Heb pharmacy flu shot

pharmacy issues

2023.06.09 17:28 notokphotos pharmacy issues

next wednesday will be 3 weeks since i missed 3 shot days due to pharmacy issues. they keep saying they’ve sent in the request and to call back after 4 for the past 3 days so i’m wondering since it’s been so long will 9mo of changes start to reverse?
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2023.06.09 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Fri, Jun 09 2023] TL;DR — This is the top investing content you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


GM to use Tesla's charging network, joining Ford in leveraging EV leader's tech
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Yellen: “It’s not all a matter of spending. I think we in the interest of tax fairness and having the resources to invest in our economy, we also need to be considering proposals that would enhance revenue while also controlling on spending.”
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S&P 500 Starts a New Bull Market as Big Tech Lifts Stocks
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Anyone know anything about the graphene space?
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Element 79 Gold Announces 60-Day Extension to Valdo LOI (CSE:ELEM, OTC:ELMGF, FSE: 7YS)
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Stock Market Recap for Thursday. June 8, 2023
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SEC Chair Gensler says crypto frenzy is rife with ‘hucksters, fraudsters, scam artists’
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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse: SEC is Throwing Lawsuits to Distract from FTX Debacle
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Shocker: SEC Chair Gary Gensler wanted a job at Binance in 2019 - Coiner Magazine
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2023.06.09 16:50 Lazy_College942 Fancy pooh

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2023.06.09 16:32 jennyfromtheblock777 Covid vax for toddler?

Parents with Covid or post-covid kids - did you vax them? As of 5 months ago, only 10% of toddlers have gotten vaccinated.
My last booster was a while ago. I guess Covid is just going away? As time goes on, is it less lethal? It just doesn’t seem like anyone is rushing to get kids vaccinated.
What are your experiences with vaccines? The Covid vax? When are we supposed to vaccinate in order to prevent possible death from Covid? Age 12? Age 14? Age 30?
Where is the threshold? I guess if your kid has underlying respiratory issues like asthma there’s more urgency?
My kid is 30 months and I just thought about it today. Her 2.5 year appointment is coming up but so far no one has even asked about the Covid vax, though she’s up to date on all immunizations. I think we even got her a flu shot last fall, but no Covid shot. I’ll ask her Pedi in a few days.
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2023.06.09 15:34 sinsofasaint257 My journey, struggle

My journey with Mounjaro has been up and down. Since January, I've gone from 363 to 323 or so. While I'm pleased I've had progress, some issues have caused me to not fully "enjoy" or experience the benefits of it, if you will.
1.) Availability: mounjaro hasn't been available or I've had to wait weeks to get a new dose. I'm on a wait list right now at a pharmacy because it is pretty hard to find. Because of that, it leads to
2.) A lack of consistency. If I'm out of shots, that just makes it a bit more challenging.
3.) Insurance companies. These blood sucking nutsacks are terrible. The changes to the protocols for approval were awful. I was once declined for approval because the insurance said I needed a history of showing I used the medicine before. I told them they should have those records because they approved it before. Insurance said that didn't matter and I needed to prove something else. I provided proof and then they moved the needle. My online doctor finally called them and got it approved.
4.) Stress. I work full time, was studying for a certification as well that was a bit of a challenge and just finished a graduate degree, and I have kids under the age of 3. All of that made everything so much harder.
5.) Not being able to consistently workout. This week I've been finally about to do 3 days of strength training. Not being able to physically move like I should has sucked.
Most of these issues are my fault but hopefully things will change now that I have more time and less work, school stress.
The 5.0mg shot was ineffective for me. 7.5 was slightly better. 10 seems to work now so hopefully that'll be good for me.
Just looking for ways to add to the effectiveness of the medicine
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2023.06.09 15:07 waywardpixel My best friend is moving away to the woods of Wisconsin to wait out the “end of the world” in 2030

