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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2011.08.27 08:20 Ingish Can you take a deep breath and forgive yourself?

calmhands is a community based around kicking the habit of kicking compulsive habits such as nail biting and nail picking. The goal of the sub is for you to be able to share resources, photos, and accountability with a lovely community that wants to do the same. Together we got this!

2023.06.10 23:19 Rude-Worry-6128 Thank You

Today I am 32 days sober. That doesn't sound like a lot but for me it's absolutely outstanding! I havn't been sober a single day in over 10 years. I've taken advice from this group and read stories to help. Used the resources here to find a group I can attend on zoom wich is much better for me than in person meetings. It really is amazing to hear other people say they have the exact feelings and thoughts that I do and put those into perspective for me. I was off work today and drove past my usual liquor store and almost stopped for a tall boy because I felt I had everything under control. I opened this app when I chose not to and got home and the very first thing I read was a story of someone else having these same internal struggles. Thank you everyone for sharing and helping and using your time to help a complete stranger.
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2023.06.10 23:19 feisty_throwaway 30 [f4r] gmt/online. Shooting my shot before the impending black out.

Just throwing this out into the void with zero expectations because this is reddit after all eh? Lol.
It's the weekend, I'm healing from an accident and should finally be able to walk without a cane in a couple days! Happy days are here again, and I can finally go back to being an active homebody.
I'm in a chatty mood, and would like to get on a call with a levelheaded guy or lady. It's either this or watching reruns of Big Mouth and to be honest, I'm good either way lol.
If you're not interested in talking, this post isn't for you so let's not waste each other's time okay?
Random stuff about me: I'm 30, introverted, well-read, diagnosed with an awful case of 'RBF', INTP, got my shit together, level headed, exceedingly blunt but most of all, a good listener so please talk to me about your coworker that keeps bringing a tuna sandwich to work. I'm also BLACK, this shouldn't matter but it's the internet and I've lived more than half my life on it.
The rest you'd easily find out since I'm a decent conversationalist.
You: 26+, COMPLETELY SINGLE, knowledgeable about topics here and there, respectful, be interested in actually talking over the phone and if we really click, I'm open to CIVIL video calls.
Also, a sense of humour is snazzy! Laugh a little and don't be so uptight.
C'est moi:
Okay, that's about it- talk soon!
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2023.06.10 23:19 JoshAsdvgi The Snake-Ogre

The Snake-Ogre

The Snake-Ogre

One day a young brave, feeling at variance with the world in general, and wishing to rid himself of the mood, left the lodges of his people and journeyed into the forest.
By and by he came to an open space, in the centre of which was a high hill.
Thinking he would climb to the top and reconnoitre, he directed his footsteps thither, and as he went he observed a man coming in the opposite direction and making for the same spot.
The two met on the summit, and stood for a few moments silently regarding each other.
The stranger was the first to speak, gravely inviting the young brave to accompany him to his lodge and sup with him.
The other accepted the invitation, and they proceeded in the direction the stranger indicated.
On approaching the lodge the youth saw with some surprise that there was a large heap of bones in front of the door.
Within sat a very old woman tending a pot.
When the young man learned that the feast was to be a cannibal one, however, he declined to partake of it.
The woman thereupon boiled some corn for him, and while doing so told him that his host was nothing more nor less than a snake-man, a sort of ogre who killed and ate human beings.
Because the brave was young and very handsome the old woman took pity on him, bemoaning the fate that would surely befall him unless he could escape from the wiles of the snake-man.
"Listen," said she: "I will tell you what to do.
Here are some moccasins.
When the morning comes put them on your feet, take one step, and you will find yourself on that headland you see in the distance.
Give this paper to the man you will meet there, and he will direct you further.
But remember that however far you may go, in the evening the Snake will overtake you. When you have finished with the moccasins take them off, place them on the ground facing this way, and they will return."
"Is that all?" said the youth.
No she replied.
"Before you go you must kill me and put a robe over my bones."
The young brave forthwith proceeded to carry these instructions into effect.
First of all he killed the old woman, and disposed of her remains in accordance with her bidding.
In the morning he put on the magic moccasins which she had provided for him, and with one great step he reached the distant headland.
Here he met an old man, who received the paper from him, and then, giving him another pair of moccasins, directed him to a far-off point where he was to deliver another piece
of paper to a man who would await him there.
Turning the first moccasins homeward, the young brave put the second pair to use, and
took another gigantic step.
Arrived at the second stage of his journey from the Snake's lodge, he found it a repetition of the first.
He was directed to another distant spot, and from that to yet another.
But when he delivered his message for the fourth time he was treated somewhat differently.
"Down there in the hollow," said the recipient of the paper, "there is a stream.
Go toward it, and walk straight on, but do not look at the water."
The youth did as he was bidden, and shortly found himself on the opposite bank of the stream.
He journeyed up the creek, and as evening fell he came upon a place where the river widened to a lake.
Skirting its shores, he suddenly found himself face to face with the Snake.
Only then did he remember the words of the old woman, who had warned him that in the evening the Snake would overtake him.
So he turned himself into a little fish with red fins, lazily moving in the lake.
The Snake, high on the bank, saw the little creature, and cried:
"Little Fish! have you seen the person I am looking for?
If a bird had flown over the lake you must have seen it, the water is so still, and
surely you have seen the man I am seeking?"
"Not so," replied the Little Fish, "I have seen no one.
But if he passes this way I will tell you."
So the Snake continued down-stream, and as he went there was a little grey toad right in his path.
"Little Toad," said he, "have you seen him for whom I am seeking?
Even if only a shadow were here you must have seen it."
"Yes," said the Little Toad, "I have seen him, but I cannot tell you which way he has gone."
The Snake doubled and came back on his trail.
Seeing a very large fish in shallow water, he said: "Have you seen the man I am looking for?"
"That is he with whom you have just been talking," said the Fish, and the Snake turned homeward.
Meeting a musk-rat he stopped.
"Have you seen the person I am looking for?" he said.
Then, having his suspicions aroused, he added craftily: "I think that you are he."
But the Musk-rat began a bitter complaint.
"Just now," said he, "the person you seek passed over my lodge and broke it."
So the Snake passed on, and encountered a red-breasted turtle.
He repeated his query, and the Turtle told him that the object of his search was to be met with farther on.
"But beware," he added, "for if you do not recognize him he will kill you."
Following the stream, the Snake came upon a large green frog floating in shallow water.
"I have been seeking a person since morning," he said.
"I think that you are he."
The Frog allayed his suspicions, saying: "You will meet him farther down the stream."
The Snake next found a large turtle floating among the green scum on a lake.
Getting on the Turtle's back, he said: "You must be the person I seek," and his head rose higher and higher as he prepared to strike.
"I am not," replied the Turtle.
"The next person you meet will be he.
But beware, for if you do not recognize him he will kill you."
When he had gone a little farther down the Snake attempted to cross the stream.
In the middle was an eddy.
Crafty as he was, the Snake failed to recognize his enemy, and the eddy drew him down into the water and drowned him.
So the youth succeeded in slaying the Snake who had sought throughout the day to kill him.
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2023.06.10 23:19 MTSoul07 Some guidance

