2009 honda crv air conditioning problems


2023.06.09 14:22 aireptac AIRE PTAC SERVICE INC.

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2023.06.09 13:42 Peace-off 2009 Honda crv awd rear frame rust recall 220,000km

I’m taking it in today for inspection and possibly repair or buy out. What do you guys suggest? Is the vehicle worth keeping because it’s a solid engine and transmission combination? Or should I be looking at something else for the buy out option? I have a feeling they will not repair it because it has some hard kms on it.
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2023.06.09 13:32 wardXn 35 day solo itinerary check across western Honshu, Shikoku, Osaka/Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo

Hello, I would like to seek fellow redditors opinions, input and recommendation on how I could better finetune my itinerary better. There's only so much I can think of, and plan as an individual, but with everyone's input and comments I can further refine and enhance the travel experience before I set foot into Japan. Do forgive me in advance for the theorycrafting wall of text.
I know it may be difficult to review the itinerary, so to make the review easier I have broken the itinerary down into specific sub-groups e.g. Shikoku, Kinki etc. Specific questions that I have are bolded.
Thank you in advance for taking your time to provide your opinions!
Baseline information

Specific goals/objective:
  1. Experience Shikoku in autumn (specifically the views at Iya Valley) and in other prefectures (thus making nature sightseeing more of a priority this time round)
  2. Experience Kanazawa for anime stuff
  3. Experience the Shimanami Kaido in full (including any sightseeing spots in between the 6 island chains)
  4. Bonus - try as many sightseeing trains as possible.
  5. Bonus - if weather, time and schedule permits, try skiing as an option in Nagano.
  6. Bonus - stay in as many onsen ryokans as possible, without breaking the bank.

Locked-in prefectures [i.e. I will definitely go to those prefectures no matter what]:
  1. Shikoku (as per above objective)
  2. Hiroshima (because its on the opposite end of the Shimanami Kaido)
  3. Kanazawa (for anime related reason)
  4. Tokyo (that is my starting and end point so it has to be included by default)
All other prefectures are basically float i.e. I am open to consider dropping said itinerary for something else based on your suggestion that aligns with my preferences/interest. Most of the other locations I added are prefectures that are often next to each other, or well-connected (apart from the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump via Sunrise Seto/Shinkansen).

Wait-list prefectures (prefectures that I want to go, but I don’t think I can realistically fit in without dropping other locations):
  1. Snow skiing at Nagano (depending on how cooperative the weather is in early-ish December (would 2 days be sufficient?))
  2. Ehime, Kochi expansion [spend 1-3 more days]
  3. Izu Peninsula (~2 days, via Saphir Odoriko)
  4. Nagoya + lower Nagano (Kiso Valley) (~3 days)
  5. Ishikawa expansion [1 extra day at Kaga]
I am open to dropping a few days in Tokyo/Osaka etc to make that trade off [currently kept 3 days free for further development]. Alternatively, if the planning can be better optimized based on your inputs I might be able to do one of those without compromising on the base set. I would like to hear your opinion on what locations you would drop in the itinerary to make time for one of the above.

General planning philosophy:
  1. My itineary adopts a breadth approach (cover as much area as I can humanely possible without rushing/touch-and-go) as opposed to depth (i.e. spending much more time within Shikoku than what I allocated); though I would be open to considering more days at selected locations if you have strong recommendations. My thought is to experience how different autumn is at various parts of the country (if possible), and maybe winter too (to a certain degree).
  2. Due to the nature of my travel, I note that luggage logistics is a critical consideration when moving between prefectures; my thought is to park that luggage at the next hotel as quickly as possible so that I can free myself for sightseeing within the vicinity, or leave the luggage at the hotel after I check out until I am ready to travel to the next location. I will need to send (quite a fair bit of) emails to the hotels to confirm on this prior to booking.
  3. I will attempt to minimize transit time between prefectures to no more than 2~3 hours a day to avoid having excessively long transport days (except the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump).
  4. Because of the long trip, I will also need to factor a bit of downtime at night for administrative stuff (e.g. catching up a little bit on work, laundry etc).
Shikoku (~7 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. I will need to exploit Limited Express trains as much as possible to minimize downtime between the 4 prefectures. Fortunately, for the most part these train frequencies are almost hourly, thus missing one train isnt too deadly consequence-wise.
  2. The transfer between Kochi and Ehime [Matsuyama] is oddly quicker via express bus as opposed to trains (!)
  3. For Kochi, my opinion is that it is best explored on car instead of public transport [it’s a really wide prefecture]; I feel that 1 day may not do it justice, but it is probably adequate for exploring the city centre as a whole.
  4. There's a fair bit of uncertainties while planning this leg so I would deeply appreciate any advice you may have.
  5. This current iteration is unable to weave in the Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari sightseeing train [四国まんなか千年ものがたり] ; if you people think its something not to be missed do let me know and I will reshuffle my timetable as such.
Day 0: Tokyo Kagawa (Sunrise Seto) [Saturday, 11 Nov]
Day 1: Kagawa (Takamatsu) [Sunday, 12 Nov]
Day 2: Kagawa (Kotohira) Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Monday, 13 Nov]

Day 3: Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Tuesday, 14 Nov]
[Post-research note: I realized that there is NO public transport to Mount Tsurugi on a weekday. I will have to rent a taxi direct to Mount Tsurugi, make the 'climb', then thereafter take the taxi down to the other attractions. I am inclined to just go full hog on the private taxi and rent it (almost the whole day, probably 7~8 hours for 4300yen/hour) to save the trouble.
Otherwise, I will need to hike downhill which can be rather rough since its just a single lane road (looking at nearly 10++ km) so I think it wise not to penny pinch in the interest of both time and safety.]
Spend the day at Iya Valley.

Day 4: Tokushima (Iya Valley) Kochi (Kochi) [Wednesday, 15 Nov]

Day 5: Kochi (Kochi) Ehime (Imabari) [Thursday, 16 Nov]

Day 6: Ehime (Matsuyama / Imabari) [Friday, 17 Nov]
Day 7: Ehime (Imabari) Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido) [Saturday, 18 Nov]
I am of the opinion that 1 day in Shimanami Kaido is adequate if I attempt just the main route which is about 80km [as a test run, I did 70km and finished it within 6-7 hours with lunch breaks included]. For now I will plan for two full days, however should I truncate it down to one day later, I will add an extra day to either explore Matsuyama or Okayama.

Hiroshima + Yamaguchi (~4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Onomichi is a pretty good base to jump to Okayama to explore Okayama, Kurashiki or Tomonoura with the Shinkansen accessibility, but it is impossible to cover them all within a single day. If I finish the Shimanami Kaido within a single day or finish it early on the second day, I will have that extra time to visit those.
  2. There's another sightseeing train etSETOra from Onomichi to Hiroshima but it only operates on Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. For now the schedule could fit the train timetable pretty nicely.
  3. Would anyone suggest visiting Miyajima in the morning or in the evening? This would help me determine the order for the Kintaikyo Bridge/Miyajima day trip. Watching the sunset at either destination is pretty good in my books.

Day 8: Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido Onomichi) [Sunday, 19 Nov]
Ideally reach Onomichi just around lunch or earlier. Chill for the rest of the day, and if I'm still up for it, explore Onomichi, including but not limited to:
Retire at a guesthouse/hotel near JR Onomichi that I have forwarded the luggage to.

Day 9: Hiroshima (Onomichi, Takehara+Kure OR Tomonoura OR Okayama) Downtown Hiroshima) [Monday, 20 Nov]

Day 10: Hiroshima (Downtown Hiroshima) [Tuesday, 21 Nov]
Spend the day surveying Hiroshima proper.

Day 11: Hiroshima (with a day trip to Yamaguchi) [Wednesday, 22 Nov]
Shimane + Tottori (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Matsue becomes the main jump point for Shimane just because of the subsidized highway bus from Hiroshima, and ease of access towards Tottori later. There's no direct train between Hiroshima and Izumo/Matsue (!).
  2. Tottori is really wide size-wise, to the point that it feels more efficient to have two separate hotels in two nights (Kurayoshi/Misasa Onsen + downtown Tottori) rather than one hotel for two nights (i.e. downtown Tottori). Could be just me making excuses to get into an onsen ryokan however.
  3. Is there anything interesting at Yonago (Tottori) that I should take note of? Based on my initial survey nothing in particular pops up (other than the Tottori Prefectural Flower Park).
  4. Skipping Tottori Castle since it doesn’t seem to be interesting at first glance. Any other interesting things to at Tottori downtown (or nearby)?

