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2023.06.09 17:05 Payal1906 My bf dick

Hi guys, It's Payal this side I wanna share something with you's my first post.. Actually the thing is..My bf is so every aspect but the thing is his dick is not enough to make me cum..his fingers does..I am unable to tell him the he is way more than sensitive..about me..insecure..he always thinks like he doesn't makes me feel satisfied and becomes sad and In this case how could I tell him the truth? I love him .We are together from past 3.5 years..He is good..but what should I do? Don't wanna hurt him. I know we can't big that one but what should be the steps???
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2023.06.09 17:05 MindQuenching Another post about constipation...

I know there have been a lot of posts about constipation. I've read them all and tried all the tips I've read with no success. Starting to feel a little concerned 😐
I just hit my 3 month mark and hadn't really had any side effects except occasional constipation but the smooth move tea immediately took care of it. Last week the tea was not producing anything so I tried ex-lax twice and nothing. Monday of this week I had a colonic and they were unable to get things moving!
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I stuck to eating just spinach salads loaded with fiber rich veggies and beans. Nothing has come out.
I drank an entire bottle of magnesium citrate. Nothing. I did a fleet enema. Only the water came right back out.
I'm drinking 100 oz of water a day, Gatorade, coconut water, teas and cappuccinos. I've had one serving of Miralax a day the past 2 days. I've been taking psyllium husk and probiotics almost daily the past three months. I stopped eating since Wednesday and only having liquids bc I can't handle anymore build up.
I'm going for a second colonic this afternoon. If it doesn't get things going I feel like I need to go to a doctor. Is there any other advice or things I should try?
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2023.06.09 17:05 seochatter How to Check Keyword Rankings

If you want to know how well your website ranks for certain keywords in Google, you have three options.
You can either do it manually by typing the keywords into Google and checking where your website appears in the results, use a paid keyword rank tracker tool, or use Google’s own service called Google Search Console.
This post will explain how each method works for checking keyword rankings.
Note: There’s also a dedicated guide on this topic over at the SEO Chatter blog here: How to Check Keyword Rankings, but this post includes the most important highlights to help you quickly understand the processes available to check keyword rankings for your website.
Doing It Manually
This is the simplest way to check your rankings. You just need to type the keywords into Google and scroll through the results until you find your website listed. However, this is also the most time-consuming method and it may not be very accurate. For example, you may see different results depending on your location, device, or personalization settings. Also, you won’t get any data on how your rankings change over time or what other features are shown for your keywords.
Using a Paid Keyword Rank Tracker
This is a tool that automatically monitors your website’s rankings for specific keywords on search engines. It can save you a lot of time and give you more information and insights.
Some of the best keyword rank tracker tools you can try are SE Ranking, SERPWatcher by Mangools, and Semrush Position Tracking tool.
Here are some benefits of using keyword rank tracker to check your keyword rankings:
Using Google Search Console
This is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in Google Search results. It also provides you with tools and reports that help you measure your website’s traffic and performance with specific keywords.
Here’s how you can check your keyword rankings in Google Search Console:
  1. Connect your site to Google Search Console
  2. Go to Performance > Search Results
  3. Look through the top queries list for your website
  4. Click on a query to find out where your website ranks on Google for that query
  5. To find all the keywords a specific web page ranks for, click on the Pages tab.
  6. Click on a URL.
  7. Click back over to the Queries tab to filter keywords for that URL.
Go Deeper In the SEO Chatter Mentorship
Would you like to get some personalized help on implementing the strategies we've discussed here for your own website? The SEO Chatter Mentorship program could be right for you.
Inside you'll get:
Get the full details here: SEO Chatter Mentorship
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2023.06.09 17:05 Kovesnek A non-credible dream I had last night...

To make a long story short, had a dream last night where Russia detonates a nuke in Belgorod, wiping out the city and everyone in it. This action seemingly leaves the entire world stunned and Russia takes NATO's inaction days after the act as a "victory" and proceeds to do as they please with renewed morale.

Then Poland invades. Then the rest of Europe invade. Then it...Gets pretty fuzzy because dream logic.

However, Russia responds to this glorious arse-raping by pulling a Belka and detonating twelve-to-twenty nukes on its soil, of which I estimate that all but three or two were duds that either failed or their mechanisms exploded but the material failed to activate.

