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2023.06.10 23:24 Ok_Consideration_242 Levels of Cleanliness

As many of us have realized, every relationship has a clean partner and a not as clean partner.
Well, my gf is not a very clean person. Hell, I cannot sugar coat it, her house is absolutely filthy. It is getting so bad; I only bring myself to go over once a week. I have her come over to my place as much as possible. But since she has pets at home, it is a rare occasion.
She has 12 pets. 2 dogs, 2 cats and 8 birds. As well as having 2 kids, 13f & 10m, who refuse to help around the house. I have tried to talk to them about helping their mom around the house and they both came back with "it is not my job." Now I do not think it is my place to tell her kids what to do in their house. But every time I go visit her place, I feel that I need clean. It is beyond a courtesy at this point.
It is an extremely frustrating experience. Whenever I have her and her kids over, I make sure my place is presentable and clean.
I hate eating there. There is animal hair is all over the place. If she hands me a utensil, dish, or cup, it is usually dirty. Everything use I have to wash. it has gotten to the point that when I get there cleaning her kitchen is usually my first task. Washing dishes, drying them, and putting them away. It always takes me a while because the sink is normally filled.
Then I clean the floors. I do not take off my shoes, when I walk around her house. My feet turn black. If I wear socks, they get filled with animal hair. When I get home, I just toss my socks because there is no getting all the hair out of them. No matter how many times I wash them. Plus, the hair gets stuck on other clothes.
I sweep and mop the kitchen, dining room, and living room. That usually helps with the smell of feces for most of the house. But then I have to empty the litter boxes to really get rid of the smell. I buy her scented candles and other air fresheners. But the lingering smell of poo is always there.
And do not get me started on her laundry habits. It is sad and horrendous what she does to those loads. I have not smelled a towel at her place that does not smell like it was left in the washer for a day or two before being dried. She is better with clothes. But folding them is another issue all together.
She is a great person in all other aspects. She is extremely kind and giving and generous to where it is almost financially detrimental. If she were not so amazing, I would have left her long time ago.
I have my own place. I work hard to maintain it and keep it up. But I know I will never want to live with her, unless things change. Because that will be my life for the foreseeable future.
Should I break it off now or stick it out because and cats and dogs do not live forever?
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2023.06.10 23:23 docedebatatadoce_ Where to buy giftcards with BTC?

Hey guys!
Looking for recommendations of a trusted website to buy giftcards (uber, playstore) with BTC
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2023.06.10 23:21 Bridge_The_Person Where to buy straw for garden?

I see it in gardening videos all the time. Looks great, holds moisture, but where possibly in Los Angeles do you buy straw? Coming from Eagle Rock.
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2023.06.10 23:19 kohasz Where to buy ladybugs locally?

Need them to get rid of some aphids!
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2023.06.10 23:17 smith2099 They dont like money?

Cant buy the game through the battle.net app. Its pathetic.
Adding a new visa and the number verification calculus never enables the "Pay Now" button.
Its not the first time I've had an issue with actually trying to buy something from blizzard... You would think it'd be the ONE area where they'd sweep for bugs lol.
The card number field for visa actually allows for three additional numbers at the end that is not part of a standard card number.
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2023.06.10 23:16 Kagari68 NYC show (1st show)

