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2023.06.10 23:10 Saint-Andros Out of Our Elements A NoP FanFic 6

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Lots of thanks to u/Killsode-slugcat for helping me work through this chapter with editing.
Memory transcription subject: Tevri, Venlil Romanticist
Date [standardized human time]: August 11, 2137
With eyes still closed, I stretched my legs and arms, paws pushing up against the inside of my sleeping bag. A sigh of contentment escaped my mouth.
I let the world in—light falling down in shafts that struck my still-waking eyes. No trees were around to provide cover from the rising sun that hung low in the east. The sounds of life surrounded me, occasionally being broken up by particularly strong gusts as well as a hint of something else.
My head turned to that hint, who still slept somewhat soundly off to my side. Last night Jack had set up his own sleeping bag less than an arm’s length from my own, citing our lack of a fire as the reason to gather closer to each other.
He tossed and turned, occasionally, muttering incoherently. At least he’s found some rest. After carrying me for over half of yesterday, he had certainly earned it.
It was actually quite surprising how well he had managed it all. His slim build compared to other humans that I had seen was betrayed by a hidden strength and incredible endurance. I suppose millions of years of evolution tends to allow such a thing.
Some part of me still felt bitter about what he had done the night prior to our last, but it was clear to me that his apology was sincere. I gave a quiet snort. He probably wouldn’t have carried you on your shoulders if he wasn’t at least somewhat sorry.
The covers of my too-big bag were thrown off and I sat up, holding my knocked knees with my paws.
Rocky rolling hills with low-grown shoots of grass lightly waved towards me. The nearby mountain range looked down upon us with its well-kept snow despite the summer season. Even three days of standing beneath them didn’t eliminate their wondrously looming presence.
I reached over to my nearby pack and grabbed my pen and journal. I clung to every thought that passed its way through my mind, marking them down the old fashioned way. There was something special about writing my feelings down on something physical rather than some pad or computer. It felt real in comparison to the alternative.
It was incredible to me how one of, if not the most dangerous planet to be found within known space was simultaneously one of the most fantastically beautiful worlds I ever had the pleasure of setting foot on. What a travesty it would have been had the federation actually managed to glass the biosphere. Ironically it had been the Arxur that prevented such a disastrous outcome. Those same savages had…
Jack shot upright from where he had lain. He heaved harsh breaths, chest rising and falling as though he had just sprinted up the incline of a hill. I looked on with alarm, but didn’t think to disrupt the startled man. His eyes stared down at the dirt in front of him as he hung his hands between his legs.
“You okay?” I asked. He whipped to look at me like he had forgotten I was there. Slowly, he turned back to face the dirt. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” He took a curt sniff and ran his hands across his face as he took a deep sigh.
He was lying.
The restless sleep, the violent rise into consciousness, the obvious distress within those wild eyes—all signs of nightmares. It had been years now since I last worried about such things, but I knew all too well how difficult they were to deal with.
A thought, as intrusive as it was unwelcome, pushed its way through the crowded thoughts of my mind, forcing my heart to skip a beat. What would be enough to scare a predator—human—to scare a human within their dreams? Instantly, I shoved it back from wherever it had come. He needs you right now, just like how you needed her.
I gently crawled over to the distraught man and set a paw on an arm while he leaned forward. At my touch, he turned his head towards me, staring with those forward-facing eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked.
A slight snarl of a smile crossed his face, but no answer came. Jack stood up and stretched his arms outward, leaning back and forth.
“C’mon, let's pack up and head out. S’always good to start out early.” He extended a hand down to me where I sat still. How could he just brush something so terrifying off so easily? My tail flicked absently I guess they always have been a rather resilient species. Why should they be any different mentally? I relented to his proposal, grabbing his hand and allowing him to pull me upright.
Breakfast—much like last night’s meal—consisted of dry pre-prepped rations. Without surrounding trees from which drywood could be scavenged, we were left fireless. The ‘breakfast bars’ as Jack called them were a sufficient substitute for warm food. Every meal with the human increased my interest in the cuisine of his species. I hadn’t imagined it would all be so wonderfully varied and delicious.
The bar itself was chewy, made of oats, filled with dried fruits and sweetened by sugar. Each bite gave a satisfying crunch as my taste buds reveled in the impeccably delightful taste.
After hydrating and filling ourselves with calories, we set off once more on the trail.
This time, I was actually able to walk properly, though less than an hour after we departed, I was left wishing that Jack could scare me sleepless again—that way I could guilt him into carrying me.
While we continued, I walked without thinking much about the placement of my paws. I worried for my human friend. His mind was clearly plagued by something terrible, but the answer of what continued to evade me. The only lead I had were my own experiences, and in chasing that lead, my mind wandered back to the past.
As I was dragged from our home without protest, Devra lambasted our parents. Velnik cowered to the side as he watched the ordeal, helpless with widened eyes. Dad practically had to peel my sister away from mom as I was shoved into our vehicle. The echo of her shouts faded away.
It was the first time my parents admitted me for predator disease screenings.
An iron grip held my hand and led me forward through the stark featureless halls of the facility. A glance over my shoulder revealed my parents walking along. They dared not to risk a look in my direction. Tears welled at the edge of my eyes as the echoes of distant screams shocked my ears and flooded my brain with fear-chemicals.
My tail wrapped around my body and my ears bent towards the ground. Why did they want to throw me in here with the monsters? All I did was explore.
The facility worker threw me in a chair within a purely white room other than the single large black wall. From the ceiling hung a projector that faced one of the three white surfaces. After the worker left, my eyes floated through the room, narrowing at a sight that practically screamed of its existence. Dark lines were scrawled into the furthest corner of the sterile chamber.