Afterwards, the US responds by dropping their own version of FOBS (Fractional Orbital Bombardment System, essentially an orbital nuclear-or-not weapon that mimicked a satellite thus having few defenses against which even the Soviet leadership thought was too credible and dismantled the project) towards both Moscow and the Ural mountains at sunset. The payload of these two FOBS were truly hypersonic MIRVs (nuclear for Moscow, kinetic for the Urals).

Afterwards, I was treated to the bizarrely low-poly yet beautifully terrifying Gmod physics destruction of Moscow from multiple angles.

Then the dream suddenly switches to the story of a US special forces agent who was inserted into Russia for sabotage/assassination but
wascaptured and held within the Ural mountains bunker (which is where Putin supposedly is mind you). Anyways, his captors casually gloat and mock both the agent and his allies despite Russia being fucked beyond any recovery before the bunker is rocked by the kinetic MIRV impacts; coincidentally sparing the agent (whose cell happens to be nearer to the surface compared to the rest of the bunker) and burying Putin and the remains of his government even deeper underground (ensuring that even if they didn't die in the bombardment, then they'll suffocate/starve to death).

Anyhow, after a few hours of frantic digging, the agent climbs out of the rubble, shaken but alive, and surveys the ruined landscape around him signalling the end of Russia and all of the machinations and chaos sown by Putin.

Towards the end of my dream, I switched to the POV of the American agent who is picked up by his Russian friend (who may or may not be another agent sent to end the war) in his pickup truck. They drive off into a village and into an uncertain yet hopeful future as they leave the Urals and observe the ruins of Moscow from afar...

*WOW, that was a lot. Hope y'all found my schizo-post interesting and may we all hope to the gods it doesn't turn into reality.*
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2023.06.09 17:05 InternalVillain 32 m, looking for friends to chat with

If I'm honest I'm not expecting anything from this post, since I don't think I'm very interesting. When I'm not working all I really do is draw, play video games, workout and sometimes read or do these little puzzles I recently bought at the store.
I'm up for talking about anything really but I'm not good about staying in the loop about pretty much anything.
Rainbow lorikeets are my favorite animal.
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2023.06.09 17:04 Biscuitarian23 Children = Welfare Cheats

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2023.06.09 17:04 cum_on_blanket I came to knew that my parents hate me... This life of mine only goes downhill and it can't stop.

Just a fresh recap of all the events that led up to this:- • I got rejected by the girl I had a crush on for a year (not a big deal though) • In addition to that two of my friends betrayed me and toyed with my feelings in that same year • The boards came but hey I got 96% however the teachers said they expected more from me and berated me but the school awarded the guy who got less marks than me and is one of the two guys mentioned above (looking back that was my jealousy and hatred that got better of me). In addition my parents think it isn't enough. • My father found that his coworker was working in two companies(thanks to that bitch's husband) and insulted my father in front of my very own eyes and threated my father that if he says a single word about it to the director then she will make sure that he gets the SA charge as well as many other. • My mother suspected that two were having an affair but that wasn't the case but they still argue on it Now time for the main course:- So day before yesterday was my cousin brother's marriage. They were having fun and drinking booze. The Baraati(idk the english word my apologies) travelled for like 4kms to the home of my all new sister-in-law and they danced it all the way there. Not me though as I am sensitive to the blinking lights of dj and in addition I can't dance so I did my work of providing water and supplying food to the folks that were dancing and later on helping drunk folks to go to bed(It was a nightmare). However that day, my mother was drunk and she saw me and called me a disappointment and told me how i am a failure and all of my work always goes in vain. I didn't cry though, not because I am ligma male or anything but for some reason my brain already knew it. No suprises but I was still disheartened and the same was brought by my father and he too probably thinks that I am a waste of investment. He is still insisting on sending me to hostel but I don't wanna those two fuckers will ruin me again, I will lose my minimal freedom and I will be overwhelmed by them. Oh also today I lost my physics copy, my physics teacher will kill me on Monday well its good if he does but another bad thing. And now they are fighting for two hours consistently. I feel forsaken, I should have hanged myself back in class 6 when I had the chance to and was very close to or probably back in 3 when I first contemplated it. I have no idea why misfortunes keep coming in my way since that day. Not a suprise anymore and I guess God hates me as well for existing. They say celebrate the small achievements, well there we go I have none to celebrate to. And I apologise for this long post, but I don't have anyone to say this to except for her but I have no intention of disturbing her since she is a JEEtard like me. Well it happens, shit occurs. Not an issue. But I am thankful if you read it all the way, honestly thank you. Well time to study, what else can I even do. I can't even kill that bitch who threatened my father. I do not care if they hate me but I will love them and repay them. However this pain never heals. Nice, well it is what it is. Time to hit the books. Once again thank you very much.
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2023.06.09 17:04 whattagirl Has there ever been anyone actually ugly on this sub?

