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2023.06.10 22:10 KingPowerDog Why I Believe the Xbox is a Viable Platform And Why it Should Not Matter to You

Wanted to get this off my chest before the subreddit goes dark.
So I know a lot of members here consider Xbox a superfluous choice for gaming. Like it wouldn’t even be considered as your primary platform because “you can basically play any Xbox game on PC.”
While this is true, I still have my Xbox as my primary platform. It is the first one I consider buying multiplatform games for, and it is the one I spend the most time on. I’m sure many people are thinking I’m wasting my time, money, or both, but my take is, and always has been, to choose the platform that fits your specific needs.
For me, that is the Xbox. Of course, I have my reasons:
TLDR; all my reasons for having an Xbox Series X are specific to how I personally play games. As I said in the beginning, my choice of platform should reflect my own use cases, and so should yours. Play on PC, Switch, PlayStation, mobile, Steam Deck, or a retro handheld, as long as you can play the games you enjoy.
I hope that whoever reads this that is considering getting a new piece of gaming hardware feels more comfortable making the choice that matters for you and we can all respect our fellow gamers, no matter what platform they play on. Love and Peace!
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2023.06.10 20:33 GeoKicak Mixed Signals Ch.XI [OC?]


Louelle, Scout Specialist Technical Exterminator
Date [standardized human time]: August 31, 2136

