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2023.06.09 16:45 Igloo-Pincher Do you find it sort of staggering knowing how advanced technology has gotten that there are still huge corporations with such shitty websites and it is still unnecessarily difficult to share media across different platforms and file types?

I went to copy and paste a picture from Google into Facebook messenger and it pasted the hyperlink, I was like wtf. Is there a reason for this? It seems like searching for and sharing media from Google images has actually gotten worse.
The worst however is how many practically unusable websites there are. I am in constant awe of how poorly designed so many web pages are, especially these major corporations who have limitless money and resources. It is so easy to create a user friendly experience, yet the interface is almost always so cluttered and difficult to navigate you end up closing it and calling customer service.
Which leads me to my next gripe - why is it so difficult to find customer service numbers and then once you do to get a live voice now??
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2023.06.09 16:44 Shubhendu_1998 How many of you are feeling this heat?

I've been travelling in and around my city the past few days due to work, and I must say the heat here is unreal. You simply can't stay for more than 2 minutes under the sun. And I live in a city where the weather is supposed to be more moderate and pleasant. I find this very concerning because at this rate it will only get worse. How are things going to be in a few years is beyond scary to me. Something I realized also is we are only noticing the effects of climate change because of the direct effect the weather has in our daily life.
There are so many environmental concerns that also need to be addressed such as rivers drying up and soil losing it's fertility. We seem to somehow manage our survival and just concern only about our lives but not the planet and rest of the life on it. I really think if we are working towards being conscious and aware about the current situation of our planet, then we will naturally live more sensibly and sustainably. And for that we need to fix ourselves first. The planet is very good at regenerating and maintaining a healthy all we need to do is give it an opportunity to do so. A quote fromSadhguru really speaks to this: "The damage we cause to the environment is a consequence of how we are within ourselves. If we realize that maintaining our inner climate is in our hands, we will understand that taking action for the environment is also in our hands."
There are many steps to be taken towards this, but I believe each and every one of us can start (Me as well) in some way by for example changing our daily usage products like water bottles from plastic to stainless steel or copper, using bags made of sustainable material, wearing clothes made of natural fibre, and even reusing the plastics at home in creative ways for other purposes rather than disposing them. These are just a few. So what do you guys think? Can we start changing one at a time to live more sustainably? What are some other steps that we can take according to you all? Feel free to mention any
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2023.06.09 16:44 _karmakiller_ Seeking Passionate Volunteer Storyboard Artists for Horror Drama Web Series

We are currently seeking dedicated and talented volunteer storyboard artists to contribute to our upcoming horror drama web series, set to premiere on YouTube later this year (estimated release due to change). This unpaid opportunity offers a chance to be part of a captivating hour-length animation project that explores thrilling narratives and pushes creative boundaries.
Project Overview: The series is rooted in early 2000's digital horror roots, but has evolved over many months to develop a narrative more in line with something outside the genre of found footage. Without specific details, it delves into an alternate history with themes of oppression, political ideologies, flawed social expectations, death, disease, religion, and controversial topics handled with the sensitivity and care it needs to deliver a unique heartfelt and inspiring message to audiences. Our target demographic is adults and late teens interested in serious western adult animation projects.
Plot Summary: In the heat of a growing statewide pandemic, a late teenage emo boy assembles a band with his two best friends to distract himself from the harsh reality of his brother being slowly eaten away by the disease. Meanwhile, the boy's father struggles to do the same running for the county sheriff, becoming more and more self destructive with his own anger management issues. As he spirals into a tunnel of greed and ego, the boy will have to look into his broken mirror to truly redeem himself, even if nobody may ever know what it really costs him...
Timeline and Commitment: Storyboard artists will work collaboratively with the team to bring the scenes to life. While we understand that volunteers have other commitments, we expect a reasonable time commitment to ensure steady progress. Specific timelines and deadlines will be discussed during the onboarding process to accommodate everyone's availability. However, we can say now the series debut episode will be split into two parts; each spanning around 30 minutes long for a total runtime of an hour.
Project Vision and Team: Our team is composed of passionate individuals who are deeply committed to creating an immersive and unforgettable web series. Led by a talented writer and director, we are dedicated to realizing our shared vision and are excited to welcome artists who align with our creative goals.
Compensation and Future Opportunities: While this is an unpaid opportunity, we believe in the value of artists' contributions. As the series progresses, there is potential for future paid opportunities, especially if the project becomes monetized on YouTube with the partnership program. We are committed to fairly compensating artists for their work as the project develops.
Token of Appreciation: To express our gratitude for your involvement, we are exploring options for a small token of appreciation. This may include digital gift cards, exclusive access to project-related resources, or other thoughtful gestures to acknowledge your contributions.
Examples and Collaboration: We have already developed several storyboards for parts of the web series. As a potential storyboard artist, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the initial artist (me), providing your unique artistic perspective while maintaining the overall vision of the project.
To Audition: If you are passionate about horror, possess experience in storyboarding and or comics, and are eager to contribute to our web series, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message with the following details:
We greatly appreciate your interest in joining our team and look forward to reviewing your submissions. Together, let's create an extraordinary series that captivates audiences and showcases the incredible talents of our collaborators!!
(PS. I understand how this may upset some artists, and I completely understand that. However, I'm currently unable to put any funding towards this series as of now since there is no sources of income available to me yet. All of the work gone into the series has been limited to the resources I have available at hand and generous individuals happy to contribute. I in no way mean to pose this request in a way that undermines the value and importance in artists. I would do the storyboarding entirely on my own, but a team of one person is incredibly stressful, tedious, time consuming, and harmful to my mental health. In the process, I hope to build up the portfolio of any artists who want to make a name for themselves in the industry and do this type of work full time, embracing their potential and showcasing their wonderful skills to employers. Thank you for reading, and I apologize in advance.)
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2023.06.09 16:44 TripleH18 Sid Hartman Mob Ties