Don’t get me wrong I love Pierce the Veil. It’s my second time seeing them live and I was really excited to see them alongside The Used. They’re both amazing! However, my freaking experience ended in tragedy when I was arrested mid-set and the fucked up part is everything went downhill when I was attacked defenseless in front of the venue’s staff and they did nothing to help!
 So I went to the concert solo and after The Used before a few people were being carried out because they were dropping like flies. I don’t know if it’s because they were dehydrated or from consistently being crushed but I did see the staff starting to throw water bottles into the crowd. As I’m seeing I’m thinking to myself like damn I’m thirsty too and I was debating whether or not I should quickly buy some water. I persuaded myself to do it and told the guy next to me, “I’m going to get some water, I’ll be right back.” He said, “np!” So I went to get something to drink and came back into crowd with a cup of wine in one hand and a huge bottle of water on the other. I also had my phone, charger, and wallet under my armpit bc I left my bag where I was standing. When I got back to my spot, a random girl was there in front of me and I was thinking to myself where the hell she came from bc she wasn’t there before. I told her nicely, Hey, I was standing here before, my bag is on the floor and now we’re pretty close to each other (her back was touching the rim of the drinks) so if something falls on you it’s not fault. I don’t know where she came from, but she was standing in front of everyone that was originally behind those at barricade. She immediately started getting loud and being an asshole talking about it’s a concert these things happen and she’s not stepping on my bag. I’m like okay, I was just saying. So she turns to the crowd and yells how I said I want to throw drinks at her and I started laughing bc at this moment I knew she was lying asshole and an idiot. So moments later, she freaking hits me and all of my drinks falls all over my face. I couldn’t see shit. I just started moving. She grabbed my hair and scratched me. I only remember hitting her once and immediately telling her to get off of me. She wouldn’t let go and it was the crowd that got her off of me, NOT the two venue staff members that this happened in front of. I thanked everyone that got that girl off of me and apologized to the people around bc that was never my intention. I didn’t drop anything on her. I was struggling with my drinks, but nothing fell on her. She snapped bc I called her an idiot. She ran to security and pretended to be the victim. When security came , multiple ppl including myself told them that girl hit me first. However, they looked at my face and said they don’t see anything. I told security or just venue staff (idk at this pt) what happened and they allowed me back into the GA. I was welcomed back with open arms from the audience and slightly got back to where I was standing originally. Honestly, at this pt I was excited to see PTV. Then right before the two last songs as I’m getting my phone ready to record, I was getting arrested by police. I was trying to tell them that they need to tell me why I’m being arrested before I’m they actually handcuff me and that I need to make a phone call but they kept trying to take my phone away from me. When they took me out of the audience, one of the police officer aggressively asked me what happened. At this moment, I was hella confused bc I still didn’t know why they’re arresting me. Turns out this girl decided to press charges. So I’d asked if I could press charges too bc she hit me. She hit me first and when I was defenseless. Like the venue staff they didn’t care. They looked at my face and said they don’t see anything. I’m dark-skinned by the way. I was driven off in a police car while I see the girl laughing and recording me on her phone in the ambulance. She went home after starting a fight in front of the venue staff. No one asked if I was okay. No one asked me if I wanted to press charges and no one cared that this girl hit me first. This happened at the Rooftop at Pier 17. 
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2023.06.10 23:14 YogurtclosetActual19 (TW:Abuse) My mom makes me feel like i am the villain

I am 20 years old f .My mom absuses me alot with words and physically too. But somehow i am the bad guy for defending myself in front of everyone she was hitting me and as a form of self defence which was involuntary i held her arm and twisted it a bit and stopped because i knew it was wrong but she ended up hitting me more for that and complaining to my dad turning him against me .She never listens to me . So one night we went out for a drive i had my little cousin sister was with us i said lets stop for a while i get something to eat while u sit in the car because it is quite a busy street and there would be no place to sit she insisted on coming out will all my brothers and sisters and cousin then i said the place where i am going to buy from doesnt have any place to sit u should have sat in the car thats when she said something that hurt me the most she said do you feel embarrassed that people will see your mother(she is niqabi)and i am a hijabi too and i am proud to be muslim and i do love my mom i always go out with her whenever i can .This is made me very upset she then said i will go this dumpling (momos) shop there is place to sit there too and i know that place is just overpriced first i said no but she insisted and i was angry at that moment so i said as u wish lets go we went in i order a few dumplings and it was expensive then came my elder brother he was sitting in the car he asked why are you all eating so less my mom started ranting about how i forced her into going to this place and eat there.And i became the villain again yes i did it out of anger but i didnt force anyone i just agreed to what she said as she wasnt listening to me.Then my brother insulted me in front of others they think i well deserve it.
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2023.06.10 23:13 insanezenmistress A Bankei book report, intro.

