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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.06.11 00:14 RedOrca_ I am tired of pretty much everything and nothing seems to get better.

We had the finals a couple weeks earlier, I did not do well, we had 4 subjects, I did well in I think 2 of those, okay in one and terrible in the last, I will probably have a bad score this year. I have been feeling horrible since everything's over. Primarily since it is my fault, I haven't studied as much as I should've, I did a lot of miscalculations and have procrastinating for a while. But I still have studied a lot which makes it feels worse cause appart from the fact I feel like a failure, it's like my studying has amounted to nothing.
But the problem isn't just this, the problem is my family, especially my parents. I am not doing well, the grades are freaking the soul out of me, which made me a little bit more sensitive than usual. Which meansy mood have been really bad for a couple weeks. And they have been complaining a lot cause they also are stressed out cause of work, they said "we already have a lot going on we don't need you to add on more problems". But obviously that statement only works for them.
When my mom comes home and the first thing she does is scream or complain before even greeting us it also doesn't help with my stress, when my dad asks me about the results of the exams everyday almost like he wants me to feel even worse than I am it doesn't help. He looks at me with visible disappointment in his eyes, he usually is the calm part of the house, the person to make me feel better, now I can't even look him in the eyes because I feel like I failed him. He mocks me when I am feeling down, gets mad when I am trying to stay on my own, and honestly I don't need a duplicate of my warm blooded mother in the house.
I also have to take care of my younger siblings daily, my brother is a jerk on every lvl, curses, punches, attitude. And my little sister is too demanding as she is only 7. I have been taking care of them for years now since my parents work all day, but now is simply not the right time. So apart from my siblings, I now have to deal with my parents, and also my own problems.
I am overwhelmed, my dad said he wanted to take me out of private school to public cause we are tight on money and cause quote "There is no point in wasting money on you if you ain't gonna do anything with it". Public schools in my country are the last thing you want, teachers are bad, schedules are bad, instalments are worse. And you basically have more chance of failing because of the lvl of education, private is nearly the only way here. If I go there, next will be worst.
But I think the worst part is that they act like it is about them, like "they" are hurt cause of it, like I don't care. But the truth is that I am honestly fighting the urge to jump off our roof, this is getting overwhelming. And I can't take it anymore, I feel like a failure and a mistake, and I have lost the little peace I had with my father, I am pretty sure he hates me now. And things are going to get worse once the results are out.
I want to die, and it almost feels like they'd be happier if I did, I am tired of feeling like I am completely worthless. But they don't care, my mom never did I am used to it, but now my dad as well. Funny how shit can go sideways sometime. I just want everything to stop.
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2023.06.11 00:14 ShakeNBakeMormon P.O.W.E.R. Rating System adjustment: P.O.W.E.R.S. Rating System!

Alright, people seemed to generally really like the concept behind my P.O.W.E.R. Rating System, and even the post where I demonstrated LCA’s scores. However, while doing some thinking I realized that the system nearly left out a key aspect of fights: distance. Under previous iterations of P.O.W.E.R. I lumped the ability to fight at range into Options, but this didn’t quite sit well with me as Options was more meant to convey the ability of a fighter to adapt to a variety of different opponents or switch things up when their primary style didn’t work, so I have decided to alter the P.O.W.E.R. Rating System by adding a sixth element: Striking Distance. This statistic illustrates the ability of the character to outspace a conceivable opponent, attacking from safe distances and being able to wall out the approach of the opponent. This statistic, like Wits, is a sum total of multiple statistics, but only two this time: the first is Melee Reach on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is only having one’s bare hands and 2 is average. The second is Effective Range, which covers ranged weapons like guns and bows on a scale of 0-5 where 2 is average. This isn’t necessarily a measure of how far one’s bullets and arrows go, or even their power, but instead how far a distance they can cover before they become ineffective. Slower projectiles like Yang’s rockets from the Yellow Trailer, inaccurate projectiles like Sun’s shotguns at long range, or less effective projectiles like Ren’s or Blake’s bullets will score much worse than faster, more accurate, and more powerful projectiles which can be effective from long range like Harbinger’s shots or Crescent Rose’s bullets.