Limna was right where I left her. She was sitting hunched over the interface of our transportation vessel, and as we entered, she twitched her ear toward us.
- His sacrifice was in vain - she said in a somber tone, her slumped posture still facing the main holo. - They won’t even look at the evidence.
Within the corner of my vision, I saw Pilipin's face return to normal. Anger slowly washed away from his features, and instead confusion began to take its place. Perplexed, he signaled me with his tail to clarify. I took the hint and pointed my claw at the screens that displayed various camera feeds, and he quickly noticed that one with the feed from the meeting room camera was dark. He was also quick to add things up, and with this new realization, a spark of resentment flashed in his eye. With one hand, Pilipin slipped off the human-made colorful attire and considered its weight.
- Well then, why won’t you look at the evidence yourself! - He shouted and flung the dream catcher away, in the general direction of the female Venlil.
The moment she recognized Pilipin's voice, Limna quickly spun around in her chair to face us. Unfortunately, the offending rag caught her by surprise as it zipped past her and, with a muffled splat, landed right next to her.
- You’re alive! But we… what is this thing? - She started asking questions as her eyes flicked from Pilipin to the prismatic garment stuck to the bottom of the screen. - What happened? - Finally, Limna asked the question that actually mattered.
- First things first. Louelle, check if you can somewhat ‘burry’ our submission, preferably deep - Pilipin ordered and pointed the main terminal with his tail.
Without further ado, I went to the ship console to unceremoniously unseat the confused civilian. Limna, sensing what I was just about to do, scooted from her seat and observed as I reviewed the last snapshot of the message resync tool.
- And you! – Pilipin caught Limna's attention once more. - You will answer a very important question.
I got myself busy checking system registers but still overheard everything they were discussing.
- What translation method have you implemented for the conversation with the savage? - he asked with the utmost self-control.
- The t-text t-translation for both sides was managed by the built-in Dict-o-box. It-t was managed by your own holopad with an updated human language library - she responded after a moment of thought. - I found out the app defaults to that option when it detects latency spikes, or in our case, when I proxied your conversation, so…
- Defaults from what – Pilipin caught a detail, and I had to stop my work to listen to Limna's answer.
- You have to understand that the conversation through the app is not E2EE – she started going more into technical details while Pilipin went back to retrieve his holopad from the cabinet. - It goes through a third party monitor, in our case, me, and an online context broker for some fancy smart functionality.
- Stuff me and hand me over to the Grays – I groaned and covered my face in my claws, shocked by the information she omitted about such a crucial component in her ‘hack’.
- Excuse me? - she asked at a loss from my reaction.
- Dealing with languages without a translation model Dict-o-box communicates with its servers to provide information to update or create that model, in response, it receives a frame of reference data – I stated the obvious. - Pilipin, do you remember the screw ups with the first Yotul recruits, sir? - I asked Pilipin as he came back with his holopad in hand. He groaned and winced as probably memories of the fuck-ups those backwater primitives caused flooded his mind.
- Well, it looks like now I’m on the opposite end of the shit sitck – he commented about his situation and motioned with his tail for Limna to come with him.
- Alright. Louelle, you do you, and Limna, you’re coming with me. As I understand it, this context translation function works fine on verbal translation implants, right? - Pilipin asked her, and I didn’t hear a yes, but right after the question, he continued. - Great, we’ll have a quick voice-to-text experiment in the back, and then, considering the output, I’ll decide what to do next - the sound of closing sleeping cabin doors was what I heard next.
Right, let’s focus back on the report.
Logs cleared. Registers overridden. I left no trace of sending anything from this shuttle. Now to login with my credentials, and maybe I’ll even be able to revoke the predator attack report completely before it gets processed further down the pipeline.
Where in deep hell is it? Why is there no ID with the right time signature? It was automatically rejected? Why?
I reread the automatic reply in my mind, as this was the first time I saw this kind of flag attached to a report.
Now this is just treason.
The line was supposed to take into consideration all signs and reports of predatory behavior, but judging from the reply attached to it, that policy has recently changed.
"Due to the increasing amount of false positive sightings and reports of human ‘true nature’ all new submissions regarding human predatory behaviors have been temporarily suspended. We suggest rereading the ministerial pamphlet ‘Social predators and you’ on human conduct and practices or trying to consult the issue on your holopad with a dedicated human volunteer to resolve the problem."
Kicking back in the chair, I loosen up and let my mind wander.
That’s one problem out of mind, but damn. You can’t even file a formal complaint against them. This is it! The conquerors must be bribing the corrupt and tricking the single-minded, if not to eat them, then surely to slowly subjugate and enslave the Venlil population.
Lost in my musings, I faintly noticed the stifled laughs and shouting coming from the cabin until the door flung open to the side.
- NO! I don’t believe it! I don’t want to! - Pilipin was shouting as he exited the small cabin, gripping his holopad tightly in his hand, while Limna giggled, her laughter emanating from the inside.
Oooh, he’s really pissed.
The officer's short cut fur was standing up on its ends; you could see the gray, undyed undercoat poking from underneath. His tail was low and lashing, restlessly bouncing from end to end of the metal doorframe. Face orange with embarrassment and rage, eyes frantically looking for something to set on down finally stopped on me.
- Just... tell... me – he stated, huffing with rage. - You somehow managed to 'unexist' the report completely.
- Ye-s. It was… it has been dealt with – I replayed, not bothering to explain and enrage him further.
- Great. That’s a good thing. One good thing – he repeated, slowly cooling his emotions. - The camera room footage? - Pilipin asked while walking to my station.
Flicking the security app back to life made the feed appear on the second screen beside me… the one that got slightly obstructed by the rainbow garment stuck to its surface.
NOPE! I’m not touching that. Not now, not ever.
In the room, there was a lone Sivkit in a janitor uniform, sitting in an office chair similar to the one I was in. Judging from his posture, it was evident he wasn’t cut for the job, as he was drifting into sleep from time to time, bobbing his head up and down as the urge to take a nap got the better of him.