Introductory salutations and stuff;
Ya know how "u/ that guy" is always going on and on about book reports? Well I don't think it is such a bad idea for me. I tend to have difficulty thinking up topics or parsing the cases as well as others here, but I do have a collection of Zen Master Books I have been reading. Many of them I have only read the teachings of but have yet to really dig into the historical bits. And my collection is due to grow soon, up to about around 15 before I have exhausted Ebay.
I have kept it simple, an attempt to read the lineage in order. I do not yet have the Blue Cliff Records, Book of Serenity, The Treasury Eye of the True teaching, or The Gateless Gate, which are covered heavily in here. I have them waiting for me to buy from my open Ebay tabs. I do have Lankavatara, Bodhdharma, Huang-Po's Transmission of mind, Linji, Yuan Wu's letters, Dahui's Swampland Flowers, And Bankei just got to me last week, although I have not had much time with him. (pg 74 of 164)
Next up to have, will be Foyan's Instant Zen and Joshu.
The thing about book reporting is one can just keep reporting on the same books like a cycle. The hope of this project is familiarity with who said what and how did the others reference them. And from there I do not have any understanding of how the 15th "Bankei book report" or even "Joshu book report, 1" will look like. Only that you won't be seeing an unbroken stream of bankei, bankei, bankei, Joshu, joshu, but something random, like me. **cute smile**
I am assuming that it will be more focused on digging in the teachings after the initial intro post.
Book: Bankei Zen, translations from the record of Bankei, by Peter Haskel.
Lauded as "standard source book for the Western Student of Zen"
Bankei was born in 1622 in Hamada, Japan. His father was Confucian and Bankei was devoted to his mother. One driving factor in his seeking the name sake of his teaching "the unborn mind" was so that he could gift his mother with liberation.
Another was curiosity about a statement he learned while memorizing a Confucian classic called "The Great Learning". Though a little bit of a unruly youngster, his mind sparked up to find out about this statement "The Way of the great Learning lies in illuminating the Bright Virtue." This key concept of the classic was interpreted to mean some kind of dynamic intuitive moral sense that makes up our intrinsic human nature. And Bankei could not find answers from his teachers about what the really meant.
We have heard that he was the luggie guy, that he was the do nothing zen guy, but do we know that his drive to discover "Bright Virtue" even caused him to try suicide?
There are are so many ways I feel relation with Bankei. Perhaps it is because he was so close to the modern times. Maybe because the recorded sayings show us a real human being who spoke with everyday people. He even had some griping to do about the Chinese Zen.
"When I was young and trying to uncover the Buddha mind, I made serious effort at taking part in mondo (using Chinese expressions, I am guessing those like "the Cypress in the garden") But later on, having come to a real understanding of things, I gave it up. Japanese are poor at Chinese, so in dialogues using Chinese terms, they can't question teachers about things as thoroughly as they might wish. When you put your questions in ordinary Japanese, there's no matter you can't ask about. So instead of taking a roundabout way and knocking yourselves out trying to pose your questions in difficult Chinese words, you are better off putting them in easy Japanese without exhausting yourselves. IF there is some situation in which the Dharma won't be completely realized unless you ask your questions using Chinese words, then it's alright to use them." And he really went on further belaboring his point. And I am not sure I agree about putting my questions in Japanese would make things easier. But Modern English; let's go for it.

