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2023.06.09 16:00 PlaneAggravating6600 GmbH Shareholder Family Insurance

Hey everyone. I debated whether this is appropriate for the sub as it's not an easy question, but I am lost and really could use some information.
I became a 50% stakeholder in a GmbH in 2017. The intent was my business partner and I would operate a craft beer brewery. He is also a 50% stakeholder but he's employed by the business as the managing director of the GmbH and does all the day to day work running the bar. Because of the pandemic, we sadly weren't able to get the brewery up and running and I never worked for the bar beyond my legal obligation as a stakeholder (eg board of directors meeting).
Instead I opted for life as a stay at home parent to our young children. I was on my wife's family health insurance. I received a call this week from TK stating that as a GmbH owner, I was liable for 6 years of health insurance payments. I sent proof that I have no income of my own and even that the business hadn't made any money. I literally don't spend any time working for the bar - I don't even live in the same city. They stated it didn't matter as the business had hired employees to work as bartenders.
I'm quite confused. I intend to get a lawyer once I have the official paperwork from TK. I looked into it quite a bit and I can't seem to find a clear answer. I've spoken to customer service from the family insurance division and they couldn't tell me what the law said but that I was obligated to pay as I was self-employed. I've found conflicting information after days of google searches.
So I'm desperate for some opinions;
  1. Am I really considered self-employed as essentially an investor in the company?
  2. What kind of lawyer do I need to contact?
Thanks for the help.
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2023.06.09 15:59 Etanhp Audition Piece

I’m having a lot of trouble deciding what to play for my audition for youth orchestra this year. The audition is on early September. I have a 1 hr recital coming up in July where I will play Weber 1 1st 2nd movements, Schumann Fantasiestuke op73 and Poulenc sonata movements 1 and 2 along with a few other piano pieces.
I’ve also “attempted” to play the Solo des concours by Messager a few months before for a while, giving up after a while.
I think the Solo des concours would be a “harder” piece than the ones in my recital which would show my technical and musical abilities as more advanced than the pieces in my recital. But I have always found the Messager quite technically challenging.
Should I use one of my audition pieces for the audition, or would I have enough time to prepare for the Messager?
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2023.06.09 15:59 Merlot1542 Sudden Mysterious Account Suspension

I have been using Lootup from about 6 months now without any issue. I don't do a lot of offers, but I try to stay active on the website each month. I have had a very good experience with the service up to this point, and never had any issue making withdrawals. After completing a mobile offer within the last couple of days, I checked to see if the points were pending as usual from the lootup mobile app for Android. Everything looked fine, and my points were pending as expected. However, when I attempted to sign in later via web browser (from the same WiFi network in my home), I received a notification saying that my account was suspended.
I filed a support ticket, but I really didn't know what to say other that what I have mentioned here. I don't have multiple accounts. I don't use a VPN for offers. I log in using my home WiFi, so there shouldn't be multiple IP addresses either. I don't have any referrals on my account, and I just don't understand what could have triggered this sort of suspension.
Does anyone have any experience with how to go about getting an account reinstated, aside from the support ticket? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 15:59 Batmanmotp2019 Fps drops and game freezing

After the recent update to visuals improved content enhanced mod (VICE) I regenerated my lod and went into game but the fps is HORRID near McCarren and Vegas. Like it is so bad it drops to single digits before freezing or locking up then ctd.
Could I get a hand figuring out why my game has tanking frames?
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2023.06.09 15:59 Conscious_Answer_913 Okay who did it? High five!

