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The place for everything Appalachian: the people, environment, food, music, art, politics, culture, history, technology, education, religion, sports, and so much more. Whether you live here or are just visiting our ancient mountains and hollers, all are welcome. Sharing of personal photography is encouraged. Dolly Parton is our patron saint.

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Austrian Culture And Spectacular Scenery – Austrian Holidays
Landlocked in the centre of Europe lays the small, mountainous country of Austria. Famed for its spectacular scenery and picturesque lakes, it is ideally suited to the more outdoors orientated holidaymaker wishing to escape from the busy modern day lifestyle.

Bordering 8 other countries including Germany, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, Austria has a welcoming atmosphere and a well-run travel network, making it is easy to get around and to see the beauty this country has to offer.

Culture Austria’s past as a European power and its cultural environment have generated a broad contribution to various forms of art, most notably among them music. Austria has been the birthplace of many famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauss, Sr., Johann Strauss, Jr. and Gustav.

Eighteenth and nineteenth century composers were drawn to the city due to the patronage of the Habsburgs, and made Vienna the European capital of classical music. During the Baroque period, Slavic and Hungarian folk forms influenced Austrian music. Vienna’s status began its rise as a cultural centre in the early 1500s, and was focused around instruments including the Lute. Ludwig van Beethoven spent the better part of his life in Vienna. Austria’s current national anthem, attributed to Mozart, was chosen after World War II to replace the traditional Austrian anthem by Joseph Haydn.

Among Austrian artists and architects one can find painters Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, photographer Inge Morath and architect Otto Wagner.


ViennaThe capital Vienna is a cultural marvel, with an array of splendid museums, concert halls, galleries, and architecture. There is a real sense ofsophistication and glamour to the city.

Sitting astride the river Danube, Vienna is the countries largest and most populated city with over 1.7 million inhabitants, as well as being the cultural and economic centre of Austria. At the heart of the city is the Innere Stadt, where you will find parliament, the cities university and the great Imperial Palace of the Habsburg court and its various empires.

River DanubeThe Danube has its source near Donaueschingen in south-western Germany and flows through Austria before emptying into the Black Sea. It is the only major European river that flows eastwards, and its importance as an inland waterway has been enhanced by the completion in 1992 of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in Bavaria, which connects the Rhine and Main rivers with the Danube and makes barge traffic from the North Sea to theBlack Sea possible.

The AlpsThree major ranges of the Alps – the Northern Calcareous Alps, Central Alps, and Southern Calcareous Alps – run west to east through Austria. The Central Alps are the largest and highest ranges in Austria. The Central Alps run from Tyrol to the Austria border. The Northern Calcareous Alps, which run from Vorarlberg through Tyrol into Salzburg along the German border and through Upper Austria and Lower Austria toward Vienna. At 3,797 m, Grobglockner is the highest mountain in Austria.

Bohemian ForestThe granite massif of the Bohemian Forest, a low mountain range with bare and windswept plateaus and a harsh climate, is located north of the Danube Valley and covers the remaining 10% of Austria’s area. Notable is the Manhartsberg a granite ridge which separates Waldviertel from Weinviertel.

ClimateAustria has a temperate continental climate. Summers last from early June to mid-September and can be hot in some years and rainy in others. Day-time temperatures in July and August are around 25C (77F), but can often reach 35C (95F). Winters are cold in the lowlands and very harsh in the Alpine region with temperatures often dropping below -10C (14F).

Winters last from December to March (longer at higher altitudes). In the Alpine region large temperature fluctuations occur all year round and nights are chilly even in high summer. The northern Alps are generally a lot wetter than the rest of the country. The South East (Styria and Carinthia) is dry and sunny. The area aroundVienna often experiences strong easterly winds.

CuisineAustria’s cuisine is derived from the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austrian cuisine is also the tradition of Royal-Cuisine (“Hofkuche”) delivered over centuries. It is famous for its well-balanced variations of beef and pork and countless variations of vegetables. There is also the “Mehlspeisen” bakery, which created particular delicacies such as Sachertorte, “Krapfen” which is fine soft bite cookies and “Strudel” such as “Apfelstrudel” and “Topfenstrudel” filled with sweetened sour cream.

In addition to native regional traditions, it has been influenced above all by Hungarian, Bohemia Czech, Jewish, Italian, Balkan and French cuisine, from which both dishes and methods of food preparation have often been borrowed. The Austrian cuisine is therefore one of the most multicultural and transcultural cuisines in Europe.

Typical Austrian dishes include Wiener Schnitzel, Schweinsbraten, Kaiserschmarren, Knodel, Sachertorte and Tafelspitz. There are also Kasnockn, a cooked filled dough-bag with cheese on it and parsley, and Eierschwammerl (chanterelle) dishes. The Eierschwammerl are native yellow, tan mushrooms.

The candy PEZ was invented in Austria, also “Mannerschnitten”. Austria is also famous for its Mozartkugeln and its coffee tradition.

Holidays in AustriaHoliday Homes in Austria are easy to come by, whether you prefer the thrill and adventure of the Austrian Alps, or the tranquility and serenity or the pure fresh water lake.

Austria is already well established as one of Europe’s most popular destinations for winter sports holidays. But Austria holidays are becoming increasingly recognised as a great alternative to the typical summer destinations.

The winter Ski resorts, particularly around the area of Tyrol boast some beautiful Alpine scenery and the provincial capital of Innsbruck has some of the best skiing and snowboarding facilities in the world.

In the summer Austrian vacation homes in the Tyrol area attract many visitors seeking a back to nature experience with breathtaking views and attractive walking trails.
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2023.03.27 14:39 rafarodxcv “… the familiar Western images of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child and the Pietà both express the female/male dual unity, as does the traditional insistence on the androgyny of Christ.” Insistence on the Androgyny of Christ? Am I misunderstanding something here? What does he mean by this?

“… the familiar Western images of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child and the Pietà both express the female/male dual unity, as does the traditional insistence on the androgyny of Christ.” Insistence on the Androgyny of Christ? Am I misunderstanding something here? What does he mean by this? submitted by rafarodxcv to JordanPeterson [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 14:36 Think_Sample_1389 Is my sister a circumcision Fetisher?

