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2023.04.19 23:17 Acceptable_Touch_970 2 guilty verdicts against Chandler Halderson thrown out...

2 guilty verdicts against Chandler Halderson thrown out...
Doesn't change anything.. but figured I'd share the article. Here it is below if you don't want to go through the link.
MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Chandler Halderson saw two of his convictions vacated by a Dane Co. court on Wednesday. The rulings, however, will have little impact on the fact Halderson, who was found guilty of killing his parents, will almost certainly never be released from prison.
The two guilty verdicts were thrown out after the judge who oversaw the case, Circuit Court Judge John Hyland, found the two hiding the corpse charges should be withdrawn because they are lesser-included offenses.
UW law expert John Gross explained prior to Halderson’s court date a person cannot be convicted of two crimes if one of them is considered a lesser-included offense, which is one someone would always be guilty of if they were guilty of the more serious crime.
Hiding a corpse is considered a lesser-included offense of other charges against Halderson, the two counts of mutilating a corpse.
Chandler Halderson leaves the courtroom after the jury found him guilty of all counts in the... Chandler Halderson leaves the courtroom after the jury found him guilty of all counts in the killing of his parents.(NBC15/Pool Camera) The motion that led to Wednesday’s dismissals stated Judge Hyland discovered the issue while overseeing another jury trial in a different case. Halderson’s attorney, Michael Covey, was not aware of the issue, according to the filing.
The error does not change the effective outcome of Halderson’s current sentence, as he is serving life in prison without the possibility of extended supervision.
Halderson’s attorney will now have to file for an appeal again because of the error. Covey filed a Notice of No-Merit Appeal at the end of March in the Court of Appeals.
The 25-year-old Halderson was found guilty last January in the killing of his parents, Bart and Krista Halderson.
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2023.02.21 05:43 baby_snow_Leopard_ Unanswered Questions from Chandler Halderson's trial

I believe in my geart that Chandler is 100% guilty. Let me make that clear. However, I do find myself with many unanswered questions after watching the trial more than a few times. I often wonder about the below points, and would appreciate if you guys could weigh-in with your thoughts.
  1. The lack of blood evidence blows my mind. Do you know how much blood 2 bodies has? A lot.Where did it all go? He must have drained some of it, so why didnt they test drains like they do in other cases? We all know Chandler wasn't too concerned with clean up. The dude left blood on the tools he tossed at the farm. Plus, he didnt even clean the freezer in the basement that good bc they found blood that he missed. Near the drain. Go figure.I can't believe they only have those small blood dots on the safe. I feel like they were so sure they had enough evidence, that they didn't bother to look for more. Sure, the luminol lit up on the floor near the bins is bright, but other than the fireplace, thats it? Plus.... he must have gotten blood all over himself. Where is THAT evidence?
  2. Speaking of blood let's talk about transport of the remains. We know that he left one of his family trash barrels at the farm so I believe it's safe to assume he used that bin to transport Bart. I wonder about what he used to move Krista and HOW they didn't find any blood in the vehicle. Weird.
  3. Have ANY OF YOU heard what Chandlers warped version of events is? I would love to know. Someone out here must have heard through "someone who knows someone" that knows Chandler. I'm pretty sure (especially after trial) he had to have told his "side" to someone. I would love to know what it is. I'm sure he tried to tell his Lawyers that he was "set up" and they laughed at him or something.
  4. That brings me to my next point: his defense. There wasn't even a defense! All it was, was "we don't know what happened in that house and neither do you." Ummm well why not have your client, Chandler TELL US THEN? 🙄 I FIND THAT "argument" SO INFURIATING and weak. Like why did he even subject everyone to a trial of that's all he had to say? If he wasn't planning to fight than why didn't he just plead guilty?
  5. Cat and her weird delay about the ice on the stand. I understand that she was on the stand a while and obviously anxious and upset, and ** I'm not saying I believe she was involved ** but I have to admit her long delay after being asked about the ice was SUPER ODD, NO? It's like she was scared to answer! She seemed terrified to answer that question.
  6. Chandler had 2 vehicles and TIME. Why did he not rid their remains to the cabin? It would be less messy and would better support his whack story about the mysterious couple they supposedly went with. Too risky for him to drive 3 hours with 2 dead boddies, perhaps? After all, that would have fit his storyline more than what he ended up doing! He had plenty of time to do that before anyone even noticed they were gone! I find that so odd.
  7. The peroxide. We know that peroxide makes luminol glow. I think THAT is why he sent Cat to get it. He used his paper-cut on his toe as an excuse (conveniently got cut at the fireplace too) so he wanted to pretend that the rubbing alchohol caused the luminol glow. Do you think so?
  8. I do NOT believe he was trying to set Cat and Dulce and Cress up. Not even a little. I think he thought no one would look there and he would get away with it. He isn't smart enough to think of framing someone imo. It's so weird he took his Dad to a wooded area/home near PEOPLE HE KNEW. Again, why not the cabin? Or litteraly anywhere else?
ANYWAYS, what are your biggest questions and what unanswered questions bother you the most? This whole thing just blows my mind I can't stop revisiting this case! Of all the cases I've followed this one is hard to stop thinking about.
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2023.01.08 17:07 sanverstv Cell phone data mapping used in trial

