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2023.06.09 17:38 garybwatts Ziply installing new fiber in Bothell Wa

Yesterday after work I was driving through Bothell Wa and I noticed a work crew from Ziply installing new fiber lines in the downtown area near the University of Washington campus.
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2023.06.09 17:36 Michael_Chair_6013 Volume 10 Prediction buts its the lyrics of Rain Forecast

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2023.06.09 17:36 Michael_Chair_6013 Volume 10 Prediction buts its the lyrics of Rain Forecast

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2023.06.09 17:34 ProfessionalCrow4816 A rather silly 1948 election.

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2023.06.09 17:33 HumaneKinect Crowdsourcing Business Model

Can an initiative for good be successfully built and sustained by public collaboration / crowdsourcing?
Wikipedia did it.
We plan to do it too.
With 41 team members and counting, it’s happening now.
As Wikipedia disrupted the space of knowledge, we hope to be a disrupter for good in the space of mental wellness.
Imagine an online peer support community where participants have immediate, on-demand access to video chat with peers about life issues such as work, finances, relationships, depression, addictions, and bereavement?
We’re working to create this.
The video chats will be moderated by senior members of our community to ensure our community guidelines are followed which promote compassion and prohibit judgement.
As part of our nonprofit business strategy leading up to the development of the video chat services, we plan to first grow our membership base through our online forum (now operating and open to the public). The forum similarly allows members to express themselves and relate to one another through posting personal life stories.
Are you looking to apply your talents to a worthy cause? Reach out and join us to be a disrupter for good.
Please note, Humane Kinect does not provide mental health services nor should it be considered a substitute for professional therapy. We are in the space of peer support and mental wellness. Please continue seeing your therapist should you have the need to do so.
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2023.06.09 17:30 DrPepperCherry9 Canyon Grizl 7 1by vs Grizl CF SL 6

I'm looking to get a gravel bike and settled on the grizl after doing a good amount of research. Stuck between the Grizl 7 1by ($1500) and the Grizl CF SL 6 ($1800). I currently have a full suspension MTB and a nice road bike, but I'm considering selling the road bike for the Grizl since I'm not doing the group rides/roadie activities I thought I would.
Goals for the gravel bike:
- Couple non competitive gravel races a year in WA state
- Try out CX racing this fall (casually)
- Long weekend gravel rides in western WA
Biggest things that are hanging me up on this decision are 1x vs 2x, aluminum vs carbon, better groupset vs lower tier groupset. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:05 ScaryLarryEleventy12 [WTS] *SONS BIRTHDAY BIG PRICEDROP* Benchmade / Spyderco / Kershaw

*Update* I was hoping these would sell a little faster, but such is life. Today is my sons 8th birthday so I am lowering the prices for just today. First come first served.
*Original* Hi KnifeSwappers. I have listed the last of my collection that I have been holding onto for a few weeks. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to sell, so I am just listing them all. I am 34 days away from being free of my chains, so don’t be surprised if I reach out in about after my divorce is final and see if you want to sell them back, lol. Pretty sure they all have boxes. If I can’t find the boxes I will knock off some $

  1. Spyderco Para 3 - S110V - Second owner - never sharpened or disassembled as far as I know - sharp factory edge - SV $165 $148
  2. Kershaw Bareknuckle - M390 - Second owner - great action - never sharpened as far as I know. Previous owner swapped the scales - sharp factory edge - This one makes me the saddest to sell - the action is perfect and it’s my favorite to fidget with - SV $100 $90
  3. Spyderco PM2 - Factory 2nd Maxamet - Second owner - great action - never sharpened or disassembled as far as I know - sharp factory edge - SV $170 $150
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2023.06.09 17:04 Nprguy Decorating the toolbox

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2023.06.09 16:52 No-Doughnut-6475 u/NeoDestiny, you’ve spoken about putting your money where your mouth is when making predictions. I will bet you $1000 (for charity or profit) that within 3yrs it will be confirmed that some UFOs originate from non-human intelligence(s). I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, are you?

