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This group is for anyone trying for a baby! Come discuss fertility, sex, conception, and learn all about how your body works!

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Various critters riding capybaras. Maybe non animals, who the hell knows what lurks in the backs of these.

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A place to post about your MIL or Mother who is just the *worst*. Come for support, come for advice, or just to vent and get it all out. That's what we're here for.

2023.06.09 17:19 LJ1205E A Good Day (a ramble)

Dad (80) has been in a nursing home for the last five months. Rules and regulations are a whole different beast here in Puerto Rico.
The director at the home insists visitors get Covid testing done before being allowed inside. Visiting days are only twice a week.
Visitors must provide their own test kits and one of the staff does the swabbing.
I have refused to do this for a bunch of reasons.
Main one being that the person administering the test does so without gloves or a mask. They don’t sanitize their hands in between each visitor they test.
I’ve already gotten Covid twice and I’m trying not to get sick while I’m here on the island, however long that may be.
We are required to wear a mask even while waiting on a handicap ramp outside in the blazing heat.
Currently, PR is under excessive heat warnings. Sometimes I am waiting out there with Mom (76) for up to 30 minutes while other visitors are being tested. I won’t let my Mom wait there alone as she is wobbly on a good day.
Sometimes, I get lucky and I can see my Dad through some metal grating.
When he had the strength and kinda knew who I was he’d come to the grating and we’d hold hands. One day I forgot my mask and it became a huge deal. Got reprimanded and yelled at for putting my Dad at risk.
Now that Dad no longer can stand or walk on his own those interactions are gone.
With all the precautions Dad was tested positive for Covid last month and we were not notified. I repeat, we were NOT notified.
He was placed in quarantine and somehow had the strength to pick up a tv and pull a dresser on top of himself. Or so the story goes. Each time the staff was questioned the story changed.
One of the nurses last week spoke to me and said I’d regret it if I didn’t come inside to visit with him. Yes, please add more guilt to my life.
But yesterday one of the nurses broke the rules.
One of my brothers, who I have not spoken to in 20 years came for a visit. He has a very persuasive personality and stood his ground with the staff and somehow got inside the doorway after he was refusing the testing and making a stink. Just as two nurses were bringing our Dad into the common area my brother reached out to him and started yelling saying, “Dad! It’s me! Look at me Dad, look at my face! Dad!”
My four oldest brothers are the spitting image of our Dad. Dad let his son hug him. The nurse grabbed me through the gate and said get in there and hug your Dad.
The three of us clung to each other and after we let go I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the place.
Some other nurses got me back on the other side of the gate quickly. It all happened in maybe less than 30 seconds.
There was some slight recognition on Dad’s part. The smallest flicker of life behind his sunken eyes.
I won’t forget how I hugged his frail body. Every vertebrae of his back. Not wanting to crush him but not wanting to let go. It wrecked me and I’m still tearing up.
Yesterday was a good day.
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2023.06.09 17:19 Racheloo0101 How long do you have to wait after copper IUD insertion beforecan you have sex?

Hi so I have appointment to get my IUD fitted this coming Tuesday and was wondering how long after it being placed to you have to wait until you can have unprotected sex? Both me and my partner have taken STD tests recently and we’re both clean. I’ve seen some people say it’s fine to have sex straight away, others say wait a day and others are saying wait for up to a week!
Just wondered what you guys with IUDs have done and what you’ve been told?
Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 17:19 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Lana Sova – Launch Sequence Secrets ✔️ Full Course Download

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So my fellow apes, do not falter, for I am going to stick with you as long as it takes. No matter how long. And of course, the longer it takes, the more my hands get pressured into the finest diamonds there are, just as a hint, my dear Hedgies <3
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2023.06.09 17:17 AnarZaram 29 Tips and Tricks for Adventure Mode

