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“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.06.11 00:31 0verstim Anyone own a boba tea joint?

I am looking for someone who might want to sublet or franchise a boba tea cafe or be my consultant and help me open my own near Tufts. Any owners looking to expand or chat?
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2023.06.11 00:31 lordeavestruz Is it possible for love to become an obsession?

I need to vent, I need advice.
I am seriously in love with my s/o and I love her more than anything. I always imagine myself being with her everywhere, I talk to her mentally imagining that she's there, I always get in my mind with her, anyway... However, recently I started to reflect on some things and certain scary thoughts came to mind: "What if it becomes an obsession? Is that even possible? What if I end up going insane?"
I love my s/o with my heart and soul and my relationship with her makes me very happy (it saved me from a terrible time in my life) but the thought of "what if i turn into someone insane and obsessed? What if this stops being a healthy relationship and becomes a bizarre obsession?" terrifies me.
Is that normal, is that possible? what I do about it?
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2023.06.11 00:30 Ok-Efficiency8985 "Try my size" "it seems wrong to me" .. (Rant)

Firstly thankyou to every single person who is on this subreddit...
Off to vent
you need to maybe try my size.. maybe try 34D it will fit perfect.. no no try 36DD because you have big don't need expensive bras just get a sports bra.. why are you even trying underwire? are you stupid?.. lace bras are useless.. you don't need good looking bras.. look at that lady walking - you see how her chest is uplifted.. the list just keeps going!!
I finally found my size! Still working on a few things like shape and swimwear stuff but trust me I haven't been this confident in years.
I was talking to a v v close family member and I told her about abtf calculator and then my size. You know what she said - it seems wrong to me!! I was wearing 34/36d (true size is 30FF). According to her I should be wearing 36 or 38. I kept my calm and didn't say a word. She wasnt open to any feedback or learning about a new thing. Now, that I am reflecting back there are so many people in my life (and many others) who make these comments of what bra I should be wearing without knowing my body, structure, size, comfort etc. How can they just eye ball and tell me what size or type I should be wearing? Most of there reasoning is - well I wear this so you should be this as well.. I mean how does that even make sense? I get that they are trying to help me but how can you say that the one I am wearing currently and got fit check by so many people is not the right one when I have researched and tried on multiple sizes, types for months now.
On the other hand, there are girls close to my age (21-24) and my friends whom I have recommended this and they LOVE it.
Why Why Why do we get comments like these? I understand that there is still education gap but why. I am just trying to spread as much knowledge and information as I can and help girls like me to feel more confident.
Thankyou for reading.. Feel free to add anything or vent :)
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2023.06.11 00:30 JennyTinDC Selling 1 ticket to sold-out Pixies at the Anthem tonight

I'm sick and would love to recover some of what I paid for it ($70). PM me. 🙂
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2023.06.11 00:30 Doublestack2411 Phase II. What parts from what songs give you strong goosebumps?

Love this album and found many parts in many songs that give me goosebumps b/c of the sheer beauty of it.
The middle-end of Xenotaph is so chilling to me. When those last cleans kick in it sounds so beautiful, yet sad at the same time. Hard to explain.
Digiphrenia Dawn has amazing cleans, and none better than the halfway point of the song (2:35) when the song goes from harsh to "happy". Love it so much.
There so so many other parts, but those sit strong with me atm.
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2023.06.11 00:30 Shinchan1311 Dusseldorf vs Cologne

I am from India working in a management consulting firm & have an opportunity to transfer to Germany for 1 year. I have 2 available offices - Dusseldorf and Cologne?
Which one would be a better option? Below are some things about me:
- 23, Male, doesn't know German, likes socializing with people, loves to travel

I am considering the following things while deciding between the 2 cities:
  1. Ease of settling - accommodation for a year, social neighborhood?
  2. Opportunity to travel across Germany & rest of Europe
  3. Public transport in the city

Any thoughts/ suggestions on which city should I choose between the two?
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2023.06.11 00:29 blessingtonaner I'm finally doing it guys