My best friend in the whole world has changed completely. This began in August of last year. She took me to a concert and told me she was going on a week long camping trip with her mother and brother (and we both knew they believed in a bunch of crazy conspiracies) I made a joke and wished her luck. I had no idea that would be the last time things would be normal between us.
After the trip, she texts me and says she has to tell me something important. She tells me she is a born again Christian, and she believes everything her mom and brother have been drilling into her head and fear mongering since the pandemic in 2020. From what I know, (because I’m sure there’s a lot I don’t know) this is what they believe:
  1. Trump is the Antichrist.
  2. Earth is flat.
  3. The vaccine makes you half machine. And it also fills you up with something that they can use to control you and make your heart explode whenever they want. It also changes your DNA making you not the same person.
  4. Space is fake. All of it. And the sun is a light the government turns on.
  5. Giants and Bigfoot and other mythical creatures exist.
  6. They cannot go to any government building (even the post office) because since they know the “truth”, all conspiracy theorists are considered National terrorists and will be shot on sight.
  7. Eventually, they will plant a chip in our hands and we will be punished for buying too much meat at the grocery stores. They will control how much we buy.
  8. They are getting rid of cash. She tells me that cash is already gone in china, but I don’t think that’s true.
  9. The world is ending in 2030. That’s when the rapture is coming.
  10. 5G towers will make you explode if you got the Covid vaccine. Or the flu vaccine because they have mixed the Covid vaccine with the flu vaccine and aren’t telling anyone.
That’s everything I can remember off the top of my head. But things are just so different now. She has tried to convert me. I stood firm in my own beliefs. She’s tried mom shaming me for having my son (who is almost 2) vaccinated. We had a big fight over that. I tried being respectful but it hurts. The main reason it hurts is bc they have all bought campers and are moving from Louisiana to Wisconsin whenever “stuff starts happening in the world” (the date keeps getting pushed back) and they will be off the grid in the woods with no phones or anything. No contact with anyone. Until 2030. They will be gardening and fishing for food. I am terrified of that. They aren’t fit for that type of lifestyle. I’m scared she or they won’t last out there. Especially the winters. She was seriously a piece of my heart. We were so close. And she wouldn’t even come and see me before she moved cities in Louisiana bc we are different people now. She doesn’t tell me anything unless I bring up something that upsets her or if I hound her and ask.
I don’t know what to do. It feels like she’s passed away. The person I loved is gone. And I won’t even be able to speak to her soon or know if she’s okay. That messes with my head so bad. For years, I’ll just be worried. And I’ll never know. No one will. My heart is just broken. And there’s nothing to do about that.
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2023.06.09 15:00 Little_Mars_Stars Vaccine catchup

Age 25 Sex Female Height 5’4 Weight 150 Race W Duration of complaint N/A Location N/A Any existing relevant medical issues N/A Current medications None
Hi! Please be gentle with me I am learning and growing! I grew up fairly crunchy and very afraid of vaccines. I had all of my routine childhood vaccines except for HPV and flu. I am married now so I don’t see the point in getting the Hpv vaccine (please correct me if I’m wrong) but plan to get the flu and Covid vaccine as soon as possible. I am also overdue for a tdap so here’s my question. If I get my tdap today and my daughter gets her dtap in 4 days (that’s when her appt is) can that be too much for her? Her immune system will already be working with her shots while also getting some from my breastmilk, no? Just some clarification around this stuff would be super helpful! Thank you!
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2023.06.09 06:29 AdditionalPumpkin286 Have you used Nurx?

Can I use Nurx to get the Xulane? I have a prescription just no cooperating pharmacy. If not Nurx, Amazon? I feel like I’m grasping at straws here.
So I love the Xulane patch but for some reason I can only get Zafemy patch (the generic) in my area. Zafemy burned my skin (rant for another time) so I hate it. Pills are not great because I work three jobs and forget to bring them. I am scared of IUDs and hate shots so I’m kinda out of options.
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2023.06.09 04:29 artpopforlife Do you guys also question everything from big pharma other than psychiatrist drugs?