My sister and I were born in Vermont > 70 years ago and we later had two younger brothers join us. Both of the younger brothers were circumcised by our quack family doctor without asking our father, who was not cut.
As a child, I was confused about my penis because both my brothers had been robbed of their foreskin and had reddish knobs that were always exposed. It was not until age 13, the night I became a man, that my foreskin said, bro, now I start working for you, I understood what circumcision was, and how erogenous the foreskin could be.. I had no idea why many other boys I saw were cut. But, this odd American fetish obsessed with me. I saw that in time 1950's some boys were like me. And in that day, boys were apparently less penis shy than today. I saw a few cut lads in the school bathroom and a few who had all their parts. And the American gaslighting of the advantages of male genital mutilation was quite alive at that day. Why would any good parent not have all their sons circumcised as the Hebrews do? That was as far as I could understand, Jews cut foreskins? Looking at the old testament, there were outrageous comments made. Such as in battle the Jews would cut the foreskins from their dead enemies and make a hill of these. That I knew was so sick, why would people read such sick literature? But, I never heard anyone be critical of the Old Testament. In any event by 16, I had escaped religion and would not attend church, although my sister and mother did.
In had been made sensitive to circumcision because of the great ignorance of my mother or was it fear to say no to her doctor's sickness of circumcising all boys he delivered? Even today I discovered one rogue Dr. Sullivan, an Obgyn, who cuts the foreskins of 99 percent of children born inside North Western Medical in Saint Albans Vermont. I concluded, after seventy years, what has changed? Even the web and thirty years of truth about this haven't reduced this in the US by more than a mere ten or so percent.
But, my sister always seemed fascinated by the circumcision of males. She broadcast I was not circumcised to a babysitter and that made me cringe. Today she doesn't deny this and trivializes it, that the sitter didn't know what circumcision was. I do recall the sitter, a girl of 13 expressed disbelief. That's as crazy as this barbaric cultish thing was, even in the day.
Throughout the years she made various remarks about the beauty of the cut penis, and how any boy should have would be cut she even told me in 9th grade, she and a girlfriend saw the movie, Birth Of Twins and watched the boy being circumcised!
To make this essay short, I spoke with her yesterday and of all things, she brings up the teacher being fired over 6th graders seeing the art of David. Now, I think only fetishes would say, what she said next.
In a few words, she shot off the students probably noticed that David was not circumcised and they were. Her kids know about circumcisions always, but somehow some might not. So the teacher was wrong and should have asked parental consent before showing a normal man to 12-year-olds!
This just made my jaw drop. Further, she went on, David was not circumcised because she knew Michael Angelo was gay and he had one of his men's friends pose for David. Plus Italians are not circumcised, but apparently, she thinks they should be.
It was all I could do to not dragon breathe her. But it shows for all her life she doesn't understand male anatomy and has no motivation to ever do so. Yet somehow she is an expert in this area. Plus her inference about Angelo I thought was homophobic. My sister has this strange trait, deny what she says and then goes to higher ground, laughing at anybody who accuses her of hypocrisy.
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Act 2
ACT 3, SCENE I: Forres, the palace
[BANQUO enters]
You have everything now— just as the witches promised— you’re the king, the Thane of Cawdor, and the Thane of Glamis… And I fear you’ve used foul play to get it. Though, it was also predicted that your descendants would not be kings, and that mine would. If the witches are telling the truth— as they were with you, Macbeth— then the prophecies about me may come true as well... But I must say no more.
[a trumpet sounds; MACBETH enters dressed as a king, LADY MACBETH enters dressed as a queen, followed by LENNOX, ROSS, lords, ladies, & ATTENDANTS]
Here's our guest of honor, Banquo.
To have forgotten his invitation would have been unbecoming, and our great feast would have been incomplete.
[to BANQUO] Tonight, we are having a celebratory feast, sir, and I'm requesting that you attend.
I am bound by duty to always do as your highness commands.
Will you go riding this afternoon?
Yes, my good lord.
We would have liked to have your wise and profitable advice at today’s council meeting, but we can get it tomorrow. Are you riding far?
Far enough to take up the time between now and dinner, my lord. Unless my horse is faster than I expect, I will still be riding for an hour or two past sunset.
Don’t miss our feast.
I won’t, my lord.
We have heard that our murderous cousins are hiding in England and Ireland. They haven’t confessed to murdering their father— instead they are telling strange lies to anyone who will listen— but we’ll discuss that tomorrow, along with other matters of state that concern us both. Now, hurry to your horse; I’ll see you tonight. Is Fleance going with you?
Yes, my good lord; it’s time for us to go.
May your horses be fast and steady; goodbye then, you are dismissed,
[BANQUO exits]
You all may do whatever you wish until 7:00 tonight. I’ll be spending that time alone to make this evening all the more enjoyable. Until then, God be with you.
[all but MACBETH, & an ATTENDANT exit]
[to the ATTENDANT] Sir, a word with you... Are those men awaiting my instruction?
They are, my lord— just outside the palace gate.
Bring them to see me.
If my position is threatened, then being king means nothing. I am deeply afraid of Banquo’s naturally noble character; it makes him a threat to me. He’s not afraid to take risks, and he has the patience to think before he acts. He’s the only one I fear; his very presence is intimidating— much as Mark Antony was intimidated by Caesar. Banquo scolded the sisters when they first said I would be king, and he demanded that they speak to him. Then, like prophets, they said his descendents would form a line of kings. They placed a worthless crown on my head and a hollow scepter in my hand only to say that I would never pass them on. Instead, they’ll be taken by someone from outside of my family; my son will never inherit the throne. If that’s all true, then everything I’ve done has been for Banquo’s children; I’ve murdered the gracious Duncan, dishonored myself, and destroyed my sanity— all for them! I’ve given my entire soul to the devil in order to make Banquo’s sons kings! Rather than let that happen, I’ll invite fate to a battle, and I’ll fight it to the death! Who’s there!
[ATTENDANT re-enters with two MURDERS]
[to ATTENDANT] Now, go to the door, and stay there until I call for you.
Wasn’t it yesterday when we last spoke?
It was, your highness.
Well then, have you considered what I said? You should know that Banquo is the one who was responsible for your misery; despite what you believed, I’m innocent. I proved this to you when we last met— how those who did the actual dirty work and their accomplices deceived you; even an imbecile would see that Banquo was responsible.
Yes, you proved it to us.
I did that and more, which leads us to the point of our second meeting. Is your nature filled with so much patience that you can simply let this go? Are you so religious that you would pray for this “good” man and his children after he has pushed you into an early grave and made beggars of your family?
We are just men, my lord.
Yes, you’re classified as men, and greyhounds, spaniels, and curs are all dogs, but it’s obvious which ones are fast, slow, or clever— which ones watch and which hunt. Each can be described based on the natural gifts that make them unique from the standard qualities of a dog; it’s the same for men. If your position isn’t of the lowest rank, then say so now, and I’ll tell you a secret plan to get rid of your enemy while bringing you closer to me. I’ll be sick for as long as this man lives, and his death is the only cure.
My lord, I am a man who has become so angered by the world’s beatings, that I don’t care what I do.
I am also sick of facing hardship and being at the mercy of fate; I would risk everything for a chance to either fix my life or end it.
Both of you know that Banquo was your enemy.
Yes, my lord.
Banquo is also my enemy; every minute he still breathes is a threat to my life. As the king, I could easily use my power to obliterate him, but not while I’m still in need of our mutual friends. When he dies, I must appear sad even though his death will be my doing. That’s why I’ve asked for your help; I must hide my true intentions from the public.
We will do as you command, my lord.
Though our lives—
Your spirits shine through you. Within the hour, I’ll advise you where to go and when to strike; it must be done tonight— far away from the palace. Remember, I must not fall under suspicion. For this to go correctly, it’s vital that you kill Banquo and his son— Fleance— who is traveling with him. Each of you should come to your own decision as to whether or not you’ll participate.
We’ll do it, my lord.
I'll call for you soon; wait for me in the other room.
[the MURDERERS exit]
It’s settled. Banquo, tonight, your soul will learn whether it’s going to heaven or hell.
[MACBETH exits]
ACT 3, SCENE 2: The palace
Did Banquo leave the castle?
Yes, ma’am, but he’ll return tonight.
Tell the king that I wish to speak with him when he has a moment.
I will, ma’am.
[the SERVANT exits]
We got everything we desired but have no peace of mind– that means we have nothing and spent everything. It’s safer to be the murder victim than to live with the doubt and anxiety of being the murderer
[MACBETH enters]
How are you, my lord? Why do you keep to yourself with only your saddest thoughts for company? Those thoughts should have died along with the men you’re worrying about. You shouldn’t dwell on things you cannot change; what’s done is done.
We have only wounded the snake, not killed it. The snake will heal and we’ll once more be threatened by its fangs… But let the universe collapse while heaven and hell suffer before I eat my meals in fear or let my nightmares keep me awake. I would rather be dead— like the one we sent to eternal peace in exchange for peace of mind— than tortured by nightmares and anxiety. Duncan is in his grave— free of life’s troubles— and sleeping well. Our treason has put him beyond the reach of further pain whether it be from steel, poison, rebellion, invasion, or anything else.
Come on, my gentle lord, conceal your troubled thoughts behind a happy face; be cheerful and jolly with your guests tonight.
I will, my love, and I hope you will do the same. Pay special attention to Banquo; admire him and speak with him so he feels important. We won’t be safe until we can stop flattering him and hiding our true feelings behind friendly faces.
You stop thinking this way.
Dear wife, my mind is full of scorpions! You know Banquo and Fleance are still alive.
But they won’t live forever.
It’s comforting that they can be killed, so be happy. Before the bat flies through the darkness— and before the beetle announces the night with its droning hum— a dreadful deed will be done.
What can we do?
My dearest one, you are better off not knowing that until we can celebrate the deed being done. Come on, night, and blindfold the kindhearted day. Then, with your bloody, invisible hand, end the life that frightens me. The sky darkens, and the crow flies to its roost in the woods; gentle creatures of the day fall asleep, while night’s predators rise to hunt their prey…
[to LADY MACBETH] You are shocked by my words, but don’t be. Things begun by bad deeds are made stronger through more bad deeds, so - please - come with me.
[they exit]
ACT 3, SCENE 3: A park near the palace
[three MURDERERS enter]
But who told you to meet us here?
We can trust him since the instructions he recited are the same as our own.
Then stay with us; there’s still some light in the sky. Right now, all of the late travelers are rushing to find an inn, and our target should be getting close.
Listen! I hear horses.
[offstage] Hey, give us some light!
That’s him; the rest of the guests are already inside the castle.
His horse is being taken to the stables.
It’s almost a mile to the castle gate, but he usually walks from here like everyone else.
[BANQUO & FLEANCE enter carrying a torch]
A light, a light!
Third Murderer
It’s him.
Get ready.
It’s going to rain tonight.
Let it rain, then.
Oh, treachery! Run, Fleance, go, go, go! Maybe you can get revenge one day!
[to a MURDERER] Oh, you villian!
[BANQUO dies; FLEANCE escapes]
Who put out the light?
Isn’t that what we were supposed to do?
Only one is dead; the son fled.
We failed half of our mission.
Well, let's get out of here, and tell Macbeth what we did accomplish.
[they all exit]
ACT 3, SCENE 4: A banquet in the palace
You may seat yourselves in accordance with your ranks. To both the highest and the lowest of you, I bid a hearty welcome.
[the LORDS sit]
Thank you, your majesty.
I will mingle with everyone while playing the humble host. The hostess will stay on her royal throne, but I’ll soon ask her to welcome you all.
Sir, pass along my welcome to all of our friends, for they are welcome in my heart.
[the LORDS cheer; the FIRST MURDERER appears, catching MACBETH’S attention]
See, they respond to you with thanks in their hearts. Both sides of the table are full; I’ll sit here, in the middle. Be happy, and soon we’ll all share a toast.
[whispers to the FIRST MURDERER] There's blood on your face.
Then it is Banquo's.
It’s better to have his blood on your face than still inside his body. Is he dead?
I cut his throat, my lord.
You are the best of cutthroats, but whoever cut his son’s throat is just as good. Though, if you were also the one to cut Fleance’s throat, then you have no equal.
Fleance escaped, most royal sir.
Now my torment returns. Everything would have been perfect— as solid as marble and as firm as stone… Yet now, I am backed into a corner— consumed by fear and doubt... But Banquo is dead?
Yes, my good lord: his body is in a ditch with twenty gaping wounds on his head, and even the smallest one was enough to kill him.
Thank you for that. The grown serpent is lying in a ditch, and its young worm has escaped; he doesn’t have fangs quite yet, but he will eventually become poisonous... Be gone, now; we’ll speak again tomorrow.
My royal lord, you’re not being cheerful to the guests; if you don’t make them feel welcome, they’ll begin to feel like they’re paying for their meal. If you only want to eat, it would be best to do so at home. When hosting a celebration, your personality needs to serve as an extra sauce for the meat— the party would be dull without it.
Thank you for reminding me! [raises his glass] Good digestion relies on a good appetite, and good health relies on both!
Please, sit, your highness.
[the GHOST OF BANQUO enters & sits in MACBETH's empty seat]
If the noble Banquo were here, we would have all of Scotland’s nobility gathered beneath one roof. I hope I will be scolding him for rudeness rather than grieving some misfortune!
His absence only means that he’s broken his promise. If it pleases your highness, won’t you grace us with your royal company?
The table is full.
We saved you a seat, sir.
[pointing to the GHOST] Here, my good lord. What’s wrong, your highness?
[seeing the GHOST] Which one of you did this?
Did what, my good lord?
[to the GHOST] You can’t say I did it; don’t shake your bloody head at me.
Stand up, gentlemen; his highness is not well.
Sit, noble friends; my lord is often like this and has been since childhood. Please, stay seated; this will only last for a moment, and then he’ll be fine. If you pay him too much attention, he will become offended, and the fit will last even longer. Eat and pay him no mind.
[to MACBETH] Are you a man?
Yes— a brave one who dares to look at that which would frighten the devil.
Oh, what nonsense! Your fear is causing you to hallucinate— just like when a floating dagger led you to Duncan. These panic attacks are not even true fear; they’re more like what is inspired next to a winter’s fire when a woman tells a scary story in front of her grandmother. Shame on you! Why are you making such faces? When this passes, you’ll see nothing is there but a stool.
Please, look there! See! Look!
[to BANQUO’S GHOST] Hey! What do you have to say, and why would I care? If you can nod, then you can also speak. If the dead are going to rise from their graves, we might as well feed them to the birds instead of burying them.
[the GHOST OF BANQUO vanishes]
Has your foolishness completely destroyed your manhood?
As sure as I’m standing here, I saw him.
Nonsense! Shame on you!
In the olden days— before humane laws purged the commonwealth and made it noble— there was much bloodshed. Since then, there have been murders committed that are too terrible to utter aloud. Men used to die when you bashed their brains out, and that would be the end of it— but now, they come back with twenty holes in their head just to push us off our stools. It’s stranger than the actual murder.
My dear lord, your noble friends miss you.
I forgot.
[to the LORDS] Don’t mind me, my most noble friends; I have a strange illness, which those who know me well have learned to endure. [raising his glass] Love and health to you all. Now, I'll sit down; fill my cup with some wine.
[the GHOST OF BANQUO re-enters unseen]
I drink to the general joy of the whole table and our dear friend Banquo, whom we miss; I wish he was here! Now— all of you— drink to his and everyone else’s health.
We drink to our duties to you and your toast.
[the LORDS drink]
[sees BANQUO’S GHOST] Go! Leave my sight! Return to your grave! Your bones have no marrow, your blood is cold, and there is no sight in those glaring eyes!
Dear friends, simply consider this a strange habit, for that’s all that it is; it’s just a shame that it’s spoiling our evening.
I’m as brave as any man; you can appear in the form of a rugged, Russian bear, an armor-plated rhinoceros, or a fearsome tiger— any shape except for that one— and I won’t tremble… Or revive yourself, and challenge me to a duel in the desert; then— if I tremble— you can call me a little girl. Now, be gone, you horrible ghost! Be gone!
[the GHOST vanishes]
Now that it’s gone, I’m can behave as a man again; please, remain seated.
You’ve disrupted our feast and ruined everyone’s cheerful mood with this foolishness.
[to the guests] Can such things overcome a person as suddenly as a summer’s storm without astonishing everyone? You make me feel as if I don’t even know my own character when you look at these things without fear while I go pale with fright.
What things, my lord?
[to the guests] Please, don’t speak to him; he’s only getting worse. Questioning him only exacerbates the situation; now, goodnight, don’t worry about leaving in order according to your rank— just go immediately.
Goodnight, and may his majesty’s health return!
A kind goodnight to you all!
[all but MACBETH & LADY MACBETH exit]
They say blood leads to blood. Gravestones have been known to move, and crows have been known to cackle out the names of even the most secret murderers.
[to LADY MACBETH] How late is it?
It is either very late or very early, but the sun will soon rise.
What do you think about Macduff refusing to come even if I command it?
Did you officially summon him, sir?
I only heard that he wouldn’t come, but I’ll send for him; I have a spy in every one of my lords’ households. In the morning, I’ll go visit the witches, and have them tell me more, because I’m determined to know the worst of what’s coming; my own interests are more important than anything else. I have waded too far into this bloody river; it would be just as unpleasant to retreat as it would be to continue forward. I have strange plans in my head that I must completed before I can think about them too carefully.
You lack the rest and peace of mind that sleep would bring.
Come on, we'll go to sleep. My strange delusions are a result of inexperience. We’re still beginners when it comes to evil deeds.
[they exit]
ACT 3, SCENE 5: A Heath
[thunder booms; three WITCHES enter, meeting HECATE]
How are you, Hecate? You look angry.
Don’t I have a reason to be angry, you sassy hag? How dare you fool Macbeth with riddles and prophecies without calling me to show our true power? Me— the source of your magic, the creator of all evil! What’s worse is that you’ve done all of this for an angry, unreliable, spiteful brat who— like all brats— only cares about himself, not you… But you can still make this better. Go, and - in the morning - meet me at the Pit of Acheron where Macbeth will go to learn his destiny. Bring your cauldrons, spells, charms, and everything else. Now, I must fly; I’ll spend the night devising a dismal, deadly outcome for him. I have great things to accomplish before noon. A water droplet hangs from the moon’s corner; when it falls, I’ll catch it and cast a spell on the droplet. Fantastic spirits will rise to confuse Macbeth with illusions, and he’ll walk right into his own destruction. He will mock fate, curse death, and find himself above the need for wisdom, grace, or fear. As you all know, pride is a man’s worst enemy.
[offstage, a song plays with the lyrics: “come away, come away”]
Listen! I’m being called by my little spirit, see? It’s waiting for me in that foggy cloud.
[HECATE exits]
Come on, let's hurry; she'll be back soon.
[the WITCHES exit]
ACT 3, SCENE 6: Forres, the palace
[LENNOX & another LORD enter]
What I said before has had time to sink in, and now, we can review it further. I’m only saying that strange things have been happening. Macbeth pitied the gracious Duncan, but only after he was dead. The heroic Banquo was out walking too late at night; if it pleases you, we can say Fleance killed his father since he fled the crime scene. Everyone knows it was absolutely monstrous of Malcolm and Donalbain to kill their gracious father; that’s a damn fact! It grieved Macbeth so much! In his righteous rage, he killed those two servants while they were still passed out drunk. Was that not the noble thing to do? Yes, and the wise thing, too, because it would have angered everyone to hear the men deny it. All things considered, I think he’s handled things well, and if he had Duncan’s sons in custody— which I pray he never does— they would learn the consequences for killing a father… As would Fleance… But enough of that! I hear that Macduff now lives in disgrace for speaking too freely and failing to appear when Macbeth summoned him. Can you tell me where he’s staying?
Malcolm— whose birthright was stolen by Macbeth— lives in England where the saintly King Edward treats him with respect despite all his misfortunes. Macduff went there to beg King Edward to call Northumberland and the great warrior, Siward, to arms. With their help and God’s support, he hopes that we might once again be able to put food on our tables, escape our sleepless nights, and enjoy our celebrations without any violent murders. We only want to pay homage to our king and receive the honors we are owed. We pine for these things now. Macbeth knows of Macduff’s plans, and he’s so angry that he’s preparing for war.
Did Macbeth officially summon Macduff?
He did, and Macduff replied with, “sir, I won’t.” The messenger turned his back on Macduff and made a humming noise that seemed to say, “you'll rue the day you gave me that answer.”
That should be enough warning for Macduff to be cautious and stay out of Scotland. Some holy angel should fly to the English court and tell him to hurry back. We need his help; our country is suffering under a cursed tyrant.
I'll pray for him.
[they exit]
Act 4 coming soon
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2023.03.27 14:12 sprungy Things to do: March 27 - April 2

