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Subreddit about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Episodes release every Sunday (will be on hiatus from the 27th of March 2023) Manga chapters release around the 20th of each month.

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This Subreddit is dedicated to everything that's a Naruto Game (mostly we are focusing on the Storm Series, but that's obvious). It is a place for Naruto fans to communicate, get tips and essentially make friends with others who love the Naruto series. **Please make sure to read the rules before posting.**

2023.06.10 22:24 SpaceWitchSalem Hard getting into anime and thinking should I?

Hey, I am 22 year old female and I am not sure should I get into anime. I loved animation from a young age;Disney, Pixar ect. Somewhere around middle school I started loving more fantasy, horrospooky (paranormal, not psychological) and action Then since I was into nightcore (phase that ended) and one of them had clips from Spirited Away and I loved the animation. But since I didn't know animation other than "for kids" maybe Prince Of Egypt which was great still wasn't sure. Looked more into anime remembered some I from my childhood (didn't see them as anime,I thought just cartoons) Pokemon ect. Came across Wolf children which I also loved.But I still saw that many of them were or connected to sexual content to be specific porn. Thats my main problem ; sexual content, sexualizing female body and sexualizing underage characters, I dont mind romance I don't watch it as genre but as long as there's consent, its between adults and don't have some realy messed up fetishes or kinks I don't care. I want to get into it but part of me doesn't want to be associated with seems anime & manga in general is niche hobby/entertaiment. Does it bother anyone else? And is it possible to enjoy it despite that? Also any non or very little romance fantasy,paranormal horror or action (I love martial arts) recomendations?
*Sorry for bad englisch, its not my first language
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2023.06.10 22:23 bigsmellythrowaway Praying for a miracle, preparing for the worst.

Tomorrow it will be two months since my community lost a wonderful human being and friend to suicide. Yesterday, I learned the specific method of their death. In August, it will be seven years since another friend of mine took their own life.
Today, I am wondering if its evil or a bad friend of me to start preparing for worst, but continuing to pray for some kind of miracle, as a friend lays in a coma due to a suicide attempt. I was texting them as it happened, and called the police. I did it as soon as I knew and as fast as I could. I wish I had sooner. What if i hadn’t taken the extra time to confirm their address? Or called before they took anything? It’s been four days, going on five. I know that at this point the prognosis isn’t great, even if they wake up, would they even be the same? I just want to go visit them in a hospital and hug them, tell them how worried I was, and then lighten the mood by mentioning how Kellis and Bill Murray started dating because I think they’d find it funny, and hug them again until some nurse or doctor tells me I’m hugging them too tightly.
I know its selfish to think of my own feelings here but this sucks. I dont want to lose two friends to suicide in two months. I’m not suicidal now, but I have in the past so I can understand their agony but selfishly just want them back in this fucked up world with us. I having not-quite-flashbacks and almost obsessive thoughts of visions of death. My attempts, their final moments, what they look like in hospital, etc.
My friends family, loved ones, and I are all in limbo, but no limbo so much as my friend.
K & S, may you continue to rest in the peace you sought. S, please, please, please wake up. Please, come back.
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2023.06.10 22:23 Lewbular Shrimps is Bugs

Howdy! I’m the original shrimps is bugs boy. I just wanted to say I’ve been keeping myself up to date with this subreddit and I think it’s so hilarious and beautiful how everyone is getting tattoos and making shirts and stickers and all that. It warms my silly little heart. I was thinking about making some stickers myself but I wouldn’t even know where to start and I think I missed the window on that one anyway. Some of the designs in here are so much better than anything I would’ve thought of and I feel honoured that they’re based off of my tattoo. That being said, It brings me no pleasure to inform you all that I am going through a personal financial crisis and it is a tricky one so if anyone could find it in their shrimpy little hearts to spare a dollar or two my Venmo is Lewismurray97 and my Cashapp is Lewismurray69. This community has brought me a lot of joy these past few weeks and I am embarrassed to even be posting this but the cookie has not crumbled in my favour as of late and options are scarce. Thanks again for everything y’all 🫶
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2023.06.10 22:21 MoopDoopISmellPoop Watching the anime weekly, are they gonna get together anytime soon?

They're too fucking cute and the tension is killing me. It takes me back to 10 years ago when I watched Kimi ni Todoke for the first time. I thought it wouldn't be that slow since the Kyou and Anna are arguably communicating better than Sawako and Kazehaya did (no hate, KnT is my fav romance anime of all time). But now, with the new ep, I'm starting to feel like it really will take a while, and I feel like I'm vibrating out of my skin when they don't just confess.
I was staying with the anime, but I feel like I might break before the anime ends and jump into the manga.
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2023.06.10 22:21 Case-Feisty I (28) broke up with my boyfriend(35) because he was saving photos of his co workers on his phone.