I didn’t have the time to think about its implications when the screen clicked on and the lights dimmed, enhancing the image before me.
The metal chair fell backward with me in it, creating a resounding clang that bounded back and forth across the walls.
My hands slipped and slid across the slick floor, carrying my body backwards. This scramble led the wall to smash against my back. Without a thought, my claws joined the countless other marks of those who had come before me.
A towering, onyx-shaded visage of the malevolent beast prowled beyond the edge of my vision, obscured by tears of terror that practically blinded me. The blood-orange eyes glowed greedily and its mouth was stuck in a perpetual snarl. Viscera of a horrifically familiar color dribbled down its chin from where the meat was in the Arxur’s razor-sharp teeth.
With a click, the sanguine show moved forward to yet another horrific display. Another click. Another. One more. Click. Click. Click. Silence.
My eyes were as raw as my bloodied paws. Their scraping and scrabbling joined me with the other souls who had faced this same experience. When the lights flicked on and the worker came back to collect me, I curled up trying and failing to back away. She stood me up, patting me down before pulling me from the room. Everything was a collective white blur, compressed into a single moment of unfocused voices until I heard the vehicle’s door slam.
The ride home was silent as I leaned my head against the padded surface of my seat. Shallow breaths rose and fell from my chest while Mom and Dad stared ahead. They hadn’t looked at me once since we left the facility—or even talked to me—since we left the facility.
Among the many questions I had, one clung to the surface of my mind before being swallowed by its sea of screams. Why?
When at last we arrived at home, I barely even noticed. Only when the door to the passenger cabin flung open did I somewhat rise from my stupor. A sudden surprise wrapped around me and pulled me from the car, dragging away from my supposed guardians.
In an instant, I was rushed to my room and placed upon the familiar comfort of my bed before being coated by two layers of warmth; one was the plush cloth of a blanket and the other the fluffy warmth of my sister’s fur. “It’s ok, Tev. You’re home. You’re safe.” My empty eyes had no tears left to give, so Devra lent me hers.
You’re home. You’re safe.
“Tev? Tevri?”
My repeated name yanked me from the memory. Ugh, I’ve got to stop wandering off like that.
“You in there sheep?”
With a grumble, I responded. “I told you to stop calling me that.”
Jack uttered a mischievous chuckle. “C’mon, let's get over this next hill then break for lunch. Sure seems you could use a rest.” Despite it going unnoticed moments prior, I now felt my heart pumping hard and each breath heaved just as harshly. A short break will probably do me some good.
Together, we crested the hilltop and sat down both our packs and ourselves. I greedily lapped up water from my bottle while the man beside me calmly took several swigs from his own canteen. The food he grabbed was a pair of packaged items that he called ‘pasta salad.’
The small noodles were coated in a layer of creamy sauce and mixed with a variety of colorful vegetables that I didn’t recognize, but just like everything else cooked up by these humans, it was delicious. The sweet, creamy sauce contrasted nicely with the savory taste of the noodles and the soft texture of the pasta paired with the lovely crunch of the vegetables made for a wonderful meal.
As I munched on my food, the wind lazily played with my tail. My heart drummed onward, steadying into an agreeable rhythm before finally, my breathing leveled out.
A field of purple flowers greeted us, climbing and falling with the rolling land. Down below us was the river we had loosely followed, bordered by nondescript bunches of shrubbery. Rapid white waters splashed up and against rocks, breaking the flow and sending up spray.
When together we finished our food, we sat there, enjoying the world around us. “So, Tevri,” as Jack spoke, I met his forward eyes, “we’ve been out here for two days now and I still know next to nothing about you. Why don’t you tell me a bit more ‘bout yourself.”
The sudden question caught me by surprise, but I tried my best to answer anyway. “There isn’t much to tell. I write stories and poetry about the nature of worlds I’ve visited.”
“Well, you must be one hell of a writer to throw around money like you do.”
At the compliment, I felt a rush of warmth to my face. “I—”
Jack’s calm demeanor became one of surprise in an instant. “Is your face ‘sposed to do that?” A pair of my paws clapped to my face, trying and failing to hide the spreading orange.
“Y-yes!” I squeaked. “It’s p-perfectly fine.”
“Huh, right.” He didn’t sound convinced in the slightest. “Well, uh, what about your family? You’ve met mine already, why don’t you tell me about yours?”
Just as the orange began to fade away, a shroud of mist met my eyes and my voice sunk with my ears. “I’d rather not.” The whiplash of jumping from a sense of contentment, to embarrassment, to sad longing was jarring to say the least.
“Ah.” He held his silence for a moment, allowing the blowing breeze and the distant rush of water to fill the space between.
“I’m sorry.”
“S-sorry? Sorry for what?”
Jack gave a huff. “You know it's funny really. You Venlil, us Humans. I never really saw it before, but even just a few days around you, it’s shown me just how similar our people really are.”
Again, wind and water.
“If it means anything, I’ve felt your loss.”
What?! How does he know? How could he possibly know?
He must have picked up my confusion before he responded. “After the battle of Earth I got used to hearing that answer of yours.”
Jack rose, swinging his pack around his shoulders. “C’mon sheep, sun’s not getting any higher. Let's get going.”
“YOU—!” The dour mood was immediately washed away by my guide’s hearty laughter. Again with the emotional whiplash.
It was amazing how easily he managed to do that. Try as I might, I couldn’t stay mad at him. As I shook my head, I followed my guide’s motions and grabbed my bag to join him.
For a while we walked quietly, but once again, Jack tried to strike up a conversation. “So, you mentioned you’ve visited other worlds. What were they like?”
I gave the human equivalent of a shrug with my tail. “Some were better than others, but for the most part, they were quite beautiful.”
“You have any favorites?”
My ears perked up. “Oh yes! The sky cities of Nishtal were incredible. Dwelling among the clouds, it was a rather uplifting experience.” Jack groaned with a smile still on his face.
“That might be one of the worst puns I’ve ever heard.” In response, I simply chuckled.
“Nishtal, huh?” The smile on his face faded. “That’s the world of feathered sacks-of-shit, right?”
“What? The Krakotl? Don’t be dense now, they aren’t all that bad.”
Jack scoffed. “That’s easy for you to say. They didn’t try to wipe the Venlil from existence.”
“If they succeeded during the battle of earth, they very well could have. Not that it matters anymore. Nishtal’s skies are clouded by the ash of their once-lush swamps and their cities have been plucked from the skies. Their world died.”