TLDR- How did fellow journalists at the time and in the decades following Kid Canns reign feel about Sid Hartmann's association with Cann and other mobsters
So I fell into a rabbit hole around the red light district/mobster history of MN. Read all about Kidd Cann, his stranglehold on the city and state government and the many murders he carried out on journalists who exposed his associations and crimes.
One thing I was curious about though was Sid Hartman's connection to Kidd Cann and the AZ Syndicate. Obviously Sid has come to know a bunch of famous people as a local sports reporter. He claims Cann and him were lifelong friends. In the book Sid! by Patrick Ruesse, Hartmann talks about being friends with Cann and associates as they were fellow Jewish kids from the Northside. Hartmann evens recalls how he almost got arrested with Cann on night at a Jazz Club but begged the police to let him go. Seems like a fascinating book which I unfortunately haven't found a copy of and only read snippets I found online.
However, Kid Cann's reputation and exploits were well known at this point in the 1930s. He was widely believed to have killed many journalists who campaigned against corruption. Including a high profile case involving mob ties between Cann and Governor Olson. He would remain a powerful force in liqour sales followingnthe end of prohibition and shady business practices for another 20+ years before being arrested on transporting a woman for prostitution over state lines. A sports journalist being close friends of a man who kills reporters seems like it would anger others in the profession, some of whom may have had associations with the deceased.
My question is this- How did fellow journalists at the time and in the decades following Kid Canns reign feel about Sid Hartmann's association with Cann? What was the nature of their friendship? Did Hartmanns stature in local sports affect the perception of his friendship with local mobsters?
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2023.06.09 16:44 LabParticular She emotionally (and possibly physically) cheats on me and blames me for it, but I still want to mend things and be with her.

TLDR: My partner emotionally cheated on me, and blames me for why she cheated and continues to. She tells me the whole last year of our relationship has been terrible, even though for me it has been some of the happiest times of my life. We had so many happy moments, but she paints over them with black paint and never told me once during this past year how unhappy she has felt the whole time.. until all this started. Despite this, I love her and want to mend things so we can get back together, but how do I start building myself up and tell myself that what she did and is doing is wrong?
Long story short, my partner started to resent me after a decision we made together that she seemed perfectly accepting of. Once she started to resent me, she started to look for someone else to fill the hole I was leaving, so she started emotionally cheating on me. She didn't tell me that she started to have second thoughts, so there was no way for me to know that this was all happening. She confessed to the emotional cheating one evening and vowed to put up boundaries, but those boundaries fell just days later. I didn't know this, especially after she texted me telling me she wanted a break to focus on herself and what she needs out of me to heal the relationship. During this break, without me knowing, they started hanging out alone at her apartment, grocery shopping together, climbing together, and going to parks alone at night together. I found this out one night and confronted her, so I went and saw her and we talked. She vowes they haven't done anything physical, and that she doesn't want a relationship with him. She told me she felt bad for hurting me, and that she needed another week of break.
I gave her that, and during that week she hung out with this guy the whole time. She then tells me that she doesn't want to be with me anymore, so I come to her house again to get closure. That weekend, we talk a lot, and she wants another two-week break which I am in right now. She tells me that the entire past year of our relationship has been terrible, even though she showed no signs that she was unhappy, nor communicated to me that she was. It feels like everything I did for her, all the happy times we had, all the memories we shared, are just non-existent now, and that everything was the worst. And that she blames me and my negligence towards us and the relationship for why she emotionally cheats on me, that I couldn't do enough so she finds happiness in someone else while dragging me along. She tells me she cares about him and likes him, but also loves me and cares about me, but that my lack of putting her first, making her a priority, led her to do this.
She cheated on me, she could be cheating on me now, she could have physically cheated. She blames me, she reduces my self-worth and self-confidence to nothing. I sit here, hoping every day that she isn't seeing this guy until I can see her next Friday. She told me she wasn't going to and that she would really try this time. Still, despite everything, I feel like I can't start moving on, I can't be mindful and work on myself, I can't hate her, I only love her right now and want to mend things.
I just feel sorry for her, this has been a pattern for her in the past, and it seems like no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to be there for her and show her that I care, she just doesn't. I know that this behavior is due to her BPD, and that she is just really mentally exhausted from her feelings towards us, and its easier to go see and talk with this guy because there's no baggage there. I feel sorry for her because she knows and has told me that what she is doing is wrong, she feels bad for hurting me, but can't stop talking to this guy. She tells me that if I did to her what she did to me, she would leave me and never talk to me again.
Despite everything, I just want to help her. Find therapy, talk to a professional, and work on things together so that this doesn't happen again because I love her. But I know she has to choose all of those things.
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2023.06.09 16:44 Environmental_Point3 Anyone else staying in a hetero relationship even after realizing they’re gay?