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2023.06.09 15:59 SecureCoffee1769 Front looks like one car back looks like another

Front looks like one car back looks like another
Long story short: my vehicle got broken into and coincidentally, my apartments parking lot lights meter tripped so it was super dark 2 nights ago. Yes I know it’s grainy, yes I know it could be better (and would be if the lights were on). I’m a car guy and have a bunch of friends who all have come up with a range of cars… I don’t want to say what we think to alter your thought.
The unfortunate thing for the suspect is I’m a cop in the city I live and work in.. I’m on my 4 days off and have nothing but time to track them down.
The first clip is after the break in— you can see my trucks dome lights on in the top right hand corner. The second video is them passing the truck 2-3 minutes earlier before turning around to get in.
I’ll update if we catch the suspects.
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2023.06.09 15:59 Sniipex33 GPU black screen and max fans during heavy load

I bought a brand new Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB one year ago. The GPU worked just fine for the games I played during the first few months, and I was mostly CPU bottlenecked during that time. Now having switched over my CPU, I'm encountering an issue whenever the GPU is at 100% usage for some time.
So what happens is, the GPU temperature stays under 80 degrees, the fans are at around 60% speed, and suddenly the screen turns black (no signal) and the fans ramp up to 100%. No matter what I do at that point I cannot get the display back, so I have to turn off the PC. When I turn the PC back on, the fans stay at 100% until I log back in (which they normally don't do).
At first I thought the GPU was overheating, so I ran a stress test with the AMD software open to monitor the temperature. After around 5 minutes of working, the issue I described happened while the GPU was at 75 degrees.
It's also worth mentioning that if the GPU is working for multiple hours but there are short breaks in between, this doesn't happen. That's why I was able to play video games normally as the loading breaks would give the GPU some time to stay at 0% usage.
Considering that the GPU was bought new and still under warranty, I have the option to RMA it, but before doing that I want to make sure that this is not a software issue since I don't have a replacement one to use in the meantime. Did any of you guys encounter a similar issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.09 15:59 hello-gardening After / before from the dining room window and then some (Ohio, 6a)

After / before from the dining room window and then some (Ohio, 6a)
I love before and afters! I removed everything on my own over the course of 2-3 years using different methods, except for the evergreen tree (my husband removed it safely and we had the stump ground down).
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2023.06.09 15:58 Hels_helper I'm struggling here, GI Flare lasting 3 weeks... I can't keep food down.