Day 12: Hiroshima Shimane (Matsue) [Thursday, 23 Nov]

Day 13: Shimane (Izumo / Matsue) [Friday, 24 Nov]

Day 14: Shimane (Matsue) Tottori (Kurayoshi) [Saturday, 25 Nov]

Day 15: Tottori (Kurayoshi Tottori) [Sunday, 26 Nov]

Hyogo, Kyoto, Osaka , Nara, Mie (10 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Kinosaki Onsen is intentionally designed to be a slow-paced leg to recover [and also to make time to enjoy the onsens].
  2. The limited express train between Kinosaki Onsen and Osaka stops by Himeji thus I thought of resting a night there instead of doing day trips via Osaka.
  3. Osaka itinerary does look sparse but that is in large part because I have already visited most of them in the past. Nevertheless, I would like to experience how different it is in autumn compared to summer [based on those few destinations that I loved going previously].
  4. I have kept one float day to decompress, OR shift to any of the other prefectures (TBC).
  5. There are (multiple) special limited express train by Kintetsu; they're not covered by JR pass but nevertheless I would love to ride on those as an experience. The Kintetsu pass covers the basic fare only but based on my preliminary cost estimate, it is still worth getting it.
  6. Is it feasible to compress Himeji and Kobe to a single day?
  7. The itineraries for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Mie are flexible since they're literally beside one another - makes it particularly easy to shift around base on ground situation.

Day 16: Tottori (Tottori) Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen) [Monday, 27 Nov]

Day 17: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen + Northern Kyoto (Amanohashidate) day trip) [Tuesday, 28 Nov]
Day 18: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen Himeji) [Wednesday, 29 Nov]
Retire at Himeji for the night.
Day 19: Hyogo (Himeji Kobe) Osaka (Dotonburi) [Thursday, 30 Nov]
Day trip to Kobe, before continuing further down to Osaka.
Day 20: Osaka [Friday, 1 Dec]
Osaka Nostalgia (acid) trip, speedrun edition: revisiting places that I want to go again
Day 21: Osaka (Nara day trip) [Saturday, 2 Dec]
Spend a day in Nara.
Day 22: Osaka (Mie day trip) [Sunday, 3 Dec]
Day trip to Mie.
Day 23: Osaka ('north' Kyoto day trip) [Monday, 4 Dec]
(north) Kyoto day trip.
Whichever choice, return back to Osaka for the night. Look out for Kyoto-specific food such as Yudofu, Saba Sushi, Warabi Mochi, Nishin Soba (にしんそば) etc.
Day 24: Osaka ('south' Kyoto day trip) [Tuesday, 5 Dec]
(south) Kyoto day trip edition (mainly Uji and Fushimi).
Head back to Osaka and retire for the night. Consider doing any other night activities in Osaka if time, and body permits.
Day 25: Osaka (wildcard) [Wednesday, 6 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Kanazawa, Gifu+ (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Is it likely for the skiing season to open around 9~10 December at Shiga Kogen or Nozawa Onsen? Would very much like to try skiing for fun, but am uncertain if the snow condition would be satisfactory by then. Some of the skiing website indicates that these two destinations are usually the first to open. I would like to seek advise on this if possible [never skiied before].
  2. As an additional question to point 1, is 2 days adequate just to get a flavor on skiing?
  3. Kanazawa is a pretty solid jump point to Shirakawago/Takayama via express buses (~1 to 2 hour one way).
  4. My initial planning considered going to Kurobe Gorge (Toyama) but apparently the railways are closed from December onwards. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. Another sightseeing train in Kanazawa that I can fit in nicely in my current plans (花嫁のれん), runs on Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun.
Day 26: Osaka Ishikawa (Kanazawa (Kanazawa cityside)) [Thursday, 7 Dec]
Any outstanding spots not completed today, to be rolled over to the next 2 days (if possible).

Day 27: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside) / Gifu (Shirakawago, Takayama) [Friday, 8 Dec]

Day 28: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside / outskirts) [Saturday, 9 Dec]
Side trip to Wakura Onsen / Nanao for anime-related sightseeing. (Insomanics after Class, Hanasaku Iroha)
Day 29: Ishikawa (wildcard) [Sunday, 10 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Tokyo (~6 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Specific interest to target: anime/vtuber stuff, music (piano in particular), bookstores etc.
  2. This is the point in time I should go ham on souvenier purchase if I have not done so. I'll probably get an extra cardboard box or duffel bag to lug with me to the airport to store extra stuff.
  3. Would like to seek recommendation on where I should set my base for the 5~6 days here. For now I am planning to pit at Ginza, subject to availability and cost. My thought is that as long as its along the Yamanote line everything rolls I suppose.
  4. Hard pass on Golden Gai on the Shunjuku leg (I do not drink).
  5. There's way too many to list in terms of what I would like to do in Tokyo, but I have listed items that are of particular interest to me first within the available time frame. If you have strong opinions on specific locations do let me know.
Day 30: Ishikawa (Kanazawa) Tokyo (Ginza) [Monday, 11 Dec]
Day 31: Tokyo (Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano) [Tuesday, 12 Dec]
Explore ('west') Tokyo, namely Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano.
Day 32: Tokyo (Akibahara, Asakusa and Sky Tree) [Wednesday, 13 Dec]
Day 33: Tokyo (Kamakura day trip OR Ikebukuro) [Thursday, 14 Dec]
EITHER take a day trip Kamakura, OR explore northern Tokyo (Ikebukuro)
Kamakura leg:
Tokyo (Ikebukuro leg):
Day 34: Tokyo (wildcard) [Friday, 15 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning

Day 35: Tokyo Home [Saturday, 16 Dec]
If you're still reading up to this point, here's my own personal ramblings/thoughts on JR pass usage:
I have thought of two ways of doing this for the first 21 days:
a. easy-mode : just get 21 days JR global pass before the price hike at 60450 yen, OR b. hard-mode: get a 7 day JR global pass (to cover the NEX fees, the basic fee on the Sunrise Seto to Shikoku, as well as limited express trains within Shikoku) (29650) + 5 days for JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass (15000) + 4 days for JR Sanin Okayama Area Pass + 5 days for JR Kansai Wide Area Pass (10000) for a total of 59230.
The initial conclusion was to go with option A since that reduces the administrative burden, but I realized the individual passes do have its own perk which truimphs over the global JR pass. For instance, the Sanin Okayama Area Pass provides a (minor) discount for the Adachi Museum of Art; the Kansai Wide Pass covers the Kyotango route between Kinosaki Onsen and Amanohashidate which the global JR pass does not cover, JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass covers JR buses within Hiroshima for free, therefore I am inclined to go with the hell option (option B) as it stands.
For the remaining 14 days, I could also get the global 14 day JR pass at 47250 yen but it is not worth it at all, because I will be relying largely on Kintetsu for the Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Mie leg which the JR pass most certainly does not cover.
So all in all, there's quite little incentive to get the global JR pass after I worked out my schedule, apart from the initial 7 days for the Sunrise Seto jump which the All Shikoku Pass will not cover.
Through the hodge-podge of multiple area passes, it works out to around 102890 yen for the whole trip of 35 days, contrast with 107700 yen for a 21 + 14 global JR pass. While there's a minor cost saving doing the hard way which sweetens the deal, the additional minor perks associated with the area passes sells it for me, as I would had to pay more out of pocket to cover non-JR pass buses/rails and such which would add up to much greater cost than I would had anticipated. Also, if I did this trip post-price hike in October, the calculus becomes a no-brainer: avoid the global JR pass like the plague.
Thank you very much for your opinions, suggestions and advice in advance!
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2023.06.09 13:26 wtfixair1 The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Tune-Ups & Inspections

