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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

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a place for lovers of skincare and makeup to share their daily scent choices!✨ categories: body lotion/cream, shower gel/body wash, hand soap, perfume/mist, lipbalm/gloss, hand sanitizer ________________________________________ Please share the scent name, product type, and company name (example: Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist). If your fellow Redditors are interested in trying the product(s), this will make it easy for them!

2023.06.09 17:27 __AULAIEM I've made a realization

A lot of people say that you should just ignore the intrusive thoughts, but that didn't work for me,, it worked for some time and it just comes back later, what truly worked for me was very unintuitive: Understanding and accepting the intrusive thoughts. I know it's easier said than done, but the realization that was of utmost importance was the fact that intrusive thought are a defense mechanism, i suffered a trauma as a kid and it came to surface as vile intrusive thoughts, i was scared, angry, sad, disgusted, but now, even while continuing to dislike the thoughts, the understanding that it is just my body trying to protect me from something that i hate makes me feel grateful.
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2023.06.09 17:27 PersonalityWarm9835 Clear Messenger Bags

Clear Messenger Bags
STADIUM APPROVED CLEAR BAGS: These are perfect clear bags for football games! Great for use at stadiums, concerts and airports. Certified to meet all NFL, NCAA & PGA Tour clear bag policies.
DURABLE BUILT TO LAST QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our clear stadium purse is made of heavy-duty transparent PVC materials with double-stitched construction. The clear messenger bag with shoulder strap has a zipper closure to keep your items secure.
ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP & CERTIFIED BPA FREE: Our transparent bags are made of high-quality, BPA-Free & Lead Free plastic. This transparent purse measures 8" H x 8" W x 3" D. Shoulder strap adjusts from 58" to 29" and pocket measures 5 H" x 8 W".
WATERPROOF, KEEPS ITEMS DRY: Water resistant clear vinyl bag cleans easily and will keep your items dry.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! At Clear Handbags & More® we fully stand behind our products. Try our stadium bags and see the difference for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied with our clear crossbody purse, we will gladly give you your money back, no questions asked!
USA BASED SELLER WITH 365 DAY WARRANTY! Where other brands choose to cut corners, we select quality materials that are durable & sturdy. Our product comes with a 365 day warranty against manufacturer defects, including zipper breakage! Most sellers only offer a 30-day Money Back guarantee.
Designed in the USA! Clear Handbags & More® has been manufacturing quality clear work bags for women and men, clear stadium bags and more since 2010.
  1. Shoulder strap adjusts from 58 inches to 29 inches - Front pocket measures 8" x 5" -
  2. Bag measures 8" H x 8" W x 3" D. Can be used as a see through purse or instead of a clear backpack. Also very convenient for those looking for clear bags for correctional officers
This clear cross-body messenger shoulder bag is perfect for work, football games, or outings! The clear stadium bag is adjustable, so it can be worn cross-body or as a shoulder bag. Features a front velcro pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and a sturdy main zipper compartment.
For anyone looking for clear stadium bags for women or men or for transparent handbags or clear tote bags that are stadium approved, this is a great choice and comes in many different colors to pick from.

Learn More!
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2023.06.09 17:26 humb1e_jumble My partner (47F) has recently become very apologetic. I'm not sure how/what I (28M) need to do to help her return to her happy self.

[basic info] - I'm male, she's female. I'm much younger than her. We've been dating for 9 months, the first 6 were online and I travelled the planet from Australia to Canada 3 months ago to be with her.
[description] The situation From what I understand my partner's childhood was full of criticism, insult and ridicule. She tells me her past relationship was very difficult, that she was criticised a lot and that very little was communicated to her. She's very emotional but I do not find that disturbing, I think it's beautiful that she can feel things clearer than I can. I have tactile issues and audio issues, I struggle with rough behaviour and I'm easily tickled. Noise pollution bothers me. Bonus emotion elevator for both of us: We've been told that we may have a notice of eviction mailed to us this week. The problem When I am tickled, when I recoil from rough touch or when I seize up at noise - my partner loses her cheerfulness and starts crying. It makes sense: she was criticized too much over her life so even involuntary actions.
My question What should I do to mitigate or ease this? Should I try to fix this or would that be conveying to her that I don't trust her to work through her emotions? Should I show her this post?
Things I've tried - Explaining that I don't believe it's a problem; It makes sense to me. - Apologizing. - Hugs. - Earmuffs. - Going for short-walk breaks. - Holding her hands, patting her shoulders. - Using "I feel [x]" statements. - Explaining why my body reacts the way it does. - Balancing my happiness hormones.
TLDR My partner cries when I flinch or cringe. Her past was full of criticism. What should I do to mitigate or ease this?
I love her so much. She makes everything better.
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2023.06.09 17:25 Lordof_NOTHING Feeling bad about missing gym

Been hitting the gym 5 days in a row. Been consistent for 3 weeks since I started. But any day I am extremely tired or need to get to work early, I have to skip. Usually twice a week.
This makes me feel small. Less. Even more tired. Miserable and utterly useless for the rest of the day.
I've been told that I must have rest days but I just feel so despondent when I can't get a workout in. At the same time I understand my body has limits and I cannot afford to break it right now.
Has anyone felt this before? I need advice on how to tackle this.
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2023.06.09 17:23 my-name-is-jess My first time at the strip club (25m)