I have reoccurring abdominal pain. It usually only lasts about a week or two, subsides, and then I may no experience it for months. This time its hung around longer. About 3 weeks now, and its much more painful then usual. The pain starts under my the middle of my rib, spreads around the right and up my shoulder. When this happens the right side of my abdomen distends and feels hard. Its also accompanied by inability to keep food down, pain gets worse when eating or drinking, and I get diarrhea. Oh and some heart burn. Usually I back off of solid foods, and just focus on getting my fluids in as that is most important with POTs.
But I'm now into the 3rd week, I can't keep up with fluids. If i drink to much to fast, I throw it up. I'm drinking warm Gatorade for the most part, some tea, bone broths, and purred squash "soup". Unfortunately my weight dropped down to 119lbs (I'm 5'8") I started to have palpitations, passing out, and syncope episodes while sitting down (only ever have them standing). And for the frist time in my life my blood pressure was high, had a bad headache and I could hear my heart beating in my head. PB is usually 90/50, but it was 130/53. Sitting pulse was about 30 bpm higher than normal, standing was 130+ and all over the place.
I had to go to the ER. I was dehydrated (no surprise), and low on electrolytes. They did several bags of saline, pain meds, anti nausea meds, blood work, and ultrasound. They figured it was my gallbladder, but the ultrasound didn't show anything. They also ultrasound my pancreases, liver, and kidneys.. all good. The ER doc was good, and I was surprised how knowledgeable she was on pots. She said that while she believes that my pain and symptoms are real, they can't find any emergent cause and is referring me to a GI specialist. She also wants me to talk to my PCP about a pot and at home saline infusions in the mean time. She said she thought that if we could take the stress of all the fluids off my stomach them perhaps i can start to get small amounts of food down while we wait to get into the GI specialist.
Few issues, I can't get into my PCP till next week.. so I'm back to trying to get fluids down and keep them down. After the IV I weighed 128.. I did feel significantly better, 2 days out of the ER I'm back to 121. I did try to eat some lentil soup last night.. but threw it up.. I only attempted about 1/2 cup, and ate it slowly over the course of an hour.. didn't matter.. still threw it up. I am going to get some meal replacement shakes and try those.
I know GI issues are common in POTS. It does feel like in the past, because I have POTS, doctors usually just attribute everything to pots and give no solutions to they symptoms. If it were just pain.. I'd suck it up and deal with it.. I do that anyway.. but I can't keep food down, I'm feeling so weak. I don't trust myself to driver, I can barely move around without my heart freaking out and having syncope episodes, or fainting. We only have ONE GI specialist for the entire valley, and traveling further isn't an option at the moment. It could take up to 3 mo to get into him. I don't know what I should be doing in the mean time.. I can't afford to loose anymore weight, I can't keep up with fluids, can't keep food down... I keep hoping that whatever this is (Flare perhaps?) subsides.
I know a lot of Potsies struggle with stomach issues...What have your doctors found, and what should I ask my PCP to look fotry/prescribe/ect? My PCP does try her best to help, and she does take me seriously. What should I do to prepare for the GI specialist. When I went to the cardiologist, I was worried he wouldn't take me seriously so I kept a log of fluids, heart rates, and blood pressure. Should I be doing something similar for the GI specialist? When you are having a hard time keeping food down, how do you supplement nutrition? If you have a port for at home saline infusions.. is it worth it? What should I know?
Also.. since every time I've had tummy issues this is asked by doctors... I don't eat a lot of fat, it seems to aggravate my stomach. I also don't eat dairy.. can't stomach even a little bit of it. I don't eat fried foods.. same thing.. tummy can't handle it. I don't eat a lot of processed foods either. I make almsot everything from scratch. I usually (outside of these times I have these stomach issues) eat a very small meal for breakfast (usually eggs with veggies), Mid day snack (something simple like soup, baked potato, sweet potatoes, squash, small salad) and then dinner is my largest meal, but still pretty small, and I just eat whatever I make for the kids as long as there is no dairy in it. I usually eat this meal right before bed because eating a full meal drops my blood pressure, makes me sleepy and I can't do anything after eating a decent meal. I don't drink soda's, or alcohol. I drink one small cup of coffee in the morning, work on about a gal of Gatorade throughout the day, and have 2 cups of tea (decaf) and 2 cups bone broth. When I can keep food down, I take a multi vitamin, an iron supplement, methy-b complex supplement, and magnesium before bed.
Also, though i've been dx with POTS, we have not had time to rule out possible causes... so I have not had a head CT scan, EDS evaluation, or nerve testing. My husband is in kidney failure and recently lost most of his eye sight, so My health has been on the back burner for a while.. I've been trying to cope the best I can.. obviously I may have overdone it.
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2023.06.09 15:58 JonasHalle Slight ear pain/discomfort after loud sound?

I was accidentally exposed to a somewhat loud sound yesterday and have since felt slight pain/discomfort in my ears. Yesterday it was either primarily or exclusively the right ear, which was also towards the speaker, but today it is both. What confuses me is how mild the pain is. Indeed I would hesitate to call it pain at all, except the rare instance of a bit of stabbing pain for up to a few seconds at most. The sound also wasn't that loud, all things considered. It was created by a commercially available speaker at not even full loudness. The specific sound was radio static, if that impacts things (can frequencies you can't hear damage the ear?). Furthermore, I have no issues hearing in either ear. On the somewhat contrary, things almost sound louder, which is probably more realistically susceptibility to loudness. This begs the question: Should I be avoiding sounds until I feel better (edit: meaning normal sounds. I've already turned the loudness down on all my electronics, but maybe I shouldn't be wearing headphones at all?)? I also have no ringing in my ears at all, which I was under the impression generally accompanied damage to the ears. Indeed, I thought it was the first step before pain. After all, in my googling, I found a "study" that said 60% of concertgoers have ringing in the ears after a concert. That is of course longer exposure to slightly quieter sounds, which I suspect changes things. Even so, the sound I was exposed to really wasn't louder than what you'd get at a concert, but I suppose my ears might be delicate, since I've generally tried to avoid loud environments.

