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2013.08.28 23:34 DragonChainsaw22 For all your lawn mowing needs!

Lawns have been around since it began in Europe in the year 1540. This subreddit is for discussion on lawn mowing, lawn mowers, and lawn maintenance.

2023.06.10 22:27 gominder Commercial Lawn Mower vs. Residential Lawn Mower: Which One is Right for You?

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2023.06.10 22:21 Battlefield_One New ride on

After just coming in from another 2.5-hour lawn mowing session with my non-propelled 21" cheapie mower, I think it is time to step up to a ride on.
Right now, the cheapest John Deere mower from my local dealer is the s100 at about $3500CAD + tax.
My yard is mostly flat, just large, hence the time it takes. I suspect my snow blower (11 years old), is just about ready to die, so I would like a lawn tractor, I can either add a snowblower to or add a snow blade.
Here are my questions.
  1. For this kinda money, should I be looking at other brands?
  2. Is it worth spending more for a different model?
  3. Is it practical to do light (5-6") snow removal with this model? 4. Assume the answer is yes (either a different model), what are the attachments for snow removal I should be looking at. 4.
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2023.06.10 22:20 NoMagiciansAllowed The only house in my price range and location that doesn't need a total renovation. Would you buy?

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2023.06.10 22:12 Battlefield_One Help me choose

After just coming in from another 2.5 hour lawn mowing session with my non propelled 21" cheapie mower, I think it is time to steup to a ride on.
Right now, the cheapest mower from my local dealer is the s100 at about $3500CAD + tax.
My yard is mostly flat, just large, hence the time it takes. I suspect my snow blower (11 years old), is just about ready to die, so I would like a lawn tractor, that I can either add a snowblower to, or add a snow blade to.
re are my questions. 1. For this kinda money, should I be looking at other brands (yes, I know I am in the JD subreddit). 2. Is it worth spending more for a different model? 3. Is it practical to do light (5-6") snow removal with this model? 4. Assume the answer is yes (either a different model), what are the attachments for snow removal I should be looking at.
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2023.06.10 22:01 fluffyn0nsense Looking for thoughts on a premise I'm working on (Heist, Period Drama)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'm at the "mulling over" stage of a new project and was hoping for some feedback on the overal concept and logline, alongside general feedback and initial thoughts. Cheers in advance.

"The Kangaroo Gang"

GENRE: Crime, Heist, Period Drama MEDIUM: British Miniseries TONE: Snatch (2000) meets Mad Men (2007-2015) via Elmore Leonard
PILOT LOGLINE: 1966, a brazen band of Aussie shoplifters are forced to scam the rival of a gangster they unknowingly crossed. But their plan to hit the biggest department store in swinging London is threatened when they garner the attention of an ambitious Scotland Yard detective.
CONTEXT: Based on a true story. The eighteenth century saw English thieves sent to Australia as convicts and left to make do. Now it's the nineteen-sixties and Aussie crooks have perfected their trade and return to swinging London with remarkable success.The Beatles are kings of the hit parade, but Arthur Delaney is determined to be remembered as the king of thieves. He leads a brazen band, stealing luxury goods in daring heists worth millions without any violence, just charm and distraction. The most successful shoplifting ring in history, who baffle Scotland Yard and plunder stores throughout England and Europe.
I envisage it being a snappy cat-and-mouse heist story like Catch Me If You Can (2002), while also being rich in character and cultural thematic arguments like Mad Men (2007-2015).A psychedelic "flower power" trojan horse for a black as night crime caper; using the cultural "British Invasion" of the 1960's to look at the greater moral reckoning of the British Empire. An important conversation happening nowadays.
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2023.06.10 21:54 Squidwina Mysterious Backyard Visitor in Union County, New Jersey!

