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2023.06.09 16:00 psugrad98 I am really sick of my wife and kids

I love them, But I am sick and tired of them. I have been married 22 years, I have two kids, age 15 and 10. And I am sick of them.
It seems that every interest I have, they express zero interest or outright hostility toward, so much so that I hardly ever want to be around them.
Like hiking. A few years ago we would do adverntures EVERY WEEKEND; going to state parks, hiking backpacking, going on bike rides, etc. Now every single time in the past two years, with maybe two exceptions, they have said they were not interested. I do enjoy hiking and stuff by myself. To me it's almost spiritual, but I do want them to come with me to enjoy that part with me..
Last weekend I came home from work, set up our campsite, I started a campfire and had stuff to roast smores, and no one came out with me. I sat out there by myself. Tomorrow there is a festival at our local state park. Very close to my house, I suggested we hike the trail INTO the park to go to the event, and have fun doing that, and I was met with "why would we do that?"
Yesterday I was at home, coooking dinner for the family, I was playing the Grateful Dead on the alexa, and my son came in and asked "What's playing" and my wife responded with "That's anxiety music. That music gives me anxiety". I love when someone tells me that something that brings me joy causes them pain... It really makes me feel good.
I'm also told that me playing the drums in the garage causes anxiety.. Or when I have my painting stuff out and I"M painting that the mess causes "anxiety".
Anything I do that causes me pleasure people complain about. So I no longer share it with them, or do it while they are around. For example, if I'm playing music and someone comes in the room, I shut it off.
My son plays guitar, and I thought he'd enjoy the movie "That thing you do", since it's about a band, and it's a favorite movie of mine. He left 1/2 way through it and went inside never to return. This is the second or third time that while watching a movie I wanted to share with him, he did that.
I feel so hurt and unloved and unappreciated. I have these things that I love; playing drums, or watching star trek, or listening to Grateful dead or Pink Floyd, and NO ONE to enjoy them with. No one to talk about them with. No one asks me about it, or tells me I sound good when I learn a new drum fill or something. Just complaints that it bothers them.
I can see why some men (and women) pack up and leave their families for other families. At this point it may not take much for me to find another perosn that cherishes me and be attracted to them.
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2023.06.09 15:59 hyenas_are_good Are coffee shops not a slam dunk?

Are coffee shops not a slam dunk?
I thought this was a shoo in. Any idea why this was rejected? Ideas for improvement?
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2023.06.09 15:59 SecureCoffee1769 Front looks like one car back looks like another

Front looks like one car back looks like another
Long story short: my vehicle got broken into and coincidentally, my apartments parking lot lights meter tripped so it was super dark 2 nights ago. Yes I know it’s grainy, yes I know it could be better (and would be if the lights were on). I’m a car guy and have a bunch of friends who all have come up with a range of cars… I don’t want to say what we think to alter your thought.
The unfortunate thing for the suspect is I’m a cop in the city I live and work in.. I’m on my 4 days off and have nothing but time to track them down.
The first clip is after the break in— you can see my trucks dome lights on in the top right hand corner. The second video is them passing the truck 2-3 minutes earlier before turning around to get in.
I’ll update if we catch the suspects.
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2023.06.09 15:58 some_craic_dealer Anyone else a bit disappointed in the difficulty of the campaign?

I'll start with saying I am still very much enjoying the game and this isn't going to make me suddenly drop it, just wondering if others are feeling the same. I am only part way though Act III (WT2) and I am playing co-op with my partner so that might have an impact and I'm sure after the campaign once we do raise the difficultly things will ramp up and be more challenging but I really wished you could raise the difficultly prior to finishing the campaign.
You only get to experience it fresh once and in particular boss fights in the campaign are a major let down in terms of difficultly for me. Story/writing wise there are these great build ups to bosses/events, all this hype/backstory/lore gets built up over time about some some super powerful terrifying lore central enemy but then the actual fight is a walk in the park. For most of them you can just stand and man fight the bosses with minimal dodging and potion use.
I don't even care about extra loot/gold/XP I just want to actually feel challenged like I'm fighting a much more powerful foe and the fight isn't a forgone conclusion right from the start.
After the final big fight of Act II I discussed this with my partner who isn't really hardcore gamer and bar Nintendo games with the kids the last major time spent gaming was probably Diablo 3 a good few years back and they felt the same. The story, gameplay(mostly) are spot on, and the cinematics are great.
We are really invested into finishing the campaign first and are mostly only sticking to main quests, no running around exploring and only do nearby side quests or events we never go out of our way to grind gear or level up.
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2023.06.09 15:56 khryss812c r/Cebu GRMD - Saturday, June 17, 2023 - Music One, IT Park