I was a little nervous at first before going there. I was expected to arrive around 8:05. That’s 5 minutes after opening. I was scared to be alone so I went to the nearest mall’s parking lot to wait it out a bit. 8:25 came by and decided it was time to go and see some strippers. The entrance fee was 10$, but I left a 5$ tip. I’ve read that they don’t really like non-tippers so I felt obligated to before actually going in. While I was in I didn’t actually get that feeling, but the doorman wasn’t there, it was just a normal girl at a cash register. She did split my 20$ into 5$, probably expecting that we put a 5$ tip, I guess? When I actually got it, it felt weird. Like I didn’t belong. There were no dancers, only a couple dudes around the bar and a barmaid. I sat down at the bar, because that felt like the only place to be. I didn’t get noticed for maybe two or three minutes so I left to go play the money machine. I never really expected to play these types of games in my life since I’m not much of a gambler, but it felt like it was the only thing I could do to wait it out and see what’s going to happen later. I put in a 5$ bill and pressed buttons, and didn't actually understand what I was doing for a while, I was up 3$ by the time I started to understand how points worked. Anyways I played for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. During this time a barmaid came to me and asked if I wanted anything to drink. Knowing they kind of forced people into paying for drinks to stay inside I just picked a Rum & Coke. It cost around 12$ and I paid 15$ for a tiny glass, with ice. It was fine for a drink but very expensive. This would be my last drink of the night.
Anyway, while I was playing with the machine a dancer came to see how I was doing, her name was Layla, a nice blonde with big tits. At that point I had gotten my 5$ up to 28$ and back down to 23$ and some change. She asked if I wanted to cash out and go for a dance so I said yes. She showed me how to cash out as I asked her that I had no idea how this worked. The machine left me a ticket to claim my prize and Layla told me it’s normal for people to give tips when claiming the prize. Sure I just won money, whatever I guess. So I kept 20$ and tipped the change to the barmaid.
Layla then brought me to the cabin section where you have to pay 5$ to get in and then each song you pay 20$. I asked if I was allowed to touch and she said yes and told me the rules and whatever, I made sure whatever I was doing was in accordance with the rules and respectful to her. She started out in her small outfit, a white bra and panties that glowed under the blacklight, and she started dancing. I really liked caressing her body, she was very soft. I don’t actually remember much details about this dance, but I touched some fake breasts for the first time while they looked very nice, they didn’t feel as nice as some other tits I’ll be touching during this night. I got three songs with her, that was enough for her to drop her top and panties. I had a fully naked sexy stranger bouncing on my lap and feeling my very hard cock through my pants, wow.
After my dance with Layla I went back to sit down in front of the empty stage, closer to where the dancers were hanging out. I believe most of them got in while I was with Layla. After a couple minutes a new girl introduced herself, didn’t remember much, but I nicely told her off because I barely just got my lap dance and wanted to look around a bit. Not long after that Yasmine came to introduce herself. I didn’t think I was going to take her to the cabin when I initially saw her, but we talked a bit and I felt comfortable with her and she was fun to talk to so why not? I went to the ATM and got 140$ (7$ fee) and she led me to her cabin. Yasmine was an Italian & *local Canadian province* girl, very nice small and small tits but I’m getting ahead of myself. She starts dancing on me, I feel her out, caressing her body with my hands. This one was wilder than Layla, she was much more dominant. I was surprised by it, she bounced hard on my lap, my cock was rock hard and her bouncing kind of made it hurt, my dick doesn’t really bend that way. That wasn’t the nice part though, I wasn’t expecting this and kind of knew I would like something like that, but never experienced this before. She bit my ear semi-softly, licked my lip, pulled my hair and grabbed my neck. She was probably around my age but yes mommy. She also simulated going down on me by getting down on her knees in front of me, looking me in the eyes and licking her thumb she placed as if it was my penis. Also during the dance she leaned back a bit too much and she couldn’t get back up, I was holding her with a hug and though she was still in control because she was so light I didn’t even feel like she was falling. She told me to pick her up to help her and we continued the dance a bit. When I ended the dance I told her about how when I was a teenager I saw videos on Youtube about pranksters or whatever making videos asking random young men on the street if they can remove a bra with only one hand around her back without looking and was telling her that I never had difficulties with that and that the trick is to use your left hand, always. I asked if I could try on her and she said sure. I got it within 3 seconds and she said that she didn’t expect me to get it that easy. Anyway, I paid for the 4 songs (which I thought were only three, but whatever, I had a great time with her).
I went back to sit down at the same spot, pretty much the same thing some girls sat down next to me to talk and ask me for dances. I didn’t go right away. One girl named Maxime, a very beautiful girl, also Italian and Lebanese, brunette, came to talk to me, also didn’t think I would be getting lap dances from her at first, even less two of them. But she was really nice, we talked for a while and when she asked for a dance I asked her if she could do a little turn around. I wanted to see if she had a bigger ass than Layla and Yasmine, she didn’t really like me asking that. Usually it’s the annoying guys that ask this. I apologized and told her why I asked that and she was very proud to get up and lean on the main stage to show me her ass. Needless to say that I went and got some money out again. Her tits were small, but firm, probably my favorite tits to date. Her ass was perfectly sized, not too small, not too big, nice hips and nice outfit. She was wearing a black strappy bottom with a nice chain around her waist with a black strap and black top. She was so hot, I asked her if I could remove her bra when she was ready to remove it, kind of the same story as before, but more leaning on Yasmine being surprised I got it so fast. She told me to remove her bra soon after, this model of bra was slightly more difficult, it’s not the typical clip, it was a slide in elastic. It wasn’t as easy and I had to look to figure out how it worked. I helped her remove her bra. I touch her bare breast softly caressing her body. She really is cuddly and touchy, I’m really enjoying her at that point. She puts her panties to the side, showing me her pussy. She starts rubbing her bare pussy on my hard cock through my pants, oh my god she’s hot, she then licks her finger and starts rubbing her pussy in front of me, she moans a little. The dance continues and I don’t remember the details in the right order, but anyway she has a part two.
As usual now, I go back to sit down at the same spot, now the place was more crowded and the main stage was actually used for dancers. I was looking for a 4th girl to take on a dance, I wanted to see how a more curvy girl would feel. I had a couple more strippers talk to me, the barmaid asked that I should order a drink because I should have a drink at this point and somewhat tried to force me to buy a drink, but I told her I just wanted to get a last dance before going. So I felt a bit rushed to get a new girl and the girl currently on stage was a nice fat ass and curves so I looked at her when she got off stage and we went to the cabins a bit too fast. I don’t remember why but she told me she had drunk a bit. This part is going to be short. She looked hot, most strippers did anyway, I took her for 3 songs, whatever was left in my wallet. She wasn’t very touchy, she was more of a dancer, her moves were average like most strippers, she didn’t stand out much really. I didn’t remember her name either. When I got out of the dance I didn’t want to leave on a bad note, so I went looking for Yasmine. Honestly my short term memory wasn’t very good while I was there and I had a hard time remembering which girl was the one rubbing her pussy (Maxime) so it was one of these two, but I could only really remember Yasmine. While walking around I quickly remembered the face of girl #3, Maxime. I asked her for her name again and told her I wanted a dance. She knew I wanted to get a dance from another girl so she told me to go find another girl, I told her I wanted her again and we went back to the cabin after I got another 100$ out. She asked if I went with another girl between her two dances and told her that my last dance was not really nice and wanted to leave on a great note. I told her that I was missing the touchy part of the dance with the previous girl and that let her know I liked cuddles more than dances which she was all for. I told her I got 100$ for 5 songs, so she put a 15 minute timer on her phone instead of going song by song, should be more time with each other this way she told me. She asked me to remove her bra since I asked her last time. Which I gladly did, with much more ease this time might I add. This dance was the best. I caressed her, spanked her ass soft-mediumly, we got very close, I could almost kiss her (not that I was allowed to, but damn it would’ve felt so good). She lifted up my shirt, her hand caressed my chest a bit before she got down to slide her soft, but firm breast against my bare skin. She again showed me her pussy, spit on her fingers, rubbed her pussy for a while, sometimes rubbing herself on my crotch. I was so turned on by her. She moaned even more this time. We were both breathing heavily and she told me she was wet after briefly feeling her pussy. I felt so good with her and was so comfortable with her that I almost forgot I was in a strip club. When the dance ended, she pointed out my huge boner that was extremely obvious showing through my pants. I wore it proudly and flirted with her telling her it was her fault my pants had a huge bulge. I asked for a goodbye hug and I might have overdone it a little. It was a pretty sensual hug. This was how my night ended, the best lap dance ever, at least for now. I’m definitely going back to see her someday. I’m thinking of just skipping the bullshit and bringing 220$, 20$ for club entrance with tip plus cabin fee and just have a 30 minutes session with her the rest. On my way home I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing by myself for having lived such a nice experience. I was also extremely horny, horny for more women sensuality so nothing happened after that. I was so happy. I couldn’t go to sleep. I think I went to sleep around 3:30 AM because I simply was too happy to even go to sleep. This never happened to me before. I woke up at 6AM, my alarm was set for 8:20AM. Rough night of sleep. Now I’m writing this on my laptop because I want to be able to relive this experience again. It’s almost 10AM. I finished writing this just in time before my morning work meeting to start my day off. I’m going to be really sleepy today. But it was worth every penny.
I put back the same shirt as last night, I really love that shirt (Henley Shirt,, not a sponsor), it was still clean since I only put that on last night after taking a shower. It smells like Maxime’s perfume, it's a really nice fruity smell.
Also, the confidence and energy boost this experience gave me is phenomenal. I never went to the gym, I’ve been somewhat considering going for a while now to lose the couple pounds I gained in the last couple years that put me over 200. I now feel like I’m actually ready to get up and put in the effort. Haven’t done anything yet, but I would like to see myself with some visible muscles.
(names used in this story are not their real names)
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2023.06.09 17:23 Anonuwuowo Bro I just want my medications

