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2023.06.10 22:47 BanchoMynor Gabumon Digital Monster V.2 Over-Care Evolution Line: Why I find it interesting

Gabumon Digital Monster V.2 Over-Care Evolution Line: Why I find it interesting
Gabumon -> Kabuterimon -> SkullGreymon In the second version of the original Digital Monster virtual pet toys that began the entire Digimon franchise, this is the evolution line you would get for doing the most training with the least amount of care mistakes at every level in your digimon partner's development. In the first version of the Digital Monster, doing the most training with the least amount of care mistakes gave you the now iconic Agumon -> Greymon -> MetalGreymon evolution line, so it comes as a big surprise that in Gabumon's first appearance its direct equivalent of that line has an Adult/Champion form that we associate with Izzy's Tentomon and a Perfect/Ultimate form that you would expect from giving bad care to a Greymon.
At this point you're probably chalking this up to the Digital Monster v-pets having random lines that made little sense in general, but I don't think this is entirely the case for the version 2 roster. When I look at the version 2 roster side by side with version 1, I see a lot of direct parallels between digimon with the same evolution conditions: Devimon and Angemon (evil and good), Aidramon and Birdramon (sky dragons), Numemon and Vegimon (joke evolutions), Meramon and Yukidarumon (fire and ice), and Seadramon and Whamon (sea monsters). Tyrannomon and Garurumon also shared evolution conditions as did Greymon and Kabuterimon, two digimon known for their fighting capabilities and hardened head carapaces. Digimon historian Ravel Monte noted these similarities in his article Digimon History 1.5 – The Digimon World so far where they refer to this thematic connection between versions 1 and 2 as "rivals".
If the "rivals" theory is correct and Kabuterimon and SkullGreymon are supposed to be Gabumon's Greymon and MetalGreymon, there a number of things I find interesting that I never see others talk about. Gabumon and Kabuterimon being made with each other in mind would be very interesting as that might explain why Gabumon has a horn and the four legs of Gabumon's pelt do also transition nicely into Kabuterimon's four arms. One thing people overlook is that Kabuterimon actually references Gabumon in its reference book entry stating "it's unclear how it came to be an Insectoid Digimon" which would make no sense nowadays as Kabuterimon can evolve from Tentomon in almost every media. For Kabuterimon and SkullGreymon, they seem entirely unrelated but it's one of those things where the longer you look, the more similarities are there. Both digimon have similar hands, feet, jaw, and posture, and although both have a singular horn as well, SkullGreymon's horn matches Gabumon's a lot more than Kabuterimon. A lot of people like to use Cyclonemon nowadays as an in-between of Gabumon and SkullGreymon, but it's not hard to see how Kabuterimon originally filled that role before Cyclonemon was made. One last thing is an interesting commentary the first two Digital Monster v-pets seemed to have: that raising a digimon with lots of emphasis on training and minimal care mistakes is actually unhealthy for them. The Metal Greymon from version 1 was not the orange vaccine type Tai has but instead the original blue virus type whose skin is said to have turned blue as it couldn't handle the transition into cybernetics, and SkullGreymon focused so much on combat he became an undead skeleton.
So what do you guys think about this evolution line or of the Digital Monster virtual pets in general? Let me know in the comments!
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2023.06.10 22:12 Medium-Ad-9673 Sids lost forgotten sister

Susie has purp hair like sid and yellowish orange skin between sids parents my theory is that teacher Susie is a lost for sister in 1982 Susie was so disrespectful to sids mom and dad that they abandoned Susie and then mom had a new child and they named him sid and then Susie got a job as a teacher at sids school and when the parents come at the school and see Susie they act nicely when sid is around
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2023.06.10 21:54 JUICIapple Drug in the water theory?

I see a lot of chatter about the drug in the water theory but it seems far fetched to me.
As far as I can remember Gloria is the only one who has mentioned this and I don’t see any other clues that point to it.
Someone mention that maybe judge Meadows was drinking orange juice instead of water so she could better remember whatever it is she’s depressed about (could she be Walk’s long lost lover?). Seems more likely she was enjoying a morning alcoholic drink.
I also don’t see evidence that silozens have any memory issues. To me it seems like people remember everything but are afraid to talk.
It’s possible there is a memory drug and that the syndrome is one of its side effects, but if that we’re true wouldn’t we see more evidence of people having memory issues?
The only person with memory problems we see is Gloria who is being heavily drugged, and maybe it’s messing with her head in other ways and making her paranoid.
People who support this theory, what is your reasoning?
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2023.06.10 21:44 MatthewEM203 "How Do I Learn" Response - EM203

I am writing this post to share my thoughts on connectivism, a learning theory that I believe greatly aligns with the pedagogical methods displayed in EM203 “Learn 280 Characters of Less”. I ask anyone who has the opportunity to read this post, to reflect on their own learning experiences and how they have potentially changed over time. If you may wish to do so, please leave a comment with any thoughts, critiques, or just general information you have pertaining to learning theory as I always welcome active discussion and new ideas.
What is connectivism?
Connectivism is a theory first introduced to the world in 2005 by George Siemens and Stephen Downes, two theorists who believed that technology and the digital landscape are integral to the learning process. Connectivism is based on the key idea that new forms of knowledge are a result of a collection of relationships or “links” between “nodes” that make up a network. A “node” in this network refers to any object such as a book, webpage or person that can be connected to another node. Learning, therefore, consists of the student’s ability to develop and navigate these networks of information to achieve the desired results.
According to Siemens, there are 8 principles of connectivism:
  1. Learning and knowledge rests in the diversity of opinions.
  2. Learning is a process of connecting.
  3. Learning may reside in non-human appliances.
  4. Learning is more critical than knowing.
  5. Nurturing and maintaining connections are needed for continual learning.
  6. The ability to see connections between fields, ideas, and concepts is a core skill.
  7. Accurate, up-to-date knowledge is the aim of all connectivist learning.
  8. Decision-making is a learning process. What we know today might change tomorrow. While there’s a right answer now, it might be wrong tomorrow due to the constantly changing information climate.
How does connectivism differ from constructivism?
The biggest difference between the two learning styles is the significance a connectivist viewpoint places on how the internet has altered the nature of knowledge. Under a constructivist stance, knowledge is constructed by relating new information to past experiences and is an active process that humans undertake to learn. Connectivists on the other hand believe that knowledge is neither created nor controlled but is instead constantly shifting and adapting to changes in the information network. As nodes come and go, links form and disappear knowledge is changing in real-time. The internet provides a way for this knowledge to flow, adapt and be traversed.
How can online courses demonstrate a connectivist approach?
There are many methods an online course can adopt to align with the connectivism learning theory. Here are a few examples:
· Social Media
· Gamification
· Simulations
The adoption of technology that has been present in online classrooms provides a great foundation for continuing to utilize a connectivism standpoint to learning. This allows the online class to reap the benefits of connectivism such as encouraging collaboration through the sharing of differing opinions, empowering teachers, and students by allowing teachers to tailor and shape the learning environments and embracing diversity by creating a space where kids can communicate their individual opinions.
Connectivism and EM203:
Since the beginning of this course, technology has been a major focal point and has been used effectively to facilitate and aid the learning experience. The first example of this is the creation of our Twitter accounts which has allowed me to connect easily with our classmates and hear their opinions on course content. The second example is our utilization of the MyLearningSpace platform to not only encourage online discussion but, is an effective way to deliver course material in text, image, and video format. Before I began working on this assignment, I had the opportunity to sit down and have an online synchronous chat with a few classmates. It was great to hear everyone’s opinions on how technology has greatly altered the course of learning theories in the classroom and provided a great foundation for gathering information about connectivism.
What is Reddit?
Reddit is an online social news site that allows users to create accounts, join communities, post content, comment on others’ posts and vote through upvotes and downvotes. Created in 2005, the site is now host to 57 million+ unique daily visitors, 100 thousand+ active communities and over 13 billion posts and comments on pretty much any topic you can think of. Reddit can be easily accessed from any laptop, desktop, or smartphone all that is needed is an internet connection.
Why I choose Reddit to demonstrate connectivism:
Reddit, like Twitter and other social news platforms, connects users from around the world with each other in real time. New posts and comments are being made every second of every day. This means that users are connected to a network of information that is constantly updating and adapting so that the most accurate and updated information is available. I believe a quick comparison of Reddit’s features with Siemens’s 8 principles of connectivism will highlight part of why I choose Reddit as my medium of communication.
8 Principles of Connectivism Reddit
Learning and knowledge rests in the diversity of opinions. Redditors/ users are from all around the world meaning there is an excess of diverse viewpoints.
Learning is a process of connecting. Reddit facilitates online discussion allowing users to make connections about any topic.
Learning may reside in non-human appliances. Reddit’s abundance of communities forms an information network that can be easily accessed.
Learning is more critical than knowing. Reddit makes it incredibly easy to find what is unknown and make it known through its search feature.
Nurturing and maintaining connections are needed for continual learning. Reddit’s community feature allows you to stay connected to others even if they live thousands of kilometres away.
The ability to see connections between fields, ideas, and concepts is a core skill. Through the active discussion that takes place in comment sections, connections can be better understood and identified.
Accurate, up-to-date knowledge is the aim of all connectivist learning. Reddit is constantly being updated with new posts every second and can be sorted by hot topics, new posts or most upvoted.
Decision-making is a learning process. What we know today might change tomorrow. While there’s a right answer now, it might be wrong tomorrow due to the constantly changing information climate. Reddit helps facilitate this ever-changing landscape of knowledge as people are constantly sharing new ideas, critiquing old beliefs, and working together to learn and make decisions that align with current information.

