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2023.06.10 22:47 Better-Cupcake7975 16f looking for friends (obviously)

Hey reddit! I'm a 16 year old girl from Sweden looking for friends. I'd like to find someone who likes to text, and has enough time to actually put some effort into their messages.
In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, listening to music/podcasts and writing. I'm a fellow leo and my mbti type is intj if that kinda stuff matters lol.
I'm open to talking to anyone any age, but please don't be a creep.
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2023.06.10 22:46 jamesbronson123 How do I come out to my best friend, as a middle-aged man? Need some support/love.

There are a lot of coming out stories, both on reddit and in media, but they're all about younger people, like teenagers or people in their 20s, like "Love, Simon". I'm so lost and confused, and I could use some support/love.
I'm a 40 year-old man. A few years ago, I concluded and accepted I was gay. My family doesn't know yet (conservative Christian family), but people at work know, etc. Oh, by the way, I am single.
My best friend, who is also 40M, doesn't know I'm gay. I want to tell him, but I don't know how. Let's call him Brian. We've been friends for 25+ years. We've been through a divorce (his, to a woman, not mine) and deaths in our families (both sides), and so we've been there for each other through thick and thin. And, we really don't have other friends. He's dating a woman right now, and he has a son, but aside from that, his only other friend is me. Same for me. He's my only friend.
Now when I say "only" friend, I don't want to give the impression that we're both antisocial or loners. Just that, we consider each other especially important compared to acquaintances and so on.
Now, he knows I have never been in a relationship or dated. He never really asked me if I am dating or not, but he always knew that I am a career-focused guy, and I was also moving around for work every so few years, so I never really got a chance to date or settle down.
A few months ago, he suggested that I go online dating to meet women, as all his dates post-divorce were met online, so he's had success meeting women online. He only brought it up casually, and never pushed it. And pretty much aside from this, as I said above, he's never asked me about my dating life. He's never asked about my sex life too, lol.
Do I think he's homophobic? When we were in college together, so like 20 years ago, he kinda was as he always avoided the gay areas of town, even when it would be convenient to drive through to get from A to B. Is that homophobic? Maybe, but he has never been explicitly so. We never make "gay" jokes even as "bros", if that matters. He never uses derogatory terms even as a joke.
Recently, we were watching the news together and the issue of teaching LGBTQ issues in Florida schools came up. It was just a casual chat in response to the news. I didn't really mention my stance. He did say, though, that "I don't mind whether people are gay or straight, but keep it to yourself, teaching this to kids in 3rd grade is just too young". Is that homophobic? His "I don't mind whether people are gay or straight" seems to suggest he's not entirely homophobic.
Anyways, yeah, why am I afraid to tell him I'm gay? He's my single best friend for 25+ years. It is downright terrifying to think that I could lose the one person in my life (besides my family, who I also haven't told yet, but that's a different matter). Younger kids these days have such large social circles and can make friends easily if their best friend rejects them. But at 40 years old, the stakes are higher. On the one hand, I think he would accept me especially since he probably won't want to lose me as a friend either. But, the uncertainty, the risk, just too damn high, it seems. There are times when it seems hiding my sexual orientation from him for the rest of our lives would be worth it, to preserve the friendship. I know, if I tell him and he accepts, our friendship can get stronger. But...
I guess I don't have a specific question. But, how should I tell him? Should I even? Any one who is middle-aged and came out to their best friends? I know you guys don't know Brian, but based on what I wrote, does it seem like he is homophobic? Any support or love, I really need right now.
Edit: Should clarify, I am not attracted to Brian in any way. If that matters. He's the closest thing I have to a brother, and that is all.
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2023.06.10 22:45 is-a-bunny Over 2 years since he cheated and I left. Where I am now.

I'll give you the TLDR of what happened, but I'll also link below my original posts. We were together 2 years. We were both active sex workers, who were in an open relationship. Our only rules were honesty with one another and protection with others. He raw dogged like 6 or 7 different escorts in our community while actively lying to me. He gave me an STD and let me believe it was due to my line of work. It wasn't. What a joke.
I dated him for 2 years. I told my therapist it was the healthiest relationship I'd ever been in. He was nice to me. I grew up in abusive homes my entire life so nice was enough. He wasn't particularly... Giving or thoughtful. He didn't clean up after himself. I was sick and he wasn't... Patient or understanding, But he was nice. When we broke up I thought I'd be alone forever. I'd only encountered actively cruel men but he was nice. I thought he was the pinnacle of what I deserved.
When we broke up, I told the entire community what he had done. He had a blossoming photography business taking pictures of escorts. His only friends were people in the industry. They were quick to drop him and he lost his business, his friends, and left the escort industry. He had nothing. At the time I wasn't sure if I made the right choice. Now I know I did. He was a sexual predator and a sick Pervert. He threatened and made hints to offing himself. I felt responsible for him and checked in on him daily to make sure he was still alive. Cutting contact was the best thing I ever did. I don't even care if he's dead or alive anymore.
It's been 2 and a half years now. So what have I been doing? After the breakup, I moved back to my home town. Got myself a little one bedroom, in an admittedly shitty apartment. I reconnected with old friends, and family. They supported me mentally and emotionally, my mother supported me financially until I could get myself back to where I wanted.
I did therapy, I got my autoimmune issues sorted, I met a man... We bought a house together on 2 acres. We've got 2 cats and a new dog. On my path to health, my partner has been patient, kind, gentle, understanding. He's given me so much grace on my journey. He tells me how much he loves me, but more importantly, he shows me. I have never met anyone so committed. I have never been with someone who loves me SO much. He's nice, but he's also kind. He has a good heart. He's sensitive. He worships the ground I walk on. Our relationship is bliss.
I just... Listen. Okay. You don't have to accept someone who overlooked your physical or emotional health. You will be okay one day. You'll make it through the pain you're feeling. You have the opportunity to live a more beautiful and fulfilling life. You didn't deserve what happened to you, and the partner who hurt you doesn't deserve your forgiveness if you don't want to give it. I know my situation is unique, but it just goes to show that cheating isn't about sex. It's something sick and twisted. My boyfriend could bang whoever he wanted. I actively pushed for it and he STILL lied.
I guess I wanted to share this more for myself. I've just been feeling so grateful for the path I ended up on. We all deserve better
Original post:
Immediately after my split:
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2023.06.10 22:44 rosekurama My friend thinks I don’t like her because it’s hard for me to be on time for plans.