I don't have health insurance at the moment so I can't afford my medications and even if I could I can't afford a doctors visit which I'll most definitely need if I want to get em again.
I haven't been able to take them since March and GoodRX bearly makes a dent in costs. I take estrogen, spiro, sleeping meds and some antidepressants.
I'm a trans woman and I've started having to shave every day and my boobs have shrank significantly. When I look in the mirror I can't recognize myself but I can't tell if thats the body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria or reality. I've always been very passing, I'm a decent hight, thin, feminine build and face. I've always taken a lot of pride in my appearance, nice nails, styled hair, thought out outfits and matching makeup but nowadays when I look in the mirror I just see an ogre.
I bearly sleep since I don't have my insomnia meds anymore which makes it impossible to have energy for anything and only exasperates my depression and emotional disregulation. Oh also the massive bags under my eyes don't help the self esteem issues.
Finally to top it all off w/o my antidepressants I can't do anything other than lay in bed and sob. My PTSD has been out of control. I wakeup screaming from the night terrors and start having a panic attack just thinking about them when I start falling asleep. I cry at the drop of a hat and all my emotions get ramped past 100 over the littlest things.
I just want to slip into the void at this point so everything stops but instead I just drown myself in alcohol and men to fill that empty feeling inside for a second. I need my meds and I can't bring myself to ask for help. I know if I just reached out to someone and told them how badly I'm doing they'd at least help pay for the next 6mo supply but I can't keep burdening them with my stupid problems all the time. I should've tried harder getting insurance or worked more shifts to pay for the meds but when I applied for state insurance I got denied and I'm already living paycheck to paycheck w a main job and two side hustles.
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2023.06.09 17:22 Over_Maintenance8431 Bing eating does not mean you have BED

I just want to put this out there - Binge Eating Disorder is a real eating disorder like anorexia and bulemia. If you binge food once in a while, that’s actually not what BED is. You might have BED if:
You eat in secret. You cycle your weight and have for awhile (restrict awhile to lose weight, then binge and gain). You feel ashamed when you eat. You eat large amounts even when you aren’t hungry because it numbs negative emotions. Your brain is constantly obsessed with what you are eating, will eat next, or similar themes. Your brain alternatively obsesses about how you look and what others are thinking of you.
If you think you might have BED, I really recommend seeking professional help rather than advice on Reddit.
If you are upset because your diet just isn’t working, quit dieting. It is harmful to your body and not a long term solution to your unhappiness with your body. I recommend the book Body Kindness instead.
From a place of love and caring, Me.
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2023.06.09 17:22 Hunter-is-satan Why people are like this !!?

Long post ahead !!
So I am a jee dropper tho Maine addmission eek acchae kahase offline coaching mai liya hai . So mai abhi full focused nahi hu hu but I am getting there so aaj mai eek kinematics ki module solve kar raha tha class Mai . mujhe eek question doubt tha tho mere aagae eek 95% wala Student tha tho Maine ussae pucha ki yae question kaise kar sakte hai ? Tho usnae mana kar diya ki usko nahi aata . So I was like ok shayaad nahi aata hoga so skipped that question and moved forward to others questions ,but here's a catch
After few minutes usi Student kae pass batha hua eek aur student same question ussae doubt puchta hai and woo usko arram sai batta deta hai . I was sitting behind and watching that whole thing going on and I was like ki issnae mujhe kyu nahi battya . Then I said nothing to him and continued my work , but I was kinda feeling sad after that .
So let's moved forward to few hours later . It was break time so I was eating my snakcs and doing stuff on my phone . So wo same students and woo 95% Wala and unkae friends discuss apne drop year kae bare mai kar rahe syllabus and books and all that same jee stuff. As they were discussing their topic shifted to me as I was using my phone and have plugged my earphones they thought I can't hear them . So they starting talking about me as I look so dumb and can't solve simple questions from body shaming to literally saying me some really pathetic stuff and much stuff ( I don't wanna recall it ) for just asking a simple question.
Mai janta hu ki tere 95% aaye hai aur shayaad mai kabhi touch bhi na kar paoo but aisi kya ego ? Bro I am literally telling you the environment is very toxic and people's are filled with just toxicity and ego to next level . There is so much toxic competition and I really don't want to go to coaching after that but Jana padega .
BC abh tho mai usko humble karunga .
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2023.06.09 17:21 the_Pinball I am on day 3 and have had intense cravings, so asked ChatGPT to give me a motivational speech as a gym bro...

