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Good morning Paul. What will your first sequence of the day be?

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2023.03.27 15:22 ThrowRA_idkwhatto I (19M) broke with my gf(19f) then after 24 hours got back together and her family and friends now hate me...

Bear with me. So i have been with my gf for about a little over a year. Things were going great at first, there was everything, i think we communicated well, life was pretty good.
Recently, however, things weren't so peachy, i started to lose feelings for her and she started to get a little needy. I tought at first that my lack of feelings will get better, so i didn't tell anything to anyone. I also didn't want to jump to things i wasn't sure i wanted.
Maybe about two months past however, and things started to get worse. To add to things I became close with one girl from another course( although i feel some flirty vibes, it's purely platonic, nothing happened there). My gf is not happy about this obviously.
So I decided to end things, there was a lot of drama, i will not go through much details. She started blaming herself for being needy, then i told her that i was starting to develop feelings for that other girl (nothing really serious tho, i can say for certain that i donot love her or have a crush, but something was definitely forming). She was very angry at that, for which i do not blame her, i was expecting it actually and tried to remain calm and understanding. I would not really say it was a bad break up, but i can't say it was exactly peaceful. After the break up, before we separated, my gf started saying that i was selfish, i was a liar for betraying her dreams etc, as we have promised before that we will spend our lives together (we are both fairly young and this whole relationship thing is somewhat new to us both, we are each others first in everything). Then when i got alone i started feeling extremely guilty, i felt that i destroyed something very special and good. I also missed her and missed the ability to text her, to call her, abd so on. It was a rough night. On the morning however i got a text from her saying that she felt sick and dirty for touching me the previous week. I replied that im sorry and that i feel somewhat regretful Of course, what she said made me feel even worse. On the same day, in the afternoon i got another message from her asking how i was. I told her and asked her back. She said that she was feeling physically sick, that she couldn't sleep, eat etc. I, again, felt horrible. Then she asked me about what i said earlier ( being regretful). I offered to call each other. We talked for around 1 hour and a half on how we can make it work. We then decided to get back together. She told me to cut off contact with that girl. I told her to stop being needy ( we used of course more words, but these are the main points). We told each other that we will try for a couple of months and if nothing can be done we will break things off finally and totally.
Now, you should bear in mind that we both told our immediate family and closest friends when we broke up. Then again we told them we are back together. After we came back together so shortly after breaking up, her family and friends were like wtf (mine as well) and i have a feeling now that they all hate me ( maybe there is a good reason for this tho).
Since our reunion my gf is often saying how she feels very bad, how she is feeling physically sick, etc. She doesn't say that im to blame, however, it seriously makes me feel immense guilt. I also feel somewhat resented. And maybe worst of all, i feel like i am an absolute asshole, unworthy of anything (which is maybe true). And finally, I can't shake of a subtle feeling that i am being manipulated with all these text where she says she is feeling bad or something of the sort.
So my questions are the following: is this manipulation? Is there any chance it is going to work out for us? Is there anything i can do to at least make me feel better for myself? If you have any thoughts please let me know, help is much appreciated.
Sorry for the long post
TLDR:I broke with my gf and then got back together in 24 hours. I feel like a complete asshole and think her family and friends hate me.
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2023.03.27 15:21 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Tea recap for the week of March 20 - March 26

Monday, March 20 - Sunday, March 26


score comments title & link
474 28 comments Reputable source? Tangerine peel tea
308 169 comments My teeth went from white to yellow after 4 months of drinking black tea daily. Any tips?
27 24 comments decaffeinated sencha?


score comments title & link
1,082 61 comments Picked this up today in the UK. Earl Grey Alcoholic Tea
21 58 comments Lollipops in tea is amazing
8 7 comments Matcha lemonade


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10 4 comments A hundred years old teahouse in Sichuan
9 1 comments Tea brewing demonstration at A-mei teahouse in Jiufen, Taiwan


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1,565 36 comments Masala Chai
1,517 138 comments I HAD to, right?
996 12 comments I had tea, and tea based items, in Amei Teahouse, Jiufen, Taiwan


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17 24 comments TEA ID - ask for help
11 9 comments I found a Brown Betty tea pot at a thrift store!! Is it a real one or fake?
4 6 comments Help identify this packed black tea, Chinese I think.