Since I've been abused and mistreated by doctors and their medication, it opened my eyes to understand what society it is about.
Treatments are not treatments. Medical help isn't medical help. Doctors are more close to drug dealers than to healers.
So since I've understood the big pharma label people so they can sell drugs that won't cure and barely treat, most times only to worsen the cases and exterminate people, slowly or not, I also perceived that all other drugs are also meant for treating symptoms not offering the cure.
So I ask you today if you guys also question other drugs including the vaxxes from big pharma. I know the vaxx prevent us from having major diseases we have in our society, but as the same time I have my doubts whether: are those diseases natural occurring or they are planted or manually mutated virus put into society in order to control population? then I also question: the jabs can prevent those diseases, but what else is causing us at the same time? Are the vaxx doing their jobs or something else? Are the diseases they protected, created as an agenda so we get the shot?
I feel like diseases are actually a plot so we can get jabbed and need help, it's not only about money. I say this because after covid vaxx a lot of people have had their imunnes system against flu absolutely destroyed and some always get the flu nowadays. My mother had had the influenza flu shots recently shots and suddenly she started suffering a lot from arthritis just after the shot and she got severely bad. She herself made this statement. It's not from my mouth. I'm just listening to what herself said with her experience.
The big pharma and the media want us to think treatments are good and that everyone needs doctors, drugs, treatments, health care, when what they don't do is to question WHY the fuck our society has collapsed to the point where everybody is fucking sick (?), and now everyone needs to get meds at drugs stores, sinthetic drugs that won't cure you but will relief your symptoms until you die... Everyone is carrying drugs in their purses.
It's fucking breast cancer, heart attack, thrombosis, aneurisms, and I know they didn't start in 2020 but they have been happening a lot in the past 20, 30 years.
I think we are dealing with water, air, food pollution, but what the media hides the most are the drugs. Everyone talks a lot of fried food, suggar, but nobody is talking about big pharma and they sellers, which are doctors.
You go do a doctor and all he can do is prescribe you sinthetic drugs. That's what they do...
And please let's not start to talk about that this is a anti science speech because all this so called science we have today are sponsered and filtered by money, business men, and industries.
In universities everytime someone discovers the natural cure for why disease the person ends up dead and they study never see the light of the day... It's has happened a lot of times in some big universities here in Brazil. Someone finds some real treatment to some deadly diseases, mostly coming from nature suppments, then the studies vanishes. Our current science is sponsored and filtered by the industries. And it's not about money in the end of the day. These people already control the money. It's about power. Lives. War. The ones who thinks every thing is capitalism fail to see it's not about money. Money is only one of the tools.
The problem with that is that we are never gonna have or find a "reliable source" when these are the subjects. And people will only care to listen if they have a big media as a reliable source, when truth is, the big media also lies with government, politicians, business men and industries. You can only say something like this to a friend if you send them a link from a newspaper. And you won't ever find it. All the youtubers and even fucking tiktokers who try to talk about these matters are banned.... And please, I've also thought people who questioned science were dumb until recently when it all started making sense to me, and again, after I myself suffered from the big pharma toxic evil medication, and still had to paid for it.
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2023.06.09 01:07 Any_Solid_6753 MJ Available at Military Treatment Facilities (MTF)

I know this won't help a lot of people but I learned something today. My local Army base hospital carries MJ and they have a ton of all doses, except 12.5 in stock. I never considered them before because they are generally understaffed and never have much of anything in stock.
I have been searching for weeks for my next refill and everywhere I'm allowed to go was out of stock of most doses. I'm limited to Express Scripts (OUT), Walgreens (OUT) and CVS (OUT). Started feeling the refill anxiety. Then, on a whim, I reached out to the MTF and they had 3 months of my dose ready, quick & free! (Because of my Tricare insurance).
Of course you have to be covered in order to use a military pharmacy, but for veterans with medical benefits it may be worth a shot. This is my new go to pharmacy for MJ, especially with the zero cost.
56M, T2D with an approved PA as required by Tricare.
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2023.06.08 23:08 Anatolian_sideeye68 Anyone with WA Kaiser Permanente had luck filling script at a non KP pharmacy & using coupon?