u/NeoDestiny If I’m wrong, u/4THOT as my witness I will permanently delete my Reddit account, never post again, and give a onetime donation of $1000 which can go to either a charity/political campaign of your choice or directly to you as profit/winnings. I’m a college student, so at the moment that’s all I have to bet.
However, if I win, I get a free lifetime tier V sub, private discord access/orbiter status, lifetime ban immunity (all platforms), and you pay for at least 1 semester my undergraduate engineering degree tuition (or more, depending on how confident you are ;)
As the prophet (peace be upon him) said,
Allah does not love the arrogant and the boastful, who are niggardly and bid others to be niggardly and conceal the bounty which Allah has bestowed upon them. We have kept in readiness a humiliating chastisement for such deniers (of Allah's bounty) (part of 4:36 and all of 4:37)
The alms are meant only for the poor and the needy and those who are in charge thereof, those whose hearts are to be reconciled; and to free those in bondage, and to help those burdened with debt, and for expenditure in the way of Allah and for the wayfarer. This is an obligation from Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. (9:60)
also, Luke 21:1 for the Christian DGG brethren
If there’s really nothing to it, you have nothing to lose at all and $1000 to gain for either yourself or charity. If it’s truly so outlandish/impossible, and you’re so confident about being right on this, that should be an easy deal for you. Again, I’m offering $1000 to be donated to the charity/political campaign of your choice, or kept and spent yourself as winnings.
If these terms I outlined above and the criteria for judging a win below are not satisfactory, I am willing to adapt them until they are acceptable for you.
Reasonable criteria for a u/No-Doughnut6475 win:
-Future findings from the ongoing ICIG investigation, or a presentation from a relevant house/senate committee confirming/verifying the recent whistleblower’s claims
-Official announcement by the White House, DoD/IC, NASA, or another major academic institution like Harvard
-Peer-reviewed paper published in a credible journal from academia (ex. A paper by Harvard’s Galileo project published in something like Nature) confirming some UFOs are non-human in origin
-Multiple corroborating major MSM stories that have multiple fmr. CIA/DNI/DoD directors/military Generals or similar high-level officials with first-hand eyewitness knowledge of programs going on record and presenting evidence under oath (ex. people like James Clapper going on the record either under oath to Congress/IG or going on record to major MSM like NYT/WaPo corroborating the whistleblower testimony)
If these are all acceptable to you, and if one of the acceptable criteria is met within 3yrs from today, I win and you follow through with your end. If we reach 3yrs from today and none of those above criteria have been met, then I lose and will follow through with my end. If these criteria are not acceptable, again, I am open to changing them until they are acceptable to you.
I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, are you? Clip it and ship it.
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2023.06.09 16:28 Beautiful_Hunter_701 I'm searching for comedy, but give me something abdsurd 😆

Oh just keep in mind that:
•I''m not looking for something I already know; like:
*Gintama *Sket Dance *Bobobo bo bobo *Kono Suba
Or anything more popular than that cause I've already seen it.
• I also don't like drama attached to it.... cause... I'm looking for a comedy 😆 I wanna laugh not anything else 😆
• I like it when characters themselves are funny and kinda play around together.
•also don't attached ecchi into it. I'm not into something like Prison School or anything close.
For reference, I'm looking for something similar to:
•Tonari no Seki-kun •Kyou kara ore wa •Gunnmania (it was only 3 chapters but at least the last chapter was very funny 😆)
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2023.06.09 16:23 DonutOk6077 Lava golem, experimenting with glow effects

Lava golem, experimenting with glow effects
Trying a glow effect. Would love some c&c. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 16:18 spiralqra Advice- do I stay or go?

I’m a teacher originally from another state and couldn’t get my NYS certification approved in time for this current school year, so I resorted to working for a nonprofit that would get me classroom teaching experience in New York City public schools. Unfortunately the nonprofit pay is horrible and I can barely support myself on it, but I absolutely love the school I’ve been working at and would love to stay. I can’t imagine doing another year with this nonprofit though, for many reasons but mainly the salary. The school doesn’t have the budget to bring me on as a teacher so that’s why the nonprofit steps in.
Now that I’m licensed- what do you recommend I do in my situation? Would you stay with the crappy pay but at a school you love, or look for new opportunities to be full time DOE? Would you consider private schools as well? Thank you in advance for any suggestions and insight.
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2023.06.09 16:16 ZaphodBeebblebrox [Rewatch] Heidi, Girl of The Alps - Episode 40 Discussion