Jack gave a gruff grunt. “What goes around comes around I guess.”
I was genuinely shocked at what I heard. The anger that began to bubble within me was not the same lighthearted stuff from earlier. “How can you say something like that?”
“They brought it upon themselves,” he barked.
“That bastard Kalsim was the one who brought destruction to his people and you know it. Billions of Krakotl were killed or captured by betterment. Can you honestly tell me, or even yourself, that any species deserves such a fate?”
“No. No I guess I can’t” Mentally, I gave a sigh of relief.
With my tail, I gave him a gentle flick. “The Krakotl are functionally endangered now, you know? They may have killed a billion humans, but for each life taken, tens of their own were paid.”
My voice began to choke. “I had—have—friends among the Krakotl. If you think that the mourning you humans experienced was harsh, I just want you to think; how would you feel if less than a percent of your people survived death or capture”
These words of mine were followed by an air of silence. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but something I had said clearly struck a chord with the man. Unlike me, Jack seemed to ground himself in reality, but for the first time since I met him, his distant unfocused eyes made it clear enough that his mind was elsewhere.
The remainder of the day flew by beneath this same blanket of silence.
We passed from the wide grassy knolls into a sparse forest that was more brush than tree. The trail led beneath their branches and through the tall shrubbery, rarely veering one way or the other.
When we eventually stopped to make camp for the evening, the sun was still slightly above the horizon. The campsite was similar to the one we had stopped at on our first day. An old steel fire-pit was set in the middle and a steel food container lay to the side.
Even as we set up, the cold quiet remained.
Progress was slow. Jack usually did the majority of the work, but tonight, his movements were taken with less purpose than I was used to. More than once, his hands fumbled, dropping something only for him to robotically reach down and pick it up again.
Once he did finally unpack his belongings, he left to find wood for the fire. At least this time, I found myself less frightened than when he had last done so. The deafening silence of my thoughts was more disconcerting than the idea of any hunters prowling nearby.
Whatever I had said, it didn’t just strike a chord. No, this had shaken him. Not even those nightmares of his had affected him this deeply.
In much the same way that I hadn’t wanted to talk about my own family, it was clear that whatever this was, he had no desire to elaborate further. I did find it odd however that only after mentioning the near-annihilation of the Krakotl did he seem to change. Perhaps it had to do with whoever he had lost? If this was the case, then I couldn’t fully blame him for his hatred towards the Krakotl. Grief is a powerful accelerant for the fires of rage.
On the other paw, my poor heart broke for the poor avians. So many lost. So few left. When the news had arrived back on Venlil prime, I devoted every moment possible to comforting my grieving friends; to Dualo, Oqui, Icatl and Haiula.
For some though, the grief of their new reality was too strong. Several of my dear friends had been unable to overcome that grief. My ears fell and my head bowed. If nobody else would remember them, I would ensure I never forgot them. They deserved that much.
Despite the clouds looming over my mind, my ears perked up at the sound of footfalls and I turned to see a bundle beneath Jack’s arms. Minutes later, a brilliant blaze burned before us.
It felt good to have a fire again. The protective warmth felt like a familiar embrace. From my pack, I grabbed the same blanket my guide had lent me the day before and wrapped it across my body.
While I found myself shrouded in comfort, Jack prepared our food above the pit. It was yet another warm meal of packaged food. The smell of spice wafted up to the tips of my taste buds as he stirred it about with a metal ladle.
The clink of utensils against our metal bowls rose above the crackling flames. Their sun still peeked out from behind the trees, though soon enough, it fell and with it, came the night’s chill.
Countless stars that you simply didn’t get to see on Venlil Prime appeared in the night sky. A glance told me that I wasn’t the only one impressed by their appearance. My wide field of vision managed to capture nearly the entire sky. I wonder, which of those stars is home?
A gust of wind blew by sending shivers down my spine. The effect of the Wendigo’s story hadn’t been completely lost on me, but the terror it inspired had at least died down to a manageable amount. Staying near to Jack certainly helped.
Speaking of him, I’d had enough of this silence.
“Hey Jack, how would you like to hear a campfire story?” I asked, tossing aside the quiet that had covered.
“Hmph. A promise is a promise. Didn’t really have a fire last night to tell a story ‘round did we. Guess it’s only fair to give you a chance.”
My tail gave a flick of excitement at his agreeance. “I must warn you, this is a bit less of a story and more of a poem. It’s one of the last few that I wrote before my travels across the Federation ended. It isn’t quite as long of a tale as that Wendigo story you told me, but it means a lot to me.
Jack gave a thoughtful nod. “Very well, I call this poem ‘The Wandrer’s Curse.’”
“Across the stars we wandrers go,
not caring much for threat or foes,
The skies we see are not our own,
But from them wonder’s always shown.
From Nishtal’s clear and crystal skies,
To Fahl where golden deserts lie,
And ‘cross the cradle’s fruitful lands,
Our own horizons do expand.
It is amidst these very sights,
That we the wandrers oft delight,
For friends we seek and friends we find,
Across the worlds of species kind.
Thru mountains, oceans and the woods,
Where those long past once walked and stood,
The wandrers seek to find the past;
A simpler time, no clouds o’er cast.
Despite the friends which we have made,
The clouds above us cast their shade,
Upon the surface of our minds,
And seek our hearts with chains to bind.
It is our lot to flee from pain,
Brought on by smashing, lashing rains.
Til weary broken and undone,
We fall with legs which fail to run.
But such is life—that beautiful thing,
That brings one joy and suff’ring.
So with this final cloudless verse,
Remember thee, the wandrer’s curse.”
At the end of my poem, the crackling fire picked up where my words left off. My eyes raised to the heavens once more and I realized just how wonderful this life was. There was something truly sublime about existing right here during this exact moment; under the stars, surrounded by trees the whistling, beside a warm fire that staved off the cold.
Sharing it with Jack made it that much better.
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2023.06.10 23:02 tobobonobo Air[Trauma]: Inaccurate listing and customer support from hell