Mysterious Backyard Visitor in Union County, New Jersey!
After 4+ years of work to make my yard more wildlife-friendly, I found my very first snake! I'm very excited about my new friend, but I haven't been able to identify him using the usual sources. I am hoping you can help. Note that there is a second pic with a yardstick for scale. Some info:
- It stayed perfectly still until we tried to pick it up with a branch to move it. We thought it was dead at first, but then it sprinted into the raspberry patch. (I have video of it moving if it will help.)
- There is no water source in the yard, but there is a creek across the street, maybe 50 yards away.
- It was in the middle of the lawn (aka weed patch), but there is plenty of cover nearby, including logs, a brush pile, a rock pile, and the aforementioned raspberry patch.
Thanks, everybody!
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2023.06.10 21:53 aanda_lawncare ant_control_for_lawns

Ants can cause painful stings and damage to your yard. Luckily, our guaranteed imported fire ant control services can solve the problem for you. We'll treat your yard and provide ongoing maintenance to keep these pests at bay for 12 months.Let us keep your yard healthy and pest-free! Book a call today!Visit us now: https://aandalawncare.com/services/fire-ant-control

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2023.06.10 21:51 Comr4 VR Slut Cheats With The Lawn Guy,Maddy May Mick Blue Scarlit Scandal,Reality Kings

video source
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2023.06.10 21:48 avid_life Officially my JNMIL. Wedding recap.

I apologize for the possibility of lack of context. I had to delete my previous posts due to privacy concerns.
My now husband and I have been together 3 years, we just got married May 27th. My new MIL has been a JN from the very beginning, is a complete narc. Husband had some work to do because he was the golden child and there was some enmeshment he had to deal with. Luckily with therapy and some work he has made tremendous progress and set some good boundaries with his mom. Our wedding was a good eye opener for him.
So what happened?
  1. We had the wedding at DHs childhood home (ugh). At first I was on board because it’s a beautiful property and would be free (a few months into planning it became abundantly clear it would not actually be “free”). There was a lot of cement work that needed to be done. His dad insisted on doing all of the work himself with the help of my husband. This resulted in work still being done the day of our wedding! JN conveniently “broke” her leg and could not help with anything. So my husband and I spent the morning of our wedding finishing concrete work and scrambling to set up since nothing could be set up until the concrete work was done.
  2. She brought in a crew of her flying monkeys to decorate how she wanted. Luckily one of them actually helped convince her that some of my desires were the better option. Still incredibly frustrating.
  3. During set up she rode around the property on a riding lawn mower bossing my bridesmaids around and having them do tasks that didn’t pertain to wedding set up. I finally had to call them together and give them specific tasks and tell them not to take any direction from JN.
  4. At the last minute, JN conveniently decided to change her dress to one that was white.
  5. DH Had his mom and dad walk him down the aisle. JN insisted she be in the middle. Luckily, DH put his foot down and wouldn’t let her.
  6. While getting ready (literally had 30 minutes to get my hair and makeup done because of all the work) JN storms into the room with a group of her friends to get herself ready and took over the mirrors and got in the way of my hairdresser. Luckily, my hair and makeup girl (also my best friend) got pissed and kicked everyone out.
  7. During speeches JN gave an incredibly long speech with detailed stories about all of her friends who helped with the property. No thank you to DH for all his work. At one point DH tried to cut her off and she scolded him into the microphone. We just walked away and all our friends and family were very kind and sympathetic toward us.
  8. Days before the wedding, JN started sending me links to other venues telling me the property wouldn’t be ready in time.
  9. During our family photos she whispered “no she can’t be in this” when we asked my BILs fiancé to join. We ignored her.
  10. After her speech, she rounded up a crew of people to care for her inside the house because her leg was hurting. This was actually fine because she was away from the reception.
  11. Right before the ceremony, she pulled DH into a private room to talk. He thought they would have a sweet moment but nope. She proceeded to tell him that just because he’s marrying me doesn’t mean he has to take my side, and to always do what is “right”.
  12. When we were trying to leave at the end of the night she made a public scene insisting I am pregnant (I’m not) and would not take no for an answer.
  13. During clean up the next day she spent the time decorating her house with my wedding decor and then fighting me over the things I purchased. She did not actually help with any of the clean up.
I could go on, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.
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2023.06.10 21:27 OldManTrumpet KMP 2580-06 80v Mower on sale.