Cebu GRMD - Saturday, June 17, 2023 - Music One, IT Park

Alright, mga Bisdak! Hopefully, mabasa before mag-Blackout (Yawa ning Reddit. Mga nawng og kwarta!)
Reddit Protest aside, we'll be pushing through with this year's Global Reddit Meetup Day on Saturday, June 17, 2023, 7 PM onwards, at Music One - Luxe Room, The Walk, IT Park, Cebu City (check out the link to see the location in Google Maps). It'll be in the second floor of The Walk, just for reference.
We will have the following:
  • Drinks and Food
  • Chika
  • Card Games
  • Karaoke (of course)
There will be a PHP 500.00 DOOR FEE. That already covers the room, all the food, and all the drinks you can order (though of course, please order moderately). Y'all can eat your Dinner here.
And again, it's OPEN FOR EVERYONE!
See y'all there!
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2023.06.09 15:56 kaO_rosseforP How to not get tilted by random families?

The course I practice at is also a Township Park with extensive walking trails. These walking trails are close to the course, and even intersect with the course at the front/end of a few holes. Depending on the time I go to the course, it's not uncommon to have families with children walk through the course. I've even had families walk up/down the fairway while I'm actively on that hole.
I don't really get angered by this, as they have as much of a right to be in this free-to-use public space as I do. So, I never really tell these people off. I just offer a friendly "hello", and politely wait for them to clear the hole. Sometimes people are courteous and clear as soon as they see me. Other times, I have people slowly meander through the entire fairway while I'm sitting there waiting to be able to throw.
My question to you all: do you have a strategy to stop this from getting to your head and "tilting" you? I don't know why, but whenever I get interrupted by a family like this, it just completely takes my head out of the game. Most of the time the course is a peaceful and serene atmosphere with minimal distractions. So, when I have a gaggle of children walking through the hole it just completely destroys my focus. Any tips?
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2023.06.09 15:55 TBZZZ Is $4500/mo Rent Too Much For My Partner and I?

Hi All, I am a new grad moving to a VHCOL City to start work with my partner. Gross combined before bonuses we will be making ~186,000 and plan to fully max 401ks. I do not have state income tax and if my math is correct we should take home roughly 9500 a month post tax and 401k. No car payments or debt. Would also cost to park at the apartment as well. Have any of you been in a situation like this where a splurge on rent felt justified, or are we completely out of our minds for nearing the 50% of post tax on rent alone?
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2023.06.09 15:54 AppleCorrie Rental car or shuttle busses for Banff visit?

I will be visiting Banff for several days near the end of July 2023, and staying at a hotel within walking distance of Banff’s centre.
I will need to get to and from the Calgary airport, and of course I intend to check out as many of the scenic trails in the area as a I can during my stay.
Are the local shuttle busses reliable and frequent enough to comfortably get around Banff (and to surrounding trails) during my stay? On the other hand, would parking be a difficulty at local attractions if I decide to go the car rental route?
I’m trying to decide if the extra 400-500cad for a car rental will be worth it for any extra peace of mind.
Thanks :)
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2023.06.09 15:53 expanding_waistline Swansea Half Marathon

Can anyone suggest the best place to park on Sunday for the half marathon? Travelling down from Pontardawe. The guide has the Kingsway car park but he race goes past there so won't the road be closed?
Also am I right in thinking that the route goes past victoria park a few times? Is that a good place for the family to go to watch?
And where might be a good place to meet up after since I won't have a phone?
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2023.06.09 15:44 ThrowRATwistedWeb Has your marriage survived if the first year was extremely rocky?

