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2023.06.09 15:49 Hankering-Gile How to have time to indulge in intoxicants while living vanlife (NOT while driving of course!)?

Although vanlife is all about "freedom" this seems something you are decidely unfree if you are a single person who cannot doesn't havea partner to take the wheel.
Since you are only generally able to parkup for a night and move to another spot from what I have seen, this means you will have to be sober nearly 24/7.
This puts a dampener on the whole enterprise for me somewhat. I took for granted being able to indulge when I want living at home and being self employed for so long.
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2023.06.09 15:48 ashleepeachring Help!

Hi everyone, I got my hair done at a salon school near me and the color I wanted turned out way darker than I originally expected (I think the dye just sat on my hair for too long; almost an hour). Is there anyway to lighten/fade this a little quicker?
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2023.06.09 15:48 bjorg18 OnePlus 11 base variant (8+128 GB) for ₹41000. Is it a good deal?

I am getting a OnePlus 11 for ₹41K after trading in my beloved OnePlus 6 + coupons + cashbacks. Should I go for it?
The OnePlus 6 is nearly flawless, only con is the storage. Can't live up with 64 Gigs in today's time.
Also, any OP11 owners, please tell me how's been the device performing after the recent updates especially in the camera department.
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2023.06.09 15:48 5star-my-notebook My teacher made fun of me in a speech at my high school graduation

I have a long list of mental illnesses. An eating disorder, CPTSD, anxiety, PMDD, and severe/chronic depression. High school has not been easy, to put it lightly.
Up until recently, when I made the decision to stop taking my medications, I was heavily medicated. I fell asleep in class at least twice a week because I just physically could not stay awake. My teacher knew this. She knew that I had an IEP and that I’d missed nearly 2 years of school due to my mental health. She was nominated to speak on behalf of my graduating class, and she decided to say 1 small thing about everyone since it’s such a tiny school. For everyone else except 1 classmate (I’ll say classmate A) it was things like “you bring joy to everyone around you” or “you’re incredibly talented and inspiring”. She just said “whether you’re asleep like [my name] or quiet like [classmate A], I hope you can remain a good listener”.
I joked about it in between apologies throughout the year, because I felt ashamed, but I couldn’t do anything about the fatigue I was experiencing. Still, I wasn’t even thinking about the speech until my mom came to me afterwards and was upset that, instead of saying something nice (even if it was generic or not 100% genuine), my teacher chose to “make fun of my disability”.
Was it wrong for my teacher to do this? I’m torn between ignoring it and moving on or actually talking to her about it. Seeing my mom so angry is making me second guess my initial reaction of mild disappointment and now I feel kind of sad and even a little angry about it as well.
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2023.06.09 15:47 masterofsausage Autobiography, aka keeping darkness hopeful and not losing the reader?

I need advice. I'm not sure I'm asking the right questions, but I think that asking the questions will in itself help me to find some answers - so here goes!
For years colleagues, friends and family have been bugging me to write down "my story". I've decided to take them up on this challenge, but I think that there's quite a difference between the story they want to hear, and the one I need to tell. Just a little side note, I'm not looking to write a 20-page essay - I'm all in.
I haven't followed any sort of straight path in my life. Telling people that I'm an "autistic expat alcoholic agnostic catholic ex-priest data engineer now in my third same-sex marriage" may be a great conversation starter, but it's a whirlwind to explain.
The story I want to write is about my later-in-life autism diagnosis, and how that allowed me to re-write my own history. For example:
My childhood was dark, something that took me years to move past and no matter how I approach it, it will be tough to keep the reader in a place where they want to keep reading.
But it stopped being dark for me in the very moment that I got my diagnosis, because all of a sudden everything just made sense. Abuse, depression, hopelessness and despair were pretty much transformed. Not that those things don't exist in my story, but they do have a purpose in the grand scheme of things, in developing the adult I am today. My parents had no idea why I was behaving the way I was. They definitely ended up going in the completely wrong direction in how they treated me, but I can see some of the reasoning behind it, however flawed it was. I had no friends at school and was bullied mercilessly because I had no grip on social interactions, and no idea how to make friends. Things struck me as "punishments" or abuse even if that wasn't the intention, because I was clueless. I ended up moving halfway around the world as soon as I reached adulthood, moving from country to country making incredibly crappy decisions because I was in search of a "secure home" which was a foreign concept to me. The church was an attempt at home, but that tanked too (which is a book in and of itself!).
Thirty years later I have an amazing life. I've found my home, my career, and I know who I am. I even like the person I've become. I still have a lot of challenges, but life is good. THAT is the message I want to get across.
But there's the darkness to get through first.

So the question is: how does one approach so much darkness in a story, using the knowledge gained so many years later, without losing the light at the end of the tunnel? I was thinking about writing from present-day POV and using flashbacks, but is that too cliche?
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2023.06.09 15:47 ur_moms_gyno I may be moving to Albuquerque!