I'm not really here for comforting words, I'm under the impression that hearing damage (insofar as my hearing sounds fine still) never fully heals, but I'm wondering what this even is. Google simultaneously tells me that a ruptured eardrum is ridiculously painful and not painful at all. The lack of actual pain makes it difficult to justify going to an emergency doctor, and getting an appointment at least a week out is well... slow.
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2023.06.09 15:58 inverno-freddo The Hunger vs MWs by slain models

Hello Soulblights, A quick question about priority: if a Full Health Vampire Lord hits and kills some zombies and receives back some mortal wounds from their ability, does the Hunger happens after those wounds (healing back them), before (wasting the healing) or depending on the turn (they both happen after attacks are resolved so it depends on who has priority)?
the question for me was floating around these 3 points:
-The attacks are considered resolved after all wounds are allocated and models are slain.
This is leading me to a conclusion that the hunger can heal eventual wounds caused by dying zombies ability, cause they deal those wounds when slain and NOT when removed (which happens after all attacks are resolved) unless I’m missing something (which could easily be a thing)
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2023.06.09 15:58 TheMightyKahr Landlord says he needs my NI number for his tax return

Hi all,
I posted this on a different sub a few days ago but it got deleted. Wrong sub I guess. I know it's not exactly a legal question but it does deal with data protection issues so I was hoping someone here could offer advise.
I try to be protective of my information wherever possible.
I have lived in my rented house for approx ten years now. Today I received an email from the agency saying:
"Good morning, The Landlord has to provide details of his tenants together with their National Insurance Nos. to complete his tax return for the financial year. Please can you email me your National Insurance No. in order that I can forward this to the Landlord. Many thanks for your help."
They have never needed this information before and I really don't see why they would need my NI number for the landlord to do HIS taxes.
Has there been a change in the law or something? Or has my landlord just not been paying tax for 10 years?
Basically asking if there is a legitimate reason for this request or not as it seems very odd to be asked this after 10 years renting the same place.
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2023.06.09 15:58 Fiverz12 Size Oddities

All of a sudden after a round of app updates, but NOT taking the June release, I have certain apps and websites that have larger text/appear zoomed in. Vast majority of my apps are fine, Gmail, DoorDash, Uber for instance. But Facebook mobile site on Chrome is doing it. So is a few other sites I visit, but not all. The Outlook web app is as well, Simplisafe, and a few others. If in Chrome I set the Zoom to 90% it corrects the text size for those sites, but makes every other site smaller (and also adds padding on the right hand side). Tried clearing all data from Chrome and it persists. And doesn't help the apps of course.
I do have developer options set to a custom smallest display width of 490dp, along with use Nova, but considering nothing else is affected can't see why global options are at fault. Any ideas?
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2023.06.09 15:58 IOTSONLINE POLY Gangdong Campus

We have been awarded a Best Brand award from Korea Times as the top school in Junior Education for the past eight years. POLY students have won numerous awards in national English aptitude tests, and every student must pass a strict entrance test before being allowed to join our academy. This is a terrific program to work in and we are offering excellent compensation packages!!
Job Overview: • Monthly Salary: 2.6 million KRW – 3.2 million KRW (depending on work experience) • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00am- 6:00pm / Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00am-6:45pm • Level: Kindergarten - Elementary • Number of Positions: 1 Position • Contract Duration: Full-Time for one year Benefits and Compensation Package: • One-way airfare provided if the applicant is flying from abroad. • Free Single Furnished Housing or housing allowance provided. • Pension bonus. • Paid vacation plus National Holidays. • Fixed, scheduled teaching blocks. • Severance Bonus: Upon completion of 12-month contract. • Medical Coverage Provided. • No internet/telephone lessons. • No split shifts.
Qualifications: Be a native English speaker and a teacher Hold a minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited university from English speaking countries Have a clean criminal record from your country Enthusiasm for teaching with an outgoing personality Willingness to cooperate and be a part of a growing team The ideal applicant: The ideal applicant holds a degree in Education, English, Communications, or Linguistics. It is best if he/she has some teaching experience, or at least experience working with young children. He/she is a blend of 3 main ingredients: love, discipline, and intelligence. Korean children are a bit more fragile han their Western cousins, and a little love goes a long way. We used to describe this quality as gentleness, but found that teachers can appear gentle without giving themselves to students, so we emphasize that the teachers must really care for the students. Discipline is required not only to keep up our tight schedule, but also to keep your students disciplined (while still remaining gentle!). There are so many reasons why intelligence is required, but we hope most are obvious. He/she knows that this is a job and not a vacation, despite being far from home. Many people make EFL a career, and we expect such dedication. Above all else, he/she must love being around children because that is what it’s all about. Additional required qualities are self-motivation, inquisitiveness, punctuality, a desire for learning, and professionalism. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please submit your resume and recent photo to:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or call us at 02-6285-2909.
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2023.06.09 15:57 No_Significance_9562 Wrote a letter to my pathological lying drug addicted Ex-Boyfriend today. I don't think I'll ever send it but it felt good to write!