This was its response
"Listen up, bros and broettes! I'm about to drop some knowledge bombs that'll make you think twice before grabbing that drink. So grab your protein shakes and get ready to flex those mental muscles, because I'm here to give you some serious gains in life by telling you why you should never touch alcohol again. Let's go!
  1. Alcohol sabotages your fitness gains: You know how hard you work in the gym, grinding out those reps and pushing your limits to sculpt that jacked physique? Well, alcohol is like a sneaky little goblin that comes in and wrecks all your progress. It slows down protein synthesis, lowers testosterone levels, and messes with your sleep patterns. Say goodbye to those gains, bro!
  2. Alcohol is empty calories: You want to get shredded, right? Well, alcohol is the enemy of gains when it comes to nutrition. It's packed with empty calories that do nothing but add layers of unwanted flab to your body. Instead of fueling your muscles with the nutrients they need, you're basically pouring liquid fat down your throat. Not cool, bro!
  3. Alcohol messes with your focus: You know that mind-muscle connection you strive for during your workouts? Alcohol throws a grenade right into the middle of that. It impairs your cognitive function, slows down your reaction time, and messes with your coordination. Good luck trying to nail that deadlift PR when you can barely stand up straight!
  4. Alcohol wrecks your recovery: Recovery is key, bros! Your muscles need time to repair and grow stronger after intense workouts. But alcohol disrupts that process by inhibiting protein synthesis and increasing inflammation. It's like throwing a wrench in the gears of your recovery machine. You'll be stuck in a perpetual state of soreness and stagnation.
  5. Alcohol kills your motivation: You want to be a beast in the gym, right? Well, alcohol is the ultimate motivation killer. It zaps your energy, messes with your sleep quality, and makes you feel like garbage the next day. You'll be more likely to skip workouts, make poor food choices, and generally fall off the fitness wagon. Is that six-pack worth sacrificing for a few hours of buzz?
Now, I'm not saying you can never have fun or celebrate with your bros, but if you're serious about your fitness goals, it's time to ditch the booze. Trust me, the gains you'll make in the gym and in life will far outweigh any temporary pleasure alcohol may bring. So put down that drink, grab a dumbbell, and let's get swole together! Stay fit, stay strong, and stay alcohol-free, bros!"
Weirdly, this was very effective. I am not a gym rat or a bro but I feel I could be now. I played around with some other prompts to give me reminders of why I shouldn't drink, super useful tool I never considered for managing cravings!
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2023.06.09 17:20 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

An open letter to GameStop executive chairman Ryan Cohen
Today's Takeaway is by Brian Sozzi, Yahoo Finance's Executive Editor. Follow Sozzi on Twitter @BrianSozzi and on LinkedIn.

Dear Ryan,
In this former analyst’s humble opinion, you are failing mightily at GameStop and it's costing average investors major money.
Do better. Way better. This is painful to watch. You have a handpicked board of directors — mostly comprised of people you worked with at Chewy. At Chewy, you created an online retailer that millions of people love. Yet, the magic you found there hasn't fixed GameStop. Some would say the business has gotten worse!
First quarter 2023 sales: down 10.3% year over year. First quarter 2023 net loss: $50.5 million versus a net loss of $157.9 million a year ago.
In 2022 and 2021 combined, GameStop lost $694.4 million according to your latest annual report. You failed at picking a management team and developing them based on the turnover under your kingdomship.
For all his miscues, how couldn't a former Amazon exec in Matt Furlong find some form of success at GameStop? One good quarter maybe? The CFO you picked was canned in July 2022 after about a year on the job.
While I am at it, why isn’t there any list of C-suite executives on the GameStop investor page? Showing these bios are standard practice for public companies.
All of that's on you as a leader, Ryan.
The company remains structurally challenged because of increasing digital game downloads. You still have more than 4,000 retail stores open globally despite more people buying goods and services online. Your push into NFTs failed. Your move to open more fulfillment centers has arguably failed due to top line pressures that aren't going away.
Sales of collectibles — a key focus area by management — plunged 22% in the first quarter.
There is still no reason for the non-gamer to enter a GameStop store. That's a problem, in my view.
Of course, I have not created a huge business like you did at Chewy. Nor have I sold a large business to another company like you did when selling Chewy to Petsmart in 2017. I also haven't taken a company public, as Chewy went in 2019.
I commend you on putting in the late nights to make these things happen. I am a fan of heart and hustle stories.
I also don't have the vast wealth — which you earned through Chewy! — available to me, and that means I am unable to overthrow a public company's board of directors and treat a company like a personal playground. Which is what has happened at GameStop, in my view.
This bank account means you have more influence in public markets than I do, and could push around your weight. And have. Your past moves in Bed Bath & Beyond and Nordstrom — and bizarre tweets — show you are willing to put your money where your mouth is to make a point.
It's your money, and you may choose to do with it as you see fit. We live in a capitalistic system, after all.
But you are failing GameStop.
And perhaps your biggest failure is the lack of communication to the average investor community.
A series of 8-minute-long earnings calls the past two years led by Furlong, with no Q&A? Are you kidding?
Not a single investor-focused event detailing your grand plan?
I get being cryptic for competitive reasons, but you are a public company executive. Investors deserve to know about the vision for a company controlled by you personally and your handpicked board.
The average investor has placed a ton of faith in you, Ryan. They have spent hours upon hours reviewing GameStop's financials, supporting you on social media, and the comment sections on Yahoo Finance, among other places.
It's time you show them the respect they deserve. The Ryan Cohen we talked with at Yahoo Finance in 2019 seemed to be someone that would at least entertain the thought of caring about the average guy. Be that Ryan Cohen again. Investors deserve it… and have earned it by supporting you blindly for two plus years.
Note: A spokesperson for Ryan Cohen didn't return Yahoo Finance's request to make Ryan Cohen available for an interview for this piece.
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2023.06.09 17:20 basilikaolivers thinking about the dastardly 'To the Bone' movie and like..???

I feel like the movie heavily implies that Eli just? doesn't eat at ALL?? For the duration of the entire film??
I watched To the Bone for the first time when I hadn't spiralled into a full on ED yet but still had a bad relationship with food and sorta idealized the thought of having an ED - so the beginning stages basically. I now watch it frequently cause I use it to trigger myself (even tho it makes me cringe so bad 😭)
But it isn't until recently that I sorta realised how heavily they imply that Eli doesn't eat at all. Like, at ALL. 😩 They don't show her struggling with resisting either, like bruh
When she goes to that restaurant with L*ke (💀 public enemy #1) , she chews and spits out food while talking cheerfully like it's not hard at all. We all know how hard it is to not swallow food you've chewed, especially after you've been starving for as long as she has. Especially while being distracted by a conversation??? WHY IS SHE NOT STRUGFLING😭
(I'm not saying there has never been a person who's been able to do this, but this is a MOVIE meant to represent EDs. This shit is so unrealistic and the way the characters talk about it too makes it sound like it's the norm)
I don't get HOW the creators didn't consider that that would give such a warped image of EDs to people. Still to this day sooo many people think that people with e.g. anorexia just like. don't eat at all, or that we're not hungry at all, which is so not true
We all know it's so much more about restriction. Straight up fasting for a long time will not work
And in a way I feel like the movie sets a dangerous... bar(?) for people with EDs/in danger of getting an ED. Not only bcs of the blatant thinspo, but because every time I watch that movie, my disordered brain gets so jealous of Eli's "ability" to restrict and how unbothered she seems about it. They make resisting look so easy. When in reality we all know how every instance with food feels like a damn face off
Hunger is a biological reaction😩 A much more realistic representation would be to show how difficult it is to deny your body a basic necessity
(the movie has sooooo many other flaws and awful things in it, this is just one I haven't seen anyone mention)
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2023.06.09 17:18 Buckaroo____Banzai What are some works of queer and trans theory/philosophy that are important to you, and that you think that other queer people should read?