I have used Reddit for everything from in-class learning assistance to helping in my day-to-day life. I, like many others, find that I can much more easily grasp more complex subjects by having a conversation and connecting with those more knowledgeable about a subject than myself. Reddit creates an environment where this is incredibly easy to do so, and I believe it does it significantly better than many alternatives. Online classes such as this one, provide an immense amount of freedom to students and puts the onus of learning on ourselves instead of the teacher. Teachers are here to provide the initial learning environment. In the case of EM203, it comes in the form of weekly lessons that become available along with discussion topics. It then requires the student to connect to networks in hopes that learning will occur automatically. Reddit, to me, is a great network in which I can use this freedom I’ve been granted to really dive deep into the topics that interest me and align with the course goals. In lesson 3 of module 1, we were asked to learn a new skill. The first place I went on my quest to learn this skill was Reddit. There I found a plethora of videos, links, and personal opinions on the topic. In my case, I choose to learn how to complete sudoku puzzles. The most helpful was a post from an avid sudoku fan who gave a rundown on the best strategies when you first begin the puzzle. Things like what you should look for and what are some examples of common patterns.
Reddit has been an incredibly valuable resource that aligns with my learning style and is consistent with what I believe the direction learning theory is taking classrooms in. Thank you for reading, if you have enjoyed this post please upvote so that it may reach a wider audience who may also wish to contribute to this discussion.
Sources Cited
Bates, A.W. (Tony). “2.6 Connectivism.” Teaching in a Digital Age, 5 Apr. 2015,
Brown, Gene. “The Difference Between Connectivism and Constructivism.” Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects, 29 Sept. 2021,
“Connectivism Learning Theory.” Western Governors University, 27 May 2021,
“What Is Connectivism Learning Theory and How Can You Apply It in Learning and Development?” 360Learning, Accessed 10 June 2023.
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2023.06.10 20:44 MycologistIcy8233 Club Activities, Chapter two: 1+1+2gether forever

Sayori and Mitsuki were on their home from school, the orange and red leaves crunching in under their feet, the wind hitting their faces. Sayori was with a purpose and Mitsuki reclunctantly staggered right beside her. Sayori was humming a familiar tune, one she heard Monika playing one time, her eyes closed as she took in the feeling of the air and sounds of birds and bugs chirping.
She opened her eyes and looked at Mitsuki, as wide eyed as ever, a big smile on her face. "Hey, Mitsuki," She called, causing Mitsuki's vacant stare to turn into a intentive expression as he looked over at Sayori, "Can you help me with my math homework? I can't understand it at all and it's due tomorrow!" Sayori whined. Mitsuki rolled his eyes. "Sayori, this is why you study! I am not helping you." He responded, Sayori gasped in shock. "What?! Why? You're such a meanie!" Sayori complained. "Well, you need to learn your lesson on your own! Besides.. I don't have time for that.." Mitsuki responded with harsh bluntness.
Sayori stopped moving, crossed her arms, and pouted.. before she had an idea. "Please, please, pleeeeeease?" She begged, staring up at him with puppy dog eyes. Mitsuki sighed. "Fine.. I guess I have no choice.." He rolled his eyes, he felt a little warmer when he heard Sayori's excited gasp. "Really?? Yay!" Sayori jumped up and down. Mitsuki couldn't help but smile a bit, but he quickly put on a serious expression again. "Yeah, whatever.." Mitsuki responded, mentally hitting himself in the face as his eyebrows twitched.
Of course Sayori would be able to trick me like this.. she's known me for YEARS.. why wouldn't she know what I couldn't resist... Mitsuki's thoughts were distracted, though by a loud, painful THUD! When Mitsuki looked over and down he saw Sayori faceplanted into the ground, leaves scattered in her hair. "Oh my god, Sayori!" He instinctively ran up and lifted her off the ground.
She had a red bump on her forehead, her hair was even MORE messed up, and she had tears in her eyes as she held her head. "Owww..." Sayori whined. "Sayori, you need to be more careful!" Mitsuki scolded, though his intense stare softened as he added, "..You always manage to get yourself hurt." Sayori let out a nervous giggle. "Ehehe, I'm sorry.. I totally just lost track of my feet! I'm so stupid, hehe.." She looked down. "Oh, Sayori.. it's fine. You sound like Yuri right now, apologizing for things that aren't apologize worthy." Mitsuki responded, getting a laugh out of Sayori before she spoke again. "Yeah, I do sound like her.. whoops, hehe!" She shrugged, her usual carefree smile on her face, leading a surge of mixed feelings to run through Mitsuki.
He paused, thinking back. "You're still not that much different than when we were kids.. still so clumsy and yet you still keep a smile on your face like nothing ever happened." He smiled a bit, "I don't know how you do it." Sayori winked. "It's my special secret! You won't know~" Sayori teased, and Mitsuki rolled his eyes once again. "Oh, shut up, Sayori.." He chuckled a little as he gave Sayori a gentle nudge, before pausing for a moment. "Anyways, we should go to my house so we could work on that homework assignment.. and also fix those wounds." Mitsuki said, averting his eyes. Sayori smiled. 'Okay, sure!" Sayori cheered, bouncing back up as Mitsuki flashed a concerned and nervous expression as she did so.. unsurprisingly she whined due to the pain in her head. "Owie!" Sayori clasped her head with her hands as she shut her eyes tightly.
Mitsuki's eyes widened. "Sayori! Don't do that.. walk slowly." Mitsuki stated, slightly shaking his head as he stared at Sayori. "Oh right, sorry~" She laughed at herself as she slowed down. She decided to take in the scenery. Looking at the red, yellow, and orange leaves. "The trees sort of look like fire trees." Sayori noted aloud, causing Mitsuki to look at her funny. "What?" Mitsuki questioned, raising an eyebrow. Sayori flushed. "Ehehe, nothing, nothing! Just thinking aloud, y'know?" Sayori quickly explained, waving her hands around, her cheeks flushed. Honestly, it was all quite adorable to Mitsuki. "You're weird, Sayori." Mitsuki retorted, rolling his eyes and smiling a bit. Sayori pouted. "Hey, that's mean, Mitsuki!" Sayori huffed, before crossing her arms and turning her head, faux irritation on her little pouty face. "Oh, you know it's true." Mitsuki said, causing Sayori to gasp, putting her hands on her chest at the audacity!
She let out a small "Hmph!" before avoiding his eyes, pouting even harder. Mitsuki stared at her for a moment before laughing.. and soon Sayori broke her composure and began laughing too. They both had a laughing fit before calming down a bit.
Their banter and randomly moving conversation flowed like water, with Sayori dominating happily as they headed on home. The wind nice and chill and the crunching of leaves gracing each step. It was refreshing.
Sayori wouldn't trade this for the world.
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2023.06.10 20:22 TygoSK033 [Xbox] [H] Store ( Mostly Cert ) [W] you to take a look