I recently had to use AirCover for a monthly rental that was inaccurately described in the following ways:
In addition to the those inaccuracies:
Around 2pm after the first night, and after calling AirBnB about these issues after being unable to accept the hosts' inadequate redress, we heard two 8ish round gun clips being emptied within 100 yards of the house in chilling succession. We don’t know for sure if it was the host but that didn't stop us from becoming deathly afraid and fleeing in a panicked rush - the news is full of awful shootings these days and we didn't want to risk dying.
I spent about 4 hours on the phone with support that evening waiting for AirCover to help us. Suddenly, and after previously confirming we were covered under AirCover, support started stonewalling us and we ate dinner that night in a parking lot. They wouldn't advise us on how we should proceed; whether we should get a hotel for the night or if AirCover cover us somehow. Instead, they just repeated "we'll call you back very soon" and then never did. We waited for hours for them to call back. Finally, after receiving no word from support before nightfall, despite us calling multiple times, we booked ourselves into a hotel at around 9pm.
About a week later, and after days of persistent attempts to get "rebooking assistance" and living out of a hotel, they sent a list of options - none of which had the features we needed and originally booked. We found a place without their help (more expensive of course - booking on such short notice), and still haven't received a discount for our new stay.
They gave us a partial refund for the original stay, but then charged us for 2 extra nights (3 total) and didn't explain why.
Now the email I'm getting is:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Upholding the policies and standards that protect our community is very important to us. We’ve given your case and its details careful consideration, and we determined that you have not received yet the 20% Coupon for your rebooking assistance in your last reservation [xxxxxx] with your Host, Robert. As per checking on you last case, you have been promised to received 20% coupon not a discount to your next reservation. We understand that this might not be what you’d hoped for, but we came to this outcome because this is the policy and guidlines[sic] that we need to follow. Our review is complete now, and we won’t be able to offer additional support on this case at this time. If you’d like to provide feedback on Airbnb’s policies or your experience, you can do so any time at: Best regards, Edriel
They gave me a 20% discount on the three nights they charged me (where I only stayed one).
Do I have any options here - legal or otherwise?
This feels so wrong.
Update: They just decided to refund me for the nights that I didn't stay there, but said that they can't do anything more to help.
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2023.06.10 23:01 tehchives The Stock List: A review of what was shared, why it was shared, the community feedback, a discussion of applicable law, and getting back to the hard data that this was all about in the first place.