Episode 39 - I Want to go to the Alms

◄ Previous Episode Index Next Episode ►
MAL ANN AniDB Anilist AnimePlanet IMDB
Note to all participants
Although I don't believe it necessitates stating, please conduct yourself appropriately and be courteous to your fellow participants.
Note to all Rewatchers
Rewatchers, please be mindful of your fellow first-timers and tag your spoilers appropriately using the anime spoiler tag if your comment holds even the slightest of indicators as to future spoilers. Feel free to discuss future plot points behind the safe veil of a spoiler tag, or coyly and discreetly ‘Laugh in Rewatcher’ at our first-timers' temporary ignorance, but please ensure our first-timers are no more privy or suspicious than they were the moment they opened the day’s thread.
Screenshot of the Day
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2023.06.09 16:14 TheScribe_1 [The Book of the Chosen] - Chapter Thirteen - Bridge Over Swift Water (Part II)

Read the story so far on Royal Road - Series Page - Read 10 weeks ahead on Patreon
Chapter Thirteen - Bridge Over Swift Water (Part II)
The cottage beside the mill was not large, and its low ceilings were packed with all manner of cupboards, shelves, chairs and tables, pressed in against the walls in a maze of well-worn clutter. The result was a rather overcrowded space, and Ren was forced to take more care than usual so as not to bump into anything when they entered, but the hearth was broad, and the smell of cooking filled the air, so it did not take long to settle into a comfortable lull of pleasant talk around the ta-ble whilst they waited for their lunch. Ted's wife, a young, slender woman with dark, smiling eyes and shoulder-length fair hair, hurried about the fire busily, stirring and seasoning her pots with a methodical efficiency. A mug arrived for each of them (water for the boys, some-thing stronger for Ted), and they talked for a time of small things, of the weather and the harvest, hoping for a mild winter, idle talk for idle minds. Even Trin seemed to have relaxed in the lazy firelight, though he was more quiet than usual. Ren thought of how scared he had been of the miller as a boy, remembering the fearsome man with his scarred neck and deep voice that had raked their dinner table at the farm with his dark eyes. It was a memory that fit the man beside him about as well as a child’s boot might fit its fathers. He started to feel a little guilty for avoiding him, whenever he visited the farm.
‘Heard you were heading to Overwood, last week.’
Ren blinked, looking up from the fire to find Ted watching him over his mug. He swallowed.
‘Took a cart to the market with grandfather.’
‘How is the old goat?’
Ren hesitated. ‘He’s… he’s well.’
Ted took a swig of his ale, not a little wistfully. ‘Used to live up there, you know. Overwood, I mean. After the soldiering, when the Black Breath took my Da. Coughed up his own lungs, ‘fore it got ‘im. Always was a scrapper. Not easy, losing someone like that.’
Ren swallowed, looking away, and the miller’s eyes softened.
‘Your Ma, too, boy, I know. Damn shame.’ he said apologetically, and Ren decided not to correct him. ‘Long time before I came out here, anyways.’
‘You fought in the war?’ Trin asked tentatively.
‘I fought in the rebellion, boy.’ Ted corrected him. ‘Was only one King, back then.’
Trin swallowed, looking at the floor.
‘But that was a long time ago now. Afore you were born, I reckon. Not a lot of work for soldiers in peacetime. Must have dug half the privies in Overwood before I earned the coin to up sticks.'
‘Earned?’ Werla snorted from beside the fire, cheeks dimpling. ‘Swindled, more like.’
Ren looked over at her. He had always thought her a little young for the old miller. He was well past forty, and with his weathered brow and ugly scar he was hardly an obvious match for a pretty young girl not long from twenty when they had wed a couple of summers back. He wondered, not for the first time, how they had fallen in together to begin with.
‘Now, don't be giving our guests the wrong idea.’ Ted told her, grin-ning, and the scar on his neck knotted. He turned back to the boys, holding up his hands earnestly. ‘An honest game of chance, I swear it. Northerner, he was, didn't know dice from a pebble.’
Ren and Trin both nodded sagely at his explanation, neither of them knowing one jot about dice, or gambling, or Northerners, for that mat-ter. Werla swept to their rescue, appearing at the miller's shoulder and planting a kiss on his cheek.
‘Swindled.’ she said pointedly.
Ted smiled in spite of himself, shooing her away. She chuckled and turned back to the stew, humming softly to herself.
‘I hear there’s a lot of new folk in town.’ Ted said, turning back to the boys. ‘From up in the Stonelands.’
‘Enough to notice.’ Ren replied, thinking of the unpleasantness on the road. He frowned. ‘Unfriendly types.’
‘Been a while since I made it over that way. Couple of winters back, now.’ He frowned thoughtfully, then smiled in Werla’s direction. ‘A lot can change in two years, though.’
Werla looked up, flashing him a smile, then went back to her stew pot again, humming. The miller paused, scratching at his scar, then gave the boys a curious look. ‘So, then. What brings you out this far?’
Ren lowered his eyes, and Trin shifted uncomfortably beside him. Ted laughed, weathered face creasing into a smile.
‘Come now.’ he told them. ‘Can’t hardly turn you over to your grandfather from here, can I?’
Ren swallowed. ‘We were just out for a ride…’
‘Mister Derin told us never to cross the bridge.’ Trin finished for him, scowling. ‘He said it was too far from the farm. Not safe, he said. So of course that’s exactly where Ren has to go. We’ll be in for it when we get back!’
‘You didn't have to come, Trin.’ Ren told his friend patiently. He thought of his grandfather’s old map, carved with rivers and mountains and cities in dark ink. The Swiftwater wasn’t even big enough to merit a line, and the distance they’d travelled this morning wouldn’t be more than a nails-breadth.
‘Well you didn't tell me where we were going.’ Trin replied, fidget-ing nervously. His fingers twisted around a stray tear in his shirt, tug-ging at it. ‘And besides... Hardly going to let you go running off on your own. Too risky. It's not safe this far from the farm, for you most of all, so they says.’
