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Lunarians, the Will of Fire [1079]

2023.03.31 06:50 nashixt Lunarians, the Will of Fire [1079]


TLDR: a Lunarian's will or emotions are reflected in their flame.

So now... I'm gonna send a bunch of panels to justify my reasoning...
But yall can skip ahead straight to the comments and make a comment about my pfp.

Let's divide this into 3 sections based on the interactions from Lunarians with:

1) Greenbull.

2) Vegapunk.

3) Zoro.

For all of this to be easier to understand, you need to believe that King and Queen were seastone cuffed when Greenbul invaded Udon. So I'm going to start there.

1) Greenbull.

Chapter 1053, page 11.
1) King and Queen, and the rest of the Beast Pirates are in Udon. A prison with seastone cuffs. Where prisoners with devilfruits, like Luffy, Kidd and Caribou, get seastoned cuffed.
1.1) Devil fruit users that are sea stone cuffed can't use haki. [Look at next picture]
Chapter 935, page 8.
So for starters, given that they are still injured and captured, it should be obvious, that King and Queen, Kaido's right and left hand man, both devil fruit users, are seastone cuffed, and therefore couldn't even use haki.

This is all building up to something stay with me...

Now we start with the good part:

2) Lunarians fire gets turned off when they are in contact with the power of the sea.
2.1) King was cuffed as a prisoner in punk hazard, and his flames were off, but as soon as he is free, he can turns them on. [1st picture]
2.2) King doesn't have his flames on while being pierced, when he was prisoner in Udon, and seastone cuffed. [2nd picture]
Chapter 1035, page 10.

Panel from chapter 1053, page 11.

2) Vegapunk.

The cherry on top to all of what you just read, is that these points actually connect...
With 1077 comes even more clear evidence of it being true since:
3) S-Snake has fire on. She is grazed with the sea energy bubble, her fire goes out.
Chapter 1077, page 13.
Chapter 1077, page 14
Maybe it's just Lunarians who are devilfruit users who behave this way.But... we've yet to see a Lunarian who doesn't have a devil fruit power.
So up until this point, is safe to assume that:

TLDR: Sea energy, turns off Lunarian's flames.

All of the above is a theory that can stand on it's own unless something weird happens.

NOW... I could stop here... and yall might actually agree with me. But if you are with me so far... let's keep going because this is going to get interesting...

So chatting with King/Zoro haters, they were complaining about how King losing to Zoro made no sense because King went into flames off mode with no apparent reason in random moments, so it could be nothing other than plot armor.
For the same Oda who had been paying this much attention to detail regarding the Lunarians, there was no way it was just coincidence that King would turn his flames off.

And that's when it hit me.

3) Zoro.

King only started to turn his flames off in weird instances...
...only after Zoro started using advanced conquerors haki.

From now on there's just a lot of panels with the fight with King from chapter 1035.WHERE I MOSTLY POINT OUT KING'S STATE OF MIND, and him being able to use his flames offensively while still have the flames on his back being on.Feel free to skip to the very end.

The second advanced conquerors haki starts emanating from Zoro. King seemed to just stand there with his flames on in 1033.
Chapter 1033, page 17.
But in the transition from 1033 to 1035 there was no reason for King to turn them off, he was still standing there but they do.
Chapter 1035, page 4.
Yes, you could argue King turns off his flames, to go faster, but that'd mean, at that distance, that Zoro blitzed him.
Yes you could argue that he turns off his flames in the back when he uses his flames offensively, but then when he gets triggered by the fodder, his flame, while standing up, turns on, and he is capable of using his flames offensively at the same time.

Chapter 1035, page 6
So him turning his flames off while doing a flame attack makes no sense, since the speed he gains when he turns off his flames, is just for his physical body and not his fire attacks.
Then King admits that he senses the threat they pose.Proclaims Kaido wil be the pirate king, putting forth the strength of his will forward, and from then on, his offensive flames became magma like.
Chapter 1035, page 9
Let us not forget, that he starts to dodge (rengoku onigiri) and block Zoro's attacks while they skrimish.
Chapter 1035, page 11
When they clash, King had his flames on, until Zoro emanets conquerors haki and immediately Kings flames turn off.
Chapter 1035, page 12
And in that moment he takes the chance to dissappear and try to blitz Zoro, but gets hit (bird dance)
Chapter 1035, page 13
Right after getting hit, his flames turn on, but he starts blocking.
Zoro points this out. Claiming King's resolve is wavering and that he is scared.

Chapter 1035, page 14.
King flies away with his flames off. Claims Zoro can't defeat him, putting forth his ego, his fighting spirit, and makes his last attack with his flames off, which we stablished, makes no sense unless he was scared.
And when Zoro attacks with conquerors haki, he gets scared, once again, and can't get his flames on in time, even tho we know he can maintain them while doing this type of magma like attack.
Chapter 1035, page 16

With all this I put forward the idea that The Lunarian flames are also tied in to their will. And advanced conquerors haki attacks, and conquerors in general, affect the will of the Lunarians, and therefore their flames.

Moving to S-Hawk and BlackBeard for a second:

Chapter 1059, page 11.


While against BB S-Hawk is shown fearless and along with that fighting spirit a flame on his back...
Chapter 1073, page 8.
S-Hawl had his fire on when he was targeting Lillith, but once Zoro intercepts him, and glares at him, he starts sweating, and his flames turn off

Like I said at the very beginning:

A Lunarian's will or emotions are reflected in their flame.

Along with this, there's this other idea that the curse of the sea devil is nothing but the will of the sea being exeterted over devil fruit users.
That's why devil fruit users can't use haki while being under it's pressure, because the will of the sea is strong enough to overwhelm their powers.
And when Lunarians get in contact with the power of the sea their will is overwhelmed, and therefore their flames turn off.

All in all, this is how I think the strong, proud, seemingly invincible Lunarian race got wiped out.
Either via a strong conqueror haki user, that made them doubt themselves, and with that their flames went off, or via the power of the sea, the will of the sea, with almost the same end result.

Also... I'mma leave these here to trigger discussion:
Chapter 1031, page 17


Chapter 1078, page 8.


So here's an idea that Salmy Gondy put forward in the discord server and I wanted to share it with yall:
"How about, when Lunarians lose their fire it means they're in danger, and therefore they get increased speed as a means to flee from that danger ? Following the idea that Lunarians are evolved to survive anything"
This is why I love this side of the community. Anyway...

Thanks you for reading! Hope to hear your thoughts!

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