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2023.06.11 00:06 oddntt VA LSGS is an Information Security Nightmare Rant

I write this in hopes that the VA and LSGS close these loopholes, and that the diligence of verification of these sources is maintained by other veterans in addition to requesting methods to consider how to better verify VA contracted organizations. This post isn't about how efficient LSGS or any other contractor for the VA is, but rather the Information security issues that are present. Below is my experience and how I attempted to deal with this information security nightmare.
Imagine this, an unknown company contacts you asking for personal information, includes a clickable (and possibly infected) link, and has the leverage of ruining a months-long process by not quickly engaging them. Even with the diligence of attempting to confirm the credibility of this company, it has such a flimsy connection to the VA that the VA cannot immediately verify its affiliation, and calling this company's hotline results in hour-long wait times which confirm they know little more than what could have been stolen in prior events such as this exposure in 2006 which included millions of veterans.
This isn't a far cry from the VA randomly calling asking me to present my last four, date of birth and other information that might also be required to access my bank and other secured services, but at least I can call the main VA line with that person's extension or ask the VA to send a secure message to confirm the validity of their credentials via the VA messaging system.
I received a text message from an unknown number identifying themselves as Loyal Healthcare asking if I would be available for an exam regarding my claim in late April. I called the VA asking who, exactly, loyal healthcare was to the VA. It took them nearly 30 minutes to identify LSGS as a possible company contracted for my exam but refused to identify any outsourcing that they might have done. Because it directly affected my claim I had to make an immediate response declaring my willingness to engage.
Nearly two weeks later I received an email from asking me to register. I called the VA again and one worker said they believed LSGS was a contractor with the VA assigned to do the exam but were unable to confirm that this was who was contacting me.
I did end up calling LSGS which I finally had a number for, but I want to note here that I am not anti-immigration. In fact, my mother was an immigrant and I am a minority, but when I called LSGS and the operator had a strong Nigerian accent, it was not a confidence-inspiring experience. If the infrastructure were more secure elsewhere in the system this wouldn't have been concerning.
I had to rely on an AP news release to confirm they even were contracted with the VA in the first place, and faith that the website, utilizing Godaddy's private registration feature (whois info), was firstly at least somewhat legitimate and second that it wasn't a doppelganger of an official source. Even after registering with the sketchy site that only includes a login portal as its landing page the information after this barrier is so sparse that it inspires zero confidence in its legitimacy.
The way that LSGS contacts, registers, and interacts with you is ripe and ready for scammers to slip their sticky fingers in between. It is a mandatory engagement in which the VA doesn't clearly declare what exact parties are engaged or how to interact with them. The registration process is obscure and the website is little more than a web portal and database call upon registration with obscured credentials. Their hotline is easily imitable as it requests more information than it will eventually provide or engage with.
Other than the VA phonebook including a contact number for LSGS, but could be easily not verified because not all veterans are going to go through the IS procedures and protocols I went through, there doesn't seem to be a good way to ensure this party is affiliated at all. And anyone who is looking to actually ensure the validity and security before establishing a relationship with LSGS will fall flat on their face.
I will be surprised if scams tied to this method of C&P contracting haven't already popped up. I'd go further to say that these scams must be thriving.
Please let me know if you found better ways to verify these kinds of contractors.
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2023.06.11 00:05 TheBlaze2006 ISO pre-built "customer portal" to deliver monthly files

Hey guys, love this community and hoping you all can help me identify the BEST solution here...
I've just begun building a SaaS MVP in insurance. However, from day one, I'm taking on clients and servicing them in a more manual and consultative fashion. Eventually we'll switch them over to the endgame SaaS product.
The consultative servicing involves me compiling a set of reports each month and providing to each client. Of course, I can email/file-share each month, but I'd much prefer to stand up a "customer portal" for each client, with a folder for each month that contains the reports. Better security, file history, user management, etc.
A perfect solution would look like...
Here's what I've found so far, but none seem to be perfect:
I'm hoping that someone has accomplished something similar and can share their thoughts, thanks all!
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2023.06.11 00:02 appleby98 I need a new app user to accept my invite I’m about to win 100 credit
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2023.06.10 23:43 1oldboy [WTS] Vortex 3X Micro



