Chevy truck rear axle interchange


2021.02.04 19:01 gbntbedtyr Mid_Engine_Trucks

A Mid Engine Truck is a Custom Truck built with the Engine behind the cab but forward of the rear axle.

2023.06.11 00:28 SkyKW Think I’ll get messed with by DOT?

Think I’ll get messed with by DOT?
You think DOT will mess with me for being 140 lbs over on my steer? (My Tandem is all the way to the front)
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2023.06.10 23:59 Everkeen Can anyone point me to a hitch receiver that goes into a 'T' and extends out to use as a tie down for the rear?

I have seen a few truck campers utilizing the rear hitch with a T shaped adapter that comes out and extends to the tie down points. I have a 2.5 inch heavy duty hitch so I don't think it will be an issue. I can't find what to look for online though. Even an adapter that comes out and goes 90 degrees would be good as I have a tube I can weld up and make a tie down with. Anyone know what to look for or what it's called?
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2023.06.10 23:30 khoafraelich789 2023 MG GT Sport 1.5L Turbo TST

2023 MG GT Sport 1.5L Turbo TST
Make: MG
Model: GT Sport TST
Engine: 1.5-liter DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 Turbo Intercooler
Max Power: 161 PS @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque: 250 Nm @ 1750 - 4000 rpm
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
Price as Tested: ₱PHP 1,193,888

For a brand known mainly for its sports cars from the 60s to the 90s, it was unusual to see MG launch one crossover SUV after another in the local market. They teased us a little bit with the MG6 liftback (launched in 2019), but thankfully, they are upping the marque’s sportiness with the introduction of the second-generation MG GT sports sedan.

Its nose has a proper scowl, which makes it look like it is impatiently waiting for the light to turn green and dash away. It was thoughtful of MG to put holes for the vehicle plate screws below the 3D digital flaming grille (so onlookers can see its full form), and the extra black molding that extends into these large air vents is a nice touch that gives it a one-of-a-kind front fascia.

The side showcases its very nice 17-inch two-tone Tomahawk alloy wheels, a couple of sharp character lines that highlight the shapely fenders, and a chrome trim that traces the daylight opening and emphasizes the slope that gives it a fastback form.

LED bulbs are standard on the intelligent headlights and 3D racetrack taillights. It also has a couple of elements that reduce drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency, a front (carbon fiber-style) and rear (ducktail) spoiler.

It looks every bit the part of a sports sedan from the front, but I have a few suggestions. A lower stance would be better, which means reduced ground clearance. On top of that, a sleeker roof would make it look sexier and give it better stability, and a larger rear glass should elicit an illusion of a wider body (when viewed from the rear). Lastly, drop the faux twin exhaust because it looks pretty obvious.

MG brags that it has a fighter jet-inspired cockpit. I have never been in a fighter jet as the closest I have been was while watching ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ so I’ll take their word for it.

The dashboard is sleek, with switches that are just the right size to match the cockpit design. The plastic surface could be better, but the diamond-design accent that runs along the middle gives it a certain level of sophistication. The matching slim infotainment system is laid out horizontally and sits on top of a silver ledge with toggles to switch between the different menus of the 10-inch floating monitor. Designers gave the layout some thought to ensure every detail matches the image they have of the GT.

I single out the instrument cluster because of its different look and feel. I get a Chevy (think Spark) or a moto vibe from it, even if it sports a 12.3-inch virtual display with a digital speedometer and tachometer. The unique thing about it is the red linear gauges on either side that goes up and down depending on the speed and RPM.

Each front seat has bolsters for a snug fit, which is why it appears small at first. It cradles the torso very well, which helps keep the body in place during aggressive driving, but I wish the seat bottoms were just a bit longer for more thigh support. It has leather upholstery, red stitching, and quilting on the backrest.

There are two USB ports in front, one for charging and the other for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It also has Bluetooth audio streaming. The third USB port is at the back, beside the rear air vents.

The flat-bottom multi-function leather steering wheel feels great. It is just the right size and enhances the vehicle’s sporty personality. It has tilt adjustment but does not have telescopic features. Behind it are the paddle shifters and three stalks that include cruise controls.