With the news that development of Adventure Mode for the Steam release is progressing along, I figure some people may want to download the original version to give it a try ahead of the graphics update. As someone with hundreds of hours in adventure mode (there are literally dozens of us!) I thought I would share some of the biggest tips and tricks I've learned. I'll probably be making this into a video once the official release is out and I can get footage with graphics, but until then I'm posting the script I have now here. The rest of this post contains spoilers for every phase of adventure mode, so turn back now if you want to discover all of this for yourself!
  1. Always have food
-Large stacks of vegetables can be found in containers in human towns. Meat can be gathered from butchered animals. Meat from sentient creatures can’t be eaten.
2. Always have wateale 
-Adventurers need to drink 3-4 times a day. Water skin only holds 3 water, so it is useless. Bags hold 40 and Backpacks hold 100 which is too heavy for most adventurers. Quivers hold 20, which is the perfect amount. Fill quivers with water at rivers or wells.
3. Equip armor 
-Armor and weapons can be found in the barracks of each town. Try to get iron or steel if possible. Make sure to cover the head, neck, torso, legs, hands, and feet.
4. Get a mount 
-Mounts increase overworld speed which increases the amount of ground that can be covered in one day. This reduces how frequently you need to stop for supplies.
5. Get some pets 
-Companions can be tricky to recruit in the beginning, but pets are a great way to increase survivability. Unlike companions, you can also recruit a very high number of pets immediately. Everything labeled “stray” found within a town can become a pet, from ducks to dogs, and rarely even bears and elephants. Just don’t get too attached, most pets die very fast, or permanently run away after combat. Especially the small ones.
6. Make sure your character can read and swim 
-Most skills can be acquired organically by actions which your adventurer does, but certain skills like reading are never unlocked. Because you need to read slabs or books to learn magic, putting a point in reading at character creation is mandatory. A few points in swimming are also recommended. Even a single tile full of water is enough to drown an adventurer with no swimming skill.
7. Make a young world for less necromancers and more Megabeasts, and an old world for vice-versa 
-World parameters matter. Evil is slightly stronger on average, which means the older a world is, the more likely it is to be infested with Necromancer towers and Goblin Pits. Savagery is just the number of animal people to play as, and beasts is the number of beasts to fight. You want both of these as high as possible, the difficulty is actually easier with more beasts, as you won’t have to travel as far for missions.
8. Don’t be afraid to run if you can’t win 
-Although this is technically a turn based RPG, running away isn’t a button you press, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option. If you are heavily outnumbered or facing a very strong enemy, don’t be afraid to sprint away and reengage when it is more advantageous to do so. This is better than dying and losing your progress.
9. Don’t swim until you’ve really trained 
-While it may be tempting to take a quick dip in the river, death can be moments away in any body of water. Even at competent and above levels of swimming, your character can only go about 10-20 squares before getting tired, and swimming while tired has a chance to keep your character in the same tile, further increasing their fatigue. This can mean your character drowning even just one square from the shore if you are extremely unlucky.
10. Aim for the neck/head for instant kills 
-Aiming in combat can be extremely beneficial. Lots of minor enemies such as kobolds and bandits can be killed with one solid hit to the neck or head. Using this tactic can make encounters against large groups of enemies much easier.
11. Fast travel to long rest 
-If you are damaged in battle and bleeding out, even if you are faint with mortal wounds, fast traveling via the world map will instantly heal your wounds. This may be considered a bug, but since adventurers cannot currently be healed at hospitals via adventure mode, this is the only way to actually heal. Furthermore, since you can’t fast travel during combat, and because fast traveling doesn’t remove major injuries such as missing limbs, I’d say it’s a pretty balanced feature.
12. Jog whenever possible 
-Whenever not mounted and not in combat, you should set your speed to jog. This will increase your endurance stat naturally over time, increasing your combat prowess while you move around. Just be sure to reset your speed whenever your character drops to the ground from exhaustion to give them a chance to rest. Keep extra water on hand while doing this, as your character will need to drink more. And make sure not to jog into combat, this will increase your character’s chance of becoming exhausted during combat, which severely lowers stats.
13. Create a character that just wants to perform 
-A focused character will always be more proficient in combat, receiving a boost to stats such as accuracy and damage. Fully customizing needs in character creation can make a character that is very easy to keep focused. You can completely remove needs in character creation if you wish, but this will also remove the chance to receive the focused buff. If anything, just be sure to avoid needs that are currently impossible in adventure mode such as “Make romance.”
14. Create a world with legendary metals for better loot 
-The more metals you choose at world generation, the better the loot will be everywhere. This setting can make gearing up in the early game either extremely trivial, or extremely challenging. World age can also affect possible loot, as extremely young worlds will not have created enough armor to make most encounters have meaningful loot.
15. Tell stories of your notable kills 
-Information in dwarf fortress is passed via a rumor system. No matter how many dragons you may slay, when you enter a new town, no one will care because they don’t know who you are. Every time you reach a new town, you should tell the largest group of people you can the stories of every notable encounter you’ve had. Early on you should tell stories of killing bandits, while later on you should focus on just semi-Megabeasts and Megabeasts.
16. Recruit other party members 
-While animal companions are good choices for meat shields early game, you should recruit as many fighters at barracks to adventure with you as possible. The amount of companions you can have at any one time is limited by your current reputation level, which is why it is important to tell everyone you can of your notable kills. Animal companions take up companion slots even though they go over the max cap, so try to transition from lots of animals early on to a small party of adventuring companions in the midgame, and a large number of companions in the endgame. Just be sure to let your companions win some easy battles on their own to level up their skills, otherwise they will die just as easily as animals in fights against Megabeasts. Don’t be surprised if some of your companions get terrified in combat and run away just like animals. If you can, be sure to find them, as they will take up a companion slot if you don’t part ways with them or watch them die. If they die and you don’t see it, they may permanently take up a slot this way. This is a bug and will hopefully be fixed eventually, but be wary of it for now.
17. Become a hearthperson 
-Starting a new character and trying to find quests can be very challenging. Lots of random characters will have various rumors, but won’t know enough details to send you on a proper quest. Lords and ladies however can make you into a hearthperson, and can then give you proper quests. They will only do this if you have enough reputation level though, which is why telling stories is important. Usually it takes a story of a bandit leader kill or higher to get a lord or lady to recruit you. You can bypass this stage and get to quests right away by choosing to start as a hearthperson. Just beware that quests are randomized, and sometimes your first quest will be to kill a megabeast. When this happens, I recommend traveling to another town and becoming hearthperson there.
18. Train your skills early 
-Training skills via active combat can be very deadly. If possible, try to fight large, easy enemies to train all related combat skills as early as possible. If you find a horse for example, you can attack its legs to immobilize it, then spam nonlethal strikes to train your weapon skill. A couple horses with no legs is a brutal but safe way to train up weapons all the way to legendary.
19. Set combat preferences to facilitate training 
-Skills like observation and stats like endurance are very important for late game combat. These skills in particular can be trained incredibly fast with combat preferences. If you set melee combat preferences to close quarters, this will prefer to grapple the enemy over and over again. This means you can move into the enemy repeatedly to quickly train without navigating menus. Doing this without changing preferences can mean your character automatically makes a headshot and kills the enemy before you get the chance to properly level up stats. Just be sure to move away from your legless horses if you get tired, as the lowered stats means that even low risk combat can result in injury.
20. Sneak up to enemies for stealth kills 
-If you want to dispatch of large camps quickly and efficiently, chaining stealth kills can be an easy way to do this. Just press S to toggle sneaking, then try to approach enemies without walking into their cone of vision. Doing this at night can be especially effective, as enemies have greatly reduced perception.
21. Get a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon 
-Some enemies in dwarf fortress are much easier to kill than others. Kobolds and crundles will crumple against most weapons, while things like bronze collosi are much harder to deal with. A good rule of thumb is to keep a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon on hands at all times. Use slashing against basic targets and undead for quick decapitations, piercing against large organic creatures like giant cheetahs or rocs so that they give into pain (essentially stunlocking them), and blunt against inorganic enemies to crush them (collosi, armored titans, iron men, etc). When in doubt, keep a whip on hand to one shot most enemies. A legendary lasher with a named masterwork whip can easily one shot most things in the game with a heavy attack to the head. This should be considered a bug that will probably be fixed later, but is very fun if you want to RP as a legendary vampire killer. Regardless of weapon choice, weapon skill is equally important. A novice hammer dwarf with a steel war hammer is just as useless against a bronze colossus as a legendary axedwarf with an artifact copper battle axe.
22. Remove your backpack when starting combat 
-Fighting while overencumbered is a death sentence. While fighting above default speed does not reduce the number of frames it takes to swing your weapon, fighting below default speed will add a delay after each swing before you can act again, giving enemies free strikes against you. This is also why fighting prone is ill-advised. However, this mechanic should not dissuade you from overencumbering yourself. Most mounts negate a large (if not all) amount of encumberance. In addition, your character can move anything they can grab, even if it is the entire corpse of a megabeast which weighs multiple tons, it will just take them more frames to haul these items. So long as you store all of your loot in the same backpack, you are always safe from ambushes no matter your encumbrance, as you can remove and drop your backpack as soon as combat starts, which usually takes less frames than it takes for any enemy to move. After combat, your backpack should be where you left it, and you can easily retrieve your haul.
23. Aim for the legs first, then the hands, then the neck 
Aiming for the neck can make weaker enemies trivial, but more proficient enemies will not allow this tactic, and very large enemies will have necks too large to decapitate. An advanced tactic that works against most strong enemies is to aim for the legs first to knock your enemy prone (or wings against flying enemies). Once your enemy is on the ground, their speed is halved, essentially giving you twice as many turns to attack. It is at this point you should aim for their arms, as these hold weapons for humanoids and usually have claws for beasts. Once the legs are taken out and the usage of weapons is disabled, you are much more likely to land a headshot, and in a much safer position to repeatedly spam this attack.
24. Bleed out megabeasts, cut off hydra heads, pummel collosi 
Certain enemies such as Megabeasts are much harder to kill. These should be considered boss fights, and thus have certain kill parameters. Bronze collosi in particular usually need to have every single body part destroyed in order to be killed. Hydras in turn need to have the brain of each head destroyed to die, and will almost always live if one head is alive. Hill titans can vary from nigh unkillable (humanoids made of steel) to killable via literally any damaging attack (blobs made of water), so reading their description is extremely important in dealing with them.
25. Never get hit (level dodge and block) 
-Because major injuries are unhealable, these accumulate over time. This means that the best way to play adventure mode is to never get hit. This may seem like a tall task, but almost all damage is avoidable via dodge and block. If you have a high observation stat, you will be able to dodge or block attacks. While this may automatically succeed against weaker enemies, it has a chance to fail against stronger enemies if not properly leveled, so be sure to train these skills early on. Fighting when focused and not exhausted should ensure that these avoidance abilities work properly. Just don’t try to block an attack you wouldn’t block in real life.
26. Don’t let enemies get a surround 
-Fighting against multiple enemies can be a likely death scenario. If enemies completely surround you, then your character has a greatly reduced chance of automatically dodging or blocking attacks. In addition, moving through an occupied tile in dwarf fortress will roll a die, and the losers will be forced prone, as only one creature can stand in a tile at once. Make sure to set speed to scramble in combat if this happens, get to an unoccupied square, and stand up as quickly as possible. Dodging into an open space in this scenario is a much better option than moving manually if at all possible. This entire scenario can be avoided if you slowly dodge in the same direction as enemies approach you in combat, ensuring that you only fight one at a time, and force the others to tire themselves as they run after you. Striking the legs of as many targets as possible is effective here, as it drastically increases the time it takes for each enemy to reach you.
27. Throw stones to level archery 
-Archery can be very cumbersome to use, as most bolts are too heavy to use without causing constant encumbrance, and training it is very slow and painful, as arrows usually split into stacks of one when fired. However, there is a way to level archery extremely quickly. By throwing something at the same tile you are on, you level your archery skill. You can then pick up the thrown object and throw it again. This is much faster than using arrows. One of the best objects to do this with is coins. As it turns out, coins are actually the best ranged weapon. Coins can be used in combat to great affect. Because dwarf fortress uses the archery stat when throwing items, it calculates the damage of thrown items as if shot from a bow with the same archery proficiency. While this does not do nearly as much damage as bolts themselves, it effectively gives adventurers a way to reliably use ranged weapons without worrying about retrieving ammo, as money can usually be found in multiple stacks of 100 at bandit camps.
28. Use archery against webs/fire 
-While archery is a niche weapon type for most scenarios, it is mandatory against certain titans and most dragons, as well as giant cave spiders. Titans, like spiders can possess the ability to web your adventurer. This stunlocks your character, making any shot a guaranteed hit. Against large enough titans, getting hit with a single shot of web is enough for instant death, as they will squish your head while webbed. Other titans may possess deadly dust or poisonous gas. While some of these effects are benign, breathing others can and will kill your character, and to my knowledge not even fast travel stops this. Fighting fire breathing dragons is an instant kill scenario as well, as they can melt your armor into molten liquid metal, stunlocking your character until they die from the heat. You can attempt to repeatedly jump until you reach a river, but you are certainly dead at this point. The use of archery (or rather, throwing coins) is mandatory at this point. While a few shots may not do anything at first, repeated shots will accumulate damage, and eventually kill or disable the enemy. Just be very careful getting into melee range to finish enemies off after this occurs, as one unlucky web or fire shot can and will still kill you. Avoid looting titans with dust or gas effects until after you leave and return to the area with fast travel to be sure that the gas dissipates.
29. Know the game progression (Kobolds, Bandits, Hearthperson, Semi-Megabeasts, Towers, Megabeasts, Dark Fortresses, Caverns) 
Knowing what you’re doing at any given point can be the difference between life and death. If you’re playing adventure mode without savescumming (which is the only way to play it in the old versions), then you will be making new characters a lot. Knowing the basic progression of where you should go on new characters will make the ultimate goal of raiding the vault and fighting the angel that much easier. Your basic path should be gearing up in towns, training basic combat skills against animals, fighting kobold and bandit camps to level reputation, telling stories to become a hearthperson, doing quests as a hearthperson to further reputation level and combat skills, fighting semimega and Megabeasts to become a legendary hero, raiding towers to find the secrets, raiding dark fortresses to find the vault and slay the angel, and finally using the secrets to delve into the caverns without having to eat or sleep and fighting forgotten beasts there until your character dies. The surface and visiting towns should be considered the early game, raiding sites should be considered the midgame, killing the angel in the vault should be considered the endgame, and roaming the caverns should be considered the postgame. Of course, adventure mode has lots more to offer than just combat, and if you want to learn its ins and outs for yourself, the only way to do that is to jump in and play it.
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2023.06.09 17:17 Huge_Sandwich5272 I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F)