Vortex Micro 3x
Magnifier. Condition: pretty good +box
$200 shipped
remember to get $5 off by sending your login info.
Dibs, pm.
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Thank you
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2023.06.10 23:25 THEHOLYGOALIE67 City making sure to give Celtic the recognition the Lisbon Lions deserve. The first team and it was a quintuple.🍀

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2023.06.10 23:08 BrianJKesecker2 Alternative Private Server Login (C#)

Hello FFXI Private Server community,
I always intended to open source my efforts on FFXI private servers, but did not get around to it until now. Thus, I am sharing what was originally ported from Darkstar Project and re-designed by myself specifically for Eden Server in February 2020.
Since then, I have put some polish on it, removed all of the Eden specific code, and updated it to the current LandSandBoat (LSB) private server functionality. For context, it is a set of .NET 6 libraries and applications written in C# that support hosting components of an FFXI game server (login/messaging/world, not map or search yet).
You can find it in GitHub at CarbyShop.
I am providing it mostly as an alternative to LSB, with the following behavioral differences, and also where the goal is not to adhere exactly to retail:
To use the software, please view the in the xi-host repository.
Please do reach out to me in this thread or on Discord for any questions or assistance, if you decide to give my alternative a try. I would be happy to collaborate with any private server.
I would like to thank the Darkstar Project and LandSandBoat teams, respectively, for providing a lot of guidance along the way.
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2023.06.10 23:07 TheBW111 Após fazer upgrade de plano de internet, houve troca de roteador e a Net ficou lenta em um dispositivo.

Seguinte, recentemente fiz um upgrade de plano na qual era de 250MB para 550MB, junto disso pedi um roteador do provedor, de 4 antenas e gigabit, visto que o que eu usava no plano antigo era de 2 antenas e só 2.4 GHZ. Certo, depois do upgrade, conectei todos os meus Aparelhos e percebi uma coisa estranha, a internet estava pegando 100% em todos os dispositivos menos no meu notebook, fiz de tudo nele pra resolver desde atualizar drives e reinstalar o windows ou um Linux. Não resolveu, então eu peguei meu notebook e levei a casa de dois parentes , na casa deles a internet turbinou, internet estava normal, mas quando voltei pra casa, a minha rede continuou muito lento, fica com kbytes de velocidade de download e upload vai para 350mb. Usando YouTube vai normal, pesquisar em sites normal, mas efetuar download , somente neste único notebook fica inviável, visto que o problema não é no notebook, seria culpa do roteador? Outra coisa, pedi acesso ao roteador que está em comodato e o provedor não fornece login, eu queria resetar e configurar o roteador como eu fazia antes em DHCP, tô pensando em comprar outro roteador para poder ter login e senha de volta e tentar resolver isso. Vocês já passaram por algum problema parecido?
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2023.06.10 23:03 viewddit Viewddit - an incomplete Reddit client

Introducing Viewddit!

Over the last year and a half (based on this account's age), I've been working on this reddit client off and on. It started out as a way to mess around with Next.js and Tailwind CSS, to see if I could implement Apollo's aesthetic on desktop (shout out to iamthatis for designing a beautiful app that inspired me). In the process, I learned a bunch and pulled features from various third party apps and extensions.
Here's a quick list of some of my favorite features in the site:
Unfortunately, I never reached a point where I was happy enough to show it off, as there is still a laundry list of features missing:
However, with Reddit's upcoming API changes, I won't be able to ask for feedback in the future, so I decided to make this post now and at least get feedback on what I have so far.
Here's a list of the major packages used:
All feedback is welcome, thanks!
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2023.06.10 22:56 Still_Chain250 [Recruiting][Code: 4E99F4YT]

Hello! Let's help each other and get beautiful rewards!
Please make sure to enter the code AFTER you purchase the game but BEFORE purchasing your first subscription to get the rewards.
Login to the Mog Station (
Click on "Manage Service Options"
Click on "Enter Recruitment Code"
Then enter the following code: 4E99F4YT
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2023.06.10 22:19 RecklessRendering New game incoming! VIRUS.EXE

New game incoming! VIRUS.EXE
EMERGENCY! You have just downloaded a virus onto your headset and now you must login to WWW to download as many patches as possible while busting glitches! Get ready for one of the hardest challenges you've faced in the Metaverse!
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2023.06.10 22:12 sloppybeefcurtains Please help me find these "Nike NSW woven animal pants" from somewhere that will ship to Canada!