I've been lurking for awhile and 100% of the posts I see are from above average to attractive looking people. Even some of the bigger people on here that are told to lose weight seem to have been blessed with good facial structure. Now, I know all kinds of people can have insecurities regardless of how conventionally attractive you are, but I was just wondering if anyone has seen an ACTUALLY ugly person on this sub.
Also, sorry if these types of posts aren't allowed, I didn't see anything against it in the rules but I've never seen a post like this so I'm not totally sure 😭
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2023.06.09 17:04 Meatfraiche [actives] First S2B, am I close to getting overlay?

[actives] First S2B, am I close to getting overlay?
I've finally give S2B and don't want to mess it up that I've gotten this far. It looks terrific IMO, but I'm nervous that I'm close to getting overlay? It has been 1 week. It's a MaxYeildBin so has 2" holes up top covered in felt and a bunch of 1/4" holes down low which I originally had covered in micropore tape but two days ago removed that to try and increase airflow. The lid is still quite wet and there are still loads of little water droplets all over the substrate which my reading tells me two things, 1. those need to evaporate to induce fruiting and 2. if they persist too long, it will smother the myc and overlay occurs. Am I correct in both of these and if so, what should I do? I was trying to not open the lid to fan to keep it safer from contam, but I'm here seeking advice. Thanks all
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2023.06.09 17:04 Cklondo1123 Sharing my notes

I've accumulated a lot of maths notes over the years of schooling and self learning and if anyone is interested I want to share them. There are a ton of exercises, most of which come from textbooks like Dummit and Foote so that could be useful (hopefully not for straight cheating).
I've created this community and I've made about 10 posts on different topics, each with a link to the pdf (a public file in Google drive) of my notes. It's probably obvious but these are my notes so there will be errors and incorrect stuff so take that with a grain of salt. I have more material but I figured I'd see if anyone is interested in this kind of community before I post more.
It's private so I guess I'll have to approve you or something and I'll try and do that in a timely manner. If anyone has any notes they want to share they are more than welcome to, but I want to keep the nonsense to a minimum. I'd like to achieve basically a string of posts, each of which is dedicated to a topic and contains a link to the notes related to said topic.
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2023.06.09 17:04 Apprehensive_Term70 Legality of various items in Greenland

Hey guys, a few months ago I posted a thread about looking at job opportunities and living in Greenland and today I accepted an absolute dream job, starting in August, on the most beautiful island in the world. Honestly, I'm as surprised as you probably are that it worked out that well, but I guess I got lucky. Anyway, the company I'll be working for provides a pretty decent relocation package of a single paid for 5ft container that'll work out ok since I won't be bringing furniture to the provided accommodations. But this begs the question, I'm a pretty avid archer and I have a compound bow. Is this legal and could I just throw it in the container or would it count as a weapon and need a license/special transport? In which case I'll probably leave it, honestly, but It'd be nice to keep up with it. I'm also trying to quit smoking and so I've switched to that most wondrous of Swedish exports: snus. I know the last time we came a few people brought snus for personal use, but I don't know if that was just overlooked or not. I was thinking of throwing at least a dozen or two boxes in there to help me survive in a stressy environment before I quit all the way. We all know quitting when you're not ready just ain't happening. Legal to import for personal use?
Oh, and any tips for stuff that's hard or expensive to get in Greenland I may want to have a supply of in general?

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2023.06.09 17:04 Nerdlife91 Bands like a certain side of Led Zeppelin.

Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place. I was wondering if anyone here had suggestions for bands/artists that sound like the (for lack of a better word) "mystical" side of Led Zeppelin. LZ is one of my favorite bands, my favorite songs of theirs being the "mystical"/ "epic"/etc ones. Songs like Stairway, No Quarter, Achilles' Last Stand, Battle of Evermore, etc. I guess bands with drawn out arrangements and lyrical themes that go a little deeper into the realms of fantasy and what not. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm having a hell of time trying to verbalize the essence of what I'm looking for. If anyone is able to navigate this mess and have some suggestions, let me know! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:04 CoriKoala Loading screen white screen fix?

