Metatarsal pads ball of foot cushions

Snow! As responsible human adults there is only one thing we can do! Aliens putting on special environmental suits to not die horrifically notice that the humans seem to be handling the situation differently...

2023.03.27 16:05 maximusaemilius Snow! As responsible human adults there is only one thing we can do! Aliens putting on special environmental suits to not die horrifically notice that the humans seem to be handling the situation differently...

Maroz 324's sky was cold and blue overhead. Its distant binary stars hung high in the sky over the flat, cold alien landscape painted in shades of blue and white. No footprints, or tracks of any kind crossed its surface, and remained that way until the shuttle roared down from the bright morning sky and towards the chilled surface.
The Galactic Assembly's scientific landing crew felt the weight of the ship as it settled onto the ice and unbuckled themselves from their seats, turning towards the wall to grab their gear. The crew consisted of two Vrul, one Tesraki and a Rundi as it usually was...
That was all except for the humans, who ducked through the door and into the room, tall and menacing with their forward facing eyes and glittering white teeth.
The human pilot, wearing an eyepatch, and accompanied by a Vrul of his own paused in the doorway,
"We ran some diagnostics on the planet surface. The ice is made mostly of well... Water which is obviously a good thing for us. As for temperature and atmospheric readings, we have mostly nitrogen, but at least 21% oxygen. Not a whole lot of carbon. Outside reading on the ship shows that there seems to be no liquid water present on the surface, and as such indicates no bacterial presence, though that may mean nothing at this point. Temperature is a balmy -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -28 degrees celsius.”
"Balmy, is this your so called humor, human?"
One of the scientists wondered, pulling on a contained environment suit with respirator, temperature control, and a crap-load of other life support equipment,
"Subzero temperatures make this planet a deathtrap, unlivable. An extremely hostile environment."
The human just smiled a calm smile,
"Balmy at this point means, wow my face isn't going to freeze off and shatter upon contact with the air."
The science crew looked at each other perplexed.
"But... that's exactly what -20 means..."
Behind him, the other humans were falling into the room, pulling on multiple layers of clothing. The human before them did the same. Two pairs of pants, and boots, and then another strange fibrous layer, and then a large fluffy jacket above that.
There seemed to be no room for life support aboard their uniforms.
In fact, the scientists were skeptical whether the suits were airtight enough not to lose air rather than contain it. The human pulled on a cap over his head and delicate ears, which were sure to freeze in the cold.
There was no question that humans weren't meant for low temperatures, seeing as they lost heat quickly, and had no hair to keep them warm.
That might be why it seemed as if their gear was so primitive…
Perhaps because they had to develop subzero life support systems early on. The original human pulled on two pairs of gloves flexing his fingers inside the suit before donning a strange set of eyewear which he perched atop his head.
As far as they could tell, he wore no respirator, and there was nothing protecting his eyes from freezing inside his head.
Meanwhile the Vrul accompanying the humans scuttled on the ground with weird movements to a specimen tube, which was placed near the door.
”Here I go again. I swear, why does Adam always insist on tagging me along… what could I do if something happens? Stare someone to death?”
He mumbled to himself, while climbing in the specimen tube and closing it behind him.
The rest of the scientific group had donned their gear... The same gear they would have worn in the vacuum of space, and then motioned towards the airlock.
The humans shuffled forward with a sort of swishing squeaking noise, and the scientists followed behind them. The lead human now carried the specimen tube on his back with said Vrul on the inside, who was looking surprisingly bored as if he was used to the human's antics by this point.
They were growing rather nervous watching them,
"Aren't you going to put on your helmets?"
One of them wondered through the intercom.
The humans looked down at him. Through their noses and mouths were covered by strange fibrous material, the way their eyes scrunched hinted at amusement.
Behind them, the airlock hissed shut,
"Why would we do something like that?"
The human hit the button and the cabin depressurized. The scientists looked on in horror, expecting humans to fall to the ground dead, but they seemed more than ok. One of them walked towards the door, as a decontamination spray bathed them in a fine layer of mist. The door lurched open with a clunk, and a wave of what must have been freezing cold air flooded into the cabin.
Together, the scientists looked up in shock expecting the human's eyes to immediately freeze and shatter inside their skulls, or at least to see their skin turn blue.
No such thing happened, together the humans walked out into the snow with a soft crunch, crunch, crunch.
To their shock, the main human pulled the material down from his mouth, and then breathed deeply.
Hot air plumed from his mouth in smoke like rings.
"Ah.... nothing like a little cold to invigorate the self."
He took another deep breath. For a moment they stared on in surprise, shock and awe, that was before the man began to cough violently doubling over for a moment, probably ready to keel over and die.
Had the humans come here to die in some sort of gruesome tradition? Is that why they didn’t wear enough protection?
The other humans simply began to laugh at him.
Hh pulled the material up over his face, still coughing,
"Note to self, air very dry, lungs on fire."
The scientists stared on in wonder as the human quickly recovered.
"What... But... how?"
The human turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow,
"Are you kidding. Where I come from it can get -40 degrees towards the beginning of the year. So cold you can turn boiling water into water vapor in seconds."
"But... but how... You have no fur."
"What do you think the jacket is for."
"But your lungs."
The human reached up and prodded at his nose with a hand,
"That's what this puppy is for keeps the air humid and warm for the lungs. I advise breathing through the nose in cold situations rather than the mouth.”
"Your eyes..."
"Tons of blood flow, and there are nice and cozy inside my skull, stop worrying so much."
He turned towards the planet hands on his hips,
"I don't know about you boys and girls, but I would consider this planet habitable, at least worth harvesting water from. So maybe some sort of base here."
The scientists just stared as the (life support-less) humans marched into the snow.
"Think about it.”
One of the humans muttered watching as the scientists took their readings,
"No one has ever set foot here... Ever."
The lead human tapped his chin with a musing expression,
"Mmm... good point. We are the first humans, maybe even the first living creatures to walk upon this planet, better set a good example… As proper humans, there is only one thing we could do…"
The Vrul yelled from inside the specimen tube.
”But Kriiiiilllll….”
”No Adam!”
”But Krill, you cant tell me to not do it, look I am sure the others will do it too…”
”If the other would jump down a bridge would you do it too?”
”I mean depends on how high it is… C’mon Krill its snow. We are humans. We have to be responsible adults now…”
”Ugh fine. But put me down first…”
The lead human set the tube down next to the scientists, who did not understand what was going on.
”So uhhhm Dr. Krill you study humans tell us, what does he want to do? We are here to collect samples and he does not seem to have any equipment with him…”
Another exasperated sigh from the Vrul inside the test tube.
**”You’ll see…”
It was then that the lead human left off a strange animal bugle and ran straight onto the tundra, hopping and dancing and running around in circles on the white plane of ice and snow, almost slipping and falling on more than one occasion.
It didn't take long before the other humans were running after him, engaging in primitive and aggressive play with each other.
A human took a running start and then dug his heels into the icy snow, going skidding past another human who had flopped down on her back to open and close her arms and legs while laughing.
A human leaped over her and then went rolling into the snow, sending an explosion of white powder up after him, rolling to a stop only to copy the woman before.
The scientists, who should have been collecting samples, just stared on in wonder and confusion as the weird humans happily played in the snow and ice.
Two humans tackled another one and forced his face into the snow, before scampering away only to be chased by their snowy counterpart, whose warm skin was melting the snow on his face only to have it freeze against his skin.
"What are they doing?"
One of the scientists asked in wonder.
The Vrul inside his test tube sighed again,
"They are frolicking I believe is the term. Humans love snow, or at least some humans love snow. That one there is making a snow angel, those ones there just performed what is called a 'whitewash'."
The scientists turned to the Vrul hunkered down inside his specimen tube,
"How do you know all of this?"
He sighed,
"The first time I visited earth, it was during a blizzard."
*"You've been to earth! And what’s a blizzard?"
They exclaimed in unison.
"More than once unfortunately. And you see the snow all around? Imagine that but in bigger and as shards which will rip you in half, flying around and coming from all sides with high speeds, like a glorified blender of ice. THAT’S a blizzard."
He droned, watching as one human snuck up on another with a handful of snow shoving it in their face when they weren't expecting it. He came over sputtering and spitting snow out of his mouth,
"Ok, Ok, this means war."
The aliens looked on with worried expressions. That didn’t sound good. Were humans regularly having disputes over such small things between each other?
Meanwhile the human trudged over to the ship where the heat of the engines, still cooling had melted a plot of snow in a wide circle around the craft. He dug his hand in towards the edge, scooping up a handful of snow and began packing it together.
Together the scientists came forward with curiosity,
"How did you do that?”
The human looked u in puzzlement, holding out his ball of snow,
"What... You didn't know that it sticks together?”
He tossed the ball of snow up and down in a single hand,
"Well my friends, you are about to be introduced to a human game that has been near and dear to our hearts from times of great antiquity."
He turned towards where the other humans were still 'frolicking in the snow' and violently snapped his arm around in an overhand circle.
There was an explosion of snow on the back of one of the human's jackets and he stumbled nearly falling flat on his face. He turned, eyes narrowed, and then came barreling towards the human who had thrown it.
The entire tundra broke into chaos around the ship, and the scientists ducked for cover, as balls of frozen liquid began flying through the air at incredible speed. The first human was nailed in the face ending up on his back in the snow, holding a hand to his nose.
The other humans only stopped to see if he was ok before continuing on in their mission.
Two took up position behind one of the struts holding the ship up, one of them throwing the snowballs, while the other made them and handed them off with unwavering accuracy.
Eventually someone was smashed over the head with a snowball the size of his own head and the two ended up tumbling to the snow, rolling end over end as they tried to stick each other's faces in the cold, wet ground.
The scientists were making no headway and were forced to yell at the humans to knock it off, hoping beyond hope that this was not some sort of primitive mutiny by the humans. It was so violent and aggressive.
The humans stopped, and everyone turned to find the Vrul in the test tube with both of his arms crossed, just like the humans,
"Can't you see you are ruining the scientific field and contaminating it? Either you play nice with each other, or you are all going back inside."
”But Kriiiilllll…”
”No backtalking, you heard me! Now behave, before I need to count to ten…”
To their surprise, the humans slumped and muttered to each other, giving the scientists time to go out and begin sampling away from the ship where the chaos had taken place. Behind them, two humans had begun rolling a massive ball of snow, which didn't seem like it should have stuck together, but totally did.
Another one sat in the snow and absently crunched on a snowball.
"Get that out of your mouth!”
The Vrul in the test tube demanded,
"You don't know what could possibly be in it."
The human looked up at him licking his lips,
"Don't eat yellow snow."
He held out the snowball,
"This snow is white."
"It is from another planet."
"What is yellow snow."
A returning scientist wondered,
"I did not know that snow came in different colors…”
The human grinned malevolently,
"Oh yes yellow snow. I know how to make it too. A serious process."
The other humans began giggling. The Vrul inside his specimen tube did not seem pleased.
Behind them two of the humans had managed to stack three snowballs one on top of the other.
"What are you doing?”
The humans turned to look,
"Do you like it? This is our snowman."
They wondered in confusion. Another human walked up from behind with two snowballs and stuck them onto the middle snowball.
"Now it is a snow woman."
He received a face full of snow for his trouble.
Another human inched by on his back, pushing himself through the snow on his back like some kind of strange arctic inch worm. The other humans, and aliens alike turned to watch him go, the humans with amusement and the aliens with confusion.
Apparently, despite being spawned in the dessert, or savanna, humans greatly enjoy the cold, when snow is involved, they will eat it, play with it, throw it at each other, bury themselves in it burrowing around like snow worms. No one understands why this is, by all rights it should kill them, but humans are adaptable bastards, and I suppose that the ability to live in a cold climate would give them no end to the water that they might need.
Still it is very strange, there is something about snow that brings out the primitive human, which will then display a strange sort of ritualistic play.
There will have to be more research done about this in the future, but for now it will have to remain a mystery.
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2023.03.27 16:02 rc522878 Looking for lighter pads

