to experience firsthand because I’m more sensitive and I don’t think I’d like to see that kind of angst! I won’t be going for Kindness of Goddess at any point, because I can’t bring myself to choose the options on that route. !< I adore Amrit too, but I think I’ll be restarting the story on that’s account to replay Ratan’s route 🥺.
anyways…I’ll be thinking of Ratan for a very long time! (Also, Kiran is one of the best characters ever I am so attached to our brother and I’m glad he’s safe and doing well in the ending too🥺🙏)
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2023.06.11 00:28 Bitter-Inflation6830 I’m disturbed by how heteronormative dating involves no subjectivity and creativity

I(18m) perceive straight relationships as just so fucking boring and conformist. Gay people are vastly more original and creative with how they choose to work the dynamics of their relationships.
For one, there is no set role between man and woman. In straight dating, the man must initiate and be a source of stoic comfort in the relationship. The woman will be more meek and possibly add a bit of maternal care into the man’s life. Despite the effects of modernity into the lives we build, modernity clearly hasn’t influenced this bit of living. These gender roles aren’t flexible, and people get pissed off if you want them to wither away.
Creative freedom is entirely stripped from most heterosexual relationships, and the participants are fine with it. I’m straight, but I feel like I missed a memo or some sort of indoctrination.
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2023.06.11 00:28 lemonbread5225 Sister in law dating convicted felon… wants to keep it a secret

My (31F) sister in law (26F) has FAS. Due to her FAS, she acts and behaves like someone around the age of 14. She has assisted living since she is unable to live by herself due to her condition. I am very close to her. Today she confided in me that she is dating a 60 year old married man. This man has spent time in prison for stabbing someone and for drugs. She said she has to keep the relationship a secret and asked me not to tell anyone. She also told me that the first time they slept together he got her drunk and gave her pills.
Besides the fact that this man gives me the creeps, I’m seriously scared for her safety and desperately want to confide in someone. My husband is her brother. I have not told anyone yet. If I don’t handle this situation delicately I may jeopardize the relationship I have with her. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
TLDR: Sister in law is dating a married convicted felon, confided in me about it and wants me to keep it a secret
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Module Seven: Navigate client communication and relationships, tackling engagement, boundary setting, and addressing “ghost” clients.
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2023.06.11 00:27 bird1434 My Pearl Islands Character Rankings/Analysis Borneo