As of this patch I just get a white screen when it goes from champ select to loading screen.
The bug happened a last patch or a couple patches ago and I think ranked queues were disabled due to it, but then they fixed it. Well it's back again and I can't play, does anyone know a fix? Happening 100% of the time I try to start a game. Have done a full reinstall multiple times.
M1 Mac 12.6.4 Monterey. Issues started with patch; have not updated computer recently.

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2023.06.09 17:04 MrArmageddonTTV I Made The Forbidden Behemoth Build More Broken (+video inside)

Hello Guardians,
First, I want to talk about a very new and unique interaction that makes Behemoths almost unkillable when played properly.
Now I previously did a post about the niche 3-Stack Behemoth strategy, which I called the “Forbidden Build” (HERE).
But in short, three Guardians run Behemoth, wear Hoarfrost-Z and continually create and break stasis crystals, thereby constantly farming overshields, all the while while advancing towards and then securing the zone.
But with Season of the Deep, Bungie introduced a very special weapon - the exotic Strand trace rifle from the new dungeon, The Navigator.
The Navigator’s exotic perk is that firing this weapon at an ally grants Woven Mail to both the user and the target - while also refunding bullets to the mag.
And that’s when I asked myself: Is it possible for me to be more of a piece of shit than last season?
See, I discovered that Woven Mail actually STACKS with all of the Behemoth damage reduction buffs in PVP.
Check out the video here:
Of course, as usual, I'll summarize everything below if you prefer to read.

Damage Reduction

That’s right… Behemoth now has THREE separate ways to reduce damage or grant damage resist, and they all stack.
  1. Whisper of Chains, which grants a 15% global damage resist when near a stasis crystal
  2. The Rime Overshield, which grants +100 HP when you have max overshield; and now
  3. Woven Mail which gives you 25% damage resist to body shots.
Stack these three forms of damage resist, and all of a sudden, you can literally eat a Jotunn shot to the face and shrug it off.
NB: Your Rime Overshield does not take less body damage with Woven Mail BUT Woven Mail + Whisper of Chains DR do stack once you're on normal shields/HP! You can see the first part of the video for demonstrations.

Behemoth Buffs

Now I get it, you might be thinking… OK, you basically added Woven Mail to your last Behemoth Build. That’s clever, but is that it?
Nope. Not even close.
Behemoth was buffed across the board with Season of the Deep, and it seems like people still haven’t realised yet. So let’s talk buffs.
  1. The Shiver Strike melee was buffed and now goes faster and travels further. This is noticeable in regular play, but it gets crazy when you pop super. The Behemoth shiver strike melee whilst in super is absurd - we’re talking Beyond Light stasis levels of movement and speed. Check it out for yourself.
  2. The Howl of the Storm melee is now easier to use and freezes in a wider cone, making it a reliable and absolutely nasty shutdown ability much like it was prior to the nerfs.
And lastly, Trials is no longer vanilla elimination, it’s Zone Control. In other words, not only was Behemoth directly buffed, it was also indirectly buffed because the main game mode of endgame PvP is quite literally tailor made for the Behemoth kit.

Build Overview

With the build that I’m about to show you, you’ll get:
- Three separate forms of damage resist
- Near infinite ability uptime
- Supersonic movement tools;
All of which, played in the Dominion game mode, where those tools have the most impact.
So let’s get to the build.
First things first, this is a TEAM BUILD - in other words, you NEED a 3-stack of Behemoths - so be sure to send this video to convince your friends to stack up together.
Also, what’s devious about this build is that it’s VERY accessible. You do not need to be an insanely cracked PvP player to make this work. You know that saying that: “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”
This Behemoth team build is the great equaliser, and when used properly, is so utterly broken and stifling that you will beat teams that you have no right beating.

Aspects and Fragments

So for the Triple Behemoth build, you need at least two other teammates running Behemoth and ALL of YOU need to equip:
- Tectonic Harvest; and
- Howl of the Storm
In terms of fragments, you will want to equip:
- Whisper of Conduction, which means that nearby stasis shards track to your position. This way you don’t have to actually go and pick up your stasis shards, they’ll just float over to you and get absorbed. It also gives you a pretty nice stat boost of +10 to intellect and +10 to resilience. What a bargain.
- Whisper of Chains, which means that you will have damage resist when you are near frozen targets or a friendly Stasis crystal. It also grants you a very nice +10 to recovery.
- Whisper of Shards, which means that shattering a stasis crystal will grant improved grenade ability regeneration. Shattering more crystals will ended this effect. This fragment also grants you +10 resilience, yet another fantastic stat boost.
- Whisper of Rime, which means that collecting a stasis shard will give you a small amount of overshield which lasts 10 seconds. Collecting more shards adds to the overshield and extends the duration.
In terms of abilities, you will want to equip:
- Glacier Grenade
- Shiver Strike; and
- Rally Barricade.