So I had plans today to meet with my best friend at 1 pm but yesterday was a really long day for me and today is also the heaviest day of my period, so I ended up waking up at around 12 instead of 11. I texted her and asked if we could meet at 2 pm instead and she just cancelled plans completely. The reason I need so much time to get ready is because my friend likes to get incredibly dressed up whenever we go out and it’s kind of a standard now so i have to put in a lot of effort everytime we hang out and i enjoy doing it but it takes me a significantly longer time to get ready if i have to do a full face and outfit with accessories etc.
She gets incredibly mad whenever I show up late and I totally understand. I’m not a morning person/ love to sleep in and I have ADHD and terrible time blindness so I always underestimate how long it’ll take me to get ready, so I show up 30 mins- 1 hr late, but I’ve been trying really hard to work on it and now usually show up 20-30 mins late with notice. I always text her and update her with times but it always makes her angry because she is the type to get ready early.
I don’t know how to explain this to her because everytime it happens I profusely apologize and try to explain but this time I was simply exhausted and told her that and she said don’t make plans with me if you know you’re tired. We made the plans days ago and I didn’t expect to have the heaviest day of my period/ super bad cramps today and I still was gonna go hang out with her no complaints. I even suggested we just chill at her house and catch up because we haven’t seen each other in a while but she was so angry at me that she said not to bother.
I looked this concern up on Reddit but all people say is that the friend who is always late has no concern/respect/care for their other friend and they don’t value them or find them important but that is so far from the truth. I love her and cherish our time together so I want to find a solution to this. I don’t want her to think I’m late on purpose or that I don’t want to hang out with her. I know this may sound childish but it is genuinely so difficult for me to fix and I could use any advice on what to say to her or how to work on myself.
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2023.06.10 22:44 thaworldhaswarpedme thaworldhaswarpedme #55 - Shazam: Fury of the Gods (2023)

08/01/2022 - 06/03/2023
Total reviewed: 465
Watched on: Max
Synopsis: Gods pursue Billy Batson and friends after retrieving a powerful relic.
Not as terrible as I was led to believe. The next installment in the Shazam franchise finds Billy Batson basking in superhero glory as he and his friends work together to protect their city from malfeasance ranging the criminal spectrum... with varying results. As one of the intentionally sillier installments in the DC universe the over-the-top humor in this one has a better fit than the latest, joke-laden features from Marvel.
Zachary Levi is mostly good in the role but seems entirely different from the kid he's supposed to be. Billy is pretty chill and has a measure of charisma where as Shazam seems like a super-douchey try-hard for half of the film. But the other half he's legitimately funny and even hits the heart a little in the end so I'll give him a pass. Honestly, the worst thing about this film is probably the wooden Lucy Liu who just wasn't doing it for me. I guess after you live thousands of years you maybe just expend the great capacity for any emotion you once had? And talk about greatness--the incomparable Helen Mirren is in this film as well, adding an element of reserved ferocity to the movie that helps me take the bad guys a little more seriously.
The CGI isn't terrible but it definitely isn't the best around with many scenes just looking...manufactured. Several of the stunts are obviously just actors being swung around on wires with little regards to the actual physics of the scene. Other times, a scene just looks layered. The worst offender is that one of the baddies rides around on a dragon (for quite a bit of the movie!) and it just looks like them holding some wooden pommels and then being patched into the scene. Which I know is exactly what it is, but it looks like it. However, there are other parts that look really cool. The fight under the dome was pretty sweet and we have one of more badass portrayals of unicorns I can recall. I mean, if they legit look like that, I fucking want one.
A decent sequel that suffers more from production than product. If you liked the first then I'm sure this one will appeal to you as well.
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2023.06.10 22:43 Androcles07 Blackout Warning! 🚨