Carrying onward with my full series rewatch, I'm posting some character rankings as I go as a way to gather some thoughts! And boy am I excited to talk about Pearl Islands.
Just to clarify, these rankings are based solely on entertainment and value to the story. Impressive play often goes hand in hand with entertainment for me, but I’m not going to always rank better players higher. (I am going to be working on some posts analyzing gameplay down the line though)! I also am basing these rankings solely on the season in question, so returnee appearances have no effect.
Lastly, I accept all hate with open arms! I’m posting these for discussion to make this rewatch more interesting. Hit me with whatever you’ve got.
16. Nicole Delma (16th)
Nicole is basically only remembered for Jeff’s creepiness over her having no bra, and she really doesn’t do much else that memorable. She does cause some drama at the first vote, and a mildly messy first boot is better than a total dud.
15. Ryan Shoulders (15th)
Skinny Ryan does play an important role in the first few episodes, as a narratovoice of reason explaining why everything the Morgan tribe is doing is totally dysfunctional. Still, he doesn’t do it an overly engaging or funny way, and he doesn’t have much else to offer to the game. He does seem like a really nice guy though, and at least he brought “DIE, JERKS” into our lexicon.
14. Michelle Tesauro (14th)
She shows glimpses of potential as a fun character, and I just generally enjoy Michelle, but she really doesn’t get much of a foothold in the game or on the show.
13. Tijuana Bradley (7th)
T is really strange because she’s remembered as a hot head for the village scene, but for basically the entire rest of the season she’s extremely kind and uplifting. I can’t really say I blame people for having that perspective though, because yelling at the lady in the village is essentially the only interesting thing she does.
12. Trish Dunn (13th)
She goes to make a big move way too early, but you can just tell from what we see that Trish was a shrewd gameplayer with a good mind for the game. Trish is one of those classic premergers with major potential, and I would have liked to see what a Jon/Trish duo could do post-merge, but she’s not around long enough to leave a big impression.
11. Ryan Opray (9th)
Ryno is this high in the rankings solely on the strength of the Pelican Pete scene, which he comes off super fun and super cool. Otherwise, he’s basically just a faceless Morgan with a few vaguely charming scenes.
10. Darrah Johnson (4th)
She might quite literally be the least dynamic person that’s ever been on the show, but Darrah is so dull that it comes all the way around to being somewhat entertaining.
9. Osten Taylor (11th)
He’s a huge presence in the premerge, but I can never tell whether I like what Osten brings to the show. The edit wants us to think he’s a total douche, and he doesn’t help himself much either when he’s threatening pelicans with machetes and telling Nicole to flash Panamanian locals. Still, Osten seems generally like an OK guy, but he’s more memorable than he is entertaining, and on a repeat watch he doesn’t hold up as a standout on this cast.
8. Shawn Cohen (12th)
Shawn is someone I like more on every rewatch. He’s gone from annoying douche to annoying, but hilarious and buffoonish douche for me. Thank goodness he goes when he does, but Shawn causes a lot of conflict while he’s around and I really enjoy what he brings to the premerge.
7. Christa Hastie (6th)
Christa is really an ideal sort of side character. She has some fun relationships, some fun rivalries and she pops in like three times an episode to do something extremely bizarre. Christa is also just so weird, but she is just enough of a normal human being that every time she does something super weird it still catches me off guard.
6. Burton Roberts (5th)
For a guy that’s originally the fourth boot, it’s crazy how intelligent Burton sounds when he talks about the game. He’s not the most dynamic personality, but he gives really good confessionals and plays a crucial role as the brawnier half of this season’s best duo.
5. Andrew Savage (10th)
Plucked directly from a 1980’s sports movie, Savage is just larger than life on this season. He gives amazing confessionals and his die-hard, passionate leadership of the hapless Morgan tribe is entertaining and admirable if a little misguided. Drake is flooded with characters from top to bottom, while Morgan is really Andrew and the Savagettes, and he’s so dynamic he can carry any scene no matter how mundane.
4. Lillian Morris (2nd)
Lill is moreso the human embodiment of chaos stuck in an emotional older lady’s body than an actual player in the game. She’s so annoying so I get why people wouldn’t like Lill, but she’s responsible for so many spectacular moments that I can’t help but love her.
3. Sandra Diaz-Twine (1st)
The highest compliment I can pay to Sandra is that she would still be a top tier character if she went out at like 12th. Luckily she also happens to be one of the best players of all time, so what the fuck, we get to see Sandra get loud too for an entire season.
2. Rupert Boneham (8th)
Without a doubt the greatest casting in the history of reality television, Rupert was made for Survivor Pearl Islands and Survivor Pearl Islands was made for Rupert. I know he becomes a caricature of himself later, but through his first run, the swashbuckling, stealing, fishing, dress-wearing, gentle giant is such a completely perfect Survivor character. Every scene that Rupert touches turns to pure gold (maybe besides his final words), and every time I rewatch this season I’m reminded why America fell in love with this man.
  1. Jon Dalton (3rd)
Every hero needs a villain, and fittingly, as we get one our best heroes to date, we most certainly get our best villain as well. Jon’s pure evil in gameplay and in confessionals is unmatched in Survivor history, and he makes such a brilliant villain because he’s also unbelievably good at the game, and generally a step ahead of the heroes. That is until it all comes crumbling down in the most embarrassing way possible, capping off an absolute once-in-a-lifetime story arc for a villain in Survivor.
Overall Thoughts
In all honesty, Pearl Islands was my favorite season coming into this rewatch. Nothing was going to change that, and shocker, it didn't.
Basically every episode sans the Ryno one would be the best episode in most other seasons, but for PI its just banger after banger. That largely comes down to the perfect casting, with Rupert and Fairplay leading the way as our main protagonist and antagonist, and both playing the roles spectacularly. That's not even mentioning the absurdity that is Lill, or maybe my all time favorite player in Sandra.
PI doesn't take itself too seriously, but still delivers fluid and exciting gameplay interspersed with these amazing characters. From top to bottom, Pearl Islands is everything Survivor should be.
Dates watched: 5/21/23-6/7/23
Best episode: 7.6 — "Me and My Snake" // Worst episode: 7.9 — "Shocking! Simply Shocking!"
Current season rank: 1/7
Previous Post: Amazon Rankings