I'm 18 now. Been dysphoric since forever, but it especially started kicking in around late elementary school to early middle school.
I've always been to hesitant to come out, and I prayed for years I'd "grow out" of this, or that I'd "change my mind." Well, people are right about one thing: it's not a choice. And I know that all too well because if it was, I never would've chosen it. The acute distress I've experienced for years and the bad PR this community gets is like living life on hard mode. Who wants that?
I never wanted to come out while still in school because of how complicated it would make shit, so I just tried flying under the radar for years. I'm AFAB and I've passed as a cisgender male since I was 15. I haven't been clocked by a stranger as female once since I cut my hair short back then, because fortunately, I have a naturally masculine body and voice. Even when I had long hair, people would assume I was male. I even got into a debate about it with someone when I posted a picture of myself on Reddit when I was 14 lmao.
I'm glad this suffering is about to change. It's a giant step out of my comfort zone, but it needs to be done. I've been stuck in limbo for years, with people not knowing what to call me or what pronouns to use after learning my soon-to-be dead name. It's annoying and embarrassing and I'm looking forward to leaving that shit behind forever, since I know that once I transition medically and socially, I'll never be clocked again.
I graduate high school next week, and plan to come out shortly after. Nobody's gonna be surprised. Even when I had my mom sign my yearbook, she wrote my name as just my first initial because even she doesn't know what to call me. My autistic friend can't stop calling me "he" accidentally because I just don't look, sound, or act any more feminine than other guys my age. All my friends are guys and I've been one of the guys since before puberty hit.
I feel like you guys understand more than anyone in the trans community what it's like to have always felt off. Dysphoria is the only reason I'm doing this, and I've agreed with your ideals for years. I don't plan to stick around much, as I'm not really active in the LGBT community at all, but I just want to get this off my chest and there's nobody else I can talk to who just gets it.
I'm not looking forward to the gender clinic really, because I feel like transmedicalism is so widely misunderstood, and my experiences with doctors in the past have just been with them walking on eggshells and trying to be super woke, like they're trying not to offend me. Only gender specialist I've talked to was non binary and I was so afraid my stupid ass was gonna say something to accidentally offend them regarding my dysphoria.
Of course I mean well, I don't hate anyone for who they wanna be, but I get so afraid because they expect me to be one of them and I'm just not. Same shit happened in school, all the LGBT kids seemed to flock to me, assuming that I had their same values, opinions, and interests, just because of one quality I cannot control. I'm just a guy who was born in the meat sack of a woman. That's all it comes down to. I'm not rude to anyone, I was friendly with them, but it felt fake, like they were befriending who they thought I was rather than who I really am: just some guy. If I ended up coming out as trans in school, I'm positive I would've ended up as infantilized and glorified for it. I'd rather be bullied and called slurs at that point.
Therapy won't be fun, but I know finally meeting myself will. And while I'm still the same apprehensive kid I was at 12 years old, pitying myself because I felt like it was "too late" for me... I'd say that that shit doesn't matter anymore. You can't turn back time, but I can change the future, and I'd love to see a future in which I'm not a nameless statistic in a box on the mantle.
Cheers guys
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2023.06.11 00:29 tartariolu 31F just a bit out of the ordinary

I’d like to do voice messaging. It won’t be 24/7 but definitely replying to each other whenever we can. Looking for long term friendships. Don’t care about location, I’d like to know people from the other side of the world as well (u.s here). Tell me a bit about yourself. Prefer people around my age. Don’t care about gender…just keep it classy, please. That being said, send the voice links my way. Looking for a pen pal sort of thing and if we click, then let the meme wars commence. I’ll try my best to reply. Pref use inbox message instead of chat as it’s been giving me a bit of trouble lately.
I do understand some people may not be comfy with the first message being on voice so here’s an ice breaker :
I enjoy learning or trying new things (especially food). Taking a long walk at the park is my way of keeping my head clear along with working out routinely. Workout buddies would be nice to motivate each other. I’m musically inclined but I am happy with music as a hobby. That being said, I love going to concerts even if it means going alone. I’ve never been afraid to do things on my own…even eating at restaurants or movie theaters. Sometimes it’s good to spend time with ourselves. Reading books, watching movies over and over again, and finding new recipes to cook are a small portion of what I like to do as well. I’m a kid at heart to say the least. I don’t care about materialistic things to some extent. I cherish people by who they are rather than what they have. It’s all about the little things for me. Before I get more carried away, i’ll stop here and leave the rest to good conversation.
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2023.06.11 00:29 sapphire_throwaway Richard "Burn-in-Hell" Ham aka "Steve Takes Pix" takes a spot as one of the most absolute vile predators