Hi friends!
I come bearing unfortunate news.
I'm sure you've all heard of the API changes that Reddit plans to roll out. It has become quite a controversy to say the least. In order to take a stand against these changes and support the developers of third-party applications this subreddit will be joining the protest. It was originally slated for two days total from the 12th to the 14th but now that the situation has devolved even further, including many if not all third-party applications shutting down, many subreddits will be going dark indefinitely. We intend to do the same. At least until Reddit changes course and the issues at hand have been resolved. We'll, of course, be monitoring the situation and we'll get the sub back up as soon as it appears reasonable to do so. We don't know what the future holds but we hope this sends a message and expedites positive change so we can all continue to build on our humble community of Fryeheads.
I want to take a moment to thank you all for joining and participating in this subreddit. This was my first foray into moderation and you have made it very easy and enjoyable. I really appreciate that.
We hope to see you soon!
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2023.06.10 22:41 -Specific_Cookie- MacKay's Ice Cream

MacKay's Ice Cream
Address: 220 1 St W, Cochrane, AB T4C 2E7
Price: Single Scoop $5.25 + 1 (cone)
Ok this one is not technically IN Calgary but a mere 20 minutes away in the heart Cochrane you have got to try it!
MacKay's is a historical piece of downtown Cochrane and has been scooping homemade ice cream since 1948 spanning three generations of the same family. (Originally it was a general store)
The creaking floors add to charm of this vintage shop that I cannot help but feel I have stepped into past upon entering.
You have to expect a line at this classic ice cream shop but alas this is a mark of a great spot and the staff always seems friendly and well equipped to handle the crowd.
The flavors are unmatched in diversity and quantity, I think they had almost fifty flavors, and they range from the classics to some far more obscure ones also, I chose one in the middle and had "white chocolate strawberry truffle", for coffee lovers their espresso ice cream is also to die for!
The line can be brutal but it is worth the wait for this famous small(ish) town ice cream parlor.
drunkenDAYlewis score: 9/10 White chocolate strawberry truffle
-Specific_Cookie- score: 9/10 Keso
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2023.06.10 22:39 Beginning-Walk-2672 Where to sell tickets for LA show?

A friend told me to post on Reddit but I’m not sure what thread / channel is best (Reddit n00b). I have an extra floor ticket for Los Angeles at BMO Stadium on Friday 6/16 and I’m just trying to recoup my cost and sell it at cost. Trying to post on Ticketmaster is a scam. If I resell it at cost they deduct the service fee from what they pay me (but also charge the person buying it a service fee?? Make it make sense).
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.10 22:38 volition_vx /r/NYCFriends will be going dark indefinitely on 6/12

Hey NYCFriends!
As all of you are aware, Reddit has announced their plan to start charging exorbitant amounts for API access, a change that has led to third party clients to cease operation on 6/30.
spez, the CEO of Reddit hosted an AMA on 6/9 which was an inadequate response that shows Reddit's eagerness to back policies that hurt moderators who help run communities big and small, punish devs for making a better product and hurting you; the user and your experience for profit.
Even though this is a relatively small community, I put in a lot of time to moderate and keep things in line with the mission of this sub and I use Reddit Sync primarily on mobile. I can't in good conscience use a site like Reddit when they're so blatant anti-user and I think it's time to move on.
I'll be keeping an eye on things, and if by some miracle, these proposed changes are reversed sometime, then NYCFriends will open back up and continue where it left off.
For those of you who had fun in this community meeting new folks, making new friends and did cool stuff in the city: Thank you. You're are what helped this sub grow and I'm glad it was able to brighten your day.
See ya'll down the road.
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2023.06.10 22:38 okayyaditiie BECOME A MASTER NETWORKER.

hey guys! i know some of you people find it really hard to make connection and build contacts, which i tell you is very important to have, no matter where you are in your career, no matter what your work field is, if you have networks, you would do great.
and as i said, i know its not everyone's cup of tea. although, its not even something that you cant learn. i have found this great video on youtube, where renowned CA Raj K Agrawal talks on how can you become a master networker.
click here:
dont forget tot give it a thumbs up. also, it would be great if you comment, subscribe, and even share with your friends who needs to watch this video.
thankyou reddit fam!
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2023.06.10 22:38 MarzipanKindly964 AITA for not letting my SIL move in?

Excuse my grammar, as English is not my native language.
My (36F) husbands (26M) sister has an unknown disease in which part of her intestines are dying out. The disease has no name and is untreatable, there are not enough people around the world with similar symptoms, so research is non-existing and not interesting enough taking in account the number of people who could benefit.
15 years ago, when she got sick, her life expectancy was estimated at 1 year. She has been in and out of the hospital more times than we can count and every hospitalization was terrifying because it is always a close call. Since this year, the doctors made the decision not to treat her any further, all they do is pain relief.
My relationship with his sick sister is great, I consider her to be my friend. We are in regular contact. She is the mother to a 7-year-old girl, divorced from the kid's father (3 years ago) and was until recently in a relationship with a great guy.
Basically, she fucked up. She had an entire secret life based of a TikTok originated friend group. She had multiple, real life, affairs with members of that friend group. She told them stories that weren't true or wildly exaggerated. The friend group has spend (lots of) money on her making memories with her kid, based on her stories. Well, the truth came out and this not so friendly TikTok group has visited her house and threatened, beaten and extorted her (now ex)boyfriend. Told him about everything etc. He kicked her out, mainly because he's scared they could come back, but also.. she cheated on him, many, many times. My husband and I have also received phone calls, visits (we didn't open the door) and threats.
I can imagine that being 30 and dying could make you do stupid things, I do not judge her for the things she did. I'm honest with her about how stupid it was, but she didn't do anything to me, so I don't see the need to be angry.
Her mom will not let her live with her, as her moms' boyfriend is threatening to leave if she takes her daughter in. Her brother lives in a tiny studio apartment, he doesn't have any room, but also he's fuming about the situation and feels like his sister has personally and deliberately endangered him.
So, my husband and I remain. We have a 4-year-old son and a newborn daughter. We don't have any rooms left apart from the attic (which are very livible in our country).
There is no indication of how long it would take, but since she has little to no income and there is a housing crisis, it could take years. Years in which our children will experience her illness very closely, the unbearable pain, the ambulance pick-up and perhaps even her death in our home.
We are torn between what we want and what we think we should do, as his family is also pressuring us to let them move in.
So, Reddit, AITA (or we) if we do not let her move in and cause her to become homeless and potentially lose shared custody of her kid?
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2023.06.10 22:36 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation (The Book)