My wife and I are looking at Albuquerque for a change from or midwestern lifestyle in Cincinnati. Can you all give some advice on neighborhoods please? I’m immediately drawn to the Sandia Heights area as it looks to me like it’s very near a large natural space with lots of trails for hiking. The Elena Gallegos open space? Sandia Heights and the area near routes 423 and 556 look appealing to us for the proximity to stores we like and it looks like there’s a brewpub nearby! What are your opinions on that area? Is it walkable? Any issues with crime or safety? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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2023.06.09 15:46 tfgmp Reasonable timeframes for a clean and tidy

TLDR: When would you expect your housemate to clean and tidy up after they have had guests/a party?
My partner and I have a classic difficult housemate - messy, never cleans, never thanks us for keeping the place clean, and a sloppy irresponsible drinker.
Said housemate recently had five family members over to stay for five days. We knew about this in advance so there were no surprises there. But the level of mess and uncleanliness from the moment they arrived was off the charts. Not a single clean or tidy surface in the kitchen, food all over the floor, spilled alcohol, piles of used wine glasses scattered around the house, bins full to the brim, outdoor furniture brought inside etc. Plus the usual wear and tear which comes with having guests.
It’s been a rough few days for us as two people who work from home. We gave up our study (we have a room each, but as me and my partner are a couple we use the second one as a work space) for a couple of them to sleep in, and told them they could use our bathroom - but 5 extra people is a lot in such a small space, so we already felt a bit displaced. So to come downstairs to such messy and dirty common areas every morning, after being woken at 3am every morning by them arriving home and staying up drinking, was a lot.
My question is: now that they have left, with every room of the house in disarray, when would be reasonable to expect our housemate to tidy up after them? We’d like our study back, and to feel we have our house back in general. But as someone who has never really cleaned up after herself before (and didn’t clean before they arrived), I’m worried this won’t happen in the near future. I don’t want to be unreasonable and ask her to clean straight away (I’m sure she’s tired after partying for 5 days straight!) but what is the window of what is reasonable here? When would you expect your housemate to clean up after having guests or a party? At what point does it become inconsiderate?
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2023.06.09 15:46 ObjectionTriggered I feel like I’m trapped in a glass box

On the the inside, there’s me. I want to connect, communicate, and share myself with others. The box is translucent glass, so I can see what’s going on around me. Other people interacting, and maybe I’m even there near them, but I’m in my box.
The walls are soundproof, so nothing from the inside gets out, no matter how hard I try to shout. They’re also not clear, like a one-sided mirror, so there’s some distortion of what I look like to those outside the box. The distortion might look alright, happy even, but it’s just a caricature of what’s going on inside.
No matter how close I can get the box to other people, or how well I can try manipulate my projection on the walls, I never feel like I’m really there with others. It’s painful to both feel like I can’t communicate the real me, and to also be judged as the hologram that appears on the surface.
I have some loose ideas, but I’m still figuring out how I wound up in this glass prison. it really sucks.
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2023.06.09 15:45 cash_ino I need some advice

So there's this guy I like (I'm 18 and he's 19) and we go to the same school. At first we were just schoolmates but then we started doing some more "sexual" things. He started to get near me some times and he wanted us to touch each other's dicks. That would be for sure a hint that he likes me but many times he just doesn't want to be near me and tries to distance himself. In this cases I find him to act like nothing really happened between the two of us. So what does that mean? I really don't know what to do. Should I talk to him about it? I have to add that between a year or two ago we used to be friends and really liked to talk but that was during covid so we didn't really see each other much. And in this year we lost our friendship and really only got to see each other at school.
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2023.06.09 15:45 A_Lost_Rock People don’t understand how the media works and it’s infuriating!!!

For context my wife (F29) and I (M27) met when we were both reporters in my hometown.
We met at city council and have stayed in the same field for our entire relationship.
I work in radio and have since diversified, where she has moved up and is running a successful paper.
About two years ago, we moved to our dream town after managing to find work here. And what we thought would be a dream turned into a nightmare.
The average age in our town is about 60-70. For the most part, that’s just fine! I love helping out our neighbours with heavy lifting and the like.
But that also means they don’t quite understand how journalism has developed.
There are no other reporters in town. Just my wife and I. And we live in Canada, where there are laws in place restricting biased news.
So we don’t write editorials where we criticize the government from a personal viewpoint. At the most, we will print both sides of an argument, or one side if the other refused to comment.
And we can’t print rumours for Gods sake!!!!! Excuse my language, but the amount of fucking complaints I get saying “I get more news on Facebook and in coffee shops” is fucking bananas!!!!! Two bodies found in town?!?! WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR A NEWS RELEASE!!! WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE RCMP TO CONFIRM!!! I can’t just go off what you heard in church!!!
Now, normally this wouldn’t bother me too much. I have very thick skin and it rarely gets to me. My wife though, bless her heart, is so frustrated. She works hard to keep this paper running. She’s all alone! Journalism isn’t a high-paying field anymore, so there’s usually just one reporter per community paper. We don’t have teams of investigate reporters chasing down every fart in the wind!!!
So my 8 month pregnant wife is dealing with fucking idiots who scream at her, asking her why she’s doing a “man’s job”, accusing her of being biased because she won’t print articles calling our Prime Minister a fucking idiot, and literally stalking her and grabbing her on the street.
And we can’t do anything back!!! Because it would negatively represent our companies.
Thank God for maternity leave, but she still has to go back at the end.
Fucking people.
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2023.06.09 15:44 alwaysblessedbygod My(32F) ex bf(33M) of 10 years came back. I am happy but anxious. How can I be comfortable with the idea of getting back with him?