I mainly play street/ball hockey and sometimes roller. I have been using Brians for about 5 years now and I've really liked them, especially with how they have held up on the blacktop service we play on.
Now, the issue is, I have been having issues with my feet and I think it's partially from these pads. From time to time I notice that they do put a lot of pressure on the top of my foot and when I have injuries that is the area that flares up. So I was thinking of getting newer, lighter pads. I was told Warriors are the lightest but I am worries about them getting eaten up too much on black top. My league rink is supposed to upgrade to a deck service but I am not sure when that's happening, and pick up is still on black top, so I was wondering if you guys here had any suggestions for pads that are a good balance between light and durable.

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2023.03.27 16:01 maximusaemilius Empyrean Iris: 1-137: Snow (by Charlie Star)

FYI, this is a story COLLECTION. Lots of standalones technically. So, you can basically start to read at any chapter, no pre-read of the other chapters needed technically (other than maybe getting better descriptions of characters than: Adam Vir=human, Krill=antlike alien, Sunny=tall alien, Conn=telepathic alien). The numbers are (mostly) only for organization of posts and continuity.
OC Written by Charlie Stastarrfallknightrise,
Typed up and then posted here by me.
Proofreading and language check for some chapters by u/Finbar9800
Future Lore and fact check done by me.
Meanwhile Sunny on babysit duty inside the ship:
”Aww that’s it! Sleep well Hal! You and your sister are so nice, not like your big sister…”
”Yes of course Cortana, since you asked so nice ill swing you to sleep… Wait a second where is Glados?”
*Distant panicked screams from across the ship.*
”Goddamit, not again.”
*Sunny cradles Cortana in two of her arms, while she grabs a landing net and a safari hat with her other two hands.*
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Maroz 324's sky was cold and blue overhead. Its distant binary stars hung high in the sky over the flat, cold alien landscape painted in shades of blue and white. No footprints, or tracks of any kind crossed its surface, and remained that way until the shuttle roared down from the bright morning sky and towards the chilled surface.
The Galactic Assembly's scientific landing crew felt the weight of the ship as it settled onto the ice and unbuckled themselves from their seats, turning towards the wall to grab their gear. The crew consisted of two Vrul, one Tesraki and a Rundi as it usually was...
That was all except for the humans, who ducked through the door and into the room, tall and menacing with their forward facing eyes and glittering white teeth.
The human pilot, wearing an eyepatch, and accompanied by a Vrul of his own paused in the doorway,
"We ran some diagnostics on the planet surface. The ice is made mostly of well... Water which is obviously a good thing for us. As for temperature and atmospheric readings, we have mostly nitrogen, but at least 21% oxygen. Not a whole lot of carbon. Outside reading on the ship shows that there seems to be no liquid water present on the surface, and as such indicates no bacterial presence, though that may mean nothing at this point. Temperature is a balmy -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -28 degrees celsius.”
"Balmy, is this your so called humor, human?"
One of the scientists wondered, pulling on a contained environment suit with respirator, temperature control, and a crap-load of other life support equipment,
"Subzero temperatures make this planet a deathtrap, unlivable. An extremely hostile environment."
The human just smiled a calm smile,
"Balmy at this point means, wow my face isn't going to freeze off and shatter upon contact with the air."
The science crew looked at each other perplexed.
"But... that's exactly what -20 means..."
Behind him, the other humans were falling into the room, pulling on multiple layers of clothing. The human before them did the same. Two pairs of pants, and boots, and then another strange fibrous layer, and then a large fluffy jacket above that.
There seemed to be no room for life support aboard their uniforms.
In fact, the scientists were skeptical whether the suits were airtight enough not to lose air rather than contain it. The human pulled on a cap over his head and delicate ears, which were sure to freeze in the cold.
There was no question that humans weren't meant for low temperatures, seeing as they lost heat quickly, and had no hair to keep them warm.
That might be why it seemed as if their gear was so primitive…
Perhaps because they had to develop subzero life support systems early on. The original human pulled on two pairs of gloves flexing his fingers inside the suit before donning a strange set of eyewear which he perched atop his head.
As far as they could tell, he wore no respirator, and there was nothing protecting his eyes from freezing inside his head.
Meanwhile the Vrul accompanying the humans scuttled on the ground with weird movements to a specimen tube, which was placed near the door.
”Here I go again. I swear, why does Adam always insist on tagging me along… what could I do if something happens? Stare someone to death?”
He mumbled to himself, while climbing in the specimen tube and closing it behind him.
The rest of the scientific group had donned their gear... The same gear they would have worn in the vacuum of space, and then motioned towards the airlock.
The humans shuffled forward with a sort of swishing squeaking noise, and the scientists followed behind them. The lead human now carried the specimen tube on his back with said Vrul on the inside, who was looking surprisingly bored as if he was used to the human's antics by this point.
They were growing rather nervous watching them,
"Aren't you going to put on your helmets?"
One of them wondered through the intercom.
The humans looked down at him. Through their noses and mouths were covered by strange fibrous material, the way their eyes scrunched hinted at amusement.
Behind them, the airlock hissed shut,
"Why would we do something like that?"
The human hit the button and the cabin depressurized. The scientists looked on in horror, expecting humans to fall to the ground dead, but they seemed more than ok. One of them walked towards the door, as a decontamination spray bathed them in a fine layer of mist. The door lurched open with a clunk, and a wave of what must have been freezing cold air flooded into the cabin.
Together, the scientists looked up in shock expecting the human's eyes to immediately freeze and shatter inside their skulls, or at least to see their skin turn blue.
No such thing happened, together the humans walked out into the snow with a soft crunch, crunch, crunch.
To their shock, the main human pulled the material down from his mouth, and then breathed deeply.
Hot air plumed from his mouth in smoke like rings.
"Ah.... nothing like a little cold to invigorate the self."
He took another deep breath. For a moment they stared on in surprise, shock and awe, that was before the man began to cough violently doubling over for a moment, probably ready to keel over and die.
Had the humans come here to die in some sort of gruesome tradition? Is that why they didn’t wear enough protection?
The other humans simply began to laugh at him.
Hh pulled the material up over his face, still coughing,
"Note to self, air very dry, lungs on fire."
The scientists stared on in wonder as the human quickly recovered.
"What... But... how?"
The human turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow,
"Are you kidding. Where I come from it can get -40 degrees towards the beginning of the year. So cold you can turn boiling water into water vapor in seconds."
"But... but how... You have no fur."
"What do you think the jacket is for."
"But your lungs."
The human reached up and prodded at his nose with a hand,
"That's what this puppy is for keeps the air humid and warm for the lungs. I advise breathing through the nose in cold situations rather than the mouth.”
"Your eyes..."
"Tons of blood flow, and there are nice and cozy inside my skull, stop worrying so much."
He turned towards the planet hands on his hips,
"I don't know about you boys and girls, but I would consider this planet habitable, at least worth harvesting water from. So maybe some sort of base here."
The scientists just stared as the (life support-less) humans marched into the snow.
"Think about it.”
One of the humans muttered watching as the scientists took their readings,
"No one has ever set foot here... Ever."
The lead human tapped his chin with a musing expression,
"Mmm... good point. We are the first humans, maybe even the first living creatures to walk upon this planet, better set a good example… As proper humans, there is only one thing we could do…"
The Vrul yelled from inside the specimen tube.
”But Kriiiiilllll….”
”No Adam!”
”But Krill, you cant tell me to not do it, look I am sure the others will do it too…”
”If the other would jump down a bridge would you do it too?”
”I mean depends on how high it is… C’mon Krill its snow. We are humans. We have to be responsible adults now…”
”Ugh fine. But put me down first…”
The lead human set the tube down next to the scientists, who did not understand what was going on.