Hi everyone I'm wondering if anyone out there with Kaiser insurance in WA state has been successful getting Mounjaro WITH the coupon at a non-KP pharmacy.
I'm picking up my first shots tomorrow at an out of pocket cost of $1,085 at KP so, a couple of things about my situation:
  1. I do not have type 2 diabetes.
  2. I have tried other weightloss drugs and therapy via KP.
  3. Currently on max dose of Metformin and 40mg Vyvanse daily.
  4. Had my KP doctor send hard copy prescription to the KP pharmacy where insurance rejected it. PA from Dr also rejected.
  5. KP pharmacy won't accept Mounjaro coupon.
So, my question is; Has anyone with KP WA insurance who's not type 2, had success getting a prescription filled and, successfully applied coupon, from an outside pharmacy?
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2023.06.08 22:57 throwingawaderm How bad does local anesthesia hurt?

29M, this is more of a general question so no relevant medical conditions or medications, except I have a cyst on my scrotum that I'm looking at getting excised, which would be done under local anesthesia.
I was talking to my doctor about the procedure and she said the anesthesia will sting for about a minute. I looked online and some people say it feels like you're getting lava injected into your skin, other people say it's no worse than a flu shot. This is obviously a huge gap, what's the truth here? Does it vary, if it does hurt then how bad is the pain? Like, does the average person hold back screams when getting the injection, is the sting barely noticeable, somewhere in between?
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2023.06.08 22:51 Muted-Conclusion-386 Testogel UK issues? urgent.

So I'm currently struggling to get hold of Testogel. Apparently it's out of stock so I couldn't get it at a pharmacy so I bought it online, no idea if I'll get it? I have paid for it to be delivered but idk when. I have less than a week supply left.
Does anyone know if shots are more often in stock ie a better option long term consistently? Is testogel often out of stock/anyone else having any issues?
Any advice?
I'm with gender gp.
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2023.06.08 20:25 garlicalt December Due Date Positivity Post!

Now that our bumper group is entering the 2nd trimester / nearing the end of the 1st trimester, I wanted to take some time to think about all the wonderful benefits of our due date month. I know December is a controversial month, to the point that I saw some people in TTC communities saying they were going to skip a cycle to avoid it (couldn't be me), but there are so many positives too!
Here are some of mine (some are location specific to the US / Northeast):
What are some of your favorite benefits?
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2023.06.08 20:05 Dancer_Artist Down 11 lbs in first 4 weeks and I picked up my Rx for next month!

I was able to find a specialty pharmacy that received some 0.5 in their shipment. Yay!
4/30: 220 lbs 5/13 (first Wegovy shot): 213 lbs 6/8: 202.1 lbs
About 1.5 years ago I was at 235 lbs. Here’s the comparison in my face since 9/2021 to 5/20/23. Can’t wait to see how I look when I get to my first goal of 190 lbs.
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2023.06.08 19:53 Dadless_Wonder Pharmacy Question

Hey everyone! Not sure if this is the best place to post this question, but thought I would give it a shot.
My partner has been running around for a few days now desperately trying to refill her perscription. She just changed her insurance and between her health insurance/Rx and the pharmacy she has ended up empty handed.
It's got to the point where she is saying screw it and is wanting to get it without insurance using GoodRx. Her prescription is for the name brand but wants to get generic so it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Will she run into any issues if she asks to get the generic when she goes up to the counter? Any advice I can pass along would also be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.08 19:35 Early-Tumbleweed8470 Wakix

