1 45 plates on each side

Vintage Obscura -- Crate Diggers Unite

2012.01.31 04:38 kaptain_carbon Vintage Obscura -- Crate Diggers Unite

**Welcome To VO -- The Dustiest Place On Earth.** *When Submitting Please Use:* **Artist - Title [Country Of Origin, Genre] (Year) Extra Comment If Needed** **Also Include The Words 'Full Album' Or 'Live' Within The Squared Brackets If It Applies** *Rules Of VO:* **Under 30k Views On YouTube And Related Videos By The Same Artist** **Current Cut Off Year For Submissions: 1998** **60-Day Wait Period On Artist Reposts** **Each User Is Limited To Four Posts A Day**

2011.04.06 04:25 1276284 Are you in the wrong?

Describe a situation or scenario, providing all relevant information. Then seek the opinion of the masses. Were you ethically or morally wrong? See what sides the internet takes.

2011.01.20 10:40 Cheffie A place for foodservice industry & hospitality workers.

Home to the largest online community of foodservice professionals.

2023.06.10 23:47 Throwawayaccountofm Opinions?

Opinions? submitted by Throwawayaccountofm to NonCredibleDefense [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:46 porridge_bowl Letting agent did not register our deposit

For background, I am renting a room with 2 other people. 2 of us entered as part of a tenancy takeover from 2 previous tenants. Let's call us tenants 1 & 2. The third of the original 3 tenants stayed. Let's call them tenant 3. None of us knew each other before the tenancy. Tenants 1 & 2 found the house on SpareRoom independently of one another.
Before moving in, tenants 1 & 2 paid our deposits in and never received any further word from the letting agent. Then, 2 months before the end of our contract (and around 3 weeks after we were handed a Section 21) we were all sent an email saying that since tenant 3, who moved in years before tenants 1 & 2, has an outstanding payment on their deposit, they have not registered our full deposit. This is all 5 months after tenants 1 & 2 have moved into the house - and the first time either of us 2 have heard anything about this.
On top of that, it is our understanding that tenant 3 has this outstanding payment because the letting agents withdrew money from their deposit some months ago to pay for damages made to the flat.
I just wanted to ask, if I have not made this too confusing, whether anyone would be able to tell me what my rights are concerning my deposit. It is already my feeling that the Letting Agent is trying to fleece as much of the deposit as possible anyway.
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2023.06.10 23:46 Throwawayaccountofm Anon makes a logical system

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2023.06.10 23:46 QwertytheCoolOne Is this girl at my work flirting with me?

I work at a fast food place, and I'm a manager there. This one coworker I've been friends with for a few months now and we get along well. We joke around and talk to each other. Recently she's been more joking with me, she might come up to me and try to untie my shoes with her feet, or she might put a random little piece of trash in my shirt pocket, or jokingly kick my feet as well. She sometimes calls me over to look out the window at the mountains if they look pretty. We also talk a little outside of work and she has even called me to just talk a little. One day we were just talking about how many Lay's chips flavors there are and she would make comments like "we should try them all" or stuff like that
I'm not doing the best financially and she knows and she's been like trying to help me to do better. Whether that's offering to pay for gas or looking on like Facebook marketplace for a mattress for me.
She does mess around with like 1 other person at work. And that other person is in a relationship but she makes comments to this other person about wanting them or something.
A different coworker asked me why she keeps like putting stuff in my pockets and I was like "I dont really know", they responded with "I think she's flirting with you". And I honestly didn't see it that way and was kind of confused, so here I am with this post. Me and her have always just been good friends. We've had mini arguments or whatever but we get better
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2023.06.10 23:46 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download

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In the past 12 months, I built 5 profitable businesses and made over $100,000 leveraging my web scraping skills.
In this course, I’m for the first time sharing everything I know about the topic.
You’ll learn:
  • The basics of web scraping using Python libraries such as Beautiful Soup.
  • Effective strategies to speed up your scraping scripts and reduce error rates.
  • How to avoid getting blocked.
  • Advanced screen scraping methods that will allow you to scrape websites that require a login.
  • How to reverse engineer browser requests.
  • How to find undocumented APIs and use them to extract information that’s not publicly available.
  • What I’ve learned about building and selling data products.
You’ll get access to:
  • 10+ videos (á 20-40minutes each). In each video, I’m showing you how to solve real-world problems that occur when we’re scraping a specific website.
  • All the source code used in the videos.
  • All videos and content that will be added in the future. (I’ll be adding additional videos over time based on the feedback I’m getting.)
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2023.06.10 23:46 javerthugo Galactic Community needs to be expanded

I think the galactic community is bit lackluster ATM. There's too much time between sessions and not much to do other than load up on diplomatic power either via envoys or spamming whatever will give you the most DP which eventually gives you total control no matter what. Here's a few things I thin would make that part of the game more dynamic
  1. More than one motion per session: perhaps motions should be divided in two: major motions and minor motions. Major motions will still follow the same support based order but minor motions will all be considered at the next session.
    1. Alternativley there could be a motion to increase or decrease the number of motions considered at each sessions with a minimum of 1 and mac of n depending on how it would affect the games ability to run.
  2. Give envoys the power to make speeches: Envoys should be upgraded into acutal leaders and their traits should give them the ability to make speeches with each speech having a chance of winning other empires' support for your motion without having to spend a favor (with the risk of it costing you support from other empires).
Those are the first two that occur to me, does anyone else have any ideas for how to beef up the GC?
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2023.06.10 23:45 bynxfish Yes

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2023.06.10 23:45 maggies_melodies 20F: Crohn's? Mouth cancer?