I know this one will be unpopular and I’ll likely be downvoted to shit for it.
All the signs were there that I’m a lesbian. I came out to myself in my early to mid twenties and fell in love with a woman in my mid twenties. I’ve dated a few women since.
However it’s not easy to find a soulmate. The dating pool for lesbians is small. And on top of that, with the political climate being heavy with lgbtqia+ currently, I have to see if our values even align. The lgbtqia+ is divided with many choosing to leave the community because of it. Lesbian bars/clubs have lessened to, what, zero is it (in the USA)? Lesbian dating apps are full of men and couples looking for a third.
Finding the sort of love I want is like nearly impossible.
About a year ago I met a guy. What I felt for him was platonic but at the time I was questioning whether I could actually be with a guy. I let him know before we started dating that I thought I was a lesbian. I’ve been honest with him throughout the whole relationship.
At this point in time I was honestly wondering if I was a lesbian or if I just felt disgusted by men because of how they are towards women. I knew plenty of straight women who didn’t like men but still couldn’t help their sexuality. So maybe I was just basing my feelings of men off of the patriarchy’s hold on heterosexual relationships.
So I gave it a try. And I’m definitely not into him the way I am with women. But it is nice having someone. It’s nice not having to wade through the mess that is lesbian dating. It’s nice having someone there to go through life with, even if it’s platonic.
I’m in my thirties. And I have to be realistic about where I’m at in life. He’s there for me in ways that I appreciate.
The woman I fell for was like lightning in a bottle. It was amazing. But was a once in a lifetime sort of love.
I’m sure people will be very judgmental of this. But I honestly want to have someone I can go through life with, even if it’s a platonic partner that’s a guy.
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2023.06.09 16:44 crazy12157 Can I use oculus 2 to play steam games like half life Alex and pistol whip without a cable?

Can I use oculus 2 to play steam games like half life Alex and pistol whip without a cable?
Wondering if I should buy oculus, do I have to have Facebook account because I deleted Facebook years ago.
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2023.06.09 16:43 Whowutwhen Got Divorced so I ate some mushrooms. Trip Report.

Context and days prior. 41 year old, many years of experience with psychedelics. Married at 19, have been in divorce for the last 6 months, Finalized on trip day. Months of journaling, meditation and personal work lead up to this trip. The 10 days prior consisted of a minimum of 30 minutes of intention journaling daily, focusing on shedding the old, forgiveness of self and others, acceptance of self and situation, love of self and all, focusing on my strengths and rebirth into a new self. Day before, house cleaning, pretty easy. I just moved in. I held close my intentions from the journaling as I made a ritual of the cleaning.
12.20 Ingest - 3.55 Golden Teacher - 1.5 APE Blob, powderized, mixed in OJ for 20 min. 12.20-12.35 Read the intention journals. By the 7th one, eyes became hard to focus, words start to become hard to understand. 12.35-1 Lied in bed with no sound and eyes covered. 4 distinct visions occurred but I only recall 3. 1. I was in an amusement park ride line, and a special “more fun” line opened up, despite me wanting to, I could not figure out how to walk over to that line, I didn't know how to. 2. I was an amusement park game and kids were running up to me and playing the game to be showered with love and joy. 3. I was waiting for a bus, a party bus pulled up full of all the things an older version of myself would have loved to do, I again was left unsure how to take that path and was frustrated by it. 1-1.40. At this point a large current of energy had begun running through the body, I took a shower. This was a thoughtless lightshow. The faucet handle took the visage of an Aztec priestess, crying neon green tears. Various symbols and patterns danced across the walls and curtain which had taken an ethereal, ghostly appearance. At some point the shower curtain had collected water and slipped outside the tub making a bit of a mess. Tossed a towel on it and tried to continue showering but was too distracted by the mess. Hopped out and cleaned up. At this point the energy in the body felt like lightning. Uncontainable, I gave my sister a call, chatted about the birds and her new crocs for a few minutes, then I had to burn off energy. 1.40-2.20 Bike Ride - Decided to ride my bike down to the lake. The ride to the lake was easeful and exciting, arriving at the lake a sense that I should not have taken this bike ride came over me. It wasn't ominous, just a sense that this ride might not have been a responsible decision. I decided to return home. Riding home some mild panic set in and the notion of being hit by a car and the news reports that would follow, “hippy on mushrooms killed by car”. Allowing this to pass while riding a less busy path home. Thoughts of people I know and what they may be thinking of me at this time come in. I wonder if they think I am ok, if I am depressed, if I am going to do something rash today. I laugh at the thought as I arrive home. 2.30-4ish. Unitive Experience. Exhausted from the ride I return to lying down. This was the most impactful period of the experience, but words largely fail me. All perception of the outside world melted away. There was only this one space filled with it all, not separate from it, not a rider in it, I was it. A lawful order flowing endlessly, landing here, now in this perfect moment. Feeling this sense of order, my place here became very clear to me. If it is all flowing orderly, then there is no place else to be than right here in this moment, every moment. The sense I had always been and never been. This went on for eons seemingly. 4ish-5.30ish. At some point sense contacts begin to return and I open my eyes. At this point I am mostly returned. Feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging I spring out of bed, laugh at the disheveled figure in the mirror, tie my hair back and head outside. I grab my bike and ride for a pack of smoke, there is so much life, but I’ve been missing it. Trapped in the illusion of thought, distracting me(us) from all this beauty. This beauty is already here, all the time, no modifications needed. Got home from the gas station and made a drink, a drink in hand excuses a lot of silly behavior ;) and went to water my gardens.
Around 5.30 my daughter comes to hang out and we talk about my experience and enjoy a couple drinks and some cannabis. Around 7 a friend comes by. We all hang out for a while, they leave around 9pm, and I go to bed shortly there after.
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2023.06.09 16:43 AutoModerator [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