Hey everyone! Chives here.
It’s been a busy few days since the stock list was first reviewed by some community members on Tuesday. I can’t link to other posts on this subreddit, but I will pin a comment which does link to other posts from earlier in the week.
One key post I believe people should read is my last DD post, detailing the distinction between the Stock Ledger and the Stock List. Check that pinned comment for a link. I’m going to assume that you’ve looked that post over, so please check it out.
I have been talking at length with those investors who traveled to Grapevine about their process and that will be explained more below. I did not travel to Grapevine myself. I want to talk about privacy expectations and concerns, and I want to address and apologize for some implications within those posts about other community members. If a person was a public figure, or did not share their name ahead of time, and was not verified on the stock list - that does not mean they aren't DRS today. They could have DRSd after the record date, or DRSd through an LLC. The stock ledger is the ongoing live accounting of named record holders, and the stock list is only a snapshot from the record date.
I feel as though the response from other communities has had a chilling impact on discourse and discussion, and hope to address that in depth. I did make several comments in other posts over the last day with similar information which curious parties can review. Let's dive in.

The Stock List, and what is Public Information

The stock list is created annually as an authoritative resource of who has voting rights on the record date. Any stockholder of record has the ability to review the stock list. Additionally, any beneficial owner who can satisfactorily prove their identity and beneficial ownership also can review the stock list. These routes allow the possibility to, by appointment with the GME legal team, review the stock list - and is a lengthy process which was successfully navigated by multiple people this year.
The stock list is a public resource which issuers are required to create and make available to investors per the Delaware Codes. By direct registering in your own name, it is possible for others to review this list and find your position. Some investors may not have been aware that this is how the system works. Community figures recognized as familiar with systemic intricacies like Dave Lauer did not realize that this information would be publicly available.
As a founder of and as a longtime contributor to DRSGME, I have known for years that direct registration with a publicly traded company does come with the caveat that your name and position will be listed on the public ledger. A recent example was the release of the BBBY filings through Ch11 bankruptcy, which displayed names/positons/addresses of investors. It has been a surprise to me personally that so many were not aware of this fact, but I am glad that it has become a focus point.
I do believe that one of the only positives of holding through a broker, and therefore Cede, is semi-anonymity. Your name and position will be viewable to your Broker, of course, but not to the broad investing public - and individuals viewing the stock list would not see your name, as you would be included in the large aggregate holdings of Cede and Co. It is still possible to hold shares through an LLC you control rather than in your own name, and introduce another step of obfuscation, if you would like to have legal title of your own shares.
Some users, including myself, were approached and made aware that investors were going to view the stock list. These users were asked if they would share the name they hold shares under. I decided of my own accord to share my name with them, and after Tuesday 6/6, they told me my exact position as of 4/21/23 (the record date). Due to this proof that they viewed the stock list, I believe all other information shared is accurate. No positions were shared unless they were consulted and consented ahead of time. Public figures were searched for in order to confirm DRS position under their name, but specific positions were not shared.

Why share the stock list?

A lot of useful hard data can be derived from the stock list – such as average position size, most common position size, geographic distribution of investors, and much more. As I have been told - most of this data has not yet been shared, and will still be shared over the coming days.
The stock list is a public document available to anyone who secures an appointment with the issuer’s legal team by satisfactorily confirming that they are stockholders. It is every investor's right to access this list if they choose to do so.

The Legal Citations

There have been multiple prominent figures, (including Dr. Trimbath)[], who are under the impression that the posts regarding the stock list were in violation of Federal Law. This is a serious allegation that I have spent time diving into and hope to satisfactorily address here.
The CFR code cited was:
This code is clear that it would be illegal to share personal information from a stock ledger, such as addresses, for reasons other than solicitation around a proxy vote. There are two reasons I believe this code does not apply.
First, notably, the CFR is referring to the stock ledger and not the stock list. As I mentioned in my adjacent post exploring the difference between the stock list and the stock ledger, the stock list is a document generated and derived from the stock ledger in adherence to Delaware codes. Users who shared information from the stock list also did not solicit any other investors for any reason.
Second, the investors who accessed the stock list received confirmation from GME legal that they secured appointments through Delaware codes and not through the federal CFR codes governing the stock ledger.
Here is a link to the relevant Delaware codex under which investors successfully gained access to, and took information from, the stock list. Section 220b1 is most relevant.
(b)Any stockholder, in person or by attorney or other agent, shall, upon written demand under oath stating the purpose thereof, have the right during the usual hours for business to inspect for any proper purpose, and to make copies and extracts from: (1) The corporation’s stock ledger, a list of its stockholders, and its other books and records
The purpose of examining the stock list was to empower apes to dig deeper into verifiable data, as has always been a core tenet of our community. I would encourage all readers to familiarize themselves with the difference between the stock ledger and the stock list and then review the relevant legal codes linked above. I am not a lawyer and would appreciate your sharing alternative interpretations, if you have them. I do not see any section of these codes which would have been violated by the posts and data shared by the investors who traveled to Grapevine. From what I can see, there is no provision for confidentiality in these Delaware codes.

Community Reception

I would like to apologize on behalf of this community for how some of the information gathered by the investors who traveled to Grapevine was presented. Although the offending post has been removed by Reddit admins, and so I can’t cite it directly, I would still like to address it.
The original post included an implication that selfless community figures, including the mods from other subs interested in DRS and GME, were not directly registered. I want to address that here. There is no way to know who is direct registered and who is not from the stock list implicitly. The stock list is a snapshot in time from the record date of 4/21/23, and it’s still possible to be holding shares in the name of an LLC they control.
Some users, like myself, were made aware of efforts to view the stock list and chose to provide their names ahead of time. The vast majority of investors were NOT made aware and were NOT asked to share their names, and therefore were NOT able to be ‘confirmed’ or ‘verified’. This is in no way indicative that anyone who was not asked, or was asked and did not share their personal info, is not direct registered.
There is no issue if any individual feels uncomfortable about the idea of their information being recorded on the stock list. I believe that the truth, that direct registration under your own name means the publication of your name on a public resource, is a net positive for the investing community gathering on this subreddit. All truth is worth sharing and worth undergoing scrutiny.