Exotic Armor

As for exotic armour, for this specific build, you will need to use Hoarfrost Z, which you can get from farming Lost Sectors. Hoarfrost turns your regular barricade into a giant wall of stasis crystals. Remember to use the rally barricade for a lower cool-down, as there’s no difference in the size of the wall when using rally barricade with the Hoarfrost chest piece. So it’s the same wall but with a lower cooldown than using towering barricade.
Alright, so remember how Tectonic Harvest means you create stasis shards when you break crystals? And stasis shards give you free over shield because of Whisper of Rime? And breaking those crystals gives you faster ability regen for more crystals cos of Whisper of Shards? Which in turn leads to more shards, and even more over shield?
See, three Behemoths together can literally produce an infinite amount of crystals by using their grenades, their howl of the storm melees and even their class ability when you use the Hoarfrost Z chest piece.
And infinite crystals means… you got it! INFINITE OVERSHIELDS.
But wait there’s more… Those overshields also stack with the 15% damage resist you get when standing nearby any friendly crystals. AND with the new Navigator Exotic Trace rifle you can also stack a layer of Woven Mail on top of all that.

How To Play The Build

So this is how you play the build. You figure out where the zone is, and you basically build a gigantic fortnight palace of stasis crystals nearby and slowly creep closer and closer to the zone by expanding your sphere of stasis crystals. You literally want to be making and breaking crystals constantly, generating over shield and dominating the area that will eventually become the capture zone.
See here’s what’s brutal about this build and play style. It forces your opponents to engage while you are in your strongest position and they are in their weakest.
Your opponents are forced to push or the game goes to time and you capture the zone. But if they push, they’re pushing into 3 behemoths with over shields, damage resist, and cover in the form of exploding stasis crystals.
Now when your opponents are about to engage, which usually happens when the zone becomes active for capture, get your teammate to give you all Woven Mail immediately before the fight starts which gives you:
Congratulations, you are literally unable to be 1-shot by virtually any single shotgun, fusion rifle or grenade launcher.


Now, in terms of weapons, the most important thing is that ONE member of your fireteam runs The Navigator trace rifle. The Navigator doesn’t really need be used in combat but rather as a way to self-buff your team before engagements.
And the nice thing about using this build is that you KNOW when the engagements are going to happen. They’re going to happen when the zone becomes active for capture, whether that’s Trials or Survival.
Other than the Navigator, I recommend that everyone else uses Cerberus paired with either a Grenade Launcher or a Fusion Rifle.
Now you might be thinking, that’s a weird combo, why those specific weapons? Well, Cerberus 1 lets you break crystals faster than any other weapon in the game and building then breaking crystals is quite literally the centerpiece of this build.
Grenade launchers are used because apart from doing huge chunk damage to the opponent, if the grenade launcher detonates next to a stasis crystal near your opponent, the stasis detonation plus the grenade launcher can basically 1-shot them. If you don’t like grenade launchers, you can also use fusions to very good effect.
And Fusion rifles are excellent to use because you can literally just trade fusion shot for fusion shot with an opponent and you’ll win 100% of the time. If they shoot you with a fusion, you survive because of your damage resist, but if you shoot them back, they die. It’s like those old movies where two people duel with pistols - except in our case, we’re wearing a bullet proof vest.
OK guys, there's more detail/demos in the video, but I think that pretty much covers everything!
Have a good one, and I'll see you all in the Crucible,
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2023.06.09 17:03 JRainers Large indie retailer being provided just 33% of their requested Leviathan stock a day ahead of preorders