If so, how long? Is there any hope?
My first marriage counseling appointment will fall on the day before our first married anniversary (>5 years together).
I'm sitting at work feeling dull and sluggish because I'm just losing hope.
This past Sunday we had a fight. My husband can't maintain healthy boundaries with his ex-gf (mother of his son) and she spent an hour on our lawn having a fit - which is annoying but would have been fine if he didn't make it my problem. He made it clear we are not a team and he tried to make his baby momma drama my burden to bear instead of having a fucking spine and telling her to go home. Or hell, calling the police if she can't gtfo.
And he can't accept blame for his own actions. He keeps trying to make it about her, but it's that I had to keep telling him no when I shouldn't have had to say it ONCE because he knows how I feel about her tantrum tactics and bullying behaviors. Instead it was them versus me in a way. He said no to her a lot, but he kept letting it go on and on and on, and would keep coming inside trying to pressure me to just do what she wants to make the problem go away. Except it never does. Giving in to her is like giving in to a tantruming toddler. It doesn't resolve the issue and it encourages the shitty behavior.
He keeps saying sorry and he realizes I'm right, but then reverts to blaming her. I have made it very clear he is my problem and I am resentful and angry and I don't trust or respect him now. He wanted me to meet her in a park for a little powwow (read: her berating me until I hopefully give in) and I told him I'd only ever meet in a café or something because I don't trust him to have my back. But I did alter that to refusing to meet her outside mediation with a neutral third party or similar. I didn't fuck her, so why should I have to listen to her psycho rantings about the only way to do right by my stepson is to do anything and everything she asks? Including paying CS when she doesn't even have him consistently for 1 overnight, btw.
We have met before and I've always been civil, but she's had some mental breakdown in the last several months and I don't want to join the mud slinging shitshow. I want my husband to protect me from his shit. I support him all the time - but my support will never extend to enduring verbal abuse on his behalf.
And I'm just sitting here wondering if marriage counseling will do anything. If he's hurt me a little too deeply one too many times and a part of me is just shutting down. And yeah, the normal recommendation is to just leave, and it's there. I want to try marriage counseling first. I'm hoping a third party person can help him see what his behavior is doing. But most people seem to have marital issues down the road, not this soon. So I can't help but think it's a death knell for us.
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2023.06.09 15:42 EquivalentGrand7273 Discovering the Diverse Wildlife of Kudremukh National Park 🦁🐘🐆

Discovering the Diverse Wildlife of Kudremukh National Park 🦁🐘🐆

"Step into the untamed realm of Kudremukh National Park and witness the symphony of wildlife, where every encounter reveals the magic of nature's diversity."
Nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kudremukh National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. With its rich biodiversity and pristine landscapes, the park is home to a wide array of captivating wildlife species. In this blog, we will explore the popular wildlife inhabitants of kudremukh national park, offering a glimpse into the natural wonders that await visitors. Get ready to embark on a virtual safari through this remarkable wilderness. 🌿🌳🐾
1. Malabar Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica):
The Malabar Giant Squirrel is one of the iconic species found in kudremukh karnataka. With its vibrant fur and impressive size, spotting these magnificent creatures is a delightful experience.

  • Physical Features: Known for their large size, bushy tails, and colorful fur ranging from deep brown to bright orange, they are a sight to behold.
  • Habitat: Malabar Giant Squirrels thrive in the dense evergreen and tropical rainforests of Kudremukh National Park, where they find an abundance of food and shelter.
2. Indian Gaur (Bos gaurus):
The Indian Gaur, also known as the Indian Bison, is a majestic bovine species that roams the forests of Kudremukh National Park. Witnessing their sheer size and power is awe-inspiring. Makes must kudremukh places to visit in holidays.