The Dream Job System bring you quick, highly actionable strategies to help you land a job you love without “traditional” experience and without applying online. These modern job search tactics stem from Austin Belcak’s personal experience landing offers from Google, Microsoft, and Twitter as well as his experience helping thousands of job seekers get hired at the world’s best companies without applying online. What You Get Inside The Dream Job System: Module #1 – THE UNCONVENTIONAL JOB SEARCH BLUEPRINT
Introduction & what to expect from the course Discover why 99% of people fail to land jobs they love Reveal my 7 step “Dream Job System Blueprint“ Leverage my “Find Your Why” formula to discover the right career path and role for you (even if you have no idea what you want to do!) [Templates Included]
Module #2 – YOUR RESUME
Learn how to transform your resume into an interview generating machine Revealing my proprietary process for writing highly effective resumes that both ATS systems and hiring managers love Discover how to choose the right resume template, identify the right resume keywords, leverage formatting, & writing value-driven resume bullets [9+ Templates Included]
Answering the question of “do Cover Letters still matter?” Learn my 3 step framework for writing a crazy effective cover letter in 30 minutes Breakdown of real Cover Letters from real people who landed jobs at companies like Google, etc. Access to my proven Cover Letter Template [2 Examples Included]
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Learn how 3 simple principles of behavioral psychology will allow you to get inside your interviewer’s brain and help you build a strong relationship with them Utilizing Conversation Ratio to leave a positive impression on your interviewer down to the molecular level (seriously…I’ll show you the science behind it) Illustrating how The Recency Effect can allow you to choose exactly what our interview remembers about you 5 psychologically-rooted questions I asked every interviewer and the breakdown of why they are so powerful [Templates Included]
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2023.06.09 16:43 mi555trZ [Store] 300+ KNIVES AND GLOVES e.g. Slingshot, Omega, Snow Leopard, Tiger Strike, Smoke Out, Butterfly Night FT & Stained BS & Forest Ddpat FT, Karambit Autotronic MW & Black Laminate FT &, M9 Tiger Tooth & Black Laminate MW, Daggers Sapphire FN ST, Talon Black Pearl & Slaughter FN & many more