Claims to be regular $599, on sale for $299. I ordered this and its on the way. (Out of stock the day after I ordered it.) Seems like too good of a deal. Is there a reason why I should have avoided this? I also ordered an 80v trimmer (tool only). Did I buy into a dead end or something?
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2023.06.10 21:27 ThePrettyGoodGazoo Root Manufacturing Lawn Mower

Root Manufacturing Lawn Mower
Can anyone provide some information about this mower? It’s been in a garage on my family’s property for at least 50 years. I know it last ran sometime in the late 70s so I’m guessing it’s from at least the 1960s. It’s just an interesting looking mower and I’m curious as to why there isn’t much information on Root Manufacturing or any of its old mowers online.
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2023.06.10 21:26 Wondering_if Pop up emitter that does not get destroyed by lawnmower?

Pop up emitter that does not get destroyed by lawnmower?
Both my foundation perimeter drain and my stormwater retention overflow terminate at pop up emitters in the lawn. The pop up emitters are these NDS devices that look like this:

Pop up emitter
The problem is that if I run over them with my Ego mower, the mower sucks up the pop up part with such force that the small pin holding it in gets broken off.
There are videos on the internet saying the Polylock brand does not have this problem because the pop up is held in with a spring. That seems like it would also prevent the lid from popping up unless there is a great deal of water pressure - and with a foundation drain, building up pressure in the system is NOT good. Is there an alternate brand with a more robust attachment that I just have not yet found but that does not require much force to pop up?
Has anyone figured out a modification to the NDS ones to prevent lawnmowers destroying them and that keeps the pop up mechanism working?
Other than simply mowing around it, is there any other solution?
Replacing with a slotted drain is not a solution because there are baby chipmunks around that amazingly can get in the slots - I've watched them squeeze through.
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2023.06.10 21:21 transcribersofreddit NoLawns Image "Advice needed: help me design our new yard!"

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2023.06.10 21:21 NukaNukaNukaCola Passed the NCLEX in 85 questions. Was convinced I failed. Here's my advice (long).