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124 4 comments Apricot Jasmine Green Tea
10 9 comments Kuura Electroflowercandy… where do I begin?
3 3 comments Got my tea samples from Nepal Tea Collective. I think for $26 , 14 teas was a good deal. The teas are super nice too. I am thinking to order their Ganesha green tea, has anyone else tried it?


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6 1 comments Nothing better than a nice cup of tea to chill


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63 30 comments Holy cow genmaicha is so good
27 26 comments 2023 Spring Tea is coming!!
17 22 comments Are you supposed to sip or slurp tea?

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935 23 comments [Photo] My mom gifted me this sweet little tea set she bought in Switzerland back in the early '70s. Perfect for a cozy snowy morning!
844 45 comments Tangerine peel tea
822 30 comments [Photo] Was having tea and my sisters invited themselves for a tea party
591 13 comments [Photo] Just a little cup of happiness!
549 31 comments [Photo] I swear I didn't buy this just for the name...

Daily Discussion Comments

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8 Lachesis_Decima77 said Now that the weather is getting…uh…less cold and the sidewalks aren’t skating rinks, I’m back to running in the morning. Having some Yun Wu to warm me back up.
7 Ot4ch1 said Tamaryokucha, Li Shan Oolong and a dark Shan Lin Xi
5 oldhippy1947 said Started my morning with another The Chinese Tea Shop tea. A [Non-smokey Lapsang Souchong Black Tea](
4 Larielia said Lunar New Year (2023) from Harney and Sons. My morning tea while playing Haven Park.
4 oldhippy1947 said Back to sencha earlier this morning. Daily Sencha from O-Cha. And after breakfast, a session with [Best Taste Hong Kong Stored Ripe Puerh Blend](
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2023.03.27 15:21 SilpyDecepticon Kicking myself for not speaking up - need advice

Good Morning,
TL;DR: There was a minor spill on our subfloor that was immediately covered with a wet plywood sheet (wet from the snow). Area dried for 20-24 hours before laying LVT over it. Should I be concerned?
Looking for some guidance or hopefully some piece of mind. We have had a history of water damage in our house so we are extremely paranoid with anything regarding potential water damage or mold.
Our most recent project has me feeling anxious after the fact: we had hardwood kitchen flooring that suffered some water damage and started to warp. We hired a crew to rip out the flooring and replace it with Smartcore Luxury Vinyl Tile. About 2 weeks ago, as they were finishing up their work on day one, my wife noticed the back of the fridge had leaked onto the subfloor (she mentioned it was maybe enough water to fill a big bowl.) She tried wiping it up with a towel and then the contractor immediately laid a wet plywood sheet on top (they were cutting the plywood outside and it started to snow heavily).
After the plywood was set and stapled(?) down, they left for the day. They moved the fridge back over the affected area but the fridge has legs so there seemed to be enough circulation getting underneath. The next day, I felt the plywood and it felt dry but I couldnt feel the subfloor since it was covered up by the plywood. The floor guys came back and started laying the LVT but started on the opposite end of the kitchen from where the spill was. By the time they laid the LVT over the plywood, it had been about 20-24 hours and they didnt mention any wetness either.
Since the LVT has already been laid and the project is complete, is this cause for concern down the road? Was there adequate time for the water to dry and not affect anything? We are kicking ourselves because we should have said something but figured it might be okay since it felt dry the next morning and the floor guys didn't seem concerned about it. Just trying to get some peace of mind about the whole situation. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.27 15:20 Miya_arg good morning babyy 😍💘

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2023.03.27 15:20 poppys22 Good morning my sweets!