March 27
Historic Palmerston Avenue walk
Libery Village history walk
Monday Night Seminar: Honestly Confused, Creasy in the Memory
Susan Neiman: Left is Not Woke @ Reference Library
Israel: The Good Neighbour, Not an Apartheid State, with Lt. Col. Eyal Dror @ Lodzer Congregation
Death to All @ Opera House
School night @ Drake Underground
Game night @ LVLUP
Try Something New, Hang out @ Free Play Arcade, No Money Mondays
Bitcoin meetup @ Casa Mezcal
ESL conversation class @ Knox Church
ESL cafe @ St Paul's
Practice English w/Woodgreen
Se Habla Español - We Speak Spanish Toronto
Toastmasters @ St Matthew's United Church
Colouring and discussion meetup @ Toronto Public Library - North York Central Library
Fort York Billiards/Pool (Casuals) - FREE
VOLLEYBALL- Monday INDOOR 5$ for 2 hrs *No Beginners Please* @ Vista Heights PS
Growing the Game @ MLSE Launchpad
True stories told live, 10th anniversary @ The Garrison
Open stage Monday @ Tranzac Club
Turn it Up Music Bingo at Left Field Brewery
KARAOKE NIGHT Sing, Dance & Dab @ The Smith House
$18.88 evening bowling @ Splitsville
$6.99 Roman Holiday. 70th Anniversary @ Cineplex
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny @ Coin 8
Destiny Rides Again @ Paradise Theatre
Once @ Revue Cinema
Casino bus to Niagara Falls
Presto discounts for various shows/attractions
Disney Animation: Immersive Experience Toronto
Exhibit on Pinocchio and Italian Folktales @ Lillian H Smith Library. Until April 15
Stranger Things : The Experience
The Office Experience @ Yorkdale Mall
Registration continues for JAM sports leagues
YMCA free 7-day trial pass
GoodLife Fitness free 7-day trial pass
Trivia @ Stout Irish
Taylor Swift trivia @ Hemingway's
Trivia @ Film Cafe
Weekly trivia roundup
Public sweat sauna @ Harbourfront. Until April 23
Toronto History Museums free admission
Winter Flower Show @ Centennial Park Conservatory. Free admission
Self guided Discovery Tours
Seeing the Invisible An Outdoor Augmented Reality Exhibition
Winter Stations outdoor art exhibition. Until April 3
Lumière: The Art of Light @ Trillium Park. Free until May 7
Volunteer w/Bike Brigade
Stand Up Comedy Open Mic at thehashtag
Comedy @ Wenona Lodge
MILF Monday @ M4
Sapphic punk party @ Oasis
MadMex Monday Deals @ BarBurrito. Ends today
$4.99 Big Mary chicken sandwich @ Mary Brown's
$10 OG chicken sandwich @ Union Chicken
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Free burger @ Cabano's. Must bring in competitor receipt. Ends May 24
$10 unlimited toppings @ Pi . Co
Birthday freebies. Denny's , Marble Slab, and more