”So uhhhm Dr. Krill you study humans tell us, what does he want to do? We are here to collect samples and he does not seem to have any equipment with him…”
Another exasperated sigh from the Vrul inside the test tube.
**”You’ll see…”
It was then that the lead human left off a strange animal bugle and ran straight onto the tundra, hopping and dancing and running around in circles on the white plane of ice and snow, almost slipping and falling on more than one occasion.
It didn't take long before the other humans were running after him, engaging in primitive and aggressive play with each other.
A human took a running start and then dug his heels into the icy snow, going skidding past another human who had flopped down on her back to open and close her arms and legs while laughing.
A human leaped over her and then went rolling into the snow, sending an explosion of white powder up after him, rolling to a stop only to copy the woman before.
The scientists, who should have been collecting samples, just stared on in wonder and confusion as the weird humans happily played in the snow and ice.
Two humans tackled another one and forced his face into the snow, before scampering away only to be chased by their snowy counterpart, whose warm skin was melting the snow on his face only to have it freeze against his skin.
"What are they doing?"
One of the scientists asked in wonder.
The Vrul inside his test tube sighed again,
"They are frolicking I believe is the term. Humans love snow, or at least some humans love snow. That one there is making a snow angel, those ones there just performed what is called a 'whitewash'."
The scientists turned to the Vrul hunkered down inside his specimen tube,
"How do you know all of this?"
He sighed,
"The first time I visited earth, it was during a blizzard."
*"You've been to earth! And what’s a blizzard?"
They exclaimed in unison.
"More than once unfortunately. And you see the snow all around? Imagine that but in bigger and as shards which will rip you in half, flying around and coming from all sides with high speeds, like a glorified blender of ice. THAT’S a blizzard."
He droned, watching as one human snuck up on another with a handful of snow shoving it in their face when they weren't expecting it. He came over sputtering and spitting snow out of his mouth,
"Ok, Ok, this means war."
The aliens looked on with worried expressions. That didn’t sound good. Were humans regularly having disputes over such small things between each other?
Meanwhile the human trudged over to the ship where the heat of the engines, still cooling had melted a plot of snow in a wide circle around the craft. He dug his hand in towards the edge, scooping up a handful of snow and began packing it together.
Together the scientists came forward with curiosity,
"How did you do that?”
The human looked u in puzzlement, holding out his ball of snow,
"What... You didn't know that it sticks together?”
He tossed the ball of snow up and down in a single hand,
"Well my friends, you are about to be introduced to a human game that has been near and dear to our hearts from times of great antiquity."
He turned towards where the other humans were still 'frolicking in the snow' and violently snapped his arm around in an overhand circle.
There was an explosion of snow on the back of one of the human's jackets and he stumbled nearly falling flat on his face. He turned, eyes narrowed, and then came barreling towards the human who had thrown it.
The entire tundra broke into chaos around the ship, and the scientists ducked for cover, as balls of frozen liquid began flying through the air at incredible speed. The first human was nailed in the face ending up on his back in the snow, holding a hand to his nose.
The other humans only stopped to see if he was ok before continuing on in their mission.
Two took up position behind one of the struts holding the ship up, one of them throwing the snowballs, while the other made them and handed them off with unwavering accuracy.
Eventually someone was smashed over the head with a snowball the size of his own head and the two ended up tumbling to the snow, rolling end over end as they tried to stick each other's faces in the cold, wet ground.
The scientists were making no headway and were forced to yell at the humans to knock it off, hoping beyond hope that this was not some sort of primitive mutiny by the humans. It was so violent and aggressive.
The humans stopped, and everyone turned to find the Vrul in the test tube with both of his arms crossed, just like the humans,
"Can't you see you are ruining the scientific field and contaminating it? Either you play nice with each other, or you are all going back inside."
”But Kriiiilllll…”
”No backtalking, you heard me! Now behave, before I need to count to ten…”
To their surprise, the humans slumped and muttered to each other, giving the scientists time to go out and begin sampling away from the ship where the chaos had taken place. Behind them, two humans had begun rolling a massive ball of snow, which didn't seem like it should have stuck together, but totally did.
Another one sat in the snow and absently crunched on a snowball.
"Get that out of your mouth!”
The Vrul in the test tube demanded,
"You don't know what could possibly be in it."
The human looked up at him licking his lips,
"Don't eat yellow snow."
He held out the snowball,
"This snow is white."
"It is from another planet."
"What is yellow snow."
A returning scientist wondered,
"I did not know that snow came in different colors…”
The human grinned malevolently,
"Oh yes yellow snow. I know how to make it too. A serious process."
The other humans began giggling. The Vrul inside his specimen tube did not seem pleased.
Behind them two of the humans had managed to stack three snowballs one on top of the other.
"What are you doing?”
The humans turned to look,
"Do you like it? This is our snowman."
They wondered in confusion. Another human walked up from behind with two snowballs and stuck them onto the middle snowball.
"Now it is a snow woman."
He received a face full of snow for his trouble.
Another human inched by on his back, pushing himself through the snow on his back like some kind of strange arctic inch worm. The other humans, and aliens alike turned to watch him go, the humans with amusement and the aliens with confusion.
Apparently, despite being spawned in the dessert, or savanna, humans greatly enjoy the cold, when snow is involved, they will eat it, play with it, throw it at each other, bury themselves in it burrowing around like snow worms. No one understands why this is, by all rights it should kill them, but humans are adaptable bastards, and I suppose that the ability to live in a cold climate would give them no end to the water that they might need.
Still it is very strange, there is something about snow that brings out the primitive human, which will then display a strange sort of ritualistic play.
There will have to be more research done about this in the future, but for now it will have to remain a mystery.
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Thanks for reading! As you saw in the title, this is a cross posted story written by starrfallknightrise and I'll just upload some of it here for you guys, if you are interested and want to read ahead, the original story-collection can be found on tumblr or wattpad to read for free. (link above this text under "OC:..." ) It is the Empyrean Iris story collection by starfallknightrise. Also, if you want to know more about the story collection i made an intro post about it, so feel free to check that out to see what other great characters to look forward to! (Link also above this text). I have no affiliations to the author; just thought I’d share some of the great stories you might enjoy a lot!
Obviously, I have Charlie’s permission to post this and for the people already knowing the stories, or starting to read them: If you follow the link and check out the story you will see some differences. I made some small (non-artistic) changes, mainly correcting writing mistakes, pronoun correction and some small additional info here and there of things which were not thought of/forgotten or even were added/changed in later stories (like the “USS->UNSC” prefix of Stabby, Chalar=/->Sunny etc). As well as some "biggemajor" changes in descriptions and info’s for the same stringency/continuity reason. That can be explained by the story collection being, well a story collection at the start with many standalone-stories just starring the same people, but later on it gets more to a stringent storyline with backstories and throwbacks. (For example Adam Vir has some HEAVY scars over his body, following his bones, which were not really talked about up till half the collection, where it says it covers his whole body and you find out via backflash that he had them the whole time and how he got them, they just weren't mentioned before. However, I would think a doctor would at least see these scars before that, especially since he gets analyzed, treated and goes shirtless/in T-shirts in some stories). So TLDR: Writing and some descriptions are slightly changed, with full OK from the author, since he himself did not bother to correct these things before.
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2023.03.27 16:00 sohanicat123 Height Increase Insoles: Do They Really Work?