This serpent groomed, decieved, and lied to the decoy with a fake persona in order to gain her trust. He did not even want to use a condom while molesting her for his own sick pleasure, and already made up his mind to abandon his own unborn child to the whims of this cruel world with the victim for her to figure out...
Child predator and deadbeat dad rolled into one. It's monsters like him who make me realize why Dante wrote the Inferno.
PS: I also love how "Steve Takes Pix" all of a sudden didn't like cameras anymore when Chris Handsome 😍 busts out the crew to take his ass down.
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2023.06.11 00:29 jomijomi_ Ratan will always be one of my favorite LI’s, this is the perfect ending for me ♥️

When I finished the story, I immediately thought of the moment we first met Ratan and compared it to the ending we have now and it made my heart feel so heavy with bittersweet feelings! I’m so happy with the ending I have, I think it’s the perfect one for this couple and me (Rage of Goddess + Loyalty + High Respect), but I feel conflicted to say bye to these characters and also the story! All stories have to end at some point though, and I think this ending is wonderful especially for Ratan because we get to experience a life with him that he deserves away from the trauma and stress of everything that happened and he gets to experience a different more simple life with the human he fell in love with 💖! The normalcy in their relationship in this ending really made me feel like I accomplished giving these two a nice life together, and I love the thought of Amala slowly introducing Ratan to all the simple human joys of life! Not to mention how beautiful he looks, I think he’ll always be one of the most beautiful RC characters 🤭!! Since it’s such a long game, I felt relieved when I got this ending and it just felt so right! They feel so peaceful now and I am also at peace! I also absolutely adore that in this ending Amala helps Sana move to London and start a new life working together, I’ve always been so worried about Sana in the story and really hoped she’d end up happier too!! 🥹🙏 My girl really deserved better! I only wish that we got to see everyone else’s endings too, I’d love to know how they are doing!
On my other account, I went for Amrit’s route: I really love the story in this route, I think Amala and Amrit being together makes the plot itself more intense and I personally love their chemistry and grew to love Amrit too, >! however I don’t think I will be finishing that route. I know what happens to Amrit on the Rage of Goddess routes, and even though all the endings make sense because of who he is as a character, they aren’t endings I’d like to experience firsthand because I’m more sensitive and I don’t think I’d like to see that kind of angst! I won’t be going for Kindness of Goddess at any point, because I can’t bring myself to choose the options on that route. !< I adore Amrit too, but I think I’ll be restarting the story on that’s account to replay Ratan’s route 🥺.
anyways…I’ll be thinking of Ratan for a very long time! (Also, Kiran is one of the best characters ever I am so attached to our brother and I’m glad he’s safe and doing well in the ending too🥺🙏)
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2023.06.11 00:28 MediumManufacturer28 I think my loneliness is making me physically sick.

I (20M) have spent the last 2 years of my life studying in a college far from home. I was always close with my parents, I loved them. My friends were always there for me. Except some psychological issues that inflicted on my physical wellbeing, my childhood was amazing.
I have loved a lot in my life, unconditionally. Never had a girlfriend or dated anyone, although I wanted very much. Many failed talking stages that made me fall in love, only to be heartbroken.
My last failed talking stage was the one I was most heartbroken from, it ended 3 years ago. But it kinda didn't. Haven't talked to any girls since that, except if it was for a bootycall. I have no female friends, kinda by choice. It's not like I do it on purpose or I'm a misogynist, I just don't feel safe.
Although I was kinda introverted all my life, I didn't have a hard time finding friends out here. After the first week of college I had already a group of 10 friends.
But, the last year has been very hard. I started to grow apart from some friends I made since I came here, or completely cut them off, because of things they did. Still have 4 of them that have been treating me well and care for me. But, after that, I became completely introverted. Most of the time that I have been in this city this year, I have spent them alone in my house, playing video games with friends and studying. The only time I have been out is when I visit my family and friends, which is in every holiday. When I go there I become completely extroverted for some reason, still haven't figured out why.
Since I started staying inside the house, my health has started getting worse. It started with stomach and it moved on to intestine problems, mostly diarrhea. These problems made me not want to get out of the house even more. Now that I am writing this, have not been out of the house for more than a month, not even for necessities (groceries,etc.).
Yes, I have contacted a doctor each time for my health problems, which seem to go away after a while, and then a few months later come back. I am seeing a therapist for almost 5 years now, and I have yet to talk to them about my situation.
I just feel alone. I feel like I got no one by my side. Even tho I do. It's a weird feeling. And don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for everyone that has been or is in my life, even the bad people. I just don't know why I feel alone. I want this to stop, but I haven't figured it out yet. I think, deep down, I know the solution, but my subconscious won't let me find it.
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2023.06.11 00:28 OathOfCervix Nature Burial