March 28
Historic Kensington Market and Chinatown walking tour
West Parkdale, and Roncesvalles Village at Night history walk
🎱 Pool and Drinks Social @ Dundas West Shoxs Billiard Lounge 🎱
Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat @ Scotiabank Arena
Four band showcase @ Dakota
EXTC @ El Mocambo
John Wick Chapter 4 w/Meetup
Let’s Sing! Spring Karaoke on Zoom!
Trivia @ Stout Irish
$6.99 Roman Holiday. 70th Anniversary @ Cineplex
Henry Sir @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
50% off wings @ Crown and Dragon. After 5PM. Drink purchase required
Dragon Legend Tuesday buffet special w/Meetup
March 29
Victoria Square to Goodwood. Group bike ride w/TBN
One Of A Kind Show @ Enercare Centre. $10 admission today only w/Presto card
Herschel warehouse sale @ International Centre
Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Florida Panthers @ Scotiabank Arena
Wax Tailor @ Lee's Palace
Masego @ History
$6.99 Roman Holiday. 70th Anniversary @ Cineplex
Aga Khan Museum. Free admission after 4PM
Gardiner Museum . Free admission after 4PM
AGO. Free admission after 6PM
Trivia @ Brass Taps
Pubstumpers trivia @ Brass Taps w/Meetup
Henry Sir @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
Bring It! New Talent Comedy Competition @ Comedy Bar
March 30
One Of A Kind Show @ Enercare Centre
Herschel warehouse sale @ International Centre
Ace of Wands @ Velvet Underground
Power Plant free admission
$6.99 Roman Holiday. 70th Anniversary @ Cineplex
Skies of Lebanon. Free screening @ Alliance Francaise
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Henry Sir @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
Thursday Night Fever comedy @ Comedy Bar Danforth
March 31
One Of A Kind Show @ Enercare Centre
Herschel warehouse sale @ International Centre
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Power Plant free admission
MOCA. Free admission after 5PM
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Henry Sir @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
April 1
One Of A Kind Show @ Enercare Centre
Spring Motorcycle Show @ International Centre
Toronto Antique Vintage Market and Toronto Clothing Show @ Queen Elizabeth Building
Herschel warehouse sale @ International Centre
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Toronto Rock vs Buffalo Bandits @ First Ontario Centre
Power Plant free admission
Bingo @ Flash on Church
Henry Sir @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
April 2
One Of A Kind Show @ Enercare Centre
Spring Motorcycle Show @ International Centre
Toronto Antique Vintage Market and Toronto Clothing Show @ Queen Elizabeth Building
Herschel warehouse sale @ International Centre
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit
Weekend bus to Casino Rama
Power Plant free admission
Bata Shoe Museum free admission
Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings @ Scotiabank Arena
Toronto Marlies vs. Belleville Senators @ Coca Cola Coliseum
Future Superstars tour w/Nick Cannon @ History
Bingo @ Flash on Church
$18.88 evening bowling @ Splitsville
Karaoke Sundays @ Capone's
Karaoke @ On The Rocks
Karaoke @ Toby's
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit.
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
50% off wings @ Crown and Dragon. Drink purchase required
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2023.03.27 14:09 PageTurner_Official Macbeth (Act 1)