- Competent as the pair we met before – I murmured, resisting the urge to check the clinic feed. - It seems the footage is stored locally and deletes itself after a few rotations.
Fiddling and scrolling past the system logs back by date and not finding anything older than two standard cycles confirmed my suspicions that the station had limited storage space for recordings.
- I think it’s best we leave it alone and let it remove itself. Our meddling would draw further unwanted attention – I continued my thoughts to Pilipin as he watched the substitute operator's ineptitude to do his job proficiently with visible relief.
- Alright. Let’s just hope this won’t come back and bite us in the rear - he concluded. - That leaves us with only one problem remaining – he added, leaning on the console and crossing his arms over his chest. - The one waiting for us outside.
- Oh, come on! - Limna suddenly materialized behind me, shouting her opinion. - You’re going to dump him after you get the best lick of your life only because he doesn’t fit your narrative?
Glancing at my colleague, I was certain to find him infuriated again by that statement, but instead he got lost in his reverie, brooding at her words and glancing in the direction of the bulkhead doors.
You can’t be serious?!
- Well, I do have to confess that, for me, he did pass the empathy test… orally. – Pilipin then took a deep breath, probably ready to surrender further to his temptations, but instead his features suddenly changed.
It was clear as daylight that the Venlil officer had figured something out, and soon he shared his idea with newfound confidence.
- Alright, Joe said he wants some good time? I’ll show him some good time – said the trapper exterminator as a mischievous smile crept on his face. - I’ll give him the best time of his life. In return, we’ll have the opportunity to see his true colors and maybe gain access to some of the restricted data on humans.
That was a solid argument to keep the predator close despite the dangers it would carry. When working with humans at the space port, the translator's notifications were often labeled not safe for life or restricted. Some of the information that crept up during their conversations that the translator software picked up was even fully censored, or access to it was strictly denied.
- Pilipin, after all of this, do you seriously still think they are some kind of evil conquerors? - Limna asked, her shoulders slumped and her tail slightly cocked in disbelief.
- In one way or another...– he replied, and started to tap something on his holo.
A moment passed in silence as we were waiting for him to further expand on his statement. Instead, we were startled by the sound of metal scraping against metal, which was immediately followed by a loud thumping on the shuttle doors.
- The handle won’t budge! – A muffled, low growl emanated from the outside.
- Leave the handle alone! It’s for emergency use only! - shouted Pilipin, who rushed to assist by opening the door from the inside.
The officer pushed the big red button next to the entrance and almost immediately jumped away from a brown mass that assaulted him the moment they opened. I was too surprised to move, but Limna scampered back to the cabin, tripping on the raised doorstep and tumbling inside. The other thing that soon tumbled through, although through from the opposite direction, was Joe. Having the unfortunate benefit of watching all of this unfold from the comfort of a seated position, I observed the meat eater flop on top of his enormous backpack face-first.
- I suggest we tie him up for the trip – I stated my concerns as the clumsy excuse of a predator regained his composure and started lifting himself off the floor. – For safety reasons – I quickly added as Joe's gaze settled on me with killing intent.
- Is rope bondage just a big friendship bracelet for your kind, or is this just you? – Joe humored my concerns and started checking his traveling duffle, probably for any rips and tears.
- Ha hah ha! Go ahead, officer, cuff him. You’ll just get him more horny – Limna added her own criticism, peaking her ears from the cabin.
- Enough! All of you! - Pilipin ended our dispute before it would even begin and motioned with his tail for his acquaintance to come out. - Joe, this is Limna. Limna, that’s Joe.
Although I dislike being the butt of someone's jokes, the female Venlil came out relaxed from this short exchange of humor. Still, she approached with her ears perked up and pointed to the dangerous predator in front of her.
- Hi. Joseph Savage, or Joe for short – he spoke and hunched over, stretching his hand forward.
- H-h-hello. Limna... – she introduced herself in return, unsure what to do with the human appendage practically shoved in her face.
- That’s a human greeting – I threw my expertise in, probably saving her from any faux pas before she would come to any stupid conclusions... like maybe licking it. - You’re supposed to shake it.
She then proceeded to grip it with both of her hands and shake it in all directions.
Close enough.
- Great, now Limna here works in the PID. She will register you with the Magestratta. For the time being, your address of permanent residence will be assigned to my flat. She will handle the required paperwork on our way back – Pilipin reviled his plan. - Just follow Limna to the cabin and be a good predator. Don’t try anything stupid, you hear? - he added, pointing his finger to the predator's face.
- Sure thing, I remember orientations. Rule 8 includes ‘no petting without consent’ – Joe apologetically replied while Limna blushed orange on her face. - Although I thought it applied to different kinds of petting.
- The… WHAT? - Limna voiced her concerns, embarrassed by the lewd definitions the translation implant bombarded her vision with.
- That’s rule 73 for you – the predator quipped, quickly blinking with one eye at the female Venlil.
The human straightened himself, looked down upon the Venlil pair in front of him, and shook his head from side to side, letting out a small chuckle.
- Before I met my chew toy here in person, I thought you just didn’t like scritches. Now I think the guidelines have more to do with you keeping your dignity and not leaving an embarrassing snail trail on every pet person's lap you meet than…
- OUT! Git! - the officer yelled, his face orange with rage and embarrassment, not wanting to hear more about the depravity of his kind. - Go and fill out the bumfodder! - He shouted, probably not wanting to face more of the predator's lewd claims.
- Alright, alright! No need to go into super cheeto mode for this – Joe quickly came back on his comedy act – Ok, let's go fill them out.
We eyed the human being led to the cabin by Limna and felt relief as we soon heard the bureaucrat's first-line support interview questions.
Seething from the insult toward their kind, Pilipin walked back to the ship doors and closed them, pushing the button with a little more force than was normally required.
- Let’s go home, Louelle – he said with a sigh. - I need a cold shower.
I’m all for that, sir...