[Xbox] [H] Store [W] You to take a look
NOTE: CAN DO DISCOUNT IF BUY MULTIPLE especially with RP + Listening to offers aswell ( MOST THINGS ARE NEGIOTABLE ) take all rp items i got like 2k old/new with some not posted here ( 200 per 24 )
Decent Items
Item Colours Price
Capacitor RP1 Scorer TW 400
Dire Wolf S1 Striker Black, Sweeper Crim/TW/Orange/Purple 1k, 800, 1k, 600, 700 or all for 3.2k ( if you take all you get 3 sweeper painted dire Wolf blueprints with it )
Draco PCC Scorer Cobalt 600
Enchanter Impact Scorer TW 600
Fennec Aviator TW 1.620
Gaiden Accelerator Sniper Black 250
Helios Tactician Black 1.4k
Libertine Zephyr Aviator Black 100
Pyrrhos: Inverted Aviator Cobalt 3.8k
Saptirishi Accelerator PM Black 1.2k
Super Manga Bolt Sweeper Black , Juggler Saffron 200 , 30
Ultralex Ignition Sweeper TW 1.200
GE'19 Werewolf Scorer TW 400 or Sweeper TW
Blueprint Colours Price
Auriga Astro CSX Scorer Grey, Sniper Purple, Uncert SB 100, 30, 20
SF2 Astro CSX Paragon SB, Uncert Black 10, 50
Astro CSX: Inverted Strike Sweeper Unpainted 50, 20
Revival Atomizer GK TW 50
Bravado TW 20
Bravado: Infinite Sweeper Saffron 50
Canister GK Lime/SB 50 each
Chakram: Holo Striker Unpainted, Uncert Black/FG 50, 40, 30
Dey KC: Schematized GK Cobalt 20
SF2 Dingo: Dragonlord PM TW, Sweeper Crim 50, 50
Dorado Dingo: Dragonlord Tact Saffron 50
Dorado Dominus: Bodacious Tact Purple 50
Dueling Dragons Victor Purple 20
E-Zeke Tact FG 50
E-Zeke: Inverted TW 30
Encryption Sweeper Black 50
Etherreal Trail Show-Off TW, Uncert TW 40, 30
S2 Fennec: Bodacious Aviator Crimson, Uncert TW 30, 50
Ignition Fennec: Ombre TW 500
SF2 Fennec: Zeus Sweeper SB, Uncert Black 30, 20
Revival FSL-B Tact SB 200
SF2 FSL-B Striker Orange 60
Glitch: Glitched Tact Cobalt 30
Gravity Bomb Aviator SB 10
Hasher: Revolved TW 40
Hny Sweeper Crim 50
Hny: Inverted TW 10
Incantor Boost Scorer SB 100
Insidio: MR. Coney Scorer Lime, Victor TW 30, 20
Insidio: Ternion PM TW 40
Jackal: Silencer Tact FG 30
Jak'D Show-Off Orange/Black, Sweeper Lime 10, 20, 30
Jak'D: Obverse Striker Cobalt, Uncert Black/TW 100, 20, 20
Mamba: D-Money PM TW 40
Nucleon Clutch Tact Cobalt 50
Vindicator Octane: Kana Tactician Unpainted 50
Octane: Reviver TW 30
Octane: Swayzee Striker Unpainted/Crimson 100 for Both
Peregrine TT Sweeper SB 50
Phoenix Cannon Scorer Purple, Tact Saffron 20 each
Revival Pixel Fire Tact Lime 200
Pixelated Shades PM Lime, Tact Cobalt, Turtle TW, Uncert TW 40, 50, 50, 40
Pixelated Shades: Multichrome Striker Unpainted, Uncert Crim/FG/Purple 50, 50, 30, 40
Shade Raid GK Purple, Tact Crim 20, 50
Shortquarter Striker Saffron 40
Startrack Trail PM Orange, Tact Orange 20, 30
Stride Tide PM Black 100
Twirlwind Tact Crim 50
Twirlwind: Schematized Scorer Purple, Sniper Black, Uncert Black/TW 50, 20, 10, 20
Warp Wave Aviator Pink, GK Cobalt, Guardian Black, PM TW, Sweeper BS 10, 30, 20, 100, 50
X-Tempo: Radiant Tact Purple, Victor Black 50, 20
RP Sets
Set Price
Flame-Lane 90
Fuzzee minus PINK 90
Nomad: Blinkpad minus BLACK 30
Screentone minus BLACK 120
Artifuss: Hatch 140
Disc-Bliss minus SAFFRON 40
Pulpo 40
Pulpo: Infinite minus FG 140
Dream Beam Boost minus PINK 70
Dream Beam Trail minus PINK 40
Cert RP Items
Item Colour Price
3-Lobe Aviator Pink, Paragon SB, Sweeper Lime 10, 10, 40
3-Lobe: Infinite Turtle Grey 10
Auger Aviator Cobalt, GK Saffron 20, 30
Dyr II Paragon Orange, Scorer Grey, Striker Lime, Turtle Pink 10, 30, 60, 10
Esoto 4R Guardian SB, Scorer Black, Show-Off FG, Sniper Cobalt 10, 40, 10, 10
Esoto 4R: Inverted Guardian Cobalt, Juggler BS 20, 10
Filiformer Juggler Cobalt 10
HRT Beat PM Lime, Scorer Saffron 50 each
Mandala Wheel Acrobat Grey, Scorer Pink 10, 40
Mandala: Infinite Show-Off Crimson 60
Morrowhatch Paragon/Sniper Grey 10 for both
Parabolic Sniper Saffron, Sweeper Black/Crimson 10, 40, 40
Polyergic: Inverted Aviator FG, Guardian Cobalt, Sniper TW 30, 10, 80
Propeller: Inverted Juggler Saffron, PM SB 10, 50
Shining Barrage Scorer Crimson 80
String Theory ScoreVictor Pink 20, 10
Uncert RP Items
Item Colour Price
3-Lobe Orange, Purple, Saffron 10 for All
A-Lister BS 10
A-Lister: Inverted Cobalt, Purple 20, 40
Affluenter Purple 10
Artiface 2x Black, 2x Pink, 5x Purple, 1x SB 30 for All
Auger FG, SB 10, 20
Ault-SPL Pink, TW 10 for both
Bloomer 2x FG, 3x Grey, 2x Orange, 1x Pink 20 for all
BLSSM Lime, SB 10 for both
Boost Boot 2x Grey, 4x Saffron, 2x SB 20 for All
Boujee Pink 10
Chequered Flag Boost Crimson, 2x Pink, SB 10 each
Chequered Flag GE Black, Crimson, 2x FG, Lime, Pink, Purple 40, 20, 10 each, 10, 10, 10
Cityscape Saffron, Lime, Pink, Purple 20 for all
Compound C BS 10
Constella 2x BS, Lime, Purple, Saffron 30 for All
Cooperduper: Glitched Purple 20
Corbital Boost 2x Lime, 3x Pink 20 For all
Corbital Trail SB, TW 10, 30
Cosmosis Cobalt 100
DevCon Crimson, 5x Grey, 6x Lime, 4x Saffron, 2x SB 50 for All
Diamante BS, Lime 10 for both
Diecast Spark 2x Black, 2x Crimson, FG 10 each
Dimensionator Boost 3x BS, 2x FG, 4x Orange, 3x Saffron 30 for all
Dimensionator Trail Black, 3x Cobalt, 3x FG, 2x Orange, 3x Pink 30 for all
Disc-Bliss Crimson, Orange, Pink, Purple 10 for all
Dream Beam Boost 2x FG, Orange, 2x Saffron 20 for All
Dream Beam Trail 2x Cobalt, Lime, Orange, SB 20 for All
Dune Sweeper TW 150
Dust Cloud Purple 50
Dynasty 2x Black, 2x BS, 2x Cobalt, 2x FG, Grey, 2x Lime 50 for all
Dyr II Black, Saffron 10 for both
Elemental Boost Crimson, 2x Purple, 2x Saffron, 2x SB, 2x TW 100 for All
Elemental GE BS, Lime, Saffron 10 each
Elemental Trail Cobalt, FG, 2x Orange, Purple, Saffron, 2x SB 30 for all
Emperor 2x Crimson, FG, Lime, Pink, Saffron 40 each, 30, 20, 10, 10
Emperor II Crimson, Grey, Orange, 2x Purple, Saffron, TW 50, 20, 10, 40 each, 20, 100
EQ-RL Cobalt 10
Esoto 4R Crimson, Grey, Lime 10 for all
Esoto 4R: Inverted Lime, Saffron 20, 10
Ferris SB 50
Filiformer BS, Purple 10 for both
Fissure Trail 2x Cobalt, SB 10 for all
Flame-Lane Grey, SB 10 for both
Floret 4x Black, 5x BS, 6x FG, 6x Lime 70 for all
Floret SE 2x Black, 3x BS, 2x Cobalt, 3x Pink, 6x Purple 50 each, 10 each, 30 each, 20 each, 50 each
Forerunner 2x Cobalt, 3x FG, 2x Lime, 2x Pink, 4x Purple, 2x SB 40 for All
Forerunner: Roasted 3x Black, 3x BS, 2x Crimson, 3x Grey, 3x Lime, 2x TW 200 for All
Founder BS, Cobalt, Orange, TW 10 for all
Franko Fone BS, Grey, Orange, 2x Saffron 10 for All
Franko Fone: Inverted Saffron, FG, SB 10, 10, 20
Fuzzee Orange 10
Galvan Saffron 10
Glimmerslag Pink 10
Glonex: Holo 2x Grey 20 each
Green Machine 3x Black, 3x FG, 2x Orange, 4x Purple, 2x TW 40 for all
Hack Swerve Black 110
Haphazard Black, 2x Crimson, Pink, 3x Purple, SB 40 for All
Hazy Flame Cobalt, 3x Orange, Pink 20 for All
Holodata Trail Black, BS 10 for both
Holodata GE BS, 2x Cobalt 20 for All
Honda Civic Type R Orange 20
Honda Civic: Wrapstar Remixed BS, 2x Crimson, Grey 10 for All
Hrb-20 SB 10
Hrt Beat Pink, SB 10, 30
Imptekk Black 30
Jandertek Lime, Orange 10 for both
Joko XL BS 10
Kablooney Crimson 90
Lotus Bloom 2x Black, 4x BS, 2x Cobalt, 3x Crimson, 3x Lime 80 for All
Mandala Boost 4x Cobalt, 2x Crimson, 3x Grey, 5x Purple, SB 50 for all
Mandala Wheel Lime, FG 30, 20
Mandala: Infinite TW, Purple, Orange 120, 40, 10
Maxle-PA Pink, Saffron, TW 10 for all
Maz Black, BS, 3x Lime, SB, TW 20 for All
Maz: Holo Orange, Pink, 2x Saffron 20 for All
Module Grey, Lime, Pink, 2x Purple, TW 10 for All
Module: Roasted BS, Cobalt, Lime, Pink, TW 10, 20, 40, 20, 60
Muscle Boy Crimson 10
Nexus SC Cobalt, Crimson, FG, Purple, SB 10, 30, 20, 20, 30
Nomad GXT Grey 10
Nomad: Blinkpad FG, Pink 10 for All
Nomster Wheel TW 20
Octane: Wrapstar Remixed FG, Lime, Purple, SB 10 each
Parabolic BS, Grey 10 for both
Phase-R 2x Cobalt, 3x FG 20 for both
Philoscope TW 100
Phoenix Fire Boost BS, Cobalt, Grey, Pink, Purple, SB 10, 30, 20, 10, 40, 50
Phoenix Fire Trail BS, Crimson, FG, Grey, Lime, SB 10, 40, 30, 10, 20, 40
Piercer Black, 2x Crimson, Lime, Pink, 2x Purple 20 for All
Piercer: Crystalized Crimson, FG, Lime, 2x Orange, Pink, TW 50, 30, 40, 10 each, 20, 60
Polyergic Cobalt, Crimson, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple 40 for All
Polyergic: Inverted Pink 20
Propeller FG 10
Propeller: Inverted FG, Purple 30 each
Pulpo BS, 2 Crimson, 2x Purple 10 for All
Pulpo: Infinite 2x BS, Pink, TW 10 for both, 10, 70
Pylon 3x BS, Cobalt, Lime 10 for all
Q-Runner BS, Grey 10 for both
R3MX GXT Cobalt, FG 30, 40
Rad Rock GE Grey, Saffron 10 each
Rad Rock Boost Crimson, Lime 10 for both
Reticle Purple 10
Riser Bs, Crimson, FG 10, 30, 20
Sandscape 5x BS, 4x Lime, Orange, 3x Purple, 4x SB 10 each, 100 each, 10, 80 each, 50 each ( Or 500 for All )
Savage Spray Orange 30
School'd Black, 2 BS, 6x FG, TW 30 for All
Screentone Pink 10
Sharpstorm Cobalt, Orange, 2x Saffron, 2x SB 30, 10, 10 each, 50 each
Shima: Infinite Purple 50
Shining Barrage Black, Purple 40, 20
Shortwire SB 10
Sk8ter Purple 20
Slash Beam Pink 10
Spatial Rift BS, Purple 10, 50
Spatiotemporal Purple 10
SPN Orange 10
Spotdrop 2x BS, 3x Cobalt, Crimson, Pink 20 for all
Sprattle Boost FG, Saffron 50, 20
Sprattle Trail Pink 10
Star Princess BS, Orange, Pink 10 for all
Starcade 2x BS, Grey, 2x Lime, 5x purple, 4x orange 60 for All
Streamix 2x Cobalt, Grey, Saffron 10 for all
String Theory Black, Cobalt, TW 20 for all
Supernova Boost BS 10
Synastry 4x Crimson, FG, 3x Grey, 4x Lime, 3x Saffron 50 for all
Syngineer Cobalt, FG, Orange, Purple 20 for All
Thawed FG, 2x Grey, Orange 80, 40 each, 40
Throned Cobalt, 3x Grey, 3x Pink, TW 30 for both
Throned: Sacred 2x BS, Cobalt, FG 10 for both, 30, 30
Tic-King 4x Crimson, 2x Grey, Saffron 20 for all
Tic-King: Glitched Black, BS, 2x Crimson, Lime 20, 10, 40 each, 50
Torque TX: Inverted 2x Black, 4x Purple 80 each or 300 for All
Undergrowth Cobalt 10
Vaticinator 2x BS, Orange, 2x Saffron 10 for ALL
Veski 4x Black, 3x BS, 2x Crimson, 3x Orange, 3x Saffron, 2x TW 40 for All
Volkswagen GTI 2x BS, 2x Lime, 2x SB 20 each, 50 each, 80 each
Volkswagen GTI RLE 2x FG, Purple, 2x SB 70 each, 80, 100 each
Warp Wave Trail Purple, TW 10, 50
Whisperer Orange, Purple, SB 10 for All
Xtra 4x BS, 4x SB 40 for All
Z-Ro Grey 10
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2023.06.10 20:21 Generic_Username_321 Sweaty Hands & My Dermadry Journey