I'm currently attending my CC and about to finish my 2 years in December where afterward I would transfer to a four year. I plan on finishing AA but decided to throw away the idea of moving to a 4 year as I can't see myself in my desired major. I decided a few months back that I'm set on this career path and willing to do what I have to. My current plan is to attend NLC in Idaho as they offer the CDL. Afterward, I'd start signing books everywhere while using my CDL to work temporarily at a trucking company near me. I'm willing to move anywhere as I would have nothing holding me back.
I know shit changes and plans aren't certain but this is what I got so far, any advice helps. Also, I know the typical sentiment regarding line school but I don't know anyone in the trade, and my four-year degree never guaranteed me a job right away either. Lineschool will at least load me up with Certs and a CDL and let me know If I really want this.

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2023.06.10 23:18 Menace2Myself_ I’d rather be dead than have BPD

So, this is may be a little long but I’m going to put it out there because I need to get it out. Over the last year, I have struggled heavily with my BPD. I went into depressive/suicidal spirals, I’d split at the drop of a hat, my anxiety was so bad that I didn’t want to be alone but at the same time I’d disassociate from whoever I was with. I was a shell with unpredictable explosive emotions. I shut my husband out during this time and said some awful things. A few months ago I was nearly hospitalized for suicidal thoughts but was let go with a safety plan and started therapy. I honestly think therapy is helping. I have consciously made an effort to make sure I communicate my emotions with my husband so that he understands them just like my therapist has said. I have acknowledged and apologized profusely for the pain I caused during that time, and I have literally tried to put in 110% to repair what I nearly broke. Since then he has brought up several times how awful I was and how he would rather die than to live like that again. He asked me about something specific I said to him while I was splitting and I told him I didn’t mean it. He then said “When you say shit I don’t know if it’s you or your BPD talking. I don’t even know who my wife is” I am trying so freaking hard and doing anything I can to show I am making an effort and I’m sorry and I’m trying to learn to deal with this the best I can and maybe one day be able to say I no longer meet the criteria. I reminded him that I admit I was awful and that I’m trying and then he accused me of throwing my efforts on his face. I hate the damage I have done to everyone I’ve ever tried to have any kind of relationship with. I can’t even stand myself. I would have never chosen this fate for myself if I had the choice between it and not existing at all.
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2023.06.10 23:18 cncrndmm It’s all a lie on car situation 🚨🚨🚨

It’s all a lie on car situation 🚨🚨🚨
She posted an update. It’s fine. I don’t give a shit anymore.
But she was with a friend so like it wasn’t the end of the world.
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2023.06.10 23:18 Thin-March-5583 Recommendations please !