TLDR: Digestive issues (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite) Omental Infarction Omentectomy and appendectomy Months of pain and digestive issues after surgery, more than feels normal Canker sores from hell
In December, I was in Taiwan and I got what I thought was food poisoning. After getting some fluids and anti-nausea meds in the ER, i was a bit better. Still had nausea off and on for a few days, but recovered.
In February, I ended up in the ER for what I thought was appendicitis. Symptoms: lower right abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea. After CT scan and blood work, they diagnosed me with diverticulitis (which apparently normally happens on the left, not the right), sent me home with antibiotics and pain meds. About a week later the pain was worse, so I went back to the ER. Another CT scan, then they decided to do a laparoscopy. My appendix wasnt very inflamed, but they removed it just in case (lab work did find fecaliths, so good thing they removed it). There was also excess fluid in my abdomen so I had a drainage tube and blood bag for about a week (very sexy). Took antibiotics. Another week goes by, the abdominal pain becomes unbearable. I couldn't sit up without help, my partner had to help me get in and out of bed, I needed help walking to the toilet, I had to sleep sitting up because laying down on my back hurt like hell. I was throwing up everything I consumed, water included. Back at the ER for a third time, and another CT scan found inflammation in my upper right colon. They gave me the choice to be admitted, or to go home and schedule an appointment with the surgeon who did my appendectomy. I scheduled an appointment for a couple days out, but the pain was so bad that I was back at the ER the night before my appointment. CT scan... they diagnose me with Omental Infarction. Next day, March 1st, I had a full omentectomy. I have somewhat graphic pictures, if anyone wants to see. They had to make a 10cm incision above my belly button. Half of my omentum was necrotic.
Recovery from the omentectomy was hell. I mean, my abs were cut in half! But I was hopeful that once I recovered, that would be the end of it. My surgeon said "we'll never know why you got omental infarction, but it looks like it was just some rare incident." Side note: that hospital shut down as of May 1st, so I can't even contact my surgeon anymore.
As I slowly got my strength back, I was still having really loose stools and frequent nausea. Every day I would get cramps in my abs (even today, I'll get random cramps and my ribs and back are constantly in low-level pain).
May 12th I saw my GP, and she told me "this pain is normal after such a big surgery," even though I was having debilitating pain and the cramps kept moving around my abdomen. I was still having digestive issues as well, so I asked her for a referral to a GI (they took forever to get the referral for me). May 18th I was out of town with my partner, and we went to the ER because I hadn't been able to eat for 3 days and my abdominal pain was pretty bad. Thankfully, these doctors actually listened to me! They got me in quickly and did a CT scan and blood work, and gave me fluids and anti-nausea meds. Blood work came back normal, CT scan showed inflammation in my ileum. They couldn't give me a clear diagnosis, but they advised I get a colonoscopy (which I've been trying to get scheduled for a month) and prescribed me antibiotics and anti-nausea meds.
My poops finally have shape now, and the nausea is only bad every couple of days. My appetite has been small ever since surgery, and I've gone from 220lbs to 200lbs (but hey, I'm not complaining about that!). My bathroom trips are still very frequent and urgent, I just get a sudden grumble and have to run to the nearest toilet.
And to top it all off, about a week ago I started getting some canker sores. That's nothing too new to me, I get awful canker sores a few times a year and usually manage them with warm salt water, hydrogen peroxide, and orajel. But THESE canker sores... I feel like my mouth is being tortured to attone for my many sins. I have two on the inside of my lower lip, one inside each cheek, something under my tongue, and the tip of my tongue constantly feels like it's on fire. My lymph nodes on my neck are swollen and tender. I can hardly eat, I've resigned myself to warm tea and popsicles. There's not enough orajel in the world. I can take pictures, if requested.
So, thoughts? I have a consultation with a GI on Monday, but I'm worries they won't take me seriously. I feel like I need a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I had to withdraw from school for the semester because I knew there was no way I could catch up with all I'd missed, so I've been lonely and purpose-less for months. Thankfully my antidepressants have been working well. And I started a summer job this week! But I can't keep living with my body like this. It's torture.
Current medications: 150mg Wellbutrin (antidepressant), 200mg Pristiq (antidepressant), larin FE 1/20 28-day tablet (birth control), 7500mcg methylfolate
submitted by maggies_melodies to AskDocs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:45 FinancialTrucker Rating sites

The sites I use to figure a rating of a stock are 1. Robinhood, 2. Market Insider, 3. Barchart, 4. Market Watch, 5. MS Money, 6. CNBC. I figure the rating on each site, then add the sites' ratings together and take the average.
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2023.06.10 23:45 tompl14 Need input DIY-ing balcony curtain

I originally thought getting curtains to cover our balcony windows and doors would be a quick solution. I have quickly (and slowly) learned that doing curtains instead of blinds requires a lot of more thought than picking fabrics. I now come to HomeDecorating, a humble home owner, a person who cannot hammer their way out of this project, with some plans and many questions. I am happy that I learned what I have, but I want to make sure I make the correct decisions, because the quotes I've gotten for a company doing all of this for us are steep. I could afford getting someone to take on this project, but fiscal priorities fall to a newborn, so I hope with some guidance I can still do this on my own.
The area in question can be seen here. The width, outside trim to outside trim, is 113" and the height, exterior trim to floor is 100". I plan on having the curtain rod affixed outside the trim and there are four inches between the balcony trim and the ceiling molding to accommodate mounting hardware. Ideally, I want double layered curtains that split in the middle.
Curtain rod (120 - 170") in 1" diameter. Explanation: The minimum distance to cover is the 113" width, but the rules I've read state to go three to six inches beyond your width to make your open space look bigger. So with this option, I have this telescoping rod at its minimum. I need to make sure the rod comes with a center support, but not worried about the curtains having to cross it since I am looking to pull the layers to their respective sides to open up.
Sheer curtains for the first layer (4 panels, 50" width x 99" height). Explanation: this is a custom build from pottery barn for which I'd select 50" width at about 99" length which is about the sum of the height (trim to stoop) plus the height to the hardware. I'll check the numbers for height once again when I finalize my pick on the hardware. The max width of these curtains is 50" and based on rules we want about 2x the opening so I would get four of these.
Curtains for the second layer (2 panels, 84" width x 101" height). Explanation: for the height, we're looking to have them longer than the sheer layer, but not touching the floor so looking at length of 101" or so. For the width, the rule again is to have 2x the width of the opening in panels, so I would order the 114" panels, but I don't want a lot of excess on the sides, hiding the trim and windows. I think 1.5x width would be okay, so I would rather get the 84" width.
I am really new to this world and still learning (gladly before making any purchases). I tried my best to pick out a good installation for the materials given the space I have to work with. Let me know if there is a more appropriate space for this post.
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2023.06.10 23:45 SeekingtheTruth1115 Would COPD, Emphysema, or epilepsy qualify me for my American Fidelity Disability Insurance? Should I file FMLA?

