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Persona 4 Golden, the greatest game of all time! Here, you can post questions, fan art, and anything that has to do with our investigation crew!

2023.06.09 02:16 Suspicious_Block_291 How do I catch my cheating spouse that’s very technology smart?What is the most common apps cheaters use to communicate? What to check on spouses phone for cheating? What do cheaters use to communicate? How do I outsmart my cheating husband? ----------------------- If you’re looking for ways to catch a cheating wife, chances are there is already trouble in your marital paradise. Maybe, you see clear signs that your spouse is being unfaithful or something about her behavior makes you suspicious. Perhaps, you’re in denial and want to negate your suspicions by digging deeper. Or maybe you need solid proof of the transgression before you confront her.
How do I catch my cheating spouse that’s very technology smart
Technology has indeed made cheating easier than ever before. That’s perhaps why we see a spike in cases of infidelity, with at least 70% of married couples in the US getting involved in some kind of affair during the course of their marriage. Another research on extramarital sex in the 21st century, 13% of women reported cheating on their spouses at some point in their lifetime.
Given how easy it has become to start and carry on an affair in this day and age where virtual affairs are dominating the landscape of infidelity and making a clean break from past romantic interests just isn’t realistic anymore, it would be naïve to believe that you can truly cheat-proof your relationship.
However, technology can be a double-edged sword. While it facilitates extramarital affairs, it also makes it easy to catch a cheating spouse, no matter how clever they’re in covering their tracks. So if you’ve been wondering what is the best way to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever or how to tie the suspicious behavior of a cheating wife to tangible proof, pay attention to these 11 smart ways to catch a cheating wife:
For further information about How do I catch my cheating spouse that’s very technology smart and other related hacking services, Speak to a hacker anonymously on for all your hacking needs
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2023.06.09 02:00 great_misdirect Any advice on rehabbing my Dracaena?

Any advice on rehabbing my Dracaena?
I’ve cut back what was left after neglect and a move and am currently propagating the branches in a jar with water. Some roots have sprouted. For the original stalk, how can encourage the new growth? Should I cut the stalk back so it’s not as tall? I’m excited it’s bouncing back and I want to do it right.
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2023.06.09 01:49 Titos_Follower I 24 (M) need advice on soon to be 18 (F) Colleague

I 24 (M) had met a colleague soon to be 18 (F) and apparently we got on very well. Now I’m kind of looking for advice because I do not know what I should do about it. I kind of feel wrong to pursue her, but again, we get along so well. Especially how our interests are so similar to each other.
I usually go for women who are around my age as I can’t be bothered with girls who are around 3-4 years younger than me because they usually want to fuck around whereas I’m currently in a period in my life where I sort of want to settle down or rather just take it easy with someone and kind of see where it goes.
We both flirt with each other at work but it’s all harmless fun and games. Now we’ve started to text and it’s been going good so far. Also my other colleagues organised a double date for us, and apparently she is extremely looking forward to it. I also would like to note that I met her mother during my shift at work and apparently her daughter mentions me very fondly with her. Again, I’m kind of not sure what I should take this as, because I’ve never met a girls parents (someone who i am semi- pursuing romantically) before.
To some degree, I’ve thought about this morally, and I didn’t think much of it because if you think about it a six year difference is not much (and also if the relationship was to materialise it is completely legal where i live) however, I kind of feel the age gap a little bit. If I had to describe her, she’s an incredibly intelligent young woman who is also good looking and every time she smiles it kind of brightens my day a little bit.
I think my main concern is that, I am afraid that if anything has to materialise between us, I feel that she will leave me because she would want to explore with other people and not just stick with me (which is completely understandable and fine). This fear is here because it has happened before and have been completely heart broken over it.
Tldr; going on a double date with a girl who is six years younger than me, but im not sure if i should pursue this romantically.
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2023.06.09 01:30 SortOfHauntedPeach Bitchy