The following was shared by The Outpost, a large Indie LGS in Sheffield, UK. Via their email list earlier today:
Leviathan Statement. We are regretfully finding ourselves in a far too familiar situation today. After months of being told that all the stock issues we were having on Games Workshop new releases were in aid of 10th Edition being a faultless launch with plenty of stock. This has turned out to have been in vain.
All the information and promises of available stock until late last night indicated stock levels would be fine and we would get everything we ordered. There was no indication that there would be any stock shortages, we were even encouraged to up our numbers as recently as Tuesday. Here is the unadulterated and transparent series of events and the outcomes of such.
We finalised our request for enough units last night to cover 100% of interest list demand and have enough for general sale at 10am on Saturday for pre orders. At no point during these discussions was any indication made that there was likely to be stock shortages. As you can observe for yourselves through Games Workshop’s marketing, incredibly large volumes of stock were purported to have been made.
This morning Games Workshop emailed to tell us we would be receiving exactly 33.33% of what we asked for and this is less than 25% of the numbers given to us which would be considered “no problem”. Up until this point, the only indication of any delays would be that over a certain volume, deliveries of stock to us, may need to be split across multiple days. Additionally, as of our latest conversation with Games Workshop, there are no current plans to provide additional stock to retailers. We have spoken to several independent retailers, and they are all in the same position to a greater or lesser extent.
We honestly have no words. We apologise that we will not be able to fulfil our promise to you all being able to get the stock you requested. This is the outcome as it stands.
Anyone who pre-ordered The Colour Forge Objective Marker Set, will be allocated their box.
Secondly, we will be allocating one copy per person to local collection orders. (Due to the work involved, we will be unable to process alterations to the interest list).
Once these have been allocated, we will randomly allocate the rest of the copies on a one per person basis to other people on the interest list.
Please note that we will be hard capping all interest list expressions to one copy.
We have chosen to take this approach, as first and foremost we believe it is our duty to support the local community above all else. Once the stock we have had confirmed has been allocated, we will keep everyone remaining on the interest list on there for if Games Workshop change their stance on made to order (which we sincerely hope they will do), at which point we will order any remaining units required to cover the initial demand.
Our staff have given up their company benefit of getting pre order items, as they have many times of late so we can get more stock into the hands of our valued customers.
We again apologise for any inconvenience and upset caused. We have been working tirelessly to make this release the best it possibly could be, and we have found ourselves let down again by our suppliers. We will be handling all customer enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible but please, if you are displeased at the current situation direct your anguish towards those responsible.
As always, we appreciate you all more than we can ever express, and we will continue to strive to ensure your hobby can be supported and nurtured by The Outpost. Serving you all brings us a great deal of joy, and a sense of community satisfaction and we are deeply wounded every time we cannot live up to the high standards, we set ourselves. We will continue to provide our five-star service and stand by our strong beliefs.
On another note, this weekend’s new releases for GW haven’t arrived either and will therefore not be shipping until Monday at the earliest... Par for the Course, it seems.
Thank you. Chris, Dan, and the Team.
Here is a link to a blog post by Chris, our founder and CEO Blog Post >>
TLDR Games Workshop have facked it again?

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2023.06.09 17:03 nellyiscoveted HOW TO ROLL

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2023.06.09 17:03 sisnoot Possibly inane questions.

To preface this post, I've been to Thailand twice -- USA citizen/passport holder. First visit was a month and my second visit was nearly 6 months in length. I'm stating that info because I feel like I should know the answers to the questions I'm going to ask, but I read so many subjective experiences on this subreddit, it's hard to discern. I'm going back to Thailand at some point again this year, but have to take a break considering I was there from November-April. There's some things I'd like to become clear on before I return:
I appreciate any and all info. I always feel extra dimwitted when it comes to airline/airport questions.
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2023.06.09 17:03 EdnaMode622 How to Respond to a “best offer” or request to “bid” on apartment rentals.