  • Physical Features: These herbivorous giants possess a robust build, muscular shoulders, and distinctive curved horns. Their dark brown to black coats blend perfectly with the forest environment.
  • Habitat: Indian Gaurs prefer the lush grasslands and dense forests of Kudremukh National Park, where they graze on a variety of vegetation.
3. Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus):
The Indian Elephant, an emblem of grace and strength, finds its home within the verdant landscapes of Kudremukh National Park. Encountering these gentle giants is a truly memorable experience.

  • Physical Features: Known for their large size, elongated trunks, and impressive tusks, Indian Elephants are characterized by their intelligence and social behavior.
  • Habitat: These magnificent creatures inhabit the forests and grasslands of Kudremukh National Park, where they form close-knit family groups.
4. Leopard (Panthera pardus):
The elusive and graceful Leopard is among the top predators residing in kudremukh trekking. Although sightings are rare, their presence adds an element of thrill to the park's wildlife.

  • Physical Features: Leopards are renowned for their powerful build, sleek coats with distinctive rosette patterns, and adaptability to various habitats.
  • Habitat: Leopards are known to occupy a range of habitats within the park, including dense forests and rocky terrains, providing them ample hunting opportunities.
5. Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus):
The Lion-tailed Macaque, with its unique appearance and endangered status, finds its sanctuary in the forests of kudremukh National Park. Spotting these rare primates is a true privilege.

  • Physical Features: These macaques are distinguished by their dark fur, silver-gray manes, and a tail resembling a lion's tuft, hence their name.
  • Habitat: Lion-tailed Macaques inhabit the dense rainforests and hilly terrains of Kudremukh National Park, where they feed on fruits, leaves, and small animals.
Conclusion: Kudremukh National Park is a treasure trove of remarkable wildlife, offering a glimpse into the fascinating biodiversity of the Western Ghats. From the agile Malabar Giant Squirrel to the regal Indian Gaur, the park's diverse inhabitants enchant visitors with their natural beauty and captivating behaviors. Exploring the habitats of these incredible species adds an extra layer of wonder to the breathtaking landscapes of Kudremukh National Park. 🌳🐾✨
So, gear up, embrace the spirit of adventure, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of this enchanting wildlife sanctuary.
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2023.06.09 15:42 Special_Water7634 Parents were very controlling/overprotected of me as a kid and messed me up as an adult

I'm still pissed at my parents for not letting me do social things/go to social events when I was a teen and in my 20's. As a teen -if was half and half sometimes mom was reasonable and let me go to one friends home-and let me spend the night but other times my other friends never allowed. Went ballistic when she saw me wearing my friends cute pants-because me and her exchange clothes. No big deal right? She punished me and forbid me to go to her party. Always, gave me the spiel that boys are perverts. I went to an 8th grade dance-kept saying watch out for boys they like to touch girls. I tried on this cute dress accused me of being a whore this was back in the 90's, nothing compared to what teens are wearing today. At 20- I wanted to go out with a guy-told me "not to doing anything dirty with him." Didn't want me to have relations with anyone. Wanted his phone number and full name. I was still living at home in my 20's and didn't move out until 29-my 20's were ALOT worse. I was alot at collections job I HATED, I was looking for another jobs in the meantime, told her I wanted to quit. But forced me to stay at least another year. This resulted in me getting fired for going off at a customer one day and I ended up hiding the truth from them. They found out after 2 months-I was punished, I was 25 years old. It wouldn't have happened if I could have quit when I wanted to. Went out with friends from work, didn't call her back or pick up the phone-she went ballistic and accused me of being a prostitute. When I told her I wanted to hang out with a guy from high school-she got all pissed and told me why, what could I possibly have in common with him. Since I moved out at 30 -I've hooked up with 15 guys, went out to bars/clubs stayed out until 3am, has no clue about it. Everytime I dress sexy or even wearing g strings it makes me feel like a whore. Even though I don't live with them anymore-she still calls to check up on me-sometimes its hard b/c I could be hanging out with someone, and if I dont pick up she might drive by my place to see if my car is parked there or even knock on my door. I want to go on a vacation but will never tell them because she will likely yell at me for taking PTO time and not having a hard work ethnic. Also, everything still people tell me I'm too quiet and don't talk alot. Gee, maybe if they let me have social skills I could have been outgoing. Now at 41, she is telling me to "find a male friend" and why haven't I found one yet. I'm like wtf? Oh now she tells me I can be around guys? If I tell her I went out with a guy she won't approve of it.
Sad, but I can't wait till they are no longer living.
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2023.06.09 15:41 ADefectivePC Is a hoodie Bundle a good idea?