My(32f) ex bf(33M) bf of 10 years came back, I am happy but anxious and not comfortable. Please help me!
My ex bf came back last month, I am happy but always anxious and not comfortable. What should I do?
I am (32F) from Asia and now live in Canada. I am a software engineer from a prestigious institution of UK and working in worlds biggest IT farms since 21. I met my boyfriend Sam(33M) 14 years back when I was studying in UK. He was a painter and I encouraged him to learn animation (funded the course fees) as his family was not present with both his mom and dad chose their own families after the divorce. He was vulnerable, used to work in a cafee near our university and lived in that cafee and used to draw cartoons on the road on his free time to sale to the tourists. Being a foreign student and very introvert, I had almost no friends from my class. I was always like this, busy with studies and not interested in anything else. Anyhow since I met Sam in the cafee he used to work, he became my only friend and best friend. Eventually I finished my Engineering and got job in a big company but the location was Germany. I was very sad to go to Germany leaving Sam behing but in my surprise he said he loved me and doesn't want to stay in UK alone. He accompanied me and we both started living in Germany in our 20s..due to language problem he didn't any job there(not even in cafee). I enrolled him to learn animation as he was very good in making cartoons. I fell in love with him eventually and we spent 4 years in Germany. But due to language issue Sam didn't get any job there I decided to take a job in Canada and we moved here together. It's high paying job so I bought a house and car. Sam got a job too in animation, it doesn't pay well but something that he likes. He had minimum contribution like sometimes groceries etc..almost all expenses were taken care by me. I used to travel all over the world till 2019 for my work(IT onsite work) and accompanied Sam everywhere with me. I told my family about Sam and they liked him. Only my mom was skeptical about not changing my religion, after marriage as Sam is Christian. Though we had no plan to get married when I told what my mom said jokingly and he took it in offense. Saying he is not thinking about marriage etc..I was offended like by 2020 we were already together more than 10 years so obviously we would get married sooner or later so what's the problem. It didn't set well with me so I pushed him about his reaction. He eventually told me that he is gay, he discovered this when he met a guy in an art exhibition and they clicked. They even secretly started meeting and he is from the same race as him(both are White). I asked if they are sleeping, he admitted yes and that's how he knew he is gay. The whole world shattered for me. The guy whom I sheltered, taken care and till now taking care of told me that he is just with me because he didn't know he is gay! And everything became untrue. The affection for me became habit and he didn't want to tell me because how much I have done for him. I cried, shouted and was so angry to waste 10+ years of my life and I lost my golden years! I calmed down and let him go, it was difficult for me to do so. Because I have psoriasis, starter around my 28 years and I am not comfortable with anyone else than Sam. After our breakup in 2020 covid hit hard. My travels stop. I couldn't go home and lived in that big house in this cold country alone. Worked from home and barely took care of myself. I saw the posts of Sam and his handsome boyfriend and lost it again. Sam begged me to keep contact as I am his only friend in this world. But he soon forgot about me and never contacted. I felt used and betrayed. I worked almost 20 hours a day and that helped my career a lot. I got a huge promotion and started traveling again since end of 2021. I was just back from my latest work trip from Spain and found Sam sitting on front of my house in May 2nd week. I was shocked and happy to see him. He hugged me and said I became slimmer. I never loved anyone but him so I became emotional and asked him what happened why is he here? He said that he realized that no one can love him more than I loved him. He realized that he is not gay but bi sexual and broke off with his bf (as he is very rude and bossy) and came backe to me. He tried to contact me but I was travelling so he came directly. I thought something was off but I still took him in. I asked him repeatedly if he really broke with his bf and what if he again goes for other guy. He brushed me off saying that I am the guy in our relationship as I provided for him and he doesn't need any other guy. I asked about him mentioning the same race thing. As I am from Asia will that be a problem again? He said that's the excuse his ex bf asked him to tell me so that I take offense and let him go. That night he wanted to kiss me but I told him not to rush and wait for some time. What if you patch up with your bf. He said he broke off totally and he is sure not to go back to him. but he understands my concerns and will wait till I am ready to take him back. This time he wanted to contribute in household a lot more and also apologized me profusely for taking me granted. Also asked why I am single since last 2 years is that because of my psoriasis or I still love him. I told him both are the reasons. My psoriasis is not that bad, only on fret and palms and can be covered and not visible to others. But while undressed it's obvious to be noticed. So I am very afraid of dating anyone except Sam who knows me well and accepts me as I am. I am happy and wants to kiss him and hug him but I am anxious all the time what if he leaves me again for another guy! I am not comfortable staring any relationship again with him thinking what if he again does not like me and keeps comparing with him ex. I tried to openly discuss but he is not getting it. Should I just tell him that it's not possible anymore because of his sexuality I no longer feel comfortable?
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2023.06.09 15:44 Two_Cautious Where can a guy get a Brazilian wax in Chicago North West suburbs?