Bankei does that. His approach to zen was unique and very popular to the public. "Most came to listen, to learn about his unusual teaching, but others arrived with special problems, hoping to solicit his advice. Whether it was a monk with trouble meditating, a layman afraid of thunder, a farmer with a bad temper, or a local family feud, Bankei's approach was essentially the same. What ever the problem, for him there was really only one solution; to deal with things on a wholly new basis- to let go, to be neutral, to have faith in one's real original mind. He called this his teaching of the Unborn Buddha Mind." (from the introduction) He was quite a story teller too, enthusiastic to tell the tales of those who's lives improved when they realized the unborn mind.
I must admit it is hard to pick out any particular teaching or quote to present specifically at this time. The book reads like a story not like other zen books. Another reason I like him, one can't cut his words out because the teaching is in the story.
It was wide spread that people thought that he could read minds but he told it himself that is not what he does. He deals with the individual in front of him. Showing them that clear mind they have before they attach to mental conditions. This book of recorded talks and interviews shows a guy who collected fingers, and people couldn't wait to throw them at him.
But I hear, as rudimentary as my education thus far is, that he left no successor. I have read where he said that he didn't let his students teach anything beyond the simple statement of the unborn mind is already present with you, he didn't let them deal with the person right in front of them unless he knew they knew that mind.
Begs the question of whether there where more successors than we know of.
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2023.06.10 23:13 Raidero My experience with Sterling by Music Man brand

tl;dr I bought Sterling Ray35 bass and I am dissapointed with quality control compared to my other less expensive basses. What are your experiences with this brand? Should I try getting replacement and hope for better quality?
Long version: I bought my first bass from my friend for 100$ (I believe it originally was bought for around 200$), 4 string, PJ pickups, "Santander" brand (I have no idea what model it is). Nothing very special. Setup needed to be done, but besides that everything looked fine for a newbie. I still have this bass and I can see now that there is maybe a little too much space between neck and body where it connects, and bridge is not alligned perfectly with neck (G string is closer to edge of neck than E string).
About 6 years passed, I finished university, and I started working in my profession and had some money to try something new. I went to music store, played some basses I found on internet , didn't really like any of them, and then music store employee recommended me to try Yamaha BB434 (4 string, PJ pickups). I fell in love with it at first sight. It felt great to play, and looked very sexy. I bought it for 500$, and I have been very happy with it for last 6 years.
Recently I decided that I would like to buy new bass, but this time with humbucker(s), five string, and active electronics. I did some research on internet, found 3 basses that I wanted to try (Yamaha TRBX 605, Fender Meteora bass (4 string, but it does look very sexy, isn't it?), and Sterling Ray35 H VSB). I didn't like meteora at all. Yamaha was ok, but I expected it to be better I fell in love (again) with Sterling sound
Then I started wondering if maybe I should go with used Musicman Stringray 5 H. I found offer with perfect color but not so perfect price. New sterling bass was a little bit more than half the price, and was just as sexy as used musicman. I found great comparison between sound of sterling and musicman and I couldn't hear any difference, so it was logical for me to go with Sterling. The only argument for buying musicman was that I could resell it in future for probably similar price, but I don't plan to sell any of my basses, I become attached to them very quickly.
So I bought Sterling RAY35-PSK-R2 for 1400$. It arrived yesterday. I was working home office, but I couldn't wait to open it so I did, and the bass looked gorgeous, much better than on photos. But then I started to notice some little "issues".
- Neck joint is not looking like it should look. Looking from behind, neck part that should be fully covered by body (the part where the screws are) is not covered fully. It is because body has bad angle where the joint is (it should be 90 degree angle, and it is maybe 91, 92). - It looks like frets have been installed without much care, on right side of neck fret cracks(?) look bad. On left side it looks perfect, no issues there.
I checked if my other basses had some similar issues, but on my Santander those cracks look fine, and on Yamaha they look perfect.
I made a complaint with pictures attached to the music store I bought it in, I wait for their response. I would like to get replacement, but I am affraid that Sterling quality control is just not on point.
What do you guys think? I feel like bass for that price shouldn't have issues like that, but maybe I was just very lucky with my 2 previous basses.
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2023.06.10 23:13 jhpratt2 $nwbo

Bright Boy
Re: OncoJock post# 600279
Saturday, June 10, 2023 4:59:32 PM
Post# of 600344
ONCO:I know who you are! I know you are a Harvard grad from way back AND I know you are bought and paid for, Kinda like a "Soiled Dove" !! For the benefit of the suffering cancer patients who desperately need the DCVax-L Cell Based Platform Technology, please take your rantings to "Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park London, UK, crawl up on your soap box and see how long you last!!! If the mob doesn't tear you apart, it's only because you managed to begin your rant at a time allocated for the "lunatic fringe" !!!!
Do yourself a favor and put your debate textbook back in the box and take it back to the bookstore and when they ask you why you are returning the book, tell them that you are too f......ng stupid to own a book"!!!