I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F). What do I do? So I want to start from the "beginning" because our relationship is not very long. So: I like my girlfriend since the summer of 2021, and she started liking me from the end of 2022. (We have known each other for about 5 years from the current date). She took the "first step" and confessed this to me at the beginning of March 2023. From then on, we started dating. We were very close, and we have been officialy together since 15 May. everything went well, we understand each other, we love each other, of course there are also "arguments", but not so serious as to affect our relationship. sometimes I saw my girlfriend was sad, and I always asked her that. her answer was always like: "no", but I knew her quite well and always wanted to talk to her. she told me that this upset is related to her problems and that she does not want to talk about them. I kept insisting, I kept insisting, but I couldn't do anything, so I gave up and told her that if She ever wants to talk about it, I'm here, present. I always try to make her laugh, to become more “smiling”. She didn't always seem to have this upset, but she was starting to get "sad" more often. and today, June 9, I went to school, we met, everything seemed ok. I got home, we talked again, we sent each other messages, she told me a few more things, and then she said something that I can say just upset me and from here I want to start reading the whole conversation:
her: "I want to talk to you about something. something serious and I don't know if it's that good" me now?" she: "I don't know, if you want I'll tell you now, if not, tonight" me: "tell me now, if you can" she: "ok, I'll write in the notes and come back" me: "since I heard that it's not good, I already want to cry, but I'm waiting here, I have to listen" her: "promise me that you won't cry, nothing, otherwise I won't tell you" me: "you have to tell me" her: "you have to promise me" me: I can't because I might not fulfill my promise, but at least I try her: so I dont want to talk anymore but only for two weeks and you haven't done anything wrong, I'm not mad at you, I'm not doing this to talk to someone else or anything like that. I just want to be "alone" for a bit so I can put my things and thoughts in "order" and I hope you don't get upset and understand me because I'm really not ok and that's the only way I'll be able to be again ok and sorry (She doesn’t want us to talk for 2w- this means exactly when im done with one of the most important exams in my life) Her:and that way you will be able to learn without being distracted Me:love, do you think this is best for you? Her: for both of you that there are 10 days left and you take the exam Me:but are you sure you want to do this? Her: Yes Me: ok, know that I'm always here if you need to talk to someone and I'd be happy to. and I'm sorry that I couldn't help you with anything and maybe I noticed that you were sad and I tried to make you talk if "you don't feel ok", but maybe I didn't try hard enough, sorry Her:why sorry, nothing is your fault, you did everything you could, I really appreciate , so yk Me:still not enough. I hope that in the near future you will be able to discuss anything with me and I'm sorry that you couldn't discuss and want to talk about your "problems" and everything that bothers you and doesn't make you feel good Her:and I hope Me: and I still hope that, in the near future, your problems will be our problems. I know that life is hard sometimes, but together we can make everything easier and together we can overcome all the problems ,and im sorry again. and I will do my best to respect your wish. now I don't feel too well and I want to go to bed.. I'm sorry, and just so you know, I love you and I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you when you needed me Her:ok, I understand and thanks and I don't want you to think about it because you didn't do anything wrong and you have no reason to feel bad for it and I want you to focus on your studies and the exam, not to think about this thing me:ok, i'll try *seen 5h ago”
Please, i need help. should I leave her like this for 2 weeks so that She becomes ok again? I think she would go deeper into her thoughts and I don't know how good that would be. should i go and try to talk to her?
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2023.06.09 17:16 Ryiverz B4NE: C3E2 – Love’s in the Air

So here we are – Riders on exile. Well, better this fate than becoming Swiss cheese. If they sent such a big offensive there, they were really determined. But they really think they’ll find some documents there? They can try, but Yan claimed that there’s nothing of value left.
I was the one leading the group – with Svarog detector in one hand, with my eight-shot revolver in the other and with cig in my mouth. Our gear was unchanged – I still had my SV-338 on my back and had my armor, which I found out it was modified version of Clear Sky’s CS-3b.
Sorrow wasn’t far from me. Even though we had most likely the most advanced detectors out there, he still was throwing bolts here and there. Probably because of boredom. This doesn’t mean that I stopped using them myself – I had a pack of bolts on my belt.
I should’ve mention it – we were heading to the Garbage through northeastern path. Soldiers came from southwest and they are most likely looking for internal dangers rather than those from the outside, so we were relatively safe.
After failing a couple of times to spark a conversation in our group, I was just focused on finding a safe route to the Zone’s first crossroads. And – I’ll be honest – I wanted to find an artifact. Not only to gain some cash, but maybe to find something that would make this journey more interesting. The luck wasn’t on my side that day, sadly.
We came to the Garbage. We all knew by instinct to prepare ourselves for some resistance. Resistance as powerful as Clear Sky these days, but resistance nonetheless. To our surprise, however, we found the nearest ”outpost” empty.
Confused a little, we started exploring the surrounding area. No presence of bandits could be located. I even used my scope to see the insides of a hangar, but on the surface, it was safe. Even the sentry dressed in Sunrise suit, standing before the brick wall didn’t open fire at us. Quite the opposite, actually – he waved when he saw us and said to come closer. And we did just that.
”Riders!” – he shouted with joy. - ”Holy fuck!”
”Hey, em…” – I tried to remind myself of his name. - ”Oh! You’re Yara Bubble. One who was a ”whale” on our party.”
”Yeah, I overestimated my capabilities. I shouldn’t drink that much.”
”At least you’re alive and well now.”
”Still, we’re curious about the current situation in this hangar.”
”Nothing to write a book about, I’m afraid. Duty and few hired loners executed an assault on the complex, clearing the place from this scum. For now, bandits haven’t inducted any sort of retaliation.”
”Not surprised. They’re…”
Suddenly, Zrak started… What’s the name for crow’s sound? Let me check… so I found the name ”caw”. So he was… cawing? Sounds stupid. But that’s the most common answer. Anyway, he started making loud sounds.
For others, it’d seem like he’s doing this for no reason. But we’ve found out this meant that an emission is approaching. And that meant we should be careful, Zrak especially. Codex said that crows die way faster in blowouts than humans.
”We should get inside.” – Sorrow stated. - ”Emission’s gonna hit us in a moment.”
”Wow…” – Yara was impressed. - ”Your bird can sense such things?”
”Yeah – one of the reasons why I love him. Come on.”
We made our way into the hangar. It was occupied mostly by loners, but few Dutyers were hanging around here as well. To spy on us or escape from the superiors for at least a moment – it’s hard to blame them.
Of course, even if emission just started, we won’t just sit like cowards, doing nothing. We popped a vodka bottle and I shared smokes with Sorrow and Craver. We were exchanging jokes of various quality. I felt good, but couldn’t get rid off the feeling that this was… artificial.
After blowout stopped, we bid our farewells with Yara and continued going to Army Warehouses. Atmosphere here was pretty much calm. Bandits may not be present at that time, but mutants were still roaming the lands. They weren’t attacking us, though.
We weren’t going to Duty outpost – we still weren’t sure if we could safely enter Rostok, even though some ex-soldiers claimed that they miss our visits and were surprised that we stopped going there. Hell, they promised us to talk to their highest superiors for an official invitation. We got one, but we continued to be hesitant about this.
Instead, we used Garbage-Wild Territory route. It’s rarely used, so even better for us. Unfortunately, that meant going through the field rich in fire anomalies. Nothing that four Svarogs and lots of bolts can’t solve.
Going further into this location (that many claim to be almost as bad as Red Forest, which I can’t understand), we found something interesting. Okay, maybe not that interesting, but we found bodies of mercs and loners that had to be fresh, judging by the state of corpses. We decided that we’d leave them alone.
Soon after, we got near the wreckage of helicopter that had fire anomalies around it. One of it was still active, but that’s because the body of flesh was in it. Strange that it didn’t turn into ash. But we went to nearby big door that was hiding a part of Rostok complex.
I’ll be completely honest here – I don’t know what should I write about this location. Really, it’s so uninteresting that I’d have to lie to say something worthwhile. And I don’t want to do that. So for your entertainment, I’ll just skip to Warehouses.
We ended up near bloodsucker village – the location that’s our destination. In south of it, there’s a small farmstead that poses as Freedom outpost. That’s official information, but it’s actually Irina’s place where she lives and that’s where Quarrel visits her.
Yep, living next to abandoned village that bloodsuckers really like for some reason plus it’s dotted with various fire anomalies. How she can live here without problems is unknown to me, but hey – strange shelter is better than no shelter… I think.
We were careful about stepping here. With weapons in our hands, we were slowly approaching the farmstead. We didn’t saw any signs of Freedom presence, which made me (but maybe others too) slightly disturbed. This didn’t last long, though.
”Guys, it’s safe, I assure you.” – said the woman in Freedom helmetless SEVA, coming out of cover.
”Hi, Iri.” – Quarrel waved at her.
”Hi, Cas. Oh, and hello, Riders.”
We just nodded at her, without uttering a word.
”What brings all of you here?” – she asked, a bit surprised.
”Army raided our place.” – our tough guy replied. - ”Big offensive – with choppers and such.”
”Huh… good that you didn’t stay to fight them.”
”Of course. It’d be stupid, so I commanded that we should get somewhere else, at least temporarily, so we could come up with the plan of recapturing the place.”
I rolled my eyes when I heard this. Quarrel – prideful as usual, even if it involves lying. He really changed through these months. But I wanted to get straight to the point.
”Long story short – army raided our place and Quarrel suggested that we should come to you.” – I said after a moment of silence. - ”Are you willing to share some space with us?”
”Of course.” – Flora replied. - ”Perhaps not the house, but this barn should be enough. It has relatively whole roof, so you won’t get wet. Are you fine with that?”
”Yeah. But there shouldn’t be any problems with… neighbors, right?”
”Last bloodsucker was killed by me more than a month ago. They didn’t reappear since then. Other mutants don’t come here as well. It’s really a safe location.”
”I’ll stash the items there.” – Quarrel joined the talk. - ”After that… maybe you want to go somewhere?”
”With you? Always.”
After this exchange of words, we got to the barn. Quarrel just left the stuff he was carrying through this journey in the corner and he was heading out with his girl, saying ”See you later, guys” before leaving us.
Craver quickly organized his part of this barn and instead of helping any of us, he proceeded to eat some sausage. I wanted to say something, but I knew that this won’t help much, if at all. Suddenly, he got a message that made him visibly happy.
”Lads, I have to go.” – he said loudly.
”Have fun…” – I replied to him with indifference.
Ex-ex-merc (I know this sound stupid, but still wanted to write this) grabbed his gear and quickly left the hideout, leaving me and Sorrow alone in our new home. I should feel bad about this, but I started to feel… lighter. Like a tension got swiped away.
We finished organizing out parts at the exact same moment. I briefly checked if Sorrow is alright, but he said he’s fine and then he started another vodka bottle. I should leave him to his thoughts and let him rest for a while.
I looked through our items and grabbed new pack of cigarettes. I lit one and lied on my sleeping bag. After thinking about what to do, I pulled out my PDA and started watching some videos on the internet. I don’t know why, but in Army Warehouses, there were much better speeds.
So I was detached from that world for some time, not thinking about my or others’ problems. This felt… good. Very good, even. But then I turned towards Sorrow, who had his head buried in his legs. I got to him, sat nearby and pat his shoulder. He immediately raised his gaze to me.
”Plagued?” – he was a bit confused.
”What’s the problem, Sorrow?” – I asked with genuine intent.
”Can I be completely honest with you?”
”Sorrow… you’re my brother. I’d never replace you. I’ll never sell you out. I’d rather pop a bullet in my head than to give you up. So yes, you can be perfectly honest with me.”
”Plagued… I don’t think coming here was a good idea.”
”Why?” – I asked, even though I suspected what the answer might be.
”Quarrel said it’s good that he’ll have us and Irina close. It’s not even that I’m envious. It will create new problems, new arguments. More likely for our group to fall apart. Craver going to mercs and his girl isn’t helpful either. I don’t want to stop them, but with each day, we grow more distant from one another. I wish it was like in our old days.”
”I want that too, Sorrow. But sadly, there isn’t much we can do about this. I tried pretty much anything I could. And us leaving them won’t help either. It’ll just cement the fall of our team.”
”One can hope that it’ll eventually get better. At least we have each other.”
”There’s that… Eh…”
”You feel better?”
”A bit. Thanks. But…”
”I’m curious about how the soldiers do in our former base.”
”Huh… I won’t stop you.”
”I’ll try to return as fast as I can.”
”Be careful, brother.”
”I will. Goodbye.”
And I became last man standing. Eh… Even though I let him to do the thing he wants to do, we both know it’s an excuse to be alone with his thoughts. He still cares, otherwise he’d pull out Kurt Cobain long ago.
Few minutes later, I got up and went outside. I couldn’t find Sorrow anywhere. I lit up another smoke and started to look around my new place. Mutants were really far from my current location, but I saw approaching Freedomer. I was cautious, with revolver in my hand.
”Hey!” – guy shouted cheerfully.
”Greetings.” – I replied calmly.
”Is there Irina Flora around?”
”She’s absent. Personal matters. Why do you ask?”
”She was supposed to give me a report, so I could give it to Lukash.”
”Nah, it’s just an excuse, so I could get out from the base.”
”But what do you want from her?”
”My amount of weed is getting low. I asked pretty much everyone if they have some to spare. Looks like I’ll have to look elsewhere. You’re here alone?”
”Yeah. And who are you exactly?”
”Yurik Bear. I know you’re Rider, but I don’t remember which one.”
”Maybe you want to go with me? I’ll have someone to talk to.”
”If weed is involved then I’ll go.”
”Great. I’ll go around for a while and ask others for some plant. But after that, I know the place where we can chill out. Follow me.”
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2023.06.09 17:16 Unable-Salamander802 Who is completing both long hauls every week?