I can be bitchy when I'm stressed out. Naggy. I don't like not knowing how things are going to happen. I'm def not a "live and let live" person. I'm stressing myself out more than anyone else in this house worrying about how the kid is getting to work and where I'm getting cat food from. I've decided to let the men figure the ride stuff out since neither are remotely stressed about it and I'll figure out cat food.
I'm just a little grouchy about the stress but not super bitchy. XD I'm always in charge of our schedules and then when I'm trying to not be everyone looks at me in the 11th hour (good game though) and I have to haul ass to get it sorted.
I'm just griping. It's going to be okay. I do take some things too seriously. I think we're going to get some real food tonight because we're out of not shite meals which makes me feel worse.
Sorry for complaining. XD I'm just a person, man. I've got lots of flaws and quirks. Overt consciousness is one of them and it becomes bitchiness which is ironic.
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2023.06.09 01:10 Vorabbifz $50 Bonus for 10 Debit Card Purchases from Delta Community CU + $25 from Me (USA)

$50 Bonus for 10 Debit Card Purchases from Delta Community CU + $25 from Me (USA)
Delta Community Credit Union is a credit union based in Atlanta, Georgia. I've always really enjoyed their personal touch in customer service. Right now, they're running a referral promo which rewards $50 for the referred person and $100 for the referring person. All that's required is a minimum total deposit of $55 and 10 debit card purchases of any amount. Available nationwide. I will be happy to give back $25 of my part to you if you choose to use my referral link and code.
To get the $75 ($50 from Delta and $25 from me):
  1. Please DM me and tell me your name first, so we can establish our initial communication.
  2. Start your signup at my referral link (Link #1 on this page).
  3. You will have your unique promotion code emailed to you. Save this Promotion Code. Click "Apply Now with Promotion Code".
  4. Start your application as a New Member.
  5. Select the "Checking" account which is fee-free and comes with a debit card.
  6. On the same page, enter your unique Promotion Code you got in step 3 and click "Apply Promotion Code".
  7. An "Personal Savings" account is automatically added. Minimum of $5 deposit is required.
  8. Continue and enter your personal information.
  9. Continue and confirm your eligibility for Delta CCU. A good news is that anyone in the USA can become eligible by donating $5 to "Creflo Dollar Ministries" (select No for the first 3 questions and select Creflo Dollar Ministerial Assoc. for 4th question). For this, go to Creflo's website from Link #2 on this page , click "Give" and choose "CDM - Donations". Save the receipt email. You can wait to make your donation until Step 13 where you your application is submitted. This should be the cheapest method for most people. If you live or work in greater metro Atlanta, you can claim your eligibility for that. To see the list of many other options to become eligible, please see Link #3 on this page.
  10. Continue and enter your personal information.
  11. Select a funding option for your opening deposit. Make sure you deposit $50 or more to the checking account to become eligible for the bonus. ($5 minimum is required for Savings account)
  12. Submit your application.
  13. If you postponed making the donation to Creflo Dollar Ministries in Step 9, you can do so now.
  14. If Delta CCU staff needs ID verification (this has been happening a lot thses days but don't worry, it's just a routine check), they'll ask you to send ID documents. If they ask proof of member eligibility, you can send the donation receipt from Step 9.
  15. Once your accounts are opened, wait for your debit card in the mail. Activate it and make card 10 purchases. Amazon gift cards for $1 each or Reloads for $0.50 each will work.
  16. Your $50 bonus should be credited within a few days of meeting your requirement.
  17. Send me a screenshot of your statement page, and upon confirmation of both of our payouts I will send you $25 via method of your choice (CashApp, PayPal, crypto etc.)
  18. You may earn more by referring your family members and friends from Link #4 on this page.
This offer is good until June 30, 2023. The promo rules are described Link #5 on this page.
No hard credit inquiry. USA only.
If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me. Thank you for using my referral, in advance!
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2023.06.09 01:02 AutoModerator [Get] Perry Belcher – Association Domination Masterclass Download

[Get] Perry Belcher – Association Domination Masterclass Download
Download :
Discover How You Can Own The World’s Most Recession Proof…



