Lost ark is Pay to Play and not P2W!! (in a sense)

2022.05.31 14:53 Allekos Lost ark is Pay to Play and not P2W!! (in a sense)

I'm not here to argue whether or not Lost ark pushes the player to spend money on the game (of course it does). I'm here to prove that pay to play in a free to play game is a term that lost ark made possible to exist.
The other day i was watching some good old fashioned asmongoldtv and he brought up the P2W aspect of the game. Needless to say almost every1 ,by now, thinks lost ark is P2w.
I paused the video and took a minute to think about it.
I have around 140 hrs in the game and just hit T3 simply because i play as a completionist. I gather mokokos, i try to hit 70-80% (i will not get 100% rapport not farm or spend gold on a 0/50 gatherable) on all adventure tomes and try to do some dailies to acquire island souls. I'm also not really interested in hitting high end gs as fast as possible
That said i look forward getting to the end game raids.
My point is that i have 140hrs of free fun and still haven't been bored of the game. Ark pass (free version) is very generous also.
So what exactly IS P2w? For me it depends on what anyone things winning is.
For me "winning" in a MMORPG is purely related to pvp and not pve. I don't care if someone has better GS than me since it has absolutely no impact on my experience in the game. And when i want to test my skills in pvp, gs doesn't matter, well, not even skill points matter!
Lost ark's business model is very simple. It lets us play for free and it simply tempts us to spend money on its store. It will make it difficult for us to upgrade our gear after 1340 but in the end it is our choice as a player.
By now you would think that my argument is that lost ark is neither P2P nor P2W but hear me out. Since its very difficult to upgrade your gear lost ark keeps throwing (monthly ) new content that is available to high end gs only. This means that unless you "no-life" the game you will almost certainly have to spend money in order to play the new content. See where i'm going with this?
Don't discourage new players from playing simply by telling them the game is P2W. Discourage them by telling that they probably need to pay in order to queue for end game content.
If we consider Lost ark as a free to play demo until 1340 gs, i think we can enjoy the game more.
TLDR: i have 140 free hrs in the game and still going. Will i be able to keep up with the new content? Maybe, since now i finished exploring and only have dailies to do. P2W exists only in pvp (in my opinion) and pay 2 play means that you have to pay in order to get high end gs and be able to queue for the latest content
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2021.07.05 22:34 Brew_Mage Thank you, Asmongold. I mean it.

I have never, in my entire life, sat for ten hours straight watching someone play a video game. I'll admit that whenever I usually watch Asmongold, it's through his easily digestible highlights on the AsmongoldTV Youtube channel. The only time I ever sit down for a couple hours at a time is when I watch a movie.
But viewing both of his FFXIV streams in their entirety felt like binge-watching a very enjoyable television series. Asmon, you're playing my favorite game of all time and you're being very respectful and open about your feelings. The few criticisms you've made about the game so far are very fair and I actually agree with you.
I want to thank you immensely for being an upstanding individual and your saintlike patience as you waded through the stream snipers doing their best to ruin your time. I'm glad action is being taken against the clowns, as well. Hopefully, this support continues and you get to see a different side of MMO management. Blizzard has done you dirty for far too long and it's about time you get a satisfactory customer experience.
From one Dark Knight to a future Dark Knight, I welcome you to Oreezea. Have a great fuckin' time, my dude.
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2021.04.23 18:39 Goplaydiabotical What was Asmon's last day playing Classic?

I'm wondering if someone can link me to the vod, or a youtube video of his last day(s) of playing Classic WoW regularly.
If AsmongoldTV is watching, I'd love to see an episode collecting his thoughts on classic after quitting, and why he stopped playing.
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2020.10.31 03:19 LurkerPatrol I cut out every single youtube thumbnail video from asmongoldtv, stacked, and averaged them in photoshop. This is the result

I cut out every single youtube thumbnail video from asmongoldtv, stacked, and averaged them in photoshop. This is the result submitted by LurkerPatrol to Asmongold [link] [comments]

2020.08.20 00:25 happymangee123 The Problem With Asmongold Critiquing Shadowlands