Hi, I live in the north west suburbs and I’ve been driving into the city to get a Brazilian wax in boystown. It’s about an hour drive one way to spend 20-minutes getting waxed. All the European waxing places near me are women-only. Does anyone know a place in the North West suburbs that does Brazilian waxing for guys? Thanks
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2023.06.09 15:44 Hankering-Gile How to have time to indulge in intoxicants while living vanlife (NOT while driving of course!)?

Although vanlife is all about "freedom" this seems something you are decidely unfree if you are a single person who cannot doesn't havea partner to take the wheel.
Since you are only generally able to parkup for a night and move to another spot from what I have seen, this means you will have to be sober nearly 24/7.
This puts a dampener on the whole enterprise for me somewhat. I took for granted being able to indulge when I want living at home and being self employed for so long.
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2023.06.09 15:43 soup54461 Nmom never believes me when I tell her how I feel or what I think.

It's like when I say things she hears something completely different.
A while back at church there was this guy she was pushing me to date. I told her I didn't like him and he started dating a different girl and I never thought anymore about it. Nmom proceeds to repeatedly try to rub their relationship in my face when I made it clear I didn't care.
My grandfather is senile with dementia and says a lot of blunt borderline mean things. I just laugh it off and move on. Nmom takes it upon herself to "comfort" me and insist he doesn't mean it and refuses to drop it until im properly "consoled".
More recently nmom has started dating. She always dates the same type of men. Soft spoken and agreeable. She introduces me to them. She later in private asks me what I think of them. I simply say they seem nice. Later I hear from other family members that I apparently don't like her new boyfriend......
It's maddening! It's like she doesn't know me at all. She's the type of person who takes everything personally and I think she just can't grasp the fact that I'm not like that.
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2023.06.09 15:43 DoctorSuperZero Hyperstitious - 11 - Sniper Bots & Blackmarket Personality Profiles

Xan is the world's most dangerous criminal mastermind. He’s also in hiding and completely broke. That’s fine. He’s between master plans. It’s normal to be at rock bottom between master plans. He also forgets stuff and may be trapped in a dream.
Because at night, Xan thinks he’s an old lady, trapped in a dingy apartment, by an angry fellow who wants to kill her. Not her idea of a good time, but she’s keeping an open mind. It is excitingly visceral. Could turn out awesome.
Hyperstitious is a sci-fi, progression, comedy. Guaranteed to cause more mental problems than it solves.
First Next
Dark City - Police Chief’s Apartment Building
I wake to madness slightly muffled by thin apartment walls. Fuck.
Now there’s two psychos roaming the halls, wailing for my death. Well, one’s screaming Die and stabbing doors, the other’s just roaring and slamming into things. Semantics. They both want me dead.
As I lie next to my sweaty bedmate, a thought slowly congeals.
“Fuck this. Let’s leave town.”
Really? asks Volt.
“Why not? I’m not attached to any of this. I don’t even know where we are. We’ve got a truck. Let’s see what’s over the horizon.”
It takes 48 minutes to get out of the building. 46 minutes of listening for an opening, and two minutes of sneaking - but eventually we’re back at our truck. Once again, I’m struck by how stupid it is to get back in this truck. The cops are after me, what if they are watching it? People want me dead, what if there’s a bomb in it? But I’m still bankrupt for options, and forced to rely on the incompetence of strangers.
The truck starts and doesn’t explode. We pull away and no one follows. Yee-fucking-haw.
I toss Volt on the dash and let her drive. Conserve my strength. Take in the sights. We’ve got snacks and a full battery. It’s 20 minutes to the edge of town. The outskirts have a rundown, stripmall vibe. The graffiti gets bigger as the buildings get smaller.
Fun stuff. Quite the art installation. Volt doesn’t notice and I can’t be arsed. Fuck this town. It’s either leave or burn it down. They’ll let me go or wish they had.
The truck slows. The road isn’t blocked, but congested with rusted out vehicles. Volt weaves through them slowly, while my newly excellent vision picks out their broken windows and headless corpses.
“Huh. Maybe we should speed up.”
Tricky. Bit of a traffic jam.
“Do you see any dogs?”
Nope. Just broken cars with headless drivers.
“Does that seem weird to you?”
Should it? Is this not how cars are normally abandoned?
“Not really. Looks like these guys were shot.”
Noted. Must be easy to shoot a guy with no head.
“They probably had heads before they were shot.”
The truck lurches to a stop. Reverses full throttle.
“I was hoping you’d accelerate in the other direction.”
We try a couple other ways out of the city, but they’re equally bleak. Headless skeletons everywhere.
What the fuck? Is this normal?
“No. Something has gone very wrong.”
Is this our problem? Do we have to deal with this?
“I don’t know. But this feels bigger than us. We should focus on dying from much smaller problems.”
Volt stops the truck. What are we going to do, Xan?
“About the psychos? Diplomacy’s out. Running and hiding ain’t working. That leaves us with ambush or allies. What’s your poison?”
We sit in silence for several minutes. Finally, Volt quietly says: Allies.
“Cops again?”
Do we have other options?
Now it’s my turn to think. The city is full of people. In theory we have many options. In practice, they all have the same problem.
“Do you know how to wake people up? Without freaking them out?”
I thought I did. I woke you up.
“That’s right. What did we do differently when we woke me up?”
A couple things. I woke you from inside the dream. You knew you were going to another reality. We didn’t peel off your brain sticker. There was a lot less slapping.
“Ah yes, the slapping. We may have been a tad abrupt. Let’s wake the Deputy from inside the dream. Is there any easy way to find him?”
I have a 60 year old name and an address, but that won’t help us find him in the dream. It was designed for anonymity.
“Of course it was. Well, Liam has a profile on everyone in Bright City. We just need to make a profile for the Deputy and match them up. Shall we browse his socials?”
We could, or we could buy a packet of profiles for everyone in Dark City. Bit of a time saver.
“We don’t have any money.”
We can pay in crypto.
“wat? You said they don’t take crypto here.”
Not for legal shit. When breaking the law, untraceable videogame money is accepted. Sometimes. It still has value. Kinda. To some people.
That’s a lot of qualifiers. Fuck it. I’m on borrowed time. Anything that saves a minute is worth my videogame points. I tell Volt to make the buy, then get a weird feeling. That’s most of my net worth.
“I swear to god, if reality is a long con to get my crypto, I’m gonna fucking kill everybody.”
Nah, we’re good. Shit’s totally meaningless. You won’t regret this.
Next Chapter
Sniper Dogs
Profile Matching
Blackmarket Profiles
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2023.06.09 15:43 K1DR A Fine Fortune