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2023.03.27 15:19 AgentWD409 Katabasis: Mythological References in the “John Wick” Series

Please note that this post will contain spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4, so if you haven’t seen it yet and want to be surprised, stop reading right now. Got it? Good.
In various interviews, director Chad Stahelski has mentioned being inspired by the myths of Odysseus and Orpheus and Eurydice along with — obviously — Dante’s Inferno). And it’s notable that each of those stories includes the ancient Greek concept of κατάβασις (katabasis), a journey to the Underworld. Throughout the film series, John Wick is primarily motivated by the death of his wife Helen, just as the three aforementioned literary characters are motivated by their own cases of lost love: Odysseus wants to return home to his wife in Ithaca, Dante is guided by his deceased paramour Beatrice in the second half of The Divine Comedy, and Orpheus descends into Hades in order to rescue his beloved Eurydice.
In the first film), we are introduced to Charon (Lance Reddick), the concierge at the New York Continental Hotel, who shares a name with the boatman in Greek mythology who ferries souls of the dead across the River Styx into Hades. And his payment? A pair of coins, much like the gold coins all of the assassins in the films use to gain access to the hotel and other secret places. We also meet Winston (Ian McShane), the manager of the Continental, an neutral overseer much like the God of the Underworld himself, enforcing the rules and keeping the denizens of his realm in line. Later on in the series, other characters like the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) and the Harbinger (Clancy Brown) — although they may not have direct analogues — serve similar roles to the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, most of whom are merely observers of our hero’s journey, providing judgement while sometimes helping or hindering him along the way.
John Wick also shares some similarities with the demigod Hercules, especially in the second film. Following the death of his own wife, Hercules was forced to complete 12 impossible tasks in order to gain redemption. In the same way, John is given an impossible task by Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) — to kill a member of the High Table — and is quickly betrayed. We see this imagery again in the climax of John Wick: Chapter 2, which occurs in a classical art gallery, where one of the primary pieces on display is Ercole e Lica by Antonio Canova, a sculpture based on the story of Hercules’ betrayal and death. Obviously betrayal is a major theme in the second film, as John is deceived and forsaken by his former friend Santino, who had previously helped him complete another “impossible task.” It’s also worth noting that one of the primary antagonists of the second film is the mute bodyguard Ares (Ruby Rose), named for the Greek god of war.
Throughout the John Wick franchise, the world becomes more surreal and outlandish, fewer and fewer “regular people” seem to exist, and the passage of time remains ambiguous. In my opinion, that’s because the characters (and thus the audience) have descended into another world altogether.
In John Wick: Chapter 3, when John encounters an assassin named Ernest (Boban Marjanović) in a library, Ernest reads the following quote from Dante’s Inferno: “Consider your origin. You were not formed to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge.” And later in the film, when John asks the Director (Anjelica Huston) for passage to Casablanca, she responds that “the path to paradise goes through Hell.”
As if we needed any further confirmation, John Wick: Chapter 4 opens with the Bowery King reading yet another famous passage from Dante’s Inferno, quoting the sign outside the gateway to Hell: “Through me the way into the suffering city / Through me the way to the eternal pain / Through me the way that runs among the lost / Justice urged on my high artificer / My maker was divine authority / The highest wisdom, and the primal love / Before me nothing but eternal things were made / And I endure eternally / Abandon every hope, who enter here.
The film is littered with references to both The Odyssey and The Divine Comedy. A blind assassin named Caine (Donnie Yen), who simultaneously serves as friend and foe to John, could be a reference to the blind prophet Tiresias, whom Odysseus and Dante each meet in the land of the dead. And as a brief callback to the trials of Hercules, in one scene Winston refers to the High Table as John’s personal Hydra, a mythical beast that lived near an entrance to the Underworld — cut off one head, and two more grow back in its place. We are also introduced to a clever bounty hunter who calls himself Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson), a pseudonym that Odysseus uses as he attempts to escape from the cave of a cyclops.
At the climax of the film, John is forced to climb a lengthy staircase toward his final showdown at the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris, only to fall back down and make the climb all over again. A comparison could be made with the Purgatorio (the second book in The Divine Comedy), in which Dante is forced to climb the Mountain of Purgatory to reach Paradise. However, the scene also calls to mind the myth of Sisyphus, a king who cheated death multiple times (sound familiar?) and whom Hades punished by forcing him to roll a huge boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down when it neared the top. Coincidentally enough, that story is mentioned in both The Odyssey and Ovid’s version of Orpheus and Eurydice.
But my favorite (and the most obscure) reference is when John Meets Winston at Charon’s tomb, and the Latin inscription on the stone staircase reads: Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. I first noticed Acheron, which is technically the “River of Woe” that flows through Hades, although it’s sometimes used as a synecdoche for Hades itself. The full phrase is actually from the Aeneid by Virgil, a Roman poet who serves as Dante’s guide in the Inferno, and it’s translated: “If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.”
At the end of the Inferno, Dante finally emerges from Hell just before dawn on Easter Sunday; therefore, it seems appropriate that the finale of John Wick: Chapter 4, in which John finally gains his freedom, occurs at sunrise. It is a fitting end for this archetypal hero’s journey, in which the hero enters the Underworld and returns, thus proving his exceptional status as far more than mortal.
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2023.03.27 15:19 SouthernSolesSweetie Good morning 💕