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Understanding Regular Tune-Ups and Inspections
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Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance
Increased Efficiency and Energy Savings
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Prolonged Lifespan of the Air Conditioner
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Improved Indoor Air Quality
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Preventing Costly Repairs
Regular inspections can catch minor issues before they escalate into major problems. Identifying and resolving potential faults in advance can save you from costly repairs down the line. Additionally, scheduled maintenance can help you avoid emergency service calls during peak seasons.
Professional Air Conditioner Service in Melbourne
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When to Schedule a Tune-Up?
It's important to schedule regular tune-ups for your air conditioner to maintain its optimal performance. Ideally, it is recommended to have a professional inspection at least once a year, preferably before the summer season. This ensures that your system is in prime condition when you need it the most. However, if you have an older system or notice any signs of trouble, it's advisable to schedule tune-ups more frequently.
DIY Maintenance Tips
While professional service is essential, there are also some maintenance tasks you can perform on your own to keep your air conditioner running smoothly between tune-ups. Here are a few DIY tips:
· Clean or replace air filters regularly to ensure proper airflow and prevent debris from entering the system.
· Keep the outdoor unit free from dirt, leaves, and debris by regularly clearing the area around it.
· Check the thermostat settings and adjust them for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
· Inspect the condensate drain line and ensure it is free from blockages to prevent water damage.
· Listen for any unusual noises or vibrations coming from the unit and promptly report them to a professional technician.
Common Issues Found During Inspections
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· Refrigerant leaks: Low refrigerant levels can hinder cooling efficiency and lead to system malfunctions.
· Faulty electrical connections: Loose or corroded electrical connections can cause intermittent power supply and system failure.
· Dirty or clogged filters: Dirty filters restrict airflow, reducing cooling capacity and causing strain on the system.
· Damaged fan blades: Bent or damaged fan blades can affect airflow and result in noisy operation.
· Faulty thermostats: Inaccurate temperature readings can lead to inconsistent cooling and discomfort.
Regular air conditioner tune-ups and inspections are essential for maintaining the efficiency, performance, and longevity of your cooling system. By investing in professional maintenance, you can enjoy increased energy savings, improved indoor air quality, and peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner is in optimal condition. Additionally, incorporating DIY maintenance tasks between professional visits can help enhance the overall performance of your system.
Professional air conditioner service in Melbourne provides expert assistance in keeping your air conditioning unit in top shape. By relying on trained technicians and their knowledge of the latest industry standards, you can ensure that your system operates efficiently and effectively, providing you with cool comfort during the hot summer months.
How often should I schedule air conditioner tune-ups?
It is recommended to schedule a professional tune-up at least once a year. However, if you have an older system or notice any issues, more frequent inspections may be necessary.
Can I perform air conditioner maintenance on my own?
While there are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself, it's essential to rely on professional technicians for comprehensive inspections and repairs.
What are the signs that my air conditioner needs a tune-up?
Signs that your air conditioner needs a tune-up include reduced cooling performance, strange noises, foul odors, and higher energy bills.
How long does an air conditioner tune-up take?
The duration of a tune-up can vary depending on the size and complexity of your system. On average, it can take anywhere from one to three hours.
Is professional air conditioner service worth the investment?
Yes, professional air conditioner service is worth the investment as it helps optimize performance, prevent major breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of your system.
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2023.06.09 12:02 Impossible-Change-39 Moisture in your home?

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2023.06.09 12:02 Impossible-Change-39 Moisture in your home?

Moisture in your home Here are some facts about too much moisture in your home: 1. It can cause mold growth: Excess moisture can create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold can be harmful to your health and can cause respiratory problems. 2. It can damage your home: Too much moisture can cause damage to your home's structure, including the walls, floors, and foundation. This can be expensive to repair. 3. It can attract pests: Pests like termites and cockroaches are attracted to moist environments. They can cause damage to your home and can be difficult to get rid of. 4. It can make your home uncomfortable: High humidity levels can make your home feel uncomfortable, even if the temperature is set to your liking. This can make it difficult to relax and can affect your sleep. 5. It can increase your energy bills: Excess moisture can make it more difficult for your air conditioning system to cool your home. This can lead to higher energy bills. By controlling the moisture levels in your home, you can prevent these problems and create a more comfortable and healthy living environment. https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/04/how-much-moisture-is-in-your-home.htm
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2023.06.09 12:02 Impossible-Change-39 Moisture in your home?

Moisture in your home Here are some facts about too much moisture in your home: 1. It can cause mold growth: Excess moisture can create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold can be harmful to your health and can cause respiratory problems. 2. It can damage your home: Too much moisture can cause damage to your home's structure, including the walls, floors, and foundation. This can be expensive to repair. 3. It can attract pests: Pests like termites and cockroaches are attracted to moist environments. They can cause damage to your home and can be difficult to get rid of. 4. It can make your home uncomfortable: High humidity levels can make your home feel uncomfortable, even if the temperature is set to your liking. This can make it difficult to relax and can affect your sleep. 5. It can increase your energy bills: Excess moisture can make it more difficult for your air conditioning system to cool your home. This can lead to higher energy bills. By controlling the moisture levels in your home, you can prevent these problems and create a more comfortable and healthy living environment. https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/04/how-much-moisture-is-in-your-home.htm
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2023.06.09 11:31 YuliangJones Residual current circuit breaker plug - the safety guard that guarantees our life

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In short, the residual current circuit breaker plug is an important electrical protection device, and we should pay attention to its application in household and industrial fields, as well as daily maintenance and testing. Only in this way can we ensure that it plays a good protective role in our lives.
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2023.06.09 10:58 niconicomayhaps Regarding SNSD couples, Please hear me out on this.

In light of the recent SNSD dating exposes, This one, The Taeyeon and Baekhyun one, has been the most interesting, and actually has two sides to this story. This is also the first time that SM has officially endorsed a intra-SM couple. I will only focus on Taeyeon's side of the relationship. She is after all, the older of the couple, i'd assume she makes all the decisions in this relationship.
I urge you to at least read on, and understand and digest. I understand this sub is majority Americans, Canada and Europe. And therefore your views may differ from the views of Sones living in Korea. You may have the urge to immediately downvote this, but for the sake of healthy discussion, i plead you hold your ratings.
The responses towards this has been varying, some elated for Taeyeon having unlocked herself from the shackles of her dating ban, while others felt furious and dejected from the sense of betrayal, supposedly from Taeyeon's actions, and everything in-between.
I will first generalize, and say that I think most here would feel elated for Taeyeon. I do understand. After all, Taeyeon is only human, and has wants, needs, and desires. Immediately it would be apparent to you that this dating ban is a serious degradation to one's living standards. After all, why should anyone be able to invade into her personal life, let alone control what she can do? These feelings are understandable, she is no longer young, she was lonely and supposedly in depression. Baekhyun came along, i do not know the details, but Taeyeon fell for his care and concern. All these should run up to an happy ending with a loving couple, shouldn't it?
Yes? But the Koreans saw this situation differently. Vastly differently. In fact so different, the conclusions they pull from this is that anger and dejectedness are the proper reactions to this situation.
Again, i plead that you hear me out.
You might immediately want to ask a grieving Korean, why is he so bitter? why does he not wish his idol he so liked, so cared for, so supported by, that he wishes her to lie in a depressed state, faking a smile everyday, as compared to a genuinely happy Taeyeon? This can only be said to be a shallow interpretation of this situation.
As generalized in this post, The Koreans are not angered at her dating, nor with her choice of date, nor are they in despair that they were not chosen in favour of Baekhyun. I honestly believe anyone with a working brain, has already ejected the thought of actually having a chance with Taeyeon. The real problem lies within the criticism and belittling of fans.
Answer me this, /SNSD, have you ever been into events supporting SNSD physically, literally queuing in the snow just to fill up a studio to show your idols you are there for them? Arranging complicated post-release album buying algorithms such as to keep the longevity of those albums on charts? Have you donated physical money to keep one of their multitudes of fansites afloat? Have you personally sent food bentos to filming sets, in order to gain the respect and get into the good books of directors and film crew, such that your idol may have a easier time on set?
Have you?
If that is not enough to show how crazy Sones are willing to express their dedication for SNSD, here is a little anecdote from me.
I have once attended an annual blood donation drive, organized by the local Sone gathering. This was inspired after SNSD's Love request show, and it has been extremely meaningful since. Mind you, the process itself was painful, the the feeling of being weak and tired for the rest of the week was a pain to bear in the modern stresses of my country. But all of that was meaningful; It was donated in the name of the one and only Kim Taeyeon. We even received a plaque that congratulates Kim Taeyeon of donating some 7 litres of blood for lifesaving.
It is hard to understand the feelings now held by the Koreans. Most have placed a large part of their lives into this, and for most of the masters of fansites, leaving SNSD is not an option. It is not farfetched to go beyond saying SNSD would not be here today without these Koreans. The dejectedness arises when this was leaked. It was prime evidence secret accounts exist. For all we know, SNSD have secret twitter accounts too. This would have been innocent, until Taeyeon started to upload cryptic images and hidden mushy nicknames for each other publicly. This would not have been a problem, if they kept it in their secret SNS, but surely Taeyeon would not be as silly as to post it publicly? Well, she did. Logically speculating why she would do something like comes up with 2 possibilities. One where she doesn't have, or wishes to be at the inconvenience of switching accounts everytime they wish to communicate. This is highly unlikely, as an class A idol, it would be highly unlike she would take such a risk as to keep her password always logged in, and kakao or Line would have better facilitated such needs. or, In the 2nd possibility, she enjoys the thrills of posting such messages, and having safely hinted time and time again of their relationship. Psychologist know all about this, and part of the adrenalin rush from death defying roller coaster rides. people are known to do this, well in roller coaster rides, who is to say Taeyeon isn't doing the same.
Regardless which situation lead her to do something like that, It is important to realize that nobody likes to be trapped between 2 lovers, and i can assure you its not a good feeling reading what is not meant for you, worse, interpreted as for you, but not. Some did not know this until the very end, which by then, was anger and sadness. Imagine sending something to Taeyeon, something you designed yourself, sweat and effort all put into having your idol appreciate it. She receives, and captions it with a ambiguous message. You accept its a response to your work, but finds out after some time that it isn't, instead for someone else, intentionally. You'd feel bitter too.
There were also posts regarding if TaeBaek was just a conspiracy to mislead people away from the Kris/yifan scandal. It would seem true, as Taeyeon is know to be a really smart leader. An open-roofed car, making out? Again, only 3 possibilities, That it is a conspiracy, where SM intentionally allowed the photographers to make a clear shot. or, Taeyeon isn't smart, and in the mist of hormones and lack of proper air conditioning, decided to open the roof. The last possibility i had difficulty grappling with; it puts doubt on everything Taeyeon's character and what she has claimed to be so far, that is that Taeyeon that is smart but has seem to have abandoned all willingness to hide their relationship and alongside the fate of SNSD.
Now ask yourself, is there anything SM is so afraid, such as to invent such madness to turn the eyes of silly netizens into forgetting Kris's scandals? Is Taeyeon stupid as to blatantly tell the world she is dating and risk the backlash?
Have you felt fighting a war where your generals have abandoned you?
In Asian traditions, one is to remind oneself continuously of their origins, no matter how humble. It is meant to keep one grounded and upright for life. 음수사원
It is hard to imagine that one would have sacrificed so much for an idol, that one day the idol would use them as a stepping stone. Maybe it is how life works, maybe people need to be stung so as they may wake up from their fantasies. But regardless, it has happened, consequences will follow.
Please, Think again before you type another mean comment about a person whom may not think them dating is smart thing to do now. Because they have reasons, and some are more thought-out than simple ideologies.
As for Taeyeon's apology, you might not understand, but I believe Taeyeon finally understands the risky game she plays has backfired.
Oh and because you people can't seem to understand, such that i need to reemphasize, the reason i am writing this, is NOT because i am lonely, douchey and jealous. I am NOT saying Taeyeon should have chosen me instead. Neither am i saying them dating is forbidden. Instead, its the way they're doing things that is, just plain strange.
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2023.06.09 10:51 JosVermeulen Will shadow be an issue in my setup?