So I guess I'll start this community with my own story, and the ridiculous reason I made this in the first place. CONTEXT: My Nan and Granddad are somewhat minted. Extremely stingy throughout their life, and inherited a beautiful not-quite estate when my Great Granddad passed, I'm not sure of the total, but a rough estimate from what I gather is around the 1.7m mark. Peak baby boomers and hardcore Christians they come with their fair share of racism, homophobia and islamophobia, they had three children, Uncle A, Uncle B, and finally my dad. Uncle A is clearly the favorite, anytime we are with Nan and Granddad they will regale stories of Uncle A, how brilliant they are, and the last time Uncle A came to visit (not often, he basically ignored them). Uncle B, is treated relatively well, but sort of ignored, whilst my dad is treated like a shit stain on their shoe. He told me stories of when Uncle A and B were young they'd bully him, force feed him him insects and dirt, and then if he even mentioned it to his mum she'd call him a liar, say Uncle A would never do such a thing and then beat him for lying, usually until the beating utensil of choice would break. FYI Uncle A, is an asshole through and through. In the modern era, he is verbally racist and homophobic to a point he'd argue with random gay couples in public and even rally to get any LGBTQ member kicked out of their church. STORY: Case 1. Cerca 2016. I'm turning 18 soon, we have a family gathering, and everybody is here. We've been told every birthday and Christmas by our Grandparents. "the reason we haven't got you any presents is because we are putting money into a savings account for when you are older, so when you are 18, you can have money for University, or for a deposit for a house" - Sounds great right? yeah well, this family gathering Uncle A suggests we take a look at the accounts, so the kids can get excited for their 18th birthday. Bad idea. I got my record and found that 17 years of 2 deposits each year, in a high interest savings account equates to a measly 450 pounds. - this pissed off my Sister, who was 20 at the time and only withdrew 300 on her birthday. But my two cousins, the offspring of Uncle A, they didn't want to share what they had, because despite being 2 and 4 years younger, they had over 40,000 pounds. Which yeah, can be used on a house deposit, or university. Insane. My Sister just stood up and walked out at that point. Case 2. Cerca 2023 Me and my Sister are both at the age where we want to get onto the property ladder, but it's somewhat impossible for our generation without help. our parents aren't wealthy so who can we ask for help? our grandparents. When I asked for a little assistance, what ever they would be happy to LEND, not take, LEND. They strait up said, and I quote "don't even think about it". When my sister approached them, they told her they didn't have anything to give her because they just brought a new garden shed, and the hospital bills are expensive (This is the UK, there are no hospital bills. unless you go private, she didn't, she's with the NHS). A few months have passed and now I've just found out that my Nan has outright brought a property worth *inhales* 550k for my cousin... doesn't need to pay any of that back, she just owns it now. That's it, all because she is the spawn of Uncle A, the racist, homophobic asshole. And just FYI there's no other reason for it, in their own logic I'd be the favorite. I'm cis, the only male grandchild, and to their knowledge still christian. This is true when it comes to my sister, despite her spending the most amount of time with them, she is completely ignored, whilst I am somewhat praised despite spending minimum time with them and telling them all to go fuck themselves last Christmas.
Hell, I don't understand it, but this probably isn't even close to the most extreme example of Parental Favoritism.
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2023.06.09 15:43 unseentides All done.