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2023.03.27 15:18 sylveon474 Possible spiritual attack?

I’ve been catholic for almost a year and I feel like I’m under possible spiritual attack because I’m tempted to walk away from Catholicism cause I’m not sure if it’s right for me or not. I’ve been Protestant most of my life…I was baptized Lutheran as a baby but only as a ‘just in case I die’ kind of thing, I only went to church for Christmas Eve and Easter, when I got into college I started reading the Bible and became baptist/nondenominational. I’ve dealt with demonic oppression several times. What got me interested in becoming Catholic ultimately was I’d like to be a mom like Mary was to my kids in the future. Lately I haven’t been going to mass cause I work overnights on Saturdays so by the time I get off work Sunday morning all I want to do is go home and sleep, I have been reading “A case for Catholicism” by Trent Horn, I’ve noticed that my depression has gotten worse and I’m tempted to explore Norse Paganism since it was the religion of my ancestors back before Christianity came about.
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2023.03.27 15:17 Ok-Friend7351 [routine help] can i wash off face oil with only water?

i only want to wash once a day because i have super dry skin. i use oils at night, but i only want to use water in the morning. spf is in my morning routine tho.
oils: good molecules bakuchiol oil for dry skin (contains rose hip oil)
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2023.03.27 15:16 foobarbazblarg STAY CLEAN APRIL! Sign up here! (March 27)

Hey everybody, so far 141 participants have signed up. Have you been clean for the month of March? Great! Join us here, and let's keep our streak going. Did you slip in March? Then April is your month to shine, and we will gladly fight the good fight along with you. Did you miss out on the March challenge? Well then here is your opportunity to join us.
If you would like to be included in this challenge, please post a brief comment to this thread (if you haven't already done so on an earlier signup thread), and I will include you. After midnight, April 1, the sign up window will close, and the challenge will begin.
Here are the 141 participants who have already signed up:
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2023.03.27 15:16 Gypsy315 Premium Membership wont confirm email?

Good morning! Just curious if anyone else had the same issue as me. Had the barnes and noble membership for a few years now, and upgraded last month to the premium at $0.00 until it renews again in october. Ive gotten $10 worth of stamps thus far, but for the life of me, I can not confirm my email. Ive had customer service change it, ive talked to a manager at a store who told me a week later “other people are having the same issue” but I can not find anyone else who is having this same issue, so i feel like they just told me that so I dont press the subject further. Also, the people in store are always incredibly helpful and kind, the customer service reps on the phone are another story lol. Ive had 20+ confirmation emails in the last month to try and use my stamps, but nothing. Anyone else have this issue? May as well get a Job at my b&n because the employee discount seems better than stamps anyways lol
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2023.03.27 15:16 novicetothis Spending 3+ years of saving and quitting my job to enable travel, is this a poor choice?