Just started using Dermadry and I'm going to try and update this every other day to help keep me on track and using it as frequently as I am supposed to because I'm bad about sticking to a routine. This may be more for myself than anything, but if someone else finds it useful, even better. I'll try and format it by sections so you can just read the parts you're interested in.
Dermadry Treatment:
Using the "Upgraded version" with the rubbery bottom mat, and hexagonal grid top mat. I am using bottled water at room temp, however, I have read others using different types of water, and even adding chemicals to the water. For now, I will stick with bottled water, and depending on the results in 2 months, I may change it up.
6/10/23 - 10:00 AM Treatment 1: I used ~250ml of room temp bottled water in each tray. Set the current strength to 5mA to just feel it out (1-15mA is recommended). For the first couple of minutes, I couldn't feel anything, but as we approached the 15min mark I could feel a slight tingling and my hands were a little itchy. The biggest surprise came at the 15min, 10min, and 5min mark (I think). The voltage readout displayed "L5" and I felt a shock strong enough to make my forearms spasm and tense up. It wasn't painful, just a weird feeling, and I assume this has to do with its rotating current phases. Their website states "L5 will be displayed when the tension is lower than 5 volts." I don't know what that means, but I will contact customer support about it. My hands were a bit sweaty after I finished up, and the itchiness was gone after a few minutes, but after an hour my hands dried up a bit and have been completely dry for several hours. I plan on doing it again at 5mA tomorrow and then give it a day of rest before upping the voltage up to 7 or 8mA.
Background: I'm in my late 20s and have suffered from sweaty hands for as long as I can remember. I would say I have it moderate during most of the day, but in social situations, it can go up to a 10 in severity. I'm talking wiping my hands with a paper towel over 10min will completely soak it through. At its worst, I can clench my fist and literally have beads of sweat run off. I get a bit self-conscious in social situations, but I wouldn't say I have bad social anxiety. But it's this slight nervousness that really sets off my sweaty hands.
Improvised treatments: I started out trying to dry my hands with harsh chemicals on a few occasions when I knew I had a social event of some sort that would involve shaking hands. I would soak my hands in brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol as I work with them and had it lying around. Alcohol would just dry it for a bit, but sweating would come back 10-fold within 30min after. Brake cleaner lasted a while longer, but is absolutely terrible for your skin, your health, etc. Please for the love of god, DO NOT use brake cleaner, I was young and stupid and it only worked for a few hours at a time. I also tried wearing latex gloves during my entire time working as it caused me to sweat a bunch and would get my hands to sweat so much, that sometimes it would prevent me from sweating further the rest of the day. This kind of worked, but my work environment has changed, and working in latex gloves now would just make people think I was a psycho. My final attempt was to just get healthy. For a whole year, I dropped almost all caffeine, drank nothing but water, and dietary/workout shakes, worked out and had a diet to match with hardly any dietary cheating. This helped out mostly with social situations, as I wouldn't be near as self-conscious, but I still would get severe sweating during dates, big meetings, and school tests.
Antiperspirants: I bought some Dove Clinical Strength antiperspirant and used that for a while, applying it before bed, or during the day and letting dry under a fan for 15-30min. This would help for normal day stuff, but the moment anything like a date, or a meeting with a boss occurred, it would be like I hadn't done anything. After about two weeks of on-and-off applications, I switched to trying Certain Dri with the results being about the same. The third product I tried was Sweat Block Wipes which were less effective than the previous ones. Not saying these products aren't good, they just weren't effective for me. The last product I tried was Antihydral, I ordered this at the same time as Dermadry and was by far the best. One application with just enough that you could tell there was a layer on there, and let dry for 15-30min under a fan kept my hands dry for days at a time. I only tried this a couple of times before my Dermadry unit came in, so this is my fallback plan if Dermadry doesn't work. I hear from some users the effectiveness of Antihydral can wear off over time, so I have put that on pause while I just do Dermadry.
Medical treatments: I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Glycopyrrolate. This would help if taken in high doses, but when I got a new dermatologist he highly advised against taking it in the dosages I was. I still have a lot of it left over, and will still take it before a date or social event. In combination with the antiperspirants, this is still fairly effective but requires planning ahead and remembering to take it. I have fairly good medical insurance, but after talking it over with the doctor, the cost of Botox with the side effects and longevity of the treatment made me put it off as a final Hail Mary if all else fails. Finally, I got Dermadry and that's what I'm starting now, and we will see how this works for me.
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2023.06.10 20:15 chorustrilogy [pf2e][online][est] A discovery in the Outlands... the Gods remain silent... What a mysterious skyship... And you all, who will be the first to investigate it.