📷OncoJock :Au contraire, when the MIA was awarded on 3/20/23, the train left the station. That predestined MAA approval , which should arrive about 8/1/23. Everybody knew that the MAA award would precipitate 2 partnerships , and bids for NWBO by 5 of the biggest CI players. Net, net, NWBO change of control 30 daus after the MAA award. But the Bosch MOA Bomb on 6/3/23 increases the bids to 10 within 30 days of the MAA award.Why? Because the big boys know the MOA Bosch described will revolutionize medicine. And it is moated by patents, proprietary manufacturing technology, and knowhow. Bright BoyRe: Lykiri post# 600189Saturday, June 10, 2023 10:48:29 AMPost# of 600340 GoSo bottom line, DCVax-L Cell Based Platform Technology is a developed process that allows medical science to Direct The Immune System in a general application for all diseases. It improves all existing treatments used in healthcare as we know it!!! In very simple terms, it is the APPLE of modern healthcare treatments!!! Cheers, BB Bright BoyRe: Lykiri post# 600189Saturday, June 10, 2023 10:48:29 AMPost# of 600341 GoSo bottom line, DCVax-L Cell Based Platform Technology is a developed process that allows medical science to Direct The Immune System in a general application for all diseases. It improves all existing treatments used in healthcare as we know it!!! In very simple terms, it is the APPLE of modern healthcare treatments!!! Cheers, BBRe: ae kusterer post# 600271 Saturday, June 10, 2023 12:48:17 PM Post# 600279 of 600333 Can we all please calm down? The people who are making the most noise about this broad mechanism of action presented at ASCO are the people who are most heavily invested in it, or those who stand to gain from others becoming more heavily invested. The presentation by Marnix Bosch at ASCO was NOT a scientific presentation, despite the venue. It was a highly technical commercial/promotional presentation made during the industry expert theater portion of the meeting, when ASCO essentially sells the stage to whomever wishes to pay the going price for the exposure. The presentation was not peer-reviewed and it was highly biased in favor of the presenter's commercial interest. Therefore, statements about murcidencel's mechanism of action will not have the credibility needed to truly become part of the medical literature, and prescription of murcidencel will not become routine clinical practice in even a single tumor type, much less multiple tumor types, much less other disease states, unless and until the data have been peer-reviewed and vetted by others and perhaps replicated by other scientists. We make ourselves look bad when we get all excited about a grand slam home run to win the pennant when we haven't even succeeded in getting on base in the first inning of the series. FIRST THINGS FIRST. Speaking for myself, I might begin to get a bit more excited after DCVax-L has won approval for a single indication (nd or rGBM) by MHRA, and a little more excited after it has received an indication from the FDA, or EMA, or Health Canada. Those milestones seem a long way off right now, based on current evidence (as opposed to current wishful thinking and speculation). -- OJ ae kusterer Re: None Saturday, June 10, 2023 4:04:19 PM Post# 600328 of 600336 ae kusterer Re: None Saturday, June 10, 2023 12:22:22 PM Post# 600271 of 600326 Prior to Marnix Bosch's ( CTO-NWBO) 6/3/23 ASCO presentation(lecture and slides) AVC (alphavestcapital.com) pointed out that the LIAU-UCLA-SPORE combination trial data showed that all CIs (checkpoint inhibitors) are more efficacious when dosed in combination with DCVax-L, and that some CIs do not work at all without DC VAX L. MRK's Keytruda( a CI with $21 billion in '22 revenues) is a good example. Keytruda as a mono therapy proved in five clinical trials that it did not increase efficacy, compared to SOC, in GBM. But when dosed in combination with DC VAX L , there was impressive efficacy . https://trp.cancer.gov/spores/abstracts/ucla_brain.htm But on 6/3/23 at ASCO, Marnix Bosch presented data showing that DC VAX L is a process that can direct the immune system response to targets in all diseases, not just all solid tumor cancers. From conversations with our associates in Big Biotech and Pharma , they are shocked because they do not know how to do what NWBO has done .They know their portfolio of drugs will perform better when dosed with DC VAX L . Their attempts to replicate the manufacturing of DC VAX L have come up short . Plus they do not know how to get around the patent moat. They are left with attempting to buy NWBO, or invest in partnerships which will license them the rights to have access to the DC VAX L technology. What strategic moves are afoot? https://nwbio.com/wp-content/uploads/NWBT_ASCO_slides_06032023_FINAL.pdf "Dr. Bosch: „If you use a lysate from another tumor you get new antigens that are more appropriate to that particular tumor.“ AGNOSTIC= "A type of therapy that uses drugs or other substances to treat cancer based on the cancer’s genetic and molecular features without regard to the cancer type or where the cancer started in the body. Tissue-agnostic therapy uses the same drug to treat all cancer types that have the genetic mutation (change) or biomarker that is targeted by the drug. It is a type of targeted therapy. Also called tumor-agnostic therapy."
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2023.06.10 23:11 politcsunderstander I exclusively play cookie clicker style video games