I’m looking for advice and anecdotes from adults a little older and wiser than myself to help me make a decision.
For some context - I’m almost 21 years old, a full time student in my first year of undergraduate study, have savings of 16K and work part-time at a supermarket.
My finances currently are miles ahead of my peers, I receive the maximum student government loan at £820 a month, a bursary from my university at £100 a month and income from my part time job which varies but is usually around £700 a month. My monthly outgoings are fairly low, after all my essential outgoings (housing, utilities, transport and food shop) I have £750 a month left over. I usually save most of this and so I have 11K in an easy access saver and 5K in a LISA for a house deposit within the next 5 or so years.
So basically, I can survive adequately on my student loan and bursary alone and my part time job is only for the odd luxury and savings. It’s a really simple low stress order picking supermarket job, is above minimum wage with regular overtime available and doesn’t clash with my studies so I’m hesitant to quit this job because it’s so ideal for me.
However, I’m a little depressed. I study Monday-Friday and work long ten hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday. My social life is minimal and because I can’t usually make it for nights out and don’t have the time to attend clubs and societies anymore. I keep telling myself that I am very lucky to be able to save almost my entire wage and I wont have this opportunity again, as my future career after graduation is in a niche field that would require a move to London and the high cost of living there wouldn’t really allow for much saving.
The only break I get is during university holidays, I get 4 weeks off studying at Christmas and Easter and a long 12 week summer break. I would absolutely love to use this time to travel, I would love to see Eastern Europe, South east Asia, Australia etc. I put in a flexible working request to be a seasonal employee so I can put my hard earned savings to good and see the world in the uni holidays, and return to work in term time. This was rejected with no room for negotiation.
I’m scared to quit my job as I would burn through my savings quickly and financial insecurity is a fear of mine after growing up in poverty and always worried about my next meal. My finances are my comfort and my safety net.
At the same time, I desperately want to travel. I am in a two year relationship and my partner is discussing moving in and settling together next year, and I know that my responsibilities will only grow in the coming years making travel less and less feasible for me (partner is not interested and doesn’t have the means to travel).
Sorry for all of the excessive context, there’s just so much that factors into this decision and I really don’t have anybody responsible to ask for advice.
TLDR: I’m a student in a financial sweet spot, do I put all of that at risk to do some travelling before life gets in the way or shall I wait?
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2023.03.27 15:16 WerewolfSuch4847 An Update to an earlier post