Curios as to how many of you guys are doing both long hauls every week? I used to be able to do both and be completed on the Friday evening and get both key cards for gold. Now I struggle to complete just one.
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2023.06.09 17:16 YautjaTears My my boyfriends past cheating has given me CPTSD.

Let me preface this with this is going to long, and how our relationship is currently. We are currently incredibly healthy, strong, and honest with one another. Now, the history. We have been together for a decent amount(not getting overly specific), but the first 6-9 months of our relationship were based on lies. We met on a dating app, and clicked immediately. I was hesitant to call it love, because I had just gotten out of a horrific marriage with a covert narcissist. But my bf hid his addiction. He is an alcoholic(sober for a long time in the present), and his self-loathing, untreated mental illness, and childhood trauma were all carefully hidden. But as soon as we’d have a drink together, it was like an entirely different person. He treated me awfully while drunk, projecting a lot onto me, and it got to point where I put my foot down and told him I was not drinking with him anymore. He then went on a trip to his sisters wedding, and our communication went south. The distance seemed to make him feel safer to be shitty, and as soon as I dropped him off at the airport, he got drunk and downloaded bumble. We had arguments over the phone each time he called, because he was always wasted with his family, and his mother(his abuser) was causing a lot of crap(I could hear her in the background). When he got back, we had a serious talk. He admitted to treating me poorly to get me to leave him, because he didn’t want to break things off himself. I came to the conclusion with my therapist, that I would stay but on the condition that he would go sober. I know he has to want it, but I could not think of anything else, and I didn’t want to leave him. But then he started acting strange. Hiding his phone, the usual signs. I trusted my gut, and asked him point blank to his face if he had been cheating on me. He said no, and I dropped it. The next day, I came to his place to drop something off, and he was passed out in piss on the couch. I picked him up, dragged him to the bed, cleaned him up, and tucked him in. Looking back, I did this with my addict mother when I was a child, and it’s probably why I was so willing to tolerate everything going on. He had no Tylenol for the potential hangover, and I didn’t want to leave him alone like that, so I picked up his phone to use his doordash as I had before his trip. Then I saw the texts, I saw the apps, and I connected the times over everything to every conversation we had. I was angry, i woke him up in a rage. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. He was as callous and defensive as he usually is when wasted, but I wasn’t hearing it. I dragged him to my place to sober up, and refused to speak to him until he was. He did, we talked. I spoke to my therapist about it, she said it was ultimately up to me to decide. I stayed with him, but took several steps back in our relationship. We treated it like we had started dating all over again, because to me, the thing we had before was dead. Several months later, I find out that he had been secretly drinking, and hiding it from me. I logged into his Snapchat from my phone, and checked it. He was messaging a girl again. This time, I was done. Went back and forth through texts so I’d have evidence you cant really get with a heated phone call. Told him I’d help him pack the things he had at my place, but we were done. He came over drunker than I’d ever seen him, and I decided to record the conversation. He never fully believed how he would talk to me when drunk, and I was past the point of saving his feelings. At the end of the fight, once he realized how serious I was, he broke down. He quietly whispered that he didn’t want to lose me. I grew up in a horrifically abusive home, so maybe the survivor in me was too forgiving, but I accepted it. I took him back. But the first thing I did when he sobered up was show him the recording. He was horrified, and the first time in our entire relationship(and according to him and his dad, the first time since he was a child), he broke down crying. I told him I was not giving another chance. That I would not heal or forgive any time soon, but I would not hold it over his head to punish him. He felt genuine remorse, and that’s what makes or breaks a relationship healing from infidelity. We put accountability rules in place, started therapy together, and up to this day he has been nothing but consistent, honest, and loving. But I still get nightmares about him cheating on me and the way he’d talk to me when drunk. I just woke up before deciding to post this, from the worst fucking nightmare in my life, and it was about him relapsing. I’m going to talk to my therapist about it, but I needed to get this off my chest. I let him know I had a nightmare, but since he’s at work, I just honestly told him that I was not in the emotional or mental space to talk about it with him.
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2023.06.09 17:16 PeanutTheGladiator /r/Wisconsin June 12-14th blackout


After polling the community, the clear majority wants this subreddit to join in the protest against the API changes being rolled out this month.


/Wisconsin will be set to private from approximately 12:01AM on June 12 until approximately 11:59PM June 14th.


During this time the moderators are 100% checking out. We're each taking 2 days off from reddit (and each other) for the first time in quite a while. Should something change and cause the protest to end early, it is possible we won't open back up in a timely manner. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one...