I cannot stop myself from playing every single game with cookie clicker style mechanics. The game where the only thing you do is click a cookie and watch a number go up. You reset your progress and start from the beginning to progress again, doing the same thing faster. It’s a rush watching it get fast!
I do it high but I don’t have to smoke to just play hours of these, and multiple at a time too. When you have to wait too long for something to happen, you just start another while you wait for the first. You would be surprised how designers can mix up mechanics and ideas. I made one myself, it’s easy when it’s just coding with no art.
You can play them in a browser, so they’re easy to play at work. They require no effort, victory is guaranteed by time. A lot of the time the gameplay is just waiting or buy an upgrade. It feels good to watch a number go up. I think it’s an RS thing to do this, which is why I am posting it to this sub. It’s like if you turned video games into cocaine.
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2023.06.10 23:10 ghostfadekilla [WTS] 5x AC Unity MP5 (NIP), MP5k Rear 1913 Adapter

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/z6j5Axl
$75 shipped to your door.
Got the incorrect rear pic rail adapter - it's for the k version. I have a P so it doesn't fit. New with a slight scuff where I thought it went in, I should read more manuals.
Just ended up buying a bunch of stupid expensive mags - these are new in packaging (except 1, never fired though).
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2023.06.10 23:09 ZiggyZebulon my family doesnt know im suicidal and wants me to get a real job

Should i tell them. Itll just upset everyone and not change anything. I dont have the energy to get a job. Hardly the energy to eat. Havent showered or brushed teeth in months. Whats the point of this life? Be confused, work to make just enough to live, then die poor like 99% of people? Have kids? So i can pass on my health issues and mental health clusterfu k to them? What else? Work two jobs and overtime so i can put the downpayment on a house in 30 years? Buy a nicer car that needs repairs and costs money just to have? Travel? I cant afford the gas to go to fuckign taco bell
My family is tired of me "freeloading" and being "lazy". When my parents die ill get half of what they own but god forbid they help me when theyre still alive. Ssris help but didnt fix anything, makes my dick hardly work. Who cares anyway. I went to school, left, had a few jobs, all torture. The only things i look forward to are coffee and cigarettes.
I dont want to get a job. Ill do ok for a week out of fear of failure, then not be reliable employee, get fired and embarassed. I want to tell my family im suicidal so they can understand where im at and stop asking me to get abfucking job and saying "youll be so much happier with a job" and "youll feel so much better about yourself." So what does that say about me now? That i shouldnt feel good about myself because im unemployed? Thats the point of life? Have a job = success and uneployed = failure? Really? What a shit life
I dont want to end it and leave my dog bernie behind. Plus my parents would blame themselves. I dont want that. Considering being homeless so i dont have to see the disappointment in my parents and familys faces every day. If my family wasnt here id have kms by now.
Boohoo poor me, sorry to complain. I dont have anyone to talk to.
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2023.06.10 23:08 xSquishy_Toastx Veteran Neighbor Denied Ramp for His Home