I am looking to fill 1-2 slots remaining.

This far away from the Centerpiece, there is questions as to the history of the Farspace and its origin thereof.

After all this time, will the truth of our creation arise? Or will we burn like the mythical idea of starlight in this infinite cloudy sky?

For many thousands of Cycles has the Outlands given fear to the people of the Farspace. Rightfully so, as the first skyland to exit the Centerpiece was terrified by the sudden switch to darkness, a concept unknown at the time. And now, even hundreds of Cycles later, not much is know about the Outlands, and the existence of something beyond it, now termed the Farlands, is just a theory. When a derelict skyship made of metal with hulking weapons is found one Twilight in the Outlands, the discovery is not a welcome one. The Centerpiece has enjoyed its time knowing all it needed to know, and the peoples that lived there, no matter how much they loved a good mystery... none could ever bring themselves to look at such a craft clearly designed for war with joy.
Enter the newly-founded Starfall Academy, a mysterious organization with... no ties to anything at all? Where the Antispace did these people come from? And why is the founder so familiar with the mechanics of the skyship? For that matter...

Who are you?

A seemingly random collection of absolutely mismatched and restless individuals that have no business being this far into the Outlands have suddenly been approved to approach the skyship and board it, seeking out some of the answers it may hold as to how it got here, and from where did it come. You'll have a few days to prepare before reaching Outpost Nemo, the most distant skyland ever sent out from the Centerpiece. This mission is likely to have at least one fatality, so says the initial research team, who had not dare approach more than a few miles to the skyship. You certainly can't disagree, having heard the phonograph and seen the visimark notes by Outpost Nemo. The ship itself is massive, the size of some skylands, and the level of damage and lack of activity means that whatever might be on the ship encountered something bigger, nastier, and lost to it.