Cell phone data mapping used in trial
Given that there is a lot of interest in the cell phone mapping of BK's phone I thought I'd share a recent of this type of evidence present in a trial to demonstrate how this evidence can be presented and how compelling it is. This particular example is from Chandler Halderson's trial from a year ago where Courtney Ripp, a data analyst for the Wisconsin Department of Justice testified regarding the routes and locations Halderson took in the days following the murder of his parents. I'm sharing this because during her testimony she offers clear explanations and provides multiple maps documenting his travels as he discarded his parent's remains in various places. She also discusses phone texts, etc. Her testimony took place on Day 8 of the trial and starts at about 5:30:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9pTHe2v-3E
Cell site mapping testimony Halderson trial Day 8
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2022.12.27 03:13 ticktock3210 This is what really happens when you have 5 days to clean up a murder scene

In 2021, Wisconsinite Chandler Halderson, 24, was found guilty of shooting his dad Bart in the back before killing his mom Krista and then dismembering the bodies and burning them. Chandler claimed his parents mysteriously disappeared but it was later found that he killed them because they were going to uncover his lies. On July 1, Chandler Halderson said he last saw his parents. On July 7, Chandler reported his parents missing with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, walking up to the Dane County Sheriff’s Northeast Precinct at about 11:25 a.m. Authorities sent out a missing persons alert and began investigating. Detectives interviewed Chandler at his parents’ home later that night and noticed both of Chandler’s parents’ cars were still in the garage. So much like Steven Avery, Chandler had at least 5 days to clean up the crime scene (the home). Let's compare how well the Eagle scout (always be prepared) and ex-college student with the neat appearance and perfect hair cleaned up the bloody scene in 5 days versus the grease covered junk yard worker Steve Avery.
Authorities found cutting tools hidden inside a rusty oil drum at the farm where Bart Halderson's remains were found. A forensic analyst testified that blood on the tools matched Bart and Krista's DNA. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/chandler-halderson-bart-and-krista-halderson-murder-investigation-photos/17/
A forensic expert testified that there appeared to be blood in the basement of the Halderson home. The expert also told the jury there appeared to be evidence of a cleanup. In this photo the floor looks clean, but in the dark, blue light reveals traces of blood. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/chandler-halderson-bart-and-krista-halderson-murder-investigation-photos/18/
The third member of the Sheriff’s Office to take the stand before the morning, Det. Dan Feeney, recounted finding a grocery bag that contained cleaning materials in a garbage can on the property and how, upon opening it, he was hit with the strong odor of rubbing alcohol and then a “rancid, putrid smell.” He confirmed to jurors that the red substance they were seeing on photographs of the bag was blood. https://www.nbc15.com/2022/01/10/chandler-halderson-trial-heads-into-week-2/
He described the tri-level structure as “half-finished and half in the state of repair” and apparently under renovation at the time. Shown pictures of the house, he walked the jurors through the house and items found in it. Blood was also found on the laundry room floor, a bathroom’s floorboards, and on a vacuum cleaner, he testified. https://www.nbc15.com/2022/01/10/chandler-halderson-trial-heads-into-week-2/
Investigators saw a black rope found in the Halderson home is the same as one found wrapped around a portion of remains found in Cottage Grove, later identified to be Bart Halderson. Detectives also testified to finding blood throughout the home, bone fragment in the fireplace and firearm magazines that appeared to be hidden in a wall behind basement insulation. https://www.nbc15.com/2022/01/10/chandler-halderson-trial-heads-into-week-2/