I like its current interior equipment and the power sunroof is not a regular sight in the segment; that gives it a leg up over the competition. More premium cabin materials would be better, and throw in more padded surfaces too. The six-speaker system sounds good, but maybe too good in some parts because I can feel the vibration of the panels from the door speaker when I turn up the volume.

What is impressive about this vehicle is its small displacement 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine that makes 161 PS and 250 Nm of torque. Drive goes to the wheels via a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. Throttle response is drive mode dependent. Normal is the default mode, and it feels pretty mild-mannered. The vehicle’s weight is more palpable as it rises steadily to the desired speed.

Switching modes was a little tricky as there was a button on the center stack. The paddle shifter also did not have an effect. Only when I toggled the gear shifter back did it shift to Sport, and vice versa. Acceleration is slightly more abrupt, but I love the sound it makes. Instead of the typical rumble, which you will not get anyway because it only has four cylinders, there is a thrilling throttling-up sound that rises in the cabin the faster I went.

Handling is not too light, but despite its good power-to-weight ratio, it is not as agile. That is partly due to soft suspension and high ground clearance. Its height raises the center of gravity which -together with the ride height- is why there is a significant amount of body roll when cornering.

If you want to sort that out, get a new set of coilover suspensions or a lowering kit (if there are any available). But there is a benefit to keeping it suspension setup stock. This soft type has more comfort versus rigid setups that offer sporty handling. It keeps road harshness levels down, and unless you plan to drive it aggressively, there is no need to modify it.

It has a forward collision warning and lane departure warning, but my favorite is the 360-degree vehicle view camera. It shows the vehicle's position relative to external obstacles, while the forward camera lets me park face-front as close to the wall as possible.

If you plan to take it for a weekend trip, the trunk space is 40 inches long and 53 inches wide. It looks big enough to store a couple of check-in luggage and several overnight bags.

At PHP 1,193,888, the 2023 MG GT Sport TST certainly has qualities befitting a compact sports sedan. It may not corner like the Civic RS but its higher torque lets it take off with a bit more bravado. This second-generation model is already on the right track with its powertrain. A few more updates in the MG GT and it can give the segment a run for its money.

Source: autoindustriya
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2023.06.10 22:22 Smooth_Ad_5501 Does anyone know the name of this font on the trucks rear window?

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2023.06.10 22:09 HylianRacer Want opinions on what Tacoma to get

Hi everyone,
I’ve been lurking on this sub for the last couple months. I’m in the market for a third gen Toyota Tacoma. I have decided that I definitely want a double cab 4x4.
The dilemma I’m having is my local Toyota dealership is getting a 2023 SR in a couple weeks for $36,600 msrp. It comes with the all weather floor mats, bed mat, bed lights and bed step. All things I would want anyway. I’m fine with what the SR comes with (other than it doesn’t come with the power rear window).
I just saw a local Mazda dealership that has a 2021 Off-road with 28k miles for $38,500 with a clean CARFAX. That price seems pretty good. I guess the trade off here is not having a CPO warranty or Toyotacare. 28k miles is really nothing for a Toyota.
The Tacomas I have been looking at have been around the mid 30k range which has priced me out of some 4x4 SR5s, Off-roads and Sports with decent mileage. That’s why this Off-road caught my eye.
I guess the question is, would you go new and get the lowest trim level, or go used on a higher trim level?
I also wanted to mention that I’m a city boy that works an office job, but I want a truck for household stuff. I also want to be able to get out of the city to go fishing, and hiking/exploring. I won’t be using the truck for any crazy rock crawling or anything like that. Plus, I miss having a truck. I drove a 2000 Ford Ranger for 10 years and I miss the utility of a truck for everyday things.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.10 21:40 DocterUnk OBW towing

OBW towing
I'm looking at picking up a enclosed trailer to use as a "mobile command center" while I travel and remodel my house. I'm concerned that the overall height compared to my outback wilderness is going to make for a dicey situation as the trailer is about 18" taller. Anyone have first hand experience they can share?
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2023.06.10 21:25 ejt159 Rear doors open when locked?