Your mission

Get to know each other, say your last prayers to the Gods, and hope you won't be seeing Packet anytime soon. Board the advanced skyship and explore. And try not to die. Outpost Nemo has already made it clear they won't be rescuing those who fall from the skyship.
Should you clear the vessel with no issues, fire the flare and call for the away ship and report your findings. Should there be something on that nightmare ship with you...

Starfall Command Contacts You

This campaign will be two series of mini-campaigns, roughly 4-5 sessions at most for both. The first one will be as I detailed above, and the second... well, that'll depend on what happens in the first :O
Our day of play will be Saturdays @ 2pm-7pm/8pm EST from June to August, using Discord as audio and FoundryVTT as rolling and visual. Session 0 will take place literally as soon as you can join, your first week of play will be June 17th, 2023.

How to apply

Applications will be available until the sun goes down tomorrow (meaning this will be open for two days). You will need to add me on Discord @ chorustrilogy#0013 and send me the following information:
1 - Your age/name/pronouns 2 - Your availability on Wednesdays in EST 3 - Your history with roleplaying systems 4 - Your favorite session/experience as a DM/player 5 - Your least favorite session/experience as a DM/player 6 - Your introduction to TTRPGs 7 - Your pre-session 0 character concepts 8 - Your favorite comfort snack 9 - Your greatest fear (I promise I will use this against you)
Priority will be given to people who show aptitude and versatility in roleplay, lengthy responses and positive and repeated interactions with other members of my group.
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2023.06.10 20:13 strainFL I have been using fragranced moisturiser for the first 4 days

I have been using fragranced moisturiser for the first 4 days
I have been using scented lotion for the first 4 days and only just realised. It is day 5 and now my tattoo is still red and very warm to the touch. Is there anything I can do to help repair this as I am very worried it is infected or damaged? (I’ve already changed lotion) (Regarding the picture, I have put a little orange perimeter on the part where it is most red, in order to see if it is worse tomorrow)
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2023.06.10 20:13 INebulize24 Once a week benefits

So the way the classes work out in conjunction with my work schedule I can only attend once a week . I will be lifting 5 days mon-fri at the gym and looking to add orange theory once a week for cardio since I can’t trust myself to push myself lol would I see any cardiovascular gains from one a week? I just started testosterone replacement and looking to get my life back . I know abs are made in the kitchen but I’d like not to get gassed so fast doing things.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 20:06 LiseEclaire [Leveling up the World] - Academy Arc - Chapter 765

Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Adventure Arc - Arc 2
Wilderness Arc - Arc 3
Academy Arc - Arc 4
Previously on Leveling up the World…