‘Who’s they?’ Ren asked, scowling.
‘Hector. Your grandfather. And Ma, too! Everyone!’
‘Your Ma doesn’t know everything, Trin.’
‘Still a damn sight more than you!’
‘Easy, boys.’ Ted was smiling, and his scarred neck twisted. ‘I wa-ger the north side of the river is much the same as this one.’
Trin lowered his eyes, and his cheeks reddened. Ren thought of the shadows moving in the trees over the bridge, the way he had fallen when Ted had found him, and started to feel very foolish indeed. His thoughts had been dark, unpredictable, these past few days, since the trip to Overwood. He never had been a good sleeper, but his nights had been more restless than usual, too, his dreams a little thicker with shad-ows. Shadows with faces, and a hunchback with gold eyes to give them voice. Turning every doorway to the gloom of the fortuneteller’s tent, every flame the silver light of his brazier. He frowned at himself. Just rhymes and empty words. Best not to dwell on it.
‘Food's ready!’ Werla said suddenly from the fire, and a few mo-ments later they had steaming bowls of fragrant brown stew sitting in front of them on the table. Ted carved up some slices of soft, pale bread for them to soak, and they set to eating it all in relative quiet for a time, content with good food and the soft warmth of the fire, and it was not long before all thoughts of the bridge, and the shadows beyond it, had gone entirely from Ren's mind. He found himself staring wearily into his cup, watching idly as the clear water rocked and rolled against the rim, listening to the rumble of the river outside.
‘Won’t turn to ale just by looking at it.’ Ted told him, and he looked up to find the miller looking at him curiously, taking another mouthful of bread. Trin was still quite engaged in his food, and Werla was sip-ping her mug contentedly, pale hair brushed back behind her ears.
‘Come, now, boy. What’s got you twisted?’ Ted asked, taking sip of his drink.
Ren hesitated. ‘I was thinking about the market.’ He said after a moment, looking up. It was true enough.
‘Ah. Town ain't what it used to be.’ Ted looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then began rubbing his thumb around the rim of his mug, staring at it. His young wife watched him with a slight frown. ‘All these unsavoury types arriving. You hear the talk, even out here. City folk, some of them, and worse. Heard… there’s talk of Brothers abroad, up in the Westmere. Out in the open, again, like.’ He pressed harder against the mug, thumb turning white. Werla reached out and pulled his hand away, folding it in her own and meeting his eye. Ted frowned, squeezing her hand, and the ugly scar on his neck gleamed. Trin had stopped eating.
‘But the Westmere’s a long way from here, and I ain’t one to be complaining. Got a good roof over my head, and a good living. A good woman, too, and might have a son of my own by next winter, Makers willing.’ He grinned at Werla, putting a hand to her belly, and she smiled, pulling it to her mouth and kissing it softly. ‘Reckon I’m a lucky man.’
Ren smiled at them both, lowering his eyes.
‘Say hello to your folks, for me, boy. Tell your old man I better see his arse over here before the snows.’
Some words of thanks, warm, earnest ones, and one or two more for goodbye, then they were homeward bound again, ponies snorting in the afternoon sun, promises of a return visit ringing in their ears. Ren was left with the distinct feeling that he had misjudged the old miller, scar and all. But it wasn’t long before his thoughts turned towards the ru-mours he had imparted from the Westmere, his white knuckles pressed against his mug. To Hector’s words in the shadow of the farm hill. To the ugly fortuneteller and his tent of oddities and silver fire. Words whispered in the dark. He’d not mentioned the encounter in the tent to anyone. Not even his grandfather. In truth, he’d been doing his best not to think about it at all, without much success. He frowned, hunching over his saddle.
A mask on fire.
Neither of them spoke for a long while. Trin, for his part, was busy trying to subtly feed Pol the stash of small treats he had smuggled away from the cottage, glancing over at Ren occasionally to make sure he hadn’t noticed. He had, of course, but there was little use in pointing it out.
‘Trin.’ Ren said once they had crested the hill, looking back towards the river-bound cottage in the distance. Trin started and stuck his hand quickly back into his pocket, hiding a scrap of bread.
‘You heard what Ted said?’ Ren asked. ‘About Brothers?’
Trin frowned. ‘Suppose so.’
Ren was still looking back the way they had come. 'What do you make of it?'
‘Reckon he’s right.’ Trin shrugged. ‘Westmere’s a long way away.’
He hesitated, frowning.
‘But Hector’s been saying it for years. Overwood’s not what it used to be. Strange folk coming and going by night. No safe place for good folk that side of the Swiftwater. Brothers or no.’
‘Grandad says there haven’t been Black Hand this far south in years.’ Ren murmured, still looking back towards the river. ‘Not since we were born, at least.’
‘Wouldn’t pay it any mind. Plenty to worry about without them.’ Trin told him, giving him a serious look. ‘You’ve been acting up more, these past few weeks. Ever since the old man came calling.’
‘Have I?’ Ren scowled, shooting his friend a sideways glance.
‘You know what I think about him.’ Trin told him seriously. ‘Can’t be trusted, that one. And you can’t be taking so many risks. Not with your… Well, you know.’
‘Your ma tell you that, too?’
‘Don’t make it wrong.’ Trin grumbled, turning away in his saddle and trotting off south over the crest of the hill. Ren waited a moment longer, frowning to himself, then followed him reluctantly. The sound of the river was long gone behind him, but he caught one final glimpse the gleaming water before he shook the reins and disappeared finally over the brow of the hill, bound for home.
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2023.06.09 16:11 idontwannabepicked Is there any hope for a high paying job for a woman who doesn’t want to work in healthcare or code?