I’ve had disability insurance through American Fidelity since 2012. In June 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. I’m in remission, but my health improved during and after chemo, and I’ve been back since 4/1/2021. When I came back I got additional disability insurance. From what I read I have to go a full 12 months from the start of the policy for it to take effect on the increase. It’s been 20 mos since I upped my insurance.
My health has been poor for a decade but I am having extreme difficulties breathing now that it’s hot. I just had a CT scan on Monday and cancer is still in remission but my copd is incredibly bad and that’s why I can’t breathe. My memory is gone and most people think I’m on drugs because I’m so dazed and confused. I can’t remember anything. I’ll sell you a car and you’ll come in for your plates and I have no idea who you are.
I’m worried I’m going to get fired. I’ve been here 12 years and when I was gone for 10 mos with chemotherapy they gave me my job back and tenure but now we have new management and they don’t give a crap how long I’ve been there. Right now I’m producing a third to half of what I was pre cancer. Heck I’m half of last year. Personally the only people that want to work with me are my longtime customers and that’s just because I’ve been here 12 years.
I had a grand map seizure on Thursday night and Im still really confused and dazed. However I can pickup when im not wanted and I think they might want me gone. I am worried I would be denied my disability ($7,000 x 60 mos) but they did approve me when I had cancer. My dr said he’d sign off on my FMLA and insurance paperwork. Im worried about a lot and am scared they’re going to fire me before I can do a claim.
I only want to keep working to give me more purpose. I want to wait until my brain scan results before I do anything but that’s not until the 20th. Life is getting harder everyday.
What would you do?
submitted by SeekingtheTruth1115 to disability [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:45 Nivelacker_rtx_off My wotfi ranking. (2015 - 2022)