Taking csgo skins mainly (knives, gloves, aks, m4s, awps and so on). Anything as long as offer is good
I don't update this list everyday, so I have many items which aren't listed here. Check if something interests you! Also, some of the items are on trade hold, for release date you can add me or check by yourself.
Add me to talk here:
Keys from these buy outs aren't TF2 keys. I don't take Hydra keys either.
Buy outs are in keys for the sake of having a buy out, I trade for skins mainly.
Gloves Slingshot FT 0.36 float - B/O 200 keys
Gloves Amphibious WW 0.42 float - B/O 170 keys
Gloves Omega FT 0.33 float - B/O 160 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.36 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Snow Leopard FT 0.37 float - B/O 150 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike FT 0.32 float - B/O 140 keys
Gloves Smoke Out MW 0.14 float - B/O 120 keys
Gloves King Snake FT 0.36 float - B/o 120 keys
Gloves Tiger Strike WW 0.44 float - B/O 100 keys
Gloves Field Agent FT 0.36 float - B/O 85 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph MW 0.14 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Cool Mint FT 0.36 float - B/O 75 keys
Gloves Arid BS 0.64 float - B/O 72 keys
Gloves Emerald Web BS 0.56 float - B/O 71 keys
Gloves Diamondback MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Gloves POW WW 0.38 float - B/O 66 keys
Wraps Caution FT 0.31 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves Overtake MW 0.14 float - B/O 59 keys
Gloves King Snake BS 0.59 float - B/O 58 keys
Wraps Caution WW 0.38 float - B/O 50 keys
Wraps Overprint WW 0.43 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Big Game BS 0.69 float - B/O 47 keys
Gloves Polygon FT 0.18 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.32 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.35 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.36 float - B/O 43 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.22 float - B/O 50 keys
Gloves Finish Line FT 0.32 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Nocts BS 0.62 float - B/O 42 keys
Gloves Boom FT 0.37 float - B/O 38 keys
Gloves Lunar Weave FT 0.36 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Finish Line WW 0.41 float - B/O 36 keys
Gloves Diamondback FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Field Agent BS 0.77 float - B/O 34 keys
Wraps Overprint BS 0.75 float - B/O 34 keys
Gloves Marble Fade BS 0.57 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Case Hardened MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Mogul BS 0.60 float - B/O 33 keys
Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.63 float - B/O 31 keys
Gloves Bronze Morph BS 0.61 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jade FT 0.23 float - B/O 35 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat FT 0.35 float - B/O 26 keys
Wraps Duct Tape MW 0.12 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Charred FT 0.21 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Overtake FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Jaguar Queen FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.16 float - B/O 30 keys
Gloves Rezan FT 0.28 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Gloves Diamondback BS 0.58 float - B/O 20 keys
Wraps Arboreal FT 0.31 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Snakebite FT 0.16 float - B/O 25 keys
Gloves Blood Pressure BS 0.74 float - B/O 19 keys
Gloves Forest Ddpat BS 0.46 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Convoy WW 0.44 float - B/o 19 keys
Gloves Case Hardened FT 0.15 float - B/O 23 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.36 float - B/O 17 keys
Goves Buckshot FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Gloves Unhinged FT 0.24 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves Overtake BS 0.45 float - B/O 17 keys
Gloves 3rd Company FT 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor FT 0.31 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Buckshot WW 0.40 float - B/O 16 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh FT 0.35 float - B/o 16 keys
Wraps Constrictor WW 0.38 float - B/O 16 keys
Gloves Transport BS 0.60 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Rezan BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Yellow-banded BS 0.63 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Guerrilla BS 0.53 float - B/o 15 keys
Gloves Buckshot BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Desert Shamagh WW 0.41 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Case Hardened BS 0.53 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Emerald FT 0.36 float - B/O 15 keys
Wraps Constrictor BS 0.74 float - B/O 15 keys
Gloves Needle Point FT 0.36 float - B/O 14 keys
Gloves Rattler FT 0.35 float - B/O 13 keys
Gloves Mangrove FT 0.25 float - B/O 12 keys
Gloves Racing Green FT 0.30 float - B/O 11 keys
Knives and high tier items:
Talon Black Pearl MW 0.07 float - B/O 600 keys
Karambit Autotronic MW 0.13 float - B/O 350 keys
Nomad Fade MW ST 99% 0.07 float - B/O 400 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.003 float - B/O 300 keys
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 270 keys
Daggers Sapphire FN ST 0.004 float - B/O 230 keys
Karambit Black Laminate FT 0.29 float - B/O 210 keys
M9 Black Laminate MW 0.11 float - B/O 200 keys
Talon Slaughter FN 0.03 float - B/O 200 keys
DEAGLE Blaze FN 0.01 float - B/O 170 keys
Flip Lore FN 0.05 float - B/O 170 keys
Butterfly Night FT 0.19 float - B/O 190 keys
Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 160 keys
Butterfly Stained BS 0.90 float - B/O 150 keys
M9 Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 150 keys
Flip Marble Fade FN 0.004 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Forest Ddpat FT 0.16 float - B/o 140 keys
Flip Gamma Doppler FN P1 0.01 float - B/O 140 keys
Butterfly Safari Mesh FT 0.19 float - B/O 140 keys
Flip Doppler FN P2 0.03 float - B/O 140 keys
Karambit Ultraviolet BS 0.51 float - B/o 140 keys
Bayonet Lore FT 0.25 float - B/O 140 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P4 0.06 float - B/O 140 keys
Nomad Vanilla - B/O 130 keys
M9 Damascus Steel FT 0.20 float - B/O 130 keys
AK Head Shot FN ST 0.05 float - B/o 130 keys
M9 Blue Steel BS 0.99 float - B/O 150 keys
Stiletto Tiger Tooth FN 0.006 float - B/O 130 keys
Huntsman Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 130 keys
Flip Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 float - B/O 120 keys
Skeleton Stained FT 0.23 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Crimson Web MW 0.12 float - B/O 120 keys
Ursus Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/o 120 keys
Flip Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Stiletto Vanilla - B/O 120 keys
Huntsman Gamma Doppler FN ST 0.02 float - B/O 120 keys
M9 Stained Ft 0.28 float - B/O 110 keys
Karambit Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/O 110 keys
Flip Doppler FN 0.01 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 110 keys
M9 Night BS 0.49 float - B/O 110 keys
Ursus Tiger Tooth FN 0.008 float - B/O 110 keys
Bayonet Lore BS 0.62 float - B/O 100 keys
Flip Autotronic MW 0.14 float - B/O 100 keys
Skeleton Night FT ST 0.27 float - B/O 100 keys
M9 Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 100 keys
Bayonet Black Laminate MW 0.12 float - B/O 100 keys
Paracord Slaughter FN ST 0.03 float - B/O 90 keys
Flip Slaughter FT 0.23 float - B/O 90 keys
Huntsman Marble Fade FN 0.009 float - B/O 90 keys
Skeleton Stained BS 0.65 float - B/O 90 keys
Ursus Vanilla - B/O 85 keys
Gut Autotronic FN 0.05 float - B/O 84 keys
Bayonet Crimson Web FT 0.34 float - B/O 84 keys
Paracord Slaughter MW 0.10 float - B/O 83 keys
Bowie Marble Fade FN 0.01 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Marble Fade MW 0.07 float - B/O 82 keys
Bayonet Damascus Steel FT 0.22 float - B/O 82 keys
Bowie Doppler Fn P3 0.03 float - B/O 81 keys
Flip Autotronic FT 0.23 float - B/O 80 keys
Huntsman Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 75 keys
Talon Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 73 keys
Survival Vanilla - B/O 72 keys
Flip Ultraviolet MW 0.14 float - B/O 72 keys
Daggers Gamma Doppler FN P4 0.02 float - B/O 71 keys
Stiletto Damascus Steel FT 0.31 float - B/O 71 keys
Flip Bright Water FN 0.04 float - B/O 71 keys
Skeleton Safari Mesh FT 0.15 float - B/O 68 keys
Talon Safari Mesh MW 0.13 float - B/O 68 keys
Ursus Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 67 keys
Bowie Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 float - B/O 67 keys
Paracord Crimson Web FT 0.15 float - B/O 80 keys
Classic Case Hardened MW 0.09 float - B/O 65 keys
Nomad Blue Steel BS 0.87 float - B/O 64 keys
Falchion Lore MW 0.09 float - B/O 61 keys
Gut Lore MW 0.12 float - B/O 60 keys
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Huntsman Black Laminate BS 0.80 float - B/O 50 keys
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Gut Doppler FN P2 0.008 float - B/O 50 keys
Huntsman Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 49 keys
Huntsman Night MW 0.14 float - B/O 49 keys
Daggers Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 49 keys
Classic Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 48 keys
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Ursus Damascus Steel MW 0.10 float - B/O 47 keys
Bowie Vanilla - B/O 47 keys
Daggers Lore MW 0.14 float - B/O 46 keys
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Daggers Vanilla - B/O 46 keys
Nomad Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 46 keys
Flip Rust Coat BS 0.63 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Doppler FN P2 0.02 float - B/O 46 keys
Navaja Marble Fade FN 0.03 float - B/O 46 keys
Ursus Night MW 0.14 float - B/o 45 keys
Gut Doppler FN P1 0.03 float - B/O 43 keys
Navaja Slaughter FN 0.05 float - B/O 43 keys
Stiletto Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 43 keys
Classic Night BS 0.73 float - B/O 43 keys
Nomad Boreal FT 0.37 float - B/O 43 keys
Huntsman Freehand MW 0.11 float - B/O 43 keys
Daggers Slaughter MW 0.11 float - B/O 42 keys
Huntsman Damascus Steel MW 0.13 float - B/o 42 keys
Falchion Crimson Web FT 0.18 float - B/O 45 keys
Gut Vanilla - B/O 41 keys
Flip Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 41 keys
Paracord Blue Steel FT 0.36 float - B/O 40 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/o 40 keys
Navaja Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 float - B/O 40 keys
Ursus Blue Steel BS 0.95 float - B/O 39 keys
Falchion Bright Water FN 0.05 float - B/O 39 keys
Daggers Lore FT 0.32 float - B/O 39 keys
Bowie Bright Water FN 0.06 float - B/O 39 keys
Gut Lore BS 0.59 float - B/O 38 keys
Flip Forest Ddpat FT 0.36 float - B/o 38 keys
Flip Scorched FT 0.34 float - B/O 37 keys
Flip Safari Mesh FT 0.36 float - B/O 37 keys
Nomad Scorched FT 0.35 float - B/o 36 keys
Nomad Safari Mesh WW 0.44 float - B/O 36 keys
Daggers Lore WW 0.42 float - B/O 35 keys
Daggers Crimson Web FT 0.37 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Scorched FT 0.16 float - B/O 35 keys
Classic Boreal MW 0.08 float - B/O 34 keys
Falchion Bright Water MW 0.14 float - B/O 34 keys
Ursus Urban Masked FT 0.33 float - B/o 34 keys
Navaja Blue Steel FN 0.01 float - B/O 34 keys
Daggers Freehand FN 0.06 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Urban Masked FT 0.35 float - B/O 34 keys
Classic Forest Ddpat FT 0.18 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Scorched MW 0.13 float - B/O 33 keys
Classic Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 33 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh MW 0.12 float - B/O 32 keys
Ursus Scorched FT ST 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Navaja Vanilla - B/O 32 keys
Gut Ultraviolet MW 0.13 float - B/O 32 keys
Huntsman Bright Water FT 0.35 float - B/O 32 keys
Bowie Bright Water FT 0.17 float - B/O 31 keys
Bowie Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/o 30 keys
Ursus Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 30 keys
Ursus Safari Mesh FT 0.20 float - B/O 30 keys
Falchion Black Laminate WW 0.39 float - B/O 29 keys
Survival Night BS 0.66 float - B/O 28 keys
Paracord Urban Masked FT 0.22 float - B/O 28 keys
Navaja Case Hardened WW 0.44 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Boreal FT 0.27 float - B/O 28 keys
Huntsman Scorched FT 0.20 float - B/O 28 keys
Gut Bright Water FT ST 0.21 float - B/O 27 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet FT 0.30 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Damascus Steel FT 0.35 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS ST 0.52 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Bright Water FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Bowie Rust Coat BS 0.48 float - B/O 27 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat FT 0.26 float - B/O 27 keys
Gut Night FT ST 0.18 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Blue Steel FT 0.32 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Forest Ddpat WW 0.38 float - B/O 26 keys
Gut Freehand FT 0.30 float - B/O 26 keys
Paracord Safari Mesh FT 0.17 float - B/O 26 keys
Navaja Damascus Steel Fn 0.05 float - B/O 26 keys
Falchion Rust Coat BS 0.52 float - B/O 26 keys
Bowie Scorched FT 0.19 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Freehand WW 0.40 float - B/o 25 keys
Falchion Forest Ddpat FT 0.15 float - B/O 25 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet WW 0.38 float - B/O 25 keys
Gut Rust Coat BS 0.55 float - B/O 24 keys
Gut Safari Mesh WW 0.38 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Bright Water FT 0.21 float - B/O 23 keys
Daggers Ultraviolet BS 0.52 float - B/O 23 keys
Navaja Blue Steel MW 0.12 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Urban Masked FT 0.19 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Boreal FT 0.23 float - B/O 23 keys
Gut Safari Mesh FT 0.28 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Black Laminate FT 0.37 float - B/O 22 keys
Gut Scorched FT 0.15 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Ultraviolet FT 0.36 float - B/O 22 keys
Daggers Night FT 0.25 float - B/O 22 keys
Navaja Boreal BS 0.67 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night MW 0.12 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Stained FT 0.30 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Blue Steel WW 0.40 float - B/O 21 keys
Navaja Night BS 0.57 float - B/O 20 keys
Daggers Rust Coat BS 0.66 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal FT 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Boreal Ft 0.15 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Urban Masked FT 0.28 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Night FT 0.20 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Safari Mesh BS 0.65 float - B/O 20 keys
Navaja Forest Ddpat FT 0.29 float - B/O 20 keys
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2023.06.09 16:42 PhoeniXaDc How and why /r/Dodgers will be participating in the Subreddit Blackout June 12-14