My Selfish Confession Frankly, my reasons for releasing this system are incredibly selfish.
Bottom line. I need smart educated partners and no one else teaches this stuff.
I hope to meet you someday and possibly do a deal with you. I have so many ideas, brands, and high-level domains set aside for association businesses that I cannot possibly get to them all without knowledgeable partners.
That’s why I created the Association Domination Community and System.
My first experience teaching about associations was at a $1,000 per person live event in Las Vegas in late 2021. The recordings were never sold; they were only available to those who attended the live event.
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2023.06.09 01:02 SMASHBROSUNIVERSE How to get to printing page for online shipping fee receipt

I payed for the shipping for ups on the ups website, it came up with a receipt page which I clicked off. How do I get back to the page and print off this receipt.
I need it for the ups man delivering a parcel tommorow
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2023.06.09 00:16 Raine2896 Help with calendar events

I'd like that the religious festivities or holidays doesn't show up on my widget, there's any way to do that?, I'd like too that the widget shows events that aren't on that day (if there's any obviously) like the upcoming events, I'm very new to kwgt, and I just edit premade widgets here's the code of the events:$if(df(D, ci(start, 0))=df(D),tc(cut, tc(cap, ci(title, 0)), 15),"")$ - for the title of the event, and: $if(df(D, ci(start, 0))=df(D),df(hh:mm a, ci(start, 0))-df(hh:mm, ci(end, 0)),"")$ - for the time. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I made a mistake english it's my second language.
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2023.06.08 23:12 FantasticChipmunk345 Stressing about a job I've applied for and don't know how to proceed

Always struggled with finding jobs, ended up doing driving jobs as they involve very little interaction with others. Always loved baking and saw a bakery that my wife happened to visit on a local market and they are advertising for a Baker. Under the false confidence giving of alcohol I sent an email saying how I had seen the job and Always had a love of baking etc and told him about a baking course I did. Get a reply the next day saying he is very interested and the first steps would be to send a cv and then maybe a visit to the bakery. I panicked and ignored it for two days and then received another email where he said he had been having problems with his email and wondered if I had got his email. I replied and said I would send over my cv shortly.
Panic kicked in and I waited one day and the next day sent my apologies for not sending it as my car broke down (which was true) and I got distracted. Sent him my cv. Wake up the next morning to see the dreaded message, "would be great if you could call me". Agonising about it all day, what will he ask, what if he says so tell me a bit about yourself. I will completely freeze and not know what to say. How do you answer a question like that? Anyway a whole day has gone by and I've ignored him. Part of me would love the job but the other negative part gives me all the reasons not to follow up. I have no clue what to do I'm sat here on the toilet drinking hiding it from my wife and I'm just so fed up
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2023.06.08 23:05 Moon_and_starz [ACADEMIC] Participants needed!

I am conducting a research project through The University of Derby (England) for my masters dissertation as part of an MSc in Health Psychology, and I am hoping you can help.
Study Title: Stress, resilience, sensitivity and the experience of pain in the general population.
My name is Emma Rouse and the supervisor overseeing the research is Dr Elaina Taylor.
The study aims to investigate the role of stress, resilience, and sensitivity in individuals with, and without, chronic pain and the impact on quality of life. Currently, there is a lack of research investigating how sensory processing sensitivity can affect the experience of pain.
This study could help us to see why some adults are more vulnerable to developing chronic pain than others. I would like to invite you to participate in the study by completing an online survey that will take approximately 10-15 minutes. To take part, individuals do not have to be experiencing any pain.
The survey will include a short demographics questionnaire which will ask questions about your age, gender, ethnicity, educational background, profession, pain location and condition (if applicable). This will be followed by a survey containing questions focused on stress, resilience, sensitivity, experience of pain and quality of life.
We are interested in recruiting participants from the general population (without pain) but are also particularly interested in individuals who experience any form of pain.
Your participation will remain confidential and anonymous and is completely voluntary. You may also withdraw from the research after participation. There is no obligation to participate. The study has been awarded ethical approval by the University of Derby Ethics Committee.
To participate, you must meet the following inclusion criteria:
You will be ineligible to participate if you meet any of the following exclusion criteria:
If you are interested in taking part in the study, please click the link below:
Best wishes,
Emma Rouse
Contact details for all members of the research team are provided below:
Emma Rouse - [email protected]
Dr Elaina Taylor - [email protected]
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2023.06.08 22:49 wahtistihsidnotenve Story Progression & Levelling