Disclaimer: 2014 and below wouldn't appear since they don't have a rap and is difficult to rank them. The ranking will mainly have 3 parts:
  1. Challenges. How are the challenges brought into the wotfi and how good and funny were the challenges executed and their representatives (looking at 2020 and up)
  2. Raps. How are the rap brought to the wotfi, how decent is the music and are they even a rap at all (looking at you, 2021)
  3. Overall. How much i enjoy them, and the ending
8: 2022. Absolutely ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason how did kirby just accepts what smg4 said, and i must say the teams are totally shit. They have a chance to make it wotfi again by making Nintendo mario fight smg4, but they go with every nintendo character EXCEPT mario. The challenges are also boring af and i couldn't get myself to laugh at all. This isn't a wotfi. There is no "war of the fat Italians" at all, just "conflict between nintendo characters and smg4 characters". Its all forced as fuck. As an arc finisher wotfi it isn't even climatic at all, since its the 4th arc finisher wotfi and the third one in A ROW. We all know this is going to win, and lawyer kong is way too comedic to be even climatic.
7: 2021. Another forced as shit wotfi. The challenges seems to be brought in at the last second to make it wotfi. the challenges are boring, but i got a few laughs. And also at least the opponent is a brainwashed mario so some scenes can still be called "war of the fat Italians", but the entire thing could be ended not with a wotfi. A simple movie will do. At least its more clinatic than 2022 with axol and mario being in stakes.
6: 2020 This wotfi isn't too bad compared to the last two. I'd say this is the turning point, but the challenges aren't that good either. At this point its just "battle of the two opposite sides" with almost no "war of the fat Italians" at all. It can be argued that smg3 is a fat italian, but none of the anti cast are. The challenges are good tho, at least better than the last two. Its the two sides that ruined this wotfi.
5: 2017 Ok, the rest on this list are now masterpieces in terms of challenges. Although it didn't elaborate on how they even started the wotfi, it doesn't matter since I'll take no reason more than a stupid and forced reason. The challenges are all entertaining and i almost never felt bored, tho imo it IS a bit forgettable at times, if you haven't watched it in a while. And X still exists
4: 2018 This is the first arc finisher wotfi, and it was one that was executed well. It was full on climatic, and the challenges are basically all good, and how they brought it in makes sense and feels natural. And it's also the only arc finisher where its mario vs smg4. The challenges are all good as well, an extremely good wotfi
3: 2019 This is the wotfi that is the perfect mix of modern and classic smg4, with modern characters with classic goals and startings. The challenges are all brought in well and X returned for the wotfi. The last classic based wotfi as well, and spoilers alert, my favourite wotfi of all time
2: 2016, 1: 2015 Both of these are way too good, and I'll talk about them at the same time. The way they brought in the challenges are very funny, and both challenges always had me laughing. 2015's challenges are much more chaotic, and that took my heart more.
8: 2021 THIS ISN'T EVEN A FUCKING RAP The song is decent tho, but its only a song. Never a rap and should never be said as one.
7: 2020 The raps get good starting here, but it still isn't my thing. I don't like Meggy's verses here, literally saying smg3 is the true villian and absolutely evil when smg4 started everything and drove him into this situation where he can be seen as evil. Other than that, i enjoyed the rap a lot. Nothing more to say tbh.
6: 2022 Despite coming from the worst arc in smg4 history, the rap was decent. I didn't really die inside in too much of the verses, and i didn't get bothered by F.K's tts. Still, there are much much better raps, and i still died inside from some verses. I love the part where they show the past arc villians tho.
5: 2018 Starting to get really good, the last stand against Waluigi. Almost no verses are bad, except for Meggy's verse which sounds like AAAAJAHAUQUSHDJDHQJAJSNSJAKAKDJDJ. Its still pretty good tho, especially Waluigi's lines
4: 2017 The arc is good, with a fast based rap. The first rap to include other characters as a team battle, yet still keeping wotfi's spirit in it. How inkling Meggy sounds still annoys me tho, yet still a very solid and good wotfi.
3: 2015 The rap is pure entertainment and chaos, and a full on mario vs smg4. Its just insults threw to each other, and that's what makes wotfi, wotfi. Amazing rap
2: 2016 Another rap with pure fun and chaos, with insults thrown everywhere. A boss battle really brings in the mood, and seeing that mario and smg4 joining forces and focus all insults to bowser is so darn good.
1: 2019 An absolutely beautiful rap, with a mix of classic and modern. Smg4 and mario are still the main focuses here, but they added the modern characters in as well. X just snapping and trying to get the 2 italians to calm down is pure gold. Amazing.
All in all ranking: 8: 2021. I couldn't get myself to enjoy this wotfi at all. Its so boring, and not traditional at all.
7: 2022. Almost the same story with 2022. I couldn't decide which one i hate more, but at least the rap is a banger. However, this is almost not a wotfi. Arguably worst, but i did like the rap.
6: 2020. I just don't like how its not really wotfi, but smg3 is quite fun and at least i don't hate this one, just think its a mid one.
5: 2018. A huge gap between mid and a close masterpiece, with one i enjoyed a lot. Arguably the only arc finisher with climatic elements, and an epic showdown between the 2 sides, without giving up the charm of wotfi.
4: 2017. A fun wotfi with fun challenges, one that i really liked from how good challenges was happening. Also a small step into close modern smg4 with the inclusion of meggy in the rap
3: 2016. 2: 2015. Talking these two at the same time again, bite me. two are just pure fun and stupidity, and that's the charm of wotfi. With chaotic challenges and insults in rap battles, these two are probably the ones that scream classic wotfi the most.
1: 2019. My actual favourite out of the bunch, a mix between modern and classic while keeping all wotfi elements of mario vs smg4 which started with a dumb reason, great challenges and the best rap out of all. This is a well balanced wotfi and the greatest one. I love this wotfi, and i appreciate it even more overtime being the last normal wotfi so far. Hope 2023 will be a traditional wotfi.
So here we go, all ratings. Take this opnion with a pinch of salt, and these are all my personal opnions. Scream at me if you want, it ain't gonna change my opnions much. Of course, if you gave a shit.
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2023.06.10 23:44 autotldr Zelenskyy offers help to Canada: We must take care of each other

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 38%. (I'm a bot)
ZELENSKY AND TRUDEAU IN KYIV ON 10 JUNE, PHOTO PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy offers Canada help in overcoming the consequences of large-scale forest fires.
Canada is among those who can help us recover from this disaster.
Of course, we will not stay away from the disaster Canada is facing now.
"Massive wildfires, colossal environmental losses, and threats to people... Ukraine is ready to help extinguish fires if Canada needs such international assistance."
Details: Zelensky emphasised that for Ukraine, the meaning for international relations is precisely that "We should always take care of each other when support is needed, and really help [each other]."
Background: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in Kyiv on Saturday that Canada would participate in a multinational effort to train Ukrainian fighter pilots and provide Kyiv with a new military aid package worth 500 million Canadian dollars.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Canada#1 help#2 KYIV#3 Canadian#4 Mutual#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.10 23:44 JawaScrapper Queen Su Sunday the 463th edition!! For all things Su related! (11/06/23 UK - Untied Kitsune – time).

"When Su-Metal goes on stage, she is the tallest 5'1'' person in the world."
It is Su'nday, kitsune!
Everything which is related to our queen has its place here, new or old stuff.
Last week thread
Last week favourite post was a very nice picture posted by matmosmac
Congratulations matmosmac for your first title ever! You are now the Ultimate Su fan for the week!
Special flair
"Ultimate Su fan of the week" >> matmosmac, you can now wear this flair. As long as you keep the title, you can wear the flair! However, if someone else win the title, you'll have to remove the flair. There can be only one bearer of this flair!
here is the link to the thread by Facu474 where it is explained how to activate a flair, according to your system.
Part 1 beginner ; Part 2 members questions ; Part 3 Lyrics & Songs knowledge questions ; Part 4 Pochette, Show knowldege & cultural questions ; Part 5 Various questions
I only link the last thread of each month. If you want to reach the second thread of a month (for example) just navigate through them by using the "last week thread" link. Andy1295 Su'nday threads! ; 09/2017 10/2017 ; 11/2017 ; 12/2017 ; 01/2018 ; 02/2018 ; 03/2018 ; 04/2018 ; 05/2018 : 06/2018 ; 07/2018 08/2018 ; 09/2018 ; 10/2018 ; 11/2018 ; 12/2018 ; 01/2019 ; 02/2019 ; 03/2019 ; 04/2019 ; 05/2019 ; 06/2019 07/2019 ; 08/2019 ; 09/2019 ; 10/2019 ; 11/2019 ; 12/2019 ; 01/2020 ; 02/2020 ; 03/2020 ; 04/2020 ; 05/2020 ; 06/2020 ; 07/2020 ; 08/2020 ; 09/2020 ; 10/2020 ; 11/2020 ; 12/2020 ; 01/2021 ; 02/2021 ; 03/2021 ; 04/2021 ; 05/2021 ; 06/2021 ; 07/2021 ; 08/2021 ; 09/2021 ; 10/2021 ; 11/2021 ; 12/2021 ; 01/2022 ; 02/2022 ; 03/2022 ; 04/2022 ; 05/2022 ; 06/2022 07/2022 ; 08/2022 ; 09/2022 ; 10/2022 ; 11/2022 ; 12/2022 ; 01/2023 ; 02/2023 ; 03/2023 ; 04/2023 ; 05/2023
Want to participate or make one of these threads, partially or entirely? Any suggestion? Just PM me! It's always welcome!
And to start the thread, here is an album.
Enjoy your Su'nday
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2023.06.10 23:43 CLDA_comp E269 - custom workstation build (2.7L)