Wisconsin State Crime Lab forensic scientist Nick Stahlke was also called to the stand, explaining that he is trained to work with luminol. Luminol is a chemical that when added to a certain area, it can show the presence of blood or bleach when under certain light. He explained that this can be used to determine if there is a cleanup at the crime scene. “Areas of concern” were tested in the Halderson home, including in the basement, the garage and a family room. He noted that the basement gave a very strong result to luminol, with even footwear impressions in blood becoming apparent. The defense pressed Stahlke on the fact that the luminol could show blood or bleach, but not necessarily clarify which one. Stahlke explained that additional testing would need to be done to show the difference, which was done in several locations. https://www.nbc15.com/2022/01/10/chandler-halderson-trial-heads-into-week-2/
Leatherberry also noted that there was a test conducted on the freezer in the basement, with a positive result coming in for human blood in its drain. https://www.nbc15.com/2022/01/10/chandler-halderson-trial-heads-into-week-2/
Fingerprints belonging to Chandler Halderson were found on a piece of duct tape stuck to a tarp that had his father's blood on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOnzpueOhxc
DNA analysis presented during the sixth day of the Chandler Halderson homicide trial found he was the person wearing the shoes stained with his parents' blood. https://www.channel3000.com/dna-chandler-halderson-was-wearing-shoes-stained-with-his-parents-blood/
Chandler Halderson's DNA was determined in blood found on jeans and in the family room of the Halderson's home. https://www.wbay.com/2022/01/11/watch-live-day-6-halderson-trial-resumes-after-day-filled-with-physical-evidence/
Next, jurors heard from Detective Dan Feeney of the Dane County Sheriff’s office. He told the jury about garbage cans and Target shopping bags found on Cres L’Sai’s property, as well as rags which appeared soaked in blood and a Brillo pad. He described the immediate smell of cleaning material overtaken by a “rancid putrid smell” upon finding the bags. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
Deputy Sheriff Leatherbury also testified that the garbage can handle and inside of the bin inside the Halderson garage tested positive for blood. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
Furthermore, an ax found in the Halderson garage also tested positive for human blood. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
In addition, he testified that a swab taken from the basement chest freezer of the Halderson home tested positive for human blood. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
A floor safe also tested positive for human blood. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
The blood of both Bart and Krista was found to have been on the bottom of a Brooks shoe, while Chandler’s DNA was found to be on the inside of both of those shoes. https://www.courttv.com/news/parents-dismembered-trial-daily-trial-highlights/
Bart Halderson’s DNA was found on various items, inclduing in blood on a tarp, the blade of a handsaw, a pruning shear and metal fragments. Krista Halderson’s blood was found in items such as a separate area of the tarp, pruning shears and a handsaw. Chandler Halderson’s DNA was determined in blood found on jeans and in the family room of the Halderson’s home. https://www.wbay.com/2022/01/11/watch-live-day-6-halderson-trial-resumes-after-day-filled-with-physical-evidence/
Why was the Halderson home a bloody mess while the Avery home a dusty mess? Can someone explain to me how Halderson did such a poor job getting rid of the blood and DNA over those 5 days while Avery was a super genius who removed every single trace of TH? The simple answer is that what happened in the Halderson case is what really happens when you have a bloody murder scene in a home. It also means Wisconsin framed Avery using the corrupt ex-DA ex-lawyer current-rapist Ken Kratz.
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2022.12.17 07:08 LychiCat Chandler Halderson's lazy lawyers.