So I started wakix and holy cow it sucks for me. Backstory I have always been very medication sensitive and my new sleep doctor was pushing hard for me to get on this. To quote her "OH this is perfect for someone with your condition (narcolepsy with cataplexy). It's not a stimulant and I believe that we should try this."
Me: ok I looked into it and it says that it would mess with my allergy medication. I am not sure that that would be good because I get migraines from allergies. Also I am very sensitive to medications what are the side effects?
Doctor: possible side effects insomnia, nausea, anxiety, headaches, upper respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal pain, heart rate increase, and/or decreased appetite. Oh and it may make your allergy medication not as effective.
But let's try this out and see how it works.
Me: ok I will give it a shot.
*receives wakix *
Day 1 : ok not bad it seems fine (took only wakix) * no bad side effects just noticed that I got a headache and my skin was a little uncomfortable ( talking to self : hey maybe this won't be bad and I will feel better)
Day 2: (optimistic) ok let's try it with the adderall [takes wakix and 15 ir adderall and 30 xr adderall] * feels a little bit better, now i have focus/ a little energy, and I noticed that my adderall lasted longer but headache turns into migraines that won't go away, skin seems sensitive to touch and my bones and ligaments hurts, and i noticed a spike in my anxiety. ( thinking to self: hmm maybe I should contact my doctor and I leave a message for my doctor)
Day 3: doctor still hasn't got back to me so I try again and finally someone contacts back to say we will have an answer for you within 24 to 48 hours.... [I take my medication with the adderall ] one hour later migraines return and now it's like someone is talking a baseball bat to my head, my bones, joints, and ligaments start to hurt, my blood feels like its moving fast and there are balls or clots running through my muscles and my skin feels like some took a cheese grater to every inch of my body, and anxiety returns but thats at least managable. Another hour goes by and my toddler is wanting to go out so we hop into the car and I go not even 2 miles away. I start to feel a little disoriented ( I'm still driving) and I slow down and I see that we are almost there. I pull into the parking lot and bam I get disoriented, confused and I can't remember how to drive, park, slow down, and I can barely move. I end up circling the parking lot and thankfully I don't hit anything some how my leg hits the brakes and I can park. At this point I start to panic because I got lucky and I hop out the car and get one foot out before the car start to roll. I jump back in hit the brake and pull the lever to park. I start to breathe hard and think ok crap I'm having a panic attack. My toddler is going mommy, mommy, where are you. I'm standing outside the car next to the driver door which is still is open and I say I'm here hold on mommy needs a second. My panic attack easies and the disoriented feeling starts to fade, I remember now where I am, and my confusion starts to go away. [ I am scared shitless now] I grab my toddler out the back and just hold her for a min because I could have killed us. That's why I wait a few days on a new medication because I don't want anything bad to happen that might be something I can't control.
Later that night I get in contact with wakix and they go ok we will pass this on to the pharmaceutical makers and I will let you get in contact with your specialty pharmacy.
Pharmacist : these are all side effects of wakix
Me : I know about the musculoskeletal pain, the migraine, and the anxiety. But are you saying the confusion and disorientation to the extent that i forgot where i was at, where i am going, how to drive, and function is due the wakix and not my anxiety?
Pharmacist : yes it is a side effect
I am literally blown away by this because I was sooo sure it was my anxiety stressing me out like that. It's not listed anywhere that I can find that wakix can cause disorientation and confusion.
This has been a total WTF moment because I know what my stressor are for my cataplexy and narcolepsy to trigger.< Driving and stress>
Sorry for the extremely long rant and I'm totally cool with yall nodding off in the middle of it. It took me multiple tries to do this.
Has anyone had a similar experience with wakix ?
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2023.06.08 18:16 NiagaraNature Dance like nobody’s watching!