Now, for a complete rundown on the new P.O.W.E.R.S. Rating System:

P stands for Power: The assisted striking force of the character in question. This can be with melee or with guns, and simply translates to how hard they can hit or, conceivably, how much they can lift or carry- higher weight will inherently boost this score, as will mechanisms like using dust to swing harder or rocking a larger caliber. Lower scores indicate characters who either prefeuse a “death by a thousand cuts” style or characters who simply don’t have the mass or caliber to pack a punch, while higher scores indicate characters who can hit like trucks to cause considerable damage to the environment or to their opponent, regardless of how rapidly these attacks can actually be delivered. Characters like Yatsuhashi will score well here, while characters like Weiss will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

O stands for Options: The ability to switch up what you’re doing to adapt to your opponent. Having multiple weapon forms immediately helps with this, as does having multiple different techniques for using the weapon which cover different scenarios. A variety of dust types also improves this score, and a semblance which accomplishes multiple purposes with proper application is yet another bonus to this statistic. Lower scores indicate one-trick ponies or characters whose strategies require more particular parameters to function, while high scores indicate fighters with a wide array of tricks and backup strategies in the less likely chance their primary one proves ineffectual. Characters like Weiss will score well here, while characters like Yatsuhashi will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

W stands for Wits: Knowing is half the battle, and this statistic indicates the character’s ability to strategize either in advance or on the fly as well as general knowledge of skills. Advance Planning is effectiveness in making tactics before the mission, In-The-Moment is effectiveness in making tactics immediately when danger appears, and Learned Skills is general smarts. Lower scores indicate characters that don’t or can’t put much thought into how they fight, while higher scores indicate the ability to detect and set traps and quickly react to new information. Characters like Jaune will score well here, while characters like Nora will score fairly low. The score is derived from Advance Planning on a scale of 0-3 where 1 is average, In-The-Moment on a scale of 0-3 where 1 is average, and Learned Skills on a scale of 1-4 where 2 is average.

E stands for Engagement control: The ability of the character to pick their fights, whether it be by having higher mobility or the ability to impair that of their opponents. This score is mostly just a measure of mobility, be it fast movement or the ability to get airborne, but does also include things such as being able to trap or hinder the opponent: anything that lets them pick their battles or control the distance at which engagements happen. A lower score indicates a character who is generally slow and has trouble keeping up with or fleeing from opponents, while a higher score indicates characters that can rapidly close or create distance to control whether the fight happens and at what distance it happens from. Characters like Harriet will score well here, while characters like Jaune will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

R is for Resilience: The ability of the character to withstand the hits they take and keep on fighting for considerable periods of time. This score can indicate tankiness, but it can also indicate high levels of stamina that can keep the character going for longer than their opponent. This stat includes things that reduce incoming damage like a semblance that renders them immune to certain types of attack, or things that enhance their endurance. A lower score indicates a character who either can’t take hits well or an inefficient one can’t keep up fighting for a long time, while a higher score indicates a character who can take a beating and/or keep on fighting for a long time due to more efficiency or greater endurance. Characters like Yang will score well here, while characters like Weiss will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

S is for Striking distance: The ability of a character to fight at further ranges than their opponent, whether it be greater reach with a melee weapon or greater effective range with projectiles. A low score indicates a character that either doesn’t have good reach at all with poor or no projectiles, or a character who might only be effective at longer ranges while suffering in close quarters, while a high score indicates a character with good reach in melee combat and effective ranged combat over great distances, allowing them to be comfortable no matter how far away their opponent is. Characters like Ruby will score well here, while characters like Yang will score fairly low. The score is derived from Melee Reach on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is bare fists and 2 is average, and Effective Range on a scale of 0-5 where 2 is average.