Im going to try to make this short, I meet my ex about 4 years ago we worked together for about a year before we started dating, (we dated for 3 years) right off the bat I felt something was not right about our relationship, like the vibe was off ? But i ignored it because i really liked him. I wasn't feeling like a girlfriend to him like I should have been, and when I would try to express my feelings he would get pissy about it, looking back very childish. Now I'm not saying he wasn't nice to me becausehe was for the most part, Or if I asked him for something that I absolutely needed he would have gotten it for me. But we also worked together and I'm aware that's a lot time together and for him that was "our time together" he didn't want to do anything after work, ever, absolutely nothing, just the weekends if his son was away for one of those days because he wanted laid, He didn't want to come over & watch a movie or come over for dinner because he always said he needed to go home to his son and help him with homework, but honestly half the time it was always done because his grandparents would him, or just be with his son in general or helping other people with lawns when it was nice out & I have 2 daughters so I'm well aware children come first, but there was absolutely no balance between his son or me when it came to my ex, we didn't even do anything on our anniversaries because we worked, or he would ALWAYS use the excuse of I was always working, even if I was working there was absolutely no creativity on his end when i got off work when he had his days off, like I did for him when I was off.
We lived separate for about a year and a half and we decided to move in together thinking that would have made a difference and I left my job to save our relationship and started a new one. But moving in did absolutely the opposite, I felt more like a roommate than anything else, we still didn't do anything together with kids or alone, once in while we would watch a movie because he wanted laid and honestly half the time I wouldn't give to him because I was beginning to be very unattracted to him because I was starting to feel like crap when I was around him. When we first moved in together i tried if I was off to clean the house (because it needed clean and honestly no one cared how they lived which was highly gross to me) cook dinner for him and the kids, but when I worked I didn't ever come home to anything but him and his son screaming at each other playing video games or my boyfriend in bed because he worked early shift, I usually worked 10am-6pm. After awhile I started feeling things were REALLY off and my trust was starting to faid very quickly and yes i tried to talk to him like a adult and he said he had nothing to hide, I dropped it, even though my gut was saying otherwise because i wasn't being treated like a girlfriend that i deserved to be. Well about 2 months later his phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing and just kept going off so yes I picked up & the call was his mother off a new number I felt bad but then his notifications when off right before I put it down, emails for pornhub, and other porn sites, his search history was absolutely NOTHING but that, he had abulms in his gallery of our co workers in the facility that we both worked at, he had been following 100+ females on very social media page he had included those co-workers, and even trying to hook up with a few, but none of them budged as I read, at that point I was completely done because that's beyond creepy to me and im well aware boys will be boys but thats extreme to me, I told him that i wanted to leave him and he made me feel bad for wanting to leave him, and he told me that I wasn't going to happen again and he would delete everything. I didn't believe him and sounds shitty but I always needed a place for my 2 daughters to live until I could find something else and (believe me i was trying to get as fast as I could) so I lied and said "okay", I felt like I was being used because he just wanted to tile of having a girlfriend and absolutely not putting in any effort towards me and just wanting laid.
A couple months later I ended up putting in a offer to a house and got it. In that time of me getting my house and getting my ducks in row to leave him, and i didnt tell him yet that's when he really started to try to work things out and started to want to take me places, cook for me have alone time with me and even bought me a ring, I didn't except it because why would i ? And he didnt understand why i didn't want it, at this point I was with him for 3 years, I was completely over it, I was over everything. Having those images in my head told me everything, and me not feeling loved or cared for like I should have been i told I was moving and I told him I was done and explained why and that was more than a fight and he told me it was just an excuse to leave him. I moved out the next day.
TL;DR Two months later now, he's been sending me apologie letters to my house, texting & calling my phone from differnt numbers and even to my mom, he's even sent me 2 gifts to my house thinking thats going to get me back, but at the same time ive heard hes trying to move on and ive heard hes with someone but its a fake profile? I told him I would press charges if it doesn't stop, part of me in a way I feel bad for leaving him the way I did and kindof wanted to be acquaintances with him and then part of doesn't, I don't know if it's even worth feeling this way.
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2023.06.10 22:20 AutoModerator UFC 289 LIVE STREAM FREE