Hey y’all, as the title says, my rear doors still open when I lock the truck with the key fob. The alarm horn will go off but the doors still open. Is this how it’s supposed to be? I’d rather it just not open when locked than open and be loud, like what’s the point of locking it if the doors still open…
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2023.06.10 21:20 Realistic-Role8006 Axle damage

Just put in my insurance claim for a collision I had with a cement post. Dude was going into my lane when I was turning to the right so I had to turn even harder and I caught a fucjing cement post. Axle is jacked and now it’s grinding. How long should I expect to have the truck done being repaired through insurance?
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2023.06.10 21:15 Vandal63 Rad City 13 (Working Title)

Rad City 13 (Working Title)
I did a thing. I had a wobbly bent rear rim on my Rad City 5+ from a spill I took last winter. It was functional but the spokes were making a lot of noise. A local bike shop did their best to true the wheel but the bend was bad enough they ran out of threads in the spokes. After struggling to get ahold of Rad customer support only to be told they only sell the rear rim as part of the entire assembly, motor and all for $600 I decided to go another route. Instead I bought the 1500 W 27.5” eBike conversion kit from Area 13 for the same price. It’s not an entirely straight swap out. I had to pull the stock controller, solder a new connector on the battery cable, shim out the rear drop out a bit and file out the stock torque arm nuts to fit the larger axle width. Dialing in the new controller was easy thanks to the Area 13 YouTube resources. I could use the stock brake cutoffs and pedal assist sensor. Overall, pretty painless. This motor is plenty powerful to keep my 250 lb butt going up steep hills at 12-15 mph. Good stuff!!
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2023.06.10 20:59 Rabbit_de_Caerbannog In response to "can I tow this?" posts

In response to
This is a screenshot from, listing tow ratings for a 1996 F150. The 5.8 that year made 235hp mated to a 4spd auto trans without a tow mode. The front brakes had 11in or 12in disks, single piston calipers, and organic pads; the rear were 11in drums. Antilock brakes in front only. No integrated trailer brake controller, no sway control, and no traction control. Standard tires were 235/75R15. People still towed boats, travel trailers, cars, and all sorts of stuff with what, by today's standards, are underpowered and under equipped trucks, and they're still alive. Any F150 with the integrated brake controller and 6R80 is better better equipped to tow than any class 1 or 2 truck made before 1999 (and many after). Are you under the gross trailer, gross combined, and payload weights? Then start towing. If you're new or nervous, take it slow. Stay in the right lane, let people pass you, that's what the left lane is for.
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2023.06.10 20:59 Dangerous-Canary7963 2019 Pro4x Totaled

2019 Pro4x Totaled
Sad day guy ran a red right into me…
Bed, door, cab crunched. Axle sideways, side air bags deployed, transmission fluid on the ground.
Insurance said it is probably totaled… comparable trucks with same miles are crazy more expensive than they were 3 years ago…
Looking at both new P4x and a ranger for towing my Smittybilt scout, any concerns with gen 3s?
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2023.06.10 20:56 legojoe7874 Im in my zone blasting this guy's 72 chevy truck. I turn around and see boba fett staring at me!! People are awesome this made my whole year!!!

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2023.06.10 20:53 Bloodmeister Uploading footage of a rear-end collision on 6/7 around 8 pm on i495 near Chevy Case -- in case the accident victim needs the dashcam footage as evidence.

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2023.06.10 20:23 cinnamonandcrime UPDATE: Belongings of 36 year old missing man, Jordan Boone, discovered by Tiktoker in Utah dessert.