If you want to measure your own OCs according to this system, you can either list their ratings in the comments of this post, or make an infographic like I did for LCA under the previous system as a post of its own, with or without credit for the idea! Happy rating!
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2023.06.11 00:14 thephantomthing I think I lost the Motivation in my Life

First of all I hope this is the right subreddit for this and English isn’t my Main Language so please excuse my Grammatical Errors. I need to vent.
Im a 20 year old Man and I’m very Introverted. I’ve had to go through a lot of shit in my Life so far including numerous Heart Operations. Especially 2023 was a very hard Year for me so far. But I never broke down until last Wednesday. It was my last day at professional School (type of School where you learn stuff related to your Job and visit once or twice a week) I was there for 3 years I started to develop Feelings for the Woman who sat next to me. We were very good Friends and helped each other with learning. Today im pretty sure at one point in these 3 Years she had also a Crush on me. She was and still is the Woman of my Dreams. I really love her. Now to the last Schoolday. There is a Guy in our Class who during the last Day constantly flirted and made Jokes about Sex with her and even put his Arm around her despite him having a Girlfriend. At the end of the day we walked to the Parking lot and she asked me if I want to learn tomorrow I said that im not sure jet. then we said Goodbye and they went to her Car because she decided to drive him home… yea. I went to my Car and felt completely numb. I decided to drive to a Place near my Home and took a long Walk. I felt ok but as soon as I arrived at Home I broke down. I felt like falling in a deep Black hole. I’ve Cried for the first time in Years and felt Pain I’ve never felt before. I wasn’t even able to Eat. The worst part is im extremely Introverted and have Social Anxiety and because of that I have practically no Friends I can Talk to. This made it so much worse. At the next day I didn’t text her for learning because I was just an emotional Wreck. Next Tuesday im gonna see her for the last Time because then are the Final Exams.
I lost my Motivation for my Job and hobbies. I just see darkness wherever I go, I have no one to talk to and I think I lost the woman who I loved and also was my best friend. I just can’t anymore it’s too much for me. Can someone help me?
There are Things I haven’t mentioned so If you have any Questions feel free to ask.
Please don’t make the same Mistakes as I did and ask your Crush out and make a move. Thank You for your Time and for reading trough my dilemma.
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2023.06.11 00:13 __drink_water_ Best band of all time.

I’ve loved avenged sevenfold for a long time now, been my favourite band since I was 7yo. I’m 20 now, and they’ve stayed my favourite throughout the years. So maybe I’m biased. But this is the best band of all time (in metal/prog/rock/etc). They go above and beyond what anybody else is doing, with the beautiful story telling and godlike musical talent, the branding, the concept, everything. I know they’re not for everyone, but even my 74yo grandmother loved acid rain and (d)eath. When I showed her wish you were here and as tears go by, she thought they were better then the originals. Anybody I’ve ever met who says they don’t like avenged sevenfold, I’ve changed the minds of simply by showing more of them. A7X has such a diversity in their records and the the tracks within, it’s crazy. They’ve done nearly every kind of music you can do with a guitar bass ands drums, and fucking beautifully. I wish they would do more covers, because they nail them every time. But I’m also happy to just let them cook at this point, they’ve never disappointed me.
Needless to say, LIBAD absolutely blew me away. I love them all, but Mattel easier and cosmic all especially hit home with me. Nobody is still probably my favourite song of all time though, so there’s that. We love you is a song i wouldn’t want to hear everyday, but not because it’s bad. It’s just so weird and I don’t want it to lose that weirdness. I cried over cosmic, happy and sad tears at the same time. Game over made me wish I was in a mosh pit, then made me cry within like a minute from mosh mode(lyrics are insane). (O)rdinary is a perfect blend of avenged sound and daft punk, and I fucking love it. Listen to it everyday.
Idk why I wrote all that, smoked some weed and wanted to rave about avenged sevenfold lmao. What are your thoughts on the new album?
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2023.06.11 00:13 csmith127 THC Toothpicks

I keep a tea tree/mint toothpick in my mouth all day, and it got me to thinking about THC infused toothpicks. Looking around online I found a few dispensary’s that have them, but none are ANYWHERE near me. How difficult would this be to make at home? Like just a 5mg toothpick?
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2023.06.11 00:12 BinstonBirchill Cicero by Anthony Everett: A Review