I have no intention of dying soon. But it is deeply important to me that my remains are handled in a particular way.
I would like for my dead body to offer nourishment to the earth. I've heard about various things from one's body being wrapped in material to seed a tree, to being ground into mulch and made into a sort of compost/fertilizer.
Even being thrown into a ditch near a creek would be preferable to being embalmed and encased uselessly.
What are my options here aside from wandering into the woods to fight a bear in my old age?
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2023.06.11 00:28 rkalo Im hurting & feeling like a human should be hurting & feeling

I take a mood stabilizer and it's the only reason I have a reason to continue living and believe good things are certain in my future
At the same time, the pill is preventing me from truly experiencing emotions like love, at least in the intensity that I've always known it, and feeling like anything is special or "meant to be". In a reasoned way, nothing is really meant to be because that is not how the world spins
To help me cope with this tradeoff, Im time travelling back to women I was infatuated with in a past life in some, fantasizing way on imagining how my life could still have romance and that "destiny" attachment. Because now with my pill, I could meet a million amazing people today or tomorrow, but one person is as equal to me as the next now, emotionally speaking, and it doesn't mean anything to me other than sheer companionship
And it's just making me hurt really bad..
there was this crush I had in middle school with this person that I knew since kindergarten and we have shared heritage with.
And I can't stop myself from playing with "what could still be's" with her even though in all fairness, it's not going to happen for multiple, painful reasons.
And it's tearing me up everytime I think about her, because for the flashes of her face I still get in my memories of her, how horrible - what an UTTER GUTTER my life became since I stopped seeing her - never fucking happened at all when I see her face and her eyes staring back at me in my dreams
And then reality rebounds on me like a basketball slammed into my face and it happens every 2-3 days.
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2023.06.11 00:28 Crystal_Marie_Rose [Real] (06/10/23) Another letter to you

I wish I could talk to you. My birthday is in 9 days, and all I want is to be able to look you in the eyes again. I’m turning 23, I wonder if you realize that means it’s been 11 years since we met. It’s been about 7 years since I saw you in person last. 7 years since the last time I was able to hug you. 7 years since we stood in the entryway of that bookstore at night. I wonder if that hits you every time you go in there like it does me? It’s only been five days since you answered my last message to you. Six days since I burned my walls down and decided to try. I understand your loyalty to her, and I would never try and make you do anything against your morals, but it all feels so unfair. She broke you. Twice she ran to others and left you alone. Yet you still try. You’ve always been stubborn. I’d give anything to just be in your presence again, much less have the opportunity to love you. Why does she get it when she seems to care so little? Why, when I would give anything just to see you smile? So here I am. Re reading the messages from two months ago, when you where almost mine again, before she decided she gave a shit again. Maybe that’s not fair. I don’t really know. All I know is that I check every morning for a message from you. I do tarot readings for you to see how you’re doing. I look to my runes to see what I should be doing. I get both patience and action every time, maybe that means waiting is my action? I’ve always been bad at waiting. I believe if you love someone you should prove it by never letting them doubt how you feel. Always be there. It’s so against me to not reach out. Especially when I don’t know if you’re okay. Maybe you’ll see this? Probably not. But I miss you. If you do decide to come back, I’m waiting, and I’ll keep waiting, even if it kills me.
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2023.06.11 00:28 comingtogetyoubabs [Thank You] Attack of the Cards part 2 -