The Data Still To Come

There is still a huge amount of primary source data to dig into from the Stock List. At this point, the list has been all but verified thanks to the users who confirmed the positions expressed were accurate including Peruvian Bull, PWNWTFBBQ and Dave Lauer.
I have checked in with the users who reviewed the stock list and confirmed they have more data to come, including:
How many accounts have one share or less? What's the most common share size listed? How many accounts with a certain amount of shares? How many holders are there from each country?
In my opinion, most of all, the stock list gives a 5th primary source and data point for DRS holdings through 2023. GameStop has shared DRS records in their 10Q and 10K, and now this community has a fifth data point which it never had before.
I am excited and looking forward to see what the broader community can discern using this data, and I appreciate the time from all who read through this post in effort to better understand the motivations and details behind the sharing of information from the stock list.
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Depuis quelques temps , j'utilise un moyen assez simple pour voyager en France avec notre compagnie aérienne nationale. De nombreuses compagnies proposent des billets à prix réduits pour assister à des conférences. Il suffit d'entrer le code d'une conférence pour obtenir une réduction sur le prix du billet.
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En faisant une recherche avec le code, j'ai plusieurs offres
Je n'ai JAMAIS eu de soucis, en règle général, personne va check les billets etc

Source : moi, le topic france d'il y'a 4 ans révélant l'astuce
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2023.06.10 22:31 JoshAsdvgi THE SNAKE MYTH