Everett’s engaging and eminently readable account of Cicero and his times is full of details normally lost to history. Thanks to a huge amount of surviving letters to and from friends and politicians we get a picture of Cicero the man, the husband, the father, the lawyer and the politician.
“Cicero was always prone to excessive mood swings. He easily became overconfident when his affairs went well and a setback could drive him into an exaggerated depression.”
He had his strong suits and his weaknesses and one of the best things about this book is that, while Everett gives his own fairly pro-Cicero opinions, he also provides plenty of information for you to disagree with him. Cicero was a prideful man often ridiculed. No stranger to jabs himself, Cicero comes across as that uncle who can make you laugh with his first joke and leaves you cringing the rest of the night as he searches for more attention. His split from his wife, even if justified, was cold but had many admirable qualities and his love for his daughter was undeniable. In his grief, his way of coping was to produce his most philosophical work. 
“I cannot easily say how useful I shall be to others: in any case, for my terrible sorrows and all the various troubles that assail me on every side no other consolation could be found.”
What sets Cicero apart, a picture Everett paints so well, is his commitment to oratory. 
“A familiar Ciceronian theme reappears: the moral force of oratory. An important means of fostering virtue is through the art of explanation and persuasion —the ‘science of distinguishing the true from the false [and] publish to fellow citizens precepts conducive to their well-being and credit, so designed to win their acceptance.’ This is necessary, for it is abundantly clear to Cicero that actual legislation of states is not necessarily consistent with natural law. ‘The most foolish notion of all is the belief that everything is just which is found in the customs or laws of nations.’”
The events in the book focus on Cicero (Cicero is smiling from the grave) which may put him more in the spotlight than he truly was (end of smile) but Everett’s Cicero is more than just a biography, it is also a masterful account of his times. There are too many events to list here but for anyone looking for an account of the fall of the republic that is both detailed and comprehensible I think this serves nicely. Of course, your mileage may vary as this is packed full of information. For reference, I have read about 10 books that cover or run through this period, including some of the source material.
In the end Cicero fought to save the republic by unconstitutional means. And he oh so nearly pulled it off. That failure was his end, Mark Antony would have no mercy on the 63 year old Cicero. Living in the age of the fall of the republic, as ever, Cicero was given no relief. 
“I am stopping here. Come here, soldier. There is nothing proper about what you are doing, but at least make sure you cut off my head properly.”
Cicero died on a hidden path to the sea. Nevertheless, Cicero is immortal. He lives on through his writings, which have influenced societies for over two-thousand years. For anyone interested in Cicero and his times I would certainly recommend this book. 
4.8 stars
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2023.06.11 00:12 Agreeable-Mud-1464 Negotiating salary for Entry Level?

I recently graduated with a Associates in Information Technology: Systems Security. I have been applying to every open IT job in my area that is near me and have my first interview this week on zoom.
It is a help desk I position starting at 39,500 on salary ( about 19.50/hr according to my calculations ) for a big corporate center.
Talking to a family friend he said that is way to low and I should keep looking. My current job is paying 19.75 but it is in the restaurant industry.
Both places are lower than the cost of living here ($20.10 an hour). I’m curious about what I can expect to negotiate to as I’m not sure what I qualify for. I know a lot which makes me wonder if I can just right into help desk II or even a Jr sys admin.
I live in Asheville, NC and have no certs/ prior IT work experience other than school. Do I have any leverage or should I take the small pay cut.
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2023.06.11 00:11 GrovelingVormund It's becoming more difficult again.