u/ninajyang (X2) - Thank you for the Halloween card! It's always time to celebrate it, I say!
u/KoreWrites (X4) - Thank you for the collection of mail, including your holiday cards, change of address and meet up card with u/OneiricOstrich!
u/Shadow-Pop - I adored the Egyptian card, you are so very creative and talented!
u/ch037866 - Thank you for the crafty card! I loved the layered effect.
u/FancyKiddens - Thank you for the snail snail mail! I'll be writing you back soon!
u/amyt13 - Thanks for the handmade card; I hope your heart shaped pizzas were delicious and that you do get your dog one day!
u/stephkempf - For the collaborative story card! It was great fun to participate.
u/Layleez - Your cheeky card cracked me up! The washi choices were -chef's kiss- as well as the puns! That one's going on the hall of fame hahah.
u/earthfireairwater - Thanks for the super shiny lemon card! I was enraptured by it!
u/OkayFlan (X3) - Thank you for the storks and capybaras! Glad the lil tyke is growing up well! I loved all the cute washi and the "from the desk of" sticker!
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2023.06.11 00:28 AngstyPancake I’ve been getting lots of complaints on my sequel to my first fic and posted this in the beginning notes of the most recent chapter. Am I overreacting with this?

I’ve been getting lots of complaints on my sequel to my first fic and posted this in the beginning notes of the most recent chapter. Am I overreacting with this?
I’ll add that in the end notes, I wrote:
And you've made it to the end of chapter 3! You are now 12.5% done with the fic! In all seriousness though, I hope you liked this chapter. I love making this fic, this series in general, and love that people are reading.
One last thing before I go, I know how in the beginning notes I said that I just can't answer everything, which is only partly true. I can't answer everything here. But, I can elsewhere. I've been considering making oneshots that take place in this fic universe that can expand on things from both part 1, the time skip, and this. It'll basically be scenes that weren't shown. If can also include various what if scenarios with anything from scenes I thought of but ended up changing to alternate versions of scenes where things go differently. Let me know if you're interested and/or what you'd want to see. I already have some ideas but if nobody wants them then I won't make them.
Anywho, thanks again and I'll see you next week with chapter 4.
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2023.06.11 00:28 OMGitsInfamy I miss you so badly