  1. I found an engine, yay!
  2. The series will continue somewhere in July under a different name. I heard there is a post for writers on this Discord app, so I'll have to check it out before committing more to it.
  3. I'll like to thank Quill bot for grammar checks, KoboldAI for assistance in writing, TavernAI for a place where I could talk to Pilipin, Limna, Louelle, and all the other characters, and most importantly, this NSFW community for their patience and understanding. Without your comments, I would just keep their adventures on my drive, never to be seen by anyone.
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2023.06.10 20:04 pleasantmuscle63 How will Mint respond? AT&T Prepaid $25/16GB annual plan now has 1.5Mbps unlimited after the 16GB is used

This change makes AT&T's plan much more competitive than mint's.
AT&T prepaid new annual plan has unlimited hotspot at 1.5Mbps too.
Mint has a similar plan. $30 for 35GB and 512 kbps after. And Mint does not have that the unlimited hotspot. Hotspot is capped at 10GB.
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2023.06.10 19:57 vlc2622 PC Died?

I started up my PC today, and after logging in and everything, the fans started running at max speeds, the PC lagged badly, and then it died, and now won’t turn on. Although I wasn’t able to check the temps before it died, I did check the performance in task manager. The Ethernet was spiking, but that was about it. Everything else seemed normal, so that wasn’t especially helpful.
I’ve been having issues with this PC for a while now where it turns off randomly. I could just turn the PC on and login, but it’ll just turn off again after a few minutes, and with each attempt, the time the PC stays on decreases. I tried a bunch of things, but I wasn’t ever able to find out what the issue was. It usually “fixes” itself by just giving it some time, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll work this time.
Any ideas wtf happened?
Edit: I was able to turn the PC on again. Did the exact same thing, but I was able to check temps this time and find the problem for this time’s issue. I still don’t know what causes the random shut downs, but meh
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2023.06.10 18:51 Cautious_Chain1297 Getting a US SIM card for a month

Hey all (Scott here), I'm planning to visit the US starting tomorrow, and it will be my longest stay there, being close to a month. In past trips, which were shorter, I've accepted I'd be going offline when I didn't have wifi, but for a whole month, I'd like to stay connected if possible. I was quickly looking at the prepaid unlimited plan on T-mobile but I'm not sure if that's the best approach for a tourist. Does anyone else have experience getting a local SIM when traveling to the US? What did you get?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 18:43 lisathefever Blast Premier Final disappointing?

Blast Premier Final disappointing?
Anyone a little disappointed in the Blast Premier Final? At the venue these are the smallest screens I’ve ever seen at a LAN, there is no merch booths, and you have to have prepaid or have a VIP pass for autographs. For how much hype was around this tournament, I don’t understand why they went with such a small venue either.
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2023.06.10 17:36 DylanKhemmanyvong [PS5][PS4][M23] Selling 110k quicksell $1 each

I have 2 methods to deliver quicksells to your account. Been doing it for months now and so far customers who have bought from me have not been banned.
The first method will require your EA account credentials to login into the madden companion app, however I do NOT need your psn information to do this. If you’re worried I’ll try and steal your cards, put chemistries on them so that they’ll become unauctionable.
If you don’t feel comfortable with me on your main account, then I have a 2nd method involving using a backup account that has no cards and requiring little coins. Once the buyer receives the quicksells on their backup account, it will be their responsibility to transfer the coins from the backup account to their main using the techniques I use in method 1.
For your protection of your ea account, I would strongly suggest you enlist in a secondary email and know your backup codes. You can do this at the eahelp website.
Old rep:
New rep:
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2023.06.10 17:15 Danknut008 Incorrect Age On Gym Membership

A few months ago I started a gym membership that I shortly after stopped going to and attempted to cancel. At the same time, due to unrelated events I had also recently replaced my debit card, and had yet to change my billing info for most if not all of my subscriptions and services.
When I attempted to log in to the gyms website, which I hadn’t done prior as I had had the membership a relatively short while, I discovered that my login info didn’t work. This was because the first time you log in to this gym on their website, you need to make an account, even though you already have your username (card number). So you put in name address birth date etc. It kept saying the birth date I put in didn’t line up with that of the membership holder on file.
Now, this didn’t surprise me, I had gotten the membership under sketch circumstances. (I was 17 and told I needed a parent, but then a manager told me I could sign anyway) But when I tried the obvious alternatives of changing the birth year, those didn’t work either. I ended up trying about thirty different dates with no success before giving up and forgetting about it. After all, they didn’t have my current debit card on file, and I had no way to change that.
Months later, I receive an email saying I owe ~$150. Will anything happen if I ignore it? They can’t charge me, and I don’t think the contract is even binding, given the age thing.
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2023.06.10 17:01 ChampaignCowboy Apple Movie Library issues on SOME of my devices, but not all