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2023.06.11 00:27 AggravatingPear2696 AITA for not donating my stem cells to my father

My parents broke up before my mom knew that she was pregnant. It was a big deal since my father's chance of conceiving was under 1%. So when my mom confessed that she was pregnant with twins, he wanted a paternity test, which is fine.
Me and my sister are indeed his. But since my parents weren't married and didn't plan to get back together my grandparents (fathers side) saw in us unwanted children that simply exist. I think another reason why they did not like us is, because we both turned up to be girls in a family of just boys. Meaning no girls in the last 100 years.
Meaning no boy to carry on the family name for my dad.
My sister was born with a heart condition and when we were six she sadly passed away after an emergency surgery. When my mom called my father to give him the news he refused to come home since he wanted to enjoy his boy trip.
At the funeral ( that he refused to pay for) he told everyone that it is my mom's fault that she passed away.
Me and him did not have an easy relationship. i usually had to call him or ask him to pick me up, because he just kept forgetting about me. I was surprised when he suddenly wanted to pick me up when i was six to introduce me to his new girlfriend. Turns out i was just supposed to be the babysitter for her two-year-old son, so they could make out on the sofa.
That was the point i realized that he only wanted me around when he needed me and i was tired of running after people that did not want me.
I stopped calling and soon we went no contact.
A thing that still hurt me was that he always bought flowers to my sister's grave, even though he lived three hours away, while i did not even receive a birthday text. I think it hurt more knowing he knew it was my birthday but did not botherthan rather thinking that he must have forgotten about it. Because he didn't he just did not care enough.
I recently had my 20th birthday and was surprised to get a text from my father, telling me that he missed me and that we should meet up.
I soon found out that he has cancer and i was the only possible match.
So i drove three hours to this hospital. As soon as i entered the door this barely legal girl started to attack me. She screamed and insulted me with names i don't want to repeat. I had no idea who that girl was or what i did to make her so angry.
When my father and his parents entered the scene, he simply laughed it off. He later admitted that this girl was his new girlfriend and that she saw my text messages with my father. She asked him who i was and he said that i was some crazy ex girlfriend that just couldn't get over him and that used to stalk his every move.
He said he did it because he was embarrassed of me for my work, because i never did anything with my life (i am an elementary school teacher) and that he already told that young girl that his only child has died.
I was angry and left without saying anything the hospital.
While i drove back home i received hundreds of calls from family members i did not even know i had that called me names and said i was the AH for leaving before donating my stem cells.
I am just at a point where i am tired of being used and thrown away like an object he is entitled to.
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2023.06.11 00:26 ThrowRA_Rosalie Should I (28f) tell him (30m) that I'm pregnant with his child?

We met about a year ago, he was single and heartbroken, I was single and also heartbroken (my fiancee cheated on me with MY BEST FRIEND)...One thing led to another and we ended up having wild sex that night, which led to another and another. It was great. No obligations, no expectations. Just sex.
However, about 3 months ago, he expressed his feelings for me, basically said that he's in love with me and that he wants a real relationship. I ended it because although he is an amazing guy and I really like him (plus the sex was amazing), I do not want a relationship with anyone (I am unable to trust any guy (minus my brothers) after what my ex-fiancee did to me).
And that would be the end of it...if not for the fact that I'm pregnant with his child (I have been sleeping only with him). I found out after I ended things with him. To make things worse, a few weeks ago, he started dating a really sweet girl.
I want this baby, but we (the baby and I), don't need him. I am doing very well financially and I have a great support system. My family - including three brothers - know about pregnancy and are absolutely overjoyed and excited.
I would tell him because I feel he has the right to know, but at the same time, I don't want to complicate his life or mine...or the girl's he started seeing.
Should I tell him or not?
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2023.06.11 00:26 filianoctiss Can we talk about the amount of mind-fucks in the show?