UFC 289 Live Stream Free On Reddit -- Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana: Fight card, odds, date, rumors, location, complete guide. Amanda Nunes looks to build on her second stint as UFC women's bantamweight queen as the Brazilian champion travels to Canada for UFC 289 on Saturday, June 10. Irene Aldana, riding the high of a banner year for Mexican UFC fighters, stands in her way.
🔴LIVE🔴📺🥊👉 UFC 289 Live Stream
🔴GO LIVE🔴📺🥊👉 UFC 289 Full Fight Live Online
Nunes returns to action for the first time in 11 months after reclaiming the women's bantamweight title from Julianna Pena. Nunes and Pena were originally set to complete their trilogy, but an injury suffered by Pena opened the door for Aldana. Nunes has ruled the women's bantamweight and featherweight divisions with an iron fist, serving as dual champion and avenging her only loss in eight years.
Aldana looks to follow in the footsteps of Brandon Moreno, Yair Rodriguez and Alexa Grasso, the first and only three Mexican UFC champions, all of whom won title fights this year. Aldana is coming off wins stoppage wins against Macy Chiasson and Yana Kunitskaya.
UFC 289 is generally light on star power as it leans on a tremendous co-main event. Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira meets streaking contender Beneil Dariush in a fight expected to determine the next challenger for reigning lightweight champ Islam Makhachev. Oliveira's loss to Makhachev snapped a memorable 11-fight winning streak. Meanwhile, Dariush is in rare form with eight straight wins.
UFC 289 fight card, odds
Amanda Nunes -330 vs. Irene Aldana +260, women's bantamweight championship
Beneil Dariush -150 vs. Charles Oliveira +126, lightweights
Mike Malott -210 vs. Adam Fugitt +175, welterweights
Dan Ige -260 vs. Nate Landwehr +210, featherweights
Marc-Andre Barriault -140 vs. Eryk Anders +120, middleweights
Nassourdine Imavov -145 vs. Chris Curtis +122, middleweights
Miranda Maverick -300 vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius +240, women's flyweights
Aoriqileng -120 vs. Aiemann Zahabi +100, bantamweights
Kyle Nelson -240 vs. Blake Bilder +196, featherweights
Matt Schnell vs. David Dvorak, flyweights
Maria Oliveira -120 vs. Diana Belbita +100, women's strawweights
UFC 289 info
Date: June 10
Location: Rogers Arena -- Vancouver, Canada
Start time: 10 p.m. ET (Main card)
How to watch: ESPN+ PPV
The greatest female fighter in MMA history returns to the Octagon on Saturday night when Amanda Nunes defends her bantamweight championship against Irene Aldana in the main event of UFC 289. The action goes down from Rogers Arena in Vancouver and airs live on pay-per-view.
Nunes is making the first defense of her title since regaining the championship from Julianna Pena. Pena upset Nunes in December 2021 but Nunes dominated their July 2022 rematch to once again become two-division champion, as she also hols the featherweight title.
Aldana is stepping in for Pena, who was forced out of a trilogy bout due to injury. She has won two fights, both by knockout, since dropping a decision to former champion Holly Holm.
After a hot start to the year in our monthly Best Bets column, things have cooled off, with our record for the year now standing at 15-14. There are some tough calls on the UFC 289 card, but we have once again identified our choices for the best bet for each fight on the pay-per-view broadcast.
After a couple of lesser Fight Night events, the UFC is back on pay-per-view this weekend with a major show from Vancouver, British Columbia.
UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana has come under criticism from some fans for a supposedly weak card, but overall, it does have some depth. Sure, outside of the title bout, the event lacks star power, but there are a number of ranked fighters in action, making it worth watching.
Initially, this UFC bantamweight title fight would’ve seen a trilogy clash between Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena. Whether the trilogy was warranted, given Nunes shellacked Pena in their second fight last summer, was a fair question.XF BFG
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2023.06.10 22:20 nostalgicremembrance Looking for a manga i read awhile back!

I (or my sister?) took a manga series out from the library years ago but the library only stores so much of your borrowing history so i'm posting here
I remember very little but here are definite details
There were at least 14 volumes, There was a volume with a teal cover, one with a medium darkish blue cover, and one with a magenta cover, and it was pre 2018 when i read it (if i recall correctly) so it had to have been made before then, and of course it had been translated to english.
Here is what i can recall of the plot (no spoilers as i can't remember them)
it starts out with a a group of teenagers/young adults somehow getting transported to another world (i think that before they got transported they were at a skate park with skateboards (i very distinctly remember skateboards) -though it has been years so that could have been at a different point) they were transported to a fantasy world that needed saving however i don't really remember more than that (i recall a meeting with the princess, who i remember being pretty important to the plot, and going through a rocky ravine with enemies on the other end but thats not really much to go off of,)
I'm pretty sure one of the group members was a woman/girl with long dark (black?) hair and -from the full colour cover illustrations- had tan/light brown skin but i'm not 100% sure (also there might have been a canine headed antagonist/villain but that is very faint so it might have been from something different)
Any leads would help! (this has been nagging at me for years)
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2023.06.10 22:20 __Bl4nk_ High school Bullies.

