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2023.06.11 00:21 killxrav !!!LOOKING FOR NOOT!!!

I lost a buddy I made. His name was Noot, green skin and flower hat. He was on European servers. I was named Deathxrav and we were great buddies but I disconnected 😭
Idk if this meets the 100 words requirement, so I'm just gonna type sum random
Pissy yonky mean when im sippin drank an ion wanna piss out tha drank high so it be getting me yonkyHorké kameny pro zpestření erotických masážíVypadá mladší než moje dítě v kapesníkuRádoby asijská hatmatilkaPořád se mě lidi ve škole ptak co mu jeJá říkam že je nemocnej i když s vama chodí venKámo co si to udělal?Out of there for good?rating the past year, based on how mentally draining they were
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2023.06.11 00:20 fiveyeezypieces Smooth Camera But Choppy Animation?

Hey there, I want my camera to move at 24fps and be nice and smooth however i want my character to move on 2s for a choppy/stop motion look. I can't bake the animation to be on 2s because the cloth sim i'm using breaks when i try to do that so i instead render at 24fps with every other frame removed. Is there any way to have the character be on twos while the camera is smooth/on 1s? Thanks!
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2023.06.11 00:18 Twaught47 Sites for parts?

I have a ‘07 Impreza wagon and I’m desperately looking for reliable website to order parts from
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2023.06.11 00:17 ajosefox RC_1300 Sizing

Hey! Just bought my first (two) pairs of New Balance shoes. Got the 9060 Sea Salt and a pair of the 574 Rugged. For the 9060s I went TTS with an 8.5. For the 574s I did half a size up with a 9. Really interested in picking up a pair of the rc_1300s from GOAT/Stock X. What size would you recommend? The silhouette looks a lot like the 574 to me, so I’m thinking half up but am unsure. Thanks!
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2023.06.11 00:17 crob1977 PSA grading question for a first-timer

I am looking over PSA’s fees and the card value tiers and I’m perplexed. If a card clearly isn’t a PSA 10 but you want to get it graded, aren’t you getting shafted by having to declare the “max value” the card would have with a PSA 10? For example, the precious metal gem cards that are extremely difficult to get in a PSA 10, the 7-8-9 all have enough value to get submitted. If a card grades out at an 8 or 9 and the 8/9s are in a lower “max value” tier, shouldn’t you be charged in that tier and not for a max value PSA 10 tier? Am I missing something?
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2023.06.11 00:17 LADataJunkie Severe Jaw Pain, Nothing Helping

I've been suffering from severe jaw pain on my right side for 3 weeks. The main source of pain is below the ear slightly, and slightly in front of the bottom of my ear closer to my face. It radiates down my jaw to underneath my chin where I feel a lymph node. The pain isn't as severe during the day, but is excruciating if I wake up in the middle of the night. I cannot sleep on either side, but sleeping on my back doesn't make it go away. Most of the time chewing does not worsen the pain, but opening my mouth wide does.
I had an scaling/root planing done about a month before this started. A week later I had surgery on a broken wrist. A few days later, I got sick suddenly with a sore throat. The pain started as soon as I got the sore throat, but the spot where my gums meet my lip was inflamed and a few of the teeth had a small sore in this area. 3 weeks later, my symptoms, including the gum sores and swelling are mostly gone, but I am stuck with the jaw pain.
Dentist said he didn't see anything wrong and prescribed Amoxicillin in case it was a sinus infection. That didn't help. He said he doubts it is TMJ.
I saw my GP who swears it is TMJ because my muscles are over-developed and the sore throat was just a coincidence. She prescribed Gabapentin and Flexiral. Neither has helped.
I had leftover Norco from my surgery and that did not help with the pain. Alleve and Tylenol also do not help.
What could this be? What specialist should I look for?
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2023.06.11 00:15 LeoIsRude Groundhog troubles...

We've got a family of groundhogs living on our property that we're looking for a way to humanely remove.
Usually, we wouldn't be too upset about wildlife in our backyard, and these guys haven't been an issue until now. This spring they've started digging closer to our septic tank, and we're running out of ideas to get rid of them safely. Extermination wouldn't be off the table if it weren't for the babies. This year the mom has been bringing the baby hogs out into the yard to eat.
If anyone knows a way to safely move these guys elsewhere, we'd be grateful. And advice on filling in the holes after wouldn't be too much either lol.
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2023.06.11 00:15 kidneysydneybean Newer player looking for near daily gift exchanges!