I’ll start, you continue the thread if you can think of any others:
I can’t think of any others on the spot, so let me know if you have more!
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2023.06.11 00:26 TerribleInvite I'm [39M] worried my wife [42F] is drinking too much

I (M39) have been with my wife (F42) over 15 years (Married for the last 2)
The relationship has been ok (our sex life could be a little better) but I've noticed over the past few months that she has started to drink more.
She's always drank but I've been teetotal for the last 6 years when I made a conscious effort to get fitter. In the process I lost over 1 and a half stone and am now in the best shape of my life.
I was never a big drinker in the first place so I don't know what is a little bit more than average or a lot more than average. This is what she has drank over the last two weeks:
This seems a little over the average, no?
I want to bring this up with her but scared on how to approach it.
She has PCOS (which she doesn't treat) and is overweight (103kg) and I'm worried this drinking is just going to make things worse for her health wise down the road. Whenever I've mentioned her drinking in passing (like making a joke) she has got rather defensive.
Am I being unreasonable?
tl;dr: worried wife's drinking habits are excessive. How to approach her about it.
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2023.06.11 00:26 ReformedDeathray 22[M4F]- Netherlands/Anywhere - (prefered na or eu) Looking for my player 2!

Hey there!
First off as mentioned id prefer if you where from NA or EU, It just is easier for me ;) Second of all share my hobbies and put in some efford!
Third, My name is Dave! I am 22 years old and from the netherlands!!!
Im currently studying to become a game deverloper, which i do love! Though i have had my fair share of hickups along the way. Now im in a. More calm stage so i am searching for that something special!
My hobbies include:
Gaming! I love games a lot and play a ton of different stuff, from league, to honkai, genshin, dbd, mmos, terraria, r6s, persona and a ton ton more!
I also love anime! Its a big passion of mine rn im watching oshi no ko, if youre interested can tell you more!
I also enjoy cooking, gardening, walks, animals, baking.
Im looking for something special! No time wasters that means ;)
I am a very kind hearted soul that puts your needs before mine but i have been abused in the past in relationships, so im vulnerable i guess. Im pretty cutesy in chat too and love to talk, hang out and generally do stuff together. Im also honest, caring, kind, and hopefully funny!
Looking for someone arou d my age, who shares my hobby and wants to put in the effort ofc!
Msg something about you what you like, what off me peaked your interest and your discord! Also put a color in your title so i now you read this far hehe
I hope to hear!
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2023.06.11 00:26 Minute_Emergency_772 Season 3 sendoffs

I have a feeling someone is getting killed off this season
-Rue (def not, she's the main character and the show couldn't go on)
-Jules( probably not) Rue still has feelings for her and she had the most screentime than anyone else, (besides rue) and she's one of the favorites
-Nate(it's a tossup) Could go either way, but he's one of the main fucking characters, and he is tied to so many people and relationships, plus I know a lot of people want him dead, but he's like the bad guy that steals every scene that he's in, plus he keeps the drama going.
-Cassie(tossup) She doesn't have any real enemies and even though she can be crazy, she hasn't really hurt anyone. I highly doubt Nate would have a reason to kill her.
Maddie(probably not) I think she will be the bridge that connects the Voice and euphoria together, plus she's tough enough to handle her own.
Cal(probably yes)- I can picture him getting killed in jail once the other inmates look at his papers for his sex crime
Fez(maybe) I could see him getting killed by one of the associates of mouse in prison, or getting into a full blown brawl.
Lexi(probably not) She will probably live the most normal life, if Cassie doesn't go after her for all the play drama and shit
-Just my 2 cents but we'll have to see
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2023.06.11 00:26 ReformedDeathray 22[M4F]- Netherlands/Anywhere - (prefered na or eu) Looking for my player 2!