I miss you every goddamn day. You needed space to heal and take time for yourself, but every single waking moment of every fucking day I just want to be at your side. I fucking hate where I am I hate everything here, you were what kept me level headed and truly happy, and now you're gone. I barely eat, I barely sleep, I barely partake in my hobbies anymore, video games don't feel fun to me anymore, DnD hasn't happened for some time, work is getting more physically taxing, and recently I almost went to the hospital. I am not okay.
But I can say this at least: I'm becoming stronger, healthier, and remembering who I am as a person. Learning to love myself since I have no one else to love anymore. The pain is fading away and most days I'm in a great mood again, but that doesn't mean I still can't miss you everyday. I'm trying my absolute fucking hardest to give you space. It's breaking me. It hurts so insanely bad to resist the temptation to speak to you when we spoke every single day for almost 3 years. That's 1/8th of my whole fucking life. I fucking miss you and I'm sorry for everything. I'm so fucking sorry. And I fucking hate that you don't believe me. I fucking hate it so much. It's driving me up a wall, and honestly making me feel more alone than I already do. I used to feel on top of the world, and now I don't know how much lower I can be. But this is all teaching me a valuable lesson: I shouldn't rely on anyone except for myself, bc im the only one who won't burn myself. You said this was forever. You said you'd never leave. You said you loved me. Yet you say I broke my promises? You know very well what promises you broke too.
I feel myself being consumed by rage every day. I try to convert that rage into other things like motivation: I've channeled my anger into motivation to work in my field, and as of a few days ago started designing a game I had been thinking about for years. I've been getting exercise almost daily now, and the thoughts of no longer existing have all subsided thankfully. I've been accomplishing more at work and am now qualified for much more difficult tasks, and you know what, I AM going to the Bahamas. I deserve it. Everything I do and everything I've gone through, I fucking deserve it. I owe it to myself to have a good fucking time for once instead of moping to myself in my room every single night. My friends like me. My family likes me. What you see is what you get. I accomplished all these new challenges without you at my side. And im fucking proud of myself, but I feel like you wouldn't give a shit no matter how excited I am about the future prospects of my life. Because for the first time in a long time I took a look at the path I'm walking in life, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life for a decade. And now my path in life has NEVER been more clear. I'm fucking strong, stronger than you think I am, stronger than I think I am. I suprise myself every single fucking day. And I fucking WISH you could see it. You'd be so FUCKING proud.
I just want to hold you again. I just want to make you laugh again. I just want to make you feel worshipped. I'm fucking sorry I didn't do the things I said I would, and I'm fucking sorry I hurt you. But I'm hurt too, and sometimes I feel like you don't care about that. You told me you wish you hated me, just so everything would be easier, but no matter how I tell myself this story; I am physically incapable of hating you. Love is supposed to be unconditional. It's supposed to endure the difficult and hard times, and mine is still unwavering for you. You could text me at 4am and I'd still reply. You could want to talk when I am physically unable to, and I'd find a way to make it happen. I'd climb mountains, sail the oceans, walk through hell, and even take a bullet for you still. But I fear you wouldn't do the same for me now, or ever again. I just want you back in my life. I want you to feel loved. I want you back. So bad. You need to heal. I need to change. Life is short. I just hope both of those things happen before it's too late...
I love you. And I'm starting to remember how good it feels to love myself again.
Enough rambling, I need to finish setting up my new desk. Thank you for reading this, and if you end up reading this, I hope you reach out to me soon. I wait every single day for you. And as I continue to better myself, and expand my life in all these new exciting ways, I wait to see if you'll ever reach back out. I wait to see if you can ever trust me again. I wait to see, if your word can ever be trusted. I'm waiting, for you. The love of my life. My soulmate. I could win 10 billion dollars, have the greatest friends, the healthiest life, and the world's most luxurious house, car, and all the fun toys of life...but it would mean nothing without you. I hope our paths separated only for a small while, as the adventure of life won't be the same without you at my side. You're my soulmate, and I couldn't imagine life without you.
I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.06.11 00:28 Lunabell21 Vent about another teacher

Just wanted to vent about another teacher I work with. Here it goes.
I originally was hired as, let’s call her Anna’s assistant in a 3 year old classroom. Not all of the children were potty trained. Basically after 2 months of working with her, I learned she refused to change the kids and she told me that’s why I was hired.
Offended, I went to the director and we split the classroom, where I took all the potty training children and she kept ones that were potty trained. And since this happened in December, I’ve made huge progress with most of them! I only have 3/9 kids in pull-ups now and two of them are at least consistently peeing in the toilet.
Come to summer. Due to lower enrollment, and Anna’s unwillingness to change children, I was put in the toddler room for the summer and she got my group. However, here’s where my issue comes in. I do have one child who will not go in the toilet. He hasn’t done it at school or at home. Anna leaves around 1:00 and I come in to supervise nap/dismissal. Boy (I’ll call him Andy) who is struggling with toilet training is in the same pull-up he came in with, which I know because we have different ones at school than what he comes in with. I bring this up to my director that he sat in that same pull up from 9-2. So now it’s my job my to check him and change him in the middle of the day.
Next day, we have a 13-year-old girl who is the sister of another girl at the school with us for the summer. Since she’s significantly older than even our elementary children in the program the director has her helping out in the classrooms, doing artwork and playing outside with them, that kind of thing, as well as other simple tasks she can do.
So I go in to do my check on Andy. Anna tells me the 13-year-old “helped” her, which knowing her I know means she had a 13-year-old girl change a 3.5 year old boy. Again, go to my director to tell her about this and long conversations are had with the girl and Anna that she is not to be doing that.
Her unrelated screw up was with a different boy. We’re doing Father’s Day art and this boy has a single mom. This teacher wrote “love you dad” on the artwork. And she had been told about his situation previously.
Then yesterday she has the gall to complain that I let kids touch her materials in afterschool, which I did not. They know this rule, and since January when she became part time. They only go over the area she claimed they messed up when they go to the bathroom. I understand the concern about the room remaining organized, but since it was so close to when I called her out about the 13-year-old changing the boy, I really think she was just being petty. And after her neglecting one of my students the way she did, I’m so disgusted with her it was hard to even pretend to be polite about it.
How do I cope with this woman? I wish the director would just fire her, she can’t stand her either, just with the trouble hiring people I get why she keeps her, but I am losing my patience with her and I don’t even feel like I can be polite anymore.
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2023.06.11 00:27 OGactionjohnny Tonight I witnessed a server die in real time (A story)