Graduated 5/13. Studied using UWorld and Mark Klimek lectures. Did about 75% of the q bank, and 2 assessments, one about 2.5 to 3 weeks before the exam and the other 1 week before the exam. On the second exam, I scored an 82% (average 57%), very high, in the 83rd percentile. Also scored very high on the first exam.
Took the NCLEX on 6/8. It took me about an hour to an hour and 20ish minutes, shut off in 85 questions. Went out to my car and cried for a solid 20 minutes about the exam, I was 100% confident I failed. I felt so dumb and unprepared. I felt confident on maybe a few questions out of the entire 85. This is very uncharacteristic of me. I rarely got test anxiety in nursing school, and am normally a solid B+/A- student.
About 20 minutes after I left, I got the confirmation email from Pearson. Did the trick and got the good popup. Mustve done the trick at least 2 dozen times in the 48 hours lol. Found out I passed this afternoon.
Here's my tips:
  1. Test taking strategies > content. You won't know all of the content on your exam, but that's the point. This is especially relavent with pharm, I felt like >25% of the drugs I saw were ones i've never heard of before. However, It's a safety exam and it wants you to critically think, and irl, not all nurses will know something immediately. They want to see how you approach that situation. Use an acronym that works for you, like ASK GRAPH, to prioritize. Read into prioritization questions as, "who's going to die first?"
  2. You don't need to waste money on 500 resources. I used UWorld and Klimek exclusively. I would suggest listening to 1 klimek Lecture per day, I never took notes. I'd play mind numbing video games like lawn mower simulator (lol) or minecraft while I listened, or I'd listen on the way to work. The prioritization & delegation, cardiac, and OB/L&D were the most important lectures I listened to. His F&E didn't help me much but if you struggle with F&E - listen to it.
  3. I didn't waste much time with next gen uworld q's. I did mostly standard questions and focused on reading the rationale to completely foreign questions or prioritization questions. If you're very stressed about the NGN component, by all means practice the NGN questions! But most (and I stress most) of the NGN was easier than the standard questions and I felt like they required less practice.
  4. Take the day before the exam off work, if this is possible for you. Enjoy your favorite hobbies, try your best to relax. If you're going to review, only review your test taking strategies. Absolutely NONE of what I reviewed the day prior to the exam helped me, and I must've done over 200 UWorld questions. Eat something before the exam and drink plenty of water.
Tips for during the exam:
  1. DO NOT overanalyze the questions or their difficulty! Don't! All of those dumb tricks like "if you ended on a SATA that's a good sign" are BS. My last question was multiple choice, in fact, like the last 4 or 5+ questions I had were multiple choice. I got more multiple choice the farther along in the exam I got. It DOES NOT matter. My questions felt easier later in the exam and the beginning of the exam was twice as difficult for me. But guess what? I passed. I wish I hadn't spent so much time analyzing the questions and their difficulty, and spent more time in the moment simply answering the question to the best of my ability.
  2. Don't panic if your exam is very basic, or plain. I didn't get any EKG, FHR, med math, bow tie/click and drag, hot spot, audio, etc. I got 2 highlighting questions and 2 or 4 case studies which were all drop down, SATA, understanding v. no understanding, and indicated v. not indicated. Of course I panicked over this and thought I had failed.
  3. Be confident. You can pass this exam. Doesn't matter if you pass it in 85 or 145, you'll pass it. You have the tools you need to succeed. You have the knowledge you need to succeed. You graduated Nursing school. You're going to be an RN!
  4. Utilize the noise cancelling headphones if they have them. And the ear plugs. Take them in and out as you please. I put on my headphones like 4 times throughout the time I was there, and took them off when I felt like it. That's fine, do what works for you, it won't get flagged as suspicious activity if that's what you're concerned about.
  5. If you're someone who stresses over what exam question you're on, disable the question counter. I didn't do this but I know some people have, it should be an option before your exam officially starts.
  6. Don't walk in with expectations. Don't expect to do 85 questions in an hour and be done. I was the first of a whole group of us to leave, so clearly it's not necessarily the norm to be done in an hour. You CAN pass in 145 questions. You CAN fail in 85 questions (even if unlikely). You can pass after 5 hours and you can fail after 45 minutes. Literally just tell yourself that you'll be there for the entire 5 hour block and 145 questions.
For anyone wondering what to bring to the exam, I just brought in my ID and car keys. No phone unless necessary, it's a hassle because you have to seal it in a tamper proof bag which must be cut open after the exam. Checking in is really easy. I just said "hi, I'm here for the NCLEX," they handed me a laminated packet of rules and regulations, and asked me to sit and read it. They called me up, had me sign that I wouldn't break the rules, and inspected my ID. The palm scan is easy, they'll scan both of your hands a few times. The receptionist then assigned me a locker and told me to put everything I had inside of the locker.
Then I walked over to another table, where they asked me to turn my pockets inside out, pat myself down, and pull my pants up to my socks. She then gave me my whiteboard and marker, then led me to my computer. The only things you keep with you is your key and ID. They sign into the computer, you don't need to remember your Pearson Vue sign in or anything like that. There's a section explaining the exam to you and some quick tips, then you'll start the exam.
If anyone is worried about what whiteboard/markers you're provided, I got a fine tip sharpie permanent marker, and this "white board" that was a laminated piece of (what seemed to be) legal paper with a grid format. It was great, don't stress about the whiteboard thing. I used the whiteboard to write out the options on questions and see if they're true or false. Like this:
  1. F - not priority
  2. ?
  3. F - normal
  4. T
This helped me a lot on more difficult questions.
If anyone has any questions just ask, but I have full confidence that anyone reading this can and will pass this exam. :)
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2023.06.10 21:09 hubilation Clearing spiky weeds out of a grass lawn

We let a whole bunch of those weeds that produce spiky burrs grow in our front yard, and now we’re regretting it. We have thousands of those spiky little burrs all over the yard.
We’re starting the process of pulling the actual weeds, but the burrs are still there. Any tips on how to get rid of them without tearing up the lawn?
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2023.06.10 20:47 jemmils Looking for a new lawn mower

Hi! I'm looking for a new, powerful lawn mower. Feels like grass is growing faster this summer, so a new mower is needed. Can anyone recommend a good one? Which brand is good? I need a mower, not a mini tractor mower. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:40 AirDmt27 Is learning small engines still worth learning?