William Shakespeare; originally written as a tribute to King James I in 1606. Legend says a coven of witches cursed the play because they objected to Shakespeare’s use of real incantations. The first performance was supposedly riddled with disaster.
Translated into modern English, otherwise left exactly the same.
ACT 1, SCENE 1: A desert
[thunder booms & lightning flashes; three WITCHES enter]
When will the three of us meet again? In a thunderstorm, in a lightning storm, or when it rains?
When the chaos is over; when one side loses the battle, and the other has won.
It will happen before the sun sets.
Where’s the place?
It’s in the field.
We will meet Macbeth there.
[calling to her familiar] I’m coming, Graymalkin!
Paddock is calling me.
[calling to her familiar] I’ll be there soon.
Fair is foul, and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 2: A camp near Forres
[trumpets blare; a battle rages offstage; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, & LENNOX enter with numerous attendants to meet a wounded SERGEANT*]*
Who is that bloody man? By the looks of him, he should have news of the rebellion.
This is the Sergeant; he’s a strong, courageous soldier that saved me from capture.
[to SERGEANT] Greetings, brave friend! Tell the king what was happening when you left the battle.
The outcome was uncertain. The armies were like two tired swimmers dragging each other down. Macdonwald is a villainous man— a natural rebel; his merciless armies were reinforced by foot-soldiers and warriors with Irish axes. Luck smiled on his damned rebellion like it was his whore… But that wasn’t enough. The brave Macbeth defied the odds with his sword as it carved a bloody path through Macdonwald’s army— straight to the man himself. Not stopping to shake hands or say goodbye, Macbeth cut Macdonwald from belly to jaw and placed his head on our castle walls!
Oh, heroic cousin! You are a worthy gentleman!
Just as the sun rose, a dreadful storm began and thunder boomed overhead. It seemed like the battle was won, but we soon faced new troubles. Listen, King of Scotland; please, listen! The moment we defeated the Irish soldiers, the Norwegian king took advantage of us and began a new assault with fresh soldiers and new weapons.
Didn’t this distress our captains, Macbeth and Banquo?
Yes… As much as a sparrow bothers an eagle or a hare worries a lion. Truly, they were like cannons loaded with double the powder charges; they fought with twice their earlier ferocity. Maybe they wanted to bathe in their enemy’s blood or make the battlefield as infamous as Golgotha… I can’t tell, but I feel faint; my wounds are begging for a doctor.
Your words— as well as your wounds— speak to your honor. Take him to a doctor.
[attendants help the SERGEANT exit]
[ROSS enters]
Who’s just arrived?
That’s the worthy Thane of Ross.
He has a wild look in his eyes! He seems like he has an incredible story to tell.
God save the king!
Where have you come from, worthy Thane?
Great king, I've come from Fife, where the Norwegians are in power; they mocks our land and terrify our people. The king of Norway started a battle with his huge army, and the traitorous Thane of Cawdor’s support. It looked as if we would lose until Macbeth entered the fight wearing armor that made him look like a god of war. He defeated Cawdor in a sword fight, and victory was ours.
That’s great news!
Now Sweno - Norways' king - is begging for a peace treaty, and we are refusing to let him bury his dead until he retreats to Saint Colme’s Inch and pays us $10,000
The Thane of Cawdor will never fool me again. Go announce his execution, and tell Macbeth that he will receive the man’s title.
I'll see to it.
Noble Macbeth has won what the Thane of Cawdor has lost.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 3: A heath near Forres
[thunder booms; the three WITCHES enter]
Where have you been, sister?
Killing pigs.
Sister, where were you?
A sailor's wife had chestnuts in her lap, and she was munching, munching, muching. I said, “give me one,” and the fat-assed, scabby woman cried, “get out of here, witch!” Her husband is the captain of a ship called The Tiger, and he has gone to Aleppo; I’m going to sail there in a strainer, and— like a tailess rat— I’ll do this to him, and this, and that.
I'll conjure some wind so you can sail there.
You are very kind.
And I’ll conjure some more wind.
I already control the other winds— where they begin and which way they blow. I’ll drain that captain as dry as hay, and he will not be allowed to sleep during the night or day. He will live a cursed life. For 81 weary weeks, he will grow continuously sicker and waste away from grief. I may not be able to destroy his ship, but I can still hit it with storms; look what I have.
Show me, show me!
I have the thumb of a captain who was shipwrecked on his way home.
[a drum is heard offstage]
A drum! A drum! Macbeth is coming.
[dancing together in a circle] Hand-in-hand— dancing round and round— the weird sisters swiftly travel over the sea and land. Go your way three times, then go mine three times— and going three more times, adds up to nine… Quiet! The spell is ready!
I have never experienced such terrible weather on such a wonderful day.
How far is it to King Duncan’s palace in Forres? [sees the WITCHES] What are these creatures? They’re so withered and their clothes are wild. They don’t look like they’re from this planet, yet here they are.
[to the WITCHES] Are you alive? Are you capable of answering questions? You seem to understand me since each of you has placed a gnarled finger to your thin lips. You look like women, but your beards make me think otherwise.
Speak, if you’re able. What are you?
All hail, Macbeth! Hail to you, Thane of Glamis!
All hail, Macbeth! Hail to you, Thane of Cawdor!
All hail, Macbeth! The future king!
[to MACBETH] Good sir, why do you flinch and seem afraid of such fortunate predictions?
[to the WITCHES] Be honest. Are you an illusion? Or are you genuinely what you appear to be? You greeted my noble friend with his current title, and then you predicted additional titles— including a kingship; these things have left Macbeth in shock… Yet you haven’t said anything to me… If you can look into the future, tell me which endeavors will pay off and which will fail. I do not beg for— nor fear— your favors or your hate.
You are lesser than Macbeth, but you are also greater.
You are not as happy as Macbeth, yet you are also much happier.
Though you’ll never be a king, your descendants will— so all hail Macbeth and Banquo!
Banquo and Macbeth, all hail!
Wait! You haven’t told me everything; tell me more. I know that I inherited the Thane of Glamis title when my father— Sinel— died, but how can I be the Thane of Cawdor? The Thane of Cawdor is alive and well— and I find it even more difficult to believe that I might become the king. Where did you get this strange information, and why did you deliver it here, on this deserted field? I command you to tell me!
[the WITCHES vanish]
The earth is bubbling like water. These creatures must come from such a bubble. Where did they go?
Into the air; they appeared to be solid, but then they vanished like breath on the wind. I wish they would have stayed!
Were those creatures even really here? Or have we eaten something foul that’s caused us to hallucinate?
Your children will be kings.
You will be king.
And the Thane of Cawdor too… Isn’t that what they said?
Yes; those were their exact words… Who’s here?
[ROSS & ANGUS enter]
Macbeth, the king was happy to hear of your success. When he read of your personal heroism against the rebels, he couldn’t decide whether to praise you or remain silently amazed. He was speechless upon learning that you fought Norway’s army on the same day— and that you showed no fear as you killed those around you. A stream of messengers brought this news to the king, and they praised your defense of his country.
We have been sent to relay the king’s thanks and to escort you to him, though we do not have your reward…
But— to give you a hint of the honor to come— he said to call you the Thane of Cawdor. Hail, most worthy Thane, for that title is now yours.
What? Can the devil tell the truth?
The Thane of Cawdor is still alive; how can you call me by his title?
The former Thane is still alive, but he has been sentenced to death— and rightly so. I don’t know whether he fought with the Norwegians, secretly helped the rebels, or conspired to destroy our country with both— but he confessed to capital treason, so he lost his title.
[to himself] Glamis and Cawdor! With the greatest part of the prophecy still to come...
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Thanks for your efforts in delivering this news.
[whispers to BANQUO] Are you beginning to believe your children might be kings now that I’ll be made Thane of Cawdor as promised?
By trusting them you might also eventually become the king, but all of this is strange. The agents of darkness will often tell us a bit of truth in order to lead us to harm. They win us over by being honest about trivial things, but then they betray us when it comes to the most important things.
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Cousins, come speak with me for a moment, please.
[ROSS, ANGUS, & BANQUO step off to the side]
[to himself] Two of the prophecies have already come true… It makes it seem possible that I might really end up on the throne...
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Thank you, gentlemen.
[to himself] This supernatural temptation cannot be a bad thing, but it cannot be a good thing, either. If it is a bad thing, then why did it promise a truthful success? I am the Thane of Cawdor… But if it is a good thing, then why am I thinking about something so horrible that it makes my hair stand on end and causes my heart to pound. The things I should actually fear are less frightening than the horrible things in my imagination. My thoughts of murder are only a fantasy, but they shake me to my core. My racing thoughts prevent me from taking action, and all I can think of are things that don’t exist.
Look, our friend is lost in thought.
[to himself] If it is my fate to be king, perhaps fate will give me the crown without my having to do anything at all.
Like new clothes, Macbeth’s new titles won’t seem to fit right until he’s worn them for a while.
[to himself] No matter what happens, time will continue moving forward— even through the roughest day.
Noble Macbeth, we’ll leave whenever you’re ready.
Excuse me, my mind was preoccupied with forgotten thoughts. Kind gentlemen, I will always remember your efforts here today; let’s go see the king.
[whispers to BANQUO] Think about what’s happened here, and we’ll discuss it amongst ourselves once we’ve had time to consider exactly what it all means.
Until then, we’ll keep this to ourselves.
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Let’s go, friends.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 4: Forres, the palace
[trumpets play; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, LENNOX, & attendants enter]
Has the Thane of Cawdor been executed yet? Have the executioners returned?
My lord, they have not returned yet, but I spoke to someone who witnessed the execution; the Thane of Cawdor confessed to treason, begged for forgiveness, and expressed deep remorse. Dying was the noblest act of his life— he died like someone prepared to throw away their most valuable possession like a worthless trinket.
It’s impossible to know what a man is thinking by the look on his face. Cawdor was a gentleman, and I trusted him completely.
[to MACBETH] My noble cousin! I feel guilty for not showing you enough gratitude. You accomplish so much that— no matter how fast I reward you— it’s never enough. If you deserved less, maybe I’d come out ahead for once! I owe you more than I can repay.
The loyalty I feel toward you and the chance to serve you is a reward unto itself. It’s your duty to accept our loyalty and service, while our duty to you and the country is like what a child owes their father— or a what a servant owes their master. We’re only doing our jobs by keeping you safe.
Be welcome here! Your rewards are like newly planted seeds, and now, I will endeavor to help you grow them into a great future.
[to BANQUO] Noble Banquo, you are as worthy as Macbeth; that’s something everyone should know. Let me embrace you and hold you close to my heart.
Then, if I grow to greatness, it will benefit you as well.
I’m so full of joy that it brings tears to my eyes. Sons, relatives, and friends— I hereby proclaim that my oldest son, Malcolm, is my heir; he is now the Prince of Cumberland, and he isn’t alone in gaining a new title. Noble titles will shine on all who deserve them.
[to MACBETH] Let’s go to Inverness; your hospitality will indebt me even further to you.
Efforts in your service never feel like work. Now, I’ll humbly take my leave so that I may be the messenger who delights my wife with the news.
My noble Cawdor!
[to himself] Malcolm is the Prince of Cumberland; Since he’s standing between myself and the throne, I must either move above him or give up any hope of the crown… Stars, hide your light so that my dark desires are hidden. Blind my eyes be to my hand’s actions! Though— if I perform this deed— I’ll still be forced to see it once it’s done.
[MACBETH exits]
It’s true; Macbeth is incredibly heroic, and I also benefit by rewarding him. Now that he’s gone ahead to make preparations, let’s follow him; no man is his equal.
[trumpets play; they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 5: Inverness; Macbeth's castle
[LADY MACBETH enters, reading a letter]
[reading] “I met the witches on the day of my big victory, and I’m certain they possess supernatural knowledge. I was desperate to question them further, but they vanished into thin air. While I stood stunned by this, the king’s messengers arrived and greeted me as the Thane of Cawdor— that’s what the weird sisters called me before referring to me as the future king. My dearest partner, I wanted to deliver this news so you could also celebrate the good fortune we’ve been promised. Keep this close to your heart; goodbye.”
[puts the letter down] You are the Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, and you will be the king— just as you were promised… Yet I fear your nature; you’re far too kind to take trecherous shortcuts along the way. You wish to be powerful, and you have ambition, but you lack the nastiness needed to go with it. You’re hoping to gain honor with virtuous acts— you don’t want to lie or cheat. You want to win, yet you’re too afraid to do it... Come home, so I can whisper in your ear and scold you. Then you will no longer be affected by the things preventing you from taking the crown— the crown that both fate and magic want you to have.
[a MESSENGER enters]
What’s your news?
The king is coming here tonight.
That’s a crazy thing to say. Isn’t Macbeth with the king? If your message were true, he would have sent word sooner so I could prepare.
I beg your pardon, but it is true; our lord is coming. Another servant raced ahead of him, and he was so out of breath that he was barely able to deliver the message.
Take care of the messenger; he brings great news.
[the MESSENGER exits]
The messenger croaks his announcement of Duncan’s fatal visit to my castle like a raven would croak out a warning. Come on, spirits who encourage murderous thoughts; strip away my womanhood, and fill me with cruelty from head to toe! Thicken my blood, and block my veins from feeling regret so that no guilt can sway me from fulfilling my dark desires. Demons of murder, come to me from wherever you hide; help to inspire me with evil feelings, and turn my mother’s milk to acid. Come, thick night, wrap me in the darkest smoke of hell so that my knife cannot see the wound it makes, and heaven cannot cry out to stop me.
[MACBETH enters]
Great Thane of Glamis, noble Thane of Cawdor… You’ll be greater than both of those when you’re the king. Your letter has made me think of the future as if it were already here; it has taken me beyond the worry of not knowing what will happen between now and then.
My dearest love… Duncan will be here tonight.
And when will he leave?
He plans to leave tomorrow.
He will never see tomorrow’s sunrise! My lord, your face betrays your troubled mind and allows other men to read it like a book. To deceive the others, you must look like the others. When you greet the king, welcome him with your whole being— with your eyes and hands as well as your words. You need to look like an innocent flower while being the snake that hides beneath it. The king must be provided for… Let me handle everything tonight; what we do tonight will bring us sole power and mastery of all our days and nights to come.
We will speak more about this later.
Just keep your head up and stay calm; if your expression changes, it’ll arouse suspicions. Leave the rest to me.
[they exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 6: Outside Macbeth's castle
[torches light the stage; oboes playing; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, BANQUO, LENNOX, MACDUFF, ROSS, ANGUS, & attendants enter]
This castle is in a pleasant location. The fresh, sweet air is pleasing to the senses.
The martin is a summer bird that builds its nest in church steeples; the fact they build their homes here is proof of how sweet the breeze is. They prefer to live where the air is finest, and there are nests on every overhang, carving, and corner of the castle.
Look! It’s our honored hostess! Sometimes, it troubles me how far my subjects will go to please me, but I’m still thankful… In saying that, I’m suggesting you should thank me for the trouble my presence is causing— since my presence is proof of my love for you.
Even if our efforts were doubled twice, they would be poor and small compared to the profound honor you’ve brought to our home. For all of the honors you’ve given us before— and for all that you’ve added now— we will always support you.
Where's Macbeth? We were on his heels and hoping to catch up with him, but he’s such a skilled rider. Plus, his great love for you is as sharp as his spur, and it motivated him to get home even faster. Beautiful, noble hostess, we are your guests tonight.
We - along with our servants - will always serve you, and everything we own belongs to you. It’s all for you to use at your leisure; we’re only returning what is already yours.
Give me your hand and lead me to Macbeth. I love him dearly, and I will continue to show him my favor. We may go when you’re ready.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 7: Macbeth's castle
[oboes play; torches light the stage; a butler & many servants enter with dishes & utensils, & MACBETH enters after]
If this will all end once the deed is done, then it’s best to do it quickly. If the king’s assassination could nullify the consequences of committing murder, then the act itself would be the end of the whole affair. At this point, I’m willing to risk my place in heaven, but such crimes also carry consequences in our world. Violent acts only teach others to commit violence, and the violence done by our students will always return to haunt us. Justice is even-handed; it takes the cups we poison and returns them to our own lips. The king trusts me completely; I’m his cousin, his subject, and his host. I should be protecting him from murderers— not trying to kill him; Duncan has been a good leader— honest, humble, and free of corruption. The angels will cry out against his murder; sadness will ride the winds over the land as the tragic news of his death spreads, and a flood of tears will rain down. Ambition is the only reason to act, and ambition rushes people into action— and therefore, tragedy.
What news is there?
He has almost finished eating; why did you leave the dining-room?
Did he ask for me?
Of course he has; didn’t you know that he would?
We’ll go no further with this plan; he recently honored me, and many people have formed good opinions of me. I should be enjoying my new position— not discarding it.
Were you drunk when you were so hopeful earlier? Have you slept since then? Did you wake up pale and feeling sick about what we freely planned? From this point forward, I will see your love in a different way. Are you afraid to act on your desires? Would you rather take what you want most? Or live like a coward— always saying, “I can’t” after, “I want to”? You’re like the cat who wanted a fish but refused to get his feet wet.
Stop, I’m begging you; I will only do what is appropriate for a man to do. He who dares to do more is no real man at all.
Then what beast was it that first told me about all of this? When you dared to do it, that’s when you were a man, and— if you actually do it— you will be even more of one. The time and place weren’t right before, yet you would’ve done it anyway… But now, the time and place are perfect, and it’s turning you into a coward. I know the feeling of a mother’s tender love for her nursing babe, yet I would have plucked my nipple from its smiling, toothless gums and bashed its brains in if I had sworn to you that I would.
But what if we fail?
What do you mean, fail? If your courage doesn’t falter, we won’t fail. When Duncan is asleep— which will be soon after today’s hard journey— I’ll give his two serving-men so much alcohol that their memories will disappear in its fumes. They’ll sleep like the dead, and there will be no one to stop us from doing whatever we want to the unguarded Duncan… Or from blaming his murder on the drunken servants.
May you only give birth to boys, for your fearless spirit could create nothing else. Are you sure people believe the servants murdered the king if we mark them with blood and use their daggers to do the deed?
Who would possibly think otherwise? We’ll wail with grief at the news of his death.
I’m convinced; I’ll rely on all of my strength to accomplish this terrible act. Go now, and pretend to be extremely friendly with everyone; you must conceal your false heart behind a false face.
[they both exit]