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2023.06.10 22:36 AutoModerator [Book] Premature Ejaculation by Stirling Cooper

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2023.06.10 22:35 edwinbarnesc GMERICA: Activist Affiliates Are The Stalking Horse That Will Acquire [REDACTED] Through Lazard

GMERICA: Activist Affiliates Are The Stalking Horse That Will Acquire [REDACTED] Through Lazard
Things just got interesting.
New $BBBYQ court dockets 674 (Professionals), 676 (Lazard) and 677 (Confidentiality) have just released.
The court docs confirm the Activist Affiliates as the stalking horse through Lazard, the investment bank and a Confidentiality stipulation has been court ordered meaning details of the Transaction Sale for buybuyBABY through Lazard will be [REDACTED] to the public citing "competitive injury."
Now, let's dig in.

Shill Destroyer: DIP Facility Confirmed

Starting with docket 674 filed 6/9/23:

From doc 674 off kroll website
This docket is especially important because it lists all the Professionals and professional services utilized in chapter 11 restructuring.
More than anything, it clearly states that Debtor-In-Possession financing facility, aka DIP FACILITY is addressed to Proskauer Rose at 11 TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK, which in case you forgot, is the legal counsel to Carl Icahn's $IEP.
This should put to rest any speculation about $IEP's involvement and is tit-jackular confirmation that $IEP is directly in-control of the stalking horse bid outcome due to the DIP Facility which grants $IEP & Affiliates = SUPER SENIORITY STATUS to claim any sale of assets in $BBBYQ chapter 11.
It is the signature takeover move that Icahn used to acquire Las Vegas Tropicana, which funny enough also required a DIP Facility and was setup by Silverpoint Capital at that time (SP Cap is currently an active Interested Party in $BBBYQ ch11 too).
Here is a closer look into Carl Icahn's Las Vegas Tropicana takeover, based on the 10K filed in 2010:

IEP takeover of Las Vegas Tropicana with DIP Facility by Silverpoint Capital (an Interested party in $BBBYQ ch11)
I doesn't get anymore more obvious than this, shills can suck it.
Now, moving on.

Shorts Anxiety: The Lazard Connection

Beginning with docket 676:

From doc 676 off kroll website
Lazard has been authorized as the investment bank to handle the sale of buybuyBABY on behalf of the debtors ($BBBY).
This confirms the connection that Lazard is also working on behalf of the Activist Affiliates (see this post for full context).
Who are the Activist Affiliates?
They have been identified as Brett Icahn's $IEP, Affiliate parties, RC Ventures, Interested Parties (Silverpoint Capital, Putman Investments of babies r' us Canada, etc.), and includes Pulte Family Office.
Basically, they are a bunch of Billionaire Activist investors that are gonna fuck these shorts so hard they'll never forget it.
Here's a nice image of them all together.

Doc 676 has attachments: starting with Exhibit 1 that is titled, "March Engagement Letter" dated March 21, 2023 that was sent from Lazard to $BBBY's CEO Sue Gove:

Exhibit 1 from doc 676 - March Engagement Letter that Lazard wrote to CEO Sue Gove
This is a critical piece to the ongoing saga between $GME x $BBBYQ and officially confirms an "Engagement Agreement" was formed between Lazard and the company Bed, Bath, and Beyond on January 15, 2023.
That date is important because RC tweeted that he bought all the stocks, and there's a Pitchbook data entry that reveals buybuyBABY was acquired through a leveraged buyout on January 13, 2023.
Now, I want to be clear, that the LBO "sale" on Jan 13, 2023 was likely a hold of some sort hence the language 'Engagement' which sounds like the fiancé period in a relationship before the official wedding ceremony.
Just ask any fiancé for confirmation of their relationship: it's unofficially, official.
In my previous post, under the section 69D Checkmate: Acquiring BABY With LBO Financing, I show how this transaction took place in January 2023.
Therefore, the sale or consummate of final sale (aka wedding day) has yet to be made official and that's why ch11 has deadlines for hearing dates.