Height Increase Insoles: Do They Really Work?
If you're looking to add a few extra inches to your height, you may have come across height increase insoles. These foot pads claim to provide adjustable lift and cushioning, but do they work? Here, we'll take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of using height-increase insoles.

What are foot pads for height increase?

Foot pads for height increase are insoles designed to be placed inside your shoes to add a few extra inches to your height. They typically come with an adjustable lift and cushioning, allowing you to customize the amount of height you want to add. Some foot pads also claim to provide additional benefits, such as improved posture and reduced foot pain. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of these foot pads can vary depending on the individual and the specific product being used.

How do foot pads work?

Foot pads for height increase work by adding extra height to your shoes, which in turn increases your overall height. The adjustable lift and cushioning allow you to customize the amount of height you want to add, making it a convenient and easy way to increase your height. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of these foot pads can vary depending on the individual and the specific product being used. It's also important to consider the potential risks and drawbacks, such as discomfort or instability while walking.

Are foot pads effective for increasing height?

The effectiveness of foot pads for increasing height can vary depending on the individual and the specific product being used. While some people may see a noticeable increase in height, others may not experience any significant change. It's important to consider the potential risks and drawbacks, such as discomfort or instability while walking, before deciding if foot pads are worth it for you. It's also important to note that there are other methods for increasing height, such as exercise and proper nutrition, that may be more effective and have fewer risks.

What are the potential risks and side effects of using foot pads?

While foot pads for height increase may seem like a quick and easy solution, they do come with potential risks and side effects. Some users may experience discomfort or pain while wearing the pads, as they can alter the natural alignment of the foot and cause strain on the muscles and joints. Additionally, the added height may cause instability while walking or standing, increasing the risk of falls or injuries. It's important to consider these potential risks carefully before deciding if foot pads are worth it.

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2023.03.27 15:38 handmade-spinus 5 tips on how to make better crochet couch for cats

5 tips on how to make better crochet couch for catWhat is crochet couch for cats?

As the name implies, it is a cat sofa made of "crochet".

A crochet cat sofa is a small piece of furniture handmade from wool, fleece and other materials, designed to provide a place for cats to rest and play. It is usually made using crochet techniques.

So it is also known as "crocheted cat nest".

Crochet cat sofas can come in a variety of shapes and designs, such as simple cushions or mattresses, or complex multi-layered structures, including tunnels, stairs, caves, etc. Crochet cat sofas are usually made of soft, comfortable materials, such as wool, fleece or leather, for your cat’s comfort.

Making a crochet cat sofa requires some crochet skills and basic crafting abilities.


You need to choose the right material and color, and then crochet according to the design requirements.


You will need to make a cat sofa base and then add other decorations and designs to it, such as pillows, blankets, etc., to increase your cat’s comfort.
Crocheting a cat sofa is a fun craft activity that can provide an exclusive place to create for your cat, cater to your cat’s various needs and curiosities, and can also be a common hobby and way of interaction between you and your pet.

We make sofas for cats with the following benefits:

Provide cats with a private space

Cats need a private space of their own to rest and relax. A sofa tailored for cats can provide them with a quiet, comfortable place to have their own private space.

Protecting other furniture

Cats by nature love to scratch and if there is no suitable place for them, they may scratch and damage furniture, carpets and other items. Making a sofa for cats can satisfy their need to scratch while protecting other furniture from damage.

Enhance the interaction between cats and their owners

Cats making sofas can become a common hobby between cats and their owners, increasing interaction and emotional communication between them. Owners can play with their cats next to them and rest and relax with them.

Improve your cat's comfort and happiness

Sofas for cats are usually soft and comfortable to allow them to relax and be more comfortable. Some crocheted cat sofas will also add toys and decorations to increase your cat’s entertainment and exploration.

Making a sofa for cats can meet their needs for rest and play, protect other furniture from damage, increase interaction between the owner and the cat, and improve the cat's comfort and happines

So, then how can we make better crochet couch for cats

The following are some suggestions for making a crocheted cat sofa that will help you create a sturdy, beautiful and comfortable cat sofa:

I. Choose the right material

Cats prefer soft, comfortable materials such as wool, fleece or leather. You can choose a material with the right thickness and density to ensure that the sofa is structurally sound while keeping your cat comfortable.

II. Well-designed structure

Design a reasonable sofa structure based on your cat’s size and preferences. You can choose to make a simple cushion or mattress, or design a complex multi-layered structure such as tunnels, stairs and caves.

III. Ensure security

To ensure your cat’s safety, the structure of the sofa needs to be strong and stable. You may choose to use support bars or reinforcing frames to enhance the stability of the sofa. If you use padding, make sure the padding is dense enough to prevent your cat from swallowing it.

IV. Choosing the right crochet technique

Being skilled in different crochet techniques can help you create a more beautiful, comfortable and durable cat sofa. For example, you can use techniques such as cross-knitting or fancy crochet to add to the beauty of your cat sofa.