High school Bullies can either be some of the pettiest or some of most horrible people ever, never an in between. They’re either out to get you or want to find something to hate you for. (Boredom or jealousy maybe, I dunno)
In high school I had several bullying issues and I never brought it to the school because I didn’t want my parents involved due to the kind of stuff involved, and because my school never took bullying seriously. I’ve had incidents of bullying that happened temporarily, like there was a guy who used to get physical and punch me when he saw me; then there was a girl who bullied me for dating a certain person.
However, before any of the more serious parts started to play, there was a girl in the school that kickstarted my bullied officially. Lets call her Ruby, we started off as really close friends and then things took a turn for the worst.
She started off with copying my personality, like my whole personality, she started liking everything I liked and hating everything I hated and it was very obvious but I didn’t entirely pay attention to this, it was my friends at the time who told me about how she was acting. Then she started copying my hairstyles, I used to go to hers in the morning before school started, and whatever hairstyle I had she felt the need to have the exact same. After hair she went onto glasses, I wore and still wear circular glasses with golden coloured frames, i’d get called Harry Potter for it. One day she randomly came into school with the same glasses on, however because she didn’t actually need glasses she admitted to people who asked that they were fake. I knew this because she told me the shop she went to and all I can say is they definitely don’t prescribe glasses and they had the fake glasses that she wore. This all went on for quite a bit and it did bother me so I stopped turning up to her house so she couldn’t copy my hair, I stopped telling her things I liked and disliked, and I changed my prescribed glasses(when i got to change them) to ovals instead of circles.
Lets just say she didn’t like this, so she took her treatment towards me to a different level. She started to have random arguments with me, for example, in a drama class we got to choose a play to show and people chose the few scenes in my group, when it got to me I chose a scene that was to my comfort because of my stage fright. When Ruby heard this idea she proposed a new one, it was out of my comfort zone and because she already chose a scene I denied it, she went off. Ruby started swearing at me, yelling at me and i yelled back too and tried to make her understand that I had stage fright (which she knew after past experiences before this event); she wasn’t having it. I eventually walked off and got asked by a few what happened, I explained the incident without any insulting to Ruby and instead was just crying. When they asked her though, she spat insults and exaggerated what happened.
We mostly argued while she also manipulated me to stay through comforting me about issues that started to happen, it emotionally manipulated me to stay friends with her.
At some point she started a fight with someone who I knew, the girl Ruby fought with is a completely different story but the fight was more of a cat fight. Scratching. When they got pulled away from each other that was when I realised I needed to switch things up, so I stopped hanging out with the Ruby girl for good. Even so, this didn’t stop her from continuing the insults, she proceeded to saying she would kill me if she could and in general death threats, for a little bit she took a few of my friends away with her lies and people started to hate me.
Before she left the school though, she decided to take it further. I had SH difficulties and she found out when I was ranting on a chat that had my friends on it because I lacked motivation to see them in person. I forgot she was in this chat but even with this I never said reasons to why I was hurting myself, but she took it up on herself to make the reasons about her(one reasons was her but it was never mentioned). One day i went into school and found out she told my whole year and teachers that I was SH’ing, i got called into the office but lied and got away with it. Even so, the telling still stuck with people in my year because then i started getting emo jokes and SH jokes by the popular groups.
When she left the school to move to a different one, she made rumours in the new school that I bullied her. It got to a point that I had people messaging me from that school that I knew, saying I was horrible and sly, saying that it was my fault she left. Every time someone messaged me about it all I tried explaining the truth, but the rejected it, so I would break down and this eventually resulted into me having panic attacks.
I am now out of high school and in college but she goes to the same college as me, and to this day i’m still trying to move on from the struggles she gave me, the trust issues that she gave me, the trauma she caused me. I am doing well on this and I can now walk past her without wanting to either break down or throw a brick at her head.
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2023.06.10 22:20 Fancy_Pomegranate849 How did having a narcissistic mother impact my best friend and her friendship with me?