Act 2
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2023.03.27 14:06 Chico237 #NIOCORP~ THE ELK CREEK MINE PART#1 ~ Sharing a repost of D.D. for all New & Old board members.

#NIOCORP~ THE ELK CREEK MINE PART#1 ~ Sharing a repost of D.D. for all New & Old board members.

#NIOCORP~ THE ELK CREEK MINE PART #1 ~ Sharing a repost of D.D. for all New & Old board members.

\**The Elk Creek carbonatite, measuring ~7 square kilometers in southeastern Nebraska, is acknowledged by the USGS as 'potentially the largest global resources of niobium and rare-earth elements' and was successfully targeted in the past by Molycorp in the 70s and 80s. (A lot has gone on in 50 years.)**\**

~Starting from this 2010 article- Quantum Rare Earth Developments Distinguished in BNN Interview and Mining Journal as Ideal Vehicle for Exposure to Niobium and REE~

"Within the massive carbonatite there are several recorded occurrences of rare earth elements. Molycorp did not put in enough drill holes to calculate a resource for REEs however their geologists used terms to describe the situation unfolding in terms of 'tens of millions and megatonnes'. Drill hole intercepts (non NI 43-101) included 608ft of 1.18% lanthanides, 630 ft of 1.3%, 110ft of 2.09%, 460ft of 2.19%, 60ft of 3.89% -- Mining MarketWatch Journal notes these figures are massive and very good grades."

(2010)- A Deposit Model for Carbonatite and Peralkaline Intrusion-Related Rare Earth Element Deposits

Statring you out with the 2010 USGS REPORT which COMPARES ALL THE TOP REE/CRITICAL MINERAL U.S. DEPOSITS (Incuding Bear Lodge, Round Top, Bokan, ELK CREEK & more.....)

(2014) DRENTH's -Geophysical expression of a buried niobium and rare earth element deposit: The Elk Creek carbonatite, Nebraska, USA

~(An Excellent read...mull the possibility that the resource could be much larger! AS ONLY A SMALL PORTION OF THE 7-MILE TARGET STRIKE HAS BEEN MARKET COMPLIANT CALCULATED TO DATE!) ~

CONCLUSION: High-resolution geophysical data, physical property data, and legacy borehole data are combined to explain the carbonatite’s geophysical expression because it relates to fundamental structure and mineralization. The Gzz and gravity highs over the carbonatite are explained by a large density contrast with the gneissic country rocks. Aeromagnetic anomalies are attributed primarily to mafic rocks, with a smaller contribution from MB, a dense and strongly magnetized lithology that hosts niobium mineralization in this complex.
"Geophysical anomalies indicate that a significant volume of dense and strongly magnetized rocks must exist at a depth below the deepest boreholes. These rocks likely represent more MB and thus niobium mineralization, or could reflect another unknown lithology that is also dense and strongly magnetized. Aeromagnetic lineaments may represent faults, and a suspected fault trends through the area where MB occurs, suggesting that faulting played a role in localizing that particular rock type. Other AGG anomalies with probable sources within the carbonatite are hypothesized to represent variations of alteration. The REE mineralization is primarily associated with barite beforsite. However, this unit’s physical properties are similar to most of the other lithologies present within the carbonatite, and this rock type cannot be isolated using geophysics. Any use of trade, firm, or product names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the United States government "


Complex, Nebraska, USAA Niobium Deposit Hosted by a Magnetite/Dolomite Carbonatite, Elk Creek Carbonatite Complex, Nebraska, USA by Michael J. Blessington University of Nebraska-Lincoln

February 20, 2015 -NI 43-101 Technical ReportUpdated Mineral Resource EstimateElk Creek Niobium Project Nebraska(SRK now gives a Niobium Resource Reserve Estimate for Niobium, Through recent drilling targets they have found REE's, & other critical minerals but have yet to put it all together)
August 11, 2017 -Files NI 43-101 Feasibility Study for the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project( SRK & Niocorp file the first F.S. & RESOURCE ESTIMATES FOR -Niobium, Scandium & Titanium are given... REE's are mentioned in the drill/core results but are not tabulated or quantified)


(May 29, 2019) -Files NI-43-101 Technical Report on its 2019 Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project Feasibility Study & Niocorp file the SECOND F.S. with showing an increased RESOURCE ESTIMATE for Nb, Sc, & Ti... The REE's are again only appear in drill/core samples, they are not quantified.