Long term impact to /Wisconsin

Fortunately we don't use any external or 3rd party bots for moderating or running the subreddit. Unfortunately, your moderators are largely 3rd party app users. We understand 3rd party moderation tools are being given an onboarding route to continue for free, but that truly only impacts me when I'm on desktop. I much prefer RIF.
There has been some discussion about the future of the mod team. If any changes are planned, we'll let the community know right away. Currently, we're all seeing if using the official app is something we're willing to do.
While the collapse of reddit is highly unlikely, this protest seems to have really gained traction. As a result, communities such as ours may shed a majority of active users. If you all choose to jump platforms, or (God forbid) go outside, we just wanted to say goodbye! We know not everyone agrees with how heavy-handed the moderation has become, but each of us genuinely do everything we can to act in a fair and impartial manner with the primary goal of encouraging thoughtful discussions. We did not always get those thoughtful discussions, but the level of knowledge (with sources!) gained has impacted the lives of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people.
Regardless of how things will play out over these next few weeks, July will mark the start of a new reddit: capitalism at it's finest. reddit has gone from an open source platform to a corporation beholden to maximize profits at all costs in preparation to go public.
In closing,


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2023.06.09 17:15 ruthlesslymagickal Will my state [TX] ever legalize it?

I check every month and our medical bill died in Senate. They won’t reconvene for another two years. Our recreational bill is in the Senate likely to meet the same fate. We know TX is red, but something like 77% of our constituents want it legalized so our lawmakers are legitimately ignoring our pleas. So, ladies what do you think is blocking this in Texas? Crazy conspiracy here.. but I strongly suspect the cartel has a lot of interest in keeping it recreational but not medical and they have bought some of our lawmakers. That is the only thing that would make sense as we’re such a huge state and we would massively profit off legalization. Most big cities have already decriminalized, so districts aren’t making a lot of money off MJ tickets anyways. So, hypothesize why this is happening with me. Also let’s predict how long it will take to become legal - at this point I’m predicting 5 years although I was so certain everything would pass this year as it’s 2023. There’s literal proof of aliens in the sky but I can’t smoke a joint
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2023.06.09 17:15 MarcusOfDublinII I need help with INC stuff (Tungkulin Related)

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I will most likely get a Tungkulin in the PNK as an officer soon. Before you guys say that I should "refuse" I can't just do that. Like many others, I rely on my parents and if I do anything like rebel I'm pretty much dead. So I'll bite the bullet on this one and take the tungkulin if its the last option I have left. But since I am a dumbass and just slept through ALL LIKE ALL of my doctrine stuff, I don't know jack shit. I don't know how stuff works, I don't know the terms and everything. I have kept my distance and now its all catching up to me so help
Here are the questions I thought of
-Main question, is how to lead prayers in INC? Idk how to pray since I slept through my doctrines and nobody makes me lead prayers. What's the structure of said prayer and what do I do. I heard as a PNK Officer, you might lead a prayer and once Ive heard of that I got a stroke (not literally). Im an introvert and that shit is not my forte.
-How does one take a tungkulin? Again I slept through my doctrines so I got no idea what's gonna happen. What INC bureaucratic nonsense is going to happen in order to take a tungkulin.
-What does a PNK Officer do? What are their responsibilites, how do I do this if I ever become a PNK officer and what clothes do they wear (yes I am that specific).
-What are the terms in Iglesia Ni Cristo? I hear terms like kagawad, katiwala and stuff like that. I slept through my doctrines so I have literally 0 idea what these mean. Plus i kept my distance from the church long enough to not know these things.
-any additional info that I might need if you guys want to add some.
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2023.06.09 17:15 AutoModerator RepWeidianSneakers Member Guide and Rulebook: Read Upon Arrival and Before Posting!

Hello, and welcome to RepWeidianSneakers! Whether you’re a long-time member or someone new who just straggled in from one of the other replica subreddits, this recurring post will serve as an introduction to or reminder of the subreddit rules. This group runs in several key ways that may be different from other groups to ensure we maintain a high-quality group where well-informed replica buyers can engage in constructive conversation regarding the best batches for various shoes, batch flaws of popular and commonly purchased batches, and QC posts of new and old products alike.
Please do your best to stay up-to-date on the latest subreddit rules and cultural norms in order to make sure that your participation in the group is in accordance with how we run things here! All sub rules are visible along the side bar if on desktop, and under the "About" tab if on mobile. We appreciate your attention and diligence to subreddit policies, and hope you enjoy your time here!
The following rules will be outlined in the following ways:
  1. Most Important Rule of the Sub
  2. Post Formats (QC, Find, Help Me Find)
  3. General Subreddit/Reddit-Wide Rules
Rule #1: Sneakers from Weidian, TaoBao only
This one should be self-explanatory - QCs for shoes purchased from middlemen are not allowed on this sub. I understand that many users value the input from members in this subreddit specifically due to their reputation and credibility, but we want to keep this sub as pure to its purpose as possible. If there are specific people from whom you want input from, feel free to post in the other rep subs and tag them.
Additionally, when users ask for recommendations on where to purchase, make sure to provide links to Weidian or TaoBao stores, and not middlemen. Middlemen sell Weidian/TaoBao products at a markup for convenience - always focus on the actual product.
Rule #2: QC Post Title Guidelines: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
When posting your QCs or Finds, use the following format: [QC] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}. Example: [QC] 400¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High OG Mocha from A GDJ Supplier
The Group Automod comments on every single post in this group with a reminder of this title format. If your title does not include each of the necessary components in the brackets above, please be proactive and repost with the correct format. If you don’t delete the post, a moderator will, and that or repeated infractions may result in a temporary ban from the group. This rule exists to ensure the group is easily searchable to help make researching batches on your own as streamlined as possible.
Rule #3: QC Posts need W2C Link:
If you are posting a QC, make sure to post the W2C link. If the listing link is dead, please post the link to the store where the shoe was purchased instead. No W2C link will result in the deletion of your post!
You are welcome to post Weidian links, TaoBao links, or links from any shipping agent except for PandaBuy, given that PandaBuy forces you to login to see the item, whereas the other agent links do not. Linking a PandaBuy link and not an alternative link will result in the deletion of your post.
Rule #4: Help Me Find Post Title Guidelines: [HELP ME FIND] {Shoe Name} + Picture of Shoe
If you are hunting for a certain pair, your post title must include the Full Shoe Name and Colorway as well as a picture of the shoe in question. If either is missing, your post will be deleted. This rule exists to reduce the number of repetitive “Help Me Find” posts, as a user will be able to search previously posted “Help Me Find” posts for the shoe they want.
Example: [HELP ME FIND] Jordan 1 High Chicago
Rule #5: Find Post Title Guidelines: [FIND] {Price in Yuan} {Batch} {Shoe Name} from {Seller Name}
Okay, so you’re on WeChat, and a seller has posted a new product. You want to be the first one to post about it on Reddit, so you rush over and make the post. Great, pat yourself on the back. Just kidding. Don’t just stop there - put some thought into the post. How does this new find compare to other products on the market? Do they have potential? You don’t have to be an expert QCer, but give your general thoughts. In short, were these worth finding? The hope is that with this general subreddit policy, it will encourage people to post high-quality finds and reduce clutter from low-tier finds that don’t add much to the group.
Rule #6: Be Respectful of One Another
Please be nice and courteous to one another. All rules of Reddiquette apply. Your membership in this subreddit is contingent upon your overall Reddit activity, not just limited to this subreddit. To put explicitly, this includes but is not limited to: harassing or disrespecting others in other subreddits, posting hate speech of any kind, or spreading misinformation. Any violation of this will result in the banning of your account and any alternate accounts you may be known to have!
Rule #7: No Cussing
In line with the previous rule, no cussing on the sub, please. Often, on the rep subs, the only time people are cussing is to insult one another, spread misinformation, or speak illy in general. For this reason, an AutoMod is in place that will regulate posts and comments on the sub. Your post/comment will be deleted and you will receive a message alerting you if this happens. Bonus: Mr. Frosty can't post or comment without some sort of explicit language, so this simple rule (and the accompanying AutoMod) keeps the sub safe
Rule #8: Support Your Statements with Evidence
Essentially, cite your source. Let's avoid being like other rep subs where people make up rumors or decide their opinions without any research or evidence.
If you comment saying a batch is the best or better than what has been posted, show us why. Link reference posts, rep vs retails, QCs, etc. Show, rather than tell, us why what you're saying is correct. If your statement is a good one, this shouldn't be difficult. As above, don't default to name calling if you can't support your statement. It is okay to have a well-informed opinion - it is not okay to have an uneducated opinion that you spread as fact.
If you run into issues with a member or members in the group that are not participating in this group norm, please tag a mod, and the situation will be handled accordingly.
Rule #9: No Seller Ads
Self-explanatory. This especially applies to lost middlemen posting their fake QCs to try to gain business. If you are a member and see this, please report the post. If a post receives enough reports, it is automatically removed and sent to the mod queue. This helps keep the group clean through community effort.
Rule #10: No WeChat Verification Posts
I understand that you may want your WeChat verified in order to communicate with sellers or see their WeChat Moments. There are other subs for WeChat Verifications though. Please do not make these posts here. Use the appropriate subs. Posts will be deleted.
Rule #11: No Memes
This group aims to be a research-focused subreddit. It prides itself on providing the most objective information possible. Please keep the memes or satire posts in other subs. This includes meme titles or captions such as "how fast do I need to walk" or "fire up the rep machines." These posts add little to no value and are often unoriginal anyway.
Any use of meme titles will result in a 14-day temp ban as previously announced, as will repeated infractions of posting other memes.
Lastly, this Group is Not Meant to Be a Direct Line to u/poncecatchemall
Please reference his guides and resources linked below for answers to most commonly asked questions. He does not read chats asking repetitive questions, and mod mail is not meant to be used to ask specifically him questions, so do not use it for that purpose.
- Poncecatchemall’s Recently Updated Beginner’s Batch Guide where I cover top batches for popular shoes.
- Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Finds: November 2022 Edition covering popular purchases with all W2C Links
- Never used an agent? Check out Poncecatchemall’s Updated Weidian, TaoBao, Agent: How-To Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to purchase reps using WeGoBuy
- How to Ask Poncecatchemall For a QC/LC please follow these instructions if you want a response.