Apologies for the long post ahead of time. My friend (35F) and I (34F) have been best friends for almost 14 years. Throughout the years there’d be times where we were extremely close, and times where we would drift apart, which I thought was normal since we both have busy lives with kids.
Only lately though have I realized that the friendship was really one sided. Specifically, because she had kids young and went though a divorce, she has had lots of challenges that I’ve supported her through. I always dropped everything to talk to her and spend time with her when she’s going through a rough patch. When she started dating again and would get panic attacks, again I was there every day to talk her through her problems. For context, she realized her mom was a narcissist and she married someone that was very similar (hence the divorce). Since then she really struggle with self worth and self love and would have panic attacks when she’s in a new relationship because of all these historical problems.
Now, whenever she’s not in a relationship with someone (and therefore no panic attacks) she doesn’t talk to me. We’d still catch up once in a while but the conversation is very surface level. Lately I’ve had a lot of struggles myself and I tried telling her about them but she doesn’t seem at all interested. If anything she dismisses then like they’re not issues. For example, my son was getting tested for autism and she’d say things like oh he’s only 4, kids grow out of this type of behavior. And because her son is older, she’d draw on her own experience and say when her son was 4 he didn’t have much imaginative play either so therefore my son is not on the spectrum. We have now confirmed that my son is on the spectrum and I’ve told her, and again no real follow up questions or calls from her.
I feel really sad to think she doesn’t care about me or our friendship. I’m wondering if maybe her upbringing had anything to do with it and what should I do? My husband thinks I should stop supporting her next time she comes to me considering how little she’s been there for me.
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2023.06.10 22:19 SkiStorm To cum or not to cum?

Anybody else experience this before:
A guy I dated was DISGUSTED by cum. When he came first and I dared to cum ON him, before I was finished shooting (which admittedly isn’t a small load 😜) he would make the most unpleasant face and literally start wiping it up. I’m just trying to finish and enjoy the money shot and he’s grossed out. Made for some disappointing sex. Let’s just say that relationship didn’t last long.
Anyone else have similar experiences?
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2023.06.10 22:19 mrg1923 Brief Transfer Guide for the BSHHS at WGU

This post shows how to transfer credits for WGU's BS Health and Human Services program through two course providers: Sophia Learning and
Credit from sources such as CLEP/Modern States, Saylor, and certifications aren't considered here but are described at or by contacting WGU admissions.
The list of classes to take was created in this way: If available on Sophia, do on Sophia. Do the rest available at
Courses are listed by WGU name, WGU credit count, third-party identifier and name.

BS Health and Human Services, 38 transfer credits:
Sophia Learning, 20 credits[0]
Composition: Writing with a Strategy, 3, *ENG1001 English Composition I
Introduction to Communication: Connecting with Others, 3, *COMM1002 Public Speaking, COMM1010 Workplace Communication, or BUSI 1025 Business Communication
Applied Healthcare Statistics, 4, *STAT1001 Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Psychology, 3, *PSYC1010 Introduction to Psychology: Smarter Decisions Through Psychology
Critical Thinking: Reason and Evidence, 3, *PHIL1005 Critical Thinking
Health, Fitness and Wellness, 4, *HLTH1010 Introduction to Nutrition, 18 credits[1]
Human Growth and Development, 3, *Psychology 103 Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development or Psychology 107 Psychology 107: Life Span Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Biology, 3, *Biology 101 Biology 101: Intro to Biology or Biology 101L Biology 101L: Intro to Biology with Lab
Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, 3, *Biology 201L Biology 201L: Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
Medical Terminology, 3, *Health 103 Health 103: Medical Terminology
Pathophysiology, 3, *Biology 106 Biology 106: Pathophysiology
Healthcare Ecosystems, 3, *Health 307 Health 307: Healthcare Delivery Systems

WGU may change their course acceptance lists and I can't guarantee the accuracy of this one. You can verify acceptance by viewing the two WGU links provided at the end of this post or by contacting WGU admissions. Transfers should be completed with transcripts received by WGU a month before the intended WGU start date. You may transfer up to 75% of the credits for an undergraduate degree at WGU.
You can get 30% off up to 3 months at by signing up with my referral, for which I do receive compensation, by following the link or by entering the coupon code MichaelK at checkout.
Links to WGU's course equivalencies for Sophia and are found here:
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2023.06.10 22:19 AxeDemon32 I think I’m overreacting