Dance like nobody’s watching!
Spotted in the wild! Found this gem of a reply here: https://www.reddit.com/maybemaybemaybe/comments/14414jc/maybe_maybe_maybe/jne17hw/
I’m sure we’ve all seen this video before but it never fails to make me laugh. “You survived.” “Yay!”
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2023.06.08 18:04 Beautiful-Bath9508 Real person review

Figured i would add my experience to help others.
First off i was skeptical of this product from the start since there is no meeting with doctors or prescriptions. Turns out the tablets are very weak. I tried the 9mg cialis generic that the offer and honestly my 5mg generic pills i get from the pharmacy work better. I don’t think this product works great for men with actual ED, I believe this is more of a performance anxiety helper. So maybe better for young men with anxiety. I had a feeling this was true when reading other reviews as most men that seem to have years of ED seem to not have benefits from this product. I might try one of the others they offer but honestly i think most are better off just going to your doctor and getting a prescription… at least for the generic viagra and cialis it is actually cheaper with a prescription.
Just for background i am an ED sufferer for 10 years now at age 39. ED started when i abused steroids for years, i am on hormone therapy now but that is tough to balance and because of that i am left with weak erections. In pill form from the pharmacy i use 15mg of cialis that works well or 70mg viagra that works well. Recently i found that i had built tolerance as for many years i did not have to use that much to get the benefits… this is why i gave this product a shot.
Good luck all! I will update with any changes!
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2023.06.08 17:29 Single_Edge4678 Stopping after 2 weeks

I wanted to share my experience in case it helps someone. (Throwaway because it's private and medical stuff, I don't want to use my main account.)
I was on the starting dose of 0.25 for 2 weeks and things were going very well. Minimal side effects (a little constipation, but it was managed). I felt like I already was losing, it was great. Toward the end of week two, something crazy happened...I had a panic attack after increasing anxiety in the evening. I felt chest pains, like my throat was closing up, I was shaking, and felt absolute waves of terror. I am not diagnosed with anything like panic or anxiety disorders. I went to bed, somehow, trying to breathe and meditate to calm down. I didn't really have a relaxing sleep.
When I woke the next day, the anxiety was still there -- and I ended up having a 2nd panic attack that AM. I calmed down a little bit but was shaking and so anxious throughout the morning. It occurred to me it could be low blood sugar -- I googled for help because the doctor's office was only going to VM grrr...and found I could try to eat a little sugar. I didn't have any juice or soda, so tried a spoonful of honey. I felt it hit and got dizzy for a moment, then started to feel a bit more normal. Later I had a few crackers with my salad for lunch.
By dinner, I could barely eat anything. Everything tasted like paste and dry. I almost gagged trying to chew the food (salad and chicken). I had to drink water to even be able to swallow it. I decided to take a break and just drink water. After a while, I decided to try a spoonful of peanut butter to make sure my sugar didn't drop again, in case that was what was happening. I felt a little better, had a tiny bit of hunger, so had a fairlife protein shake. Went to bed and slept 12 straight hours.
Woke up feeling a little better -- not anxious, but have a headache, feel lightheaded, woozy, and weak. Just walking and my legs feel like jelly. I feel out of it. Sort of like how you feel after having the flu and not 100% better yet. Yesterday would have been my 3rd shot but I skipped it. Talked to doc today and she agreed it's for the best, agrees it could have been low sugar or just a reaction.
So disappointed that it didn't work but also the thought of ever going through this again has me terrified. I want to feel normal again. The wegovy should be working it's way out of my system by now -and it's such a low dose, but I don't feel right even today. I am at work but wish I could just lay down and rest.
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2023.06.08 16:06 Sp00d3r-m0nke Damn liberals

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2023.06.08 15:40 Right_Turn_4662 One week update

One week ago I took my first Sema shot from the Hallendale pharmacy.
Today I weighed myself fully clothed and have lost about 5lbs.
Idk if this is a fluke because don’t people typically fluctuate about five lbs? Time will tell! Looking forward to seeing results this next week.
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