So I saw a discussion earlier this week about doing the side content, and a commenter warned not to over-level your character, etc.
I'm just wondering how to go about progressing the game at this point. I am level 37, and just beginning act 3. I know there are 6 acts in the game. I want to do side quests, dungeons, etc, but I am now worried that I will get to 50 too fast.
Should I just try to focus on the story, and save a lot of the side content for endgame? I know I can say screw it and just play whatever content I'd like, but I also don't really want to grind through a lot of the story without numbers going up I guess. Not sure how to balance this.
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2023.06.08 22:19 John_Swift1 Passed the SHRM-CP Exam!! Sharing my experience + thoughts

I’ve been creeping on “SHRM-CP Passed” posts for the past year, so I'm excited to finally join and post my own. Feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! So many of those posts helped me so I thought I’d share my experiences too 😊Advanced warning that the post is super long. but TLDR: try to get SHRM Learning System if you can and take those quizzes/practice exams over and over again. Know your processes steps. My test also had a lot of q's on Risk Management, Talent Acquisition, and HR Global Strategy & Effectiveness. For SJTs - they ask a lot of q's what to do "first" - typically the answer is doing more investigation and gathering more data. Also, SHRM loves anything to do with collaborating with managers and evidence-based approaches. And they prefer in-person solutions/communications. Rarely if ever, have I seen "send an email" as an answer. The exam was a 3/5 for me on difficulty. 4/5 if I didn't prepare.
I'm mostly happy that I can get my evenings back and not spend it on studying anymore! 😂 I was dreading the test date but also was happy to finally get it over with (pass or fail honestly lol). I'm a data geek so I'm really looking forward to seeing the breakdown on my test results - they said they'll send it within three weeks! Wish I could see the q's I missed though.So many posts on this sub helped me prepare and set my expectations - so THANK YOU! Sorry, this post ran long - happy to answer any q's you may have! :) and best of luck to future test-takers.
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2023.06.08 21:45 AbsurdFretboard How could the details of this ritual work?

So, first things first: If you've just started a "Elements - campaign" dm'ed by a guy beginning with J, turn back now. Thank me later.
I'll try to keep it short, but it's a bit convoluted:
I'm currently planning a campaign with two evil guys who are at least formally allied, Sir King of Main City ™ and his advisor and court mage of sorts. Sir Kong has alot of mommy issues, which is when she was slowly dying, he begged his court mage to find something to keep her alive. The Mage found a ritual that would keep her from passing into the planes of the dead.
Unintentional consequence is that keeping her soul bound to him grants the Mage power, which is why he begins to use this ritual again and again, in secret - and finally uses it on our player characters, who will find themself, when killed (which will happen pretty soon into the campaign), in a limbo state with other souls who aren't ready or able to pass on.
As this is on of the most important plot points, I don't think the lost souls should know of the ritual, at least in its entirety, but rather in a few clues that will fit into the puzzle later on.
The Main points of this ritual so far are: - keeps a person from leaving the world fully - grants the performer of the ritual power - those affected by the ritual don't necessarily know they were subjected to it - the Mage has a way of performing the ritual in secret - the players will be affected by the ritual and it shouldn't be obvious to them as well.
So, I know it's a wall of text, but do you have ideas for how the ritual works? What steps does the Mage have to follow?
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2023.06.08 21:19 XAdi25 Help needed

Guys one of my old classmate confessed me that she had a crush on me but I kept the conversation lightly and moved on telling that it was back when we were small and it's all natural to happen it to someone but she felt that the conversation was getting awkward and left, what to do now. I don't know how to respond. pls help
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2023.06.08 20:47 proffitt6 Mom has been in some kind of funk lately and I’m tired of dealing with it.