Orange clouds floated on a purple sky. There had been a time when Dallion would have found such a sight breathtaking, or at the very least remarkable. Now, it was just another day in his realm. Sitting at the top of Onda’s tower, Dallion stared into the distance.
“Hey, old man!” the teen nymph shouted. “You’re messing up the look!”
If there was one person whose arrogance had grown along with Dallion’s it was Onda. The hammer guardian had always seen himself as a genius and, thanks to the Moonstone in the realm, his opinion of himself had grown even further.
“You’ve no idea how much time and skill it took to get it right!”
Funny. Up to today, Dallion hadn’t minded the attitude. In fact, he hadn’t even noticed it.
“I need some assistance,” he said, glancing down.
At the comment, the guardian froze. There was a spark of emotions within him that was quickly subdued.
“She said not to encourage you,” Onda whispered.
“Harp?” Dallion split into a few instances and looked around. “I won’t be doing anything reckless,” he said with a sigh. “It’s forging related.”
“Forging?” The guardian didn’t sound convinced.
“A while back, you said that there are more complicated things than crafting metals. I want to learn magic crafting.”
“Magic crafting?” Onda shivered slightly while saying the magic word.
“Whatever the proper term is. I know you can do it, so—”
“Can’t.” The guardian quickly interrupted. “She said no magic.”
“Seriously?” Dallion grumbled. “Harp!” he shouted in the direction of the harpsisword’s tower.
Other than a few waves, there was no reaction. Harp was determined not to meddle in his development, and that included not helping him with anything magic related, at least for the time being. After what had happened in Lanitol, Dallion would have thought that he’d be given a pass for reasonable requests. Apparently, that wasn’t the case.
In all honesty, his request wasn’t exactly safe or random. The thought of challenging the archduke’s son had made him remember the duel they’d had back in Nerosal, including the origami weapons the noble had used. Creating such a weapon would be very beneficial in more ways than one. For one thing, Dallion was considering upgrading Lux’s home. Having the firebird follow him about like a bladebow with kaleidervisto sights was starting to get bothersome.
“What about enchanting?” Dallion asked. “I’ve already done that many times.”
The nymph shook his head.
“That was temporary.”
Maintaining his calm exterior, Dallion waited for a short while longer, then left his realm. The first thing he felt was a wave of air hitting him in the face. Moments later, his senses returned to normal.
Normally, entering a realm while flying wasn’t the best of ideas, but it didn’t count while on a cloud fort. Initially, Dallion had wanted to avoid the fuss, but when the squad of furies within the cloud had offered to take them, the choice was made for him.
Aware of their emotions, he knew that the offer was extended mostly because of Diroh. While guard furies assisted mages, they rarely went out of their way to catch up to one mid flight. The rumors of her being royalty must have spread.
“You can rest a bit,” the fury told Dallion. He was a seasoned veteran who didn’t have time for all the rank bullshit. “We won’t reach the Academy till tomorrow.”
One additional day. If Dallion had continued flying on his own, he’d have been there by now.
“Any news?” he asked, suppressing a yawn.
“Where do I start? The Azures are gathering armies in the northeast. Mages too. I’m expecting a major clash in a month at most. The new archduke is also positioning her forces. Now that she’s been given the new spot, she can’t afford to mess up.”
It was tempting to crack a smile. It would be nice if Priscord got humiliated in the upcoming battle, but that was unlikely to happen. The emperor had picked her for the position, which meant that he’d back her up with some of his legions. Losing two archdukes in the same area wasn’t something that would look good.
“Lots of crimsons are also there,” the fury continued. “At least we get to enjoy the skies here for a while.”
Dallion nodded. He, too, was going to join them.
“A bunch of rogues formed a new enclave in the west. It’s out of the empire, so no one’s bothering for now. I told some of your lot that it’s a mistake. No one listened.”
“Someone will take care of them.”
The west, at least, was deprived of any presence. Only the Order was slowly spreading in that direction. No wonder the last Star had made his stronghold there.
“There’s been a few skirmishes in the southeast, but nothing major. The Alliance is keeping the Azures in check. Only minor kingdoms are poking about, trying to get themselves noticed by one of the powers.”
“Yes, everyone’s choosing sides.”
That was true and things were only going to get tougher. Settlements, cities, even small countries were quick to ally themselves to one of the three powers. Even before the war began, several of the minor players had made their intentions known. Most had allied to the empire. Now that its position was shaky, they were looking at the other options. It didn’t end with whole settlements either. Guilds and trade organizations had been moving about, going further to the heart of the empire or out of it. Even hunter dens weren’t immune.
Before leaving Lanitol, Dallion had flown by the structure out of a feeling of nostalgia. What he found was an empty lot. He had expected some of the hunters to have gone—there were many dwarves among them. Yet, the building was missing as well. A more optimistic person might have assumed that the hunters had found a way to take their den as they left the city. In reality, it had likely been absorbed by the overseer. Neutrality was a dangerous notion, especially if those proclaiming to be neutral were strong.
“Over a dozen ghost towns have formed on the border,” the fury said. “If they remain too long without a master, the wilderness will take them.”
“That’s how it usually works.”
The fury glanced at Dallion sideways, but didn’t add anything more. It was obvious he wanted to know more about the fury, just as it was obvious that Dallion had no intention of sharing. The moment of calm had given him a while to relax, and now that adrenalin had loosened its grip, less immediate concerns had resurfaced.
Prophecies, he said to himself. So far, he had heard two. The first had come from a nymph sheet acquired years ago. The dwarf hunter who had found it swore that an otherworlder would bring to the end to the world, or at the very least a substantial change. When combined with what Cleric had shared, the worst might have come to pass. It was Dallion who had made it possible for Adzorg to construct his device. If he found the final pieces, he might pop the barrier between worlds like a soap bubble, letting void creatures pour into reality unimpeded.
If there was nothing you could do, the Order wouldn’t have sent you, Gen said from Dallion’s realm. There’s no point in perfect prophecies.
There is if all you need to do is hide, Dallion replied mentally.
If you’re hiding, you’re not doing it very well.
Dallion smiled. His echo had a suitable sense of humor, even if it didn’t help particularly right now.
“What about vortex gleams?” Dallion asked.
“Vortex gleams,” the fury repeated. “There’s talk of a few out east. The crimsons will know more. They don’t tell the rest of us much.”
“Right.” Dallion leaned back in the sea iron mesh that served as a chair. “Wake me up when we get to the Academy. Don’t stop for anything until we get there, not even assists.”
“You’re the mage.”
If the flight was eventful, Dallion never got to learn about it. Over a day, he spent the time sleeping. To a large part, that was to diminish the fatigue that had stacked up in the last six months. More importantly, though, he was hoping to have a Moon dream. With the curse, he hadn’t been getting anything that might help. This time was no different, although it didn’t bring nightmares either. All it brought was a whole lot of blankness: Dallion closed his eyes one moment, then when he opened them again, he was a few hundred feet from the battle mage building. According to the armadil shield, they had been there for hours, but no one had dared wake him up.
How nice of them, Dallion thought and sat up.
The fury on guard was new—far younger than the previous one, tasked with keeping the cloud stable. Everyone else, Diroh included, was gone.
“Where’s everyone?” Dallion cracked his back. Sleeping on war clouds wasn’t as comfortable as people assumed it would be.
“Your novice was escorted into the building, battle apprentice,” the fury replied, using Dallion’s standard title. “All your things were moved to your room as well.”
“And the furies?”
“They were sent out on another cloud. Katka ordered that we leave you to sleep undisturbed, so—”
“I get the picture.”
Dallion cast a spell, rising up from the cloud. Without a word of thanks, he floated straight to Katka’s room on the upper floor of the building, then went inside. The magic symbols on the walls glowed brighter as he passed. Recognizing him as belonging here, they remained in their present state.
The moment he flew in, the room widened, increasing tenfold in size. This wasn’t normal. Katka wasn’t a fan of modifications, preferring to keep things as they were. Ironically, that made many of the Academy mages see her as a snob. In their eyes, illusions weren’t good enough for her, since she resorted to getting the actual physical thing and bringing it here.
The current modification spell had turned the room into a modern Earth corporate office. There was lots of space, full of desks, cheap plants, water coolers and a glass walled meeting room at the far side. Looking closely, Dallion saw four figures gathered there.
Just great, he thought.
The archmage was present along with Katka. The other two were silhouettes made of cloud matter and water, respectively. That meant that the entire Shimmering Circle had gathered to discuss something. Since Dallion had joined, there had been only one similar meeting. Back then, the “woman” Dallion had seen in Gassil’s memory fragment had also been there, even if no one had formally introduced her to him. There were a few more instances in which she had taken shape to discuss something with Katka. As for the last member, he remained completely unknown. Dallion was aware of his existence, but nothing more.
“Dal,” the archmage’s voice echoed throughout the room, as if he were using loudspeakers. “Join us.”
Taking a deep breath, Dallion made his way to the door of the meeting room and went inside. The conference table was large enough to hold eight people. The seat next to Katka was left free, indicating he was supposed to take it.
“This must be important.” Dallion said, using his magic vision in an attempt to see the people behind the constructs. He was able to see the magic threads connecting the forms to invisible portals, but not what lay beyond. “First time I see everyone gathered.”
The sharp look the archmage gave him quickly told Dallion to tone down the humor.
“We heard what happened down south,” the man said. “What are your dealings with the Order?”
“You know I can’t tell you that,” Dallion said calmly. “Moon vows and all that.”
“What I can say is that the Azures tried to take out the archduke.” There was a moment’s pause. “And myself.”
“You were targeted?” Katka asked, more surprised than intrigued.
“I guess Grym is still mad at me for last time. They managed to put echoes in a lot of the people at the banquet. Most of them were normies, but there were a few awakened… as well as the local mage.”
“We know,” the archmage said. “Would have been nice to bring one of them alive for questioning.”
“Wasn’t my fault. The archduke absorbed all the evidence. I did manage to get the mage’s robe, though. If there’s anything to be learned, I’ll find it.”
“Such a marvelous ability,” the cloud woman said. “Sometimes you make me envious.”
“That’s not why I called for this,” the archmage hissed. “A messenger arrived from the emperor himself. The vortex gleam that was spotted not too long ago wasn’t the only one. As it turns out, it’s only a drop in the bucket. There have been twenty-seven confirmed sightings, but unlike the last one, the levels are much higher.”
Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this story, consider joining my patreon or check out my other stories on redditserials:
The Scuu Paradox (a Space Opera Sci Fi)
The Cassandrian Theory (a Space Opera Sci Fi)
The Impeccable Adventure of the Reluctant Dungeon (Dungeon Core Adventure Comedy)
Uncharted Waters (An Urban Fantasy Detective Noir)
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2023.06.10 19:33 YTLinkerBot Food Theory: You Should Eat CANDY Before a Workout?! (TikTok)

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2023.06.10 19:16 GameTheory_Bot Food Theory: You Should Eat CANDY Before a Workout?! (TikTok)

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2023.06.10 19:16 GameTheory_Bot Food Theory: You Should Eat CANDY Before a Workout?! (TikTok)

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2023.06.10 19:16 stellaok Is orange theory suitable for someone who is mostly unfit or lived a sedentary lifestyle?

I don’t like exercising and the most exercise I do is walking. I’ve gained some weight due to antidepressants, and I’m interested in orange theory because I think a class setting will help me stay disciplined. I heard a lot that orange theory is very tough, do you think it’s not a good idea for someone just starting with exercise?
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2023.06.10 18:36 mc__Pickle Thoughts on "Capitalism is my ADHD Nightmare” - Exploring Alternatives where work can be optional.

EDIT added TLDR:
TLDR: Advancements in technology as they are today can make work, as we currently understand it, optional.
I came across the post discussing how capitalism feels like an ADHD nightmare. I wanted to say that I agree but also wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.
Especially here in ADHD subreddit where we have such capacity for out-of-the-box thinking and looking past the status quo.
Like many of you, I've often felt hopeless and out of place within the confines of capitalism. However, before we lose all hope, there are a few things worth considering that might inspire you to connect the dots on your own.

Several comments on that post expressed frustration with capitalism, the relentless pursuit of maximizing shareholder value, and the perpetual need to work. While it may seem like there are no other options, that's not necessarily true.
There is a case for a scenario where work, as we currently understand it, becomes optional.

We often use the phrase "earning a living" to describe the necessity of working just to survive in today's system. This holds true in the current system but let's explore things from a different perspective.

As they are today, advancements in technology, automation, robotics, and AI, are enough to sustain most of everyone’s basic needs (things you need to survive, to live). Things like food and other necessities can be produced in abundance and distributed for free.