24 F, TX. I started going to college when I was 16 because my high school paid for it. By the time I graduated my basics were done. I picked my major after the 2016 election, poltical science with a minor in history and I will say this is what I’m passionate about. I mean, I know it’s what all young people are passionate about. But I absolutely eat this shit up. Unfortunately I realized pretty quickly that I fucked myself. I do not want to be a lawyer. I don’t have the money or the GPA (I think I’m riding at a 2.5 and I blame that on not taking it seriously as a teenager) I just turned 24. I still don’t have a degree. I changed my major to computer science at one point, did a semester, then to social work for a semester. I fucking hate computer science. I’m great with computers and the go to IT girl at my job. I’ve had a computer and internet access since I was like 5 so it all comes second nature to me but computer science. I’ve tried to take the coding boot camps, I HATE them. I’m not good at following along at home or WFH. I fail miserably at both. I need someone to report to and to be afraid of lmao. I also have even less interest in healthcare, ANYTHING related to it. It’s literally what every woman down here does and they make stupid good money but it’s just..not for me. I don’t want to. I have a weak stomach on top of not having great customer service skills. I’ve been doing admin/office work for most of my twenties and I do enjoy it. I currently work at a nonprofit and it’s been a great place for me. My title is receptionist but I also do write their grants/all social media post and I think that’s my issue. None of my skills are high paying ones. I’m not interested in sales. Not to sound like a typical gen z’er, but it sounds stressful. I don’t want to have to meet certain quotas and be stressed over that. I would like something simple just 40-50 hours a week and the same paycheck every time. I have loved the non profit world and my personality type fits in perfect for it but I also know they pay caps out around $50,000 and that’s the high end unless you’re an ED or an actual grant writer. Money isn’t everything to me which is why I don’t want to leave my current job right now. I make $35,000 in a LCOL area and I have no student loans. I’m also just not an expensive person so I manage pretty well. I manage to read about a book a week at work, got a grant writing certificate while working, and when I was still taking classes, I could do all my HW/readings at work. My boss is an amazing person and I feel valued/cared for at my job. I started at $10 hr in October but have gotten 2 small raises since then on top of a $2k christmas bonus. I have no intention of leaving right now but i know the time will eventually come and I want to be prepared. I don’t want to just be a receptionist for the rest of my life (even though this is the job that keeps every buisness together and is highly important) Also, I have bipolar disorder. I manage well with a therapist but currently don’t take medication. I have disability accommodations with my school, when I go. I really do feel like this impacts my choices as well since it’s not something that’s going away. I never report this to any job and don’t plan to because of the stigma.
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2023.06.09 16:06 Purple_PastelWasHere hey guys PowerfulDuo21/MELODY and SpeedDuo64/SONIC reference sheet just dropped