Thank you in advance to everyone for following the sub rules and for keeping this sub a great, high-quality sub to be a part of. If there are any rule addition recommendations, we are always open to suggestions.
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2023.06.09 17:15 haposmego Perfect Beach Waves with Airwrap

Perfect Beach Waves with Airwrap
When I first got the Airwrap, I found that the curls just didn’t look the way I wanted them to. I was using the traditional method holding the wand up and curling from bottom to top and was not happy with the results after a few hours. As someone with quite long extensions, I found when the curls fell you could really tell the difference between my real hair and extension.
After some research, I decided to use Dyson beach waves method. This was an improvement, and the curls also lasted quite a bit longer than with the normal curling. However, I did some research and purchased the Biolage hydra foaming styler mousse for longer lasting results. I was immediately impressed. The mousse is lightweight and never crunchy, no matter how much product is used. It also doesn’t dry out my fine, bleached and damaged hair.
For results in photos:
  1. Brush through hair and apply smoothing products focusing on hair mid-lengths and ends (biosilk and equave detangler or any equivalent). Blow dry roots to 90% dry with dryer attachment (no need to dry below roots, air will lightly dry by default). High heat, high fan.
  2. Once roots are 90% dry, a quick brush through with the brush attachment (low heat, high fan). Focus on lifting roots away from the head but not lingering too long. Coanda smoothing the roots quickly (low heat, high fan). Stop at 100% dry roots.
  3. Apply a generous handful of mousse to roots and mid-lengths. Brush through. Section hair into layers. For me, the two longest layers I curl using the 1.2 barrel (regular not long) with the beach wave method from Dyson. Make sure you have the arrows pointing TOWARDS your face. This is because when you turn the barrel upside down the direction is reversed. If you don’t do this your hair will be blown the opposite direction when you are holding it there and it won’t be smooth. This will give you curls going away from the face, like the normal airwrap method would. I leave out the last 1.5 to 2 inches when I wrap hair around barrel. Generally, I use 15 seconds on high heat, high fan and 13 seconds on low heat, high fan. Do not brush hair.
  4. The top layer of my hair I use the looser 1.6 barrel. I pull it through the hair back and forth and stay further away from the roots. This gives a nice, looser wave around the face and more volume through the top.
  5. Once complete, I do not use hairspray. I do not brush my hair. I might loosely pull some curls apart after it’s been at least 30 minutes but I do not bother even with finger combing. I find that since I used the smoothing brush earlier, and I’m careful to take defined sections, no brushing is required.
The biggest thing for me is to avoid brushing, to be precise with sections, to use great products and to smooth down the top before curling. The curls fall a little on their own without needing to do anything. For similar hair types, I recommend Biosilk Silk Therapy and Equave instant detangling conditioner. My hair is shininer than ever, and the curls last 2 days with a third day of a blowout look.
For me personally, this works much better than the typical airwrap curling.
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2023.06.09 17:14 6CB_Recruiter [A3] [Recruiting] [Merge<] 6th Commando Brigade [GMT] [EU/NA]

[A3] [Recruiting] [Merge<] 6th Commando Brigade [GMT] [EU/NA]

6th Commando Brigade - (
Who we are
We are the 6th Commando Brigade; an EU-based milsim unit that strives to provide interesting and varied gameplay by switching between different campaign settings on a regular basis - an aspect of our community that we take great pride in by actively engaging with our players to see what they'd like to play next. The unit is led by long-term, experienced players who strive to provide a fun and engaging experience for veteran and new players alike.
We aim to provide the best training possible to our members, as well as providing a number of more specialised courses that players can take in order to play armoured or air assets.
What we offer
- A variety of roles and opportunities.
- A diverse and positive community.
- Dedicated roles for armoured and aerial gameplay.
Our schedule
We hold our operations and trainings at 7PM GMT/BST every week.
- We run a fresh side operation every Wednesday, where we regularly switch the theme.
- We run our campaign operations every Saturday, lasting from six to eight weeks.
- Finally, we host our training day every Friday and Sunday.
What we are looking for
We are looking for mature, team-orientated individuals to enhance our unit further, be they new to Arma or a veteran or the series; but it's not just about how well you can play the game. We are ultimately looking for people that want to invest in our community, helping it to grow it as time goes on and creating a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.
We provide a greater overview of what we expect from our community, such as attendance requirements, in our introductory interview.
- A willingness to be part of a team and work together during operations.
- Maturity - we have no minimum age limit, but we do ask that you show maturity both in and out of game.
- Active participation - we are looking for people that want to engage.
- a firm grasp on the English language.
- a working microphone.
- willing / able to install our mod-pack. Interested in joining us? Check out the contact information below!
Contact information
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2023.06.09 17:14 bikingfencer Galatians, chapter 5 - vices and virtues

Galatians   Chapter Five (
-1. The Anointed frees [שחרר, SheeHRayR] us unto freedom [חרות, HayROoTh], therefore stand, and do not submit [תכנעו, TheeKhahN`Oo] again [שוב, ShOoB] to yoke [לעל, Le'oL] the slavery.  
“The expression for freedom [επ ελευθερια - ep eleutheria] (in slightly different Greek form) appears in the certificates of sacral manumission which were given to slaves who purchased their freedom. The slave would deposit the money in the temple of his god for the priest to transfer to his master “for freedom.” He then became the slave of his god, free from his human master.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 545-546)  
“Among the Jews, the Messiah’s reign was to be a reign of liberty, and hence the Targum [ancient Jewish commentary] on Lamen. [Lamentations] ii. 22. says, “Liberty shall be publicly proclaimed to the people of the house of Israel, על יד משיחא âl yad Mashicha, by the hand of the Messiah, such as was granted to them by Moses and Aaron, at the time of the Passover.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 393)  
-5. And we, in spirit upon foundation [of] belief, waiting [מיחלים, MeYahHahLeeYM] to hope [for] fruit, the our righteousness [δικαιοσυνης - dikaiosunes, justification, righteousness].  
“The language is so compact that Paul’s meaning has to be inferred from 3:14; 5:22-23; and Rom. [Romans] 8:23-26.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 548-549)  
“The full measure of human righteousness is still a thing of the eschatological future (cf. [compare with] Rom 5:19).” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 789)
“That they could not have the Holy Spirit, without faith, was a doctrine also of the Jews; hence it is said, Mechilta, fol. [folio] 52. ‘That faith was of great consequence, with which the Israelites believed in Him, who, with one word, created the universe; and because the Israelites believed in God, the Holy Spirit dwelt in them; so that being filled with God, they sung praises to him.’” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II pp. 393-394)  
-6. That yes, in Anointed YayShOo'ah ["Savior", Jesus] there is no thought [חשיבות, HahSheeYBOoTh], not to circumcision [למילה, LahMeeYLaH] and not to foreskin [לערלה, Lah`ahRLaH], rather to belief, the laborer in way [of] love.  
“No passage in Paul’s letters is of greater importance for integral understanding of his religion and the relation of his faith to his ethics. The mutuality of faith, hope, and love – a theme repeated with many variations – runs through everything he has written and forms the substance of his theology. … Paul’s religion is distorted whenever his ethics and his ‘good works’ are made to appear as an incidental by-product of his faith rather than as one of its essential ingredients.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 550-551)  
“This humble, holy, operative, obedient LOVE, is the grand touchstone of all human creeds, and confessions of faith. Faith, without this, has neither soul nor operation: in the language of the apostle James, it is dead, and can perform no function of the spiritual life, no more than a dead man can perform the duties of animal or civil life.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 394)  
-12. Would that [מי יתן, MeeY YeeThayN] and be cut [ויכרתו, VeYeeKahRThOo] the misleaders [המתעים, HahMahTh`eeYM] [of] you!  
“‘I wish that those who are upsetting you would even emasculate themselves!’ This is what Paul said and meant. … for a similar outburst see Phil. [Philippians] 3:2-3, where the advocates of circumcision are ‘dogs,’ and by a play on words – περιτομη [peritome’], κατατομην [katatmen] - ‘circumcision’ becomes ‘mutilation.’ Paul may have been thinking of the mad spectacle of the Cybele-Attis cult, whose priests in frenzied devotion used to emasculate themselves as a sacrifice to their deity. … The shock of Paul’s statement to the Judaizers can be measured in the light of the prohibition in Deut. [Deuteronomy] 23:1. To a devout Jew his blunt language would be as sacrilegious as a Christian would find the wish of a disbeliever in sacraments that all advocates of baptism would drown themselves. Never happy after making such denunciations (II Cor. [Corinthians]1:23-2:11; Phil. 3:18-19), Paul quickly changes his tone…” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 554-555)  
-13. My brethren, to freedom you have been called,
only that not be, the freedom, means [אמצעי, ’ehMTsah`eeY] in hands of the flesh,
rather that minister, [each] man [את, ’ehTh (indicator of direct object; no English equivalent)] his neighbor in love.  
“To be freed from the ceremonial law, is the Gospel liberty; to pretend freedom from the moral law, is antinomianism.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 395)  
-14. See, all the Instruction included [כלולה, KLOoLaH] in saying [במאמר, BeMah’ahMahR] one – “and love to your neighbor like you.”  
“The quotation is from Lev. [Leviticus] 19:18; cf. Rom. 13:8-10 [and Matt. [Matthew] 7:11 (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 789)]. The tense of the verb ‘fulfilled’ is perfect; thus Paul says that the whole law is fulfilled, in the sense of ‘has been fulfilled’ whenever one man loves another as himself…. Paul the Christian loved his neighbor not because a commandment disobeyed would bring punishment, or fulfilled would merit reward, but because it was his new nature to do to.  
But who was Paul’s neighbor? He was, first of all, ‘the one who was near,’ the fellow member of the society of Christ who needed help to bear life’s burdens (6:2). Then, with continuously lengthening radius, Paul drew a series of concentric circles to embrace all men (6:10; I Thess. [Thessalonians] 5:15; I Cor. 9:22). Even his enemies were included, for Christ received sinners, and personal vengeance was no fruit of the Spirit (6:1; Rom. 12:20; 15:1-3). … He bore the burden of his neighbor’s sins, and although he sometimes had to threaten them, he was never without hope for their repentance (I Cor. 4; II Cor. 12:19-13:10; II Thess. 3:14-15). He could hurl anathemas, and his friends did not always find him easy to get on with … but the love of Christ would never permit him to contract the circle of his neighbors (Rom. 9:1-3; 10:1; II Cor. 7:5-16; 1:23-2:11). (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 557)  
Fruit of the Spirit and usurpations of [ומעללי, OoMah`ahLahLaY] the flesh
[verses 16 to end of chapter]  
-16. Say I to you, walk in way the spirit and do not fill [את, ’ehTh] desires [תאוות, Thah`ahVOTh] [of] the flesh,
-17. for the flesh desires [מתאוה, MeeTh’ahVeH] to what that is in opposition [שבנגוד, ShehBeNeeGOoD] to spirit, and the spirit is opposed [מתנגדת, MeeThNeGehDehTh] to the flesh. [The] two [of] them oppose to this to this, and to that [ולכן, OoLeKhayN] you are not able to do [את, ’ehTh] what that is in your want.  
“This is Paul’s way of stating the Jewish doctrine of the ‘two impulses’ which are at war within the heart of man. The rabbis declared that God created Adam with two inclinations, one good, the other evil, and required him to choose which to obey. He was free to follow his good impulse, but he chose the evil, and so did all his descendants. Consequently every man became the Adam of his own soul. Some maintained that the evil impulse awakened at the age of nine, others at twelve. Study with practice of the Torah was the sovereign remedy to wear it away …” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 561)  