*POST COVID ~IN MARCH 2021 Niocorp decides to REVIEW the REE's in the deposit & the POTENTIAL TO ADD THEM! ***

~March 2, 2021, NIOCORP To Review Potential of Adding Rare Earths to Its Currently Planned Critical Minerals Product Offering~

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – March 2, 2021 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) is pleased to announce that it has launched a review of the economic potential of expanding its currently planned product suite from the Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project (the “Project”) to also include rare earth products. NioCorp currently plans to produce niobium, scandium, and titanium at the Nebraska-based Project once project financing is secured and the Project is operational, and any rare earth products it might produce would be additional to its currently planned products.
Since the 1970's to most recent Bore Holes sunk by Quantum in 2011 & Niocorp in 2014 the Resource estimate for Nb, Sc, & Ti has been established & although REE's are most certainly there... they have not been quantified to let's say -"Compare to BOKAN, BEAR LODGE, or ROUND TOP projects shown in the the 2010 early USGS survey & other more recent reports" moving forward.(Niocorp is submitting those OLD ESTABLISHED BORE HOLE samples for REE analysis -"To fill in the GAPS"....) What does that mean?Stay tuned...

NIOBIUM ranked #2 on the 2021 U.S. Critical Minerals List Review:

(Niobium is ranked 2nd as the most critical U.S. mineral 2021!)

The BENS US Critical Minerals List Criticality Ranking:#1) RARE EARTHS #2) SCANDIUM #3) NIOBIUM #24 TITANIUM

critical minerals Business Executives for National Security (

U.S. Rare Earth Deposits -

BELOW is a list of MOST of the KNOWN U.S. Rare Earth Deposits. The Gold Fork, Iron Hill, La Paz & Round Deposits are the largest to date. Please **Note: The Elk Creek Deposit IS THE United States LARGEST NIOBIUM RESOURCE! (Halleck Creek & some other deposits are also coming into the USGS purview!)
Deposit -Country -Mineral Ore(Mt)-REO(%)-REO(Mt)
Bald Mountain/ -USA -monazite -18.1- 0.08% - 0.013
Bear Lodge/ -USA -bastnaesite, monazite -14.2 - 2.78% -0.394
Bokan Mountain/ -USA -kainosite, allanite - 5.2282 - 0.65% -0.033
Cumberland Island/ -USA -monazite -241 - 0.01% - 0.024
Diamond Creek/ -USA -monazite- 5.8 - 1.22% -0.071
Elk Creek/ -USA -bastnaesite, parisite -39.4 -1% -0.394
Gallinas Mountains/- USA- bastnasite- 0.046- 2.95% -0.001
Gold Fork-Little Valley/- USA -monazite- 296 -0.01% -0.029
Hall Mountain/ -USA- Thorite- 0.1 -0.05%- 0.00005
Hick’s Dome/ -USA -xenotime, bastnasite- 14.7- 0.42%- 0.061
Horse Creek/ USA- monazite, xenotime- 19- 0.03% -0.005
Iron Hill/ -USA -bastnasite, perovskite- 2424- 0.40% -9.696
La Paz/ -USA -monazite -128.2 -0.37%- 0.476
Lemhi Pass/- USA- monazite, xenotime- 0.5 -0.33%- 0.001
Mineville/ -USA- apatite- 90- .90% 0.081
Mountain Pass/- USA- bastnaesite 16.7131- 7.98%- 1.333
Music Valley/- USA -xenotime -0.05 -8.60% -0.004
North Henry/- USA- monazite- 3.2- 0.12% -0.003
Oak Grove/-USA- monazite -174.6 -0.09% -0.157
Pajarito Mountain- USA- eudialyte, monazite- 2.4- 0.17% -0.004
Pea Ridge/- USA -monazite, xenotime- 0.6 -12% -0.072
Round Top/ -USA -bastnaesite, yttrofluorite- 1050.872 -0.05% -0.525
Scrub Oaks/- USA- xenotime, bastnaesite -10 0-.38% -0.038
Silica Mine/ -USA -monazite -26.7 -0.01% -0.002
Wet Mountains/- USA- apatite, bastnasite- 13.957 -0.42% -0.058

JUST HOW BIG IS THE DEPOSIT? See Responses to Direct Questions posed to Jim Sims!)ON 5/27/2022 Jim: How Does Niocorp's Elk Creek Project compare to other "World Class Projects?"

" It is a bit tricky to compare rare earth projects on an apples-to-apples basis, which is why we chose to limit the comparison of our Elk Creek resource to other REE projects in the U.S. There are several reasons why.For one, there are several different legal systems that determine how a project can measure and disclose aspects of its mineral resource and/or reserve. For public companies that are SEC-reporting entities (such as NioCorp), the SK1300 standard must be followed. For public companies regulated by Canadian authorities (also such as NioCorp), there is the National Instrument 43-101 disclosure standard. In Australia, there is the JORC standard. Each of these systems differ in what they allow, or don't allow, in terms of public disclosure of mineral resources and reserves. This can lead to 'apples-to-oranges' comparisons among projects.Another challenge in making such comparisons is the mineralization of an REE project. Some projects can show a high ore grade of rare earths, but the mineralization of the ore is something that is very difficult to process. For example, rare earth projects based on silicate-based minerals -- such as eudialyte -- are extraordinarily difficult to economically process in order to pull the REEs out and separate them. Others can contain relatively high levels of other impurities, such as naturally occurring radioactive elements, that can increase the cost of processing. A high ore grade doesn't mean a lot if the REE mineralization isn't amenable to processing that is technically or economically infeasible. This is why only a small handful of the more than 200 REE-containing minerals have ever been successfully processed economically at commercial scale. (The two primary REE-containing minerals in the Elk Creek Project, bastnasite and monazite, are among those that have been successfully processed for decades).Rare earth resources also differ in terms of the relative distribution of individual REEs in the host mineral. Some may have a relatively high ore grade but also have high percentages of less valuable REEs, such as cerium or lanthanum or yttrium. Others have lower ore grades but their REE mineralization is skewed more favorably to higher-value REEs, such as the magnetics neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and terbium which are used in NdFeB magnets. There are several other REEs that are also magnetic, such as samarium, but those are of lower value.Another way that REE projects are compared to one another is through a so-called “basket price.” This is a particularly misleading way of valuing a rare earth play, in my opinion, because a project’s ‘basket price’ assigns a dollar value to the individual REEs in the ore, multiplying total tonnes of each REE by current market price for that REE, and combines them all together. This assumes that a project will produce each and every one of the REEs in the ‘basket’ (which is almost never the case). It also ignores the enormous CAPEX and OPEX required to produce 14 or so individual REEs.There are yet other factors that help determine the viability of a potential rare earth project.~Some projects are aimed at only producing rare earths. That means that they are relatively riskier investments than projects that are designed to produce multiple products in addition to rare earths.
~Some projects that are relatively large in size, have high ore grades, and are comprised of processable minerals -- but they are located in places that make mining and processing difficult or very expensive. I can think of a few projects that are touted as attractive deposits but are located near or above the Arctic Circle, which generally makes mining more costly.
~ Others are located in places where there local residents, such as First Nations communities in Canada or anywhere in Greenland, can readily block a project from moving to commercial operation. Still others are in countries where local governments are less stable than in the U.S., or are simply prone to corruption, which exposes the project to high country risk.
~Many REE projects are proposed by teams that have no experience in commercially processing REEs. They tend to gloss over that fact. Knowing what I know about the challenges of producing separated, high-purity REEs, this is one of the most important factors I consider when I look at REE projects. But that is just my opinion.A more useful comparison strategy for investors is to look at rare earth projects through multiple lenses, such as those I describe above. It is not easy to do this if one doesn’t have a pretty deep understanding of the REE industry and the challenges of successfully making these strategic metals.Having said all of that, it’s clear that our Elk Creek carbonatite is very large and similar in total contained rare earths to some of the largest known rare earth resources in the world, including the Araxa carbonatite in Brazil and the St. Honore carbonatite in Quebec.Jim Sims"

(WoW! somewhere between Araxa & St. Honore!.......Take a peek for yourself!)