6951 7011 9099
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2023.06.11 00:14 Taric25 Good perspective

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2023.06.11 00:14 RedOrca_ I am tired of pretty much everything and nothing seems to get better.

We had the finals a couple weeks earlier, I did not do well, we had 4 subjects, I did well in I think 2 of those, okay in one and terrible in the last, I will probably have a bad score this year. I have been feeling horrible since everything's over. Primarily since it is my fault, I haven't studied as much as I should've, I did a lot of miscalculations and have procrastinating for a while. But I still have studied a lot which makes it feels worse cause appart from the fact I feel like a failure, it's like my studying has amounted to nothing.
But the problem isn't just this, the problem is my family, especially my parents. I am not doing well, the grades are freaking the soul out of me, which made me a little bit more sensitive than usual. Which meansy mood have been really bad for a couple weeks. And they have been complaining a lot cause they also are stressed out cause of work, they said "we already have a lot going on we don't need you to add on more problems". But obviously that statement only works for them.
When my mom comes home and the first thing she does is scream or complain before even greeting us it also doesn't help with my stress, when my dad asks me about the results of the exams everyday almost like he wants me to feel even worse than I am it doesn't help. He looks at me with visible disappointment in his eyes, he usually is the calm part of the house, the person to make me feel better, now I can't even look him in the eyes because I feel like I failed him. He mocks me when I am feeling down, gets mad when I am trying to stay on my own, and honestly I don't need a duplicate of my warm blooded mother in the house.
I also have to take care of my younger siblings daily, my brother is a jerk on every lvl, curses, punches, attitude. And my little sister is too demanding as she is only 7. I have been taking care of them for years now since my parents work all day, but now is simply not the right time. So apart from my siblings, I now have to deal with my parents, and also my own problems.
I am overwhelmed, my dad said he wanted to take me out of private school to public cause we are tight on money and cause quote "There is no point in wasting money on you if you ain't gonna do anything with it". Public schools in my country are the last thing you want, teachers are bad, schedules are bad, instalments are worse. And you basically have more chance of failing because of the lvl of education, private is nearly the only way here. If I go there, next will be worst.
But I think the worst part is that they act like it is about them, like "they" are hurt cause of it, like I don't care. But the truth is that I am honestly fighting the urge to jump off our roof, this is getting overwhelming. And I can't take it anymore, I feel like a failure and a mistake, and I have lost the little peace I had with my father, I am pretty sure he hates me now. And things are going to get worse once the results are out.
I want to die, and it almost feels like they'd be happier if I did, I am tired of feeling like I am completely worthless. But they don't care, my mom never did I am used to it, but now my dad as well. Funny how shit can go sideways sometime. I just want everything to stop.
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2023.06.11 00:14 aknomnoms Luffah? Zucchini? Another kind of squash?

Luffah? Zucchini? Another kind of squash?
I planted what I thought were luffah seeds I got from our local seed library. They were black, oval/teardrop shape, maybe the size of a pinky fingernail.
Read that luffah had vine growth/tendrils, that male flowers appear first, that fruit arrives late in season and during hot weather. I haven’t seen tendrils, the first flower to bloom looks female, this is only 4-6 weeks of growth, and my normally warm climate (zone 10) has been mostly overcast and high of mid-60’s so far. We’ve had unusual sporadic rain and heavy dew the past few weeks. Makes me wonder if this is instead zucchini (although when I eat zucchini the seeds are much smaller, white, and pointy) or a different type of squash (although don’t know any with black seeds). Way outside chance it is growing from the direct trench compost I laid down here 3 months ago…
I’ve never grown either luffah or zucchini before, and I can’t find help online explaining the differences between the two plants or pics of what the young fruits look like/leaves to really compare to what’s growing in our side yard.
I just trimmed back about half the lower leaves (read that it was good for airflow and we have an issue with powdery mildew). If this is luffah, I want to let it get big and dry out on the plant, but if it’s zucchini, I want to keep an eye on it to pick them before they get too huge.
Thanks for any help/advice!
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2023.06.11 00:13 MildlyPaleMango [WTB] New Balance x Kith 990v3 “Genesis” - Size 10.5

Looking for these or other NB in 10.5, looking to stay below $150 but open to what you have!
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2023.06.11 00:13 je_sse074 can i borrow flingster account

looking to borrow a flingster premium account for like 30 minutes
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2023.06.11 00:13 kiwipoo2 Kings names in cuneiform