I've been watching a lot of ASMONGOLDTV clips, and many of the spend a significant amount of time complaining about how Blizzard isn't learning from their mistakes, and isn't making the game 'fun'.
A lot of his critiques have to do with Blizzards unwillingness to listen to players, and looking towards statistics instead of the enjoyablility of the game. WRONG.
This is fundamentally wrong. The issue isn't that Blizzard doesn't listen to its player-base, the real issue is that Blizzard is completely incompetent. Blizzard 2020 isn't the same company as Blizzard 2009. To put it metaphorically, Asmongold is looking for a game on the level of quality of lets say... The Witcher 3 from a developer the quality of 2K sports. You Shouldn't realistically believe that 2K Sports can make a genre defining game such as the Witcher 3. In the same way you shouldn't expect Blizzard 2020 to be able to make a game to the level of TBC or WOLK; it may be the same talking heads from Blizzard, but it isn't the same team, passion, or company.
What was the last good game Blizzard came out with?
Overwatch pre-Bridgett patch before they ruined the game?
and before that?.....
WOLK in 2008? It's been 12 years since Blizzard has come out with something that is really enjoyable, and somehow Azmongold still believes that somehow the game can be salvaged from a company that has been so incompetent they haven't made a good game in 12 years. PLEASE LET GO ASMONGOLD.
Asmongold is asking changes, a return to form, and an enjoyable game from a company that:
1- Hasn't made a great game in 12 years.
2- Still defends LFG and LFR.
3- Still defends multiple raid tiers
4- Has to rerelease old games to live on the coat-tales of the past. Doesn't always work though, Warcraft Reforged LOL.
5- Pays their employees the absolute minimum industry standard due to industry clout, leading to massive burnouts, turnovers, and not passionate devs.
6- Most popular game is a Childrens cardgame which single OP cards take over 8 months to balance.
Its honestly funny seeing so many streamers and youtubers including Asmongold complaining "BlIZzaRd DoEsn'T ListEN tO uS!" they do, they just can't do anything about it. Most changes I've seen from Blizzard in the last few years generally occur 6 months too late, and a bastardization of what people actually want. They literally are unable to make anything right.
Dear Amongold: Blizzard listens, they are just incompetent.
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2020.08.08 06:55 Dash_OPepper History of the World React

Does anyone know what day and/or vod Asmongold reacted to History of the World? I saw a clip of it on AsmongoldTV and can't find it.
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2020.07.18 01:39 EksSkellybur Just an inspired and complete noob, whose interested into Wow if I wanted to be honest with myself.

Greetings Asmon, McCool and Chat, I have been inspired enough to take Wow Shadowlands at a Serious enough rate, even though I had never played WoW, except for that one time where I had played Cataclysm back went I was about 13-14 or so, and I was lost as fuck and a noob, but I still somehow had an overall decent time.

Back then I never even heard of Wow, and I only knew about their advertisements for about 8 years or so ago. (even though I started off watching YouTube all the back at July 2007 and the first thing I saw back then was some wow videos to watch) Back then World of Warcraft Cataclysm was nice and all, but I never took it seriously because I just played it casually for that day that I had the chance to play and just forgot about it the next day.
When it came to MMOs I had grown up playing Runescape, Perfect World, and Tales of Pirates. So I definitely didn't have the experience of what you guys had. But I was intrigued to find out at least the vague story of what made Blizzard Great before they started going downhill for plenty of people. I have heard all sorts of Mixed feelings about Wow. I heard that the Early Years were Glorious, but as time went on things had just slowly gone downhill, up until Shadowlands, which for the majority of the community (from how I saw it) was Wow's Last legs to making a comeback.

One of my mates told me what Wow briefly is, but it was Asmongold that was the selling point for me to be inspired enough to even watch one of these streams one time. (Back then I had NEVER EVER touched Twitch up until literally the last few days. (I'm still new-ish with the BetterTTV Emotes, but I see that even the Chat are hilarious at times when done right.)) If it wasn't for Asmongold (And me watching a bit of both his Main Channel, but mostly on AsmongoldTV for the past 2 years or so), and how I can tell that he's been into WoW for a long time, I wouldn't be interested enough in to Wow as a whole.

To some, it may be maddening for me to consider going to Shadowlands (that is if it's good and if they can Fix the Covenants.), And for others, (Much like what I'm doing too up until I am certain that I can join.), they prefer playing it safe and just watch it on YouTube and Twitch, even if Shadowlands is eventually out. And for the rest; they may say that It's a bold decision. Although I am no more than just a Recruitment, and even a noob to a player's eye, I am still interested enough to try Shadowlands. If I know that Shadowlands is really fucking good overall, then I want to experience it from start to finish, just to find out for even myself on what Wow really is for people. And I am even aware that the first few days it may be a honeymoon phase, and then by day 3 or 4 or whatever, I might even start regretting myself, but that's okay.

If possible, I would like to know just a piece of what you guys experiences have been with your Wow Career (Even if your experiences were bad). Again, Mine was just Exploring Cataclysm and dying to even the tutorial mobs because I was a complete noob back then. If you guys were interested, I had made 3 guys, All Horde. If I remember to my Knowledge, I had made a Warrior Tauren (The first guy I ever made), a Priest Zombie, and a Warrior Worgen. In terms of What I know with the whole lore of Wow, I only know Arthus' Story, and that's about it.

P.S. I felt that the Flair was suited best as a Discussion, but I can see how this can be mixed up as an Appreciation Flair or whatever.
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