I’ve been a lurker on the sffpc subredit since I discovered the sff scene. I'm about to commence my own small form factor journey with the build described below. Hopefully I can get the input from the great community here as I make progress towards the finish line.​
Build Objectives (in no particular order):
  1. Smallest form factor possible, with the goal to mount the build to the back of a monitor with a VESA 100 mount
  2. Ease of build within parameters of smallest form factor
  3. Ease of maintenance (where I live, that mostly comes down to controlling dust intake and making it easy to clean dust from a surface)
  4. Low power consumption
  5. No external power brick
To achieve the objectives above, I’ve chosen a path with an ITX motherboard, RTX A4000 GPU, and HDPLEX 250 GaN PSU. Because the A4000 utilizes a somewhat fully enclosed design itself, I have chosen to isolate the GPU from the enclosure of the motherboard and PSU. This allows the overall volume of the build to be reduced and produces a somewhat unique design aesthetic of putting the GPU on display outside of the case. To maintain Objective #3, custom mesh filter elements will be 3D printed and attached to either side of the A4000’s fan intakes.
Taking a page from u/raable's design for the Yocto / Talos build, this build will feature an aluminum backplate providing the mounting plate for the motherboard and GaN PSU. The aluminum backplate also serves additional purposes of a heatsink for the GaN (and potentially the motherboard), and a solid mounting point for the VESA 100 mounting system that will be utilized to mount the build to the back of a monitor. An enclosure for the motherboard and PSU will be 3D printed and then mounted to the backplate. This design also allows for a totally open build area, meeting Objective #2 above.
Cooling for the CPU/motherboard would be the Noctua NH-L9i. The PSU would be cooled passively by the aluminum backplate and potentially supplemented by a custom fan if needed (shown in images).
Dimensions are still being finalized based on the hardware chosen, but preliminarily the 3D printed enclosure has a volume just under 2L. The backplate adds another 0.2L. Finally, the A4000 has a volume of approximately 0.45L. Total volume comes in at around 2.7L.
Due to the diminutive size of the enclosure, I need to find an alternative to the typical C14 connector for the AC input. I’m looking at possibly using a MR60 connector as an option that would mount (along with the power switch) in the location of a void in the I/O area. The issue with the MR60 is that I have been unable to find a panel mount version of the connector, so mounting the connector could be cumbersome.
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2023.06.10 23:43 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind ✔️ Full Course Download

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Clumsiest person ever?
I don't even know how to start, I just know I've been like this ever since I was born:
I am that person who will trip in the same place, the same way, every single day. Finding random bruises that I cannot explain why in my body is just normal. I hit the chairs in my house every single day, just like I hit my room's door.
I will bite my cheeks at least once a month.
I will spill my food on the table when eating, and when Im serving my plate, I WILL SPILL IT ON THE STOVE, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I will spill juice or whatever Im drinking on my shirt SPECIALLY IF ITS WHITE, at least 4x a week.
At least twice a year I will hit a random pillar with my car out of plain uncoordination/imprudence
I'm at med school and is just plain normal for me to do some random dumb shit like TRYING TO ANESTHETIZE a patient with a SUCTION NEEDLE
If im trying to explain something med related to a med friend, I will say something really wrong out of simply dumbness/clumsiness and gotta re explain cause I explained it wrong
Some days I just can't properly function, its like I went r********, specially if I experienced something awkward or someone made fun of me, my thoughts wont work, they go random, and I cant talk like a normal person
Finally, my diction is shit, Im not a stutter, but I gotta redo my phrases at least 2 out of 10 times cause my diction went 2yo
I stop myself from talking much cause the more I talk, the less sense I make. My thoughts won't make sense, just as my phrases and my diction will go even more bananas
I really wanted to be a surgeon, but I gave up cause I'm a coordination idiot.
Inb4: I workout 5x a day (1.73, 80kg, 12%BF), I sleep from 9Pm to 5am, Ive never flunked school nor got a bad grade in med school (4.45 GPA), but still.
Im good at working out, but sometimes I will drop the weights or BREAK MY PHONE. Just as I was a good soccer player, but I would FALL OVER NOTHING, JUST PLAIN TRIP ALONE AND FALL LIKE AN IDIOT
I'm not even going to mention my aim.......
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2023.06.10 23:42 3dgyrat Friends?? Or something more?? should i test the water to see if he is feeling the same way i am?