It's fine if this isn't allowed but just in case. I've collected the hoodies for a short while, I have an original grey with "you need to childish up" on the back, Theme Park, cereal, robs motors, Lighting purple and Spaceman One. Alongside the remote control RC car from Rob's motors drop. None of them ever worn apart from the original grey one. The RC car was never taken out of the box. All have original packaging/ boxes too. Now, I can either look at selling these individually or as a big bundle but I have no idea what people would want to pay. I'm open to suggestions/ opinions on how to sell these. Im not looking for a crazy profit or even all of my money back just a good price.
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2023.06.09 15:41 snoweywastaken Found phone - Suzette Jacqueline may 27

Found phone - Suzette Jacqueline may 27
Found a phone near eben g fine park. It had pictures on the back of the case from Suzette Jacqueline’s party. Service is disconnected and phone is locked.
Do you recognize the people in this picture?
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2023.06.09 15:41 AJhlciho Best friend (29 F) disclosed abuse from a family member to me (29F) and not sure how to proceed with her family

Trigger warning: CSA
One of my best friends from college disclosed to me while we were still in college that she was molested by a “close family member” when she was a child. She didn’t tell me who it was; I only asked once and she said she wasn’t comfortable telling that, so I never pushed about it after that. I just supported her the best ways I knew how, cried with her after her therapy sessions and did my best to take her mind off it when she was tired of processing it.
That was a decade ago, and now we both have young children and are still good friends. She had moved across the country right after college, but recently her parents and brothehis family moved to my city (her brother got a new job, her parents moved with them because they’re retired and take care of her brothers kids). Well she was tired of raising kids without a support system so she and her husband moved to my city too, which I was super excited about!
It’s been awesome having my best friend close by again. She’s a SAHM, i freelance WFH part time so we have a lot of freedom to do things together. She relies on her family heavily for support with her kids, and they are all very close so often when I come over her brothers kids and sometimes her brotheparents are at her house or she’s at theirs and asks me to meet there.
Up to this point I’ve never really thought about her college confession. She said once that she hated when people (our other roommate) brought it up without her initiating the conversation, basically making her relive the trauma without her consent, so I never mentioned it outside of when she wanted to talk. But the other day I brought my kids over to her house and her parents were there. My 18 month old had just fallen asleep, but my 3 year old desperately wanted to play at the park that’s a 5 minute walk down the street. Her mom said she could keep an eye on the 18 month old while we took the older kids (my friends baby was napping too) and she would just call us when the babies woke up. It was like I heard a record screech in my head as soon as she said that and my memory of my friend’s CSA instantly replayed in my mind. So I looked at my friend to see what her reaction was and she said that sounded good and started to get the older kids shoes on. I said I thought we should wait until they woke up and then all go together. My friend and her mom both said it was no big deal and it would be easier to only take the big kids anyways.
I was torn, because on the one hand I trust my best friend to not put my kid in an unsafe situation and also her own kid was in the same situation, but on the other hand I’m never going to take any kind of risk or chance on that front. I was saved from making an awkward stand against my friend and her mom by my toddler waking up and coming to the playground with us anyways.
I didn’t bring it up to my friend in the moment because our kids were with us the rest of the afternoon, and I haven’t seen her since then. She never even confirmed that “family member” meant someone in her immediate family, and I also wonder if she would be as close to her family now if that were the case because they all spend so much time together. For all I know it could have been an uncle or grandparent or someone like that who she never sees now.
Would I be out of line to insist she tell me who assaulted her as a kid? Idk how I would feel about the entire relationship if it turns out it was someone in her immediate family who we see all the time. I’m just not sure that it’s my business at all especially because I’m not going to leave my kids alone with them regardless. I don’t want it to seem like I’d be “discriminating” against her or shaming her for disclosing her abuse to me so long ago, because I know that was a big barrier to her telling anyone before she told me (the idea that people would see her differently or think she was “tainted” in some way).
It’s just a super delicate situation and I’m not sure if there’s a way to protect my kids (which I’m going to do no matter what) while also being sensitive to my best friend of over a decade who has suffered a lot
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2023.06.09 15:40 1111goddess Question for those with menstrual cycles…