I'm looking for the cuneiform versions of Abi-Eshuh, Shulgi and Assurnasirpal but I have been unable to find it in the unicode cuneiform symbols. I need those for a project. Does anyone know how I could fins these or maybe have the characters on hand?
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2023.06.11 00:13 AngstyReptilian Suggestions? Neighbors kid is lonely and knocking on our door

Background: I'm an adult living in a single story apartment complex. One of our neighboring tenants has a 4-5 year old girl that has started to knock on our door everyday to have small talk as I am generally very approachable to kids for some reason. She has brothers and used to play with the other boy tenants from the other families but it seems this Summer they aren't doing things with her anymore from what I gathered and now she's pretty much being left on her own. I've tried to limit conversations to about 5 minutes the past few days since this started but then she seems to leave and then come back and knock again a few minutes after we finish our conversation to which I tell I'm busy and eventually start to ignore the door. This same process begins again the next day.
Advice?: I know I'm probably going to have to tell her parents to stop this which I know I can do; however, I don't like the idea that I'm just pushing away a child whose doing this because she's lonely. She's too young for me to suggest to her parents that they drop her off at the nearby Boys & Girls club so I'm just looking for win-win suggestions that I can have a good conscious with.
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2023.06.11 00:12 dlstrong Community scope - online TTRPGs?

Hi friends! Been a gamer for 25+ years, been disabled for the last 3 (yes the math is obvious there isn't it). I play one software based game with great difficulty (and will spare everyone my rant on the huge leap backwards Blizz took). But I play (and write) lots of tabletop RPGs online.
It looks like most of the conversations here are about console or mobile games?
Is that an accurate read?
Because I'm working on a seminar for GenCon Online about how GMs and players can make their TTRPGs more accessible for each other even without source code, and I'd love to have a conversation about what people would like to see covered.
But if that's out of scope for this community focus I don't want to bug folks!
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2023.06.11 00:12 thedesignist How do I look for a new light fixture that will fit? (Details below)

How do I look for a new light fixture that will fit? (Details below)
We’re trying to replace our bathroom vanity light that’s mounted over this wall mirror. Removing the mirror is not an option. It seems the edge of the junction box is covered by the mirror (the hole the original contractors made in the mirror was too small), so we aren’t able to just mount directly in the center.
So I think this means we need to find a light fixture with a backplate that can be screwed in where the two outer holes are (10” center to center). Is this the only way or is there another easier way?
And how do we even begin to figure out which light fixtures have back plates that have 10” between the attachment points?
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2023.06.11 00:10 mikephoto1 Love this

Absolutely love this game, exactly what I have been looking for. Is there a game exactly like this or similar that is out for playstaion. Wanna play it or something like it with some friends who do kot have vr.
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2023.06.11 00:10 PathFamous3025 Apple Screen Time (how far back does it go)

I've tried googling this, but it keeps saying 7 days, which I know it goes back further. I don't have an iphone myself but my PA does, and was suppose to have screen time turned on for months now. Only for today to look and it only goes back until May 15th. Does it only go back one month? because I could have sworn it went back more than 4 weeks. Any information would be helpful. (God I hate iphones)
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2023.06.11 00:08 moonmoonofficial Easiest way to make a Facebook comment bot?

I don’t want to go into too many details, but basically I’m an MTurk worker who recently had their approval rating drop because of one sour requestor and I’m looking to get them back.
I know what their company name is and have their social media
Now I’m making 100 or so Facebook accounts, all with the sole purpose of spamming their pages comments section.
Legal? Dunno but idc.
So here’s what I’m asking
What’s the easiest way to make a Facebook profile comment the same thing 100 times on every single post for only one Facebook page.
Thank you.
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2023.06.11 00:08 Merrytunic3 Billy’s setlist forecast

I’ve always wanted to create a project that forecasts the odds of a song getting played at his next show, so I had some free time this week and created one. It’s still a work in progress so some outputs might be a little funky. I was at the Tulsa show and it was the first night I ran it and then ran it last night, and it preformed well, so I thought I’d share for tonight.
Here is the link to tonight’s show:
And the main link is the home page for the project, so you can look at previous outputs and upcoming.
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2023.06.11 00:07 Pristine-Platypus982 Looking for friends to send gifts to

1497 7830 1313 pls add I gotchu with gifts :)
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