Some useful information: this post concerns Flanders in Belgium.
I got a quotation for 8 panels and one for 12 panels. At the moment 8 panels would be sufficient, but in the future I'd probably get some more electricity-requiring devices (air conditioning for example).
The problem is that I'm not sure if shadow will be an issue in the setup of 12 panels.
The sideview of the house: https://i.imgur.com/rk1RfjF.jpg
The top view of the house: https://i.imgur.com/PlLlwCa.png
I'm afraid when I get 12 panels, the bottom row might get issues (especially during winter) with shadow. The solar panels I'd be getting are TRINA 415 Full Black Halfcut.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.09 10:47 techcoaircon Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs: Prompt Solutions for Your Cooling Crisis

When your air conditioning system fails unexpectedly, especially during the hot summer months, it may rapidly become an emergency scenario. A broken air conditioner not only affects your comfort but can also offer health dangers in hot weather. In such urgent situations, emergency air conditioning repairs provide quick solutions to restore your cooling system's performance quickly and efficiently. This article gives a brief overview of emergency air conditioning repairs, explaining their relevance and the benefits they bring.
Understanding Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs:
Emergency air conditioning repairs are immediate and rapid services performed by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) technicians to solve emergency cooling system failures and malfunctions. These services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing that you get help whenever you have a cooling emergency.
The Importance of Emergency AC Repairs:
Quick response: Because specialists appreciate the severity of the issue, emergency AC repairs prioritise quick response times. They strive to treat your cooling concerns as soon as possible, avoiding extended pain and other health hazards.
Maintaining indoor air quality:
A faulty air conditioning system can have a detrimental influence on indoor air quality. Emergency repairs guarantee that your air conditioning equipment is swiftly repaired, preventing the accumulation of pollutants and allergens and preserving a healthy living environment.
Ignoring AC problems can aggravate the damage, resulting in more expensive repairs or perhaps the need for a total system replacement. Emergency repairs address the problem early on, reducing the danger of future damage and significant costs.
Advantages of Emergency AC Repairs:
instant relief: By utilizing emergency AC repair services, you may get instant reprieve from the suffocating heat and quickly restore comfortable interior temperatures.
HVAC technicians specializing in emergency repairs have the required skills, tools, and experience to swiftly diagnose and repair a wide range of AC problems. Their skill set provides correct diagnostics and efficient repairs, allowing you to get your cooling system up and running quickly.
Reliable and high-quality service: Emergency AC repair services are offered by licensed and experienced experts that have extensive experience dealing with emergency circumstances. They follow industry standards and employ high-quality materials and equipment to provide long-lasting repairs.
When your cooling system unexpectedly breaks, emergency air conditioning repairs are a lifeline. These services guarantee that you restore comfort and preserve a healthy indoor environment by providing quick response times, skilled diagnostics, and dependable repairs. throughout crucial situations, contacting HVAC specialists specializing in emergency AC repairs may spare you from protracted agony, more damage, and avoidable money, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted cooling throughout sweltering summers.
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2023.06.09 09:18 ResponsibilityOk3272 Breaks my heart o hear about Borewell related accidents. Asked ChatGPT what could be done.

I need help finding a solution to a certain problem that happens almost every year in certain parts of India. From what i can gather, there seems to be a recurring issue with borewells that are left unsupervised and small children regularly fall into these borewells which can go as deep as 300ft. I need help finding ways to prevent this from happening in future as well as efficient and quick methods to rescue small children that fall into them.
ChatGPT -
The issue you mentioned regarding children falling into unsupervised borewells is indeed a serious concern. It has occurred in the past, and there have been several incidents in India where children have fallen into such borewells. Here are some suggestions to address this problem and prevent future incidents:
Preventive Measures:
  1. Adequate Fencing: Erect a strong and secure fence around the borewell sites to prevent unauthorized access, especially by children. The fence should be difficult for children to climb or breach.
  2. Secure Covers: Install sturdy and lockable covers on the borewells to prevent accidental falls. These covers should be childproof and not easily removable.
  3. Signage and Awareness: Display clear and prominent signs near borewells, warning about the dangers and instructing people to keep children away. Conduct awareness campaigns in the local communities to educate people about the risks associated with unsupervised borewells.
  4. Regular Inspections: Establish a system for regular inspections of borewell sites to ensure that covers and fences are in good condition and properly maintained.
  5. Local Regulations: Encourage local authorities to develop and enforce regulations regarding the construction and maintenance of borewells, including safety measures.
Rescue Measures:
  1. Emergency Helpline: Establish a dedicated emergency helpline number that people can call immediately in case of a borewell-related incident. This helpline should be accessible 24/7 and well-publicized in the local communities.
  2. Rapid Response Teams: Form specialized rescue teams equipped with necessary tools and expertise to respond quickly to such incidents. These teams should be trained in rescue techniques specific to borewell incidents.
  3. Communication and Coordination: Improve communication and coordination between relevant authorities, including local administration, police, fire services, and medical services, to ensure a swift and efficient response during rescue operations.
  4. Equipment and Technology: Provide the rescue teams with appropriate equipment such as cameras, ropes, harnesses, and communication devices to aid in the rescue efforts. Explore advanced technologies like remote-controlled robots or drones to assess the situation and assist in the rescue process.
  5. Expertise and Training: Conduct regular training sessions for the rescue teams to enhance their skills and knowledge in dealing with borewell incidents. Collaborate with experts in rescue operations to share best practices and learn from their experiences.
It's essential to involve the local community, authorities, and organizations in implementing these preventive and rescue measures effectively. Public awareness, education, and collaboration among stakeholders play a crucial role in mitigating this recurring problem and ensuring the safety of children in the vicinity of borewells.
Rescue measures are good but can you suggest a faster method since most children seem to die of suffocation long before any real progress can be made to get them out.
I understand the urgency and need for faster rescue methods in these situations. While every rescue operation is unique and challenging, here are a few additional suggestions to expedite the process:
  1. Air Supply: Establish a method to provide a continuous supply of fresh air to the child trapped in the borewell. This can be achieved by lowering a tube or pipe with ventilation to the child, ensuring a constant flow of oxygen.
  2. Use of Cameras: Employ advanced camera systems, such as waterproof and heat-resistant remote-controlled cameras, to assess the situation inside the borewell. This can help rescuers gather critical information about the child's condition, location, and any potential obstructions.
  3. Vertical Drilling: Consider using specialized drilling equipment capable of creating a parallel shaft or tunnel adjacent to the borewell. This technique allows rescuers to reach the trapped child more quickly and safely.
  4. Suction or Vacuum Devices: Explore the use of suction or vacuum devices that can remove loose soil or obstructions from the borewell, creating a clear passage for the child to be safely extracted.
  5. Collaboration with Experts: Seek assistance from experts who have experience in specialized rescue operations, such as cave rescue or confined space rescue. Their expertise and knowledge can contribute to finding innovative and efficient solutions for the specific challenges posed by borewell incidents.
  6. Preemptive Measures: Encourage the use of technology to prevent suffocation by monitoring the oxygen levels inside the borewell. Oxygen level sensors can be installed, which trigger an alarm if the levels drop below a certain threshold, alerting rescuers to take immediate action.
It is important to note that these methods may require significant resources, equipment, and expertise. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a collaborative network involving local authorities, rescue teams, and experts to ensure the availability and accessibility of such measures during critical rescue operations.
Remember, the primary focus should be on prevention by implementing stringent safety measures and continuously raising awareness about the dangers of unsupervised borewells.
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2023.06.09 09:08 AlfredoThayerMahan Overlooked Capabilities and Limitations of Kansen