Hello everyone,
My neighbor is a Vietnam-era Army Veteran and was recently denied a ramp installation by the VA due to the "steepness" of the 2 concrete blocks that make up the steps going to his front door.
I have applied to "Operation Ramp it Up" via their online forum and was curious to know if there are any other methods or avenues that I could venture down to attempt to correct this situation? Has anybody else been in this situation? What did you do?
TLDR: My boyfriend and I (both USMC Vets) were in our home at the time, but, old man walked across the street with his walker to greet a different neighbor, his knees buckled and gave out. Luckily old man was caught by the different neighbor and laid down to sit on the ground. Neighbor ran to our house and rung our door bell for my boyfriend, who is a grunt, to come and help pick old man up and get him back to his home. Mr. Oldman lives with his elderly wife and his daughter lives 40 minutes away. He's told us previously that he has fallen inside of his home and was stuck for a good bit. It's pretty shit to see elders' decline as the time goes on, but, I really want to fix this situation as effortlessly on his end as possible. I have mentioned to my boyfriend about just buying and installing hardware ourselves, however, ramps aren't cheap to buy and install nor are they all compatible/safe with just a willie-nillie install from unskilled persons such as ourselves. Sigh. Thanks for reading/recommendations.
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2023.06.10 23:06 Aunty_Fascist This is goodbye

This account will be deleted in the very near future.
Reddit has made some really bad decisions about API, the CEO has outright defamed one of the third party app devs despite there being concrete proof that what he said isn't true, and they're killing old reddit sometime coming up here. I loathe new reddit, turning users into products and I especially abhor liars so once Scams where I moderate is set to private I'll be nuking this account and moving back to Mastodon. It's been real and it's been fun but it's not really fun anymore.

Find elsewhere to call home. Reddit is not what it once was. I don't recognize what it's becoming and I refuse to continue to participate.
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2023.06.10 23:05 Arashikagi Was this done properly?

Was this done properly?
It’s on a newly poured porch, no sealant yet. But the spray off doesn’t seem consistent and there are a lot of little stone bits in it which to me screams that they went w the cheapest quality concrete mix. I have a 15 year old driveway to compare and the driveway looks far better. They have also caulked pebbles in numerous places to fix voids, and claim they will grind down a large area where the forms weren’t straight and the front of the porch bulged.
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2023.06.10 23:02 Kind_Professor_1550 Dreams possibly shattered

I pretty much worked hard throughout my education to get into the career I'm grateful to be in. With one of many things I had in mind. To get my attainable dream car.
Ever since I was kid, i loved cars as stupid as that sounds, and I knew for a long time I wanted to get my self a nice car.
Come post-graduation and in my first graduate job earning decent money. I plan and see what kind of cars that I want (like a japanesse sports car). I also have to save up for marriage, which is no problem. But then the curve ball hits, where I have to leave my house in 2 years and save up for a mortgage for as one of my siblings is growing older and because of the cost of living issue, my parents aren't able to buy a house and for some idiotic reason bother to buy one a long time ago. I'm more angry because it was something I didn't anticipate and something that happened within the time-frame I was reeady to get my dream car. What that means is my savings will have to be mostly for the house and marriage, and I won't be able to afford the dream car that I really wanted. And I defintily don't want to put my relationship in turmoil or into instability. I'm just really upset/depressed that in such short notice where I thought i was really close to achieviing something I longed for to either be possibly gone.
I know the logical reason is to wait a few years etc, but I'm more worried about with the car market etc making the cars I want rare etc because of the EV production so I'll probably get priced out or something.
I know this sounds stupid. But seeing other people in my age range with nice expensive cars and being able to enjoy their 20s, and then comparing this to myself where I can't do that just feels shit. Like the current car I have right now I feel uncomfortable driving on highways etc due to the lack of safety features and I feel llike I'm holding my gf back from being able to go on different places, and she doesn't deserve that - i'd rather she break up with me so she can be happy.
Like I went through some tough times and thought I went passed beyond that, working towards my dreams only to find out it'll most likely be shattered.
But idk, I'm pretty overwhlemed with the thought of losing my dream, seeing other people live your dream at a young age, having to get a mortgage/house, providing stability for my future marriage
I have so many thoughts going in my mind, that I definitly would need to go and seek therapy for to help further process this. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. Just need someone to talk to that can understand my pain.