Shorts Worse Nightmare: The Smoking Gun

Furthermore, on doc 676, Exhibit 2 labeled as the "April Amendment" reveals the connection between Lazard and the Activist Affiliates:

Exhibit 2 from doc 676 - April Amendment letter Lazard wrote to CFO Holly Etlin, the Turnaround Restructuring Queen
BOOM! This is undeniable proof that Lazard is working with the Activist Affiliates and helped setup the DIP Facility by admission of receiving a $4 million payment (a money trail doesn't lie).
And then there is specific mention for a Sale Transaction Fee to be collected for Lazard in the event of $BBBY consummating a sale (wedding day), where the acquisition of BUY BUY BABY will go through the Affiliates via Dealer Manager's Agreement (DMA), which I covered in the last post.
Further supporting evidence:
Lazard has been utilized to carry out LBO transactions for IEP's takeover of HP & Xerox by working with Carol Flaton of AlixPartners. Carol was hired as an independent director of $BBBY in late January 2023 and later appointed to $BBBY board.
I mention Carol Flaton because there was a time when NOBODY could explain how she was hired to the board since it was believed that RC Ventures completely sold off all his shares.
However, it is now proven with Exhibit 1 "Engagement Agreement" that something unofficially-Official took place which matches the Pitchbook data of an LBO "sale" and explains how RC Ventures through the Activist Affiliates had the ability to appoint Carol Flaton. RCV wasn't holding the shares because the Affiliates were in possession of the shares.
Here, this letter from RC Ventures to BBBY is a helpful reminder that the ACTIVIST AFFILIATES were calling the shots:

RC Ventures letter to $BBBY and reveals that the Affiliates appointed Carol Flaton
Feels good to tie up another loose end.

Shorts Funeral: The Killsh0t

Continuing on doc 676 with Exhibit 3, the Indemnification letter:

Exhibit 3 from doc 676 - Indemnification letter Lazard wrote to BBBY CEO Sue Gove
This letter dated August 10, 2022 is basically a get-out-jail-free card and releases Lazard from any and all liabilities and risk pertaining to what was about to happen around that time.
A few days after that letter, RC Ventures "sold" his shares of $BBBY on August 18, 2022, supposedly.
There is an EDGAR filing from RCV that states he sold his shares in the open market (pointed out by u/travis_b13), however, that couldn't be further from the truth as you just learned because the Affiliates were holding beneficial ownership shares by January 2023 and was able to appoint Carol Flaton.
This Indemnification Letter allowed Lazard to create the Dealer Manager Agreement (DMA) on October 18, 2022 which became the official day where Lazard + ALL PARTIES + Activist Affiliates were combined into a sole legal entity/buyer for the acquisition deal of buybuyBABY.
Here is the Dealer Manager Agreement, (full context here):

Dealer Manager Agreement (DMA) supersedes all other agreement
Hence, this DMA has created an entity that is now the Stalking Horse.


According to doc 677, known as the Confidentiality Stipulation, a court has ordered the details of the sale to be sealed, so the Stalking Horse Bidder may not be announced to the public after the Sale Hearing date on June 27, 2023.
The choice to announce will be given to BBBY or the winner of the bid to do so of their choosing.

From doc 677
The court has ordered confidentiality citing "competitive injury" so we may not get confirmation of the Stalking Horse or the final winner of the sale.
This info may be important to others, but for those following along, well you already know :-)

TLDR, Exhibits & Complete BBBY Timeline:

  • On July 26, 2022, $IEP setup $400M in depository units and filed a shelf-registration with SEC (a trap card), which I covered in this post.
  • On November 21, 2022, Proskauer Rose (11 TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK) became legal counsel to $IEP and was witness to a Prospectus Supplement SEC filing and now CONFIRMED in doc 674 as the DIP Facility controller
  • On August 10, 2022, Lazard receives protection from liabilities and risks through an Indemnification Letter as shown on doc 676 Exhibit 3, marking the beginning of the Activist Affiliates group to begin acquisition proceedings for buybuyBABY.
  • On August 25, 2022, Sixth Street Lending activated $IEP's shelf-registration and granted BBBY $400M in emergency funding. Sixth Street is the DIP Administration Agent, and under direction of Proskauer Rose (details in this post)
  • On October 18, 2022, Lazard enters into a Dealer Manager Agreement (DMA) that binds itself with the Activist Affiliates and all parties into a single entity. On the same day, RC tweets a photo of himself standing next to Carl Icahn. The DMA allowed the Affiliates to start the acquisition of buybuyBABY through B. Riley Securities (verified by active $BBBY Form S-3) which I covered in this post under the Financing Rounds.
  • On January 15, 2023, doc 676 Exhibit 1 shows an "Engagement Agreement" to acquire buybuyBABY according to Pitchbook and confirmed by RC's tweet that he bought all the stocks. This engagement is like the fiancé period in a relationship before the wedding day (coming soon).
  • On April 22, 2023, doc 676 Exhibit 2 clearly shows the connection between Lazard and the Activist Affiliates by revealing a $4 Million money trail which Lazard received for setting up the DIP Facility.
  • By creating the DIP Facility, $IEP's $400M funding became a trojan horse that granted SUPER SENIORITY STATUS to claim the sale of assets in ch11, which is basically dibs on buybuyBABY above all creditors regardless of secured or unsecured status - this puts to rest all the MSM fud of who is acquiring buybuyBABY.
  • The Stalking Horse are the Affiliates through Lazard's DMA. The Sale Hearing, details of the sale, or identity of the Stalking Horse might not be announced to the public due to court ordered Confidentiality Stipulation. The Activist Affiliates will announce it on their terms.
Finally, it looks like all the pieces to the puzzle have come together..
And all the pieces on the chess board have moved in position..
The Stalking Horse Bid has been extended to Sunday, June 11, 2023 which pushes the final Sale Hearing date to June 27, 2023 which is exactly 1 week away from July 4, 2023 = TUESDAY 7/4.
And why is that important? Because of this:

RC tweets on July 4, 2021 - Power to the Players
And this just happened:
Trademark filed for \"POWER TO THE WEB3 PLAYERS\"
Looks like there will be fireworks.. GMERICA
The birth of a new company is coming.. TEDDY
The beginning of the End.. SHORTS CAPITULATION
And the start of something delightful..

The GMERICANS: Founding Fathers coming soon - July 4, 2023


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2023.06.10 22:34 Educational-Style751 AITA for parenting entitled sister?

My sister (F18) is honestly a piece of shit. I(F21) do not interact with her unless I’m at home b/c college and I’m tired of parenting her. We never had a good relationship- she steals my things and manipulated my parents so they don’t get mad at her. She would insult me and make fun of me to her friends and our cousins over my weight. She is a shitty narcissist and even her previous friends have called her high maintenance bitch. I am the better student and have a better relationship with my parents because I actually help them and give them gifts for birthdays/holidays, which she was always too lazy or broke to do so. I honestly think she is extremely insecure about this, which is why she targets my appearance and calls me fat or ugly, which hurt my self esteem growing up. I’m not that big, but I was a little chubby growing up because of a thyroid disorder. Today, I had to use the car to go drive and give a family friend of ours a gift for a large sum of money that she gave to both my sister and I for college. I asked my sister to come with me and sign the card but she said no b/c she had to get ready for a party. The car had no gas so she asked me for money to pay for gas to go to the party and I said no. She then whines and complains and I tell her if she doesn’t come with me then I’m not giving her the car or gas money. She calls me a bitch and other insults and locks herself in her room. She then texts me demanding that I come home and give her the car. I tell her no because I paid for the gas and she insulted me without apologizing. It’s not my car, but because of her nasty behavior towards me (which has been normalized over years) she would have to figure out some sort of carpool situation, which is something she usually does. I refuse to give the keys until my dad gets super upset and tells me to give him them (it’s his car), which I do. He gives them to her after she threw a big tantrum and she laughs in my face. He doesn’t really parent her as much as he parented me because my mom protects her and lets her do as she pleases. I call my mom and she calls me an AH for not giving her the keys, and blames her behavior on my father. My family has been quite rocky ever since I left for college, and my parents often fight over my sister’s behavior, or try to involve me in her issues. She drinks, wears barely any clothing, and brings random guys into the house when my parents are working. I try to talk to my parents and convince them to say no to her, or give her some sort of punishment like collecting leaves or cleaning the basement (like they did to me), but they’re tired of her. Every time I try to get them to realize that she’s at fault for whatever issues arise, they blame each other or call me an AH. Reddit, am I really an AH for trying to get my sister to realize her actions have consequences? I don’t know what to do and I really don’t want my parents to have to parent her until they retire. They’re tired of her and think college will fix her, but I really doubt it.
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2023.06.10 22:34 AutoModerator [[email protected]]~fight UFC 289 Live [email protected] ON Tv

UFC 289 Live Stream Free On Reddit -- Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana: Fight card, odds, date, rumors, location, complete guide. Amanda Nunes looks to build on her second stint as UFC women's bantamweight queen as the Brazilian champion travels to Canada for UFC 289 on Saturday, June 10. Irene Aldana, riding the high of a banner year for Mexican UFC fighters, stands in her way.