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2023.06.10 22:11 SopaDeMolhoShoyu Aviso da moderação: o r/Antigamente irá aderir ao protesto do dia 12/06 contra a mudança nos termos de uso das APIs do Reddit.

Obrigado por postar no Antigamente.
Você sabia que a partir de 1º de julho de 2023, o Reddit irá implementar uma política que tornará os aplicativos de terceiros para o Reddit, como Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Boost e outros, muito caros para operar? Neste dia, os usuários farão login e descobrirão que o método principal de interação com o Reddit simplesmente deixará de funcionar, a menos que algo mude em relação à nova política de uso da API do Reddit.
Em protesto, o Antigamente vai, junto de outros subreddits, fechar por 48 horas no dia 12 de junho.
Usuários interessados devem ler e assinar esta carta aberta ao Reddit.
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2023.06.10 22:08 Timely_Peanut_6618 The More Vaxx, The More COVID

Here is a link to the now peer reviewed study.
Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine Open Forum Infectious Diseases Oxford Academic (
We seem to be floating in two projected realities at once. I believe most people now realize they’ve been gaslit beyond belief with the “safe and effective” (or you’ll lose your job) routine.
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2023.06.10 21:54 Content_Bus_1534 Please help me QC those beautiful barbie bags

Please help me QC those beautiful barbie bags
Hi! Can someone please help me QC those bags? Thanks ☺️
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2023.06.10 21:10 Battlexi [PS4] [PS5] Selling coins $12/million and $1.2/100k PayPal only 🔴Using the madden 23 companion app login method 🔴10% tax is covered
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2023.06.10 21:09 Battlexi [XBX] [M23] Selling coins $12/million and $1.2/100k PayPal only 🛑Using the madden 23 companion app login in method 🛑10% tax is covered
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2023.06.10 21:02 actredal Build-A-Traveler Weekly Casual Prompts #2

Happy weekend! I hope everyone's enjoying the Special Task rewards and login goodies from this week's update.
QotW: Use the following guidelines to build your own traveler, and see what you get!
How good is your Build-A-Traveler?
Last week's prompt: Create your ideal CotC road trip crew!
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2023.06.10 20:33 GeoKicak Mixed Signals Ch.XI [OC?]


Louelle, Scout Specialist Technical Exterminator
Date [standardized human time]: August 31, 2136