-19. Deeds of the flesh are revealed [גלויים, GLOoYeeYM], and these are they:
adultery [נאוף, Nee’OoPh] and fornication, impurity [טמאה, TooM’aH], licentiousness [זמה, ZeeMaH], 20. slavery of idols, magic [כשוף KeeShOoPh in my Hebrew New Testamenti ; the Greek here is “φαρμακεια pharmakeia - the use of drugs of any kind, whether wholesome or poisonous...” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 562] hatred, contention [מדון, MahDON], stinginess [צרות עין, TsahROoTh 'ahYeeN, “squint eyed”, Ζηλος Zelos jealousy], anger [כעס, Kah'ahÇ], strife [מריבה, MeReeYBaH], divisions [מחלקות, MahHLahQOTh], factions [כתות, KeeThOTh], 21. envy, drunkenness, profligacy [הוללות,HOLeLOoTh], and as similar.  
Say I to what that I already said: doers of deeds like these will not inherit [את, ’ehTh] kingdom of the Gods.  
“Πορνεια [Porneia] ... fornication ... means ‘prostitution’, but includes sexual vice and unfaithfulness to the marriage vow. The task of the church in creating a conscience on this matter was made doubly difficult by the practice of prostitution in the name of religion. Long before Paul, the prophets had denounced the fertility cults and made prostitution a synonym for idolatry.  
Φαρμακεια [pharmakeia] ... Since witches and sorcerers used drugs, the word came to designate witchcraft, enchantment, sorcery, and magic. The law of Moses prescribed the death penalty for it, and the prophets denounced the Egyptians, Babylonians and Canaanites for practicing it; but this did not prevent the Jews from producing some famous practitioners (Acts 13:6-12; 19:1-20). Next to state-worship, magic was the most dangerous competitor of true religion... claiming to specialize in the impossible, it prostituted faith to superstition, and divorced religion from ethics. ... In Paul’s spiritual arithmetic, faith plus miracles minus love amounted exactly to zero....  
Ερις [Eris] is ... strife ... The spirit of Eris is perfectly described in the words of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – ‘ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision.’  
The fact that he expected the near return of Christ to end this present age must not be permitted to obscure the equally important fact that he regarded his own life and witness for Christ as an essential element in hastening that event.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 561-565)  
-22. In opposition to [לעמת, Le`ooMahTh] this, fruit of spirit:
he is love, happiness, peace, patience, [ארך רוח, ’oRehKh Roo-ahH, “length [of] spirit”] generosity, good heart, faithfulness, 23. modesty [עננה, `ahNahNaH], restraint [רסון, ReeÇOoN] [of] self– upon such [מדות, MeeDOTh] as these there is no instruction further [חלה, HahLaH, sic ["so in cite"] for חלאה, HahL’aH!].  
“Since love is a personal relation it is not a matter of law, and cannot be commanded; and since it is God’s own love growing as his ‘fruit’ in the hearts of men, no one can claim it as a merit for self-salvation. ...  
... in every age ... men have found it hard to see how God could have anything in common with humanity, and Christians have been tempted to make a distinction in kind between God’s love and man’s love. Paul’s authority has been claimed for this dualistic view. Αγαπη [agape’] is set against ερος [eros]. God’s love is said to be αγαπη reaching down to save man by his grace, and ερος man’s self-love aspiring upward to save himself. Paul’s αγαπη is associated with justification by faith, the Greek ερος with salvation by works.... Jerusalem and the Christian faith are made to oppose Athens and human reason, and the conclusion is drawn from the history of Christianity that ερος, man’s self love, has always been a source of corruption of αγαπη, love inspired by God’s grace.  
This interpretation of Christian love is intended as a defense of the doctrine of justification by faith and as a means of securing scriptural support for a dualistic philosophy which aims to protect the transcendence of God against humanism. But to draw such sweeping conclusions from a word study of two Greek nouns, without adequate consideration of other related Greek words and ideas, is to oversimplify. The LXX [The Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible] is full of evidence that this distinction between αγαπη and ερος cannot be maintained on the basis of lexicography. The Greek O.T. [Old Testament] uses both the noun αγαπη and the verb αγαπαω [agapao] to express not only God’s love for men, but man’s love for God and for his fellow man. Although there is no certain evidence that the noun αγαπη was used by nonbiblical writers prior to Christianity, the argument from silence may be invalidated by future discoveries, and it would be precarious to conclude that αγαπη was a specifically Christian word.  
One-sided emphasis on God’s love as ‘unmotivated’ by anything in his creatures tempts men to regard him in the light of an egotistical philanthropist who expects gratitude and praise but neither needs nor desires the mutuality that is inherent in the very nature of love... Without a faith that dares humbly to believe that God needs man’s love ... the Christian’s conception of his high calling to be a kingdom builder is liable to reduce itself to blind obedience to commands given arbitrarily for man’s good while awaiting God’s eschatological fiat. Such a misconception is bound to give aid and comfort to the inclination of human nature – ‘the flesh’ – to divorce religion from ethics.  
Grave moral consequences result from such a view of Christian love. It is associated with a doctrine of predestination that makes God’s choice of the objects of his salvation utterly arbitrary.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 565-566)  
“The peace which was the fruit of the Spirit ... could be trusted to keep men's hearts and minds (Phil. 4:7), so that they need have not anxiety about anything. This explains the sublime recklessness of the Christian peacemakers. Being colaborers with God (Rom. 8:28), they were aggressors for peace. They aimed to live at peace with all men (Rom. 12:18), but fear of making enemies did not turn them from their task of producing soundness, wholeness, and harmony in a world of chaos. Their reasonable service was to ... substitute the righteousness and peace and joy of his [God's] kingdom (Rom. 14:17) for the low aims of 'the flesh,' thereby creating the conditions for peace. Their ideal was to live so that quarrels could never get started.  
Christian peace was therefore neither the calm of inactivity nor the mere passive enjoyment of freedom from strife. It was not the imperturbability of the Epicurean, or the apathy of the Stoic, or the contemplation of the mystic. The man who possessed it was not exempt from storm and shipwreck, but by faith he knew that he would arrive in port (Acts 27:21-25), and that all was well for him and his fellow men of faith ... And so, where all else was panic, he played the man.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 567)  
“... just as God’s patience was not to be presumed upon, so the Christian’s patience was not a spiritless good nature that would put up with things which it could not escape, or would not prevent. It was patience with a purpose, as in Paul’s pleas to Philemon, which contrasts so sharply with the Stoic motive for self control... Those who bore this fruit ‘turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17:6), and the enemy did not know how to deal with such unheard of patience and persistence.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 568)  
“Negatively defined, gentleness is everything that the ‘insolent, haughty, boastful’ men of Rom. 1:30 are not. It is the opposite of υβρις [hubris], the worst of sins in the eyes of the Greeks – deliberate, arrogant defiance of the gods by overstepping the limits set for human beings. In the O.T. such men are called ‘sons of Belial,’ the turbulent, highhanded wicked, who rage against God, kill, rob and enslave the righteous ‘meek’ and take possession of the earth for themselves. The psalms are full of moans and complaints against this rich and powerful majority, who used religion as a means of gain and kept their consciences in flexible subservience to the exigencies of power.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 569)  
“’Εγκρατεια [Egkrateia] is temperance (KJV [King James Version]), self-control (RSV [Revised Standard Version]) ....  
The Stoics had helped to prepare the soil out of which this fruit of the Spirit was to grow. They insisted that the sovereign reason could and should control the passions. They believed in a law of nature to which they must conform, and they endeavored to maintain their inner freedom under all circumstances. But their motive was very different from Paul’s, the one being devoted to the glory of the God of grace, the other to the preservation of the sovereign self-will. When the Stoic collided with things beyond his control, his inner independence turned into apathy, practicing the motto ‘When we can’t do what we want, we want to do what we can.’ He took orders from his commander in chief, an impersonal God who had the power of life or death; but he did it in such a way as to make it clear to God and men that he, the Stoic, was after all the captain of his soul. He controlled his anger because he found it a nuisance to be under the power of any passion and in his sight meekness was contemptible weakness...  
Paul exalted humility: ‘It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me’ (2:20). ... His self-discipline was the result of his spiritual experiences, rather than an undertaking to induce them; and his self-control was sane compared with the ascetic excesses of later Christian groups such as the ‘Encratites,’ who forbade marriage and followed fantastic dietary rules.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 569-570)  
“Unrepentant sinners have no appetite for the fruit of the Spirit, and when its production and distribution require changes in the political and economic status quo, men ... pass laws against it ... Especially in time of war these traits of Christian character have been forbidden fruit, though given for the healing of the nations. Occasionally the world, exhausted with fighting, and sick of its cynical Epicureanism, has professed a desire for the fruits of the Spirit, but on its own terms without the cross required to produce them.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB X p. 570)  
... 26. Do not, please [נא, Nah’] be panters of [שואפי, ShO’ahPhaY] honor vain [שוא, ShahVe’], the provokers [המתגרים, HahMeeThGahReeYM] and enviers [ומקנאים, OoMQahN’eeYM] a man in his neighbor.  
“The right stood in terror of the iconoclasm of the left, and the radicals labeled all other men reactionaries ... Both sides professed to love liberty and defend it, but neither was willing to grant it to the other.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 572)   END NOTE  
i ספר הבריתות, תורה נביאים כתובים והברית החדשה [ÇehPheR HahBReeYThOTh, ThORaH, NeBeeY’eeYM, KeThOoBeeYM, VeHahBReeYTh HehHahDahShaH, The Book of the Covenants: Instruction, Prophets, Writings; and The New Covenant] The Bible Society in Israel, Jerusalem, Israel, 1991.  
  An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2023.06.09 17:14 Own-Claim-6217 How bad is street parking?