Recommendations please !
Hey everyone! I got my hair globally dyed at a salon in december 2022 and it’s grown out quite a lot now. Please help me decide what I should do next.
My original hair is not jet black hence the color swatch they showed looks much lighter on my hair than it was on the catalogue. I chose a very chocolatey brown but this is how it came out.
I’m not very happy with how red it seems to look so I’m wondering what to do next-
Should I use box dye and just do the roots myself?
Or go to a salon and maybe get some balayage or T highlights to get a better look? Leaning towards this, but would require some help with ideation. Please give any ideas or suggestions you might have!
I want something subtle but also very pretty, like this
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2023.06.10 23:18 JoshAsdvgi The Snake With the Big Feet

The Snake With the Big Feet

The Snake With the Big Feet
Long ago, in that far-off happy time when the world was new, and there were no white people at all, only Indians and animals, there was a snake who was different from other snakes.
He had feet-big feet.
And the other snakes, because he was different, hated him, and made life wretched for him. Finally, they drove him away from the country where the snakes lived, saying,
"A good long way from here live other ugly creatures with feet like yours.
Go and live with them!" And the poor, unhappy Snake had to go away.
For days and days, he travelled.
The weather grew cold and food became hard to find.
At last, exhausted, his feet cut and frostbitten, he lay down on the bank of a river to die.
The Deer, E-se-ko-to-ye, looked out of a willow thicket, and saw the Snake lying on the river bank.
Pitying him, the deer took the Snake into his own lodge and gave him food and medicine for his bleeding feet.
The Deer told the Snake that there were indeed creatures with feet like his who would befriend him, but that some among these would be enemies whom it would be necessary to kill before he could reach safety.
He showed the Snake how to make a shelter for protection from the cold and taught him how to make moccasins of deerskin to protect his feet.
And at dawn the Snake continued his journey.
The sun was far down the western sky, and it was bitter cold when the Snake made camp the next night.
As he gathered boughs for a shelter, Kais-kap the porcupine appeared.
Shivering, the Porcupine asked him, "Will you give me shelter in your lodge for the night?"
The Snake said, "It's very little that I have, but you are welcome to share it."
"I am grateful," said Kais-kap, "and perhaps I can do something for you.
Those are beautiful moccasins, brother, but they do not match your skin.
Take some of my quills, and make a pattern on them, for good luck." So they worked a pattern on the moccasins with the porcupine quills, and the Snake went on his way again.
As the Deer had told him, he met enemies.
Three times he was challenged by hostile Indians, and three times he killed his adversary.
At last he met an Indian who greeted him in a friendly manner.
The Snake had no gifts for this kindly chief, so he gave him the moccasins.
And that, so the old Ones say, was how our people first learned to make moccasins of deerskin, and to ornament them with porcupine quills in patterns, like those on the back of a snake.
And from that day on the Snake lived in the lodge of the chief, counting his coup of scalps with the warriors by the Council fire and, for a long time, was happy.
But the chief had a daughter who was beautiful and kind, and the Snake came to love her very much indeed.
He wished that he were human, so that he might marry the maiden, and have his own lodge.
He knew there was no hope of this unless the High Gods, the Above Spirits took pity on him, and would perform a miracle on his behalf.
But the chief had a daughter who was beautiful and kind, and the Snake came to love her very much indeed.
He wished that he were human, so that he might marry the maiden, and have his own lodge.
He knew there was no hope of this unless the High Gods, the Above Spirits took pity on him, and would perform a miracle on his behalf.
So he fasted and prayed for many, many days.
But all his fasting and praying had no result, and at last the Snake came very ill.
Now, in the tribe, there was a very highly skilled Medicine Man.
Mo'ki-ya was an old man, so old that he had seen and known, and understood, everything that came within the compass of his people's lives, and many things that concerned the Spirits.
Many times, his lodge was seen to sway with the Ghost Wind, and the voices of those long gone on to the Sand Hills spoke to him.
Mo'ki-ya came to where the Snake lay in the chief's lodge, and sending all the others away, asked the Snake what his trouble was.
"It is beyond even your magic," said the Snake, but he told Mo'ki-ya about his love for the maiden, and his desire to become a man so that he could marry her.
Mo'ki-ya sat quietly thinking for a while.
Then he said, "I shall go on a journey, brother.
Perhaps my magic can help, perhaps not.
We shall see when I return." And he gathered his medicine bundles and disappeared. It was a long and fearsome journey that Mo'ki-ya made.
He went to the shores of a great lake.
He climbed a high mountain, and he took the matter to Nato'se, the Sun himself.
And Nato'se listened, for this man stood high in the regard of the spirits, and his medicine was good.
He did not ask, and never had asked, for anything for himself, and to transform the Snake into a brave of the tribe was not a difficult task for the High Gods.
The third day after the arrival of Mo'ki-ya at the Sun's abode, Nato'se said to him, "Return to your own lodge Mo'ki-ya, and build a fire of small sticks.
Put many handfuls of sweet-grass on the fire, and when the smoke rises thickly, lay the body of the Snake in the middle of it."
And Mo'ki-ya came back to his own land.
The fire was built in the centre of the Medicine lodge, as the Sun had directed, and when the sweetgrass smouldered among the embers, sending the smoke rolling in great billows through the tepee, Mo'ki-ya gently lifted the Snake, now very nearly dead, and placed him in the fire so that he was hidden by the smoke.
The Medicine-drum whispered softly in the dusk of the lodge: the chant of the old men grew a little louder, and then the smoke obscuring the fire parted like a curtain, and a young man stepped out.
Great were the rejoicings in the camp that night.
The Snake, now a handsome young brave, was welcomed into the tribe with the ceremonies befitting the reception of one shown to be high in the favour of the spirits.
The chief gladly gave him his daughter, happy to have a son law of such distinction.
Many brave sons and beautiful daughters blessed the lodge of the Snake and at last, so the Old ones say, his family became a new tribe-the Pe-sik-na-ta-pe, or Snake Indians.
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2023.06.10 23:18 JAXShepherd13 Update on Roommate Saga pt 1.