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2023.06.10 23:01 Agreeable-plum Stolen instrument cluster F750GS

Stolen instrument cluster F750GS
Had my instrument cluster stolen from my F750GS ☹️
Does anybody know where best to buy a replacement in the UK? I need it to get to work and the only ones I can find online are from EU or US so will take a long time or cost a lot to be shipped.
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2023.06.10 22:59 luffidoop My mom (f48) is moving on too fast for me (f18)

Hello everyone, I'm 18 and I still live with my mom. A month ago I started attenting a school which i always have to go to for two months straight. In this period of time i can only be at home during the weekends because of distance (its really reallu far away). This is necessary for the training for jobs where I live. About two years ago we moved away from the rest of my close family because my mom and dad had a divorce. It was very very ugly. I basically lost everything i knew in the blink of an eye. My belongings got thrown in a truck and tossed in front of our new apartment. There were verbal and physical fights including me and it was just overall awful. Since then i have become the happiest Ive ever been because i finally live a normal life in normal surroundings (that sounds dramatic but i am expiriencing a whole new version of living rn and it makes me feel like a flower finally able to bloom) . Anyways, all this has obviously made me extremely scared of losing everything i all over again like my home, my stuff and even my friends (since i cut contact with a lot of people i knew because of the divorce and the fights). Now my mom has a boyfriend and while I'm away from school she has been staying at his place and is also only at home on weekends. I knew beforehand that if this is gonna happen she will certainly not wanna live with me anymore because she is very much in love. It was always planned for them to eventually move together but i knew that if she starts to live at his place for so long she will definitely wanna move out asap. I thought that it will only happen in a few years since we both enjoyed living together but now i know that she does not even wanna be here anymore. As of now i cannot afford a place of my own nor would she let me live alone. She thinks i cany handle it and maybe shes right because i get lonely. Today she talked about buying furniture for her boyfriends house and said that our apartment is a weekend house and that hurt me so much because this is my home. Just because i cant stay during the weeks anymore for a limited amount of time, doesnt mean that my home is at school now. I love my room and it took me a long time to adjust i think. I am dreading thinking of giving it all up again so much. I really have abandonment issues and i dont know how to convince myself to move again. So how do u think i should talk to her about this? She instantly gets offended when i say that her moving on so quickly is an issue for me. She called me selfish several times and she just doesnt understand that i dont not want her to leave because I'm evil but because i am terrified.
Any advice or thoughts would be great :) I'm sorry if my grammar or english is bad, it isnt my native language.
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2023.06.10 22:59 jamiejzero7 Good idea for GTA 6?

I've been thinking about it recently and I think what would make GTA 6 amazing is if all 3 states of San Andreas, Liberty, and Vice were all accessible, but to make it easier just have the fade to black transition when traveling by plane like how when you travel to Cayo Perico. I honestly wouldn't mind as long as we were able to travel. They could even do something similar to San Andreas where you could buy a plane ticket. They did it in San Andreas with Liberty City for one mission and they recently did something similar like with Guarma in RDR 2. I think GTA 4's LC and GTA 5's SA could fit. I have no idea though. The size may be too big especially if they're going to revamp everything (obviously). Would that be too big? What do you guys think?
Edit: Forgot about the state of Alderney.
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