After much discussion, the /Dodgers mod team has decided to join the planned subreddit blackout in support of third-party app developers from June 12 through the 14th. We were cautious about doing a full-scale blackout in the middle of the season, so we read the community's comments and debated the best way to implement the blackout. Many of us are long-time users of third-party Reddit apps that will no longer be functional after June 30.
Starting June 12, the subreddit will no longer allow top-level posts except for the automated Daily Thread, Game Chat, and Post Game Thread to allow for paricipation in game discussion and allow users to voice their opinions about the API changes and how they will be affected. However, these threads will not look the same as you are used to.
Dodgers relies heavily on the Reddit API for our bots, which run features like Game Chats with live-updating stats, mid-game comments with Statcast data on home runs and strikeouts, the new pre-game Prediction Game, Daily discussion threads, and more. Additionally, the moderation team relies on 3rd party client applications to moderate the subreddit effectively. While we don't know the full extent of how the API changes will affect our normal operations, we are concerned there will be a major impact on the community.
To reflect this, we will be displaying a message raising awareness about the API changes in these threads to drive home the point that those nice features we take for granted each day could soon be taken away from us.
For more information on why this blackout is happening, please see this OutOfTheLoop thread which summarizes the issue.
Thank you, The /Dodgers Mod Team
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2023.06.09 16:42 Lothe98 What's your relationship with your far away grandparents, aunties and uncles?