V. Add toys and decorations

To increase your cat’s entertainment and exploration, you can add toys and decorations to the cat sofa, such as lanyards, fur balls and bells.

Making a crochet cat sofa requires some crochet skills and basic crafting abilities, so make sure you have enough time and patience to complete the task. Also, don't forget to give your cat a quiet, comfortable place to rest and relax.

We do something about crochet couch for cats

If you are an avid cat slave, there are several things you can try to contribute to a crocheted cat sofa:

Share your experiences and ideas

If you have already made some cat sofas, share your experiences and ideas through social media or cat-themed forums. This can help other cat slaves learn how to make a beautiful, comfortable and functional cat sofa.

Tutorials and patterns available

If you are a skilled crochet crafter, you can make some cat sofa tutorials and patterns and share them with others. This can help more people make their own cat sofas and provide a quiet, comfortable and entertaining place for their beloved cats.

Support local animal protection organizations

If you want to provide help for more stray cats, you can consider supporting local animal protection organizations. You can contribute to these organizations through donations, charity sales or volunteer services, so that more cats can receive care and help.

Buy or sponsor a cat sofa

If you do not have the time or skills to make a cat sofa, you may choose to purchase or sponsor some good quality, safe cat sofas. This will allow your cat to have a comfortable, safe and entertaining place to stay while supporting the crochet craftsmen and makers involved.

Doing something about crocheted cat sofas can help more cats get a better quality of life while promoting the related art of crochet crafts and animal protection.

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2023.03.27 15:36 IBNCTWTSF Foot pain while/after dancing salsa

Hello, I have been dancing for about 6 months so I am kind of new but I have been going to a lot of social dancing events to get better. For the last 2 months or so I keep getting a pain in my right foot. The pain starts around my big toe at first and then it spreads to the ball of my foot and then to the arc of my foot. After that the spreading stops but the pain gets worse and worse unless I stop to rest. It's only on my right foot and it only started around 1.5-2 months ago. At first it only happened after very fast songs or if I danced to toooo many songs in a row but it started happening more and more often and at this point it starts after just 1-2 songs. I suspect it happens because when I am stepping backwards with my right foot I only step on my toes but I tried doing some shines by myself at home and trying to step differently and it still happens.
Here is a stock image I found from google then edited on paint to show where the pain is:
The pain first starts in the yellow area, after a few minutes it spreads to the orange area and a few minutes more and it spreads to the red area.
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2023.03.27 14:53 CatherineHillBooks [FN] Witches of Woodlawn