Essentially what the title says is all I need to say but I figured I’d elaborate on it a little bit.
So a little backstory, back in February mom got into an accident, she’s not been the same since. A month after the accident, grandmother helped buy a car, the car she got has issues, frame is about snap in half, power steering fluid is leaking, and a few other things. The car she got into an accident with is trash as well, she figured that she could just get the headlight fixed and drive it as is but the frame is twisted, so that car is also trash (both of these cars mentioned is a 2007 Buick Rainier and a 2004 Buick Rainier). Grandmother bought a 2003 GMC Envoy XUV recently, mom fucking hates it cause it’s “too long”, anyway, ever since the Envoy was bought, she’s essentially hated it since day one. I’m just fucking tired of hearing about the bullshit, I’m about to snap at her and tell her that I personally do not give a single fuck. What do I do?
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2023.06.08 20:21 wilddogg0 Sad Monstera

Sad Monstera
My indoor monstera got evicted to the back yard when we moved into a new house since the house doesn't get adequate light (mostly under 250 lux because of tree cover). This outfoor spot is shady all day but the leaves still look very unhappy. All the advice online says to switch between indoor and outdoor more slowly but there wasn't a good spot indoors for that and I am not sure how much good it will do to start that now. Is there anything I can do to help it here? Should I move it indoooutdoor for a week or two even with minimal indoor light? Should I just chop and prop?
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2023.06.08 19:54 ltc0928 Do you have any experience/success stories in inquiring about switching to fully remote during an interview for a hybrid role?

A recruiter set me up with an interview for a 6 figure, hybrid position (2-3 days in office). I've always said I'd have to be dragged back into a physical office but, for the right number, I'd walk in.
Now if the office was downtown, I'd suck it up and deal with it. The problem is, the office is in a very far suburb. By car, it's 84 miles roundtrip. By transit, I'd have take 2 buses and 2 trains.
I just can't stomach the idea of commuting like it's 2019. Yes, the salary increase covers gas and car maintenance - but I'm not sure it covers my sanity. Especially with how Chicago winters are set up.
I figure I charm the socks off these guys then nicely ask them about any possibility to switching to 100% remote. Should I do that in the first interview and save everyone's time? Or wait to see if/when things feel promising in the second/final interview? Or do I let that question go through my recruiter?
The recruiter did say that the client is a little flexible in terms of the hybrid policy and, hey, the worst that can happen from me asking is a simple 'no'. I have a job - not six figures - but a good one, so I don't need to leave (I just don't blow off 6-figure opportunities when they land in my lap).
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2023.06.08 19:45 zuthemagician Dopamine deficiency on MPH?