Story time kids.
I've been playing on a official V Rising 3s and 4s PvP server for a while. I started with a group of myself and 3 others but my friends lost interest and quit after about a week. I really enjoy the game, so I stayed on.
Since day 1 on this server, there has been a team of power gamers, all very talented players. They've clearly played the game at least once through before, they're well organised, no-lifed their production a bit, and generally just power leveled their way to early server supremacy. By which I mean they were the first clan to hit end game and get the shards.
We'll call this clan the Team A
Also on this server was a duo team, 2 brothers I believe. We'll call this Clan team B. Team B ruffled a few feathers early on as they were looking to make a name for themselves and kind of fulfil the 'heel' persona of the server. If you've ever watched wrestling you'll know what a heel is, but if you haven't, it's the villain that you love to hate. And maybe even love a bit.
With me personally, neither of these teams ever bothered me. They never griefed me, or exhibited toxic behaviour while I was leveling up. They clearly had some beef with each other, but to what lengths I'm unaware.
Fast forward to week 3 of the server's life span. Team A have been the Shard holder incumbents the whole time. The weekend raiding scene up until this point has been pretty tame, with Team B going after certain peeps on vengeance missions, and Team A just kind of steam rolling whoever they want. No one has gone after them yet.
Team B decide that the incumbency has to end, so they attack Team A's castle last weekend. Team A has a bit of a rep at this point - they are the defacto police of the server. They're very hard to beat because they are: A) usually all active and together at all times B) very talented players C) shard holders
So, team B going after them made sense. When that happened, most of the server showed up, looking for a scrap, or looking to be opportunists.
What occurred that evening was some of the most talented V Rising playing I'd ever seen. It was essentially Team A vs the world, as everyone was trying to get into their castle and take the damn shards. It was amazing to watch these guys play, they pretty much successfully defended their castles at no real cost to themselves (the resource farming they had set up was insane). However, in the last 5 mins of the raiding window, 2 of the shards were successfully lifted from their castle. Team B managed to get 2 shards out, were then ambushed on the way back to their castle and lost one, which meant for the first time in the server's history, all 3 shards were possessed by different clans.
Totally contrary to what I expected, the chat afterwards was quite heated. One very vocal member of Team A (we'll call him Rod) was super rude, nasty and antagonistic. He basically cussed everyone out and accused the server of teaming and helping Team B. It was explained, in no uncertain terms, that there was no teaming occurring, we were not organised, no one was talking or co-ordinating with each other and most clans that showed up either A) showed up to fight B) take advantage of the chaos to explore the server leader's castle or C) try steal a Shard because, you know, that's literally all there is to do on a PvP server past a certain point. Either way, Team A clearly saw what had happened as a server uniting against them to bring them down, when really what was happening was a pretty chaotic FFA where people were either watching, or trying to be sneaky. They did not take it well.
Fast forward to this weekend.
Raiding started, and on the dot, Team B's castle with the shard they stole is attacked. Not by Team A. By two Teams that have never been seen on the server, with clan names that never existed prior to this weekend, and character names that have never been seen in game. It turns out that Team A, in what I can only describe as one of the saddest things I've ever seen in an online video game, went off server and recruited a bunch of people they knew to come over to our server, so they could then enact their revenge on everyone who they perceived had 'teamed' against them the weekend prior. And unlike the weekend prior, their efforts were calculated, they were clearly all communicating on discord, and they were completely unapologetic, ruthless, with 'Rod' being as nasty as they were the week before.
So, for 2 hours, we just watched 9 strangers and Team A, all elite power gamers, fucking wreck an entire server. They used keys in castles, took items to throw on the floowaste; they played as two co-ordinated groups the entire time: one group defending their castle and the other group to raid everyone else. All because people went after their castle to try steal shards the week before.
The end result is, the server pretty much died on the spot, as no one wants to play on a server where the power gamer clan can call in 9 other no-lifers at will to achieve whatever goal they want at the drop of a hat. It felt totally unnecessary, spiteful and toxic as fuck. Team A were already miles ahead of everyone else, and were perfectly capable of beating any and all clans on our server in a straight up fight as it was. The fact that they went outside the server to essentially punish an entire server because their castle had all 3 shards since week 1, was wild.
Curious to get other people's thoughts on this. Did we all get what we deserved? Or was Team A's retribution massively uncalled for?