How are you feeling a week before and during your period? I took my third shot last night so I’m approaching my first period while on sema (about a week away). Starting yesterday I started experiencing brain fog and fatigue. Also insatiable hunger - not like I’m starving, just the feeling of hunger that doesn’t seem to go away. I’m sitting in the gym parking lot feeling like I should just go home bc I feel like I’d pass out if I tried to work out (I am eating enough btw!) Curious if other people have experienced this? Also if it goes away the longer you’re on the drug or if it’s going to be like this every cycle. 😅
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2023.06.09 15:40 Different-Self-4481 Hokkaido Trip - Toya & Noribetsu by train or hire a car?

We are heading on our second trip to Japan in mid-October. We went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka in autumn last year and enjoyed it so much we immediately booked to go back.
This time around we want to start and end our trip in Tokyo, visiting Hokkaido and the Sendai area during our three week stay.
We would like to know whether it would be sensible to hire a car for the Hokkaido leg of our trip, rather than trying to travel from Hakodate to Lake Toya and Noribetsu, then onto Sapporo by train.
Here's what we have planned for that part of the trip...
Three Nights in Hakodate - explore the city, Morning Market, Mount Hakodate, venture to Onuma Park by train.
Pick up a hire car?
One Night in Lake Toya - volcano museum, Usuzan Ropeway.
One Night in Noribetsu - explore Hell Valley, Bear Park and Ainu Village via ropeway.
Return the hire car to New Chitose Airport on the way to Sapporo?
Three Nights in Sapporo - staying near Shin Sapporo station. Explore the city, day trip to Otaru.
If we did the whole trip by train we figured we'd have to skip doing a day trip from Sapporo to Biei and Furano, but if we hired a car we could take a trip out there from our Sapporo hotel (where there is parking available).
Is a day trip to Biei and Furano worth it in late October? Or would the day be better spent in Sapporo?
It would be great to hear from people who've done a similar trip as we're worried that infrequent trains and buses might make travelling by public transport difficult.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 15:40 _mattske Theory: Debbie Nelson Is Marshall Mathers' Real Manager

First & foremost, the drama between Eminem & his mother, both on records & in court, is some of the most compelling aspects of his persona which the media seizes on - enabling him to advertise for very little - while selling millions of records. The skits on his early records talking about killing or raping his mother of course are very "shock & awe," being one of the only artists in the pop realm to be able to somehow get away with this kind of thing despite it otherwise being very degrading & psychologically abusive albeit for the entertainment of many people.
Second of all, if you listen to a lot of his songs, they have a literal or similar melodic & rhythmic structure you find in nursery rhymes. You could say this was the influence of him as a father with his daughter, raising her. However, it's pretty clear that being a successful musician & businessman has put him at a distance from his family, like any other professional person. That being said, it is unlikely the nursery rhyme style beat/flows came from this.
As a child, being rocked in their trailer park, perhaps Debbie attempted to lovingly nurture her boy from time to time with nursery rhymes. When her son began showing signs of intelligence beyond their environment, she thought about the wild financial success & career longevity of kids in the Mouseketeers, or other actors whose parents' guide career-wise.
Marshall's father not being in the picture rules him out as the musical source of inspiration for this child-like influence. It is also not necessarily something that you hear in other forms of pop music. It could be said that a lot of catchy hooks have nursery style simplicity, but I think everybody here knows what I'm talking about with respect to Eminem & his song choices.
He also produces many of the beats individually, or is on the team.
This means it isn't accidental, or the label's doing. It's his identity.
Agree or disagree with this, but it came from somewhere.
If it came from Debbie, I'd be willing to bet she is his actual manager.
Whether she's his actual mother or not, the dude's been in show business for a long time now.
Whether they really grew up in a trailer park, or in Detroit, is anybody's guess at this point.
But without Debbie Nelson, Marshall Matthers would be nothing.
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2023.06.09 15:38 MarioDiBian Why are there so many Russians in Argentina?