Hi everyone!
I was diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago. The more I had been reading into it, the more things "clicked", so I went to get evaluated by a psychiatrist. He had prescribed me Medikinet CR 10 mg (Ritalin in the US), and basically as soon as I gpt on it a bunch of things had changed: drugs and sugar cravings disappeared completely (before I would stuff myself with sugar everyday, started getting into drugs later to numb my chronic depression). My depression had gotten milder. Focus improved. Hyperfixations disappeared (that's one unfortunate effect).
After some time, I've decided to switch my psychiatrist to one that was more experienced with ADHD. Meanwhile I got another heavy depression bout (have lived with constant mild depression with more severe bouts since I was around 15 yo so no suprise here). I complained to the new doctor that I had uncomfortable daily ups and downs from Medikinet CR and she prescribed me Concerta 18 mg. Now the ups and downs were much smoother.
Additionally, about those mood swings - from day 1 of starting MPH, I got mild euphoria rushes from the drug. I didn't really do much research back then, and thought it was just a side effect. So after the euphoria rush, there was the normal "calm" feeling, and after that a significant drop in mood.
Things have changed since then, though. Even after starting Concerta, I still had my persistent depression (with co-existent anxiety), and switched depression medication basically every 3 months, because nothing seemed to work. I even took out a loan to get TMS treatment, which seemed to cure depression for like 2 months or something. So that was one thing.
The other was drug cravings. After the "miraculous" period after starting MPH when I did not feel any, after some time (like 2 months) they returned, even while taking meds. And here we are now, after 2 years of treatment with MPH I constantly get the need to take too much IR MPH to cause euphoria (though I don't even get much of it, just more talkative and motivated). I'm afraid I'm addicted to it. Even though I don't take it on weekends, just on working days, and do not feel the need to take it on weekends.
I would really like to tell that to my doctor, so she could help find a more suitable drug or dosing, but she has written in her bio that she does not treat patients addicted to drugs. So I'm scared she will just refuse to treat me any further. She's a very dedicated doctor and actually cares and constantly looks for newer options for my depression treatment (even though I had tried like 3/4 drugs available on the market).
I tried adjusting the dose on my own, tried not taking Concerta at all, gave all my supply of IR MPH to my boyfriend, so it would not be easily available for me when I get a craving. Since nothing worked, and whenever I quit Concerta completely, after few days I was unable to work at all, heavy depression, lack of focus, basically a bad crash. So I subtly suggested to my psychiatrist going on another ADHD med - that was atomoxetine.
I was really hopeful it will mitigate everything bothering me - persistant depression, anhedonia, drug cravings, other ADHD things etc. I started taking the lowest dose possible alongside Concerta, but it turned out to be hell - I got severe mood swings, bouts of aggression, insomnia, anxiety. Had to quit it after 2 weeks because I felt I was going insane.
I am starting to believe I'm beyond help, to be honest. I was thinking an ADHD diagnosis would finally lead me to become stable, even happy, to find pleasure like normal humans.
However, there are some days when I'm stable. On those days Concerta does not give me mood swings, just calmness and focus, and I do not crave any drugs, can actually function like a normal human being, and generally feel content with life. I wish there was more of them, but I have no idea how to do it...
Maybe I don't have ADHD, even though I have all the symptoms. But MPH gives me mild euphoria, and I keep reading it shouldnt, it should make you sleepy/calm when you have ADHD. And it seems to be working less and less. I don't know what to think. I'm worried all the time again. I wish I had some peace finally. My theory is that I'm still dopamine-deficient, and that's where the drug (and sugar) cravings come from.
I'm not seeking any medical advice, I just wanted someone to listen and maybe find their own experience in mine. Maybe write yours? So thank you for reading up until now, I hope you have a nice day.
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2023.06.08 19:02 Catapultcharlie The swelling struggle is real

I’m just at 11wpo and it’s been such a roller coaster. I’m definitely still swelling. Yet even though I know it’s normal it’s still crazy how much it can change day to day. I had thought at the end of last week I was slowly decreasing in the swelling as I had spent a few days with all my size L bras feeling way too big. So I went and got some inexpensive sports bras in a size M to switch to. Then yesterday I swelled back up and the nerve pain I’ve had in the right side returned. So I’m back in the bigger bras again. I am just rolling with the changes and know it will eventually stop and settle out. Though I could do without the right nipple having vasospasms anytime I look at it lol. But considering I dealt with superficial necrosis on that nipple I count myself lucky it’s still there and looks normal now.
Anyways for those who are also struggling with swelling and recovery don’t worry your not alone! Just can’t wait for those final small boobs when it’s all said and done!
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2023.06.08 18:31 smallcute Very Angry Inner Child, How Do I Help And Parent Her?

I (F34) am in therapy for CPTSD. My therapist and I have been working on my inner child and what's she's feeling.
IC is very much a toddler and not able to verbalise very much, most of what she communicates is grunts and urghs. It is exhausting trying to interpret her and figure out what she needs. She is very much in the driving seat most of the time and whilst adult me has managed to take the reigns on some bigger day to day tasks like getting up at a set time, having a shower before work and getting some excerise or tidying the house, when big emotions come up IC is very much forcing adult me away and taking charge. This in turn leaves me feeling extremely tired and unable to manage basic tasks like taking care of myself or going to work.
I was given some homework at my last session on trying to figure out how to help my inner child with her anger issues. IC is incredibly angry and at times really wants to hurt others or even take a match to the world. She feels very unheard and rejected, this in turn causes more anger that then turns to frustration, anxiety which means simple tasks struggle to be completed and procrastination and intense focus on silly things, ie endless scrolling looking at clothes. She also feels very hopeless and can easily blame others for feeling angry, ie I am angry because x didn't listen to me. IC also struggles to accept things and it means she can't move past what has happened and she still feels hurt, its a very presnt feeling that she wants to correct and change the outcome.
I see adult me and IC as two separate people and IC really needs some parenting so that she can grow and develop past non verbal toddler age. I am trying to find resources about helping toddlers with their anger, regulate her emotions, self sooth and move on from events that leave her feeling hurt and the outcome was unjust.
Has anyone else gone through re parenting yourselves in relation to anger? what helped you? Are there any resources you can recommend?
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2023.06.08 18:13 No-Independence828 [HELP] refund issue