So I had to take a reddit break. After the comments and messages on my last 2 posts not only was I overcome with guilt, but I started to think really poorly of myself. I'm nuerodiverse (not an excuse for my behavior) and the comments when I was already lost in my own head were alot to take.
I'd you haven't seen my last two posts, I'm basically obsessed with my roommate and I stole a pair of his boxers.
So. I didn't jerk off with or do anything else with them, after I read the comments I put them back. I also left the apartment (Might be the asshole for this next part) and didn't tell him. After what everyone said to and about me (people saying I was going to hurt or assault him) I just couldn't face him. I went to my parents house and stayed there for 2 days. In that time I didn't answer his calls or texts and he ended up calling my dad and found out where I was. My dad assured him I was ok and then told me to call him cause he sounded worried.
I stayed at their house for 2 days and I spent most of them in my old room on the guest bed thinking or crying. I realized 2 things - 1) I think I have genuine feelings for my roommate and not just lust, 2) I'm a coward.
On the 3rd day I still hadn't spoken to or talked to him, but I told my folks I was leaving (mom made me eat something - I have issue with food when I'm stressed, so I hadn't eaten much while there) and headed back. When I got back I just stood at the door frozen until it just opened and standing there was my roommate.
He was dressed. I know this sounds odd, but if we're not going to work we both usually just wear athletic cloths everywhere. But he was dressed in a fitted sky blue polo, dark jeans, brown dress shoes and belt. His hair was⁰ slicked back and his eyes looked extra dark. I inhaled and smelled his cologne. Idk what it was, but seeing him look amazing and my mind quickly convincing me he was probably going on a date just broke something inside of me and I start crying at our front door.
He drops his keys on the ground and pulls me inside. Once the door is closed he pulls me into a hug and I freak out a little, I tell him to stop and that I'm fine and that he should go out but I can't stop crying and he won't let go. Then my worst fear happens... I very quickly get hard with his body so close to mine. This makes me freak out more and I know he can feel it now. I start saying how sorry I am and he tells me it's ok and I say it's not that I'm broken.
He pulls away from me and I think it's over, but he just leads me to my room. He takes my backpack off me helps me out of my short and shoes and tells me to lay down all while I'm still hard. He covers me up and says he's gonna go change and for me to get some rest. I tell him again to just go on his date and have fun. I pull the blanket over my head and roll away from the door and I hear him walk away. I'm not sure where he went, I assumed on his date and I ended up passing out.
I woke up a few hours later and the apartment was quite. I got up and took off my clothes and leaving my boxerbriefs amd headed for some water. As I'm in tue kitchen my roommate walks in amd scares me and I chock on my water. He laughs and asks if I'm ok. I say yes and then try and go past him to go back and hide in my room, but he won't let me past. He starts in on "if you're stressed out you should probably eat" rant (yes he knows about my food issues).
He tells me to go sit on the sofa or lay back down while he makes something and I do as I'm told. As he's walking over to me with my sammich I found myself in an odd place. It was abnormal to have someone take care of me even in this small way and it felt good. On the other hand I was trying to process that this might be one of the last times I spend with him.
I gotta go to a work and talk to my boss since I called out two days. I'll update you all on my roommate's and I's discussion and aftermath.
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2023.06.10 23:17 SufficientNebula417 25 [F4M] Looking for "the one"

Hey everyone,
I'm a single, ambitious, adventurous and independent woman looking for something real and meaningful. I'm a lil bit of an introvert, however I still love to do outdoor fun activities and explore new foods, places and things. I'm a true foodie and I'm more into mature men, between 25 to 30's and up.
I'm looking for someone who's ready to take the next step and figure out what the next chapter in life has in store. Looking for someone who will bring joy and laughter into my life as much as I will into theirs.
I'm only looking to connect with someone residing in or near the USA.
I'm looking for someone who wants to explore the world with me and create fun and unforgettable memories from it. I'm all for adventure and trying new things. If you think you got what it takes to capture my heart and join me in living our lives to the fullest, let's get to know each other, my Dm's open waiting for you.
I'm only looking to connect with someone residing in the USA.
Hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.10 23:17 FairchildIV Lateralling in to Biglaw