The last 3 iterations of AppleTV I have purchased, and now one of my iPads, and my MacBook, are presenting an issue that I've been trying to get help for, from Apple, for a couple years now.
I buy a movie on iTunes. now that movie is in my library, right? Yet my library won't load on 3 of my appletv devices (all 4k models) and one of my iPads (this one just started having the issue this weekend!), and now my MacBook pro.
On the AppleTv devices the library doesn't load at all, and I don't even see any options to see my library, it's genres, etc. On the iPad this is now occurring as well. On my MBP I see my library, but it's not up to date (I bought Creed III the other day, and it isn't showing in my MBP)
If I go to a specific movie via search, or iTunes, if I own it, it shows that I can play it, but that isn't the efficient or right way to have to do this.
I have contacted Apple support multiple times over the last 3 years about this to a net zero result. It's always "our engineering team will get back to you", but they never have. This is pure stupidity. It's a DATABASE of what I own, when I purchased it, and in what format(s).
Anyone dealt with this, and maybe solved it?
No, I don't need to logout and login - done that a hundred times.
No, I don't need to reset my device to brand new - these are devices that didn't do this properly out of the box, save the iPad and MacBook which are just now exhibiting this problem.
No I don't need to update to the latest version - I do that and all devices are current.
I want to see my damn library of movies and that's it. It worked properly for years, and still does on my iPhone ( just got the 14ProMax last week!), and my older AppleTV 4, and my other iPad.
I have talked to appletv support, and they spoke to iTunes support, but nobody has helped me yet.
This is the dumbest issue in the history of issues because I shouldn't have ANY problem seeing my library on any of these devices. Same AppleID on all of them, purchases always under same, and on some devices it works, others it doesn't.
Anyone out there with ANY ideas that are not the garden variety crap I've done 100x over already?
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2023.06.10 14:02 twoweeeeks {mod post} r/Sanditon will join the Reddit Blackout June 12-14

If you haven’t heard, Reddit users are organizing a blackout June 12-14 in protest of technical changes to Reddit’s back end; some subs even intend to stay dark indefinitely. You might have heard about this in context of 3rd-party apps like Apollo, but the issue is much bigger than that.
In an attempt to simplify + summarize:
While this is a small sub that doesn’t require a lot of effort to moderate, I’ll note that we wouldn’t be here without Jane Austen, an avid reader and brilliant writer, who wrote the beginning of the novel Sanditon after a lifetime of eye issues and increasingly worse eyesight. The fact that visually-impaired users are being left in the cold by Reddit (whose own iOS app and mod tools are inaccessible!!) makes it feel important to participate.
And that’s the rub—Reddit wouldn’t exist without volunteer activity by moderators and contributions from users like you. Therefore, we deserve a significant say in major decisions like what Reddit announced on April 18. That hasn’t been given, and the black out is an effort to demand it.
From June 12-14, this sub will be set to private. I’d also encourage you to:
  1. Not login to Reddit
  2. Use an adblocker if you must use Reddit
  3. Uninstall Reddit’s mobile app if you use it
  4. Ask Reddit to appropriately price their product and prioritize human-centered development: message the mods of reddit, message u/reddit, and/or submit a help request.
Here are some Sanditon-adjacent activities to fill your free time while you're avoiding Reddit:
  1. Rewatch (duh 😆)
  2. Go on a Sandi-ger Hunt (h/t u/angelaperegrina)
  3. Catch up on reading Sense and Sensibility so you can join the discussion at JaneAustenBookClub once they're back.
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2023.06.10 11:36 EatNails_69 How does someone hack a roblox account?

Someone tried to hack me a while ago, I gave them my login info, they logged into my account and then changed my email and password. But I got an email from roblox saying someone had changed my email and I was able to just change it back by clicking a link and then I gained access to my account again and logged out the hacker and changed pass. So at the end the hacker wasn’t able to do anything because I got the email when the email and password was changed. So how do these hackers hack other people? And am I immune to getting hacked if I registered with my email in roblox?
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2023.06.10 09:45 ZestyJaegerBoi Can a company charge me with fraud even though I’m not at fault?

I haven’t worked for this company for well over a year. I worked for them maybe three days. I didn’t get any info to log my time either because the manager was taking their sweet time with it (one of the reasons I quit).
So a few days ago I check my bank account to see a payment was made by them for $900. I also got an email saying I can check my paystub on the site they put the paystubs on. However I had to use the account that’s connected to the program they use to log hours to login to the site they upload their paystub to. So I had to go through a whole process to change my password and get my user ID for that account.
So I had to login with that account and check my paystub that they had provided me. I found it odd and was gunna contact them.
A few days later I get an email saying that I needed to return the funds or they will charge me with fraud. They said I was logging hours even though I didn’t work there.
And I explained to them that I hadn’t done or submitted anything regarding that company in well over a year. And only logged into the site they logged their hours to access my paystubs after the payment to my account was made.
Then they tell me that the account was accessed in my town and I told them again that that was me since I needed to login to check the paystubs. They told me in the future I shouldn’t accept funds unless I know it belongs to me but the money was automatically deposited into my account.
Can they charge me with fraud even though I’m not at fault?
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2023.06.10 09:01 AzureLaneMod Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/10)

Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/10)
Welcome to the Daily Question Megathread!
Here you can ask questions/seek advice about Azur Lane, help each other and grow together!
Helpful Resources
Azur Lane Wiki
Azur Lane Official English Twitter
Azur Lane Community Discord Server
Azur Lane Official English Discord Server
English Community Tier List (PVE Tier list, New player guide, PvP fleets)
Nerezza's Gameplay Help Picture Guides (Gear Tier list, Shops and Crafting priority)


  • JP players can bind via binding code or Twitter account.
  • EN players can bind via Twitter account, Facebook account or Yostar account. Recommended to use Yostar Account due to uncertainty with Twitter and Facebook. These options are in Settings.
  • Use at least one account bind option; use multiple if you want to be safe.
  • If your device is lost, damaged, or a game update breaks the app and forces you to reinstall you could permanently lose your account.
  • EN accounts are easiest to recover with an account bind; make sure to bind your account in the settings and only use the login screen binding buttons to reconnect your account.
  • Using the login screen buttons without a bound account will create a new account for you and effectively erase your progress with no way of recovering it outside of contacting customer support. JUST DO IT.
  • Make sure you are selecting the correct server and method of binding when using a new device.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remember your server and take a screenshot of your Profile Page so that customer support has an easier time recovering your account.

Detailed In-depth FAQ can be found in here.

Please read through it first before asking a question in here as the FAQ covers lots of topics.

Other Megathreads
Weekly Lounge Megathread
Guild Recruitment Megathread VI
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2023.06.10 07:16 FuzzeeLogic *BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D

*BiscuitsGotNoJam * is recruiting active guildees for Season 1 Onwards! Join Us! :D

What's your jam? Join us! :P
Season 1-3 tally...
Lvl 48 beacon, 90/90 relics
BiscuitsGotNoJam is looking for new active members!
1 spot(s) available at the moment!
  • Reply here if interested + send a request our way (crk id/guildboss damage estimates helpful)! *We prefer recruiting from this reddit/associated discord and will give crk id's we've talked to priority vs random requests in game. If you are still in a guild, please check here first to see if spots are open! \**If you can show 500 million+ total damage per round [after 18 tickets] we can send a direct invite to your crk id :)*
· Level 48 beacon, 90/90 relics, and constantly improving!
· Masters I currently in S1-4. Alliance Season 19=top 1%...
· Active players please!!! We are looking to fill spots with people who will use up their as many tickets as they can each round, but especially the first round of any season to achieve Master II asap. Also have alliance unlocked (story 10-31) and spend at least one ticket so we can share ranking scores as a group :) Everything else is optional and any contributions are greatly appreciated!
· Ideally, try to build teams focusing on 2 bosses or at least focus on 1 effective *ABYSS* team if you are new or lacking resources. We usually don't have specific damage requirements and if we have many spots available, we will happily accept very active players with low damage (*it is great to have lower damage players help flip bosses with very low health) :) If we have less spots, we will probably be more selective but will consider everyone, send a request!
· We are friendly but not too chatty [no formal discord]. If you need to communicate, throw a message in guild chat and as soon as someone sees it they will most likely respond :)
\**If you need tutorials on team builds or meta, you can try looking at the team of your guildees in the battle log who are doing lots of damage or checking out the many wikis, googledocs, youtube videos or reddit threads on them. Feel free to ask team comp questions on guild chat--when I see them I will do my best to answer them :)*
BiscuitsGotNoJam has an updated inactivity policy [Starting Season 2 of Destiny's Wrath]!
We will remove:
  1. Anytime: No logins for more than 14 days (unless you let us know when you will return). ***If you are away and can’t login, just let us know in chat and we will save your spot until you can again, otherwise we will assume you stopped playing!
  2. After the first week of any season (ex: After Season 2-1 tally): the 3 lowest activity point ranked members who use LESS than 12/18 bosstix during the first round. \**If you are away during week1, let us know so we don't kick! The first week is critical in any season to quickly achieve master 2 rank, to hold till the season ends for max rewards. Please help out even if you are not at risk! After week 1, participate as you like (grinding torch gacha/alliance score+relics, etc. at your leisure) :)*
  3. 0/72 guildboss hits for the entire month/season ***Breaks are ok but please help when you can! (unless you are on a notified absence)
⚠ New members who join after 2 days in any new season are excluded from rule 2/ticket requirement for that current season due to not having the full time/ticket allotment. Any guildees on a notified absence are excluded from all rules until they come back.
\**Any rules changes will be posted prior to a new season starting and will not change during the current season!*
Happy gaming,
See you in crk! ^~^
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2023.06.10 07:15 RedOranges123 AP looked for my banking details and logged into my bank account