Overlooked Capabilities and Limitations of Kansen
Despite the game’s inherent silliness, I think it’s worth considering some realistic advantages and disadvantages Kansen would provide.
I want to specifically focus on things I think are overlooked. More obvious things like that Kansen are small targets are fairly self-explanatory.


To me this is their single greatest advantage. A ship may require anywhere from a few dozen crew, such as on a U-boat, to thousands on Battleships and Carriers. A Kansen requires only one person, reducing the considerable operating expense and possible bottleneck on trained personnel associated.
Something Something, Decisive Battle:
To put it simply, a Kansen is more portable than a comparable warship. Depending on interpretation one may be able to transport them by air with little difficulty. For some reason I do not think this is currently SOP in the USN. This Strategic mobility allows for one to very quickly concentrate forces to contest an enemy’s sea control or generally respond to situations in a timely manner, amplifying certain elements of power-projection.
Data Fusion:
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, tastes like a duck, and you conclude it is, in fact, a duck, you are utilizing data fusion. A Kansen could utilize similar principles with radar, optics, and other sources. A real WWII warship could do this, the key being it takes time. A Kansen could do this far quicker, employing a shorter cycle OODA loop when responding to threats as they have a direct connection between the observation, decision, and action portions of the ship.

A diagram of the OODA loop.

Signature reduction:
Most low frequency (L band and lower in IEEE) will generally struggle to pick out a Kansen from the clutter of even small waves due to their small size. This isn’t without limitations and a high-frequency radar, say in the X-band could be expected to pick a Kansen out to a reasonable range (This is why most surface-search radars are high frequency), provided you have a competent operator and suitably advanced filtering system.


These elements here aren’t to say Kansen are worse than their comparative ships, they are better, but there are some striking limitations that they may face that are consistently overlooked by people.
They’re short, even FDG:
Unless the fluoridation (PBF/POE) has been reprogramming my mind, I’m fairly certain we live on a roughly spherical planet. Regardless of potential Communist infiltration and subversion (I mean seriously, have you ever seen a Commie drink water?), this has the annoying effect of limiting line of sight to a distance largely dependent on the height of the sensor, be it the Mk1 Eyeball or an AN/SPY-6 Phased Array. Now radars can see a bit past this visual horizon due to refraction and some other complicated physics like Ground Wave Propagation that I really don’t feel inclined nor qualified to try to explain here. Still, the height of the sensor largely dictates the detection range for low altitude objects like ships or sea-skimming missiles. With a Kansen this range is somewhere between short and “Jack Shit” with a theoretical range for radar visibility of around 17-18 nautical miles for a particularly tall Pagoda mast.
This isn’t to say a surface-search radar on a Kansen would be useless but it would be limited by the horizon and probably, more importantly, by the clutter produced by a Kansen bobbing up and down in waves as tall as them (I will get to this later). Some radars like the SG may not see much, if any, limitation on range against conventional ships because the tall objects stick up above the horizon and they are relatively short range (about 15 nautical miles), but filter settings may reduce this to well below the maximum depending on sea-state. Additionally, higher frequency radars like the SG see little if no refraction though again, this really depends on many variables beyond the scope of this post.

A basic diagram of how curvature effects radar detection.
On a flat calm your average speedboat or RHIB will easily exceed the speed of most naval vessels. However, this changes once you get into rough conditions. With a low displacement Kansen are bound by these same limitations. Their excellent strategic mobility is detracted by, if not poor, limited, tactical mobility.
Where a full-sized ship can cut or just bash their way through waves, a Kansen is liable to catch air and smash into the next wave, killing forward momentum. This makes sustained endurance, as may be the case when trying to catch an enemy, incredibly hard. However, Kansen do seem to be very maneuverable, which does compensate to a great degree, but this is almost exclusively a defensive advantage and can’t be applied in offense to the same degree as speed.
Generally, Kansen operations in rough weather seem somewhere between pointless and purposefully inflicted misery. It would be slow going, completely miserable, and good luck spotting things when you have a wave over your head half the time and kiss being a stable gun platform goodbye.
A useful chart for sea conditions. keep in mind these are general rules and can vary heavily.
Station Keeping:
Kansen on their own cannot reasonably perform long-endurance missions. Where a ship can post watches 24/7, a Kansen can’t. This isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, indeed assigning a fast transport or light warship to act as a Kansen tender would be very easy, it simply requires consideration.
Steam Sucks:
Most of the ships in AL use Steam Turbines and boilers for power. This is not great.
In case you didn’t know, with steam turbines it takes hours, sometimes even days before the systems can reach full power or they risk damaging the pipes. Time to build up steam pressure could easily invalidate the advantages in portability that a Kansen has
This gets to the second element of this. Kansen, even if they can summon their rigging on land, would face a power issue. Steam systems require condensers. These use relatively cold sea water to turn the steam back into liquid so it can be used again. Without this process the steam turbine sees back pressure build up and will generally cease to function.

A diagram of a Steam Condenser.
To Illustrate how much of a problem this is, let's look at USS New Jersey. Generally ship’s power used an octet of smaller steam turbines that drew from the steam of her main power plant. These generated around 1.25 Megawatts of Ship’s Power each, depending on surrounding environmental temperature. She also had a pair of diesel generators. These generated a total of 500 kilowatts. That’s not good.
Let's look at the power requirements for one of her turrets. Training was handled by a 300 horsepower (220 kW) motor, each gun had a 60 hp (45 kW) motor for elevation, three sets of rammers of 60 hp (45 kW), three shell elevators of 75 hp (56 kW), three powder hoists (100 hp/ 75 kW), and two motors for her shell rings with a power of 40 hp (30 kW) a piece. This is a total of around 940 kilowatts per turret, almost double her non-steam ship’s power. You can also kiss using radars on land goodbye because of these limitations.
Paralysis by Analysis:
To what degree a Kansen can process and respond to multiple threats is unknown. Still, I think it is fair to assume that tunnel vision that may not occur on a conventional ship, is far more likely to happen to a Kansen. There is a reason why one-man tanks are not a thing and the comparison to tank warfare is apt because in many ways Kansen perform more like tanks than traditional warships. Even if one is incredibly perceptive, individuals are generally inclined to distractions, and this could have “suboptimal” consequences.
Are there any advantages/disadvantages you could see Kansen having in an operational setting?
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2023.06.09 08:53 lmcmasonry The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide


Basement waterproofing is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and functional home, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall like Boston. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the importance of basement waterproofing, the signs of water damage to look out for, various waterproofing methods available, the role of professionals in the process, factors affecting costs, and the long-term benefits of waterproofing your basement.
Whether you're a homeowner or a property manager, understanding the significance of basement waterproofing can help you protect your investment and ensure a healthy living environment.