Limna was right where I left her. She was sitting hunched over the interface of our transportation vessel, and as we entered, she twitched her ear toward us.
- His sacrifice was in vain - she said in a somber tone, her slumped posture still facing the main holo. - They won’t even look at the evidence.
Within the corner of my vision, I saw Pilipin's face return to normal. Anger slowly washed away from his features, and instead confusion began to take its place. Perplexed, he signaled me with his tail to clarify. I took the hint and pointed my claw at the screens that displayed various camera feeds, and he quickly noticed that one with the feed from the meeting room camera was dark. He was also quick to add things up, and with this new realization, a spark of resentment flashed in his eye. With one hand, Pilipin slipped off the human-made colorful attire and considered its weight.
- Well then, why won’t you look at the evidence yourself! - He shouted and flung the dream catcher away, in the general direction of the female Venlil.
The moment she recognized Pilipin's voice, Limna quickly spun around in her chair to face us. Unfortunately, the offending rag caught her by surprise as it zipped past her and, with a muffled splat, landed right next to her.
- You’re alive! But we… what is this thing? - She started asking questions as her eyes flicked from Pilipin to the prismatic garment stuck to the bottom of the screen. - What happened? - Finally, Limna asked the question that actually mattered.
- First things first. Louelle, check if you can somewhat ‘burry’ our submission, preferably deep - Pilipin ordered and pointed the main terminal with his tail.
Without further ado, I went to the ship console to unceremoniously unseat the confused civilian. Limna, sensing what I was just about to do, scooted from her seat and observed as I reviewed the last snapshot of the message resync tool.
- And you! – Pilipin caught Limna's attention once more. - You will answer a very important question.
I got myself busy checking system registers but still overheard everything they were discussing.
- What translation method have you implemented for the conversation with the savage? - he asked with the utmost self-control.
- The t-text t-translation for both sides was managed by the built-in Dict-o-box. It-t was managed by your own holopad with an updated human language library - she responded after a moment of thought. - I found out the app defaults to that option when it detects latency spikes, or in our case, when I proxied your conversation, so…
- Defaults from what – Pilipin caught a detail, and I had to stop my work to listen to Limna's answer.
- You have to understand that the conversation through the app is not E2EE – she started going more into technical details while Pilipin went back to retrieve his holopad from the cabinet. - It goes through a third party monitor, in our case, me, and an online context broker for some fancy smart functionality.
- Stuff me and hand me over to the Grays – I groaned and covered my face in my claws, shocked by the information she omitted about such a crucial component in her ‘hack’.
- Excuse me? - she asked at a loss from my reaction.
- Dealing with languages without a translation model Dict-o-box communicates with its servers to provide information to update or create that model, in response, it receives a frame of reference data – I stated the obvious. - Pilipin, do you remember the screw ups with the first Yotul recruits, sir? - I asked Pilipin as he came back with his holopad in hand. He groaned and winced as probably memories of the fuck-ups those backwater primitives caused flooded his mind.
- Well, it looks like now I’m on the opposite end of the shit sitck – he commented about his situation and motioned with his tail for Limna to come with him.
- Alright. Louelle, you do you, and Limna, you’re coming with me. As I understand it, this context translation function works fine on verbal translation implants, right? - Pilipin asked her, and I didn’t hear a yes, but right after the question, he continued. - Great, we’ll have a quick voice-to-text experiment in the back, and then, considering the output, I’ll decide what to do next - the sound of closing sleeping cabin doors was what I heard next.
Right, let’s focus back on the report.
Logs cleared. Registers overridden. I left no trace of sending anything from this shuttle. Now to login with my credentials, and maybe I’ll even be able to revoke the predator attack report completely before it gets processed further down the pipeline.
Where in deep hell is it? Why is there no ID with the right time signature? It was automatically rejected? Why?
I reread the automatic reply in my mind, as this was the first time I saw this kind of flag attached to a report.
Now this is just treason.
The line was supposed to take into consideration all signs and reports of predatory behavior, but judging from the reply attached to it, that policy has recently changed.
"Due to the increasing amount of false positive sightings and reports of human ‘true nature’ all new submissions regarding human predatory behaviors have been temporarily suspended. We suggest rereading the ministerial pamphlet ‘Social predators and you’ on human conduct and practices or trying to consult the issue on your holopad with a dedicated human volunteer to resolve the problem."
Kicking back in the chair, I loosen up and let my mind wander.
That’s one problem out of mind, but damn. You can’t even file a formal complaint against them. This is it! The conquerors must be bribing the corrupt and tricking the single-minded, if not to eat them, then surely to slowly subjugate and enslave the Venlil population.
Lost in my musings, I faintly noticed the stifled laughs and shouting coming from the cabin until the door flung open to the side.
- NO! I don’t believe it! I don’t want to! - Pilipin was shouting as he exited the small cabin, gripping his holopad tightly in his hand, while Limna giggled, her laughter emanating from the inside.
Oooh, he’s really pissed.
The officer's short cut fur was standing up on its ends; you could see the gray, undyed undercoat poking from underneath. His tail was low and lashing, restlessly bouncing from end to end of the metal doorframe. Face orange with embarrassment and rage, eyes frantically looking for something to set on down finally stopped on me.
- Just... tell... me – he stated, huffing with rage. - You somehow managed to 'unexist' the report completely.
- Ye-s. It was… it has been dealt with – I replayed, not bothering to explain and enrage him further.
- Great. That’s a good thing. One good thing – he repeated, slowly cooling his emotions. - The camera room footage? - Pilipin asked while walking to my station.
Flicking the security app back to life made the feed appear on the second screen beside me… the one that got slightly obstructed by the rainbow garment stuck to its surface.
NOPE! I’m not touching that. Not now, not ever.
In the room, there was a lone Sivkit in a janitor uniform, sitting in an office chair similar to the one I was in. Judging from his posture, it was evident he wasn’t cut for the job, as he was drifting into sleep from time to time, bobbing his head up and down as the urge to take a nap got the better of him.