Hello all! Hope you are doing well and maybe you could help me out, so I did a trip around Europe last month and did all my Hotel reservations with After all the bookings were made and before the trip I did also change bank.
Two of the bookings were canceled, both of them for different reasons and with no policy problem, I told them before hand that that old card did no long exist and provided them with a new card to process the refund...
But they went ahead and issued the refund to the old card, now the bank tells me that since the card and the account are no longer active they have no way to receive the money, that whoever sent money there will simply get it back and booking tells me to speak to the bank and that they can only issue refunds to the card that was used for payment.
Does anyone know any laws that could help me with this issue? Is there a consumer defense office or something? I just dont know how to continue with this...
Thanks a mill
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2023.06.08 18:05 Paula143 I don’t really like my grandparents

This is my first post on reddit, i really don’t know how it works but i it saw on TikTok and wanted to try. First of all, English is not my first language so forgive me if i make mistakes.
Now, i don’t hate my grandparents but when i’m with them i just can’t stand them, i’m 17 (F) and my grandparents are now 80, all my life i’ve lived 5 hours away from them, they live in a village and i live in a city, because of that i don’t see them really often, just in Christmas and summer sometimes only in summer because my mom is the one who can drive me and my brother (19 M) there and we can’t go on train because there isn’t one there. When i visit them, the first hours or the first day i try hard to be nice and patient but the next days i really just give up, i can’t live with them always asking things and not letting me live in peace. When i’m home (my home) i’m very independent and in my family we are pretty chill so we don’t bother one another but with my grandparents they are always on top of me and i can’t relax. I tend to have a nice temper, but when i’m in a bad mood, i can’t stand anyone and i don’t know why but my grandparents always put me in a horrible mood.
When my brother and i were little my parents used to drop us off at our grandparents home and leave us like a month with them meanwhile they were in the city, working. When they were on vacations they would come and spend like two more weeks with all of us. I hated being there specially without my parents because i don’t have a “safe” relationship with my grandparents, i can’t be myself. And just like i don’t really like them i know they don’t like us that much either, when we were little they would yell at us, get angry for small thing and swear, and i’ve heard my grandma lots of times call my mom and tell her to pick us up, that she couldn’t do it. I know they love us but they are not used to us just like we are not used to them, they can’t live with two teenagers and we can’t live with two old people. (also, when we were little because we live far, we didn’t have friends and because the village is small there was nothing to do so we were really really bored when we were there).
They are the only grandparents i/we have, my dad’s passed before i was born and so my mom always tells me “you have to be nice, they are the only ones you have”, i swear i try, but i can’t and what really breaks my heart is my mom, she hates when i “misbehave” with them and she tells me “what would you do if someone treated me like that?” i don’t like the reactions i have, they just appear.
I fell so guilty typing this, i know my brother has a better relationship with them and i fell bad that i fell like this, i can’t help it, it even annoys me when my grandma calls me and i have to admit that sometimes i wish i had other grandparents, my friend has the sweetest grandma and i wish she was mine too, or my grandpa has a sister who is married and they are so nice, the last day i saw them i really wished they were my grandparents.
Now my mom is planning on going there June 21st and she wants me to go, i want to go, not really for them but because there are thing to do there and i have friends that i want to see, but i don’t really want to go through seeing them, this felling makes me guilty and sad because i wish i had the relationship everyone talks about where you love your grandparents to death.
I know this may have sounded spoiled, and people who don’t have their grandparents anymore and loved them may don’t understand me or hate me, this is just my history.
Thank you for reading ❤️.
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