Understanding Basement Waterproofing

  1. What is Basement Waterproofing?
  2. How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?
  3. Why is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

Signs of Basement Water Damage

  1. Visible Signs of Water Intrusion
  2. Musty Odors and Mold Growth
  3. Efflorescence and Stains on Walls
  4. Cracks in the Foundation
  5. High Humidity Levels

The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Prevention of Structural Damage
  2. Protection Against Mold and Mildew
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality
  4. Increased Property Value
  5. Expanded Living Space
  6. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Basement Waterproofing Methods

  1. Exterior Waterproofing
  • Excavation and Drainage System Installation
  • Waterproof Membranes and Coatings
  • French Drains and Sump Pumps
  1. Interior Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage Systems
  • Vapor Barriers and Sealants
  • Crack Injections
  • Dehumidifiers

The Role of Professionals in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Expert Evaluation and Assessment
  2. Customized Waterproofing Solutions
  3. Quality Workmanship and Materials
  4. Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations
  5. Warranty and Aftercare Services

Factors Affecting Basement Waterproofing Costs

  1. Size and Complexity of the Basement
  2. Severity of Water Damage
  3. Waterproofing Method Chosen
  4. Accessibility and Site Conditions
  5. Additional Factors to Consider

DIY vs. Professional Waterproofing

  1. Pros and Cons of DIY Waterproofing
  2. When DIY Waterproofing Is Suitable
  3. When Professional Waterproofing Is Recommended
  4. Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Neglecting Early Warning Signs
  2. Inadequate Surface Preparation
  3. Poor Drainage System Design
  4. Incorrect Waterproofing Product Selection
  5. Improper Application Techniques

How to Choose a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

  1. Research and Reviews
  2. Licensing and Insurance
  3. Experience and Expertise
  4. Written Estimates and Contracts
  5. Warranties and Guarantees

Basement Waterproofing in Boston: Challenges and Considerations

  1. High Water Table and Hydrostatic Pressure
  2. Freezing and Thawing Cycles
  3. Aging Infrastructure and Drainage Systems
  4. Historical Building Considerations
  5. Building Permits and Regulations

The Cost-Effectiveness of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Comparing Costs and Potential Damages
  2. Long-Term Savings and Return on Investment
  3. Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Maintaining a Waterproofed Basement

  1. Regular Inspections and Maintenance Tasks
  2. Proper Ventilation and Dehumidification
  3. Prompt Repairs and Addressing Issues
  4. Landscaping and Exterior Drainage Maintenance
  5. Professional Check-ups and Servicing

Long-Term Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Structural Integrity and Home Safety
  2. Healthy Living Environment
  3. Extended Lifespan of the Property
  4. Peace of Mind and Reduced Stress
  5. Higher Resale Value


In conclusion,basement waterproofing is a critical investment for homeowners in Boston. By proactively addressing water intrusion and moisture issues, you can prevent costly damages, protect your health, and increase the value of your property. Whether you choose exterior or interior waterproofing methods, consulting with professionals like LMC Masonry can provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.
Don't wait until water damage becomes a major problem – take action now to safeguard your basement and enjoy the long-term benefits of a dry and functional space.
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2023.06.09 08:50 Team_Instinct [USA][H] 32X, FDS, Dreamcast, Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox [W] Genesis, GBA stuff

Famicom Disk System
Title Condition
Akumajou Dracula Game + Hard Case & Insert
Dead Zone Game + Hard Case & Insert
Eggerland CIB
Electrician Sealed
Esper Dream CIB
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally CIB
Famicom Tantei Club Pt 1 Loose
Holy Sword Psycho Loose + Hard Case
KiKi KaiKai: Doutou Hen Loose + Hard Case
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Mahjong Kazoku Loose + Hard Case
Moero Twinbee CIB except for softshell
Moero Twinbee CIB
Super Mario Bros 2 CIB except for softshell
Volleyball Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Wardner no Mori Loose + Hard Case
Zelda no Densetsu: The Legend of Zelda Loose + Hard Case

Title Condition
Connect Four / Perfection / Trouble Loose
Crash Nitro Kart Loose
Crash & Spyro Superpack Loose
Donkey Kong Country Loose
Donkey Kong Country 2 Loose
Donkey Kong Country 3 Loose
Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog Loose
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Loose
Hot Wheels Stunt Track / World Race Loose
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Loose
Mario Kart Super Circuit Loose
Pinball Tycoon Loose
Pokemon Sapphire Version Loose
Shrek 2 Loose
Spider-Man Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis Squarepantis Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Lights Camera Pants! Loose
Spongebob Squarepants The Movie Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Revenge of the Flying Dutchman Loose
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Loose
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Loose
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Loose

Title Condition
Blue Stinger Loose
Charge Blast Loose
Crazy Taxi Loose
Dynamite Cop! Loose
Ecco The Dolphin Defender of the Future Loose
Expendable Loose
House of the Dead 2 Loose
Incoming Loose
Midway's Greatest Arcade hits Vol 1 Loose
Monaco Grand Prix Loose
Seaman Loose + Microphone
Sonic Adventure Loose
Web Browser Loose
Dreamcast Magazine May 2000 Vol 5 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Sep 2000 Vol 7 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Dec 2000 Vol 9 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Jan 2001 Vol 10 Disc Only

Title Condition
Tennis Master Series 2003 Sealed
WWF Platinum Hits Sealed
Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver CIB
Halo Combat Evolved CIB
MechAssault Best of Platinum Hits CIB
Nascar Heat 2002 CIB
Project Gotham Racing CIB
Project Gotham Racing 2 Platinum Hits CIB
Sega GT 2002 / JSRF CIB
Simpsons Road Rage Platinum Hits CIB

Title Condition
Pinobee Sealed
Shooter Space Shot Sealed
Army Men 3D GH CIB
Crash Bandicoot GH CIB
Crash Bandicoot 2 GH CIB
ECW Anarchy Rulz CIB
ECW Hardcore Revolution CIB
Final Fantasy 7 CIB
Ford Racing CIB
Gran Turismo GH CIB
IHRA Drag Racing CIB
Jampack 12 Vol.2 CIB
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 CIB
Knockout Kings 2000 CIB
Madden 2000 CIB
Metal Gear Solid GH CIB
Nascar Rumble CIB
NFL Gameday 98 CIB
Parasite Eve (Missing Collector's CD)
Power Move Wrestling CIB
Superbike 2000 CIB
Test Drive 5 CIB
WCW Backstage Assault CIB
WCW Mayhem CIB
WCW vs The World CIB
WWF Attitude CIB
WWF War Zone CIB
WWF SmackDown! 2 Know Your Role CIB
Activision Classic Games (2600) Loose
Chrono Cross Loose
Final Fantasy Tactics Loose
Final Fantasy VII Loose
Gran Turismo Loose
Gran Turismo 2 Loose
Interactive CD Sampler Disc Vol. 9 Loose
King's Field Loose
Legend of Dragoon Loose
Metal Gear Solid Loose
Official U.S. Playstation Oct 1998 Disc #13 Loose
Riven Loose
Spec Ops: Covert Assault Loose
Tomb Raider II Loose
Wild Arms 2 Loose
WCW NWO Thunder Case + Manual
Chrono Cross Manual Only
Final Fantasy Tactics GH Manual Only

Title Condition
God of War 2 CIB
Guitar Hero Aerosmith CIB
Madden 2005 CIB
Madden 2007 Hall of Fame Edition CIB
Resident Evil 4 GH Game + Case
007 Agent Under Fire Loose
Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex Loose
MLB Slugfest 2004 Loose
Orphen Scion of Sorcery Case + Manual

Title Condition
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 CIB
Call of Duty 4 GH CIB
Condemed 2: BloodShot CIB
Evil Within CIB
Genki: Days of the Blade CIB
Infamous 2 CIB
Last of Us CIB
Nier CIB
Tom Clancy's Endwar CIB
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 CIB
Soul Calibur IV GH CIB
Twisted Metal CIB