Gonna keep this short and sweet. I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on June 9.
Did my prep as requested (went down easy, PicoPrep), woke up at 6am to down some last fluids before my procedure at 2. Arrived at the hospital with no incidents, thank goodness, around 1:30 and was admitted.
I was told my doctor was running behind and I was third in line. As it was the afternoon I was a little concerned I’d miss the cut off and all of the prep and fasting would be for none. Alas that wasn’t the case and a couple hours later I was being wheeled into the anaesthetic bay, and then into theatre.
Last thing I remember is a weird little contraption being fitting in my mouth and the nurse stroking my hair while the anaesthetist held my hand until the good stuff kicked in.
Next thing I remember is waking up in so. much. pain. and a real need to go to the bathroom and/or pass gas. The nurse reassured me that it was just from the banding on some haemorrhoids I had, which turned out to be the case. Pain mostly subsided as did the urge to go (but came back later as I am writing this at nearly midnight in pain after a BM!)
Doctor came in briefly and said everything went well and to see him in a month. I was given a spread of sandwiches and crackers and jelly, as well as some much needed fluids. They took my blood pressure and removed my IV before sending me on my way.
In the car I read the doctor’s report and sadly my prep was just “average” despite following it to a T. I also have gastritis.
Pro-tip: listen to them when they say have a LIGHT meal afterward. I thought I could handle nuggets, nope, wound up vomiting everywhere although that could also have been the bends in the road on the way home.
Anxious to see my doctor to discuss what all this means. Until then, I’ll be nursing my very sore bottom until these bands go away.
…so much for short and sweet.
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2023.06.09 15:42 CommercialMuted3474 Deranged comment on Jessica's Idaho Murder Part 3 Post