As soon as you are asked to “bid” for an apartment you must respond by either rescinding your offer entirely or politely (but firmly) request to rent at the listing price that was advertised.
Do NOT let yourself be subjected to this sales tactic in Chicago. This is an actual tactic that’s and it’s known as the “scarcity” effect. People in sales understand that you can impulse people into buying (anything) if you make them feel as if they are going to miss out on an opportunity.
The problem is, this is a lose-lose game for the potential renter. If you increase your offer, and there were no other applicants, you just paid more for an item that wasn’t actually a “hot commodity.” If there were other applicants and you offer to rent the unit above listing price it causes a domino effect that causes every potential applicant to pay more.
As a renter you probably know this intellectually, but psychologically this tactic works because it causes anxiety over possibly “missing out.”
The only way to beat this is by doing the following:
  1. Walk away (this might suck but so does being asked to bid)
  2. Hold firm: you walked in the door because you saw a certain price was listed. You will put in an application for the listing price but respectfully decline to bid. Yes, you might lose the apartment but they lost your interest/business for years.
  3. Make a 72 hour rule for yourself. You’ll notice that when these places ask for bids that they’ll always need an answer “quickly.” That’s not your problem. Never rush financial decisions, especially ones that involve signing a contract.
If you’re not ready to walk away from an apartment that’s reportedly being bid on — wait. Look for other apartments in the meantime and as many here have mentioned … you’ll likely get a call back saying it’s available for listing price (or you’ll just see stay available). Worst case scenario, you lost the apartment to someone more susceptible to the scarcity effect.
NOW, this is a capitalist society. I respect trying to make as much money as you can…but I also respect trying to keep as much money as you make. This is not a post about what is right and wrong — if you enjoy bidding on apartments - go for it.
If you’re fed up with being asked to bid or want to know the best way to deal with it as a renter - this is a post is for you.
Thank you for reading.
TLDR: don’t bid on apartments — it’s a sales tactic (scarcity effect) that you can’t beat unless you’re able to wait.
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2023.06.09 17:03 mmillington The early reviews are in: Arno Schmidt is...not funny

The early reviews are in: Arno Schmidt is...not funny
After digging as far back as I can go, I'm ready to share my first batch of annotated entries for the ongoing bibliography project. I'm attaching links to the original reviews, so you can enjoy them in all their anti-Schmidt splendor, and so you can critique my summaries. I aimed for fairness, but it was a struggle. You'll see why. Some of the reviews and articles I've found are reprinted in collections/anthologies, but I've been tracking down the originals to verify wording and publication info. I was hoping to have four ready, but The Times Literary Supplement has their archive behind a paywall, delaying a decent review from 1963.
I began with the oldest English-language review of the original German texts, then I tracked down what may be the earliest review of the English translation of The Egghead Republic followed by the translator's gossipy response. Michael Horowitz predicts fireworks over the book's controversial publication process, and I'll try to find any follow-ups (if there are any). It sounds like he got screwed over pretty hard.
Please offer the harshest criticism you've got. Are they too long? Not enough, too much detail? Too many quotations?
Annotated bibliography
Hill, Claude. “Arno Schmidt” [Review: The Stony Heart]. Books Abroad: An International Literary Quarterly vol. 32, no. 2, Spring 1958, p. 164. Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press. Reprinted in Bock (1984), p. 68.
Short, very negative review. The first paragraph provides a solid summary of Schmidt and possible influences. The second paragraph notes the lack of “any notable literary daring in post-war German,” and Hill applauds Schmidt and his publisher for the courage to print a “quasi novel,” citing the “nonreadability, absence of literary talent, absorption of misunderstood authors, lack of artistic discipline, display of mental puerility, evidence of infantile exoticism, insignificance of theme” (68). After a few insults, Hill closes with a call for straight jackets for Schmidt and the reviewer who provided the dustjacket blurb.
Abelman, Paul. “German Jokes” [Review of The Egghead Republic]. The Spectator vol. 243, no. 7879, July 14, 1979, p. 23. London: Spectator.
Abelman offers a sarcastic, mocking, dismissive review, with a possibly complimentary sentence near the end for the translator Michael Horowitz, but he offers commentary on several key plot points and mechanics at work in the short novel. He criticizes science fiction for its limited foretelling ability; identifies the use of footnotes as satirizing “learning,” while taking a swipe at Germany’s WWII legacy (unaware of Schmidt’s strong anti-Nazism); dismisses mythological references and cultural commentary; and calls it “a sprightly book — but not a very funny one.” He later asks, “Which is more bleakly unfunny, German serious writing or German humorous writing?” On the style, he sarcastically compliments the typographical play before describing the novel as “a sequence of distantly-connected paragraphs…a literary obstacle-course…Interpreting it is a penance.” He concludes with a likely sarcastic compliment for Horowitz: “the novel’s German origins can hardly be inferred from the fluent Anglo-American prose in which Horowitz has clothed them,” then taking a final sentence to mock Schmidt’s punctuation.
Horowitz, Michael. “German Jokes” [Letter to the Editor]. The Spectator vol. 243, no. 7888, Sept. 15, 1979, p. 15. London: Spectator. Reprinted in Bock (1984), pp. 81-2.
Horowitz responds to Ableman’s (Sept. 15, 1979) review of The Egghead Republic (1979). Horowitz describes Marion Boyars’s strict translation requirements, says he was not paid the advance he was owed, not given credit in advertisements, nor given access to final proofs. He also says the publisher was eager to “rush into print” a text that is a “heavily adulterated editing” of his translation.
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2023.06.09 17:03 Glass-Poetry-6005 Don’t you need to eat to have this type of physique? @JessicaArevalo