Title Condition
ATP Tour Championship Tennis CIB
General Chaos CIB
Lost Vikings CIB
Mortal Kombat II Game + Case
Sub Terrania Game + Case
Zoom! Game + Case
Aladdin Loose
Altered Beast Loose
Blaster Master 2 Loose
Castlevania Bloodlines Loose
Fatal Rewind Loose
Golden Axe (Mega Drive) Loose
James Pond 3 Loose
Kawasaki Superbike Loose
Lion King Loose
Maximum Carnage Loose
OutRun Loose
Pat Riley Basketball Loose
Sonic The Hedgehog Loose
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Loose
Sonic Spinball Loose
Splatterhouse 3 Loose
Super Hang-On Loose
TMNT Hyperstone Heist Loose
Vectorman Loose
Wolverine Adamantium Rage Loose
WWF Raw Loose
X-Men Loose
X-Men 2 Loose

Title Condition
Metal Head Loose
Doom Loose
Star Wars Loose
Star Wars Loose

Title Condition
Gran Turismo Game + Manual


Title Condition
Arrow Flash CIB
Darius Extra Version (Strictly Limited) CIB
Earthworm Jim (hardcase) CIB
Earthworm Jim 2 CIB
El Viento CIB
Fire Shark CIB
Gaiares CIB
Gain Ground CIB
King's Bounty CIB
Landstalker CIB
Lightening Force CIB
Midnight Resistance CIB
Musha CIB
Panorama Cotton (Strictly Limited) CIB
Steel Empire CIB
Ristar CIB
Shinobi III CIB
Slap Fight CIB
Thunder Force III CIB
Ultracore (Strictly Limited) CIB
Wings of Wor CIB
Air Buster Box + Manual
Beyond Oasis Box + Manual
Elemental Master Box + Manual
Maximum Carnage Box + Manual
Ranger X Box + Manual
Strider Box + Manual

Title Condition
Advance Guardian Heroes Loose
Car Battler Joe Loose
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Loose
Demikids Loose
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Loose
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Loose
Ninja Five-O Loose
Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon Loose
Shining Soul II Loose
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story Loose
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch Loose
I have other Genesis titles I'm trying to complete as well but the above is the highest current priority.
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2023.06.09 08:11 autotldr Assam Speaker, who urged people to sit under trees to beat heat, has 22 ACs at his house

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 26%. (I'm a bot)
Guwahati, June 8 Assam Assembly Speaker Biswajit Daimary, who earlier advised people to sit under trees to combat soaring power bills amid the scorching heat wave conditions that are sweeping the state, has been found to have installed at least twenty-two air conditioners at his official residence.
People have been saying that a person who is habituated to using 22 air conditioners at his home cannot understand the problem of extreme heat.
Congress MLA Kamalakhya Dey Purkayasatha, who earlier sat under the trees in front of Daimary's official residence, told IANS: "A person who has been literally using ACs in every corner of his residence is giving people advice to sit beneath the trees. This is an absolute mockery of the people. I believe that he has insulted the citizens of the state."
Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member Sushmita Dev said, "A government is always for the people. But what we have been constantly witnessing is that BJP leaders are experts at insulting people's sentiments. Daimary's statements are the latest in that list."
Earlier, Daimary said: "The power tariffs have increased, and people should avoid excessive use of fans to save electricity bills. Instead, everybody should sit under trees to combat rising tariffs."
"If the power companies are hiking the tariffs, the state government should pass that on to the consumers, and people have to pay. So, I believe that an increase in power tariffs is not at all an issue, and consumers must pay the bills against their usage," Daimary added.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: people#1 Daimary#2 conditions#3 residence#4 tariffs#5
Post found in /india, /india and /IndiaOpen.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.09 07:27 KissingClitsInTheBay 29 [M4F] #SouthBay / Anywhere! - Seeking needy Pillow Princesses 💕 Enthusiastic, sensual Switch wants to worship and adore You 🔥Lay back, relax, and let me take care of You 🙏

Greetings, my dearest! 💘
Simply put: I'm absolutely fiending to provide You with pleasure, attention, and bliss til youve had Your fill.! ♥️
I lustfully await that piercing gaze that we share when you look down at me... Shakingly anticipating the feeling of my tongue finally making contact with You; My hands exploring and rubbing You from head to toe.
I want your toes to curl, your legs to tremble, your entire body and existence to quake; Awating my next decision on how to make You feel.
Seconds seamlessly transform into hours; Every winking moment melded together in a hazy bliss... I want our experience to affect your days, your routine. You sitting at your desk, out running errands, doing work. Laying in bed, scrolling on your phone....
I want you to feel your pulse down there. When your body tries to recall the feeling, the sensations that you felt during our encounter.
And, the same goes for me and the days of my own. Thinking about You, recalling our time together; I want to be a barely functional mess...!
I lean towards the Switch-y side... 💕 So, if You need me be more dominant 🔥 and pin Your wrists down to the bed, administer some spanks and gripping before/during/after I service You, etc...
Or, if You want to unleash some pent-up dom feels, yourself..! 🤐 I can also be more submissive, and be sooo good for You, while You use me. And my mouth, tongue; And sit and use my face until you've had your fill. 💝
Important Things! (Was a great show on Comedy Central! Also, lists are awesome!):
• This experience is all about You! I want to make You feel and know that You are the very center of the universe when you're spending time with me ❤️ I want to cater to every/any one of Your needs to the best of my abilities! 🙏💕
• Absolutely NO reciprocation needed and NO actual sex/PIV intercourse. (Upon request and conversation: perhaps 🤔) BUT: Strictly cute, intimate cuddles; and hand/mouth usage only!👄🖐 🥄 🥄
• I can host You in an upscale hotel/suite 🏨 You're my pillow princess!!! I truly want to pamper You in the heights of luxury and relaxation. Plus, air conditioning and random hotel TV shows/movies, amirite?! 💕 (Again, upscale locations only!)
• Before/During/After Care, Cute/spicy pillow talk, and Cuddles/Spooning, Massages and Rubs of all kinds will gladly (and enthusiastically!!!) be provided upon request! ❣️
• If no 'care' is desired, I also have no problem with making this a "cum-n-go" situation; Where You cum all the times You need before Your departure from me. 🤷🏽‍♂️
• Privacy and Discretion guaranteed ✅💯 I'm here for You and Your needs! And am not looking to interfere with any relationships/arrangements you have going on..! I am, however, more than open to meeting up with You again; If my services leave a nice impression...😌
• I absolutely ADORE feedback; Both verbal and non-verbal!!! So moaners, loud ones, body quakers, and (squirters) to the front! 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 Don't be shy!!! Let it ALL out when You're with me 😏
Whether it's a 'dead bedroom' situation... Or a case of the person in your life "just not doing it right"... To single ladies looking to break a dry spell... To ladies just looking for good ol' general indulgence!
I'm here for You🙏 Your bliss and delight are truly my own! Leading to this beautiful, endless, infinite cycle of giving and receiving 💕 Let's experience it, together!!! ✅♥️
I know what I'm doing; And I can't wait until You've finally tried the difference between someone who merely guesses and scoffs at your needs and pleasure........
And someone who is truly there for You and knows what they're doing. 💯🔥
The pillow princess experience You thought never existed, is out there..! You just haven't experienced me yet 🤤❣️Let's change that, ASAP!
Some random, quick stuff About Me:
• 29 M , South Bay based, Single 😛, DDF, Expert cuddler and cunnilinguist, Orally fixated..! Gives hella good rubs and massages; Great kisser 😘
• INFJ x Libra Sun (w/ lots of Scorpio ♏️ in my natal chart 🔥 ) for those who keep count of those...!
• 5'9" 185lbs athletic, broad shouldered, warm n' cuddly dad bod, with warm, skilled hands 🙌 420 and alchy friendly 💨 🌿 🍺
important geotags / locations:
South Bay preferred, but mobile all across The Bay for the right chemistry 🧪 !
San Jose (all areas), Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, SJSU, Stanford, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, SJC San Jose Airport, SFbayarea
Bay Area ladies, visitors: PM / Reddit Chat Me, and let's get started on what You're in need of the most..!
Definitely NOT my first rodeo here on Reddit (with numerous successes!!); So chatting, finding a mutual vibe will be of vital importance for both parties. 💯
SFW Pics / pic links, ready to send over!
Can't wait to hear from You!
Edit: Some dude has been plagiarizing my post here and on RAOMD 🙄 Ignore that poser and get with a real lover!! 😎
And low effort messages/PMs will be ignored, and will lead me to rightfully assume that You're a bot/selleeven worse... a dude xD Reach out with some humanly stuff, please 😭😅
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2023.06.09 07:07 Rmgrepairs The Ultimate Guide to Car Air Conditioning Repair