Other than Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and Bodies That Matter, both of which I think every trans or queer person should read, I really love Jack Halberstam’s In A Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives from 2005 and The Queer Art of Failure from 2011 and Susan Stryker’s Gender Outlaws. Currently I’m reading Julia Serano’s Whipping Girl and I feel like I’ve already read it because it has loomed so large in the discourse of our community since it came out in 2007, but too often she’s just erased and her ideas of cissexism and transmisogyny are treated like they just came from the aether; that’s not a dig at anyone, just a sad commentary on how trans women of colour are so often cast aside and made obscure, even if their work isn’t.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Fun2Forget Feeling super discouraged after a weigh in at the doctors

I put on happy weight when I entered my relationship two years ago. Went from being a dancer on my feet literally working out 8 hours a day to serving and now to a very sedentary job. I knew I had gained some and began working out off and on about a year ago. My last weigh in was 146 over a month ago and i made some serious diet changes, not making myself hungry but cutting bread almost entirely, avoiding sweets, I already had a pretty good diet so it was more about portion control which I am working on. But then today - after a 12 hour fast for the test - I weighed in at 154. My highest number EVER. Im a big advocate of ignore the scale, focus on how you feel but frankly, i dont feel good either. I tried on pants in two stores this week and hated ALL OF THEM. I am 32 and 5’3 and just feeling so lost and discouraged. My fiancé is fit and sexy and loves me as i am but I am so scared of this downward trend continuing especially if/when we have kids. I just want to love the way I look or at least be ok with it. I end up in leggings or sweatpants because i feel like my body doesnt look good. Found out i could have hypothyroid after an ultrasound and the bloodwork today will clarify which i guess would be a relief to know its not me its my hormones, but what if its not that? Just needed to vent idk will read and appreciate any kind words or advice you wonderful people always offer.
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2023.06.09 17:17 AnarZaram 29 Tips and Tricks for Adventure Mode