I 20F have had a few part time jobs here and there but nothing consistent. My AP was always curious about how much money I have, always asking and I would answer. But now that I’m studying full time I’m barely working and depending on my savings. He knows that. He doesn’t need any money, if anything he’s in the position to help me out when I’ve gone through my savings. During tax time I had brought a book with me to our tax agent which had my details in it. I believe my AP remembered about it and looked through it. He took a photo of my banking details and sent it to one his group chats on WhatsApp (although not savvy enough to realise I was also in this chat). Usually I never look at the photos shared in it cause they’re often related to his work. But for some reason I opened and downloaded the image to see my own bank details. I checked my account and there was a login made at that exact time the picture was taken and shared. I casually asked him about it and he said I must’ve been hacked or something. So I asked him did you log in and he adamantly denied and later deleted the image in the chat.
Feeling weirded out, this was so invasive and I’m assuming he thought he found another way to monitor me.
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2023.06.10 05:40 Ccsmicqueen Prolific not loading on Chromebook?

I use Prolific on mobile and PC, but I just got a Chromebook today for free so I decided to try and login there too.
It pulled up the login screen, let me put my info, but then when it tries to go to the homepage it doesn’t load at all. It’s just sitting on a blank screen.
CloudConnect isn’t loading either, the only thing I got to work is mTurk. Is there any workaround or way I can fix this? I logged out of my PC to try and see if it was a “too many separate logins” thing, but it didn’t work.
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2023.06.10 05:26 Mr-Zachary First login in nearly 20 years

First login in nearly 20 years
In 2006 my very first RuneScape account was perm banned for botting. To be clear, it was not actually me. My older cousin got a bot and told me he would help level my account up. I was just a little kid and didn’t know it was against the rules. I tried like hell to get the account unbanned but gave up on trying and just started fresh.
Every few years I think how cool it would be just to log on my old account and I attempt to login to see if Jagex decided to pardon me. I didn’t think it would ever happen but I always hoped it would. Nearly 20 years later—6,107 days since last login—I gave it a try and my account is unbanned! My account was in tact with the same outfit I had, same place I logged out at, all of my items and levels. It is so surreal to see a piece of my childhood frozen in time for nearly 20 years. So much has changed since I last logged on that account, so it was pretty special to see a reflection of the 11 year old version of myself.
Pics of my cool 2006 FashionScape outfit below and my 6107 days (!) since last login message
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2023.06.10 04:49 Zerob0tic Unclaimed account on browser site

I heard that some folks were able to see the option to pick their username by logging in on browser, and since I've got friends who joined at the same time as me who have access and I don't, I decided to just check to see. But I guess I misunderstood something in the login process or something and it tried to create a new account using my username? There was absolutely no indication that it was making a new one instead of signing into my existing one, so my question now is: how does this work, and have I screwed myself over on being able to pick that username when I finally get the prompt to?
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2023.06.10 02:44 notchy12000 Looking to join group 15GB prepaid that has data usage in Canada and Mexico

I am looking for a spot for the $300 prepaid plan that had 15GB and rollover option. This plan also allowed you to roam in Canada and Mexico.
At&t has currently changed the prepaid plan and excludes the data usage in Canada and Mexico. So I want to get into the older plan
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2023.06.10 02:09 Blue_mkyo I don’t know how to be honest with my mom, and I don’t how to confront her