I'm here alone once again. While my roommate and his girlfriend headoff to attend a wedding. I'd be a liar to say that the first thing crossing my mind wasn't you.
I sat here, thinking of when we were younger. Stuck in a beautiful honeymoon phase that felt like it lasted forever while we were in each other's arms. All the times you used to doll up just for me out of your own desire to make me speechless every damn time.
I imagined how you would dress up. What you would wear to such a special occasion. How you would like walking down the red carpet I wish to be rolled out just for you. My eyes glued to you alone as the rest of the world ceases to exist. A beautiful, rosy cheeked little shy yet excited smile on your face as you loving stared right back at me.
I nearly broke out in tears once again as I feel my heart grow heavier and heavier recently by the day. I wish a positive change between us finally happened already. Cause this pain is sincerely worse than anything else in life can throw at me. It genuinely hurts my chest. Like it's caving in on itself as I choke back tears.
I'm happy, I've been taking care of myself. I've been making achievment after achievment. I won't lie, I've neglected some things still. I've made choices I myself wasn't comfortable with, but needed to do so that way I can learn and figure myself out. What I want, my boundaries, and being humble. Training my brain and memory every single day. Im very proud of myself.
But, my heart is miserable. I've numbed it out so that way I can stand by what it is you want. To give the respect of you wanting space. Yet I can't help but think of other people I've helped. They made that choice as well. But, not once did they ever get their s/o back.
The shadows and gripping hands of fear has bren scratching at me. I'm trying to numb my heart out again. Pushing down this deep desire and want for you to be in my arms.
I have to take care of everything first. I have to remind myself of your words when we last spoke. I will be okay.
But fucking god damn it all to hell I fucking miss ya lil sea lass.
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2023.06.11 00:11 hopekooks chicago onces

hello, everybody! i will be traveling to chicago for the concert with my little sister. since it's just gonna be us two, i wanted to know if there was any hotel that's near the arena as we might just need somewhere to stay for the day/night. also any other safety tips you guys could give me that would be great as it's really our first time traveling by ourselves. thank you everybody <3
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2023.06.11 00:11 classicfilmfan9 What is this that I wiped off the back of my cats back I used a wipe from Burt’s bees for dander?

Both me and my mom are worried he has dander on the back of his back near his tail and I have been cleaning his back with shampoo from Burt’s bees and the wipes as well that is for dander .
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2023.06.11 00:11 DavidAltAccount My review for The Quintessential Quintuplets

So I just finished the show and I get this sub might he a bit dead but I need to talk about it.
I wanna start by saying I don't usually watch many animes outside the shounen/action genre. After all I've always preferred that sort of show. However this one caught my eye since it released since I saw alot of fan art for it so after doing some research it sounded quite intresting. And now here we are however many years later and I've just finished it 😅
Background aside this show really took my by suprise. I assumed it would be a run if the mill romance show where the characters all fall in love with the MC for dumb reasons because it common in harem type shows but this blew all expectations out of the water. First to say the characters are all amazing. Whilst I have my own teir list for the girls and my preferred order for favourites I dont dislike any of them and they all intrest me greatly and Fuutaro himself has more of a personality than most romance MC's.
I mainly want to talk about the ending here however and I'm not dissappointed at all. To put the negative first I would've preferred he end up with Miku or Nino since I love them two the most. However, whoever he had ended up with I would've been happy since the show made me care for these characters so much that all I wanted was for them all to be happy. And whilst it took me by suprise that Yotsuba was the one he chose in the end seeing how they always were in the show it makes alot of sense. My prediction was Itski since the way she's marketed as I always assumed she was the main sibling yet the more the show went on the smaller amount of screen time she got which confused me. I guess it goes to show that I shouldn't try to figure out the ending before seeing the journey.
This show constantly had me laughing, smiling, nearly in tears, sad and happy all at the same time occasionally. It really touched my heart and made me realise that maybe I should give more of these type of shows a chance. I was always on the edge of my seat after every new mystery. Who would've thought a show about tutoring five girls would have so many twists.
The most simple way to put it is in the short amount of episodes there is I have grown to love this show. Its definitely entered my top ten that's for sure. I love the characters and I just want to give each of them a hug (especially Miku and Nino) and the ending was about as perfect as I could've wanted. Showing the five all grown up pursuing their dreams was an amazing way to close out the show. I'm sorry if this review makes little sense sometimes but I'm writing this all straight after finishing it so I'm still very fresh and wanted to get all my thoughts out there since I don't have many people to talk to about my love for anime especially shows like this with. I can't say how much this show took me by suprise and amazed me almost every episode was better than the last. I love all of the quintuplets aswell as fuutaro obviously I guess in short I'm glad I watched this show. Its been such a fantastic journey start to end.
(p.s) I'm also so glad I managed to go into it spoiler free 😄
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2023.06.11 00:10 kiki19972 What is a better option than the Sony wh-xb900n?