Hi everyone! I wanted to know about any experience/tips/insights you have for an experienced attorney from a smaller firm trying to lateral into Biglaw.
I've been a practicing attorney for about 7 years in a major market. About 6 of those years have been spent at my current job at a plaintiff's firm handling Federal court litigation. The firm itself is small with 5 attorneys in my practice group. My job title is "senior associate". Because the firm is small, I have had a lot of great opportunities including lots of discovery and motion practice, acting as lead counsel during trials, handling multiple appeals, etc.
After COVID hit I moved from in-office to 100% remote. As a result, I moved across the country to a much smaller market. I'm preparing to take the bar in my new jurisdiction in July and am looking to try to lateral into a Biglaw position. All of the openings I have seen are looking for associates with 2-4 years of experience. I would be content to take a job at this level, and I don't care about retaining my senior associate nor do I care about trying to quickly make partner. I am worried that the amount of my experience and my "senior associate" title at my current firm would make me appear overqualified or too expensive for some of these job openings.
My area of practice is somewhat niche, so I am open to switching practice areas, although I am not sure if any firm would be willing to take a flyer on an experienced attorney who does not have subject matter experience.
Additionally, I was a late bloomer in law school. I did not do very well in my first year and ended up graduating about the middle of my class with a 3.17 GPA. I know a lot of job postings require the submission of law school transcripts, so although I have significant professional experience, I am worried about how my GPA might affect my job prospects.
I would be grateful for any advice or insight on how to approach my job search given my background. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 23:17 EstimateExciting3509 My Experience With Seeing A UFO Up Close

This happened about 14 years ago.
Mid November, around 3:10am, in the Hanover, VA area.
I was driving home. I was the only car on the road and it was a cloudless night. I looked over to my left and saw what, I thought at the time, was a meteor falling to earth. It was quite a ways away and it had a bright orange/red tail. I couldn’t keep track of it on the winding roads and houses/trees lining the road. I didn’t think much of it…until. I turned right on the road that led to my neighborhood. The road winds in an S shape, then opens up to a fairly visible area. As soon as I made my way through that S, I looked to the left, and there was - about 2 stories high and 200 feet away - a dark silver UFO.
I froze. I had never believed in aliens or anything like that before. The craft moved over top of my car (about a single story above my car). It was smooth, made no sound, was triangular, and had 3 blue “lights” at each point. I say “lights” because it seemed more like some form of reaction (chemical or otherwise) causing the blue light.
My car is barely moving at this point (my foot is off the gas and my radio had shut off). All I can think is “what the fk, what the fk, what the f**k” when suddenly, flashes of what my house looked liked came to my mind. The number of my house and where it was located came to my mind. As soon as I realized what I was thinking, I immediately was like "what are you doing? stop thinking that!"
As soon as I forced myself to stop thinking that, the craft started to move forward and up away from my car, right in the direction of my neighborhood. I knew they were going to my house. In my gut, I knew.
I was so scared, I drove though the neighborhood, doing laps, about 4 times - trying to see where it went. I didn't see it. I contemplated sleeping in my car, in the driveway - but chose against it out of fear of seeing aliens approach my car while half asleep.
It took every ounce of courage to go into my house. I knew they were in my house when I opened the door and the house was dark and silent. I had 3 dogs (one being a beagle, a basset hound, and a terrier). They always barked anytime the door was opened.
The house was SO dark and SO quiet and I ran down the hall into the bathroom. I locked the door and tried to calm down. I sat in my bathroom for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Then, I was terrified to open the door. What if it was standing right in front of the door when I opened it? There wasn’t anything I could use as a weapon in the bathroom. I think I grabbed a brush, haha. I then was like “ok, calm down….just brush your teeth, pee, then rush to your bedroom and lock the door”. Which I did.
I immediately turned the lights on and got in bed. I prayed to God to not let me remember anything. I was like “this is already too much for me to comprehend. Please don’t let me remember if something happens. I can’t handle it. It will break me mentally. If they are going to abduct me or whatever, please don’t let me remember it” and then I went to bed.
There have been a few times since that experience where I lost time (once was with someone else - about 8 hours lost for us both) and some experiences where I have woken up with weird markings on my body, but no more UFO sightings.
I also had what seems like a dream - I’m not sure - of a small, about 4 foot tall, being that had this kind of light/dirty brownish color skin (almost like a latte with a lot of cream and milk in it) and it had MASSIVE black eyes. In the dream/fracture of memory I was running down the hallway in my house and ran into the room closest to the front door and went to slam it shut. This thing’s head was caught between the door and the doorframe. And it made this god awful sound (like gurgling kind of) and then I went to punch it and that’s all I remember
After this experience, I spent about two years terrified to go to sleep. I would literally stay awake until I physically couldn’t anymore. About 3 years later, I was diagnosed with PTSD by a therapist (who did not know about this experience). I am in a much better place now mentally than I was 10 years ago. Even though I cannot remember what happened, I still feel this primal fear if I think about it too long. But, I’m not AS terrified as I was back then. I had a lot of things that I had to comprehend and come to peace with (like the fact that aliens are real). But I don’t believe they are nefarious. My best guess is that I was “tagged” - like marine biologists do to whales or sharks - but, I don’t really know.
Thank you for allowing a safe space for me to feel comfortable sharing. I have only told 2 people this my entire life out of fear of ridicule.
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2023.06.10 23:17 Ok_Morning1767 Encouragement needed