Hey there!
First off as mentioned id prefer if you where from NA or EU, It just is easier for me ;) Second of all share my hobbies and put in some efford!
Third, My name is Dave! I am 22 years old and from the netherlands!!!
Im currently studying to become a game deverloper, which i do love! Though i have had my fair share of hickups along the way. Now im in a. More calm stage so i am searching for that something special!
My hobbies include:
Gaming! I love games a lot and play a ton of different stuff, from league, to honkai, genshin, dbd, mmos, terraria, r6s, persona and a ton ton more!
I also love anime! Its a big passion of mine rn im watching oshi no ko, if youre interested can tell you more!
I also enjoy cooking, gardening, walks, animals, baking.
Im looking for something special! No time wasters that means ;)
I am a very kind hearted soul that puts your needs before mine but i have been abused in the past in relationships, so im vulnerable i guess. Im pretty cutesy in chat too and love to talk, hang out and generally do stuff together. Im also honest, caring, kind, and hopefully funny!
Looking for someone arou d my age, who shares my hobby and wants to put in the effort ofc!
Msg something about you what you like, what off me peaked your interest and your discord! Also put a color in your title so i now you read this far hehe
I hope to hear!
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2023.06.11 00:26 Famous-Case6115 Blackout period for 401k

Small victory for me here, got my company to change 401K providers from John Hancock to Vanguard. Saving everyone a lot on fees.
So during the transition, there will be a 45 day black out period. Where we can’t change investments or change contribution amounts, apparently we can make our same contributions but they aren’t vested till the blackout period is over.
I was only contributing enough for the match cause the expense ratios were almost 2%. I plan on upping my contribution to max my 401k once the provider is switched and the blackout period is over because now I will have access to low cost funds.
I have just finished maxing my Ira for the year, have a very solid emergency fund, and do not meet the requirements for a HSA, so the final piece is maxing my 401k. I can’t make larger contribution till this black out period/transfer of providers is over. So..
Where do you guys suggest I can put my extra cash I will accumulate during this 45 day blackout period while I am unable to increase my 401k contributions?
For context over 45 days I would have accumulated 3k in savings needing a home.
I understand the obvious answer is probably taxable brokerage account, but wanted to double check if I missed any tax advantage methods.
Thanks Bogleheads
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2023.06.11 00:25 Dramatic_Macaroon416 Predictive Popcorn: An Innovative Strategy for Active Learning