With the news that development of Adventure Mode for the Steam release is progressing along, I figure some people may want to download the original version to give it a try ahead of the graphics update. As someone with hundreds of hours in adventure mode (there are literally dozens of us!) I thought I would share some of the biggest tips and tricks I've learned. I'll probably be making this into a video once the official release is out and I can get footage with graphics, but until then I'm posting the script I have now here. The rest of this post contains spoilers for every phase of adventure mode, so turn back now if you want to discover all of this for yourself!
  1. Always have food
-Large stacks of vegetables can be found in containers in human towns. Meat can be gathered from butchered animals. Meat from sentient creatures can’t be eaten.
2. Always have wateale 
-Adventurers need to drink 3-4 times a day. Water skin only holds 3 water, so it is useless. Bags hold 40 and Backpacks hold 100 which is too heavy for most adventurers. Quivers hold 20, which is the perfect amount. Fill quivers with water at rivers or wells.
3. Equip armor 
-Armor and weapons can be found in the barracks of each town. Try to get iron or steel if possible. Make sure to cover the head, neck, torso, legs, hands, and feet.
4. Get a mount 
-Mounts increase overworld speed which increases the amount of ground that can be covered in one day. This reduces how frequently you need to stop for supplies.
5. Get some pets 
-Companions can be tricky to recruit in the beginning, but pets are a great way to increase survivability. Unlike companions, you can also recruit a very high number of pets immediately. Everything labeled “stray” found within a town can become a pet, from ducks to dogs, and rarely even bears and elephants. Just don’t get too attached, most pets die very fast, or permanently run away after combat. Especially the small ones.
6. Make sure your character can read and swim 
-Most skills can be acquired organically by actions which your adventurer does, but certain skills like reading are never unlocked. Because you need to read slabs or books to learn magic, putting a point in reading at character creation is mandatory. A few points in swimming are also recommended. Even a single tile full of water is enough to drown an adventurer with no swimming skill.
7. Make a young world for less necromancers and more Megabeasts, and an old world for vice-versa 
-World parameters matter. Evil is slightly stronger on average, which means the older a world is, the more likely it is to be infested with Necromancer towers and Goblin Pits. Savagery is just the number of animal people to play as, and beasts is the number of beasts to fight. You want both of these as high as possible, the difficulty is actually easier with more beasts, as you won’t have to travel as far for missions.
8. Don’t be afraid to run if you can’t win 
-Although this is technically a turn based RPG, running away isn’t a button you press, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option. If you are heavily outnumbered or facing a very strong enemy, don’t be afraid to sprint away and reengage when it is more advantageous to do so. This is better than dying and losing your progress.
9. Don’t swim until you’ve really trained 
-While it may be tempting to take a quick dip in the river, death can be moments away in any body of water. Even at competent and above levels of swimming, your character can only go about 10-20 squares before getting tired, and swimming while tired has a chance to keep your character in the same tile, further increasing their fatigue. This can mean your character drowning even just one square from the shore if you are extremely unlucky.
10. Aim for the neck/head for instant kills 
-Aiming in combat can be extremely beneficial. Lots of minor enemies such as kobolds and bandits can be killed with one solid hit to the neck or head. Using this tactic can make encounters against large groups of enemies much easier.
11. Fast travel to long rest 
-If you are damaged in battle and bleeding out, even if you are faint with mortal wounds, fast traveling via the world map will instantly heal your wounds. This may be considered a bug, but since adventurers cannot currently be healed at hospitals via adventure mode, this is the only way to actually heal. Furthermore, since you can’t fast travel during combat, and because fast traveling doesn’t remove major injuries such as missing limbs, I’d say it’s a pretty balanced feature.
12. Jog whenever possible 
-Whenever not mounted and not in combat, you should set your speed to jog. This will increase your endurance stat naturally over time, increasing your combat prowess while you move around. Just be sure to reset your speed whenever your character drops to the ground from exhaustion to give them a chance to rest. Keep extra water on hand while doing this, as your character will need to drink more. And make sure not to jog into combat, this will increase your character’s chance of becoming exhausted during combat, which severely lowers stats.
13. Create a character that just wants to perform 
-A focused character will always be more proficient in combat, receiving a boost to stats such as accuracy and damage. Fully customizing needs in character creation can make a character that is very easy to keep focused. You can completely remove needs in character creation if you wish, but this will also remove the chance to receive the focused buff. If anything, just be sure to avoid needs that are currently impossible in adventure mode such as “Make romance.”
14. Create a world with legendary metals for better loot 
-The more metals you choose at world generation, the better the loot will be everywhere. This setting can make gearing up in the early game either extremely trivial, or extremely challenging. World age can also affect possible loot, as extremely young worlds will not have created enough armor to make most encounters have meaningful loot.
15. Tell stories of your notable kills 
-Information in dwarf fortress is passed via a rumor system. No matter how many dragons you may slay, when you enter a new town, no one will care because they don’t know who you are. Every time you reach a new town, you should tell the largest group of people you can the stories of every notable encounter you’ve had. Early on you should tell stories of killing bandits, while later on you should focus on just semi-Megabeasts and Megabeasts.
16. Recruit other party members 
-While animal companions are good choices for meat shields early game, you should recruit as many fighters at barracks to adventure with you as possible. The amount of companions you can have at any one time is limited by your current reputation level, which is why it is important to tell everyone you can of your notable kills. Animal companions take up companion slots even though they go over the max cap, so try to transition from lots of animals early on to a small party of adventuring companions in the midgame, and a large number of companions in the endgame. Just be sure to let your companions win some easy battles on their own to level up their skills, otherwise they will die just as easily as animals in fights against Megabeasts. Don’t be surprised if some of your companions get terrified in combat and run away just like animals. If you can, be sure to find them, as they will take up a companion slot if you don’t part ways with them or watch them die. If they die and you don’t see it, they may permanently take up a slot this way. This is a bug and will hopefully be fixed eventually, but be wary of it for now.
17. Become a hearthperson 
-Starting a new character and trying to find quests can be very challenging. Lots of random characters will have various rumors, but won’t know enough details to send you on a proper quest. Lords and ladies however can make you into a hearthperson, and can then give you proper quests. They will only do this if you have enough reputation level though, which is why telling stories is important. Usually it takes a story of a bandit leader kill or higher to get a lord or lady to recruit you. You can bypass this stage and get to quests right away by choosing to start as a hearthperson. Just beware that quests are randomized, and sometimes your first quest will be to kill a megabeast. When this happens, I recommend traveling to another town and becoming hearthperson there.
18. Train your skills early 
-Training skills via active combat can be very deadly. If possible, try to fight large, easy enemies to train all related combat skills as early as possible. If you find a horse for example, you can attack its legs to immobilize it, then spam nonlethal strikes to train your weapon skill. A couple horses with no legs is a brutal but safe way to train up weapons all the way to legendary.
19. Set combat preferences to facilitate training 
-Skills like observation and stats like endurance are very important for late game combat. These skills in particular can be trained incredibly fast with combat preferences. If you set melee combat preferences to close quarters, this will prefer to grapple the enemy over and over again. This means you can move into the enemy repeatedly to quickly train without navigating menus. Doing this without changing preferences can mean your character automatically makes a headshot and kills the enemy before you get the chance to properly level up stats. Just be sure to move away from your legless horses if you get tired, as the lowered stats means that even low risk combat can result in injury.
20. Sneak up to enemies for stealth kills 
-If you want to dispatch of large camps quickly and efficiently, chaining stealth kills can be an easy way to do this. Just press S to toggle sneaking, then try to approach enemies without walking into their cone of vision. Doing this at night can be especially effective, as enemies have greatly reduced perception.
21. Get a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon 
-Some enemies in dwarf fortress are much easier to kill than others. Kobolds and crundles will crumple against most weapons, while things like bronze collosi are much harder to deal with. A good rule of thumb is to keep a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon on hands at all times. Use slashing against basic targets and undead for quick decapitations, piercing against large organic creatures like giant cheetahs or rocs so that they give into pain (essentially stunlocking them), and blunt against inorganic enemies to crush them (collosi, armored titans, iron men, etc). When in doubt, keep a whip on hand to one shot most enemies. A legendary lasher with a named masterwork whip can easily one shot most things in the game with a heavy attack to the head. This should be considered a bug that will probably be fixed later, but is very fun if you want to RP as a legendary vampire killer. Regardless of weapon choice, weapon skill is equally important. A novice hammer dwarf with a steel war hammer is just as useless against a bronze colossus as a legendary axedwarf with an artifact copper battle axe.
22. Remove your backpack when starting combat 
-Fighting while overencumbered is a death sentence. While fighting above default speed does not reduce the number of frames it takes to swing your weapon, fighting below default speed will add a delay after each swing before you can act again, giving enemies free strikes against you. This is also why fighting prone is ill-advised. However, this mechanic should not dissuade you from overencumbering yourself. Most mounts negate a large (if not all) amount of encumberance. In addition, your character can move anything they can grab, even if it is the entire corpse of a megabeast which weighs multiple tons, it will just take them more frames to haul these items. So long as you store all of your loot in the same backpack, you are always safe from ambushes no matter your encumbrance, as you can remove and drop your backpack as soon as combat starts, which usually takes less frames than it takes for any enemy to move. After combat, your backpack should be where you left it, and you can easily retrieve your haul.
23. Aim for the legs first, then the hands, then the neck 
Aiming for the neck can make weaker enemies trivial, but more proficient enemies will not allow this tactic, and very large enemies will have necks too large to decapitate. An advanced tactic that works against most strong enemies is to aim for the legs first to knock your enemy prone (or wings against flying enemies). Once your enemy is on the ground, their speed is halved, essentially giving you twice as many turns to attack. It is at this point you should aim for their arms, as these hold weapons for humanoids and usually have claws for beasts. Once the legs are taken out and the usage of weapons is disabled, you are much more likely to land a headshot, and in a much safer position to repeatedly spam this attack.
24. Bleed out megabeasts, cut off hydra heads, pummel collosi 
Certain enemies such as Megabeasts are much harder to kill. These should be considered boss fights, and thus have certain kill parameters. Bronze collosi in particular usually need to have every single body part destroyed in order to be killed. Hydras in turn need to have the brain of each head destroyed to die, and will almost always live if one head is alive. Hill titans can vary from nigh unkillable (humanoids made of steel) to killable via literally any damaging attack (blobs made of water), so reading their description is extremely important in dealing with them.
25. Never get hit (level dodge and block) 
-Because major injuries are unhealable, these accumulate over time. This means that the best way to play adventure mode is to never get hit. This may seem like a tall task, but almost all damage is avoidable via dodge and block. If you have a high observation stat, you will be able to dodge or block attacks. While this may automatically succeed against weaker enemies, it has a chance to fail against stronger enemies if not properly leveled, so be sure to train these skills early on. Fighting when focused and not exhausted should ensure that these avoidance abilities work properly. Just don’t try to block an attack you wouldn’t block in real life.
26. Don’t let enemies get a surround 
-Fighting against multiple enemies can be a likely death scenario. If enemies completely surround you, then your character has a greatly reduced chance of automatically dodging or blocking attacks. In addition, moving through an occupied tile in dwarf fortress will roll a die, and the losers will be forced prone, as only one creature can stand in a tile at once. Make sure to set speed to scramble in combat if this happens, get to an unoccupied square, and stand up as quickly as possible. Dodging into an open space in this scenario is a much better option than moving manually if at all possible. This entire scenario can be avoided if you slowly dodge in the same direction as enemies approach you in combat, ensuring that you only fight one at a time, and force the others to tire themselves as they run after you. Striking the legs of as many targets as possible is effective here, as it drastically increases the time it takes for each enemy to reach you.
27. Throw stones to level archery 
-Archery can be very cumbersome to use, as most bolts are too heavy to use without causing constant encumbrance, and training it is very slow and painful, as arrows usually split into stacks of one when fired. However, there is a way to level archery extremely quickly. By throwing something at the same tile you are on, you level your archery skill. You can then pick up the thrown object and throw it again. This is much faster than using arrows. One of the best objects to do this with is coins. As it turns out, coins are actually the best ranged weapon. Coins can be used in combat to great affect. Because dwarf fortress uses the archery stat when throwing items, it calculates the damage of thrown items as if shot from a bow with the same archery proficiency. While this does not do nearly as much damage as bolts themselves, it effectively gives adventurers a way to reliably use ranged weapons without worrying about retrieving ammo, as money can usually be found in multiple stacks of 100 at bandit camps.
28. Use archery against webs/fire 
-While archery is a niche weapon type for most scenarios, it is mandatory against certain titans and most dragons, as well as giant cave spiders. Titans, like spiders can possess the ability to web your adventurer. This stunlocks your character, making any shot a guaranteed hit. Against large enough titans, getting hit with a single shot of web is enough for instant death, as they will squish your head while webbed. Other titans may possess deadly dust or poisonous gas. While some of these effects are benign, breathing others can and will kill your character, and to my knowledge not even fast travel stops this. Fighting fire breathing dragons is an instant kill scenario as well, as they can melt your armor into molten liquid metal, stunlocking your character until they die from the heat. You can attempt to repeatedly jump until you reach a river, but you are certainly dead at this point. The use of archery (or rather, throwing coins) is mandatory at this point. While a few shots may not do anything at first, repeated shots will accumulate damage, and eventually kill or disable the enemy. Just be very careful getting into melee range to finish enemies off after this occurs, as one unlucky web or fire shot can and will still kill you. Avoid looting titans with dust or gas effects until after you leave and return to the area with fast travel to be sure that the gas dissipates.
29. Know the game progression (Kobolds, Bandits, Hearthperson, Semi-Megabeasts, Towers, Megabeasts, Dark Fortresses, Caverns) 
Knowing what you’re doing at any given point can be the difference between life and death. If you’re playing adventure mode without savescumming (which is the only way to play it in the old versions), then you will be making new characters a lot. Knowing the basic progression of where you should go on new characters will make the ultimate goal of raiding the vault and fighting the angel that much easier. Your basic path should be gearing up in towns, training basic combat skills against animals, fighting kobold and bandit camps to level reputation, telling stories to become a hearthperson, doing quests as a hearthperson to further reputation level and combat skills, fighting semimega and Megabeasts to become a legendary hero, raiding towers to find the secrets, raiding dark fortresses to find the vault and slay the angel, and finally using the secrets to delve into the caverns without having to eat or sleep and fighting forgotten beasts there until your character dies. The surface and visiting towns should be considered the early game, raiding sites should be considered the midgame, killing the angel in the vault should be considered the endgame, and roaming the caverns should be considered the postgame. Of course, adventure mode has lots more to offer than just combat, and if you want to learn its ins and outs for yourself, the only way to do that is to jump in and play it.
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2023.06.09 17:15 imeghann Gave cat a flea bath, now she’s shaking a day later