I listened to the jail phonecalls and Halderson alludes to there being 2 sides to every story and how his lawyers advised him not to talk about what his defence will be etc. But then when it came to the trial, it really seemed there was NO DEFENCE!! whatsoever. I mean great that he got the max sentence, but what about the legal system in general, the principles at stake? Aren't his lawyers supposed to "vigorously defend" him? I mean Darrell Brooks did a better job those two lazy women. I got the feeling they intentionally did not do their job because they hated him and wanted him put away. Couldn't this be cause for a mistrial, seeing how they didn't do their job?
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2022.12.05 05:47 blu3dice Chandler Halderson jailhouse calls Pt 2 - Two months BEFORE trial

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2022.11.22 02:50 0asisfan2 Should Halderson have admitted and tried to get a second degree charge?

Anyone think Halderson could have gotten charge dropped down to second degree murder?
I think it would have been possible if he admitted he lost control and things got out of control with his father. It may have been harder to get it dropped down for his mother but with all the evidence Halderson was facing I don't get why he would take it to trial. Especially when you see how his lawyers basically said he was a guilty monster, just don't get why he didn't plead guilty
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2022.11.14 19:42 truecrimewitching I was Cat in 2005

This is so insane but it's all true. In 2005 my boyfriend of a year came to pick me up in his parents van (he was not allowed to use it). I was 15 & he was 20 at the time, I didn't ask many questions just went along with it. Did I mention it was over Thanksgiving weekend? While I was eating at my grandma's house he was beating his whole family to death. The morning after he picks me up in the van. We spend the weekend at a hotel, invite some friends & spend alone time. I don't want to get into much but I'm sure you sleuths can find the case & fiqure out who I am but I don't really care. It was just after watching the Halderson trial & Cats interrogations that I fiqured I'd share my similar case.
Things that are the same.. He was a screw up still living at home. His parents were over it & he knew it. It was over a holiday weekend. He said his family had gone to another state. It was mom, dad & others. Gossip was that I helped or was an accomplice. I fully cooperated & testified for the state at his trial. Got life without the possibility of parole.
He drove me to his house that Sunday to fill up on the gas tanks on the property & wouldn't let me inside, obviously because all of the murdered bodies. Eventually I was dropped off at McDonald's where a sheriff then picked me up. Then my nightmare began...
Sending love to all the victims of psychopaths.
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2022.09.25 16:59 maj_minor Amazing rebuttal closing statement in Halderson case, adult son who killed his parents, dismembered the bodies, and hid the parts all over Wisconsin

I just finished watching the entire Chandler Halderson trial, and wanted to share what I think is one of the most fantastic closing statements, for anyone who hasn't heard it yet, by prosecutor William Brown. His opening is great too, but this rebuttal closing gave me chills. I also think the defense did a good job given how little they had to work with, and the other prosecutor in the first closing statement did a good timeline and had a few good zingers.
The following video shows the prosecution's initial closing statement (beings 36:35), the defense closing statement (begins 1:35:04), and then rebuttal (begins 2:09:05): https://youtu.be/bwulx3hpk34
For those not familiar with this case, 23 year old Chandler Halderson was convicted earlier this year of murdering his parents in their home, where he also lived. Just before the killings, it seemed his father was starting to figure out that he had been lying to everyone for at least a year about having a job, going to school, medical issues, and other things. He was just staying home all day playing video games, pretending to be working from home and taking classes. After Chandler killed them he cut up their bodies, burned parts of them in the fireplace at home, then scattered the rest of their body parts in several locations around the southern half of Wisconsin. He had sent a fake text from his mom's phone to make it look like they'd taken a trip up to their family cabin up north, and then told police that same story when he reported them missing a week after he'd killed them.
Here is an article with more information: https://people.com/crime/young-wis-man-found-guilty-of-murdering-parents-hiding-their-fragmented-remains/
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2022.09.13 14:33 Zealousideal-Job2753 What are some incredible moments of narcissism that you remember from a case?