Don’t you need to eat to have this type of physique? @JessicaArevalo
I don’t think 36 hour fasts and a shit load of venison will get you this physique 🤷🏽‍♀️
Messica at it again with the “competing” yet she never posted her shows last year or placements.
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2023.06.09 17:03 Beautiful_Main789 loco pack

i bought the new journey csx sd40 and went to load into a custom service with coal hoppers but my game just crashes every time I do it am I'm on my new Xbox series s did i forget something or is just a bug.?(sorry for so many posts just new to the game)
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2023.06.09 17:02 Sad-Biscotti-9325 Starting Contrave...TOMORROW

Hi everyone! I have been researching weigh loss medications for about 3 months now and based on my insurance coverage, and cost, Contrave is the medication I've decided to go with.
A little bit about me: I'm 30 years old, 5'2, female, and my starting weight as of this morning is 225. I have PCOS, Hypothyroid, Hashimotos, and other auto inflammatory issues. The highest I've ever weighed was 240. I lost 40 lbs. during the first half of the pandemic and then gained about 38lbs back. I started CICO about a 2 months ago and have lost about 12lbs. Right now I cannot seem to move the scale past 222lbs and have been fluctuating between 222 and 225 for the last few weeks.
Why weight loss meds: I need the food noise to go away. I need to live life without constantly thinking about what I'm going (or won't) eat next. My first choice would have been WeGovy because a lot of people say the food noise dies with it but my insurance doesn't cover it and I can't justify spending $1.1k a month. I have read people say the same thing about Contrave so I am hoping this helps. I also am just excited to have that extra push. I know that for people who have never experienced obesity or feeling out of control when it comes to eating food will never understand this.
I even hear from some of my thin friends that eating and exercising should be enough. I'm keeping this a secret and not telling anyone because I don't have time or the willpower to explain to them what it's like to carry an extra 100 pounds and to work so hard and see little come off. I know that I can lose the weight with CICO alone. For me though, it's just so slow. I don't want to wait 3 years before I'm at my goal weight. I'm ready for my life to change for the Its frustrating when I hear people irl and on tiktok talk about how wegovy, contrave, ozempic, are all cheating. Why is it that we allow cheat codes FOR EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF LIFE, except losing weight. Don't want to walk 1.5 miles to your supermarket? Cheat code: get in your car, bus, taxi, etc. Don't want to vacuum your own floors? Cheat code: Pay someone to clean your house for you. The examples go on and on. I'm ranting now, but I hope you get the point.
How I'm mitigating side effects: I was supposed to start this morning but my delivery got delayed. It is in the Amazon fulfilment center that is near where I live and I am hoping it gets delivered tonight for me to start tomorrow. While I am adjusting to the medication I am going to be mindful of 2 things - My water and my caffeine intake. I have heard anecdotally from others that the reason why headaches are so bad on Contrave is because people no longer crave the coffee they normally drink but their bodies are still used that that amount of caffeine and it's a withdrawal from that. I am planning on upping my water intake and sticking to the same amount of caffeine I drink. Luckily, I don't drink too much coffee, most of the time it's one or two espresso shots in a day. One at 10am and one at 2pm after lunch. I'm also going to be more diligent tracking my food and when I eat to see if any of that plays a part with the side effects.
Diet: I'm happy that I've sort of conditioned myself to stay within the 1500 calorie range the last few weeks because I've already noticed that I am unable to eat the amount of food I was consuming before. I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday to keep my life simple. I am also going to go on a alcohol cleanse. I don't drink that often and its usually within a social setting but I really want to see how my life is without alcohol. I also read that eating fatty foods is a no-go with Contrave so I will be eliminating those from my diet, as well.
Goal: I am not naïve to think I'm going to wake up in my dream body on Sunday morning. This is going to take work and dedication. My goal would be to lose 30 lbs in the next 12 weeks which is about 2.5 lbs a week. I know the scale isn't going to look exactly like that every week, but that's what I'm hoping to average. After I hit that first goal, I will focus on the next. Ultimately I would be happy in the 120-125 range which is about 100 lbs total lost.

I will be posting here with my updates regularly and hope I can find a community of people on the same journey who'll keep me accountable.

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