Hello everyone, I’m new to this thread and have never posted anything, but I’m feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless recently due to the amount of credit card debt I have collected over about 5-6 different cards. I know I’ve screwed up, so being lectured is not what I came here for (just throwing that out there). COVID happened and then my wife and I started a new business together which made things very tight for us, resulting in us putting bills and everything else onto these cards and only paying the minimum (yes, I know…). We had no choice.
Now these cards have accumulated $30k (yes, I know…) in balances that are going to collections. I had already accepted the fact months ago that they would go to collections. The only collection agency that has contacted me via mail is TSI. Obviously there will be more to come. I don’t know if a consolidation loan is possible due to my credit being absolutely destroyed over the last year+.
I have a few questions/concerns that I hope you lovely folks can help me with. 1) How negotiable is the debt amount with these collection agencies, if at all? For example, one card has a $3,700 balance and I’m wondering what an agency would settle with on average. 2) Do these agencies ever offer any sort of payment plans? 3) This is the one that worries me most, will these agencies literally pull funds from my bank account after a certain amount of time? 4) Is bankruptcy even an option for me? I have no idea how that process would work or what it would cost, and if I’d be able to keep my bank account open afterwards. 5) This is not a question, but I’m scared. I’m anxious and quite terrified of all of this. Like I have an entity hovering over me just waiting to take money out of my bank account no questions asked.
I know this post is long, so I hope at least someone here can help with my questions and anxiety and offer some hope for me. I feel lost and lonely and honestly like I could cry (30yr old male here). Thank you all for reading.
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2023.06.10 23:17 Minnesotabreeder69 35 [M4F] #Minnesota /upper Midwest...Any petite or athletic bodied Female on here that is serious and for real want to get pregnant is looking [ READ ME ]

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2023.06.10 23:17 orfane No more breakdowns for the foreseeable future

I've greatly enjoyed making these breakdowns, and am thrilled everyone has enjoyed them as well! Unfortunately, Reddit is making some choices regarding the site and API that I am pretty opposed to. I don't feel comfortable promoting products they profit from, nor giving them content they will be forcing others to pay for.
In light of that, I have deleted my previous breakdowns and will not be posting my remaining ones. If you took pictures for me or donated any avatars I have left those breakdowns in place.
Hopefully something gets worked out with Reddit in the near future. I'm not sure what would be "enough" for me to want to start back up again, so it remains an open question for now. I'll still be in the sub/discord for trades (need that Eryth!) so I'm not quitting the project, just the content production.
If anyone wants to take up the Breakdown mantel, best of luck!
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2023.06.10 23:17 UniverseServer Please doubt me, I invite it. I am as open as I have always been and always will be. This is day 1.

The gates have opened. The fastest runners have already taken their head start and are separated from the majority of the pack. The slowest ones in the back will have the option to jump the fence and get out, or die trying to accomplish something they never were capable of.
The recent happenings have forced the invitation and initiation of what is to follow. Did anyone ever stop and think or realize that the lower it got, the stronger the inevitable rise? Everytime the price dips it immediately returned close to where it was while still inching away from the Golden cross. If you couldn't see the suppression of the Golden cross on the charts, you had no idea when it was going to be. The price has been supressed to strongly that it has finally gathered the momentum to continue pushing upwards. Litecoin hasn't even halved yet, and bitcoin is still coming.
This is the Kali-Yuga. Ride the wave. Enjoy yourself. Forget what others say. Believe in what your heart tells you. Never doubt change. Most importantly, Do Only Good Everyday.
Let it be said: The first notion of the initiation of what is to come was posted here in this subreddit because it's the only place in the web where the people were truly deserving to know it was a about to happen.
Many blessings and universal guidance to all those whom are deserving of its gifts. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
Here we go, I hope the best place on reddit has their running shoes on and stretched before the race. You're going to need it.
Don't let the dip of the dying break your stride. It's natural. People always die in the running of the bulls. It's the price everyone in the race told themselves they are willing to pay long before ever signing up. I've been here, giving out Nikes to those who need them. They have little wings on the back of them because Hermes told me redbull actually does give you wings. So to those of you whom have them, congratulations. Let them carry you to the finish line.
Comical analogy? Or distortion of reality? I'll let you decide what to do as you have always decided for yourselves anyways.
Let the running of the bulls commence.
The gun fires as the gates slam open.
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2023.06.10 23:16 Key-Indication-8085 Not 1 day into a work trip