Nora entered the spacious pub on a corner of Katonah Avenue at midday on Monday, an hour before the bar opened. A guy about her age, mid-twenties, with a button down shirt and neatly combed hair was waiting for her at a booth next to the bar. Seeing Nora, he climbed out of the seat and shook her hand.
“That’s me. It’s nice to meet you. Joe, right?”
“Yep.” Joe gestured to the booth and Nora sat in it. She was holding a folder with her resume and some references from other bars she worked at.
Joe examined the resume and references. “So, you have a lot of pub experience it looks like. I see you worked at the Crown & Jockey, Harry Smith’s, Begun’s.”
“I did,” Nora replied brightly. “I’ve worked at bars and pubs ever since my first year of college.”
Nora had heard that it was notoriously difficult to get hired at this pub, which was the liveliest in a neighborhood full of lively pubs in a tiny quarter of the Bronx, nestled next to the cemetery that gives the neighborhood its name, Woodlawn. And she wanted the extra money, which was, as rumor had it, excellent.
“Pretty typical setup here,” Joe began. “So all that should be easy. What we really need is the right personality. We have a lot of loyal patrons, a lot of events, a lot of private parties. We need someone fun. Someone who can remember the regulars’ names. Sound like you can do that?”
Nora tucked her hair behind her ear. “Definitely. I always get to know the regulars and the local VIPs.”
“That’s perfect,” Joe replied. “We can also get pretty busy. In your experience, what does a typical night look like for you?”
Nora pointed to a few of the bars on her resume. “These are the ones where I worked four hours of Friday and Saturday night alone at the bar. I can handle a big crowd. When I was waitressing, I was often doing three four-tops, a six and a large party.”
Joe’s eyebrows raised. “That’s a lot. How did you pull that off?”
“Magic.” Nora smiled.
Joe laughed. “Okay. Let me go talk to the owner, see if she has time to meet with you.”
Nora stole a look at her phone and tucked it back in her purse. She looked around the bar; polished mahogany and green-backed booths. There was a stone hearth in a back corner and, over her shoulder, the entrance to a larger dining room.
“Nora?” Joe peeped his head out of the dining room. “The owner will see you.”
“Nora followed him through the dining room, back into a party room, back further into a tucked-away cocktail bar, down a short staircase, and into a small stone cellar.
“This pub is huge. Is this a wine cellar?” Joe looked around. “Yeah, might have started that way. We use it for storage now.”
He led her out of the stone room and into a well-appointed office. An arresting woman sat behind a desk. Her hair was an enormous halo of red curls, streaked with white. She was wearing a hunter green dress and her large, round eyes were two different colors; one blue, one honey brown.
She stood and offered a thin, white hand. “Siobhán Brennan. They tell me I run this place.” She had an Irish accent.
Nora shook her hand. “Nora Meredith, thanks for seeing me.”
Siobhán looked at the door. “I’ll send her up in a minute, Joe.”
He slipped out.
“Joe’s one of the managers,” Siobhán said. “Also my son.”
Nora smiled. “A family enterprise. That’s great.”
Siobhán settled back into her chair and looked at Nora over the tips of her fingers. Nora thought she saw tiny strings of dancing light moving among the strands of Siobhán’s hair.
“Another thing we need here at the pub, Nora, is discretion. Do you understand?”
“Yes, of course.” In Nora’s experience, most bars were doing a thing or two that wasn’t entirely above board.
Siobhán retrieved a crystal goblet from the sideboard behind her and filled it with wine from a decanter. She swirled the wine around the glass three times and ran her hand over the top of the glass. The liquid inside churned into a thick, glowing green, and then, before Nora could even register what had happened, returned to red wine. Siobhán lifted the wine to her mouth, smiled and said, “It’s good to have you on board Nora.”
Nora spent a few, sleepless nights trying to rationalize what she saw in Siobhán’s office, which was miles away from what she thought Siobhán meant when asking for ‘discretion.' But, eventually, the pace of work at the pub pushed it out of her head. In addition to her day job, she worked Friday and Saturday nights at the pub, adding party shifts on Sundays and, not infrequently, weeknight shifts. She was too exhausted to think about much of anything. And besides, she loved the pub. The money was incredible. The staff worked together seamlessly. Pints and bottles slid down the bar top. A second cocktail appeared almost instantly with the flip of the mixologist’s arm. She laughed and gossiped with the patrons, and laughed and gossiped with her coworkers. The entire place seemed bathed in twinkling lights, like every night was a blend of the best parts of Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.
In fact, it was two days before St. Patrick’s Day that Nora called out of her day job to help set the pub up for the weekend’s festivities, when a man came in, his face obscured by a thick, wiry beard and a flat cap. Frigid air followed him into the bar.
“Siobhán. Now.”
“Excuse me, sir?” Nora asked, setting down the string of plastic shamrock lights she was unboxing behind the bar. She had trouble understanding his heavy Irish accent.
“I. need. Sio-bhán. Right now.”
“She’s not here right now, can I take a message?”
The man slammed one fist so hard on the bar the glasses in the overhead rack rattled, and with his other pulled Nora toward him. Nora yelped, but before she could say anything, Siobhán emerged from the kitchens.
“Hands off, Dáithí.”
Dáithí stomped toward Siobhán menacingly, but she held up a hand. “Now, Dáithí. You’ll be wanting to stop right there.”
Dáithí halted instantly, but continued to grimace.
“You tricked me, Siobhán. Make it right.”
“Nora here doesn’t need to know all the world’s business, Dáithí. Come to my office.”
Nora, whose heart was pounding furiously, watched as the pair disappeared behind the dining room. She knew it wasn’t wise, surely there must be cameras all over, still she followed behind them through the dining room, then the party room, then the cocktail garden, and down the short staircase into the room of stone arches.
Loudly from Siobhán’s closed office, Nora heard, “Damn you, Siobhán. This was a trick, it was. And a rotten one.” Siobhán’s icy voice responded, “Greedy, greedy, Dáithí. You thought you could cheat the system; thought you could cheat me. Don’t you think I noticed the deliveries were padded? And I was going to let it go, I was; find a new butcher and move on. But then you came in asking for my special help so you can go cheating even more. You got what you got. Don’t be crying about it.”
“You’re a demonic woman, Siobhán, and I’ll tell everyone what you are!”
Nora heard feet thundering down the steps and she retreated beneath a shadowy arch. It was Joe. He stormed into the office.
“Everything ok in here, Mom?”
“Show your man Dáithí the door, Joe. He’s finished.”
Dáithí sized Joe up. “I know my way out.” Nora pressed her back to the wall, tripping on something sticking out of the floor. She caught herself before she made a noise.
“He going to be a problem?” Joe asked.
“Not for long. Check on Nora, though. He scared her pretty good.”
“I didn’t see her up there.”
Siobhán nodded. “She probably went to go clear her head. Have a talk with her when she’s back, yeah?”
Joe and Siobhán ascended the stairs out of the basement. Nora, panting from adrenaline, slinked to the ground. She felt around her feet, trying to determine what she tripped on. It was a wooden trap door, slightly open. She crouched down to examine it, and through the opening could see an illuminated space beneath. Nora paused a moment to listen for anyone who might be coming back downstairs. Satisfied that she’d be left alone, she prised the door open, revealing a ladder down to a tunnel whose walls were lit with hanging light bulbs.