Heya, I've had my Sony wh-xb900n for the past 2 years and I am a huge fan. The sound quality, wireless, long battery, NC, comfort and most importantly the BASS are epic. I want to rebuy them again but they are so hard to find nowadays or are super overpriced. I've looked at some reviews and they say that the newer versions of Sony headphones don't have the same BASS which is a deal breaker for me. Can you confirm if that is the case? If not, can you recommend headphones that fit my requirements? Thank you!
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2023.06.11 00:10 SnowIcy5255 26 [F4M] #San Jose #San Francisco - Seeking for a casual fun and new friends.

Firstly, I'm looking for someone who shares my enthusiasm for casual fun and adventure. I especially love things like going on road trips and nature trips - exploring the outdoors and seeing what new things I can learn - and I'd love to find someone to share these experiences with.
Aside from enjoying the outdoors, I'm also a huge foodie. I love to cook and I love to eat! Any restaurant near me or in the city? I'm up for it! And I'm also open to staying in and watching tv series or movies.
Finally, a little bit about me- I'm outgoing, fun, and caring. I'm single, no kids, and not married. I'm hoping to find someone who's up for adventuring, eating, and chilling out together!
So if you want a new friend that enjoys all the casual fun that comes with life, please reach out. I can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.11 00:10 Glittering-Prompt-96 Azelf raid near me 9101 8297 3942

9101 8297 3942
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2023.06.11 00:10 ThrowRAarw I (26f) have a fat crush on a good friend (25m) of a girl (24f) I was seeing

Earlier this year I started hanging out with this girl that I kind of had a flirtationship with for a while before the fact. She seemed to like me but I was very transparent from the beginning about our 'going out' being a little bit more of a friends with benefits thing; I explained on our second 'date' that I was still getting over someone, I had university deadlines on the way and I was not really emotionally ready for a committed relationship. I told her that I enjoyed her company and our intimacy but I was not ready for anything more than that, and I made sure to discuss if she was okay with that nearly every time we hung out. A month and a half way (keep in mind this means we hung out only a handful of times) into our 'thing' I became really busy with university deadlines, 5 days a week of work and a family member hospitalized so I didn't have time to hang out, or talk. When I say I barely had time to pee during the day I mean it. Admittedly, I did not really text her after things got a little lighter for me because I felt very burnt out and I still had to go to work everyday. When we would run into each other she would pass by me and ignore me, sometimes she would just wave but mostly seem like she did not really want to see me despite her coming in to where I work. Nothing bad between us really happened so I asked her to meet so we could talk and she told me she was hurt because she felt things were going somewhere, that she started to have feelings for me. I feel awful of course, there was no proper way to apologize, anything I wanted to say sounded pretentious and inconsiderate. So I told her that in this case it is probably best for us to end things, I'd feel awful to know that I am getting the benefits out of the friendship and she's left hurt. We had a great and intensely transparent conversation. However, after that we have not really spoken, I kind of want to respect this decision, I don't feel in the position to reapproach anything, nor do I really want to tbh. However, I've been running into a good friend of hers around where I work. She would tell me about how she wanted us to meet because she thought we could be good friends. He comes in more often now and we have a conversation here and there during my shift. Lately, I've been wanting to see him come into where I work every day. To be clear I do not know the nature of their relationship and to what extent they are really close but I know they hang out. I'd really like to ask him to hang out because I really want to get to know him and from what we’ve talked about already we have some pretty niche things in common. How do I approach this situation? TLDR: I have a crush on a good friend of a girl I broke things off with 2 months ago. I broke things off because she started to catch feelings and I was really not ready for a relationship. This friend she would tell me about has started to come to where I work from time to time and I started to like him. I think it may be reciprocal. What do you suggest I do next?
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2023.06.11 00:10 emmasrad Missing wallet!

was walking on the health valley trail near northfield. Dropped my purple coach card holder and lip balm. Went back and found the lipbalm but no wallet :(
If found PLEASE message me.
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2023.06.11 00:09 emmasrad Missing wallet