🔴LIVE🔴📺🥊👉 UFC 289 Live Stream

🔴GO LIVE🔴📺🥊👉 UFC 289 Full Fight Live Online

Nunes returns to action for the first time in 11 months after reclaiming the women's bantamweight title from Julianna Pena. Nunes and Pena were originally set to complete their trilogy, but an injury suffered by Pena opened the door for Aldana. Nunes has ruled the women's bantamweight and featherweight divisions with an iron fist, serving as dual champion and avenging her only loss in eight years.
Aldana looks to follow in the footsteps of Brandon Moreno, Yair Rodriguez and Alexa Grasso, the first and only three Mexican UFC champions, all of whom won title fights this year. Aldana is coming off wins stoppage wins against Macy Chiasson and Yana Kunitskaya.
UFC 289 is generally light on star power as it leans on a tremendous co-main event. Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira meets streaking contender Beneil Dariush in a fight expected to determine the next challenger for reigning lightweight champ Islam Makhachev. Oliveira's loss to Makhachev snapped a memorable 11-fight winning streak. Meanwhile, Dariush is in rare form with eight straight wins.
UFC 289 fight card, odds
Amanda Nunes -330 vs. Irene Aldana +260, women's bantamweight championship
Beneil Dariush -150 vs. Charles Oliveira +126, lightweights
Mike Malott -210 vs. Adam Fugitt +175, welterweights
Dan Ige -260 vs. Nate Landwehr +210, featherweights
Marc-Andre Barriault -140 vs. Eryk Anders +120, middleweights
Nassourdine Imavov -145 vs. Chris Curtis +122, middleweights
Miranda Maverick -300 vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius +240, women's flyweights
Aoriqileng -120 vs. Aiemann Zahabi +100, bantamweights
Kyle Nelson -240 vs. Blake Bilder +196, featherweights
Matt Schnell vs. David Dvorak, flyweights
Maria Oliveira -120 vs. Diana Belbita +100, women's strawweights
UFC 289 info
Date: June 10
Location: Rogers Arena -- Vancouver, Canada
Start time: 10 p.m. ET (Main card)
How to watch: ESPN+ PPV
The greatest female fighter in MMA history returns to the Octagon on Saturday night when Amanda Nunes defends her bantamweight championship against Irene Aldana in the main event of UFC 289. The action goes down from Rogers Arena in Vancouver and airs live on pay-per-view.
Nunes is making the first defense of her title since regaining the championship from Julianna Pena. Pena upset Nunes in December 2021 but Nunes dominated their July 2022 rematch to once again become two-division champion, as she also hols the featherweight title.
Aldana is stepping in for Pena, who was forced out of a trilogy bout due to injury. She has won two fights, both by knockout, since dropping a decision to former champion Holly Holm.
After a hot start to the year in our monthly Best Bets column, things have cooled off, with our record for the year now standing at 15-14. There are some tough calls on the UFC 289 card, but we have once again identified our choices for the best bet for each fight on the pay-per-view broadcast.
After a couple of lesser Fight Night events, the UFC is back on pay-per-view this weekend with a major show from Vancouver, British Columbia.
UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana has come under criticism from some fans for a supposedly weak card, but overall, it does have some depth. Sure, outside of the title bout, the event lacks star power, but there are a number of ranked fighters in action, making it worth watching.
Initially, this UFC bantamweight title fight would’ve seen a trilogy clash between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena. Whether the trilogy was warranted, given Nunes shellacked Pena in their second fight last summer, was a fair question
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2023.06.10 22:34 ThrowRA-blue1 Partner (37m) wants to move to be nearer family with short notice, I'm (27f) not ready yet

Throwaway because my partner follows my other account and I'd rather keep this private.
My (27f) partner (37m) and I have been together for just under five years. We have been in a very serious, committed relationship the entire time and have lived together for most of it.
My partner comes from somewhere about 7 hours away from where we met and have been living. His family still lives there, and he visits 3 or 4 times a year including a longer visit around Xmas time. I join him often and when I'm able to (he has a lovely family!). My family and friends are pretty much all in the city we have lived in our entire relationship, and I do not know anyone in his hometown other than his family.
We were looking to move out of our current home, and had spent several weeks doing viewings for places in the city we currently live in. He then told me, very suddenly, that he wanted to move back to be with his family - I asked him if I wasn't ready to do that yet, would he be willing to hold off for another year or two? He said no, he wanted and needed to go now - and he'd like me to come but would be moving regardless.
For some additional context, I am an only child and my mother who lives near the city I'm in is single and disabled so I feel a lot of responsibility towards her (she's also just my best friend, love u mum). It's not a simple "grab my stuff and go".
After a lot of back and forth, I decided that I wasn't happy moving so suddenly - I needed way more time to prepare and feel comfortable with it, and with only a month to the move left I made the tough decision that I wouldn't be going with him and that this was likely the end of the relationship (there were some other factors I won't include here). I've been feeling upset, and angry to be honest. I tried to explain to him that 2 months isn't enough time for me to get on board with it and it felt unfair - and I was angry that after nearly five years together the relationship didn't mean enough to him for him to wait a bit longer. I appreciate he wants to be near his family, I want him to be too, but surely this is the kind of decision that a couple makes together as a team? I was always on board with us moving there together at some point, but when the timing was right for both of us and coming to the decision together.
He told me I'm being unfair and guilting him when he's done nothing wrong. I just feel so heartbroken, after years of him having other higher priorities I felt like our relationship was about to have some much needed TLC but instead he drops this huge bomb on me and makes it clear that, again, the relationship isn't his number one priority - it feels like there's always something else more important to him. He then told me he was going to tell his mum, who would confirm I was the one being unreasonable lol.
So, lovely people of Reddit, help me out here. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Is this normal for people to do to each other after such a long and strong relationship (which is what he's telling me)? Maybe I'm just being a romantic, but I always thought this was the kind of decision a couple makes together (at least after nearly half a decade together). I thought he was my future. Sorry for the ramble. It's been a tough few weeks. Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.10 22:33 Complex-Major28 Ok the shirt having two different sleeves is making me want to throw up and she doesn’t address it omfg

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2023.06.10 22:31 DimaHunter124 Hello! does anyone want to play Pz with me?

While reddit is burning to shit, i want to ask if anyone wants to play with me before reddit becomes a dead corpse. i am 18 hours into project zomboid << at the time of writing this >> and its getting a tad boring. i have no friends to play Pz with. thank you :)
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2023.06.10 22:31 PufffPufffGive After a year of (what I believe could be a rebirth) I’ve had 5 snakes cross my path in the last 3 weeks. Any Thoughts?