I wanted to learn how to fix generators,lawn mowers etc stuff like that,but is it still worth it now that inverters and battery powered systems are a thing?
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2023.06.10 19:59 dmomo I accidentally ran over the gas cap to my lawn mower.

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2023.06.10 19:52 MagnoliaTree3 what's your opinion about my lawn and my neighbor?

My neighbors and I share a front lawn (meaning, there is no fence in the front yard, between the properties). We are all seniors though we are the "younger" couple by a decade. We have been good neighbors for about 35 years now. We are not friends, but we are all very cordial to one another and help each other out.
The neighbors really put a lot of value and pride on their lawn and their gardening, and I totally respect that. My husband and I also have a level of caring, but we both still work, we don't want to hire a gardener, and I try very hard, for their sake, to keep up and have our lawn not make theirs look bad.
I am just curious if it would bother you guys if your neighbor had their gardener mow onto your property. Is it a lot? No. It's approximately six feet. Yet whenever I see it, it bothers me. My neighbor and I have discussed this several years ago when her husband was still the one mowing the lawn, and it was a very civil, respectful conversation, he said he didn't 't realize where the boundary line was, and things were fine for many months. I REALLY don't want to make it an issue yet again, but I was just wondering if this were you, would you be bothered, or am I being foolish? Thanks so much!
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2023.06.10 19:51 QualityGig Garden Fence vs. Critters

Garden Fence vs. Critters
FENCING. I know this is a subject all its own (surprised there's no Reddit on this, at least as far as I can tell). This year’s goal is to build a more aesthetic and functional fence. We're in Year #3 of the garden, and problem pests have been (in order of headache): rabbits and groundhogs, chipmunks (sucked all the tomatoes last year in the heat/drought), mice (in supply bin), possum (occasional), raccoons (not in garden), and deer (also not in garden). We have coyotes and fisher cats in the area and lots of green space so, I guess, it feels like there’s not a *lot* of determined infiltration.
The design to date is 4' u-posts with standard coated welded wire fencing along with 2' of chicken wire at the bottom (1' comes up the face of the fence and 1' flares out into the yard and grows down into the grass). Deer don't seem interested in jumping the fence, but chipmunks and anything small have free reign. Most of the rest of the pest issues have to do with a poor door, but I have a good plan on that.
Where I really want to 'nail it' is a new perimeter fence. Thinking of sinking 4x4 posts to 4’ high with cattle panels in between. Then, add a finer mesh lower down and below ground. I'm thinking of also facing the post bottoms with 1x6 boards to create a growing opportunity along the fence itself (as well as another barrier). I'd reuse the chicken wire and splay it out into the yard to prevent digging at the fence itself.
Cross-sectional view from inside garden (left) to outside lawn (right)
Main question is "How well will this work?" More detailed questions are "For the finer mesh at the very bottom and below grade, what material (hardware cloth?), what size mesh, how tall above ground, and how deep below ground?"
I get pests are a common, evolving situation. Like everyone, want to keep everything out. We're not growing food for them -- We're growing for us. Willing to share a bit . . . but don't like seeing ALL the kohlrabi leaves eaten all at once!
Also, I’ve considered whether to make panels and even posts removable to make for a cleaner space/view during the winter. Has anyone done anything like that, even if just to remove a panel for start/end-of-year activities?
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2023.06.10 19:46 6pimpjuice9 What are these?

What are these?
My lawn always had these small trees saplings that I mowed down. Left the yard for 2 weeks to see where they all are and what are they. Does anyone know what they are and how I can get rid of them from the lawn area?
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2023.06.10 19:39 Johnny_Leon Terminals ripped on riding lawn mower

I was changing my riding lawn mower battery which was severely rusted and the negative terminal ripped.
How would I replace this?
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