My cat used to have really bad fleas a few months ago and I was able to treat them and they went away. However in the last week or so I noticed an increase in her self cleaning habits and some of the sores I saw before when she had a flea infestation appearing on her skin again. I thought maybe she was allergic to something until yesterday when I saw an actual flea on her tail end area. I gave her a flea bath with oatmeal shampoo specifically made for cats to help soothe her skin, towel dried her fully, put on a topical hydrocortisone based ointment (specific for wound/itch care that the vet approved of last time I took her in) on the most bothersome spots for her, and put some flea medicine on her. I put the cone of shame on so she wouldn’t lick anything until it dried. She was obviously not happy about any of this and scolded me for the day but still stayed close by like usual. She was shaking slightly for a bit as I figure her body had to readjust to her regular temperature as well as cats and baths don’t really mix and even though she’s very easy going with baths- she’s still not a fan. I had also treated the carpet with borax per my vet suggestion and kept her away from it until it got vacuumed up.
She’s been a little stand-offish today. But I just got back from running some errands and she didn’t greet me at the door like she typically does and didn’t come when I called her name. I found her curled up in a corner she never goes to behind some boxes. She was shaking slightly and her gums look maybe a little paler than usual on the pink parts? And her fur is a little colder than usual. I picked her up and she doesn’t seem painful anywhere, was fully alert, but definitely shaking slightly like a cold shiver. She started purring while I held her as well.
I’m not sure what’s going on?? Is this an immediate vet visit? Or a “give it a day” situation?
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2023.06.09 17:15 Kitchen_Ad_7214 1 month and two weeks- it DOES get better!

Hi everyone :)
I quit vaping almost a month and a half ago, and I’m here to tell you that it does get better.
I had been vaping 50mg disposables for about a year. I was going through one every 2 days. Previously I had tried Wellbutrin and nicotine gum, neither worked for me. I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it cold turkey.
My first week of quitting was miserable. All I did was lay in bed, cry, and eat. I felt totally depressed and hopeless.
Things started to improve, but about 2/3 weeks in I felt discouraged because I was still struggling with depression, cravings here and there, and irritability. I contemplated relapsing many times.
But over the past week, things have dramatically improved. My sleep is better, my resting and walking heart rate have dropped dramatically, I can run longer distances, and I’ve actually lost weight since quitting since my endurance has improved so much. I feel better, and I’m saving a lot of money.
Quitting is really hard. There is no denying that. But, have faith in yourself that you’re capable of doing hard things. I think there are a lot of expectations that “the first 3 days are the hardest” and then it’s smooth sailing from there. Which may be true for some, but if the timeline of your experience is different don’t feel discouraged. Trust that your body will heal and you CAN beat this. You just have to cruise those highs and lows as they come.
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2023.06.09 17:14 Above_The_Clouds123 Trying to figure out why the sudden increase in blood glucose?