A Guide to Car Air Conditioning Repairs," we aim to empower you with essential knowledge about your car's AC system. From understanding common issues to preventive maintenance tips, our comprehensive guide covers it all. At RMG Repairs & Tyres, we pride ourselves on our expertise in diagnosing and fixing AC problems swiftly and efficiently. Whether it's a refrigerant leak, compressor malfunction, or a faulty blower motor, our experienced technicians have the skills to tackle any issue head-on. Why choose RMG Repairs? We believe in providing top-notch service at affordable prices. Our transparent approach ensures you are informed about the repairs needed, and we offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Let us be your partner in maintaining a refreshing and comfortable ride, no matter the weather! Visit the given link to understand more:
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2023.06.09 05:40 YaBoiTrevor Need Mechanical Advice

I’m fairly handy and have done plenty of labor, but I grew up in the country with a pretty rural property that didn’t require mowing so I’m not very mechanical. I recently moved into a rental house and it came with a self-propelled push mower. Landlord said it hasn’t been used in ~2 years. Looks in good condition, but I couldn’t get it to start.
For fuel, so far I have taken the carburetor out and cleaned it well with Sea Foam, replaced old cracked/dry gasket, replaced old fuel line, put in new gas with Sea Foam, replaced air filter, and replaced oil. I don’t know much but the carburetor itself looks in fine condition.
I also replaced the spark plug and did a test by grounding against the edge of the motor and couldn’t get a spark, so I am thinking maybe it is an electrical issue out of my league.
Any ideas of what the problem could be? Is it worth trying more from an expense standpoint, or are further fixes increasingly expensive? We could just buy an old lawn mower off Facebook or something for relatively cheap, so I’m just wondering how much effort I should invest.
submitted by YaBoiTrevor to lawnmowers [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 03:55 My77thaccount 2011 chevy silverado 1500 ac issues

I've got a 2011 chevy silverado 1500 and a couple months ago the air conditioning started having problems. It would work about every other time I started my truck and then cut out entirely. I replaced the blower motor and resistor but that didn't fix anything. I can still feel cold air trying to come out but it's not blowing. A few days ago I hit a bump in the road and it kicked on for about 20 minutes but would only blow on high. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.09 02:59 Loud-Dragonfly9952 Should I Use a Dehumidifier in the Summer?

Should I Use a Dehumidifier in the Summer?
Whether or not you should use a dehumidifier in the summer depends on the specific conditions and environment of your living space.

Conditions that you need to use a dehumidifier

Humidity Levels

If your area experiences high humidity levels during the summer, using a whole house dehumidifier with pump can help create a more comfortable indoor environment. High humidity can make the air feel heavy and muggy, leading to discomfort, mold growth, and potential damage to your belongings.

Health Concerns

Excessive humidity can contribute to the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites, which can trigger allergies or respiratory issues. Using a whole home dehumidifier can help reduce these allergens and create a healthier living space, especially if you or anyone in your household is sensitive to such allergens.

Cooling Efficiency

Household dehumidifiers can also indirectly enhance your cooling system's efficiency. When the air is less humid, it feels cooler, allowing you to set your air conditioner to a higher temperature without sacrificing comfort. This can help reduce energy consumption and save on cooling costs.

Condensation Issues

If you notice excessive condensation on windows, walls, or other surfaces, it could be a sign of high humidity. Using a dehumidifier can help mitigate condensation problems and prevent moisture-related damage to your home.

Unnecessary conditions of using a dehumidifier

However, there are situations where using a dehumidifier in the summer might not be necessary:

Low Humidity

If you live in an area with naturally low humidity levels, using a dehumidifier may not be beneficial or necessary. In such cases, using natural ventilation, fans, or air conditioning alone may be sufficient to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Dry Climate

If your area experiences dry summers with low humidity, using a dehumidifier can potentially make the indoor air too dry, leading to discomfort, dry skin, and respiratory issues. In such situations, it is best to focus on proper hydration and maintaining a comfortable moisture balance.
Ultimately, the decision to use a dehumidifier in the summer depends on your specific circumstances. Assess the humidity levels in your home, consider any health concerns, and evaluate the benefits of reduced humidity in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. If you are unsure, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional or an HVAC specialist who can provide personalized advice based on your situation. Preair is a professional dehumidifier manufacturer that can provide you with different types of dehumidifiers. Contact us if you are in need of bulk dehumidifiers.

What to set dehumidifier at in summer?

The ideal humidity setting for a dehumidifier in the summer can vary depending on your personal preferences and the specific conditions in your home. However, a general guideline is to aim for a relative humidity (RH) level between 30% and 50%. Here are a few considerations to help you determine the appropriate setting:
  1. Start with 50% RH: Setting your dehumidifier to 50% RH is a good starting point. This level provides a balance between comfort and preventing mold growth or excessive moisture-related issues. It's a common recommendation for indoor humidity levels.
  2. Adjust based on comfort: If you find that the air still feels too humid or if you experience condensation on windows or surfaces, you can lower the dehumidifier's setting gradually until you achieve a comfortable level. However, be cautious not to set it too low, as extremely low humidity can cause dryness and discomfort.
  3. Consider health concerns: If you or someone in your household has allergies or respiratory issues, you may want to aim for a slightly lower humidity level, closer to 30% to help reduce allergens like mold and dust mites.
  4. Monitor outdoor conditions: Keep an eye on the outdoor humidity levels, as they can impact indoor humidity. If your area experiences particularly humid days, you may need to adjust the dehumidifier's setting accordingly to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  5. Avoid excessive dryness: While it's important to reduce humidity, overly dry conditions can lead to dry skin, respiratory discomfort, and other issues. If you notice these symptoms or excessive dryness in your home, consider increasing the humidity slightly or using other methods like plants or humidifiers to add moisture back into the air.
Remember that achieving the perfect humidity level is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences. It's a good idea to experiment with different settings and monitor the indoor conditions to find what works best for you and your home.
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2023.06.08 23:25 florpdidorp Switzerland and Northern Italy, 12 Days - Rain advice, packing list, No-buy challenge

Switzerland and Northern Italy, 12 Days - Rain advice, packing list, No-buy challenge
In 5 days, I'll be leaving for Lugano, Switzerland; Milan and Venice, staying in each city 2-3 days at a time. I'll be hiking lightly (Monte Bré), visiting churches, doing walking tours, and going to museums.
This will be my first time one-bagging and I'm attempting a no-buy challenge, where I don't buy any new "gear" or bags. The problem is, my largest backpack is the Caraa Studio 2 Large, which has around 24L, and I'm struggling to fit everything in. If I want to fit everything in, I'll need to bring my small roller suitcase.
Here's my clothing list:
  • Black Cropped loose tank top
  • White Cropped fitted halter top (not pictured)
  • Black Organic Basics bra as top
  • Sage Green Hikerkind loose hiking shirt
  • ? Tan Nylon and Silk loose cardigan
  • Black Oversized blazer
  • Black windbreaker (not pictured)
  • Forest green sweater thing (just the sleeves)
  • Black Bamboo Boody hiker shorts
  • Lululemon leggings
  • ? EITHER White Linen-Cotton tailored shorts
  • ? OR Black and red synthetic skirt
  • ? White cotton trousers
  • ? Black North Face rain pants
Not pictured: Fenty leather sneakers (water resistant, too hot?), DIY minimalist sandals from Xero shoes, toiletries, underwear, socks, and bras, hat, nintendo switch, Kindle paperwhite, water bottle, knee braces, umbrella, packable drawstring daybag, lululemon fanny pack
  1. I've heard that it's awful to bring rollers to Europe, but my older companion and I will mostly taking trains and leaving the wheels in hotels. At this point I don't think I can avoid one without buying another bag - are rollers in Europe really that bad?
  2. How do Europeans deal with rain? I hate carrying an umbrella around but I also can't stand soggy pants. I'm thinking of a skirt so that the rain can run off my bare legs. At home in the US I'd wear my North face rain pants. Is a water-resistant windbreaker enough - are rain pants useful, or should I just suck it up with an umbrella?
  3. I'm worried about the cold. The temperatures will be 80F - 50F (26C - 10C), and I run cold in air-conditioned buildings (though I hear that's less common outside the US). I know we're all about layering - should I bring more fitted layers so the cold doesn't get in?
Thanks so much! Excited for my first trip.
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