My friend (24m) and me (20m) have known each other practically all our lives because of our dads being friends. We've basically grown up together. We both have season passes to Kings Island and for the last couple weeks have been going atleast once a week to the theme park. We have went 3 1/2 times now (the half was when he invited me along to hang with him and his failed tinder date when my family was up there at the same time lol) and the last times we've went nothing seemed off or abnormal. But the last time we went something felt different by the end of the day. We were just goofing around and hanging out like normal college kids do, but this last time it felt different. By the end of the last trip we had, our legs were chaffed beyond belief due to wearing shorts and riding the water rides, but we had fun. My friend offered to piggyback carry me to the car, which compared to our usual contact was entirely new behavior, as it never went past anything like playfully shoving each other as a joke before. By the time we actually got to the parking lot, we were chasing each other around and goofing off like we were little kids again. Then we finally got to the car and got food, and then made the drive to home. While driving we were singing along to songs that played and it got to a point at one of the songs it almost felt like we were singing to each other, as we kept looking at each other while singing. Maybe I'm just all in my head about it, but I can't stop thinking about the last time we hung out and what was actually going on. Is the vibe changing between us? Am I just falling for him? Am I overanalyzing the whole thing? I feel like the vibe has changed, but maybe its just on my end? i just cant get it out of my mind.
im not sure what to even think of it all but i cant get it out of my head. curious to see if you guys think there may be something new blossoming, or if im just crazy lol. or should i try to see if he's feeling the same way i am?
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2023.06.10 23:41 maximusaemilius Empyrean Iris: 2-21: Siren (by Charlie Star)

FYI, this is a story COLLECTION. Lots of standalones technically. So, you can basically start to read at any chapter, no pre-read of the other chapters needed technically (other than maybe getting better descriptions of characters than: Adam Vir=human, Krill=antlike alien, Sunny=tall alien, Conn=telepathic alien). The numbers are (mostly) only for organization of posts and continuity.
OC Written by Charlie Stastarrfallknightrise,
Typed up and then posted here by me.
Proofreading and language check for some chapters by u/Finbar9800
Future Lore and fact check done by me.
Its space Sirens y’all! Coming to lull you in and take your life away!
Previous First [Next](link)
Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
He was so hungry, lying on the floor of the cage, his hand dangling through the bars, he listened as his stomach left off a round of mournful gurgling.
The mournful gurgle turned into a low grumble and then a distinctive angry howl. His mouth was dry, and he did his best to wet his lips with his tongue.
He could only imagine what the others had been feeling when he first arrived.
No one had been feeding them, and here he was, lying around in a pathetic heap, though he was still watered and fed to some degree. Arguably the amount should have been sustainable if he hadn't been sharing with the other prisoners. He knew it would only cause more problems for all of them in the long run, but he couldn't bring himself to eat while others starved.
Below them on the Prodigum's open floor, Sunny lay curled up against one wall with a line of other prisoners. He had no doubt that she could have broken out by now, but she wouldn't, not as long as he was here at least.
Adam rolled onto his back to stare up at the ceiling of the cage. A plan had been forming in his head, though whether he could get a message to Sunny was a different matter. He mostly hoped that she would be smart enough to go along with it, or smart enough to go along with it and help with her own plan, if his plan failed.
What was his plan?
Well, that was an entirely different matter…
Honestly it was a pretty stupid plan, designed based on complete conjecture and hope on his part.
Not only that but it pretty much required that Sunny had the ability to read minds, which in itself was stupid, considering their only mind reader was most likely a couple million light years away.
He sighed.
"Ready to start again, commander?”
He closed his eyes against the voice and tried not to groan. He did not want to keep going with this, but he knew he had to.
He rolled onto his knees and looked over at the other cages, where the voice coach and the drummer were watching him. The two of them had been there longer than him and were much closer to the verge of death, though since his arrival they were at least getting something small to eat and drink.
"I'm ready."
His voice was hoarse, and He was forced to clear it.
At least his throat didn't hurt today, a fact that he owed all to the voice coach.
"Remember keep your posture straight, but not strained, breath all the way down and into the belly, don't rely on the chest. The posture of the mouth is the most important aspect of a good singing voice."
He leaned his head against the bars with a sigh.
This was not something he ever thought he would need to learn how to do, especially not in order to save his own life.
There were plenty of other things he had imagined needing to learn. On the floor below them, he watched as Sunny watched him, her sharp gold eyes curious as she watched the two of them working.
She would have no idea what his plan was, and he couldn't tell her. It was known that there were members of the serving staff who were loyal to the Prodigum, whether it be out of fear, Stockholm syndrome, or loyalty.
He idly wondered what the others were thinking.
He wondered what Sunny was thinking.
He wondered if tonight would be his last night alive.
If he would die he would make at least sure that it would be to save Sunny.
The clients began filtering into the room.
Slaves were brought forward for auction, most of them rather worthless, burned out from ears and years of use, but occasionally he would throw in a piece from his own stock knowing that the perceived value of one slave would drive up the price of another.
Lights began to flash and pulse around them at his behest.
He liked the flashing lights, they tended to confuse some of the other species, making them dumber and more likely to buy irrational purchases.
It was the same with the music, though speaking of which… where was his music?
In anger, he turned in his place, shuffling his great bulk over the floor with great halting movements of his arms and the shuffling of his back legs.
The little tentacles below his chin waved in the air, tasting it. He could taste the human, so it's not like the creature was out of his sight.
Ah there it was, in its cage as usual.
It was standing defiantly looking down at him. The ugly little creature glowered at him, its tight skin stretched over bone and lumpy muscle skeletal and strange with its flexible rubbery body.
He hated humans, though they were at least good for one thing.