When something can be produced at little to no cost and in abundant quantities, its value or price can** plummet or even disappear altogether (check out the concept of scarcity). This could give a whole new meaning to the phrase "earning a living."
Work could become voluntary (e.g.: to give you an option to work, so you can obtain non-basic/luxury products that currently cannot be produced at no-cost - if you so desire).
** unless scarcity is created artificially (happens in capitalism)

Voluntary work? So, no one would work like ever? Yes and No. Some people might choose not to work, but I believe that majority would want to work, here is why:
I was on holiday this week, away from the city. The first 2-3 days I went exploring the forests, mountains, lakes, I then did a whole lot of nothing, chilling out. Days were long, nice, and relaxing.
On day 4, I felt like working, not on the things I have to do for my job but on my own projects, ideas. Imagine the amount of creativity and innovation that can come from people working on things they are interested in, because they want to.
Without 'I have to go to work tomorrow' to put the food on the table hanging over their heads.

The point here is that not everyone can do nothing forever; most people would eventually become bored and seek productive activities. And if they happen to contribute to sustaining, maintaining, improving, or innovating the new system (that provides all our basic needs for free), they could be compensated. This compensation would enable them to acquire the luxury products that currently cannot be produced at low or no cost, should they desire them.

This is just a small glimpse of what's possible. It's not science fiction; many individuals and communities worldwide are actively designing, prototyping, and even running small-scale trials of such systems. There are people out there, just like you and me, thinking and working on realistic solutions.
Achieving this won't be easy or quick, but it's absolutely possible, and it's happening today.

You may or may not be familiar with the various names, labels, theories, and definitions associated with the concept I briefly described. At this point, I don't want to attach any particular names or labels because everything is a work in progress with nothing set in stone.
It can be anything you can imagine. With enough people agreeing on a general direction, at any scale, a club, community, city, country... wanting and working towards getting there... It may even turnout that it's easier than you think.
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2023.06.10 18:30 SPER I'm conditioned into needing to watch something consuming, whether it be eating or taking my pre-workout drink. I know this is pretty common, but are there any methods to get over this or any better thing to do while eating vs consuming media?

If I'm not busy and especially if I'm at home it's almost like I have to watch something while consuming.
So in the morning pretty before I workout I pretty much always make my pre-workout drink and then watch Youtube for 20-30 minutes. 95% of the time it's usually mindless crap that only provides entertainment. I've been doing this for years. Then when I make my protein shake and/or have a meal afterwards I have to watch something again while consuming.
Then before I go to sleep I have to watch something to fall asleep. I feel like I'm now conditioned to falling asleep while watching something as well. It's like I have to have something on. I can usually fall asleep in just a few minutes.. I tried falling asleep the other day without anything on and it was so difficult I was just tossing and turning. And if I try thinking about my day, plan the next day and try being introspective before bed, then that just activates my mind and does not make me tired anymore.
How do you not only go about changing these habits, but what do you replace these habits with? I know I could instead change what I'm viewing to something more educational, and I do this from time to time. But I always wind up going back to the more entertaining crap probably because it's easy and I don't have to think.
I wish I would be the person that instead, wakes up, does whatever he needs to do in the morning while taking his pre-workout. Then works out. Showers and gets ready, then makes his protein shake and consumes it immediately, then goes about their day. Then at night winds down, reviews their day before going to sleep, plans out what they need to do tomorrow and does a bit of introspection. Then falls asleep to like a book, some music or something.
Instead, it's like I'm stuck on this loop. The only thing that usually breaks up this routine is when I'm really busy, traveling and also when I'm actively hooking up with people. But whenever I have time to myself I wind up regressing right back to this. It's my comfort zone.
I don't know if this is the right sub to post this in, maybe it should be in /getdisciplined or /GetMotivated or /productivity
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2023.06.10 17:32 shell37628 2 completely random and unrelated rants i want off my chest.

Rant #1: husband went mountain biking for an hour this weekend. I have no issue with that, in theory, except that he didn't tell me until he was on his way out the door. If I ever did that to go to the gym (my preferred workout), he'd lose his shit. I don't want to tell him no, but it just ground my gears.
Rant #2: can we please stop with the word "snatched" as it refers to a person (usually a woman's) waistline? Please? If I see one more fucking bathing suit/athleisure/dress ad talking about "pull the strings and look how SNATCHED I look!" I'm going to lose my fucking mind. Stop trying to make snatched happen. It happened, and it should die.
That's it. Those are my rants.
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2023.06.10 17:32 androgynyjoe Looking for people interested in joining an Algebraic Topology study group

Hi everyone! My name is Joe and I have a doctorate in mathematics where I studied Homotopy Theory and Homological Algebra.
A few friends and I have been meeting once per week for a topology "study group", for lack of a better thing to call it. We work through a text, ask questions, do exercises, and try to support each other as we learn. The exact structure of the meetings changes depending on who is attending, as a lot of people come and go based on content and their personal lives.
We're about to start a new topic, so I thought it would be a good time to invite other people to join us! We're starting Algebraic Topology using Allen Hatcher's book (which he gives out for free). We meet for two hours on Sundays at 11am EDT (3pm GMT). We meet over voice chat with some screen-sharing; you're free to join the conversation or just listen if you want. (Sometimes people don't have microphones.) It's a pretty small group but we try not to single anyone out.
Send me a PM if you want to join and I'll get you an invite to the server! Everyone is welcome, I just don't think it's a good idea to put server invites in permanent posts. I'll be checking in on this post and on my PM's throughout the day.
Note: Don't worry too much about "prerequisites". If you have an inquisitive mind and want to come check it out then you should do that. It's not a class, so you can come and go as you please. However, to get the most out of Hatcher's book, you'd ideally have some experience with proof-based mathematics and know some point-set topology.
Hope to see you tomorrow!
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2023.06.10 17:23 Unknown_User_66 I dont know if this was a Big Bang Theory reference or just an honest reaction.

I'm the "head page" of a library, which basically means I'm like a mini-manager where I have all the responsibilities of a manager but without the pay or title. I dont mind because the people I manage (the circulation staff) are pretty self sufficient, I basically get orders to do this and that and then delegate those orders to my people, so I at the very least get that satisfaction of telling people what to do, and theyre all competent enough to know how to do it without explanation.
Yesterday, however, the manager above me told us that we were going to help out with a project at another library tomorrow, and I'm telling my people about it, and at one point I say "Just wear comfortable shoes", and this one girl says "Comfortable shoes? I'll have to go shopping then.".
I didn't think this was anything but a comment from her, it didn't make me laugh or react in any way except for a head nod, but just now I realized that there was an episode of The Big Bang Theory where the girls (Amy, Penny, and Bernadette) are going to go somewhere and Penny says "just wear something comfortable", and Amy says "Something comfortable? I'll have to go shopping then."
I definitely didn't mean for it to be a BBT reference, I kind of just said it as a cheesy one-liner, but this girl either accidentally or on purpose made it into a BBT reference 😂
That is all.
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2023.06.10 15:36 sonic_my_screwdriver The Coincidence is my jam!!!!

The Coincidence is my jam!!!!
I love The Coincidence, but I've only ever gotten petpetpets! This is a new one!!! JN hasn't updated this item since 2012, I don't even know what it's worth, so that feels like a win today! I never use TC, so I have no clue of its significance, if any!
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2023.06.10 15:06 bluesolur Taxes on Ship (Symphony of the Seas)

Some info about me, I’m currently on Symphony of the Seas (disembarking tomorrow) and I’m from the States. I’m a little confused with the taxes. I thought you don’t get taxed at shops?? But I got taxed which I’m a bit confused. Is it different if it happens at the promenade and it’s clearance?
(Also why are some of the SeaPasses orange?)
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