  1. Ed Kemper's mother
On the night Ed murdered his mother, she says to him, "I haven't had sex with a man for years because of you. My murderous son." She said this to Ed often, "murderous son". Apart from how inappropriate it is to say something like that, she KNOWS Ed murdered his grandparents. She knows what he's capable of but she can't help herself. The degree of narcissism just blew by mind.
  1. How Ted Bundy was surprised when people noticed him
During his trial, witnesses time and time again testified they saw Ted at incriminating places. This genuinely shocked him. He assumed he was invisible, and he thought people weren't really aware, and the people he murdered wouldn't be missed. He had a very low view of normal folk. He was so narcissistic he basically thought people were NPCs.
  1. Chandler Halderson making a statement during his sentencing
First off, Chandler tried to avoid attending his sentencing altogether. The judge didn't allow this. Chandler was forced to attend. During the sentencing, he wants to make a statement, and the judge lets him do it. But what was really interesting to me was when the judge tells Chandler he doesn't have to wear a mask during his statement. It appears to me that Chandler wants to keep his mask on, but there's this timidity and hesitation. The judge doesn't tell him to take his mask off, he just says he doesn't have to wear it while he makes his statement. With a bit of hesitation but no resistance, Chandler takes his mask off and gives his statement. I felt like Chandler doesn't even have the confidence to tell the judge he wants to keep his mask on all the while he's capable of murdering his parents and then butchering, torching, and scattering their remains. Those things have to be connected. At the same time, his statement includes no grief, no asking for forgiveness, no emotion at all really. He just wants attorneys watching the trial to intervene on his behalf. That moment felt incredibly narcissistic, especially so because, if you watched Chandler's trial, as far as analogies go, the "mountain of evidence" was freaking mount everest. Compared to Chandler, OJ looks pretty good. Maybe this is just my subjective experience of the moment, but just that morbid timidity, his monstrous crimes, and his emotionless statement begging attorneys to intervene in his case after all of the testimony and evidence, came together at that moment for me.

These are some narcissistic moments that remained with me after reading about a case. Personally, I think these people were more narcissistic than psychopathic. What are some moments of narcissism you remember from a case?
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2022.03.17 19:11 Frosty-Cupcake-7820 LIVE: Chandler Halderson Sentencing - Parents Dismembered Trial

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2022.02.26 07:40 LostAngelusLA An extremely dark case of double murder (the Chandler Halderson case)

If any dark case should get some coverage, then it's the Chandler Halderson double Parricide case (which was never really covered in the news in the US from Windsor WI.) This is a case where Chandler Halderson murdered both his parents, dismembered them by hand, burned parts of their bodies in a fireplace, & discarded the rest of their remains all over Dane County WI. He was recently declared guilty, & he is set to receive his sentencing this March. It's an incredibly twisted case which involves draining a pond, searching landfills, searching a farm, and the Wisconsin river. The police have only ever discovered a human torso and legs. The rest of the remains will never be found. I've actually sent MrBallen an Instagram DM about this case, so I hope he read it. This case hits incredibly close to home for me because I actually lived in the home this happened in. I had a family member testify during the trial. This was my grandmother's house, and my bedroom was actually the same bedroom that Chandler Halderson slept in.
The prosecution's opening statements are extremely compelling and detailed, and can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce2bmpDSg1g
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2022.02.20 08:37 LilMiszH Dulce's Testimony

Just a quick question. When watching Day 3 of the Halderson trial, there is a moment where Dulce is recalling rushing back home when she finds out Chandler is on the way. The prosecutor asks a couple more questions and then Dulce appears to get very emotional or stressed, she glances over at the Judge and then back at the Prosecutor and asks "Can I have just a minute?" The Judge agrees and allows said time needed for her to calm down and regain her composure. Problem is no matter how loud I turn up the speaker before she asks for a break, I can't hear the 2 or 3 questions the prosecution asks that led her to ask for a minute. What did he say? Does anyone know? Or have a a transcript I can look at? Any help would greatly appreciated! ❤️
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2022.02.10 13:30 RustyCann Guest Request: RekietaLaw