A Hopi Legend

At Tokóonavi, north of the Grand Canyon, lived people who were then not yet Snake people.
They lived close to the bank of the river.
The chief's son often pondered over the Grand Canyon and wondered where all that water went to.
"That must certainly make it very full somewhere," he thought to himself.
So he spoke to his father about it.
''So that is what you have been thinking about," the latter said. "Yes," his son answered, "I want to go and examine it."
The father gave his consent and told his son that he should make a box for himself that would be large enough for him to get into, and he should arrange it so that all openings in the box could be closed.
This the boy did, making also a long pole (according to others a long báho), with which he could push the box in case it became fast or tangled up anywhere.
When he was ready he took a lot of báhos and some food, went into the box, and allowed himself to be pushed into the water, on which he then floated along.
Finally he came to the ocean, where he drifted against an island.
He found the house of Spider Woman (Kóhk'ang Wuhti) here, who called him to come to her house.
He went over and found that he could not get through the opening leading to her house.
"How shall I get in?" he said; "the opening is too small."
She told him to enlarge it.
This he did and then entered.
He told her a story and gave her a báho, and said that he had come after beads, etc.
She pointed to another kiva away out in the water and said that there were some beads and corals there. but that there were some wild animals guarding the path to it.
"If you had not informed me, how could you have succeeded in getting there and how would you have gotten back?
But I shall go with you," she said, "because you have given me a báho, for which I am very glad."
She then gave the young man some medicine and seated herself behind his right ear.
He spurted the medicine over the water and immediately a road like a rainbow was formed from the dwelling of Spider Woman to the other kiva.
On this they went across the water.
As they approached the kiva to which they were going they first encountered a panther, who growled fiercely.
The young man gave him a green báho and spurted some medicine upon him, which quieted him.
A little farther on they met a bear, whom they quieted in the same manner.
Still farther on they came upon a wildcat, to which they also handed a báho, which quieted the animal.
Hereupon they met a gray wolf, and finally a very large rattle-snake (K'áhtoya), both of which they appeased in the same manner as the others.
They then arrived at the kiva, where they found at the entrance a bow standard (Aoát nátsi).
They then descended the ladder and found in the kiva many people who were dressed in blue kilts, had their faces painted with specular iron (yaláhaii), and around their necks they wore many beads.
The young man sat down near the fireplace, Spider Woman still being seated on his ear, but no one spoke.
The men looked at him, but remained silent.
Presently the chief got a large bag of tobacco and a large pipe.
He filled the latter and smoked four times.
He then handed the pipe to the young man and said: "Smoke and swallow the smoke."
The swallowing of the smoke was a test: any one not being able to do that was driven off.
Spider Woman had informed the young man about this test, so he was posted.
When he commenced to smoke she whispered to him: "Put me behind you."
This he did in an unobserved manner, so when he swallowed the smoke she immediately drew the smoke from him and blew it away, and hence he did not get dizzy.
The men who did not observe the trick were pleased and said to him:
''All right, you are strong; you are certainly some one.
Thank you.
Your heart is good: you are one of us; you are our child." "Yes." he said, and handed them some red nakwákwosis and a single green báho with red points, such as are still made in Shupaúlavi in the Antelope society.
They then became very friendly, saving that the were very happy over the báhos.
On the walls of the kiva were hanging many costumes made of snake skins.
Soon the chief said to the people:
"Let us dress up now," and turning to the young man bid him to turn away so that he would not see what was going on.
He did so, and when he looked back again the men had all dressed up in the snake costumes and had turned into snakes, large and small, bull- snakes, racers, and rattle-snakes, that were moving about on the floor hissing, rattling, etc.
While he had turned away and the snake People had been dressing themselves, Spider Woman had whispered to him that they were now going to try him very hard, but that he should not be afraid to touch the snakes; and she gave him many instructions.
Among those present in the kiva had also been some pretty maidens who had also put on snake costumes and had turned into serpents.
One of them had been particularly handsome.
The chief had not turned into a snake, and was sitting near the fireplace.
He now turned to the young man and said to him:
"You go now and select and take one of these snakes."
The snakes seemed to be very angry and the young man got frightened when they stared at him, but Spider Woman whispered to him not to be a coward, nor to be afraid.
The prettiest maiden had turned into a large yellow rattle-snake (Sik'á-tcua), and was especially angry.
Spider Woman whispered to the young man, that the one that acted so very angrily was the pretty maiden and that he should try to take that one.
He tried, but the snake was very wild and fierce.
"Be not afraid," Spider Woman whispered, and handed him some medicine.
This he secretly chewed and spurted a small quantity of it on the fierce snake, whereupon it immediately became docile.
He at once grabbed it, held and stroked it four times upward, each time spurting a little medicine on it, and thus freeing it from its anger.
The chief was astonished and said: "You are very something, thanks.
Now, look away again." He did so and when he turned back he saw that all the snakes had assumed the forms of men and women again, including the maiden that he had captured. They now were all very good to him, and talked to him in the kindest manner, because they now considered him as initiated and as one of them.
He was now welcome, and the chief invited him to eat.
The mána whom the young man had taken got from another room in the kiva some bread made of fresh corn-meal, some peaches, melons, etc., and set this food before the young man.
Spider Woman whispered to the young -man to give her something to eat too, which he did secretly.
She enjoyed the food very much and was very happy.
Now the chief asked the man why he came, etc.
"I hunt a lólomat kátcit (good life) and was thinking about the water running this way, and so this way it runs.
I have come also to get Hopi food from here.
I also heard that there lives a woman here somewhere, the Hurúing Wuhti, from whom I want beads."
"What have you for her?" they asked.
"These báhos," he said. "All right, you will get there.
But now you sleep here."
But Spider Woman wanted to get back.
He told them that he wanted to go out a little while.
Then he went and took Spider Woman home, and put her down.
She invited him to come and eat with her.
She had a pövö'lpik'i off which she lived and which never gave out, but he left her and returned to the Snake kiva, where he was welcomed and called brother and son-in-law (möö'nangwuu), although he had not yet married, but only caught the mána.
So he remained there.
That evening and night the chief told him all about the Snake cult, altar, etc., etc., and instructed him how he must put this up, and do that, when he would return.
He did not sleep that night.
In the morning he again went out on the same excuse as the previous evening, and went to Spider Woman, who went out. She made a rainbow road into the ocean to a high bluff where Hurúing Wuhti lived, and to which they ascended on a ladder. They went in and found an old hag, but on all the walls many beads, shells, etc.
The woman said nothing.
The young man gave her the báhos, then she, said faintly, "Áskwali!" (Thanks!)
At sundown she went into a side chamber and returned a very pretty maiden with fine buffalo and wildcat robes, of which she made a bed, and after having fed him, invited him to sleep with her on the bed.
Then Spider Woman ,whispered he should comply with her request, then he would win her favor and get the beads.
So he did as requested.
In the morning he awoke and found by his side an old hag, snoring.
He was very unhappy,
He stayed all day, the hag sitting bent up all day.
In the evening the change, etc., that occurred on the previous day was repeated, but the hag after this remained a pretty maiden.
He remained four days and nights with Hurúing Wuhti, who is the deity of the hard substances.
After four days he wanted to go home, so she went into a room on the north side and got a turquoise bead; then from a room west the same: from a room South a reddish bead (cátsni); from one east, a hard white bead (hurúingwa), a shell.
Then she gave him a few of all kinds of beads and told him to go home now, but charging him not to open the sack, because if he did they would be gone, and if he did not they would increase.
"You go to the Snakes, who will give you clothes, food, etc."
He then returned to the Snake kiva.
There he staved four days and four nights, sleeping with his wife.
When he was ready to go home the chief said: "Take this mána with you.
You have won us.
Take it all with you, take of our food.
Practice the ceremonies there that I told you about.
This woman will bear you children and then you will be many and they will hold this ceremony for you."
So they started.
At Spider Woman's house he told his wife, ''You stay here.
I will go to the rear."
So he went to Spider Woman's house and she asked:
''Well, did you get the mána?" "Yes," he said. "Well, you take everything along."
But she forbid him to touch his wife while they would be on the way, as then his beads would disappear and also his wife.
So they started.
The beads were as yet not heavy.
During the night they slept separately.
In the morning they found that the beads had increased, and they kept increasing as they went along the next day.
The next night they spent in the same way.
They were anxious to see whether the beads and shells had increased, but did not dare to do so.
The third night was again spent, and the contents of the bag increased the same as the previous two nights.
The bag with the beads and shells now became very heavy and the young man was very anxious to see them, but his wife forbade him to open the sack.
The fourth night was spent in the same manner, and when they arose in the morning the sack was nearly full and was very heavy.
Spider Woman had also put some strings into the bag with the beads, and the beads were strung onto these strings a,; they kept increasing.
They now approached the home of the young man, and the latter was very anxious to get home in order to see the contents, of the sack, so they traveled on.
When they had nearly one more day's travel to make the sack had become full.
During the last night the man opened the sack, although his wife remonstrated most energetically.
He took out many of the finest beads and shells and spread them on the floor before them, put them around his neck, and was very happy.
So they retired for the night.
In the morning they found that all the beads except those which Hurúing Wuhti had given to the man had disappeared. Hence the Hopi have so few beads at the present day.
If that man had at that time brought home with him all the beads which he had, they would have many.
So when they arrived at home they were very despondent.
At that time only the Divided or Separated Spring (Bátki) clan and the Pö'na (a certain cactus) clan lived at that place, but with the arrival of this young couple a new clan, the Snake clan, had come to the village.
Soon this new woman bore many children.
They were snakes who lived in the fields and in the sand. They grew very rapidly and went about and played with the Hopi children, whom they sometimes bit.
This made the Hopi very angry and they said:
"This is not good," and drove them off, so they were very unhappy.
The woman said to her husband:
"You take our children back to my home and there we shall go away from here alone."
Then the man's father made báhos, gave them to his son, who put all the snakes with the báhos into his blanket and took them back to his wife's home, and there told the Snake people why he brought their children and the báhos.
They said it was all right.
Hence the Snake priests, when carrying away the snakes from the plaza after the snake dance, take with them and deposit with the snakes some báhos, so that they should not themselves return to the village.
When the Snake man returned to his village lit and his wife traveled south- eastward, stopping at various places.
All at once they saw smoke in the distance, and when they went there they found a village perched son the mesa.
This was the village of Wálpi.
They at once went to the foot of the mesa on which Wálpi was situated and announced their presence.
So the village chief went down to them from the mesa, and asked what they wanted.
They asked to be admitted to the village, promising that they would assist the people in the ceremonies.
The chief at first showed himself unwilling to admit then), but finally gave his consent and took them up to the village.
From that time the woman bore human children instead of little snakes.
These children and their descendants became the Snake clan, of whom only very few are now living.
Soon also the Bátki and Pö'na clan came to Wálpi and found admittance to the village.
At Wálpi the Snake people made the first Snake típoni, Snake altar, etc., and had the first Snake ceremony.
From here the Snake cult spread to the other villages, first to Shongópavi, then to Mishóngnovi, and then to Oraíbi.
At the first Snake ceremony the Snake chief sent his nephew to the north, to the west, to the south, and to the east to hunt snakes.
He brought some from each direction,
The chief then hollowed out a piece of báho, made of cottonwood root.
Into this he put the rattles of three of the snakes and the fourth snake entirely.
He then inserted into it a corn-ear, and tied to it different feathers of the eagle, the oriole, blue-bird, parrot, magpie, Ásya, and topóckwa, winding a buckskin String around these feathers.
When he had made this típoni, the first ceremony was celebrated, and afterwards it took place regularly.
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2023.06.10 22:29 convoluted-mess Why create MORE versions of ROS 2 when the current version is such a mess