Hi guys, I’ve been delving into the concept of predictive processing and finding ways to incorporate it into the classroom. One idea that emerged from this exploration is called "predictive popcorn," drawing parallels with popcorn reading. This strategy encourages students to collaboratively construct and refine definitions for new concepts, initiating from their existing understanding and gradually developing it through cycles of prediction, discussion, revision, and integration. The approach not only aids in comprehending the topic at hand but also fosters critical thinking and the acceptance of making and learning from mistakes.
Take, for instance, introducing fractions to your students. You could kick-start with something fundamental like "A fraction is…" and then allow students to predict and add the subsequent words. The initial definition may be whimsical or even make little sense, but it provides a foundation for everyone. It helps identify pre-existing ideas or misconceptions about fractions that can be later clarified during the lesson.
As the lesson progresses, you can revisit this initial definition, refining and expanding it as students gather more knowledge about fractions. This cyclic process of prediction, discussion, revision, and integration not only assists in better understanding the subject at hand but also renders the entire learning process more engaging and memorable.
Here's a step by step example:
  1. Introduction and Concept Definition (Embracing Mistakes):Initiate by introducing the new topic or concept to the class. Start a group definition; incorporating an error or nonsensical aspect is perfectly fine and helps make students comfortable with the idea of making mistakes.
  2. Predictive Popcorn Round 1 (Iterative Learning & Connecting with Prior Knowledge):Using a round-robin format, each student contributes to the definition or explanation, building a cumulative group understanding. Encourage each student to predict and add to the definition based on their current understanding. Prompt them to link this new information with what they already know.
  3. Group Discussion (Integrating Feedback, Metacognitive Awareness & Structured Peer Feedback):After the group has created a full definition, take a pause for group discussion. This discussion should facilitate students in evaluating the accuracy of the group definition, identifying errors, and refining understanding based on peer feedback. Guide them with structured feedback prompts such as "What do you agree with in the definition?", "What do you think needs revision?", and "What would you add or remove?". Urge them to reflect on their thought process - how they arrived at their contributions and their reactions upon learning they were right or wrong. During the group discussion phase, you also can divide the class into smaller groups or pairs.
  4. Individual Revision (Iterative Learning, Metacognitive Awareness & Connecting with Prior Knowledge):Now, allow students to individually revise the group definition, incorporating the feedback from the group discussion. Instruct them to reflect on their learning process, comparing their understanding at the start of the lesson to their current comprehension.
  5. Teacher-Led Instruction (Attentional Balance):The teacher then provides a comprehensive explanation of the topic, giving the correct definition and a detailed explanation. Students contrast this new information with their individual revised definitions, observing the differences and updating their understanding.
  6. Predictive Popcorn Round 2 (Iterative Learning, Repetition & Connecting with Prior Knowledge):Following the teacher’s instruction, start a second round of Predictive Popcorn. This time, students apply their updated knowledge from the teacher’s instruction and their personal revision to predict and contribute to a new group definition. During the group discussion phase, you can divide the class into smaller groups or pairs.
  7. Final Comparison and Discussion (Integrating Feedback, Metacognitive Awareness & Structured Peer Feedback): Conclude the lesson by comparing the group definitions, individual definitions, and the teacher’s definition. Engage in a discussion about the evolution of understanding from the start to the end of the lesson.
Here are some of the benefits of using this method in your classroom:
It promotes active learning. Students are actively involved in the learning process, rather than passively listening to a lecture. This helps them to better understand the material and to retain it longer.
It encourages critical thinking.Students are forced to think about the material and to make predictions about what they will learn. This helps them to develop their critical thinking skills.
It fosters a collaborative learning environment.Students work together to create and refine the definitions, which helps them to learn from each other and to build relationships with their classmates.
It's fun!Students enjoy the challenge of predicting the next word in the definition and of working together to create a complete definition. This makes learning more enjoyable and more likely to stick.
Here are some additional tips for using the predictive popcorn activity in your classroom:
Start with a simple concept.When you're first introducing the activity, it's helpful to start with a simple concept that students are already familiar with. This will help them to understand the process and to get comfortable with making predictions. Be flexible.The predictive popcorn activity can be adapted to fit the needs of your classroom and the level of your students. For example, you can adjust the amount of time students have to make predictions, the size of the groups, or the number of rounds you play. Encourage discussion.After each round of the activity, take some time to discuss the students' predictions. This will help them to clarify their understanding of the concept and to learn from each other. Celebrate successes.When students make good predictions, be sure to celebrate their successes. This will help to motivate them to continue participating in the activity.
In general I think it’s a good way to learn concepts and at the same time is a good way to learn meta cognitive learning skills. Also it encourages a growth mindset, a belief that students’ abilities and understanding can develop and improve through effort and perseverance
Does anyone have any suggestions, questions or ways to refine it?
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2023.06.11 00:25 SpookyScaryCoochie AITA for calling my friend a homie hopper/thot?

I (20F) don’t leave my house unless its for work meaning that a lot of my friends come from work. I’ve met my friend/coworker let’s call her Wallice (17F) on the start of my 3rd year of working. I trained her in and she was fast so we often took work shortcuts together. Since we were always around each other and working we ended up getting closer in our friendship and that’s when I realized she’s kind of a thot. She has a type of guy that she likes but she but at work it’s like she wants attention from every guy. I honestly don’t care but the only reason I’m upset is that she comes to me thinking it’s a flex to Flyer with every guy we work with. Not only that but she talks about the guys that “should” flirts with her at school too. I find it a little weird due to the fact that I don’t casually flirt with everyone I guess but hearing about other sex life and relationships just kinda naturally annoy me. And everyone knows this about me including her, it’s the first thing I say. I get it she’s young but good god she’s so ducking annoying. It’s just on and on hoe-etry. One day I got so annoyed that I legit just told her like “you literally flirt with everyone and you wonder why relationships never work for you.” Am I wrong? If some guy doesn’t flirt back with her she goes to they’re friend, then she brings that same energy to work. Not only that but my ex literally told me she was flirting with him WHILE we were dating and she knew we were dating. Apparently she got offended and “warned” me of a cut off. I honestly don’t care if she cuts me off, as long as I get my job done I’m fine. But what’s even worse is that I kinda forgot what I said so when she said I disrespected her I was confused and asked her what I said. She said “just don’t say it again” as a response which is the dumbest most immature thing I’ve ever heard. If something hurts your feelings you should tell the person what hurt you so they never say it again. Honestly I might cut her off because even typing this annoys me but if I upset her and she quit I have to pick up more shifts since I know every shift in this building. Anyways AITA?
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2023.06.11 00:25 Mushrumors Another happy voles member. John is a proud r/voles user and sent me this video to show you all. He is not very good with computers.