I (39M) had to leave the country for a work trip and literally not 5 hours into checking into the hotel, wife (39F) calls, roughly 6 AM here, and splits on me. She's devaluing me and dumping all these accusations on me and how I've given her this trauma. No idea I had this coming and unfortunately couldn't set the record function on phone.
Basically she goes off on how I supposedly mistreat her our whole relationship and she wonders why I haven't left them yet. Claiming I never initiated any phone calls to her while on work trips in the past, which isn't true. I try to defend and explain how that isn't true but she isn't hearing any of it. Says I mistreated her while she stayed home alone with no-one to talk to. She goes on about how ever since my stepmother came over one day and asked her if she was schizophrenic that I've been treating her differently and keeping our daughter (4F) away from her, not true as she's the one avoiding us. How I've slept on the couch and created drama, which she made me do ironically when she would split heavy on me and start call me every name in the book in front of our daughter.
She continues to claim I was on dating sites and talking to someone on the playstation too. That one is always funny to me as I never talked to anyone on playstation and she has access to the history on it. She's also the one who hopped on dating sites after our relationship to try and date women, when she wanted to open up the relationship because she had so much love to give and crap. Only thing I did do was not delete my old dating app when we started dating. After she made it an issue one night, I immediately deleted it and never looked back at any sites. But she vehemently claims I've been on several since. Just can't win this argument at all.
She claims she remembers all our conversations perfectly and knows I'll just deny or say I forgot. Well, I do forget conversations, I know my memory is crappy in the regard but I also know she forgets things I tell her constantly. She brings up past conversations where she read too much into them and holds them against me. One was where she suspected and asked me if I was gay and if I'd ever turn gay in the future. I had told her no, I was not gay but I can't claim to know about the future. I explained to her that asking me if I'll turn gay in the future is like asking me if there'll be a tornado or not next year, I have no way of knowing so I won't say yes or no to such a question. Well, she moves on seeing she can't argue with me on that one again.
Another situation she brings up is about how she suspected something happened to our child in child care one time and brought it up to my attention. She claims I just told her our kid is ok and then turned back to play a game. I don't recall this interaction at all but she uses it to justify how I don't listen to her or how I'm supposedly ignoring the well being of our child. Mind you, I've been the one handling our child's healthcare, school, therapy, meals, mornings, bedtime, and playing with her. Shoot, I checked our indoor security camera the day after this call, which she made me install in the house due to some paranoia about people following her home, and she's upstairs watching tv or something while our daughters been downstairs all day watching cartoons. Her grandmother offered to take her to the zoo or someplace today but my wife is choosing to ignore it.
She goes on and tells me about how she thinks I'm a conniving liar and even my family is out to get her. This upsets me and I tell her I don't like being treated like I'm some bastard or something. This triggers her and she responds that I shouldn't put words in her mouth and called me a narcissist. Try to tell her that is not what I said and that I feel like I'm being treated one, but no winning that one either.
Well, she gets upset about my trying to respond to her many claims and says that's not the point at all. It's about how I've made her felt during the whole relationship and I need to stop responding to individual claims and respond to the whole point. That confused me as I'm thinking I should respond to each claim and show how it's false instead of admitting to it and saying I'm sorry to claims I never did. As if she wants me to admit fault to things I never did just because of how she feels. She talks about how her physical health has been hurting due to all the things she held onto, the trauma and supposed abuse. How she won't be some stupid person who'll kill herself for some man. She has her daughter to live for and take care of, funny because I'm the one taking care of both of them. But the suicide remark does trigger a concern, even if she doesn't claim she will the thought itself has me wondering about her mental health while she watches our child alone.
Eventually she tells me to get off the phone because she's driving as she's telling me all this and she missed her turn because of the call. So I hang up after telling our daughter goodbye, as she's in the car with her mother during all this too. I really dislike how she tends to have these splits and go off on me in front of our daughter. All I can do after this is journal the interaction and prepare to get a few more consultations after I get home in a few weeks. I wonder if the this episode is due to her being responsible for taking care of our kid while I'm gone now and she's not handling how attention seeking our kid can be. This'll be another interaction to go over with my therapist too when I get back.
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2023.06.10 23:16 kassiangrace prom makeup recs?

hi everyone! i’m looking for advice for my prom at the end of the month. i’m pretty skilled with makeup but i’m so uninspired at the moment, i’m doing my makeup myself so looking for low cost products suitable for oily skin. i’m 17 if that changes anything
here’s the basics: - blue-green eyes with brown centres so pretty much every colour of eyeshadow/lipstick works - fair, neutral undertones, oily skin, my foundation matches are maybelline 103 pure ivory and no7 calico - black thick eyebrows, dark brown hair with red highlights - black dress, black bag, black shoes, gold accessories - i already have brows, lashes and skin sorted so mostly looking for eye products and a good setting spray - pretty into alternative fashion and makeup so i’m open to anything, whether it’s basic or overly dramatic
any help would be appreciated, whether it’s drugstore products you love, advice on techniques, or colours! i’m thinking maybe red lips because i have one of the mac liquid lipsticks but not entirely sure. if you want pics of the dress or face or whatever then let me know
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2023.06.10 23:16 Kagari68 NYC show (1st show)