Me and my partner are from different countries. We want to move together by the next year. One of our goal is to start a family. We haven't decided yet who will the one moving abroad to reach the other one but there are many chances it will be me. In any case our future child will grow up two and half hours flight away from one branch of his extended family. And even if it's still a manageable distance it scares me because I have a wonderful relationship with my mum and my sister is basically my best friend. I want that my future children would love them too and could count on them. I am worried cause I have an aunt and a cousin living just few car hours away but I barely know them (probably I wouldn't even recognise my cousin if I would meet him). I am terrified something similar could happen especially because probably we could see each other just few times every year. So I was wondering what's your experience with far away close relatives. How did you make it work?
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2023.06.09 16:42 clawheadraven Applied for PhD at UU…how long should I wait to follow up?

Pretty much what the title says. I applied to the Digital Philology department under Linguistics (the department is new and there were 4 openings) and the application closed two weeks ago. I’ve seen sooooo many varying timelines for how long it could take to hear back. Some people hear back in 2 weeks, others in several months. My anxiety is through the roof and the not knowing is killing me. Is it too soon to just ask what their timeline looks like for processing the applications?
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2023.06.09 16:42 Auto_Fac Question about Chant & Intonation

Hey all,
I made a post a few days ago about my going on retreat at a Russian Orthodox monastery nearby. It was a deeply moving few days and left me much to think about and I had many questions the monks were happy to suffer and answer!
I am very liturgically curious and so I've found a lot of resources on the OCA website about music and the various liturgies, but one thing I haven't found an answer to or notation for is the intonation of certain parts of Matins, Vespers, and the Divine Liturgy.
I am from a Western context and very familiar with the chanted divine offices in our tradition but much less so with Eastern liturgy. I noticed that there are many parts of Vespers, for example, that are chanted and obviously have particular tones attached to them depending on days of week, season of church year, and whether it's a festal day, and I think I've found the music for that.
But is there a general rule for the intonation of things like psalms, prayers and litanies? I tried to track what the monks were doing during the liturgies to discern a pattern, but couldn't really figure it out definitively. It seems like you go down a half-tone or something at the beginning of the sentence and again at the end, but then they seemed to do it in the middle of sentences as well?
For example, at Vespers:
↓Bles↑sed is our God always, ↓now ↑ and ever and unto ↓ages ↑of ages.
So "Bles" is a half-tone or so down from "sed"; sed through always is the same note, then down for now and immediately up again to and.
In the west I would call this simply intonation and not chant, but I am wondering if there is a general rule to follow or document that might explain how it's done with prose.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:42 qadirtokhi Lift Gate