Hey there, so I was the guy whose parents were going to force him to watch a sermon about basically why people don't get to go to heaven just because they are good people. I believe that they made me do this because part of the huge problem I had with Christianity was that good people were sent to hell (which is an issue that while I do have a major problem with, more just confirms to me that Christianity was crock than being the reason I stopped believing in the first place).
Here is a link to the original post, just so context can be provided to this one:
Yesterday was my last day of Spring Break. On the way to church, my parents asked me what I thought of the sermon. I took one commentators advice and just told them that I thought it was a good reading of the Bible, saying nothing about it changing my view, or having any arguments against it, or that sort of thing. They were pretty confused, and at first told me that they were going to make me watch it again with them because I had watched it alone the first time.
So, after I got back to my college apartment last night, I decided to send my Mom a long text message, basically telling her that while I thought it was a good reading of the Bible, it was equivalent to if somebody did a deep anylasis of The Torah, The Quran, Harry Potter, etc. So, basically I told her I understood why the Bible doesn't support the idea that people get to go to heaven just for being good makes sense, that this sermon didn't in any way shape or form give me a reason to believe that Yahweh or the Christian Heaven exists, so it didn't really change anything for me. I closed out the message by telling her that I still had my disagreements with the morality of this point of view, but that was a whole other discussion entirely since we would have to have critical and unbiased evidence that the things we were arguing about actually existed first.
I just got a response back this morning, and...things went much better than I expected them to. I thought that I was going to have to fight, and endure constant questions from her that would end in her telling me that she was going to make me watch that sermon with her anyway or make me go talk with one of my old youth pastors/main pastor at my church. Instead, she basically told me that she loved me, and that nothing would change my mind because I didn't want to believe. I would have had to set some boundaries had she done what I thought she was going to do (I probably wouldn't have come home for Easter or my Birthday, which would have killed me on the inside), so needless to say this was probably the best thing that could have happened.
Hopefully, this makes my folks accept that I'm not interested. I'm a little sad that they are going to believe for the rest of their lives that I am going to Hell and I worry how it will impact our relationship moving forward. But it seems that I have finally got the message across that I was meaning to get across.
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2023.03.27 15:15 Goodboy4use 33 [M4F] Tall, handsome and love to please

Good morning :) I am white, tall, very fit and attractive. I live in North Dallas. I am very sensual and love to please. I’d love to give you a massage and worship your perfect body. I will slowly kiss and lick every inch. I promise I will be a good boy and eat your pussy so good. I want you to use me to cum over and over again. I can send pics and verify. I’m open to all races and body types. Please chat me if you are interested.
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2023.03.27 15:15 shrek1345 Looking for options

I’m looking for an evergreen flowering shrub to put in my front garden that can be clipped into a dome. Aspect is East, gets good sun in the morning and shaded in the afternoon and it’s a mix of clay and limestone, but with quite a bit of organic matter. I was thinking maybe a Gardenia, but as far as I can see they only come in white, and really I want something on the colour spectrum between blue and red. Any ideas?
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2023.03.27 15:14 keefhernandz Good morning

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2023.03.27 15:14 latinjones Sunday Morning performance with Modbap Osiris

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2023.03.27 15:12 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/ApexLegends recap for the week of March 20 - March 26

Monday, March 20 - Sunday, March 26


score comments title & link
12,888 716 comments Oh my God it’s happening
3,507 545 comments Respawn opens third studio to keep Apex Legends going for '10 to 15 years'
0 0 comments Constant problems with connecting to certain games


score comments title & link
1,915 133 comments Personally I prefer getting Finishers over Skins
490 74 comments Would be better if we can actually choose which pack to open first? I think this is a good change if Respawn wants to tweak this.
210 123 comments They plan to run Apex for another 10 to 15 years?
198 56 comments Fuse heirloom idea? Found in another sub thought it could be a unique one
81 33 comments I have clips of squads teaming in ranked (Plat 2/1) to have the 4k badges.


score comments title & link
3,220 340 comments 4 years ago. Dang has this game evolved! (Clip taken 03/18/2019)
1,296 64 comments “Patience… Don’t do anything stupid”
478 28 comments I liked the part when I died in bs-ways, truly an apex experience
418 209 comments Pure skill or a good gaming chair?
343 152 comments Can someone explain the first kill?


score comments title & link
2,523 284 comments Non-Evo Perk Shields. A Concept / Idea for Different types of Non-Evo Shields, each with its own unique Perks that can shake up the gameplay.
1,455 29 comments [OC] Pathfinder LEGO MOC
1,265 128 comments My forgotten (and kinda cheesy) Legend Concept from 2 years ago
1,081 64 comments [OC] made a dark side version of Wattson in my style
1,050 40 comments "Try not to blink, You may miss me" <3 [OC]


score comments title & link
358 58 comments For half an hour the store will he under maintenance
21 3 comments Res cover & n.e.w.t. destroyer
4 1 comments Apex Item Shop Dt. Mar 21 2023 GMT
2 2 comments Map rotation
1 0 comments Controller Settings - ALC


score comments title & link
8,617 530 comments Y'all gotta chill, I'm new on pc LMAO
1,100 83 comments Wraith does the most wraith thing imaginable
1,099 53 comments That wraith knew what time it is lol
860 8 comments Running Away From Your Problems Be Like
717 16 comments destruction, chaos he's seen all.