This is a mistake, Nora thought, but she climbed down the ladder anyway. “Good god,” Nora whispered when she saw that the light bulbs were actually free-floating flames, dangling at even intervals along the walls of the tunnel. She continued on, terrified that she’d be caught, that she’d get trapped, and yet unable to turn around. At one point, she heard the roar of cars, trucks and buses above her and worked out that, given the position of the pub and how long she’d been walking, she was under 233rd street. This must lead to the cemetery. Nora continued along the tunnel as the stone path turned to dirt and the walls narrowed. She was ready to turn back when she reached another ladder. She climbed part of the way up toward a cold light at the top. Nora heard a chant of echoing voices. She paused on the rung trying to make out what the voices were saying, but she couldn’t understand. Curiosity pulled her a up a few rungs more, until she could see the bottom halves of three people gathered around a table. Based on all the marble, Nora realized this must be the interior of one of the cemetery’s grand mausoleums. Something on the table was hissing and bubbling. The voices grew louder, crescendoing until a small bang emitted from the cauldron. The commotion was followed by a sweet mewling. Two of the women sat on the ground playing with a tiny, russet kitten. Nora could just make out that one was Lisa, Siobhán’s daughter. She also worked at the bar. The other woman Nora recognized as Reina, who owned a bodega on Webster Avenue.
“See, Dáithí,” Lisa said to the kitten. “Things are easier when you’re a nice boy.”
Nora gasped. The women in the mausoleum froze. Reina came over to the opening to inspect, her long braids falling just over Nora’s face. Nora tried to climb back down the ladder as fast as she could, but her foot landed on Siobhán, who was on her way up.
“Back up you go, Nora.”
Nora, sweating and shivering, forced herself up the ladder and into the mausoleum. The three woman stood in front of the table, arms crossed. Nora did not recognize the third woman, who was white-haired and of indeterminate age. The kitten nestled itself on to Reina’s shoulder and closed its eyes. Siobhán gracefully emerged from the opening in the floor and guided Nora by the elbow over to a chair. Nora sat, looking up at the women.
Siobhán picked up the cat from Reina’s shoulder. “Curiosity killed the cat, didn’t it Nora?”
Eyes wide, Nora squeaked, “Please don’t kill him.”
Siobhán laughed. “Dáithí? Oh, he’ll turn up right as rain in a few days having learned a good lesson. Won’t you, Dáithí?” The kitten rubbed its face hungrily along Siobhán’s hand. Tears brimmed in Nora’s eyes. “What are you?”
The women laughed. Siobhán said, “Of course you know, Nora. You’ve known all along. I’m not just a publican. Reina isn’t just a purveyor of delicious Jamaican food. Mary isn’t just a lady in the Altar Rosary Society. We all have other gifts, so to speak. Sometimes, people seek those gifts. We help them when we can. But, they’re not always happy with the help they get. Like with our friend, Dáithí: he was cheating me, and other customers. Then had the gall to ask for a spell to grow his ‘business.’ Well, I gave him one; earned him a trip to the hospital. Furious, weren’t you Dáithí?” Siobhán stopped to a moment to allow the kitten to amble up her chest. “You’re a good girl, Nora. You won’t tell, will you?”
“No one would believe me,” Nora whispered.
“That’s true,” laughed Reina.
Mary limped over to the door of the mausoleum and opened it. “Go on. Time to go.”
Afraid to break eye contact with them, Nora walked backwards toward the door and stumbled down the marble steps. She broke into a run; pumping her legs as fast as they could take her until she had to stop, gasping for breath and covered in sweat. She leaned over a headstone to nurse a stitch in her side. She glanced down at the name on the headstone and jumped back, yelling when she saw it read ‘DOLAN, Dáithí.’ She read the dates etched into the stone four times just to be sure it wasn’t the same Dáithí from the pub. Her first impression of the man was bad, but she didn’t want him dead.
Nora told herself not to go back to the pub; go home, take a shower, and find a job somewhere normal. And she did go home and take a shower, but then she dried her hair and got ready for work and headed back to the pub, ineluctably drawn there, unable to stay away. “Nora!” Joe greeted her at the door, concern on his face. “Everything ok? My mom told me Dáithí got aggressive.” Siobhán and Lisa stood in the corner of the pub, watching her. Nora made eye contact with them and looked backed to Joe.
“Yep, just clearing my head. Thanks for checking.”
The rest of the weekend whirred past. The bar was near-capacity all day on Friday and Saturday, and was mostly full on Sunday. Nora worked thirteen hour shifts each day, but never felt tired. It was like she was moving to a inborn choreography: step this way to avoid a waiter with a tray of food; keep this tab open and this one closed, even though the patrons never specified; bring this table a plate of nachos after their third round. When she had time to recognize it, she understood that so much of how the place operated must be part of Siobhán’s ‘gift,’. Everything always worked. Drinks just materialized. Taps never ran out or tasted off. Even on their busiest and most packed nights, no one ever fought, no one ever got too drunk. They hired a bouncer who slept in a booth next to the entrance; he had nothing to do. She’d worked in a dozen or so bars and restaurants and never experienced anything like it.
The following Tuesday, Nora went to the pub to get her tips cashed out from the weekend. Joe told her to head down to Siobhán’s office to retrieve them, so she followed the familiar path down and knocked twice on the heavy wooden door.
“Come in!”
Siobhán was seated behind her desk, Lisa, Reina and Mary behind her. Nora stopped in the doorway, unsure if she should continue.
“You’re ok, girl. Get in.” Mary commanded.
Nora came in, less nervous than the last time she was in their company. Siobhán handed over an envelope with the tips. “It’s $2,500. A very good haul.” Lisa said. Nora opened her mouth, but was too shocked to speak. One St. Patrick’s day she made $700 working the bar. Nothing close to this.
“Please sit.” Siobhán gestured to the chair across from her desk. Nora obeyed. “What if I told you, Nora, that these extra gifts we have, we can share them with other people?”
“You mean like doing spells or something?”
Reina grinned. “We mean showing you how to do them.” She extended her arm, her brown fist closed. “Go on. Look inside.”
Nora looked at all of them, and then gently peeled back Reina’s fingers. In her palm was a tiny, golden morsel. She understood that these women could just as easily be killing her with this, or turning her into a cat, but still she took the morsel and ate it. Something electric coursed through her veins. Once she was used to the feeling, she stood up. Things around her seemed more possible than they had before, like the world around her was something she could control.
“I feel…” Nora searched for the word. “I don’t know how to describe it.”
Siobhán held an empty glass bowl in front of Nora. Remembering her first encounter with Siobhán, Nora put her hand over it and it filled with water. She inhaled sharply.
“Did you see that?” Nora looked to the other women.
Lisa smirked. “We did.”
“What you feel,” Siobhán said, gently guiding Nora out of the office and toward the secret passageway to the mausoleum, “is power.”
In time, Nora found that there were many more people in Woodlawn with the gift. They met in the cemetery, at the full moon, to discuss the goings-on of the neighborhood, to set limits on the use of power, and to decided how to handle threats. Nora soon learned to recognize when someone else had the gift, wondering how she ever missed the signs of it before. Joe left the pub for law school, and Siobhán promoted Nora to manager. She quit her day job. One morning at dawn, she headed to the pub to accept an early shipment and she walked passed Dáithí, who was opening the grates on ‘Dave’s Irish Butcher and Supply.’ They locked eyes and, after hesitating, Dáithí tipped his hat. Nora smiled. That’s a good kitty.
(This was submitted for Reedsy contest #190: Set your story in New York, where someone’s been waiting for your character.)
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2023.03.27 14:26 BrotherBattleFist Home brew Warband Short Story "The Binding" (the trials of an Eightbound)