Dear (Ex),
I don’t know how we got here. I avoid you every morning, and I hate the thought of seeing your face because it hurts too much. I’m angry at you. So angry. You know me better than anyone else on this planet, so you know how angry I get.
I think that’s why I’m so bothered by the way everything turned out. Because I gave you everything, I shared every insecurity, every vulnerability, every fear, every trauma, and every dark thought. There were things I hid from you too, but by the end, I don’t think there was anything I ever kept from you. Nobody on Earth has ever seen me as clearly and openly as you have. But I know nothing about you. I wish I could say I knew some things about you, but the truth is, I have begun to doubt every single thing you have ever told me.
You lied to me. Consistently, continuously, and whatever other c word could complete my futile attempt at some cheap alliteration to lighten this letter. I’m sorry that you felt you had to lie to me or felt you couldn’t be your most authentic self around me. Now that I’ve begun to see the truth, I know the lies began from the very beginning of our relationship. We were destined to fail from that beautiful evening in September. There was no other end to the journey we took. Call me melodramatic, but our entire relationship was founded on a fragile bedrock of lies, gaslighting, and manipulation.
As I leave what we had behind, I can see some dangerous patterns that you put me through and I hate myself for not being kinder to myself, for not being brave, and for ignoring my instinct. Every time I caught you in a lie, you “trickle truthed” me and told me what you thought you could still get away with. You would feel ashamed, but also feel hurt, and then I would at some point apologise for making you feel that way. My therapist told me I was stuck in a cycle of abuse, but I want to clarify that I don’t think you were abusive and I don’t think it was intentional. What I do think is you were inconsiderate, and you put your pride before my feelings.
I understand you were ashamed about a lot of things, and embarrassed. I really do understand that. But you should have known that the lies and the manipulation to hide the truth would inevitably hurt me. You should have known they would destroy me. And they did. They really did (Ex). I was sent home from work on the Tuesday after our break up cause I couldn’t stop crying. I have been reliving the past eight years over and over again and wondering why I allowed myself to be lied to so often. Why I forced myself to believe you would change. Why I naively told myself that things would be different this time.
“This time”
“Next Week”
“I just need some time”
Words and phrases that we lived by. Words and phrases that you used to keep me around, to keep me desperately clinging to a fiction you created. How I wish my 22-year old self had been braver, how I wish my 25 year-old self could have seen why you weren’t moving to (City). Why you were so conflicted about leaving a job that I honestly didn’t think meant much to you. I don’t think I knew all the pieces then like I do now, but I knew something was off. Something didn’t add up, but I didn’t want to doubt you, cause I didn’t want to lose you. I was so afraid of losing what we had that I convinced myself that things were fine, that you were being honest.
Cause in case I didn’t make it clear with my words or with my actions,
I loved you so much.
I had the deepest most powerful love for you and I wish you could have seen it. I wish you could have seen the way I looked at you, and how much I admired you. I wish you knew how much I wanted nothing but the best for you, and how hard it was to ever see you in pain or discomfort. Even now, I hate to think about what you might be going through.
But I wish you could have told me everything. I wish you could have been your most authentic self around me, and I’ve spent the last few weeks wondering why you couldn’t. Was I not loving enough? Did I not tell you how much I loved you enough? Did I not show it? Did I seem judgemental? Was I intimidating? I know I know, I’m flattering myself.
But I wish you had been honest, not even from the get-go, but at some point. We could have worked on so many things together. I really meant it when I said together we set the world on fire. But just cause I mean something, doesn’t mean it’s true I guess.
(Ex), I don’t want any more answers. I don’t want any more truths. I have this deep fear that I’m only scratching the surface of your lies and I’m terrified about what else I might uncover in the future.
You were never going to change for me. It’s been eight years and I could write a list of the promises that were made early on. I’m not mad at you for that by the way, I just wish I had been able to accept it earlier.
But this is the part where I thank you and wish you the best.
We had such an incredible relationship despite what I wrote above. We didn’t have full honesty, it's clear, but we had something special. We had our own language, our inside jokes, our incredible dynamic. People envied what we had, and truthfully I loved making the world jealous of our love. I am so incredibly grateful for what you gave me.
I’ve grown so much from the last eight years, and I have zero regrets about what we had and what we did together. I don’t regret those nights on the couch, those trips to Europe and Mexico, and those morning coffees together. I loved loving you, and I loved being loved.
I hope you grew from it too. And (Ex), I hope someday you find someone that you can be your most authentic self with. Someone who you feel comfortable opening up to about your insecurities, the way I did with you. I believe you loved me too, I have begun to doubt that since all the lies surfaced, because how could someone who loves me hurt me so badly? But I know I’ve hurt you too though it was never my intention.
I don’t want you to ever respond to this letter. I would love to hear that you did love me, but I’m not ready.
I’m not ready for a lot of things. I’m not ready for love again, but I hope I can find what we had again with someone else. I can’t wait to fall in love all over again and I hope you can love again as well.
I want to let you know that as we approach this next chapter of our lives, I will always be rooting for you. I tried to stop loving you, but it’s not easy. I’ll keep loving you from afar I guess, and maybe someday we can catch up and see how well we’re each doing apart.
Again, I’m not ready but I will be. Also, I’m not okay, but I will be.
We’ll both be okay.
Loving you from afar,
(Hurt Boyfriend)
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2023.06.09 15:57 goodladeen Day 3 - going strong