How bad is it really? Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m afraid the fear mongering has gotten to me.
My partner and I are moving to SF in early July and having a difficult time finding monthly parking options. We know to leave nothing in the car but I am still scared we will get smash and grabbed for no reason if we do decide to go with street parking. Car is a 2015 Lexus. We will be in Russian Hill near North Point and Hyde. Any advice (seriously about anything) is welcome!
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2023.06.09 17:14 LucidH3X NotOccult (ACult) we are a home for the weirdos and misfits

NotOccult (ACult)
Clan Description : we are a husband and wife who love diablo and love community. If you are looking for skilled players and life long friends and most of all a safe place for people with autism, ADHD and the lgbtqa+ we are the place you can call call home.
Clan Discord
How members can sign up: psn add lucid-h3x93 or battle net LucidH3X#1780
Why you should join :
This clan was found in June on launch by AbandonCTRL ex leader of Remnants of war (row) a clan founded in d1/ d2 and d3 days. We once held a huge ladder presence across all seasons and platforms. We are looking to have fun, meet friends and progress as a group nobody gets left behind in this family!
We take pride in helping each other with gear and advice. A Mature Gaming Clan who uphold Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Team work. Skilled players and mentors willing to help you learn and improve. Mature, friendly players to have fun and play with.
So let’s make lasting friendships and git gud we will crush our way to ladder dominance again as a family!
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2023.06.09 17:13 BlackIronRose In regards to the Daily Mail Article on the front page about Trans Doctors - here's the actual guidance and what it really says.

Firstly here's the full document.
It was written by the NHS Confederation along with the LGBT Foundation.
The NHS Confederation is here. They're basically an advisory body/kindof support network. They have no legal authority and none of this guidance is binding in anyway. The LGBT Foundation is LGBT Foundation is a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities.
The main controversy comes from this page.
It essentially states that you can request same sex care but the request will have to be valid (i.e. not just bigotry) and that ultimately the staff's comfort has to come first. The rest of the drama is summed up below.
The 97-page guide also includes a long lists of recommendations for hospitals and clinics to be more inclusive, such as flying the pride flag in offices, making staff wear rainbow badges and celebrating diversity dates in the calendar.
HR managers are told to list their pronouns in job adverts, relax employment experience requirements in case trans people are put off applying and give applicants private changing rooms before interviews.
In lengthy advice on pronouns, NHS staff are told to use them whenever they introduce themselves - and are assured that even Shakespeare used they/them to refer to individuals.
A section on language meanwhile says that the phrase ‘biologically male’ is now considered offensive or derogatory, while it is wrong to say someone ‘identifies as’ a particular gender because it implies it is their choice ‘rather than an inherent reality’
The Head of the NHS Confederation responded below:
NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor said: ‘This is a guide for our members on how they can be effective and active allies to their trans and nonbinary staff. It does not constitute formal policy for the NHS.
‘Based on independent interpretations of equalities legislation and extensive engagement with our partners, the guide advises that if a patient requests to be seen by a NHS staff member with or without a particular protected characteristic, the healthcare provider would not be required under this or other legislation to comply with that.
‘The exemption to that would be unless there would be a clinical need or benefit to do so, including around supporting the patient’s psychological wellbeing.
'As the guide says, there are likely to be extremely few circumstances in which this would happen and decisions would always be made on a case-by-case basis.’
He added: ‘We understand that this is a contested area, which is why we carried out an independent procurement process for an expert body to carry out this work on our behalf for our members – we are grateful to the LGBT Foundation for doing this and for the responses we have received so far from our members and partners.’
I think there's definitely bits of this that people will find controversial but if you look at it from the point of view that this is just an LGBT's charities views on how to make work more confortable for their members it makes a whole lot of sense. It's not official guidance nor do you have to follow it all.
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2023.06.09 17:13 Ok-Cost8877 Strange offer - Skyprivate

Strange offer - Skyprivate
Hello ladies! First of all, I wish you a nice day! 😁
I created a skyprivate account. Today I got a strange offer. I am wondering if you have ever received such a message and how did you react to it?
What do you think about that?
English is a foreign language to me, I apologize in advance.
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2023.06.09 17:13 Prestigious_Emu_4343 How long will you wait?

For those still waiting for a decision from Howard (if it ever comes), how long are you going to wait until just moving on? At first I told myself I was going to give up after June 1st but for some reason I keep holding on lol.
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2023.06.09 17:13 Hedgewitch250 Ask me anything on this altered group of people

In my sci-fi/cosmic horror story, an anomaly gives many people abilities. My working name for them is the altered but I’m open to changing it if anyone has suggestions. While some were given preferable powers and changes many of these came with downsides. Any questions or suggestions on this group are appreciated.
When the anomaly took place a myriad of elements from other worlds were pushed into ours. The energy of Many eldritch beings was flooded into the world triggering an unforeseen effect and creating alterations in a chance few. Altered powers range from being able to control energy to communicating with animals. Abilities can be more abstract like the power to induce madness or communicating with space. One trait the altered all share is the power to combine their abilities into a singular skill. Deemed “resonance” this can allow any number of altered to blend powers as long as they have synergy. An example is one who controls fire and another ice working together to form electricity. As long as the powers gave some synergy any number of people can achieve resonance.
Many powers come with downsides as a side effect of how they work. Someone who can fly for example creates a personal gravity field that negates the surrounding force. While you can fly you can’t touch the ground without using something to weigh yourself like special shoes. Some energy powers require you to exude that same energy cause you can’t just pull that out of nowhere thanks to physics. Someone who controls fire may be perpetually on fire and need heat-resistant clothing. While some may have the same power the way it manifests would dictate whether or not you could have a side-effect.
Another issue is the matter of physiology changes. Some altered have different looks which can range from green skin to animal-like attributes. This physiology switch can range from needing to breathe carbon monoxide or having a different diet. Someone given the quality of a koala now can only eat plants as meat could be lethal. Another problem that comes from this is body dysmorphia. Having your appearance changed can result in many not liking the result. One of my characters is currently struggling to reconcile his self-worth with his pangolin-like appearance.
As the world struggles to deal with the changes caused by the Anomaly like monsters and strange phenomena the altered have been forced to deal with added weight. From getting treatment to managing their powers or therapy to process the change things have been shaky so far. Aside from a detention facility and them being requested to wear blatant proof of alteration, A huge issue is the matter of altered trafficking which involves kidnapping altered to act as things like indentured servants, unethical lab rats, or even just cage fighters for the criminal underworld.
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