Jordan Boone
Jordan resided in Salt Lake City and was 36 years old at the time he went missing in 2021. It appears that at the time of his disappearance there was very little coverage and the majority of known information has been taken from his family’s Facebook appeal page, which is run by his younger sister Shelby.
Jordan and his younger sister Shelby were incredibly close. In a letter she wrote to her missing brother, she talks about the joys of their childhood, and memories of driving around and listening to Rilo Kiley or Bright Eyes at full blast. She describes him as a talented writer, musician, artist and photographer. Jordan was a caring person; he was an advocate for the LGBTQ+ and homeless communities and would take the time to make sure that people knew how loved and special they were. Unfortunately Jordan had struggled with depression throughout his teenage years and into his adulthood. In 2017, at the age of 31, he moved to Australia with his young family and it was during this time that he suffered his first bout of mania. His second occurred in 2018 along with an episode of psychosis. Jordan returned to America and his mania began to shift into further depression and suicidal thoughts. It is unclear if Jordan was officially diagnosed, but it appears accepted by his family that Jordan was suffering with bi-polar disorder and psychosis.
At some point after his return to Utah, Jordan believed that if he got to California he would be able to find a path to the other side of the world, where his daughter still resided in Australia. Jordan believed he could send a signal to her, and shot 11 flares into the sky. When these signals went unanswered, Jordan lit a fire to a garbage can and port-a-potty, which extended to the brush around them. Jordan was arrested for arson and was jailed for six months, with a requirement to be a part of a mental health programme upon his release. Jordan was due to end his probation on 6th August.
August 2021
Jordan had recently purchased a van that he decked out for camping, and on August 1st 2021 left with the van to head to the San Rafael swell. He had taken his own dog Lily, a Pitbull mix, but also his brother’s dog Cooper, whom he took without permission. Jordan’s family contacted law enforcement in the area and asked them to keep an eye out for him, knowing he was experiencing mania. Shortly after arriving, Jordan’s van got stuck in a desolate area due to flooding that the area was experiencing. Police have never revealed publicly where they located his van, but confirmed that his wallet and computer were located inside.
On August 3rd a couple on an ATV located Jordan and his dog Lily, and gave them a ride to Huntington, Utah. He was described as being dehydrated and wearing a wetsuit, and was checked out by EMTs. One of the attending officers told Jordan his family was looking for him, and offered to get him a room at a local hotel until someone could pick him up. Jordan’s family were informed that he had been located, and although Jordan’s probation officer was due to attend the following day, the family told the officer they were concerned about leaving Jordan alone. Unfortunately the officer was unable to stay, and sometime after the officer left, Jordan left the hotel.
After leaving the hotel, Jordan walked to a nearby convenient store where he spoke to a woman at the counter. She provided some water to Jordan’s dog, Lily. After 15-20 minutes, Jordan left the convenient store and located a garbage truck to the rear of the store which still had its keys in the ignition. Jordan reportedly stole the truck and abandoned it in Price, Utah, where it is believed he then stole a Jeep Renegade. Jordan pulled onto the drive of a private property, which led to an altercation with the resident. It is reported that during this altercation, Jordan hit this male with the vehicle and fled. The male chased after Jordan but ultimately lost sight of him.
Jordan made his way to Moab and attended a Verizon store where he attempted to purchase a mobile phone. This was unsuccessful due to Jordan not having any money or ID on him. Officers reported that they located a structure nearby which they believed Jordan had broken into and taken some water from; dog prints and Redwing boots prints were located in the mud nearby. The Jeep that Jordan had stolen was later found out of gas on the side of the highway at mile marker 21 in Cisco. There are reports that Jordan was sighted walking in Fruita, Grand Junction, Montrose and Nucla, Colorado, but I have no further information on these sightings.
On August 11th, Jordan’s dog Lily was believed to have been seen walking alone on a trail in Montrose County. This was the last sighting of Lily and she has not been located.
Jordan’s brother’s dog, Cooper, was located alive 3 weeks later, approximately 30 miles away from where Jordan’s belongings would ultimately be found.
Sadly, as Jordan went missing in the area of Moab during this time, there was speculation that he could have been responsible for the murders of Kylen Schulte, Crystal Turner, and Gabby Petito. We now know this is not the case, and the family confirmed that law enforcement never treated him as a suspect.
In March 2023 Shelby confirmed that there were no updates. She reported that there had been no official missing persons report listed for Jordan for an entire year after he went missing, allegedly due to some sort of Police error. Despite some strained relationship with the Police, they were able to get Jordan listed on NamUs and the family hired a private investigator, however there were never any further leads as to where Jordan might be, or what happened to him.
Discovery of Jordan’s belongings
Tiktok user (Ryan) @ ry_of_the_desert is a self-described adventurer, posting videos of his adventures outdoors, largely in desert environments. On 22 May 2023, Ryan posted a video of his exploration in the desert of Sevier County, Utah. During this exploration, Ryan discovered some unusual belongings; some clothing, backpacks, and an electric guitar. He posted this video to tikok and it immediately went viral. I’m unable to post the link for Ryan’s Tiktok, but I would highly recommend having a look - he has created a playlist for videos relating to Jordan Boone’s case.
Someone who had seen this video forwarded this on to Jordan’s family, asking if they recognised any of the belongings. They immediately recognised the guitar, which had been customised by Jordan’s daughter before he went missing. The family have since confirmed that all the belongings found belong to Jordan.
Ryan continued to search the area, and found further belongings that have also been confirmed as belonging to Jordan. These include another backpack, a phone, phone charger, lighter torch, and window chalk paint.
On 30th May Jordan’s family drove out to meet Ryan, and he took them to the spot where he found Jordan’s belongings. Ryan continues to assist the family, and has plans to launch a drone over the area in the hopes of discovering more.
He has provided videos with maps detailing where certain items were found, and I’d recommend having a look so that you can get an idea of the location and its distance from Moab and other sightings.
This is a newly emerging update, and there could well be further updates in the coming days/weeks/months. I intend to update this post with any further updates or discoveries.
His sister Shelby wishes to point out, quite rightly, that Jordan is more than his illness, and he should be seen as a whole person with a family that loves him immensely. He was an exceptionally kind and caring person, and is a loved father, brother and son.
The family have always been open around Jordan’s mental health, and don’t shy away from the fact that this played a huge part in his disappearance. The family have always advocated for education on mental health, and their hope is that others may start to recognise the signs of mental health in others and in themselves, and seek help before any further tragedies occur. They also encourage others to spread love and compassion, and have often asked for empathy for those with mental health issues or criminal histories, like Jordan, and to remember that these are real people with real families and emotions.
Apologies for the lack of sources, but there is very little official coverage around Jordan’s disappearance or discovery of his belongings. As more information is received, I will add further sources here.
I’m unable to post the Facebook Appeal page, but this can be found by searching “Missing: Jordan Boone and Lily the pit mix dog".
Ryan’s tiktok can be found at @ ry_of_the_desert
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2023.06.10 19:41 dustydigital101 F10 530d msport (not x drive) disc and pads sizes advice