Early 2022 my best friend. Whom I loved very dearly chose to take her life. In that same time period my partner chose to end our relationship and cut all ties. Then my Boxer tested positive for cancer. I Broke. Mentally, physically and spiritually. I cried everyday for a year. Barely left my home and isolated from Everyone I knew. I have never felt so empty and invisible and sad. I’ve never died before. I was forced to look inside myself on a whole new level. I honestly thought I might die. It took a lot of will, hope and work on myself to finally after a year be able to exhale. I recently left a very toxic job chose to road trip through Utah & Sedona. In my travels I had multiple snakes cross my path. One at night went over my boot while unpacking my tent. The next I was sitting next to a stream in Zion writing my thoughts and it just popped out the stream slithered towards me and then took off for the bushes. The third I was in Bryce Canyon meditating after breakfast and I opened my eyes and there’s a snake crossing my path to get to the forest. In Sedona I was on a hike with my pup. Listening to a talk about rebirth and out of no where this huge snake pops out of the brush and dances it’s way down the path with me. Yes I get it’s Utah and Arizona. Well I’m in a new job have gone back to yoga and meditation and I’m starting to see color in my days again. I was on a micro dose mediating yesterday and poof a snek (not once have I seen one on my property) is sunning in my backyard and slithered across my path.
Would one consider this to be sign of sorts. I feel like Gaia is trying to show me something. Either that or I’m a snek charmer.
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2023.06.10 22:30 PaperBagPhantom [18/M] Come one come all!

I'm still fresh to the dating world as I was never lucky enough to get a GF in highschool or even before that. Now all that's passed me by and I've graduated and so I've got all this time to myself.
But that's boring! Life isn't meant to be some little lonesome thing, it's supposed to be shared and experienced together! So I'd like to share my life with someone, no matter for how little or how long I want this experience to be fun for the both of us!
So if your looking for a connection, a friend, or something more then I'd be glad to be a part, no matter how miniscule, in your life! Because I enjoy helping anyone that I come across, no matter how small.
If your bored, interested, or both then I'd be happy to talk with anyone!
If you need just that bit more to reach out then a few of my interests are D&D, Rock (Queen and Guns N' Roses all the way!), video game design, baking, classic movies (Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, movies like those), as well as the standard three: video games, anime, and music in general.
If any of me interested you or you just want someone to talk to them I'd be willing and happy to do so! Talk to you there! (Reddit/Discord)
(🃏♥♣ Wild Card ♠♦🃏#8441)
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2023.06.10 22:29 em-c-squared My (25F) boyfriend (24M) and I were planning on moving in together...and with a month to go he changed his mind.

My (25) boyfriend (24) and I were planning on moving in together...and with a month to go he changed his mind.
Hi reddit, thanks for taking the time to read this post. My BF and I have been together for about 6 months. It is his first relationship, but I have had a few relationships in the past and lived together with a previous ex for 2 years. I know it's fast, but we have spent every single day together in the past few months and I knew a few months after meeting him that he was the guy I was going to marry someday, I have never felt this way with any ex. When both of our leases were ending, the topic of moving in together naturally came up. It would have been me and him in one room, and our mutual friend in the other. We all started looking for places together, we scheduled tours, we bought paintings to put on the wall, etc. Every time I asked him to talk to his family about it, he said he would wait until he was back home to have the conversation in person. He talked to a few friends about it and they basically said the usual, it's early, take some time to think about it and gave him the pros and cons of when they moved in with their partners.
Everytime he and I talked about it, he was sure this was what he wanted to do. I asked so many times and he always said he was ready. Last week, he left for break. He was gone for 24 hours and everything changed. He talked to his sister about it (who has never lived with a partner) and suddenly changed his mind. He called me saying it might be too soon, and that he wants to eventually work towards moving in together in the future but not now.
I'm crushed. It's not even about moving in together, it's about how quickly he changed his mind and that he 'didnt realize ' he wasn't ready despite being so sure for months. It's that it all flipped in a DAY. It's that we made so many plans together for them to come crashing down, that he went from being so sure of moving in together to being so sure he wasn't ready. My sense of trust in this man is destroyed. How am I supposed to believe anything he tells me he feels now, when he's so sure but his mind can change so quickly or he can realize how he felt wasn't real overnight? He knows I have a daughter from a previous relationship, and he has told me over and over that he's completely fine with this and loves kids. But how am I supposed to believe that after he talks to his family about her that his mind won't change again? That he might not have 'realized' he wasn't ready and every sense of security I had can vanish again? He is so close with his family, and it's been a huge point of contention between us. His mom doesn't even know me and when he told her he was dating someone, instantly didnt like me, would make so many snide comments to him about me, knowing NOTHING about me. He is so overprotected by them and so vulnerable to anything they tell him.
When I asked him what changed, he said that he was worried because our relationship has been going so well and he's worried that introducing new variables is going to ruin everything. What new variables? We've been unofficially living together for months already. We've gotten into stupid fights and still ended the night in the same bed and worked through them the next day. If he had just talked to me about the concerns he was having instead of making it seem like he was decided it wasn't going to work, maybe things would be different.
I don't know what to do. My trust is gone and this feels like a deal breaker, like I can't ever look at him the same way again.
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