I don't know if this is allowed, If not, I'll happily delete. This is a recent comment on one of Jessica's articles about the Idaho Murders and...I can't. I just can't.
We are being lied to about what happened that night. Let's remember, law enforcement is allowed to lie to us and they are under NO obligation to share the truth with the public! Nothing about the official narrative makes ANY sense and there is indeed a cover-up of epic proportions taking place! They are protecting some very important people, as well as the University, the town of Moscow - and their profit$! Everything points to this being drug related and a lot of people on the peripherals are somehow involved - including some corrupt law enforcement. Here are some things I've learned about this tragedy that I wanted to share with everyone...
Please keep in mind that anything I share has not been proven as fact and this is only information I've gathered from different sources which I believe to be true (or very close to the truth) :
1. Everyone go check out the YouTube channel: Thou Shall Not Kill. He has been 'boots on the ground' in Moscow ID and his videos contain unique local footage, information and perspectives. His sources offer the best theory I've heard so far - the theory that makes the most sense - it's very eye opening!
2. This was about DRUGS. Apparently Maddie was upset because the drugs being sold out of the house were being cut with fentanyl (and could therefore kill people).
Allegedly Maddie flushed roughly $275,000 worth of drugs down the toilet and threatened to 'snitch' on the operation and the dealers and report it to the authorities if it didn't stop. Xana was the one responsible for stashing the drugs and this would explain why she had the lock fixed on her bedroom door and didn't want the other roommates (or anyone else) having access to her room. Maddie "told Adam everything" - and Jack S (who was acquainted with Emma Bailey and maybe others involved in the drug ring) knew she was in danger and that "they were gonna get her for this" - which they DID - just a few hours later. Word got back to the 'King Pin' of the operstion and he ordered the hit - a gruesome cartel-style slaughter - to send the message that you don't F around with them or this is what happens!
3. Research and look into the REAL owner of the Mad Greek restaurant, where both Xana and Maddie worked. His name is 'Constantinos' and allegedly he's an international drug King Pin with legitamite business fronts all over. His daughter is in the same sorority as one of the roommates and she's also the owner of the abadoned white Elanta found in Oregon apparently. (This statement about the Oregon Elantra could be incorrect and I'm not 100% certain of this).
4. The owner(s) of 1122 King Road are involved somehow - that house is owned by an LLC and they were VERY quick to just give their house away to the University.. who can afford to just throw away a WHOLE HOUSE?!
5. Dylan (and possibly Bethany) knew something was gonna go down, they were told it would be some kind of a shakedown - NOT that the four would be murdered. I believe this is how they were able to get Dylan to cooperate and play a part, and how they had someone 'on the inside'. D & B were fully aware their "friends" were being murdered at the time and her story in the PCA is BS. They were likely involved in the cleanup afterwards and the killers told them to wait until NOON to call 911 - but to first call over some of their friends to muck up the killers' tracks and taint the crime scene. These girls are scared for their LIVES and it's why they won't step foot near Idaho. It's really weird they don't talk to any of their sorority sisters or friends in Moscow ID anymore ... you'd think that after something so horrific and traumatizing you'd would want the support of your friends and especially your sorority sisters .. but I guess not if you have something to hide and to protect ...
6. That VSCO picture of Dylan gazing at the camera with a HUGE knife - is creepy AF! Who takes a picture like that? It's not done in a funny or jokey way - it's intense and kinda terrifying - and if you ask me - very telling. Kinda like the matching tattoos Dylan and Bethany got VERY SOON after the murders .. TOO soon IMO. Those tattoos come across as a 'badge of honor' more than a tribute to the victims. Super sketchy.
7. Emma Bailey, Demetrius Robinson, Quinn Kelley and Brent Kopacka had something to do with the murders - as did some corrupt law enforcement (local police officers/FBI?) Officer Payne of Moscow PD owns some kind of warehouse for a meat processing/packing business in North ID close to the border apparently.
Large scale drug rings require the involvement and protection of LE to be successful and make the kind of money they make. Payne and Kopaka are connected through the Military (?) I believe. It's alleged that Emma stashed drugs in the house with Xana (and possibly also in the empty room that was under Ashlyn Couch's name on the King Rd. lease). Emma Bailey lives super close just behind the King Rd. house - and would be a very close spot for the killers to flee to after the murders.
8. The leaked audio is REAL and shows there was some kind of ambush that night. The authorities have 'debunked' it as fake - because it is proof of what really transpired! It's not as if they would admit to the public it is real.. This was an ambush and the killers were KNOWN to the victims in one way or another. No one snuck in the back sliding door in the dark, like some ninja assassin, and stabbed 4 people on two separate floors, inflicting such horrific injuries in such a VERY SHORT amount of time - then just dissapeared into the night without so much as a trail of blood! Sorry but that just didnt happen. The victims were awake and things went from normal to deadly fast.
9. There were at least 3 people inside the house that night - and likely a few more outside and on the perimeters, keeping watch. The cops nearby at around 3 AM who were busting those kids for drinking were lookouts that night. The officer involved in that encounter has since left the Moscow PD force - which I find to be a strange and suspect coincidence (?) Those cops were in plain clothes and an unmarked/undercover car RIGHT NEXT to the King Rd. house at the SAME TIME as the murders. I find it really ODD that they busted those kids (who were being pretty responsible really) and held them up for SO LONG, asking them A LOT of unnecessary - and frankly dumb - questions, like: "what brand of beer were you drinking?" If you watch the bodycam footage you can tell the cops were trying to draw that encounter out for as long as possible and stall those kids to prevent them from going anywhere near 1122 King Rd! You can even see 3 or 4 dark silhouettes (people) running in single file from the direction of the murder house in the bodycam footage! I don't believe that Moscow PD has undercover officers in plain clothes and unmarked cop cars just lurking around Greek Row at 3 AM to catch drunk kids stumbling out of apartment buildings.. I just don't buy that.
10. Drugs are a HUGE problem in Idaho and a quick Google search will show there is solid evidence the Cartels operate in that area. This has been covered by their local media many times and it's not like it's a secret!
It's not like it's far-fetched to say that huge drug rings operate in Moscow Idaho. It's a FACT. And it's not like it's far-fetched to say college campuses are a HUGE market for these drug rings and can make them a TON of money! Fraternities and Sororities are well known for dealing drugs ... just think about this: if every person at that 150-person party at King Rd. (that took place the night before the murders) spent $$ on drugs - that would be thousands of dollars in profit - in just ONE night at ONE party. It's not far-fetched to assume that pretty sorority girls would be tasked with supplying drugs to all the college kids and all their friends - because who would suspect them?! Especially considering we now KNOW FOR A FACT that they were all connected to Emma Bailey, who is a convicted drug dealer! There is even bodycam footage of her leaving the King Rd. house on one occasion.
11. Where there's smoke - there's fire.
We must ask ourselves WHY do we keep hearing that this was a known drug house and all these things alluding to drugs and a shakedown gone wrong - if there's nothing to it? WHY have so many people that are close to the murders (Jack S, Inan Harsh, the surviving roommates) all left town, never to return? WHY are the locals still so scared if the guy who did it is behind bars? WHY is there such secrecy surrounding the case and WHY do they want to demolish the King Rd. House before the trial even starts?!!

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2023.06.09 15:42 walker_in_the_rain Venu 2 Plus vs FR265 upgrade - help!

