How to train your dragon halloween

How To Train Your Dragon

2012.01.21 07:52 Because_Titties How To Train Your Dragon

This is Berk. We had dragons.

2014.06.15 04:04 beatsdropheavy How to train your Dragon 2

For discussion of the film How to train your Dragon 1 & 2

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Welcome to the Unofficial Httyd Subreddit. here Talk about your favorite Dragons,vikings,games,shows,movies. also Make your own Dragon classes and Your own dragons in general. and post pictures of your Dragon drawings or Minecraft Dragon builds.

2023.06.09 15:11 moegreeb How do you focus on keeping your game moving along?

For the most part, in all of my games (because I'm a glutton for punishment I DM 3 games a week) my players are awesome. The tricky thing is the lulls that crop up where players don't seem to be able to decide on where to go next or what to do next.
How do other dungeon masters try and minimize those moments of dead air when no one speaks up or takes charge? In certain settings it would be easy enough to nudge things along with a sudden encounter to force them into action, but I don't want to do that every time.
So, basically, I'm just looking to see how other people make sure that your game is more or less always moving.
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2023.06.09 15:10 Minute-Object Rejecting a belief is not the same as rejecting the entity that is the focus of that belief.

I see this all the time, where Christians and Muslims equate rejection of their belief system with the idea that it’s the same thing as personally rejecting their deity or prophet.
So, just to clarify, here are a few statements that illustrate the difference:
Personal rejection:
  1. Odin/Zeus/Yahweh/Allah, I hate you and want nothing to do with you.
  2. God, please send me to hell so I can be away from your presence.
  3. God, I don’t believe in you, but if you are real, I hate you.
Lack of specific belief:
  1. Odin/Zeus/Yahweh/Allah, I don’t think you exist.
  2. God, I don’t see any good evidence for your existence.
  3. God, I think you exist but are not like those folks think you are.
  4. God, I don’t think you exist, but if you do, I appreciate all that you have blessed me with.
Can you see how all of the above sentences have fundamentally different meanings? It’s only possible for those distinctions to exist because personal rejection and rejection of a specific belief are not the same thing.
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2023.06.09 15:10 pinkstaplergirl i have a problem with manifesting physical changes to my face.

i think that the reason i don't get the physical results i want is because deep down, i feel that changing my face is immoral/wrong. consciously, i don't think that of course but i think subconsciously i do. i wish I could change that but i don't know how, I've already tried giving explanations to myself about why it's alright. i mean, I'm fine with the concept of plastic surgery so i don't why this is different. I'd really appreciate it if you could give me your own perspectives on why it's totally okay, I'm hoping maybe I'll get something I've never thought of before and it'll convince my subconscious.
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2023.06.09 15:07 waywardpixel My best friend is moving away to the woods of Wisconsin to wait out the “end of the world” in 2030

My best friend in the whole world has changed completely. This began in August of last year. She took me to a concert and told me she was going on a week long camping trip with her mother and brother (and we both knew they believed in a bunch of crazy conspiracies) I made a joke and wished her luck. I had no idea that would be the last time things would be normal between us.
After the trip, she texts me and says she has to tell me something important. She tells me she is a born again Christian, and she believes everything her mom and brother have been drilling into her head and fear mongering since the pandemic in 2020. From what I know, (because I’m sure there’s a lot I don’t know) this is what they believe:
  1. Trump is the Antichrist.
  2. Earth is flat.
  3. The vaccine makes you half machine. And it also fills you up with something that they can use to control you and make your heart explode whenever they want. It also changes your DNA making you not the same person.
  4. Space is fake. All of it. And the sun is a light the government turns on.
  5. Giants and Bigfoot and other mythical creatures exist.
  6. They cannot go to any government building (even the post office) because since they know the “truth”, all conspiracy theorists are considered National terrorists and will be shot on sight.
  7. Eventually, they will plant a chip in our hands and we will be punished for buying too much meat at the grocery stores. They will control how much we buy.
  8. They are getting rid of cash. She tells me that cash is already gone in china, but I don’t think that’s true.
  9. The world is ending in 2030. That’s when the rapture is coming.
  10. 5G towers will make you explode if you got the Covid vaccine. Or the flu vaccine because they have mixed the Covid vaccine with the flu vaccine and aren’t telling anyone.
That’s everything I can remember off the top of my head. But things are just so different now. She has tried to convert me. I stood firm in my own beliefs. She’s tried mom shaming me for having my son (who is almost 2) vaccinated. We had a big fight over that. I tried being respectful but it hurts. The main reason it hurts is bc they have all bought campers and are moving from Louisiana to Wisconsin whenever “stuff starts happening in the world” (the date keeps getting pushed back) and they will be off the grid in the woods with no phones or anything. No contact with anyone. Until 2030. They will be gardening and fishing for food. I am terrified of that. They aren’t fit for that type of lifestyle. I’m scared she or they won’t last out there. Especially the winters. She was seriously a piece of my heart. We were so close. And she wouldn’t even come and see me before she moved cities in Louisiana bc we are different people now. She doesn’t tell me anything unless I bring up something that upsets her or if I hound her and ask.
I don’t know what to do. It feels like she’s passed away. The person I loved is gone. And I won’t even be able to speak to her soon or know if she’s okay. That messes with my head so bad. For years, I’ll just be worried. And I’ll never know. No one will. My heart is just broken. And there’s nothing to do about that.
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2023.06.09 15:04 Jackson_Bikes Do you have 5 minutes to annoy Speaker Heastie by bombarding his office with calls and faxes?