- Competent as the pair we met before – I murmured, resisting the urge to check the clinic feed. - It seems the footage is stored locally and deletes itself after a few rotations.
Fiddling and scrolling past the system logs back by date and not finding anything older than two standard cycles confirmed my suspicions that the station had limited storage space for recordings.
- I think it’s best we leave it alone and let it remove itself. Our meddling would draw further unwanted attention – I continued my thoughts to Pilipin as he watched the substitute operator's ineptitude to do his job proficiently with visible relief.
- Alright. Let’s just hope this won’t come back and bite us in the rear - he concluded. - That leaves us with only one problem remaining – he added, leaning on the console and crossing his arms over his chest. - The one waiting for us outside.
- Oh, come on! - Limna suddenly materialized behind me, shouting her opinion. - You’re going to dump him after you get the best lick of your life only because he doesn’t fit your narrative?
Glancing at my colleague, I was certain to find him infuriated again by that statement, but instead he got lost in his reverie, brooding at her words and glancing in the direction of the bulkhead doors.
You can’t be serious?!
- Well, I do have to confess that, for me, he did pass the empathy test… orally. – Pilipin then took a deep breath, probably ready to surrender further to his temptations, but instead his features suddenly changed.
It was clear as daylight that the Venlil officer had figured something out, and soon he shared his idea with newfound confidence.
- Alright, Joe said he wants some good time? I’ll show him some good time – said the trapper exterminator as a mischievous smile crept on his face. - I’ll give him the best time of his life. In return, we’ll have the opportunity to see his true colors and maybe gain access to some of the restricted data on humans.
That was a solid argument to keep the predator close despite the dangers it would carry. When working with humans at the space port, the translator's notifications were often labeled not safe for life or restricted. Some of the information that crept up during their conversations that the translator software picked up was even fully censored, or access to it was strictly denied.
- Pilipin, after all of this, do you seriously still think they are some kind of evil conquerors? - Limna asked, her shoulders slumped and her tail slightly cocked in disbelief.
- In one way or another...– he replied, and started to tap something on his holo.
A moment passed in silence as we were waiting for him to further expand on his statement. Instead, we were startled by the sound of metal scraping against metal, which was immediately followed by a loud thumping on the shuttle doors.
- The handle won’t budge! – A muffled, low growl emanated from the outside.
- Leave the handle alone! It’s for emergency use only! - shouted Pilipin, who rushed to assist by opening the door from the inside.
The officer pushed the big red button next to the entrance and almost immediately jumped away from a brown mass that assaulted him the moment they opened. I was too surprised to move, but Limna scampered back to the cabin, tripping on the raised doorstep and tumbling inside. The other thing that soon tumbled through, although through from the opposite direction, was Joe. Having the unfortunate benefit of watching all of this unfold from the comfort of a seated position, I observed the meat eater flop on top of his enormous backpack face-first.
- I suggest we tie him up for the trip – I stated my concerns as the clumsy excuse of a predator regained his composure and started lifting himself off the floor. – For safety reasons – I quickly added as Joe's gaze settled on me with killing intent.
- Is rope bondage just a big friendship bracelet for your kind, or is this just you? – Joe humored my concerns and started checking his traveling duffle, probably for any rips and tears.
- Ha hah ha! Go ahead, officer, cuff him. You’ll just get him more horny – Limna added her own criticism, peaking her ears from the cabin.
- Enough! All of you! - Pilipin ended our dispute before it would even begin and motioned with his tail for his acquaintance to come out. - Joe, this is Limna. Limna, that’s Joe.
Although I dislike being the butt of someone's jokes, the female Venlil came out relaxed from this short exchange of humor. Still, she approached with her ears perked up and pointed to the dangerous predator in front of her.
- Hi. Joseph Savage, or Joe for short – he spoke and hunched over, stretching his hand forward.
- H-h-hello. Limna... – she introduced herself in return, unsure what to do with the human appendage practically shoved in her face.
- That’s a human greeting – I threw my expertise in, probably saving her from any faux pas before she would come to any stupid conclusions... like maybe licking it. - You’re supposed to shake it.
She then proceeded to grip it with both of her hands and shake it in all directions.
Close enough.
- Great, now Limna here works in the PID. She will register you with the Magestratta. For the time being, your address of permanent residence will be assigned to my flat. She will handle the required paperwork on our way back – Pilipin reviled his plan. - Just follow Limna to the cabin and be a good predator. Don’t try anything stupid, you hear? - he added, pointing his finger to the predator's face.
- Sure thing, I remember orientations. Rule 8 includes ‘no petting without consent’ – Joe apologetically replied while Limna blushed orange on her face. - Although I thought it applied to different kinds of petting.
- The… WHAT? - Limna voiced her concerns, embarrassed by the lewd definitions the translation implant bombarded her vision with.
- That’s rule 73 for you – the predator quipped, quickly blinking with one eye at the female Venlil.
The human straightened himself, looked down upon the Venlil pair in front of him, and shook his head from side to side, letting out a small chuckle.
- Before I met my chew toy here in person, I thought you just didn’t like scritches. Now I think the guidelines have more to do with you keeping your dignity and not leaving an embarrassing snail trail on every pet person's lap you meet than…
- OUT! Git! - the officer yelled, his face orange with rage and embarrassment, not wanting to hear more about the depravity of his kind. - Go and fill out the bumfodder! - He shouted, probably not wanting to face more of the predator's lewd claims.
- Alright, alright! No need to go into super cheeto mode for this – Joe quickly came back on his comedy act – Ok, let's go fill them out.
We eyed the human being led to the cabin by Limna and felt relief as we soon heard the bureaucrat's first-line support interview questions.
Seething from the insult toward their kind, Pilipin walked back to the ship doors and closed them, pushing the button with a little more force than was normally required.
- Let’s go home, Louelle – he said with a sigh. - I need a cold shower.
I’m all for that, sir...