Hi all
I’m away from the car so I can’t just measure what is on there already but I’m trying to buy some new discs and pads for the rear axle. It seems there are either 330mm or 345mm options.
Is there any way of checking which will fit my car or will they both fit and are like for like replacements?
There are two sizes of pads too, I presume the bigger pads go with the bigger discs but thought I’d better check.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:31 7kPlus Rear axle/differential noise

Rear axle/differential noise
If I’ve got the whole car up off the floor and the E brake on, do you think my rear end should sound like this?
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2023.06.10 19:04 Delta_The_Coywolf Frame reinforcement

How much would it cost to reinforce a truck frame to handle oversize overweight loads as well as add a drop axle
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2023.06.10 18:56 latindoggy Bought a 2023 Toyota Tundra Capstone question about air suspension

Bought a 2023 Toyota Tundra Capstone question about air suspension
Bought a 2023 Tundra Capstone but bummed because it didn’t come with air suspension? I thought it was standard? Before yah crucify me for not just buying it they are hard to come across and I was able to get the dealer to take off the 8 k mark up and when it was all said and done the dealer not wanting to get stuck with an ultra luxury truck stuck at the dealer I got it 2k under sticker. But as a capstone should have it come with air suspension in the rear or?? Anyone have the adaptive air ride? How is it am I missing much. Also could it be added on after or???
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2023.06.10 18:51 Fourty8Seventy6 This is an MTH SD70M-2. This hopping only happens in the rear truck when going reverse. Is this problematic? Is there a solution to this?

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2023.06.10 18:02 RobertsGarage_ Time To Head South In a 1968 Chevy Truck!

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2023.06.10 18:01 RobertsGarage_ Time To Head South In a 1968 Chevy Truck!

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2023.06.10 18:01 RobertsGarage_ Time To Head South In a 1968 Chevy Truck!

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