I need a bit of help choosing between the Venu 2 Plus and Forerunner 265 as an upgrade from my FR 235
I'm nearly certain that the Venu 2 Plus is the right choice. My current max distance is 10k and I only run a couple of times a week, plus a couple of walks around the same length. I would value workout prompts and motivation, but I don't get these currently so they're not essential. Based on what I've read, the FR 265 would simply be overkill for me. I rarely fiddle with my watch during a run, so the additional buttons would be a bonus rather than a must-have.
Are there any Venu 2 Plus owners who miss certain Forerunner features?
Are there any Forerunner 265 owners who wish they'd gone for the Venu 2 Plus instead?
And finally... is there any point waiting for the Venu 3? Is it expected soon?
Thanks!! 🙏
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2023.06.09 15:41 oceanfrenn [Offer] 5 Spirited Away Postcards ↖(^ω^)↗ [MY to WW]

Alternative title: help me find out if the postbox outside my campus works!
Hello everyone! I know I said I have exams but when there's a will to card, there's a way. :) Anyways I figured I could prep some cards beforehand and fill em out while waiting for my daily commute back home. There's a postbox near my stop, I've always been curious if it's an active one so this is an experiment of sorts!
How I plan to do this is everyday I'll fill a card out, then drop it into the postbox directly. I'll just write about my day. If you wanna claim one, please note that there's a chance it won't arrive. And if it does arrive, I hope you'd be able to post a thank you!
Now how to claim:
  1. Comment a number (if you're the first person claiming = #1, next person would be #2, so on so forth until all 5 cards have been claimed)
  2. PM me your address directly. No chat please.
That's all! Hope this isn't confusing, I'm literally half-awake rn. Now back to studying before I bomb everything. :'D
PS: Happy festa to any armys who happen to see this! 💜💜 I absolutely love take two! And I can't wait for July when JJK1 drops!!
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2023.06.09 15:41 ApoKun Is it just me or is solo plain unfair?

I'm new to code vein and on my first playthrough. Currently banging my head against the butterfly boss. I like to have a challenge when playing games. I love the dark souls games but this is completely unfair.
Keep in mind, I have beaten ds1, ds2 sotfs, ds3 and bloodborne completely solo. I'm good at souls game, having killed nameless king on my 3rd try, midir on my 6th, Laurence on my 4th, maria on my 5th but that doesn't mean I don't know the frustration of dying over and over again.
Ludwig took me 20 tries. Orphan took me nearly 30. Hell, the crystal sage took me nearly 10 tries.
But this straight up feels like bullshit. I don't get any time to heal. Nearly all bosses and even some mob enemies combo me to death. Solo code vein is much harder than a solo playthrough of any fromsoft game.
I don't want to play with a companion cause that makes the game feel like a hack and slash but at the same time I don't want to break my controller. I killed the executioner in first try after taking yakumo with me.
I feel like I shouldn't even think of this as a souls like and just its own thing and play with companions.
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2023.06.09 15:40 ProcyonBright Thinking of quitting my job - need advice or encouragement.

I work in a toxic work environment. I got a new boss a couple of months ago who needs to be constantly coddled. One of those that can't take any hits to the ego or knows how to handle constructive criticism at all. We’re a team of two.
When we've had meetings with other people (especially women) he's constantly on his phone and won't even look up from what he's doing on it to listen to what anyone is saying. Now, I know he's likely doing work stuff - but, I don't care. If you're in a meeting, you need to have at least an ounce of respect toward the people in the meeting. Even if you think it's a pointless meeting. Since he never pays attention, I've now taken on all the mental load of having to remember everything - even when it's not my job, because. He'll even ask me to remind him about things every time he's told something. Keep in mind I'm not his secretary or assistant.
He's also asked - straight up - if I would work for free. I work on contract, and to keep the budget tight he suggested, "why don't you clock up to 36 hours and then not clock in, but just keep working?" and then just keeps commenting on how he's impressed with my "stepping up during this time." Uhh...
Now, I know this ask was straight-up illegal for him to ask me, and I'm severely kicking myself for not recording the meeting in which he said this word-for-word (and there's no way to get a recording of it after the fact - it was a quick Googlemeet meeting).I have now started recording all work meetings with him, but we haven't brought it up quite yet (I'm not near those hours yet, but will be soon). There's some evidence of this in Slack messages, but not nearly enough to do anything about it or for it to matter to any legal people.
So - I have 50,000k in savings right now. My dream is to be a full-time working artist and I've been told I can do it and will be successful at it if I have the time to focus on it. I have no desire to get another job in my field, and I've been at the same niche company so long, it would be very difficult.
But - I used to work in restaurants back in the day and can catch on quickly again.I was thinking of taking the next 6 months off to go all in on my art. If it doesn’t look like it’ll be going anywhere by then, then I’ll go back to restaurants and keep working toward this dream.I’m 32 right now, single, and scared. But I can’t be at this job anymore. What would you do?
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