Hi guys. I’m Argentinian of partial Russian descent (from my great-grandparents), and I noticed a recent but huge influx of Russians here in Buenos Aires.
Like, my new neighbor is Russian, a lot of friends have now Russian neighbors, you can overhear Russian on the street, parks, cafés. Most of them are young couples with kids.
There are even ads in Russian in some places now, especially real estate agents.
This is attracting local media’s attention and coverage, explaining the reasons behind Russians leaving the country, but why do you guys specifically choose Argentina and not other countries?
We seem to be getting the highest influx by far.
I’d appreciate your input as Russians. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:37 Slangilyundress535 What's up with buying ammo from a friend?

So here’s a sitch for you. I am driving with my uncle to a ranch of his outside my town (Texas, for anyone wondering). He has an improvised shooting range with nothing but hills surrounding it, and we were about to go and enjoy shooting some ragdolls on his new AR-15. Two hours of driving in and we pull over at a gas station surrounded by literally nothing with the truck parked literally behind the entrance. He goes it to get his coffee, with me staying in the car, when I figure I’d go for a quick leak while he’s in there. Clueless and comforted by the nothingness surrounding us I go inside, but with the car left unlocked... and guess what happens.
We come out together only to see the latches open on his truck bed (he has some cover that locks in) and surprise, the ammo is missing. Apart from the cashier dude at the cash register in the gas station being suspiciously unsurprised by what happened, and telling us: „Ay, gotta lock ya car boys”, we saw literally no one around that could have done that. Not a single CCTV in sight. And no ammo to shoot with at the range on my uncle’s ranch either. Well, at least the new AR-15 is still in place, and whoever got into the trunk bed didn’t dig deep enough.
This begs the question though, since we usually got the ammo from a website, with this specific ammo being the last one we got https://bulkmunitions.com/buy-ammo/rifle/223-rem-556x45-ammo/, and we didn’t want to wait for the delivery. I have a pal who made the same bulk acquisition recently and I was going to hit him up and offer to buy some of his, and I was very sure that it’s a done deal, until he told me that it’s illegal in Texas?! I have never heard of this and was quite surprised to hear this, I even initially thought that it’s just him not wanting to sell or share them, lol.
Do you guys have any experience with this? Anyone out here with the right legal knowledge to be able to tell me if my buddy is right?
PS. I know that we were irresponsible, and shouldn’t have left the latch and truck open with no one in the car. Lesson learned.
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2023.06.09 15:36 Alarming-Juice1560 Troy Farmer’s Market?

Hello all!
My boyfriend and I always loved the Troy Farmer’s market but haven’t been in awhile (since they condemned and tore down the parking garage!) When we used to go, that was where we parked and we were wondering if anyone had insights on how parking is now and the best spots to look for a spot, etc. We really do love it there and have avoided it because we were unsure and parking downtown can be hectic so we’ve opted for smaller markets elsewhere but they’re just not quite the same!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 15:35 Dili8opk Chiara in All Her Glory,Chiara Chianti Don Sudan,Bang Bros

This week on the bus we got Chiara Chianti. She was working out in the parking lot. She looked so cute that thought it a good idea to chat her up. She is tiny and sassy. She loves money so we offered her some to get on the bus. She didn’t hesitate and went in. Once inside we convince her to get naked. She was shy but we got Don Sudan to take off his clothes she got horny. She loves big Black cock even more. She started to worship that cock and suck as much as she can fit in her mouth. Then she stuffed her pussy with all that meat. It was so big that it was challenging. She takes it all like the slut she is. Soon he nuts all over her. We leave her on the side of the road."
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