I have struggled with PMO addiction in the past and I managed to take control of it while i was in college. I was having plenty of sex and only jerked off once a week without porn which was a healthy amount imo. Since I've finished college and I'm living back home I haven't had sex in weeks so I just found myself jerking off to porn multiple times a day.
I'm now 3 days clean and the urges are starting to get stronger. Every time i get an urge I just remember the regret I feel after every time I jerk off. Best of luck to everyone on their journey!
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2023.06.09 15:56 Difficult-Stuff-4499 I seems everything I exert myself to do for more than 3 hours just gives me crippling overwhelm and anxiety

I have basically allowed myself to stop studying after my 3 year uni degree. Now I just work as a sound technician mainly doing stage rig stuff. I got my first ever job at 23 lol. Since then two years later I’m working as a technician for the local library and doing long hours at bigger concert events in general. I also worked at a psychiatric housing complex as a summer job aside from tech stuff.
I’ve slowly realized that even though these jobs never felt wrong for me per se; I’ve been enthusiastically going to work each damn time lol… My emotional state steadily falls apart critically after the 2-3 hour mark. And I tell myself every time it’s nothing but a passing mood and I have to just get myself together, endure it out. Or just have to eat. Or I haven’t slept enough but I’ll manage.
Those experiences combined with so many consistencies from school, hanging out long hours with friends, parties, seminars you name it… It’s honestly hilarious for how long and the amount of times I’ve been able to proudly gaslight myself out of recognizing the pattern.
At first I just feel a little bored after just 1 minute, then more spaced out, more and more until I get a feeling of existential dread tbh. And at that point I usually am so confused: I want to keep up, keep bantering and being present, but I’m so so fragile if I don’t get the response I expect. I’ll just have a smaller melt down on the nearest rest room and a bigger one when I get home.
I’ve known about it for many years and just always attributed it to other things that “I can control”. The last two years I have really tried to work on myself, become more grounded and self compassionate, doing mindfulness, trauma work and “kicking” social anxiety. But somehow it all just keeps happening again and again lol. I’m so done with neglecting my concentration difficulties. It’s staring me in the face now more than ever.
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2023.06.09 15:56 gabhersch Closed Last Week, Now Bank is Asking for Grant Money Back