Hi all, today is the last day of session and we need your help to push Sammy's Law to a vote.
Do you have a few minutes to help out? If so, read the directions here about how to bombard Carl Heastie's office with calls and faxes:
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2023.06.09 15:03 josef192 Confused as all Fuck.

Have read quite a few MegaMatt09 fics and they seem to centre around him being "The Dragon".
My question is, is there a Fic that shows how it all came to be so to say. Like where he started as Harry Potter and his journey/ progress into becoming "The Dragon"?
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2023.06.09 15:03 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (latest)

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2023.06.09 15:00 AutoModerator Weekend ISO Thread (In Search Of)

Sub Wiki Sub Rules Safety Tips
Updated March 04, 2021
We ask that you check recent For Trade posts for the title you are looking for before posting here.
For those wondering why we are doing this, well, we've had multiple requests for it, as there were always tons of ISO posts filling up the sub, and we think this makes the sub run more smoothly. We had requests for daily and weekly, but we think twice a week will work the best. It's fluid, we can change it if we find that it is necessary.
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2023.06.09 14:59 Questionerything112 Using AI to make Audio for my Content?

I've recently come across CassetteAI, an AI-powered platform for audio creation, and I'm intrigued by its potential. However, I'm unsure about whether I can trust it for my audio production needs. If you have experience using CassetteAI or any similar AI-driven audio tools, I would greatly appreciate your insights. How reliable and accurate are the generated results? Does it deliver consistent quality? Are there any limitations or concerns to be aware of? Website: Your Copilot for music creation (
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2023.06.09 14:58 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (course)

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2023.06.09 14:57 giddythegaygopher r/CampHalfBloodRP will be going Dark on June 12th

Hi Everyone,
We will be making the subreddit private on June 12th though the 14th. You will not have access to the community until we open it back up to the public.
The reason for this decision is because we are protesting reddit's policy change for using their API. More details can be seen on this post here.
The consequences can be viewed in this Image - videos Full Post.
Here is the open letter if you would like to read and sign.
Please also consider doing the following to show your support - pics Full Post:

We apologize for the inconvenience, we believe this is for the best and in the best interest of the community.
Flash, Danny, Prophet, Rider, and Revert
Additional Resources:
Participating Subreddits
How to Set a Subreddit Private
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2023.06.09 14:55 iiTD_FDCC PS5 Meet Today

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2023.06.09 14:55 ChaoticFucker N5, help with correcting exercises

Hey guys, I'm currently using genki and even tho I have the teacher's book, you know how there are certain exercises in which you pretty much write anything. I want to make sure I do them correctly. If anyone is willing to help please leave a comment and I'll dm you, or you could dm right away, your choice
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.09 14:54 DawsonBrum Family Loan for Mortgage Deposit – Affordability Issues?