Home brew Warband Short Story
***Continued from "Maelstrom's Fall"***
I'm not the greatest writer but I enjoy sharing my imagination and want to improve so please let me know what you think!
Garius Sentris opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He found himself standing in the fighting pit of a great colosseum. Eight towering brass gates were spaced equally around the walls of the great arena. Pits of rusted spikes and boiling blood and varying sizes of pillars of stone like sharpened teeth dotted the red sands of the main fighting field. Thousands of spectators roared in celebration of the bloodshed sure to come.
Garius turned his eyes to himself. He was armorless, garbed only in a crimson loincloth. He was a two and half meter tall mass of rippling muscle dotted with black carapace contact points and a grotesque array battle scars. He felt his face with hand. He HAD a face. The horrifying visage of his flesh-stripped skull was no more. The blessing of Khorne was gone.
Garius looked down at his calloused hands. He clenched his fists as the Butcher’s Nails in his mind drowned out the roaring crowds. The Nails screamed like chainswords cutting through ceramite. He could feel the bloodthirst of the Slake overtaking him. Garius knew only one thing would bring him peace.
Blood,” he thought.
As the word formed in his mind the first of the eight gates opened. Eleven emaciated men, naked except for crimson loin clothes, stumbled through the open gateway, covering their faces with their arms as the sun blinded them momentarily. They were slaves of some kind, weak and unarmed. Garius started toward them. They fell to their knees, all of them. Some begged for mercy. Some sobbed uncontrollably. Some simply stared at the Slaughter Lords that were now running toward them.
Garius was moving in a flat out sprint when he reached the group of kneeling men. With a perfectly timed kick, Garius struck the foremost man beneath the chin with his foot with such force that his head was torn from his neck and flew careening over the other men, showering them arterial sprays from both head and body. They all began screaming in horror as Garius threw himself into the ten remaining. His massive frame crushed the torsos of two men and snapped their limbs as he slid and rolled to a stop over their bodies. They died of massive internal hemorrhaging in seconds.The malnourished slaves scrambled to their feet but Garius had already sprung up. With a jab he dropped another man, his ears and nose fountaining blood as he fell, with a left backhand he broke the neck of another. Garius ran forward and kicked one man in the chest, his ribcage exploding into shrapnel that shredded his organs, and followed up by stomping his foot through the skull of one who had fallen.Garius screamed ceaselessly in his berserk rage, only ever pausing long enough to breathe.Three of the slaves found their courage and fought back. It was a futile effort. They kicked, they punched, and they tried to grapple, but they found nothing but air as Garius’s reactions were too fast. He grabbed one by the face and clapped his other hand against the back of the man's head. Brain, bone, blood, and gray matter exploded onto Garius and the other two men. Stunned by the vulgar display of violence they had just witnessed, the two men could do nothing but sob hysterically as Garius gripped each one by the head. Garius roared again and again as he smashed their heads together repeatedly until they went limp.
The other two simply stared in slack jawed terror at their screaming murderer. Garius wasted no time. He picked both men up by the face, his huge hands smothering them. They clawed and kicked and screamed muffled cries of protest, but only for a moment. Garius hoisted them high and, with a roar, he slammed the men into the red sands of the arena floor, smashing their skulls with a sickening squelch.The Nails and the crowd had both grown quiet as Garius slaughtered the eleven slave men. He breathed hard, hoarse breaths as he looked into the stadium stands at the shocked spectators. Then he threw his fists up in triumph and the crowd went mad with excitement.The second gate opened and this time the eleven near-naked men ran out screaming as if each were a miniature parody of Garius. Garius and the eleven warriors made for each other. The Butcher’s Nails were screaming. Garius was screaming too, allowing the Butcher’s Nails to take over and put him into a transcendent state of murder lust.
Garius’s twin heartbeats were a percussive boltgun firing full auto, and his fists were the shells. Left. Right. Left. Uppercut. Hook. Left. Right. Seven warrior’s were dead in a second, their heads bludgeoned open or their bodies punched through by the gene wrought might of Garius’s strikes.Garius front kicked another with such force the man’s heart exploded before he was sent tumbling. A flurry of blows and two more were dead. One man remained. Garius and the last man charged towards one another. The warrior looked like a child in comparison to the towering Astarte. Garius struck both hands open palmed. The fingers of his hands penetrated the man’s torso and gripped his rib cage. Both screamed as Garius raised the man overhead and ripped him in half. The Nails quieted as Garius opened his mouth to catch the shower of gore. He drank deeply and felt the Slake fade.“Skulls,” as the word came to him the third gate opened and Garius suddenly found himself wielding a gigantic black blade wreathed in flames. He watched as eleven warriors clad in furs and armed with axes, swords, and bludgeons charged forth, roaring curses in the tongue of Old Skalak.
Garius was lost in the cacophony of noise and violence as the singing of the burning Hellblade competed with the screaming of the Nails, the percussion of Garius’s hearts, and the roaring of the crowds. Heads were set alight and lopped off left and right as he swept the Hellblade in wide arcs. The daemonfires of the Hellfire burned all organic matter from the skulls leaving them polished and white on the red sands before their owners’ bodies had even fallen.From each gate came greater and greater challenges. Red skinned astartes who continued to fight blindly after their heads and limbs had been lopped off. Warp Spawn that had to be hacked apart to stop from regenerating. Khornate hounds that stalked in organized packs like the wolves of old Terra. Even daemonic champions atop great horned mounts of brass and flesh. He fought them all, and he slew them all. By the end of the ordeal the crowd was chanting his name. Eighty-eight foes had fallen before him. He would fight eighty-eight more if given the chance. He would kill every last man, woman, and child chanting his name if he could only reach them. He would gladly lose himself in the Nails and bloodthirst and the slaughter.“Slaughter,” he thought.
“Yes brother,” came a familiar voice from behind Garius. He turned to see Ventrilios and six of his other brothers. All had died. “Slaughter,” Ventrilios growled, “we followed you brother. We followed you through the Chapter. We followed you through the wars. We followed you into Heresy. Into Slaughter. We followed you and we are dead because of it. You failed us, Garius. You killed us.”The other brothers stood silent and glowering at the elder brother Garius. They were clad in crimson loincloths just like Garius was. Each held a crackling power axe or power sword. But Garius could read his brothers like an open dataslate. Their hearts were all beating as one. They were anticipating combat, but they were not being tested by the bloodlust of the Slake or the clawing of the Nails. Not one of them was tense, twitching, or breathing hard. And Garius had never known Ventrilios to whinge or accuse like a mewling weakling. These were not his brothers.
Garius narrowed his eyes at the warp spawned apparitions before him. His voice was hoarse from screaming, “my brothers are dead, yes. It is my fault, yes. But fail them?” Garius spat the words, “I did not fail them! They sought Purity just as I did! And they found it in the Slaughter I led them to! And just as I delivered them unto Purity, so too shall I deliver you, daemon!”The Butcher’s Nails roared as he slashed through Ventrilios with the flaming Hellblade, bisecting him from shoulder to hip. Before the others could react he had swung the blade the opposite direction, slicing through another two of his brothers at chest. The cauterizing dismemberments left Ventrilios, Tranio, and Adamus in heaps of steaming meat. Were these truly his brothers they would have reacted in an instant and killed him by now. Garius casually sidestepped Euclio’s two handed overhead strike and brought the hellblade up through Euclio’s neck, decapitating him. Garius followed through and brought the Hellblade down on Melaenis, who tried to block the strike but found his own power sword pushed into his shoulder by the force of Garius’s strike. Garius whirled around, beheading Soteris before coming back around and finishing off Malaenis, cutting him in half just above the waist.All that remained now was Saturio. Before Garius could strike Saturio began convulsing violently and spewing fountains of blood from every orifice. Garius waited impatiently, his Butcher’s Nails clawing for control, as the daemon shed its warp molded flesh suit. Saturio’s screams were cut short as his skin split and his chest burst open. Two huge taloned hands reached out and spread Saturio’s already gaping wound ito an impossible width. When finally the red skinned daemon thing had climbed from the splayed open corpse of Saturio, it stood and stretched its long limbs. The Daemon Prince towered over Garius, at least twice his height. The Prince’s muscled body bore the symbols of Chaos and Khorne in the form of glowing scars and brass implants that had been pounded into its flesh. Its face was punctuated by rows over razor sharp teeth and its head by horns that sprouted skyward.
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter! Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!” The audience seemed immune to the horrors of what they were witnessing. They cheered for the violence that was to come.
“So then, Garius, will you show me the Purity in Slaughter, or will you be slaughtered?” The Prince asked with a smirk.Garius did not speak. He focused on suppressing the Nails, and answered with his weapon. His overhead strike kicked up red dust as it struck the ground. The Daemon had lept back from the strike, into a crouch, and now lunged back at Garius, talons forward in a piercing strike.
Garius barely rolled out of the way, “Too slow Daemon!” He had to keep his wits about him in this fight, and so he put up a ferrosteel wall in his mind to contain the screaming chainswords of the Nails. It was a task easier said than done.
Garius brought the hellblade about just in time to deflect an upward swipe of a taloned hand from the roaring Daemon Prince. This created an opening. Garius lunged forward with the sword, cutting deep into the forearm of the towering Daemon Prince. The Prince reeled back and kicked Garius, launching tumbling him twenty meters across the sands of the arena. Garius hit the wall hard, gasping to bring air back into his shocked lungs. His chest was wet with coagulating blood where the clawed foot had dug in. The daemon limped toward him. Garius hadn’t let go of the hellblade, and managed to drag it across the ankle of the great beast even as he was launched away from the beast.
Garius stood leaning on the blade, its burning point buried in the sand. He feigned exhaustion and positioned his feet for the strike. “Come on Daemon, is that the best you can do?” Garius taunted the Prince. The Nails screamed for control, and he fought hard to resist giving in to the bloodlust.
It was in the nature of the Daemon Princes to be vain and petulant and this one was no different. The insulted Prince took the bait and roared, “When I am through with you, I will find your remaining brothers!” The daemon reached the leaning Garius and held one taloned hand high in the air, “ and the skulls of Quintus and Korvelios will join yours upon the Skull Throne!”As the Daemon Prince brought the talons down Garius pushed off the wall, launching himself and twisting in air. In one revolution he struck the taloned hand of the malefic Daemon Prince from the wrist it was attached to. With another revolution he chopped the front half of the Prince’s foot off. Garius balled up, rolling as he made contact with the red sand. Behind the Daemon Prince now he slashed wide, cutting the Achilles Tendons of both the Prince’s legs. The Daemon Prince howled in pain and began to fall back. Garius held the Hellblade high, impaling the towering daemon through its spine as it fell over him.“I told you Daemon!” Garius held the weight of the crippled daemon for a moment, letting the Nails take over.
“Just as I delivered my brother unto the Purity of Slaughter!” Garius roared with effort as he braced himself, the veins of his arms bulging with effort.“So too shall I deliver you!” Garius gave himself fully over to the Butcher’s Nails and with his new found berserker strength he heaved the Daemon Prince up off the blade, nearly cutting the screaming cripple in half as it slid off the hellblade. Garius screamed as the Nails drove him on. He charged at the now limp, dying Daemon Prince. Garius chopped up and down again and again and again. Boiling daemon gore burned his skin away and his raw throat spewed up with every scream. For a long time he hacked at the corpse of the Daemon Prince.
The crowd never stopped chanting. “Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!” They roared ceaselessly. It was all Garius could hear as he became lost in the euphoria of the Purity of Slaughter. The Butcher’s Nails had gone quiet. His heart beats had slowed. The Hellblade fell from Garius’s hands as he turned away from the mass of bloody meat that was once a Daemon Prince of Khorne. He stumbled a few steps and, hands in the air, roared in victory. The crowd chanted even louder.Then the red sands began moving. They eddied and swirled up around Garius as his pulse quickened. Armour formed upon him, materializing from his feet up even as his body swelled in mass. The five fingers on each of Garius’ hands fused into three. They became long, talon tipped things. Horns sprouted from his skull and face as he screamed in agonizing pain. Garius’s feet burst through his armoured boots and bone claws erupted where there should have been toes. Sharpened bone protruded up and down his limbs through his armor. Garius fell to his knees as his chest began to split, sharpened teeth burst through him from his navel to his neckline and fused his armour to his body. Garius’ screams of pain began to fade to pained groans as a deformed astartes power unit formed on his back and huge chainfist blades formed upon each of his gauntlets.For a long time Garius knelt there, his energy spent, his mind reeling, and his body completing its metamorphosis. When finally he stood Garius could feel the rage and blood lust of the Eight Khornate Daemons within him. He had not only bested them, but had become one with them through the Purity of Slaughter. Garius could no longer feel the Butcher’s Nails, as Daemons kept the Nails at bay.Then Garius came to the realization, “No. Not the Daemons. All of us. We keep the Nails at bay. We are one. We are Garius. Me. I am Garius Sentris. I am bound to the Eight as they are bound to me. I am the Exalted Slaughterer and I am Pure.”
Garius stood, relishing in his spiritual victory over the Eightbound Trials. He had grown in height by over a meter and now bore armour and skin as tough as tactical dreadnought armour. Unlike the terminator armour though, Garius could move as swiftly as if he wore none at all. Garius was stronger, faster, and now equipped with brutal melee weaponry like he had never seen. His mind and body blurred the lines between mortal and daemon. He was now counted amongst not only the first Eightbound of the Slaughter Lords, but the first Exalted Eightbound. Garius was one of the few to undergo the Eightbound trials and emerge as a full fledged Exalted, his soul already synthesized into one with the other Eight souls within him. He expected his brothers would soon either be completing their trials, or emerging from their tests as grotesque spawns of the warp. His brothers. Quintus and Korvelios. Garius longed to be by their sides in the slaughter once again. He knew it was time to awaken from the Eightcage sarcophagus he had been interred in for his trials.And so Garius joined the chorus of the chanting crowd, his voice an echoing rumble like eight chainaxes revving at once, “Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
And then he opened his eyes.
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A sudden knock on the cabin wall surprised us and put an abrupt end to our moment of passion.
“Do you think they really care? About us I mean? Sometimes Maggie seems so… distant… but then other times…” Michelle trailed off and glanced over at me blushing demurely.
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I answered hatefully, "To pack my stuff."
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work.
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