The documentation itself is just in such complete disarray.
From broken links to bad commands. There's no standardisation at all.

Example - This tutorial in the humble hawksbill documentation uses ign but the real command is now gz sim.
There's so many instances of broken links, bad commands, and it's incredibly hard for a newcomer to pick ROS 2 up. You have to learn about the WHOLE ecosystem and it's nuances, especially if you want to reference code on github. You have to learn ROS 1, ROS2, then you realise since everything is written on so ROS 1 or 2 AND in different distributions AND on different linux versions, you have no choice but to go via the dockers route (and it's not even a good route)

GZ sim... gz is the WORST OF ALL. When you try to simulate you have to learn about gazebo, gazebo plugins, then you realise, oh now there's gz sim and then plugins are different and there's no backwards compatibility. The gz sim website has multiple broken links, tutorials are not as comprehensive as gazebo classic, there's no incentive to migrate over.
This makes ROS seem like it's a bundle of shit ducktaped together. It's like the further ROS develops, the worse it gets.
The original idea to use XML to keep things CLEAN, SIMPLE AND READABLE has been discarded. And it feels like such a convoluted mess. This isn't like the iphone where you make a new version every year. They can do that because there's continuity, you dont really have to relearn how to use the iphone 14 if you've been using the iphone 5 for your whole life.

TL:DR Learning how to use ROS 2 to create my own custom drone is very frustrating and I'm throwing a tantrum.
I dont think you need to create more humble hawks, ironic irwins, jerkoff jerry. JUST STANDARDISE YOUR LATEST VERSION. MAKE THE ECOSYSTEM FUNCTIONAL AND LOOK GOOD. MAKE IT EASY TO PICK UP
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Extra Little Things - A floating button has been added instead of the previous individual buttons. - Visual Animations. - Onboarding Tutorial
Coming Soon: Subscription Analyzer, Widgets for each graph, Custom Expenses List to quickly add expenses, Reminders/Notifications to plan your week, Pie chart that summarizes all your expenses in the past Week Year or All Time.
I really appreciate your support and would love feedback to better this app. I’m slowly adding features and fixing little bugs here and there. I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Thank you!
App Store Link
Also there’s currently a promo. The basic functionalities (Paycheck Planning and History) are now $2.99 (One time Payment). And the pro version is $9.99 Yearly (instead of $15.99 Yearly and $1.99 Monthly). The monthly is $1.99. So it’s over 50% Discount
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