Nick is a lawyer in Minnesota and owner of a small law firm - Rekieta Law. On his Youtube channel, he regularly discusses/streams legal topics and breaks down lawsuits in a simplified form for the average person. He analyses law cases, reacts to them and often has his lawyer friends jump in to give their opinion on self defence or copyright law.
If you are interested in law, the judicial process, outright strange cases in America and random topics then he's your guy. I've never been a big fan of mumbo jumbo law stuff but he explains it for morons like me and seems to be an all round normal guy. Plus the trials he covers are sometimes viewer requested so you know it's going to be a weird one.
Similar dark humour to PKA.
Gamer nerd/twitch streamer.
Well versed in internet culture.
Friend of Dick Masterson(?)
Open to coming on podcasts if scheduled in advance.
Good at talking and hard to interrupt.
Opinionated and not always the most P/C.

Notable Trial Coverage:
Derek Chauvin (Cop convicted of killing George Floyd)
Kyle Rittenhouse (17 year old cleared of murder during Kenosha protests)
Kim Potter (Cop who accidentally shot and killed criminal while yelling "taser")
Arnaud Arbery (Jogger shot by red-necks who claimed he was a burglar)
Chandler Halderson (Killed and mutilated his parents after a bizarre web of lies)
Theodore Edgecombe (Cyclist who executed a lawyer in "self defence")
Travis Reinking (Naked Wafflehouse shooter that killed 4 cos' "aliens")
Curtis Reeves (77 y/o retired police captain, shot a man over popcorn in movie theatre)
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2022.02.01 01:46 TonyBagels Why did Chandler Halderson go to trial?

The case against him was overwhelming and he had quite literally zero defense.
Why even bother? Did the DA not offer him a deal?
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2022.01.27 02:56 Frosty-Cupcake-7820 Local reporter spoke to a juror from the Halderson murder trial. ‘We were all shocked': Halderson juror says defense's lack of witnesses helped seal killer's fate

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2022.01.23 15:12 LongLocksBoy Have you ever been caught lying to your parents?

So I've been learning about the Chandler Halderson trial. If you don't know, a 23 year old guy in America preferred playing video games to doing University classes and stopped going. But he lies to his family, girlfriend and friends saying he's still going. Then he lies about getting a working from home job at an insurance company. Then he lies about being a police scuba diver and getting a job at SpaceX.
His father starts getting suspicious and discovers his web of lies. After being found out he kills his father then his mother a few hours later. He dismembers the bodies, tries burning them, then dumps the body parts around the surrounding countryside. He then makes a missing person report but the police quickly get suspicious and arrest him. He was just convicted a few days ago because of the overwhelming evidence. If you want to know more about it this opening statement by the prosecution explains the whole case, it's better than any TV crime series and a lot more detailed too.
So have you ever been caught lying to your parents and if so did you kill your parents? 🤨
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2022.01.20 16:14 wheressunshine Halderson will not testify in his homicide trial, defense will call no witnesses

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2022.01.20 15:26 Virtual-Worker922 Lawyer Reacts: Chandler Halderson Trial Recap & Defense Breakdown

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2022.01.19 20:05 Frosty-Cupcake-7820 Juror in Halderson trial excused after testing positive for COVID-19

A juror has been excused from the Chandler Halderson trial after testing positive for COVID-19.
Due to the amount of time between the jurors being dismissed for the trial's suspension and this juror testing positive for the virus, Judge Hyland does not believe his case is connected to the trial.
There are still 17 jurors seated in the trial, five of which serving as alternates.
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2022.01.19 01:57 mekniphc Prosecution will likely rest its case Wednesday in the Chandler Halderson trial

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2022.01.18 22:11 ElectronicFudge5 Halderson trial resumes with analysis of human bone found in family fireplace

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