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2023.06.09 16:02 _NeoSpace_ I got a custom skin for my New 3DS and now it’s perfect!

I got a custom skin for my New 3DS and now it’s perfect!
I hate that the original face plates are so expensive these days. Found those skins and they‘re so much more affordable and I just put them on the cheapest face plates available (the pink ones for €5).
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2023.06.09 16:00 TooDooDaDa S/T Loose Groove vs Domino

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2023.06.09 15:59 SmokeNdFlyNy Baby Strip + roll w/ 😁 ending

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2023.06.09 15:53 Tomovasky Windows applications written in C#.

I recently got hired at a small nonprofit who has a in house records system that is written in C#. Currently, the application has no test written, and all test are done manually.
Over the summer I was an intern as a Quality Engineer, so I want to use my skills to help build automated test, but my experience is webdevelopment with playwright. I’ve done some quick Googling, but I haven’t found a good end to end testing option for a windows application.
What would you suggest I use?
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2023.06.09 15:37 Ok_Guarantee_7141 Is this real? cuz there no patch on the wrist, bullseye or WGM on it so idk if it’s a older one or not

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2023.06.09 15:34 XChrisUnknownX What do you guys do to eat the rich?

Looking for likeminded discussion.
I’ll share what I’ve done, but you can skip to the question if you choose.
In my field of work a bunch of powerful corporations syndicated behind a shell nonprofit to pump the market with misinformation. I recognized this and started blogging about it, sharing info with FTC/media, nothing ever really took off, but kept publishing about what they were doing to break the law.
The rich do not care about reputation, they care about money, so they did not sue me or even try to threaten me with a lawsuit. In litigious America.
Finally, over a year after I started publishing, the shell nonprofit was sued and shut down its website.
So I have discovered, I think, a way to actively combat corporate misconduct. Target audience, workers in a specific field.
Start holding yourself out as someone who will publish the tough stuff and untold stories in the field, publish leaks, whatever. Be aware that they CAN have their pet lawyers threaten you or even file suit, but in my personal experience so far they, care too much about their money to bother. And because of my familiarity with courts I knew litigation would probably take half a decade. Not my fault the system’s underfunded. Just decided to use that fact of life against the people that are making life worse for the workers in my field.
But now, because they’ve allowed these allegations from a respected member of the field for over a year and a half, it’s going to be hard for them to defend themselves. And I have hope that the lawsuit that was filed will eat them.
Their love of money is a weakness. Our free speech is a strength. We don’t have to sit in our memes and suffer. We can fight back.
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