Another happy voles member. John is a proud voles user and sent me this video to show you all. He is not very good with computers. submitted by Mushrumors to voles [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 00:25 Misha_Loweridge How to break it to him that I'm not interested anymore

My friend group and I have recently been hanging out with this new guy for a few weeks who I would now class as a good friend. At the beginning we knew of each other from a mutual friend, which later on during a night out confessed he liked me and I told him the same. I was sober, he was drunk.
Ever since then we've been texting almost everyday, I'm not big into texting but I'll entertain it for his sake now and then. We've hung out a lot more, a few times alone and mostly as a group.
At the beginning I liked him, but after getting to know him more and trying to gauge if there is anything between us I've come to the conclusion I don't like him in a romantic way, but I know he does.
I've spoken to another friend about the situation, which he has spoken to the guy this is about, telling me he wants to respect my boundaries and my pace, which I appreciated. But recently, after a few drinks during hanging out as a group I noticed his attachment with wanting to sit closer to me, making me uncomfortable. Especially in front of the others. It wasn't anything like touching, just his need to sit closer to me under the affect of alcohol.
At first I thought I could try at giving a relationship a go, but I'm not into holding hands, I'm not into kissing or PDA etc. The reality of the thought of a relationship makes me feel ill. Therefore I realised I don't want a relationship, I'm not ready for one right now.
I can be unintentionally insensitive when telling people the truth and I don't want to tell him bluntly "I just don't like you anymore." The experience with his attraction towards me radiating from him when drunk only solidified I don't feel the same way about him as he does towards me.
He has been asking me on the topic of "the date", mentioning he's heard things from other people about my boundaries and wanting to wait until I'm comfortable but I don't want to ruin the friendship nor make him feel awkward and that he can't hang out with me because I don't want said relationship.
I just want to be his friend.
Any advice on how to let him understand. I know someone can't help feeling awkward about a situation like this, especially with being in the same friend group, I just don't want him to feel like I don't want to be his friend either.
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2023.06.11 00:25 FarPizza6489 Ash can be amazing or it can fuck your whole life up

Ive been taking it for 2 weeks and i have no sex drive even tho im eating healthy, taking supplements, excercising, being out in the sun. I cant say im depressed but i feel kinda blank. It makes me be ok where im at but not in a good way like i dont have the motivation to improve my life situation like anxiety made me do and now i understand why these “bad” emotions are beneficial as it signals the body in need of change. Yes i feel less stress and i sleep better but it makes me an NPC tbh. BUT it can help ppl with high stress and in certain situations improve your way of life but ive heard ppl not being able to cry at funerals and wanting to end their relationships because they think they dont love their partner anymore but in reality it was ash. I may take it for better sleep with low doses but please be cautious as it can possibly make your life miserable. Change the doses, cycle it or try to stop using it and see how you feel. Anyways feel free to comment your experience with ash. Take care❤️
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2023.06.11 00:24 ButterscotchNo7758 The Luminous Solution Episode 3

Drama: The Luminous Solution
Available on:
  1. YouTube: Follow this link for the cut version available on YouTube: The English subtitles are up for all current episodes.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
2) Gagaoolala:
The uncut version will be available on Gagaoolala on Sundays.
MDL Summary:
This isn't a normal coffee shop, it only appears when you need it most. Thana, an office worker, gets fired from his job, and his relationship with Patis, his boyfriend of nearly a decade, is in trouble. Ryou and his high school classmate Mai have fallen in love over a long period of time, but their journey is not without its share of pain. As both couples grapple with their challenges, they find themselves drawn to the enigmatic coffee shop, where their fates are about to change. But remember, nothing worthwhile comes without effort, and every wish carries a price...
I really couldn't figure out why Thana looked so familiar to me. Yim (from Love Mechanics) could be his hot younger brother. His libido is as potent as his little bro's in this episode.
I love the little Rhyou and Mai cuddles but I'm more of a fan of Nack and Rhyou to be honest.
This show is actually turning out to be quite easy to follow and has an interesting storyline with Thai Ursula possibly having a surprise son to boot!
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