For about the past 10 years I've always hovered in/out of the pre-diabetes range (A1C of 5.3-5.8).
For the past year my fasting glucose has always been in the low-mid 80s. However the past month, my fasting glucose has been in the low-mid 90s.
My diet hasn't changed at all. In the past couple of months, I've actually increased my workouts and frequency (weightlifting, cardio, etc.)
I had blood work done and my A1C is 5.3. However my fasting insulin is 6.9, which from what I understand, is not in the optimal range.
Has old age hit me where my body cannot fight it anymore?
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2023.06.09 17:14 Tokyobeans28 Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms

Hi !
First of all, sorry for any grammar or spelling errors I might make, English is not my native language.
I found this sub a bit late but I wanted to know if anyone had ever seen or heard of something like this.
I, f34, somehow developed something that looked a lot like Aquagenic wrinkling of the palms (from the pics I saw on Google) just after giving birth, one year ago. It started the first time I took a bath after giving birth, I even thought I had had an allergic reaction to baby soap. After that every time I touched water, the skin on my palms whitened and hardened. It went away on its own about 3 weeks later.
As far as I know, no one in my family has it and no one suffers from Cystic fibrosis, which seems to be the most common reason behind AWP.
I am white, but I live in Japan where CF is extremely rare, so I wasn’t tested during my pregnancy. My husband is Japanese so our baby has a very low chance of developing it and is showing no sign of breathing problems at the moment.
Could it be that I have a dormant CF gene that went crazy after giving birth? Or was it the shock my body went through that made it act strange for a while? I’m all good now and just curious, so please remove this post if not allowed.
34F, 171cm, 61kg, I don’t take special medication, I don’t smoke and I have never had a serious disease.
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2023.06.09 17:14 Comms-sa-Wabad papayat

Hello Davao! What are LEGIT effective ways na magpapayat? I'm going for a toned body sana. I'm not fat, but I have been getting a LOT of comments lately about my weight gain, and it's my biggest fear. to be called tambok. Please help me out? Apart from counting calories, caloric deficit, what else worked for yall? Also, dapat ba adlaw adlaw ko mag workout? Salamat in advance.
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2023.06.09 17:14 starduskii vive base station and trackers keep disconnecting/not syncing with steamvr

hello~ so i'm very new to full body tracking in vr games (i use it mainly in vrchat) - as in i just received everything this week - and i need some help with a continuing issue i'm having. i have two vive pro 2.0 base stations and three HTC vive trackers 3.0.
so i know how to set up the trackers and calibrate them and everything, but whenever i go in game, my trackers don't seem to want to stay connected. at the same time, at least one of my base stations will be grayed out. sometimes i'll have both base stations working, but then one, two, or all of my trackers won't be connected. or i'll have all three trackers working, but one of the stations won't be. it's like both the trackers and stations refuse to cooperate and work accurately at the same time and i have no idea why.
i have the base stations on standing mounts, not on my wall, and they're across from each other diagonally. i thought maybe it might be my play space? i have a few boxes/misc things sitting on my floor between them. i didn't think that would make a huge difference since the majority of it is clear, but maybe i'm wrong. it's just incredibly frustrating because i can't enjoy the experience without having to constantly go back to recalibrate and get them to resync.
anyway any help would be appreciated. i know it's a little confusing, so i'd be happy to explain if something is unclear.
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2023.06.09 17:13 BlackIronRose In regards to the Daily Mail Article on the front page about Trans Doctors - here's the actual guidance and what it really says.

Firstly here's the full document.
It was written by the NHS Confederation along with the LGBT Foundation.
The NHS Confederation is here. They're basically an advisory body/kindof support network. They have no legal authority and none of this guidance is binding in anyway. The LGBT Foundation is LGBT Foundation is a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities.
The main controversy comes from this page.
It essentially states that you can request same sex care but the request will have to be valid (i.e. not just bigotry) and that ultimately the staff's comfort has to come first. The rest of the drama is summed up below.
The 97-page guide also includes a long lists of recommendations for hospitals and clinics to be more inclusive, such as flying the pride flag in offices, making staff wear rainbow badges and celebrating diversity dates in the calendar.
HR managers are told to list their pronouns in job adverts, relax employment experience requirements in case trans people are put off applying and give applicants private changing rooms before interviews.
In lengthy advice on pronouns, NHS staff are told to use them whenever they introduce themselves - and are assured that even Shakespeare used they/them to refer to individuals.
A section on language meanwhile says that the phrase ‘biologically male’ is now considered offensive or derogatory, while it is wrong to say someone ‘identifies as’ a particular gender because it implies it is their choice ‘rather than an inherent reality’
The Head of the NHS Confederation responded below:
NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor said: ‘This is a guide for our members on how they can be effective and active allies to their trans and nonbinary staff. It does not constitute formal policy for the NHS.
‘Based on independent interpretations of equalities legislation and extensive engagement with our partners, the guide advises that if a patient requests to be seen by a NHS staff member with or without a particular protected characteristic, the healthcare provider would not be required under this or other legislation to comply with that.
‘The exemption to that would be unless there would be a clinical need or benefit to do so, including around supporting the patient’s psychological wellbeing.
'As the guide says, there are likely to be extremely few circumstances in which this would happen and decisions would always be made on a case-by-case basis.’
He added: ‘We understand that this is a contested area, which is why we carried out an independent procurement process for an expert body to carry out this work on our behalf for our members – we are grateful to the LGBT Foundation for doing this and for the responses we have received so far from our members and partners.’
I think there's definitely bits of this that people will find controversial but if you look at it from the point of view that this is just an LGBT's charities views on how to make work more confortable for their members it makes a whole lot of sense. It's not official guidance nor do you have to follow it all.
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2023.06.09 17:13 Hedgewitch250 Ask me anything on this altered group of people

In my sci-fi/cosmic horror story, an anomaly gives many people abilities. My working name for them is the altered but I’m open to changing it if anyone has suggestions. While some were given preferable powers and changes many of these came with downsides. Any questions or suggestions on this group are appreciated.
When the anomaly took place a myriad of elements from other worlds were pushed into ours. The energy of Many eldritch beings was flooded into the world triggering an unforeseen effect and creating alterations in a chance few. Altered powers range from being able to control energy to communicating with animals. Abilities can be more abstract like the power to induce madness or communicating with space. One trait the altered all share is the power to combine their abilities into a singular skill. Deemed “resonance” this can allow any number of altered to blend powers as long as they have synergy. An example is one who controls fire and another ice working together to form electricity. As long as the powers gave some synergy any number of people can achieve resonance.
Many powers come with downsides as a side effect of how they work. Someone who can fly for example creates a personal gravity field that negates the surrounding force. While you can fly you can’t touch the ground without using something to weigh yourself like special shoes. Some energy powers require you to exude that same energy cause you can’t just pull that out of nowhere thanks to physics. Someone who controls fire may be perpetually on fire and need heat-resistant clothing. While some may have the same power the way it manifests would dictate whether or not you could have a side-effect.
Another issue is the matter of physiology changes. Some altered have different looks which can range from green skin to animal-like attributes. This physiology switch can range from needing to breathe carbon monoxide or having a different diet. Someone given the quality of a koala now can only eat plants as meat could be lethal. Another problem that comes from this is body dysmorphia. Having your appearance changed can result in many not liking the result. One of my characters is currently struggling to reconcile his self-worth with his pangolin-like appearance.
As the world struggles to deal with the changes caused by the Anomaly like monsters and strange phenomena the altered have been forced to deal with added weight. From getting treatment to managing their powers or therapy to process the change things have been shaky so far. Aside from a detention facility and them being requested to wear blatant proof of alteration, A huge issue is the matter of altered trafficking which involves kidnapping altered to act as things like indentured servants, unethical lab rats, or even just cage fighters for the criminal underworld.
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