I was walking on the health valley trail near northfield. Dropped my purple coach card holder and lip balm. Went back and found the lipbalm but no wallet :(
If found PLEASE message me.
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2023.06.11 00:09 Vivid_Designer395 [WTS] Grey Ghost SMC Carrier w/ assault pack, Velocity, TRex, Defense Mechanisms, Ferro, Beez, HSGI, Mantis X3, BCM Mk2 A5 setup, Radian Talon

All prices are shipped. PayPal F&F no notes. Discount for multiple items due to reduced shipping costs. YOU MUST COMMENT OR DIBS before messaging me or I will not reply. Dibs means you accept price listed. Please note that shipping may not happen until Tuesday of this coming week.
  1. Grey Ghost Gear SMC plate carrier w/ 1-3 day TAA compliant assault pack in MultiCam Tropic - brand new - removed from package for pictures and then placed back in plastic but tags still on. Decided to stick with regular Multicam so not going to use this. Compatible with ferro and crye zipper panels as well. Will not separate. - $350
  2. Velocity Mayflower UltraCOMP 2” MC H-harness + TRex wide stretchy backstrap also in MC. Not splitting. Never fielded but was fitted to a chest rig that sat around for a little while - $60
  3. Defense Mechanisms 5” hybrid skeletal cumberbund (expands due to elastic) with taktik buckles - $90
  4. Beez honeycomb plate carrier pontoon pads - never used - $20
  5. Ferro ATAK chest rig panel in MC - catch and release - $25
  6. HRT air pass backer for chest rig - $15 or $10 addon
  7. HSGI pistol mag taco (belt mount) in MC - $25
  8. Mantis X3 (dry fire & live fire compatible) firearms trainer - catch and release but appears in near perfect condition, comes with a magrail that’ll need new 3M double sided tape to be used - $120
  9. BCM Mk2 Buffer setup (A5) with T2 (A5-H2 improved) buffer - only thing not stock is the end plate which is a Schmid tools QD end plate (same oem) without the bcm logo - all new but has been in a parts drawer for a minute - $100
  10. Radian Talon (black 2 lever) - catch and release - $45
  11. Carbine buffer and spring - used and origin unknown but spring appears to be pretty stout - catch and release - $25
  12. Ambi-mag catch (generic Norgon repro) - new - $20
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2023.06.11 00:09 bidpappa1 Anycubic Photon (original) Screen Replacement

I recently cracked the print screen/glass on my photon (original). I was trying to find a replacement part but I’m not sure what size it is. Comically Anycubic support told me “we do not know the size.” Has anyone replaced this part on an original model Photon? The old printer being called just “photon” also makes searching for information near impossible as it returns every other printer but the one I need.
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2023.06.11 00:08 Fantastic_Neat_114 House help

I stay near St Angel's Sr Sec School in Sector 45. Really struggling to find a househelp here. People staying in the area please share any leads (if you have any). I hv no idea why no househelp is even approaching me cos usually when someone new moves in, househelps come to their house to ask regarding requirements. 😭😭😭😭
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2023.06.11 00:08 Sudden_Locksmith2208 i want to feed my dog better meals…needing advice

Hi! My family’s dog, 7 y/o and 45 lb mini aussie, has been eating blue wilderness dry food for years now. We have tried other brands but we assume he has a sensitive stomach cuz he throws up other dry dog foods. He does have a bit of anxiety too so my parents play it safe and only feed him blue wilderness dry food. I strongly think he deserves better than dry food meals and will be much happier with better food! I only live with my parents during the summer but when i am home i am primarily taking care of him. (he also may live at my house in the near future) so..I really want to introduce non-processed highly nutritious food, however my parents insist on keeping his dry food. My question is what can i safely start adding to or adjusting in his current dry food? i have started to research his current dry food ingredients to see what nutrients are meet and what is not so that if i do add other nutrients i am not exceeding his recommended daily intakes. I hope to eventually stop feeding him dry food when he comes to live with me. but im wondering what would be a starting off point for improving his meals, nutrition and satisfaction eating?
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2023.06.11 00:08 AnimeOtaku82 Anyone else having trouble accessing coryn club site? Iv been trying for a few days to find all staff drops,found a few videos showing some but not nearly all, and corynclub will not load for anything. None of the links listed for corynclub will load for me.🤔🤨🤷🏻‍♀️

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