He wasn't entirely sure how they did, but he was more than jealous.
He really wished Prodigum could sing…
Though he was already working in one of the backrooms on a little project to help with that hinderance…
Of course, he didn't know this, but the Prodigum were more readily affected by human species than a lot of the others.
Where it targeted the Vrul's sense of pattern recognition and overloaded their brain, it directly impacted the emotional cortex of the Prodigum.
Singing to him was an addiction.
One that he had not yet admitted to himself or anyone else.
The human still stared at him its slimy white and green eye, blinking once or twice. He shivered in disgust, but slowly turned to look at the blue Drev. She would fetch a nice price if he were ever to sell her, and he hoped the human understood his intentions.
They were at least smart enough for that on most occasions.
He saw the human shoulders sink just a bit.
Then without further urging, it began to sing.
The Prodigum leaned back slightly, as the sound washed over him bringing with it a wave of melancholy and sadness.
It felt so good,
The fold of his face trembled with delight.
All around him the other clients stopped to look up at the human.
Was it just them or had its voice gotten better, more hypnotic?
Behind the Prodigums back Sunny flexed her hands.
She was ready for whatever Adam was planning, for she knew based on the looks and small gestures he had been giving her over the past few days that he was planning something.
However, the night went on, and although Adam's singing voice had markedly improved, she sensed nothing changing.
She shifted nervously in her cage, looking over to where the Prodigum sat on his back haunches, his large arms resting beside him, a glassy expression on his face, or at least as glassy as an expression could get when it looked like a pile of melted dough.

That was strange…
She glanced around at the others, aliens in various stages of debauchery, sort of lethargic and wobbly.
She glanced up at Adam…
He looked down at her, letting the last note of the song he was using fade off.
She nervously shifted as the aliens began to shift and move.
Then the quiet human in the far cage began tapping his hand against the bars. Adam cleared his throat. The female human began to hum softly.
How interesting…
The effect was almost immediate.
Adam took one deep breath and made eye contact with Sunny.
And then he opened up his voice, cutting through the fading clamor like a blade made of diamond–rising from the upper chest and throat in a way she didn't think him capable, quivering at the top as the others accompanied him.
His voice was full, but filled with pain as he poured in emotion like a damn, breaking to spill water into a canyon. The drummer beat out a soft rhythm behind him.
As he continued to sing the voice was so sad, so pained, that it almost made Sunny want to cry.
He gripped the bars with white knuckled hands, his face contorting with the words not bothering to mask whatever emotion he had dredged up to make a sound like that.
Beautiful and sad.
He dropped low into his chest his voice ringing powerfully over the walls before dropping into softness.
He leaned his head against the bars.
She had a tough time looking away.
What did someone have to be thinking about to make a sound like that?
The beat stopped behind him, leaving just his clear voice ringing out through the room.
She was forced to shake herself from her reverie.
When that song ended, the next one began his voice –quiet– filling the room as she slowly stepped back out of line of sight from the others.
No one was paying attention to her.
If she could just make it to the door, then maybe she would be able to find a way to get a signal out to the others.
Her movement almost notified someone, but at that moment Adam dropped his voice low, adding such a powerful hint of sadness in it that it nearly broke turning his voice to a soft rasp.
The creature could barely keep its feet.
Off to her side the Prodigum had practically melted onto the floor.
She had almost reached the door, and he brought his voice higher, the rasp still in it. It took everything she had to keep moving towards the door, and not to turn around, to be captured in the pain and sadness that he used to glue the others to their places.
Again, she couldn't help but wonder what kind of memories you had to dredge up to sing like that.
It was almost painful.
She had made it to the door.
She reached out to open it as the door opened and light spilled inward, he again reached upwards with his voice, cracking the barrier between him and the others. His voice began to splinter, but not unintentionally, actually quite on purpose, fracturing like ice.
She ran out into the hall.
She froze in place for a second, running face-first into another Prodigum.
It looked as if it was about to attack her, but when the voice washed over it, there was nothing it could do but follow the sound.
As the voice filtered out into the hallway, the same effect remained true. Others began following the sound in a dazed trance barely acknowledging her as they searched for the sad voice, so clear and powerful.
He leaned into it, eyes closed, trying to dredge up the emotion he needed. He needed to give Sunny time to work. He needed to keep their attention. But the more he thought about keeping his voice in place, the harder it was to hold.
So, he tried to ignore the need, instead allowing the emotion to roll into his body strong enough to make his face tingle and shivers to run down his face.
Tears sprung to his eyes, and he tried to hold that feeling allowing his voice to crack at just the right moments occasionally looking down at a slowly growing crowd absolutely entranced.
Behind him, the others were trying hard to keep up.
The door had opened long ago, but there were still forms trickling in.
How long would he have to hold this before someone noticed that Sunny was missing?
He tried tor as long as he could, he really did, but carrying that amount of emotion was difficult, and eventually it faded away. He still kept their rapt attention with his voice, but they were moving again, looking around at each other with confused expressions as if they were trying to figure out what had happened. The Prodigum lay almost passed out on the floor looking on in a strange mixture of confusion and contentment.
Like he was high as hell.
He had no idea how Sunny was going to do this worried that she had gone to her death.
Someone would notice her eventually, wouldn't they?
He wasn't sure how long he was going, hours or not, but eventually he lost the strength of his voice and the surrounding room went back to its normal routine using him as a simple background.
He had done all he could, now it was time to find out if Sunny had made it or not.*
”If it would be up to me, that bastard would be so fucking dead, like series bullshit, fucking laws! Why can’t we just off this motherfucking motherfucker!?”
The door hissed open, and the Prodigum turned his groggy head towards the light spilling across the floor.
He was surprised at that moment as a small shape scuttled into the room.
”And all this bullshit about I how I should stay logical, I don’t FUCKING care! I’m sick of this bullshit! The marines get to kill people all the time, but if I ask if I could bathe a goddamn Prodigum in acid and they say “nooo you can’t to that its unethical”… Fuck off!”
A Vrul?
But those didn't come here?
Number one they couldn't stand music, and number two, they were never involved in the slave market.
”Fuck off goddamn ethical laws, its not like they uphold them!”
The strange sight pulled him out of his trance enough to get up and scoot in that direction, to find out more about this uninvited guest.
It was a small creature, a brownish grey in color with large orange prismatic eyes.
He wondered how it was still walking, but then noticed the large noise-canceling headphones it wore.
”Really I am so fucking done! Fine have it as you want I will NOT kill him… there are other ways to give him what he deserves…”
It scuttled closer to him, pausing at his feet before looking up.
”Hey asshole!? Yes I am talking to you!”
That was strange, it didn't seem scared?
But the Vrul were always scared!?
"Are you the proprietor of this fine establishment?"
The Prodigum was totally baffled about what was going on and just answered truthfully.
"I am."
"Jolly good."
The creature said, reaching out with a hand and gently tossing something in his direction.
The Prodigum flinched for a moment as the tiny devices stuck to his arms legs and face.
"What is that?"
”What you deserve bitch!”
The little creature raised a hand and pressed something with a click.
His world erupted in pain, as lightning and electricity surged through him.
And then the world turned black.
Dr. Krill stood over him, hand still, still every now and then pressing the button as humans and Drev erupted into the room from all angles.
”I hate the fact that because of YOU Adam got captured AGAIN!”
He pressed the button again.
**”I hate the fact that because of you I had to captain a FUCKING human ship for two weeks, you hear me!? TWO WEEKS!!!”
Another button press, followed by more painful twitching from the Prodigum.
”But do you want to know what I hate most of all?”
He leaned down to the twitching Prodigum, holding down on the button.
He looked up from where he stood,
"You are ALL under arrest."
Another Prodigum hissed:
”You can’t just do that!”
”Oh, what I can’t do is surgically cut you a thousand times and then bathe you in salt, because SOMEONE apparently decided the Geneva convention should also apply to scumbags like you. But what I can do is arrest you fuckers! Just watch me!”
”Wait what was that first part?”
"Thank your gods I didn't have final jurisdiction."
Previous First [Next](link)
Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
Intro post by me
OC-whole collection
Patreon of the author
Thanks for reading! As you saw in the title, this is a cross posted story written by starrfallknightrise and I'll just upload some of it here for you guys, if you are interested and want to read ahead, the original story-collection can be found on tumblr or wattpad to read for free. (link above this text under "OC:..." ) It is the Empyrean Iris story collection by starfallknightrise. Also, if you want to know more about the story collection i made an intro post about it, so feel free to check that out to see what other great characters to look forward to! (Link also above this text). I have no affiliations to the author; just thought I’d share some of the great stories you might enjoy a lot!
Obviously, I have Charlie’s permission to post this and for the people already knowing the stories, or starting to read them: If you follow the link and check out the story you will see some differences. I made some small (non-artistic) changes, mainly correcting writing mistakes, pronoun correction and some small additional info here and there of things which were not thought of/forgotten or even were added/changed in later stories (like the “USS->UNSC” prefix of Stabby, Chalar=/->Sunny etc). As well as some "biggemajor" changes in descriptions and info’s for the same stringency/continuity reason. That can be explained by the story collection being, well a story collection at the start with many standalone-stories just starring the same people, but later on it gets more to a stringent storyline with backstories and throwbacks. (For example Adam Vir has some HEAVY scars over his body, following his bones, which were not really talked about up till half the collection, where it says it covers his whole body and you find out via backflash that he had them the whole time and how he got them, they just weren't mentioned before. However, I would think a doctor would at least see these scars before that, especially since he gets analyzed, treated and goes shirtless/in T-shirts in some stories). So TLDR: Writing and some descriptions are slightly changed, with full OK from the author, since he himself did not bother to correct these things before.
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2023.06.10 23:41 Yutoob12 alexa