I work at a little charity shop near where I live. Today I was working at the till and my first customer made a comment on my top. He said “I read read the writing on your top all day.” I think. It was hard to understand but that was the gist. It was completely innocent but for some reason it made me uncomfortable. My shirt was a cropped T-shirt and it was covered with butterflies and writing. It’s not a big deal so I don’t understand why I feel so weird about it.
I think it has something to do with something that happened to me when I was 13. I was never molested or raped or anything like that but when I was 13/14 I started talking to this guy. He was around 25 but I’m not sure. We spoke on Kik and it was always sexual. He wanted videos and pictures and there was talk stuff. It wasn’t a big deal until he started wanting me to do things that were a bit much. He was into beastality and young kids, my age and younger. I don’t know why that didn’t set off any red flags for me, but it didn’t. I was just uncomfortable. He sent me images of erect dogs and shit and tried to get me to find people in real life whose dogs would fuck me. I couldn’t do it. I just kept putting it off. He got sick of me and decided to introduce me to a Kik friend he had. Turns out they were fucking strangers but he didn’t want to be friends anymore. I think I annoyed him. I annoyed everyone so it makes sense. I think that hurts me the most. I don’t want to be thrown away. The next guy I met was just as sexual. I knew what I was getting into so it was fine. The next guy was 21/22. It was still just texting and sending things on Kik but we started “dating”. I did almost everything he asked. I tried to tell him I didn’t like certain things. Like he used to ask me to do things anally and it hurt really bad and I told him that it made me want to cry. He just said it turned him so I kept doing it. Sometimes my stomach would hurt after because I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I went along with what he wanted and when I asked for him to do things he was allowed to refuse, while I wasn’t really. If I did he would stop talking to me. Sometimes he was really nice. There were points where I asked him to call me names because I saw it in porn and instead he told me I was beautiful. That felt nice. We’d talk normally sometimes but that was rare. He wanted to rape me. He’d describe it in detail. How he wanted to drug me and tear me apart. I went along with it. It was my fault. I knew what I was getting into. I was really lonely. It’s my fault.
I don’t know why I’m getting all these feelings again from one stupid fucking comment.
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2023.06.10 22:18 Rajjvai [FITE-TV] Taylor vs Lopez live stream Junior Welterweight Championship

Undefeated junior welterweight king Josh Taylor will defend his WBO and Ring Magazine titles against former lightweight kingpin Teofimo Lopez Saturday, June 10 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

👉 Watch Live: Taylor v Lopez 👈

Taylor-Lopez will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.
The main undercard is not due to start until around 1am BST on Sunday for fight fans in the UK, with ring walks for the main event itself expected at around 4am BST. As ever though, those timings are subject to change.
Date: Saturday, June 10 2023
Start time (main card): 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 1am BST / 10am AEST
Main event time (est): 11pm ET / 8pm PT / 4am BST / 1pm AEST
Live stream: ESPN+ (US) Sky Sports (UK) Main event (AUS)
You can watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez in the US via streaming service ESPN Plus and on Sky Sports in the UK. In Canada the fight is being shown via TSN. In Australia, it's a Main Event PPV with Kayo Sports. Full details on how to watch Taylor vs Lopez just below.
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2023.06.10 22:17 ThrowRa__berry6 Very strange situation

I (F29) started to date a guy(M33) a few months ago. After 2 months he out of the blue texted me mine initials and my kids initials and he could even tell me what the full names were.
I am no where to be found on the internet, I have zero social media. We don't have the same friends. He doesn't live nearby. So I was flabbergasted, but wasn't mad or something. I asked him how he figured it out and he didn't want to tell me. Thats when we got into a argument about it, because he didn't want to tell me how he knew this. After this argument he still didn’t want to tell me and he said he wasn't a serial killer or something. Next, he said as a "joke" that Jeffrey told him. I don't even know any Jeffrey at all!
Anyway I putted things aside because I didn't want to argue. Now weeks later I asked him again (in a nice, kind way) and he still doesn't want to tell me and acts mysterious and makes jokes about it.
Red flag? We aren't teenagers anymore!
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2023.06.10 22:15 to_0 EAC Error Code 30005 preventing game from starting.

Havnt played for a long time and when I try to open the game i get this error
EAC Error Code 30005 (StartService EasyAntiCheat_EOSSys failed with 1275.) preventing game from starting.
idk I'm all out of ideas, i just want to play... any help would be much appreciated!
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2023.06.10 22:14 z0rb0r Anyone feel so jaded as an Asian American that you start to date outside of Asians?

Grew up around Hispanics my entire life and now I feel far more connected to them than my Asian counterparts. I mean there is nothing wrong with that but I just find it hard to connect with my asian brothers now.
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2023.06.10 22:13 Sir-Goldfish [TOMT] [MOVIE] [1970s-2000s] (Live-Action) thriller movie, where a woman has an intruder that sexually harrasses her. Later she ends up dating him, and he works in a car shop, and she recognizes his smell on another employee. The movie starts with her jogging, and racing the newspaper delivery boy.