I’ll make a long story short - but last week I closed on my first house. I applied for and was given an 10K grant from a third party working with the bank. This originally covered all my closing costs with the exception of roughly a grand or two. A day before closing, the amount needed to close dropped another 10K. I confirmed with the title company and bank that this was correct.
I signed my final closure disclosure on Friday and officially closed that day. Now the bank is calling me up a week later saying they may have messed up and they would need the extra 10K. I still have the money but of course I do not want to do give the extra 10K after signing. What should I do here? Everything is 100% final after signing, so I’m not sure what the legal right here is in this situation.
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2023.06.09 15:56 topliceanurazvan Generate Kubernetes resources using AI & explore Helm Charts with Monokle v2.2!

Generate Kubernetes resources using AI & explore Helm Charts with Monokle v2.2!
Monokle Desktop has released v2.2 with an exciting new feature: AI-Assisted YAML Resource Creation.
This feature uses OpenAI’s GPT models to simplify the process of creating Kubernetes resources.
The AI model generates YAML manifests, taking into account prompt details AND your configured validation policies.
Users can inspect and validate the generated YAML before deploying it to their Kubernetes clusters or saving them to a local project.
Monokle v2.2 also introduces the Helm Chart Explorer.
This feature allows you to search, inspect, and use Helm Charts in a new Dashboard.
With information panels, flexible installation options, and chart repository management, working with Helm Charts becomes a breeze.
Additionally, we enhanced cluster management with improved pod log readability, quick actions for deployment management, and the Graph View in the Cluster Dashboard. These features offer better troubleshooting, streamlined operations, and comprehensive insights into resource relationships.
Download Monokle v2.2 and let us know what you think! Join the Monokle community via Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and contribute to the open-source project on GitHub.
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2023.06.09 15:56 Toroguy What time will merch open today at Wrigley?

Hoping to score some merch and be able to take it home before the show starts tonight.
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2023.06.09 15:56 BitAdministrative612 I miss having a home

I watch my peers so excited to go home during recess, talking about how they miss their beds, mom, dad or siblings and it hurts me that I cannot relate. I miss my mom so much and the only thing that reminded me of all the shared memories I had with her is her house. The house still exists but it is now just a reminder of the trauma I experienced since she passed on when I was 15. Relatives moved in after she left and it's been hell for me ever since. The people who were supposed to love and care about me so me as an easy target because she was the only person I had. I was mistreated and exploited so much that everyday I realize the consequences that experience continues to have on me. I find it unfair that you guys get to live so comfortably in my mothers house whereas I have to struggle for places to live because I'm avoiding your toxicity. I find it unfair that I have and had to struggle so much for basic necessities only to find out after years that they have been living of the money my mother had left for me. Not only did they use it pay off the house but also bought cars and it seems like my mother's death was the best thing that ever happened to you them. Here I am struggling to put myself through college because you misused the one thing that my mother had left to give me a sense of comfort. Not only did they empty my soul they also emptied my trust account. They have drained me in every possible way and yet they are surprised when I tell them that I am depressed. They have traumatized me and continue to make my life way harder than it should be. I loved/love you guys so much but it's clear that you that you do not care about me. I'm only 21 and with years of constantly being on edge and struggle, I feel so damaged and irreparable.
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2023.06.09 15:56 FlorG21 L’Oréal Steampod-smelly hair

Does anybody else have an issue with their hair smelling weird, kind of burnt after using the Steampod? I have tried EVERYTHING and it just won’t budge! I have cleaned the Steampod, I’m using the right water, I’m using plenty of heat protection, making sure my hair is dry before straightening it, I only use it on 180 degrees, I’ve trimmed my ends, tried using different shampoos… nothing is making a difference and it is really getting to me!
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