Hey everyone, I recently purchased a ladder for my 22 ascents back lift gate. Installed it and now it only opens up 75% of the way. I know I need new struts, I just can’t find any info on how many pounds it currently handles so I can go off of that to purchase a stronger one. Has anyone in this community ran into the same problem and found a solution???
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2023.06.09 16:41 the_suite_life Count over time

I have 4 columns in my table company id/product id/date/count what I am trying to do is create a calculated column/measure that allows me to plot how long a something was owned for. If it is owned it is identified in the count which just gives a 1 or 0 on a monthly basis. Then I would like to create a couple of calculations to say was it held less than 1 year more than 2 then plot that in a line graph over time etc
I managed to calculate something through a measure but doesn't seem to work when I want to plot by month to show when stuff was owned and for how many months. The measure would have to work at product id level as we can have multiple product IDs for one company id
Any help would be amazing.
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2023.06.09 16:41 Decent-Revenue700 I've been feeling burnt out and don't know what to do.

I am currently a high school student and work a casual job usually weekends. I am posting here because I do not want to tell my family or friends to seem like I'm seeking attention but recently i have been working every weekend, I know it doesn't seem like much but i am only in year 10 and i feel like i have no time to myself. i have gone from an A or B student to a below-average or D student because of it. my usual schedule is waking up late as i feel like im always tired, going straight to school and going home and napping for 4-6 hours after school along with this i have not been eating a lot because i am sleeping through dinner and have no time for breakfast and forget to buy food at lunch as the line at my canteen is always packed. i only work 6-7 hours all weekend but usually am rostered on early in the morning so i have to wake up very early. I know that many people are going through so much worse but i felt i needed to vent somewhere as i have struggled with eating habits and mental health in the past and do not want to end up where i was then. i know people do so much more work than me and this probably sounds like the least important thing to worry about but i seriously dont know what to do i am sick of coming to school and having to act cheery and happy somy friends dont question my behaviour. sorry if this is worded confusingly as i am just trying to get my feelings out and dont feel like grammar cecking a vent post. also this is my first post so sorry if this isnt how im supposed to do it. please leave tips on how to get out of this kind of slump as i need to start focusing on my future and cant with my current mental health
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2023.06.09 16:41 _sir95 Omad Day 6 (27 F, GW:77kg)

Morning weight : 84.1kg
OMAD: - medium almond latte - 2.5 mini homemade pizzas - few wedges/cheese puff pastries air-fried - 1 beef sausage - crackers and dip - salad - green smoothie
Since I was hosting a lunch today, I ended up eating some of the food prepared. So technically today wasn’t the most healthiest, but overall I’m so proud of how my first week of omad went especially with work. I have managed to lose the first kg and keep it consistent throughout the week.
And I’m really looking forward to losing more weight and reach my goal weight. The biggest lesson is to keep improving, and if you slip up or life happens, you get straight back on track!
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2023.06.09 16:41 AutoModerator [] ✔️Kristina Azarenko – Tech SEO Pro ✔️ Full Course Download

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In addition to proven technical SEO strategies, you will learn how to THINK as a technical SEO. So you’ll KNOW how to approach any technical SEO issue you’ll face.
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2023.06.09 16:41 emads1675 Scared of giving birth

I know all of us have some time to think about how we will give birth and when it’ll happen, so many what ifs. For me, this is my first. I’m HORRIFIED about the idea of giving birth. Honestly, I might be more scared at the idea of a catheter LOL. I’m considering already talking about scheduling a C-section, but I’m not sure. As a younger FTM it’s quite intimidating to think about all of this. Does anyone else already kind of have a plan? Any recommendations? Literally anyone feeling the same anxiety as me?! I’m 14 weeks in and this is all I can think about at this point 🤦🏼‍♀️😵‍💫
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US BANK CD CALCULATOR Let's learn how to calculate a Certificate of Deposit (CD) live online free updated tool/calculator as of June 8, 2023.
Banks and credit unions provide a financial product known as a Certificate of Deposit (CD).
It is a time deposit, so you put down a certain sum of money for a set amount of time, usually a few months to many years. The financial institution gives you interest on the principal amount as payment for your deposit.


As of June 8, 2023, the CD rates for US Bank are as follows:
1 month
2 months
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
18 months
24 months
36 months
These rates are for standard CDs. US Bank also offers a variety of other CD products, including Step Up CDs, Trade Up CDs, and High Yield CDs. These products offer higher interest rates, but they also have different terms and conditions.
Disclaimer - It is significant to remember that these prices could fluctuate. For the most recent rates, you should always check with US Bank.


As of June 9, 2023, the average US 3-month CD rate is 0.78%. This is according to data from YCharts.
The highest 3 month CD rate is 5.16%, offered by TotalDirectBank. The lowest 3 month CD rate is 0.05%, offered by US Bank.
what is Todays updated us bank cd calculator
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