This will probably be a long one, so I’m sorry in advance.
I (27f) have a deep trauma bond with my mom (55f), it goes way back to when I was a child. We have concluded that she probably has bipolar disorder (like me), but she thinks it’s shameful for her or anyone to be diagnosed with it.
Onto the issues: She started brainwashing me into thinking I could never have a normal life, due to my traumas with my dad and my mental health to the point that I started believing what she said. I helped her so much over the years, practically been her psychiatrist since I was 15. I barely passed my exams to get my degree, due to me not getting proper treatment for my ptsd and bipolar disorder. She told me I would never be able to live on my own and forced me to rent the basement of the house we lived in then. So I did. Yes, I was an adult, but I truly believed her. She and my step dad saw a way to make money out of me, which is sad. I paid rent for years, and if something broke they could not afford to fix it, even though it was included in the lease contract. It was a misery. I also paid rent for my childhood bedroom before I moved down to the basement. In my country it’s normal to pay rent to parents and save some of them for when their child is moving out, like for a down payment on a mortgage. That did not happen here. I also tried to start taking driving lessons to get my drivers license, but guess what? They increased the rent so I couldn’t. It costs 6000$ to take driver’s license here, which is a lot of money. It meant that I wasn’t able to pay for it.
At the time I struggled to hold a full time job, and take care of my health which was declining fast. I started having really bad migraines due to all the stress at work and home. I always helped my mom whenever I could, even if it cost me a lot. I had to quit my job, because of severe panic attacks while getting ready for work.
I worked for free at my moms shop, she never paid me anything. I was there even if I had a full blown migraine and barely could see. She then called me lazy for not doing much, behind my back. She wasn’t even there when I was working. Lifting heavy things almost made me pass out due to my head killing me so bad.
Her and my step dad separated and decided to throw me out, and forced me to move upstairs so he could move downstairs. Instead of helping me move up my furniture, they decided to burn most of it, I only had my bed left after they were done. They didn’t care that I wanted to keep my things at all. It was awful.
The deal when I moved up was that I would stop paying rent and use that money to take my drivers license, which sounded okay then.
But, that would never happen. After a month my mother started bicker at me for cleaning the house and doing chores. Messy house is a trigger for me. I was told that I didn’t need to act like an adult to make her feel bad. I never said “oh, look at me mom, I’m an adult and you’re not”. I just wanted the house to be clean and have weeks of laundry in the laundry room. It’s not my fault that she can’t seem to do anything else than make clutter everywhere.
I prepaid 1000$ to my drivers school and started on my license. I was so excited. Until my mom kicked me out due to cleaning. She simply could not stand what I was doing…. So I moved to my own apartment. During this time she offered to pay for the rest of the license, since she kicked me out and was receiving 50000$ in divorce settlement, and I accepted.
About 7 months later. My driving teacher told me that I had to pay what I owed before continuing. I was very confused and called my mom, she then proceeded to tell she used up all her money months ago. Without telling me. I had in no way capacity to pay it myself. Luckily my grandparents stepped in and helped me so I could get my license. I didn’t want them to but grandma gave me no choice.
My mom doesn’t know they paid for everything.
In 2020 I had a really bad mixed episode of being manic and depressed for 8 months. During this time my mom purchased 2 cars. Even though I wasn’t mentally stable to make a sane choice she tripped me into having one of the cars and pay her car loans every month. She knew I had a relapse (she admitted to this later). I was so out of it that I lost my apartment and got myself into debt, and also the car had major issues. I did not own the car, it was in her name. We never had a contract. She blamed me for the car problems, saying I didn’t drive it properly, and that if SHE drove the car it would not have happened. Which is false, it was a purely mechanical problem. She wants me to pay for the car, even though SHE decided to sell it for basically nothing. She could’ve gotten way more for it.. and yes, we all told her that and she would not listen.
She says I owe her 7000$. In my heart I feel that this is wrong. I paid them over 25 000$ in rent over the years. I’ve worked for her for free, when she said she would pay me. She did not keep her promise of paying for my license. She basically owes my grandparents 3000$.
But here is the real issue - I’m scared to death when I think of confronting her. She always plays the victim, always. And makes me feel bad for standing my ground. I’m scared of losing her, even though she makes my life miserable when she’s near.
I moved 7 hours away, to distance myself, which healed me a lot. I feel normal again, and I feel like me again. I have not felt like this since I was little.
How do I tell her I refuse to pay her anything without being a mess?
Sorry for long post…
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2023.06.10 01:16 goopydoodles Cheapest plan with Cingular Flex Flip phone

Was wondering if there was a cheap plan for the AT&T Prepaid Cingular Flex Flip phone.
Mom just bought it and the current ATT prepaid plan is $25 per month if all 12 months are paid upfront. Wanted to see if there is a cheaper plan. She really only wants to text and call with the phone.
Seems overkill to pay 300+ a year.
Can she only use the cingular flex with ATT?
I saw people mentioning that you can use red pocket as long as the phone has VoLTE.
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2023.06.10 01:03 nsri123 Standard EULA & Privacy Policy?

Hello everyone, my first time posting on this subreddit, so please be patient.
We’re building a product that heavily relies on user data. We are collecting github and linkedin logins via oauth and the product requires uploading files which contain more information etc.
Our business is definitely about using this data and reselling it. This got us thinking about our privacy policy and end user license agreement (EULA) to protect ourselves and to let users know that their data will be used and also explaining how it will be used.
So my question is, are there some standard templates of EULA/Privacy Policy I can use? We can’t afford a lawyer and so custom crafted versions will be hard to do. What do other founders do?
Also at what stage do these things become important? When do people typically do it?
We are very early stage. No funding, no registration, just a teeny product launched last week and 30 users. Should we even worry about this right now?
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