alexa submitted by Yutoob12 to TheBronzeJade [link] [comments]

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BONUS #1 – Ultimate Sales Tracker Spreadsheet – Get the EXACT Sales Tracker we use to run our FB Business BONUS #2 – (FIRST TIME EVER) Join Our “GET STARTED FAST” 3 Day Interactive Zoom Training – 3 Days of INSANE Value! Quick start your business. We Hold Your Hand and Walk You through how everything works. BONUS #3 – ​Millionaire Bootcamp Course 2021 New & Updated – Get Instant access to Tim’s Course “Millionaire Bootcamp” Where Tim shares the 5 Principles that have lead to Multiple 7 Figure Years personally as well as 100’s of Millions in Earnings for his sales group over the past 10 years! Tim shows you the simple but life changing things that most millionaires do daily, that lead to their success regardless of what business or industry they are in. There is a reason some people win at everything they do! BONUS #4 – Recording Of Our Coaching Call With Stephen – Recording of a detailed call where almost everyone made money because of the value shared. [NEW] BONUS #5 – ​FB Shop Secrets – Get Instant access to our training on how to crush it with your own FB Shop. This is new and we have students already making over $20,000+ a month with it! Just one tactic we teach, people have paid over $10,000 to learn elsewhere. You get it as a BONUS! [NEW] BONUS #6 – Access To Our Last “GET STARTED FAST” 3 Day Interactive Zoom Training Recordings – 3 Days of INSANE Value! Quick start your business. We Hold Your Hand and Walk You through how everything works. [NEW] BONUS #7 – Millionaire Framework Mastermind Recording – The Millionaire Framework you are about to learn comes directly from the Bible. This bonus is amazing because Travis breaks down the framework used by fortune 500 companies. Apply this framework to any business you operate and watch what happens. [NEW] BONUS #8 – How To Dominate In Business, Ministry, & Life Workshop Recording – Get Instant access to our workshop that shows you how to dominate in ministry, business, & life. Many people lack direction and in this teaching you will learn the exact blueprint that Travis personally followed to see massive results. [NEW] BONUS #9 – Understanding The 24 Hour Principle Mastermind Call – This bonus is a recording of a mastermind call with Travis. He breaks down the 24 hour principle and shows you how to get more out of your day.
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