  1. I found an engine, yay!
  2. The series will continue somewhere in July under a different name. I heard there is a post for writers on this Discord app, so I'll have to check it out before committing more to it.
  3. I'll like to thank Quill bot for grammar checks, KoboldAI for assistance in writing, TavernAI for a place where I could talk to Pilipin, Limna, Louelle, and all the other characters, and most importantly, this NSFW community for their patience and understanding. Without your comments, I would just keep their adventures on my drive, never to be seen by anyone.
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2023.06.10 20:05 appleby98 This one is for NEW USERS ONLY I just need one more new user for me to get 100 credit
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2023.06.10 19:43 ThisIsBenSilver Using Webview instead of a browser

Hi all!
I have a script to automatically sign into the OED
I just wanted to be able to quickly kick it off, but Shortcuts won’t let me present the configured webview, so I have to use “Run In App”
That’s fine… but when it’s run within Scriptable the window only has “close” and “share” as options
I want to be able to use it like a brower page, with forward and back buttons. Is that possible?
The script also crashes as soon as it runs like 1/3 of the time and I don’t know how to fix that
``` let libcard = args.shortcutParameter;
if (libcard == null){ var myIn = new Alert(); myIn.title = "library Card Number:"; myIn.addTextField(""); myIn.addAction("Okay!"); await myIn.presentAlert(); libcard = myIn.textFieldValue(0); }
let url = ""; let wv = new WebView();// await wv.loadURL(url);//
await wv.evaluateJavaScript("document.getElementById(\"libLoginCard\").value = \"" + libcard + "\"; document.getElementById(\"libLoginBtn\").click(); "); await wv.present(true); ```
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2023.06.10 19:10 zejkk Suspicious behavior on launcher start

When I login into my account I get an error saying
"Error on POST
Suspicious behavior. CF-RAY: 7d53299f3b02c014-WAW"
I also get information that my access has been denied on every tarkov website, but this is only happening when I am on my better internet that I use to play games. Whenever I try to login using my other internet I can launch the game. Does anyone know what this is caused by? Did anyone have the same problem?

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2023.06.10 18:41 eulogison Security using Google pay online

Today I got an email propably fishing from that someone tried to login to my account
My question is , sites like they have Google pay option at check out, if someone hack your account for example he can pay then using your google pay account or alleays asks for verification?
Not sure but I think I have see sites that they simply pay with your google pay account without asking for a verification
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