Other Posts

score comments title & link
1,617 561 comments [Question] Genuine question, why do high skilled/level players usually fidget like this? I've seen many pros do this and just curious.
1,445 564 comments [Question] If you had a friend who just started playing, what would be your 3 biggest tips to help them improve?
1,131 34 comments [PC] what did i do .... Unexpected

Top Comments

score comment
1,490 Away_g0ne said The skill of the player base has also got way better
674 FutureTrunkxz said Wraith insta phase brought a tear to my eyes
408 trashcanpandas said Damn I miss those days. Not specifically in terms of the game and skill of players. Just the feeling of everything being new and my place in life then. Feels like a lifetime ago.
221 yojambiboy said ill forever be a hater for the old gold knock. shit was so annoying to deal with especially in the end zones. like just DIE
208 AndreCouture said You made sure to count to 3 before tossing the Holy Hand Grenade! Blessed is thou, Holiest of Hand grenades.
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2023.03.27 15:11 LilSwampGod ResMed AirSense 10 hours of use is off

I've been using my CPAP for over a year now and things have been going great, until this past month. My AirSense has shown my usage hours being less than an hour for a few nights randomly, up until this past weekend where each night has been less than an hour and I know for a fact that I had the CPAP on and blowing for at least 6 hours.
After another low usage on Saturday morning, I took note on Sunday morning and Monday morning on what time I had woken up, if my mask was on and still providing pressure. Sunday morning, I woke up at 07:00 after turning my CPAP on the night before at 23:00. Pressure was still going, but usage hours read 0.21. Monday morning, I woke up at 05:30 after starting the CPAP at 23:15, pressure was still on, but usage hours read 0.49. After all three nights, my humidifier has been empty or nearly empty. I refill it diligently every night with distilled water.
I know that the machine records hours of usage from noon to noon to indicate a full night, but I don't sleep during the day, as indicated by my stated sleep times.
Any idea what could be going on?
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2023.03.27 15:11 Plastic-Channel2470 Newbie question about warmups in the app

Total newbie (m58) to both strength training and Caliber. I decided to get serious about my weight and condition about 6 months ago using cardio workouts at home with really good success. Now that I'm 40 pounds lighter, I decided recently to add in strength training to my routine.
I just finished my first workout week yesterday morning with the app (Strength score: 130 - gotta start somewhere!). I'm doing Caliber-generated 4-day/wk workouts with resistance bands.
Looking ahead at tomorrows workout (the 1st one of week 2), I see it includes a warmup for the first exercise (Resistance Band Squat) along with the weights and reps for 3 warmup sets. But what I'm unsure about is that it is the only exercise for the session with a listed warmup.
I'm assuming that this opening warmup squat sets plus the full weight squat sets provide sufficient warmup for progressing straight into the remaining leg group exercises without reduced weight warmups for the other exercise movements. Am I thinking right?

Thanks for any advice.
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2023.03.27 15:11 RepeatUpstairs2055 Wtfff

Okay so I have the snap of the guy I like and it came up today was my birthday but i got no ‘happy birthday’ from him on snap or at school. I got a roof snap early that morning, my teacher made the class (that we were both in) sing happy birthday to me and i was walking around holding presents so it’s not like it was hidden. Instead, I get left on opened for like 10 hours (I still am rn) but i get added by this other guy that i’ve never talked to but see him around school and instead he wishes me a happy birthday and hopes that i had a good day… And guys say girls are confusing!!
Crying on the inside rn
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2023.03.27 15:11 kelly52182 Francis says good morning!

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