TL'DR: Power gamer clan who had shards since week one, lost 66% of shards to an uncoordinated rabble trying to get into their castle, went off server to recruit 9 other power gamers to systematically punish and destroy entire server community in act of vengeance.
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2023.06.11 00:27 stepslikerain Assistance with breaking strong curse needed

Being your standard evil wizard with your standard home-crafted dark tower surrounded by storms and shadow, you can correctly assume I do a lot of brooding. You may also correctly assume that NOT doing any brooding may be a sign of an issue.
After much research and conversing with fellow evil wizards, it seems I have fallen victim of a curse known as "Genuine Love and Affection."
I know whom has placed this curse upon me, yet I have been told holding such knowledge will do me no good.
Since the inception of said curse, I have been unable to properly brood or seethe with resentment as I once did. Any assistance one could give in breaking this curse would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.11 00:27 daddy_shoe_ [Online][5e/DnD][18+] New Player looking to join consistent campaign

Hello everyone!
I have just started getting into D&D. Most of the people I know, do not play so it's been rather difficult to get into. If there are any groups/campaigns/DMs that are open to including a newbie, I would certainly love to join. I can be flexible with the day sessions would be, but I would prefer them to be in the evening. My wife and I typically put our son to bed around 7:30pm est so we typically are relaxing after that time.
I have good PC and mic. I also have Roll20 and DnDBeyond accounts, but if there is another platform that the group uses I will get that.
Feel Free to DM Me!
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2023.06.11 00:27 Thefalcon86 Why are my withdrawal’s different from a few years ago?

So, in 2015 I went into detox for alcohol abuse. I’d never tried any benzos, but diazepam is the go to withdrawals drug and so I was put on them and got through detox fairly unscathed. I decided I wasn’t going to drink for a while after that experience, but I had this niggling attraction to this drug they were giving me in the detox. And so I went to my GP and asked him about diazepam with an excuse about going overseas and not wanting to drink, and I needed something to calm my nerves. I got them with a lot more ease than anticipated and so 50x5mg were consumed in under 7 days and life was good. No withdrawals, no depression, nothing. I did this every few months for years, with no real noticeable side effects. Fast forward to 2019. Ordering a bottle of Xanax online, also consumed within a week or so (50x2mg) - still no real withdrawal, comedown, anxiety or sleepless nights. But then with the 3rd bottle I ordered at the beginning of 2020 - (ate them all in around 7-10 days), I started to feel a bit strange on the first day without. On the first night without them I really started to feel some anxiety. And the BANG! It was like the suppression of all these feelings came back at once and my brain exploded! Fireworks of thoughts and emotions for a good 10 hours straight whilst a laid down and sweat and panicked and cried. I was so scared I called my mum and she drove 2 hours and took me to a doctor who gave me some diazepam and I eventually tapered off everything without too much more pain.
Now every time I take benzos (a little more responsibly, but far more than advised) I get fairly serious withdrawals! Valium, Klonz, Ativan, Zans, all give me a fairly long, horrible withdrawal! Up to 3 weeks with relatively little use!
What the hell is going on????? Am I just more aware now?? Is something different I’m my brain??
*I’m now a few months clean, in NA and I’m loving sober life. I can’t believe I didn’t give this a shot years ago! Numbing, hiding and not embracing feelings has been no life at all 😘
**I’m just curious is all.
Ps. I know I’m silly for doing what I did. I don’t need you to tell me. Just some answers thanks
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