Don’t get me wrong I love Pierce the Veil. It’s my second time seeing them live and I was really excited to see them alongside The Used. They’re both amazing! However, my freaking experience ended in tragedy when I was arrested mid-set and the fucked up part is everything went downhill when I was attacked defenseless in front of the venue’s staff and they did nothing to help!
 So I went to the concert solo and after The Used before a few people were being carried out because they were dropping like flies. I don’t know if it’s because they were dehydrated or from consistently being crushed but I did see the staff starting to throw water bottles into the crowd. As I’m seeing I’m thinking to myself like damn I’m thirsty too and I was debating whether or not I should quickly buy some water. I persuaded myself to do it and told the guy next to me, “I’m going to get some water, I’ll be right back.” He said, “np!” So I went to get something to drink and came back into crowd with a cup of wine in one hand and a huge bottle of water on the other. I also had my phone, charger, and wallet under my armpit bc I left my bag where I was standing. When I got back to my spot, a random girl was there in front of me and I was thinking to myself where the hell she came from bc she wasn’t there before. I told her nicely, Hey, I was standing here before, my bag is on the floor and now we’re pretty close to each other (her back was touching the rim of the drinks) so if something falls on you it’s not fault. I don’t know where she came from, but she was standing in front of everyone that was originally behind those at barricade. She immediately started getting loud and being an asshole talking about it’s a concert these things happen and she’s not stepping on my bag. I’m like okay, I was just saying. So she turns to the crowd and yells how I said I want to throw drinks at her and I started laughing bc at this moment I knew she was lying asshole and an idiot. So moments later, she freaking hits me and all of my drinks falls all over my face. I couldn’t see shit. I just started moving. She grabbed my hair and scratched me. I only remember hitting her once and immediately telling her to get off of me. She wouldn’t let go and it was the crowd that got her off of me, NOT the two venue staff members that this happened in front of. I thanked everyone that got that girl off of me and apologized to the people around bc that was never my intention. I didn’t drop anything on her. I was struggling with my drinks, but nothing fell on her. She snapped bc I called her an idiot. She ran to security and pretended to be the victim. When security came , multiple ppl including myself told them that girl hit me first. However, they looked at my face and said they don’t see anything. I told security or just venue staff (idk at this pt) what happened and they allowed me back into the GA. I was welcomed back with open arms from the audience and slightly got back to where I was standing originally. Honestly, at this pt I was excited to see PTV. Then right before the two last songs as I’m getting my phone ready to record, I was getting arrested by police. I was trying to tell them that they need to tell me why I’m being arrested before I’m they actually handcuff me and that I need to make a phone call but they kept trying to take my phone away from me. When they took me out of the audience, one of the police officer aggressively asked me what happened. At this moment, I was hella confused bc I still didn’t know why they’re arresting me. Turns out this girl decided to press charges. So I’d asked if I could press charges too bc she hit me. She hit me first and when I was defenseless. Like the venue staff they didn’t care. They looked at my face and said they don’t see anything. I’m dark-skinned by the way. I was driven off in a police car while I see the girl laughing and recording me on her phone in the ambulance. She went home after starting a fight in front of the venue staff. No one asked if I was okay. No one asked me if I wanted to press charges and no one cared that this girl hit me first. This happened at the Rooftop at Pier 17. 
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2023.06.10 23:16 the_judge1901 Who will win the Ballon D'or this year?

With the conclusion of the champions league final and Man City achieving the treble, who will win the Ballon D'or? Will it be Messi due to his all time world cup performance and a final farewell gift from Eurpe? Or will it be Haaland, City's robotic monster? He has had a record breaking season.
De Bruyne has a case for it as well however him getting injured early on might pull folks to the other players. But if you ask me who has been City's most consistent performer all season, it has been Rodri. Not due to his winning goal but he is the near perfect defensive midfielder. Stones and Ederson have also been fantastic.
So who do you think will win the Ballon D'or this season? I think it will be Messi.
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2023.06.10 23:15 Cold_Mud_4773 Selling 1 Expansion Pack Slot

Hi, Started a family plan on 04/30/2023. Have one open spot and thought I might be able to sell them here. Was thinking $9 for the next 10.5 months or so. Can accept PayPal or Venmo. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:15 AndrewHeard Why didn’t Smallville try to become Roswell 2.0?

I’ve been rewatching the show for a writing project and something occurred to me. Roswell had the reports of an alien space ship supposedly landing in or near the town. They’ve turned it into a whole business. People are coming from around the world to see the place which supposedly had an alien space ship landing.
Smallville had a literal meteor shower fall on the town. There’s actual evidence of things falling from the sky. Yet people like Dr Hamilton who sells meteor rocks along the side of the road are obscure scientists.
Why wouldn’t Smallville try to take advantage of the situation?
The most they did was change their incoming sign to “Meteor Capital of the World”. Seems like they could’ve done a lot more than they did with it.
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