- Thriller
- Movie starts with opening credits I think, of her jogging through her neighbourhood. (typical american neighbourhood) . Racing the newspaper delivery boy, who is by bike.
- She has an intruder, that sexually harrasses her (I can't remember if he actually r*pes her)
- But later she ends up dating a guy (who is later to be revealed to be her harasser)
- There is a scene, where they visit his work, a car garage, where she meets one of his co-workers. A big black guy, and she smells the same smell as her harrasser on him, making her panic internally. But later she finds out the smell is the combination of oil and metal, which her boyfriend was wearing one of the clothes from work to disguise himself.
- So the plottwist is that he was the harasser.
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2023.06.10 22:12 Livid-Sport8310 Future Nursing and Health Students Info and Question

Hello! Future GBC RPN student here with info and a question!
Question: Can anyone who is going into second semester please send me their syllabi from your first semester courses?
You should 1000% attend the webinar that happens every Wednesday at 1pm (the link would have came to your email, otherwise you can email the pre-placement coordinator Suzette for one). The info she gives is SO useful in completing the Placement Pre-Requisite Forms! It makes it seem so easy and less daunting.
But here is some info I gathered from my session (this is all info from our emailed packages, just explained and summed up a little):
  1. Make sure your deposit is paid by JUNE 15TH! If you don't do this, or contact someone about deferral right away, you will be kicked out of the program and put on a waiting list.
  2. Start pre-placement process immediately. I recommend doing the checklist in the following order for simplicity and not to get overwhelmed:
  3. Start the medical forms RIGHT AWAY - things on this list might take a while and sometimes labs lose blood work and you have to redo it - so call your doctor a week after you do blood work to ask for results.You HAVE to do the Hepatitis B blood work whether you have the vax or not so go to the doctor ASAP for a blood requisition and do your first TB shot while you're there. IF YOU SAY THAT IT'S FOR SCHOOL IT IS FREE AT SOME CLINICS (I went to SONAMED on Bay St. but ask around otherwise it's a total of $60 for 2 step TB).
    1. NOTE: If you have previous MMRV vaccines you can find the records - you need a yellow vaccine card as proof for the ParaMed submission and your doctor can transfer the dates from that to the form - but if your records are all over the place like me then I recommend that you just ask your doctor for MMRV blood work to show immunity since you have to do blood work for Hep B ANYWAY.. it just makes the entire process much quicker and easier
    3. NOTE: Make sure your doctor signs and STAMPS the forms in the correct places! MONITOR THIS because you have to pay to get the forms signed and if they make a mistake you'll have to pay to resubmit to paramed.
  4. Next do the police check. You cannot do this until after Canada Day, but don't wait till much longer to start because it also takes a while. If you live in Toronto and your Postal Code starts with an M then unfortunately your process is longer - you MUST print out the Police Form that Suzette emailed us on long legal paper and fill out the top and then mail it to her with a 20 dollar bank note from your bank. Any other jurisdiction (York, Peel, Halton, etc.) you can do the police check online
  5. Finally you can do the rest (Standard First Aid, BLS, Mask Fit) as it only takes about a week and you can do it all in the same place. Suzette recommended Peak Excellence as it is the cheapest and offers packages. If you go to this link and click on "Certificates Package" you can select the options for a package - if you don't have anything you must select the package that is $140 and that will complete your requirements. If you already have certain courses done you can select a different package or only the mask fit (mask fit alone is $40) MAKE SURE that these certificates will be valid through the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR and will not expire half way through. Otherwise you have to make sure to renew them in time BEFORE CLINICAL STARTS. - you can do it elsewhere but this is the cheapest according to the pre placement coordinator
  6. REGISTRATION STARTS JULY 17TH!!!!! Program specific times will be put onto your STU-VIEW account on July 3rd! KEEP AN EYE OUT AND DON'T BE LATE TO REGISTER. If you need help accessing your sty-view account you can call the contact centre at 416-415-2000 and they will help you reset your account (make sure you have your student ID). DO THIS BEFORE JULY 17! YOU CANNOT MAKE A PARAMED ACCOUNT BEFORE REGISTRATION.
  7. Now that your forms are completed you have to put everything together and submit it to ParaMed. This will be a LOT of pages, around 18: your entire health form and checklist signed by doctor, all the paramed release forms, yellow vaccine card, covid vaccine QR which can be downloaded from , Standard First Aid, BLS, Mask Fit Certificates, Police Check
  8. Since you have to pay to submit the documents to ParaMed, you can send a file containing all of your documents to Suzette and she will look it over and confirm that you have everything you need before submitting it to ParaMed.
  9. Once you Submit to ParaMed they will get back to you within 48 hours - either they will give you a stamp which says you completed and are DONE or that you are missing something. If you are missing something you have 72 hours to fix it FOR FREE, otherwise they will charge you to resubmit any papers
I hope this helped clear up a few things about the pre-placement process, please let me know if you have any other questions! Can't wait to meet you all in September!
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2023.06.10 22:12 marcel44 if my NF is going on vacation & I choose to also take a trip during that time, is that GH or PTO?