I’m in the lucky position where after years of saving my partner and I saving, and the housing market looking really hostile to FTB, my parents have offered to lend us money towards a deposit for a mortgage. This loan is for about as much as we have saved between us (about 0.6x), but without it we would find it very difficult to get the house we want in this housing market as on low salaries we can only look to get about 120k max in mortgage. So this loan might make the difference between us being able to put a deposit on the kind of house we want at all, and not.
For clarity – we have about 60k saved between us, have been offered £30k in parental loan and then would look to get about 120k mortgage (with our 40k combined salary) to afford a ~£200k house. We’re about a year out from starting the house hunt, as we want to cash in a last round of LISA bonuses in May 2024, but I want to start getting us shipshape and knowing what issues we’ll have to contend with.
However, I’ve read elsewhere on this sub that lenders will look at a family loan against your “affordability” unless it is certified as a gift, which I don’t think my parents would like to do. My question is how much it affects affordability – will it reduce the amount we can borrow and therefore render itself pointless? Like the reason it would be useful is to make Savings + ParentsLoan + Mortgage = House Price, but if it reduces the amount we can borrow on the mortgage is there a point at which we’d be better off rejecting the loan and continue saving (/hoping for the crash)?
I’m kind of interested in ballpark understanding of the issues as I know a subreddit can’t give Financial Advice. Relatedly, where can I actually go for this kind of advice? Can I speak to a mortgage advisor even though we’re about a year out from buying?
TL;DR What are the issues with parental loan for a mortgage deposit? Is it a viable option on low incomes?
**Extra context – we save a lot of money by living cheaply in Birmingham and not running a car, not going on expensive holidays etc., and are looking to buy in South Birmingham as the reinstating of the Camp Hill line is good for non-drivers and we like the neighbourhoods there. Being non-drivers is good for our saving abilities, but means we can’t look for cheaper housing in more isolated neighbourhoods.
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2023.06.09 14:46 Graeme_LSATHacks Official LSAT/Proctor U experience thread June

This is a thread gathering together people's experiences. Please don't talk about specific content here. Lots of people haven't taken this LSAT yet, and you don't want them to get an unfair advantage.
Some ideas for stuff to talk about:

Please read the rules here to see what’s allowed in discussion. Short version is no discussing of specific questions and no info to identify the unscored section:
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2023.06.09 14:44 geo117 Regarding the 1/1 One Ring MTG Card

Regarding the 1/1 One Ring MTG Card
All these people trying to put out bounties on the card aren't seeing the big picture. In my opinion, the only option is staring us all in the face.
After a Google search, I found out Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand was the volcano they used for the setting of Mt. Doom in the movies. The Hobbiton movie set is located just outside of Matamata, a tiny town on the North Island of New Zealand.
The only choice here is clear as day people, the card must be cast into the fires, by way of an epic foot journey. We all know it's going to be hoarded and fought over until it is disposed of. What would be cooler, looking at the card on someones mantle after they spent god knows how much money on it, or watching that bitch get cast into the firey depths of MT. FUCKING DOOM.
Have a nice day, and thank you for your time. Wubby7
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2023.06.09 14:44 Potential-Mountain61 Self-Studying Physics in 8 months for a University Entrance Exam

I am studying Physics to get into a University to study masters in India. But, I do realize how vital a role mathematics plays and I am studying Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences by Mary L Boas for that. I have some background in Physics, I did study Physics in high school and University, although I don't count my university education as real education because the Indian university I studied in had such low standards that even though I got good marks, I don't know what they taught me (literally the worst years of my life, I feel like they are my lost years). But as of now I am trying to get into masters in India and I am making sure that I don't get a shitty university. Which is why I am studying for the entrance exam for Masters for top Indian universities. I have 8 months left and I have all of those 8 months as I sitting at my home. I am sure you can add something which can benefit me. What strategy should I pursue as of now? I know for a fact that I can't delve deep into most of the stuff I am studying, but I want to at least have enough knowledge to know that I deserve a good university. Meanwhile, what should be my strategy, I can't read an solve every book I have on Physics, so, what should you do if you were in my place? I am actually getting coached for it by a institution here online. I have 4 hours of lectures daily and many problems to work out regarding those lectures. I am not sure what I am exactly hoping from my post, but I am certain there is something you can teach me from your experience
I am not sure if this will help, but here are the textbooks I am using 1. Mathematical Methods by Mary L Boas 2. Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths 3. Introduction to Quantum Physics by Griffiths (despite of the debate on it, my professor strongly recommended it. 4. An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkov 5. Classical Mechanics by Goldstein (I am not using it, as I found Kleppner and Kolenkov to be easier) 6. Modern Physics by Kenneth S Krane 7. Optics by Ajoy Ghatak (a famous Indian author) 8. Vibrations and Waves by Anthony Philip French 9. Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics by P. Reif 10. The Feynman Lectures (1-3) 11. Solid State Physics by Aschcroft & Mermin
I have attached the syllabus I must cover too.
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