I’m a full time, M-Fri house managenanny for a sweet fam that will be out of town for 8 days, Saturday-Saturday. I have guaranteed hours, and I don’t do pet care or housesitting so they already have someone else who will be watching their dogs/staying at their house/collecting mail. They’ve taken 1 other short trip since we started working together and I received GH as well as a paid holiday (Memorial Day). They actually have another trip happening before this 8 day one and will be gone Tues-Sat; presumably I’ll be receiving GH for Tues-Fri of that week as well but I’ll also still be in town so available to them should they need me for an emergency or anything unexpected.
My question pertains specifically to the 8 day trip- if I were staying in town I’d get GH for my normal M-Fri hours, however I’ve gone ahead and booked a trip as well for Tues-Sat since I know I’ve got the free time and haven’t been on vacation in quite awhile. I confirmed with them first that their trip was still 100% happening before I booked my tickets, and at that time mentioned I was asking because I was intending to book a trip during that time as well, but I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is as far as payment. Should I claim the 4 weekdays I’ll be gone as PTO/vacation or as GH since I’d theoretically be receiving them regardless?
The wording in our contract states:
Work Hours: Nanny will work M-Fri within the given scope of the hours of 9am-6pm or (when Nanny agrees to an overnight shirt) during overnight hours, depending on the needs of the family and corresponding school hours. These scheduled hours are guaranteed and will be paid even if Family has Nanny work less than 40 hours in a week. Any scheduled hours that Nanny is unwilling or unavailable to work, will not fall under guaranteed hours and will be deducted from Nanny’s PTO or deducted from their weekly pay on a per-hour basis.
Vacation: Nanny will accrue 2 weeks (10 days) of paid vacation per year (of which 5 days will accrue on the first day of employment and 5 days will accrue after 6 months of employment) . This is based on 80 total vacation hours and 8 hours paid per vacation day. These vacation days may be taken at Nanny’s discretion. Nanny will clear the dates of their vacation at least one month in advance and will make every effort to plan their vacation at a time that is mutually convenient for Family. If additional time off is requested, it will be deducted from Nanny’s weekly pay on a per-hour basis. When Family goes on vacation and chooses not to take Nanny or Nanny chooses not to go, Nanny receives their full pay because they have guaranteed hours and are only required to be available for their regularly contracted scheduled hours, which traveling overnight falls outside of those hours. During this time, at Family’s discretion, Family may ask Nanny to help out with their contracted duties during their normally scheduled hours, in order to fulfill some of the guaranteed hours while Family is away. At the end of the contract, Family will pay out any unused vacation time to Nanny.
I just want to be respectful and fair and not have them think I’m trying to take advantage so we can all enjoy our vacation time and things won’t feel awkward when we inevitably have this discussion as the dates get closer. Any and all advice is welcome, and thank you in advance!
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2023.06.10 22:12 Rajjvai [Fight-LIVE] Taylor vs Lopez Boxing live stream

Former unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (18-1, 13 KOs) will challenge WBO light welterweight champion Josh Taylor (19-0, 13 KOs) tonight live on ESPN at Madison Square Garden in New York.
Taylor vs. Teofimo will be shown live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN+, starting at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT.

👉 Watch Live: Taylor v Lopez 👈

How to watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez
Broadcast: ESPN+
Date: Saturday, June 10
Time: 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT
Prelims: 6:15 pm ET / 3:15 pm PT
If you just want to catch the big Taylor vs. Lopez fight, you'll want to tune in for the main card on the major ESPN network or ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET. If you want your full boxing fix tonight, then you can catch the prelims on ESPN+ at 6:10 p.m. ET.
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2023.06.10 22:12 duh1011 Potential reasons for late announcements

Hey guys, just collected some ideas around the internet about why announcements have been slow. I felt like compiling them in order of likeliness, just cuz I'm one of the many impatient folk who could benefit from having it in writing
  1. They're waiting to finish the hype/marketing cycle for the new Minions land/attraction in Orlando
  2. They don't own some of the rumored properties, and the writer's guild strike could be making things more complicated than before
  3. They just started hiring scareactors recently, and wanted to wait to make advertisements with actors and maybe sets in place
  4. Construction could be spread thin at both coasts' events with the new additions coming to both
  5. Specific dates negotiated in contracts with borrowed IP
Any other potential ideas?
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