Part #2 Tomorrow!

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2023.03.27 14:01 Actual-Economics-320 #spritual book

#spritual book
I am Promoting a Spiritual Book "Gyan Ganga" Written by @Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
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2023.03.27 14:01 lismeauhywba [HIRING] 25 Jobs in remote Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Sandia National Laboratories R&D Electrical Engineer - Remote Sensing Systems (Experienced) Albuquerque
Arcules General Engineering Opening (Remote) Anaheim
Arcules General Engineering Opening (Remote) Irvine
Element Care Risk Adjustment Coding Specialist - Remote Lynn
Torc Robotics Principal Software Engineer, Perception (Radar) - Remote Optional Blacksburg
Team Cymru Inc Business Development Representative-REMOTE Lake Mary
SuperBook Field Marketing Manager - Tennessee - Remote Nashville
Ironside Immediate Openings Digital Marketing Specialist Not Remote San Diego San Diego
gpac Immediate Openings Gpac Recruiter Remote Kansas City Kansas City
Playvox Immediate Openings Marketing Campaign Manager Abm Account Based Marketing Remote Austin Round Rock
Teikametrics Immediate Openings Sem Marketing Manager Remote Austin Round Rock
Evernorth Care Group Immediate Openings Marketing Analytics Advisor Evernorth Health Services Remote Orem Orem
Evernorth Health Services Immediate Openings Senior Market Growth Consultant Medicaid Express Scripts Remote Seattle Bellevue
HealthHub Engagement Solutions Inc. Desktop & Embedded Linux System Developer - Remote Saint-Lambert
Laboratory Corporation Director, Global Events (REMOTE) Grande Prairie
Aardvark Swift Recruitment Ltd Senior Level Designer (CA Remote) Burnaby
Tulip CA VP, Marketing (Remote) Summerland
FullStack Labs, LLC Ember.js Developer - Remote - Canada Vancouver
The Home Depot Staff Systems Engineer (Remote) Atlanta
The Home Depot Systems Engineer, Senior Principal (Remote) Atlanta
The Home Depot Systems Engineer Manager (Remote) Atlanta
Avidly Finland CRM Consultant Halifax · Hybrid Remote Durham
Wish Shopping Senior Site Reliability Engineer Toronto, Remote Hamilton
SONOCO CANADA Engineering Projects Manager (Hybrid or Remote) Vaughan
Rallylegal Account Executive (Remote) Cochin
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in . Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.27 13:58 Big-Creme-7098 Screenwriter’s News for Monday, March 27, 2023

I skim the trades, so you don’t have to.
◊WGA Anonymous: For This Writer, the ‘Slow Decay of Residuals’ Should Be the Top Priority
My two-cent takeaway: Residuals are great if you can get them and sustain your writing career while you're not writing, along with helping you out during retirement. I would argue this should become standard to help act like a pension plan since many writers don’t have one.
◊'The Last of Us Part III' Could Utilize Elements From HBO Series Counterpart
My two-cent takeaway: If you're a fan of the game, it's time to sharpen your pencils! I like the fact that the series can influence the game and vice versa, moving games even closer to (as if it isn’t already) entertainment that can be enjoyed by people like me who don’t have the time to play or necessarily want to.
◊‘Yellowjackets’ Creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson Get Real on Season 2 Pressure, Showtime Tumult and Spinoffs: “We Have a Couple of Ideas”
‘Yellowjackets’ Bosses Weigh In on Premiere Shocker and Look Ahead to Season 2 and Beyond
My two-cent takeaway: Lyle and Nickerson are perfect examples of Hollywood outsiders who moved to LA and achieved what many of us want. Study their method to increase your chances at success.
◊‘Westworld’ Showrunner Lisa Joy on How A.I. is Turning the Sci-Fi Show Into “a Documentary”
My two-cent takeaway: I can’t help wondering if her interpretation of ‘Westworld’ as “a documentary” might have be part of the eventual failure of the series. As much as I love the idea, not being primed as a doc would confuse viewers. I especially agree with her theory that content never dies. Write what works for you, that’s what’s important.
◊GLAAD: Racial Diversity Up Among LGBTQ Characters on TV; Overall Representation Drops
My two-cent takeaway: The pendulum swings in mysterious ways.
◊‘Swarm’ Boss Janine Nabers Peels Back the Layers of True Crime-Inspired Series and Its Antihero
My two-cent takeaway: Interesting look at understanding
◊Cheech and Chong Biopic in the Works With Hidden Pictures
My two-cent takeaway: What’s not to love? I’m afraid the biopic won’t be as light-hearted and “innocent” as their movies, which seemed so risqué as a student when they came out, but are really just great for a good laugh.
◊James Patterson Sets First-Look Deal at Skydance TV
My two-cent takeaway: Reading Patterson, for me, is like watching a popcorn movie, so there’s no reason not to expect the same. Viewing that’s great when you just want to relax. If you’re a Patterson fan, it’s time to sharpen your pencils.
◊Netflix’s ‘Gears of War’ Movie Enlists ‘Dune’ Writer Jon Spaihts
My two-cent takeaway:
◊Gladiators Are Back: Hollywood Readies 3 Rival Projects
My two-cent takeaway: Wah, wah, wah! Time to put your pencils down...
◊David Lowery’s Pop Epic ‘Mother Mary’ for A24
My two-cent takeaway: After the success of Everything Everywhere All At Once, A24 can continue to lead the way in less conventional fare, which is badly needed.
◊Ronan Bennett to write and Shown ‘Day of the Jackal’ TV Adaptation for Sky, Peacock
My two-cent takeaway: I really feel like you can’t lose with Jackal. The premise is tight and action-packed and the “remakes” (including the lesser-known ‘The Assignment’ that was released in the same year as Willis’s Jackal, and bombed) are exciting to watch and were the spy-action thrillers that were taken over by the beloved Mission: Impossible franchise.
◊BAFTA TV Awards: ‘This is Going to Hurt,’ ‘The Responder’ Lead Pack of Nominees
My two-cent takeaway: Check out the writing categories. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with any of them.
◊‘Star Wars’: Steven Knight Steps in to Write New Movie Following Damon Lindelof Departure
My two-cent takeaway: Lindelof would have brought an interesting perspective and Knight is extremely talented, but I really wonder if either of them is the right fit for Star Wars.
◊Aaron Sorkin Reveals He Had a Stroke Last November: “A Loud Wake-Up Call”
My two-cent takeaway: Sitting is the new smoking. Don’t take your health for granted.
◊WGA Pushing to Prohibit AI-Generated Works
◊Hollywood’s AI Anxiety Is Showing
◊Aaron Sorkin Argues AI Couldn’t Write ‘The West Wing’
My two-cent takeaway: Of course, AI is the new plague writers don’t need right now, with its mealy-mouthed awkward writing.
◊Maggie Cohn To Write Heidi Fleiss Drama for HBO Max
◊Julie Plec and Carina Adly MacKenzie Set Young Adult Show ‘We Were Liars’ at Amazon
◊Robin Thede Scripted Comedy in the Works at HBO
◊‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Showrunners on Depicting Women in the ’70s, the Final Concert and That Hopeful Ending (SPOILERS)
◊Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco to write Apple TV+ Comedy Series ‘Platonic’ starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne
◊New Adam McKay Movie Project, With Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Hits Hollywood Studios
My two-cent takeaway:
◊Jason Katims on ‘Dear Edward’ Finale, ‘As We See It’ Cancellation and What’s Next
◊‘You’ Renewed by Netflix for Fifth and Final Season
◊‘Accused,’ ‘Alert: Missing Persons Unit’ Renewed at Fox
◊Norman Steinberg, Screenwriter on ‘Blazing Saddles,’ ‘My Favorite Year’ and ‘Johnny Dangerously,’ Dies at 83
◊Gordon T. Dawson, Peckinpah Protégé and ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Writer and Producer, Dies at 84
What’re your two cents?
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2023.03.27 13:53 Sad-Experience8477 How do I forgive?

Me (18F) and my boyfriend (18M) have been together for about 4 years. I love him dearly and I want to forgive him but I find it very difficult. I know I'm not a saint but I have been treated like shit by him. 2 years ago I gave him his last chance cause I was done with being spoken down to. Since his last chance he brought up my fucked up family relationships in front of all our friends then tried to gaslight me and tell me it never happened. He made me feel shit and got angry with me after I asked if he loved me. He screamed at me for self sabotaging myself on my 18th birthday as I wasnt sure about being friends with someone I was getting to know. He has done a lot more in between but not extreme just small little things that make me feel like I'm below him that my brain just learned how to blank out over the years. Although recently when we were having drinks with a friend and my mum, I brought up how nice it would be to move away. He started accusing me of trying to rip him away from his family, even tho he always told me moving away was in his future. This is important for context of why I am finding it hard to forgive him, as I still haven't fully forgave him for starting a fight with me and shouting at me in front of my friend and mother. Anyways recently he was showing me a band he listens to, knowing they were fucking nazis. He tried to argue with the little polish girl (me) that it was ok because it's just spotify and that they're music is good so esentially not a big deal. This pushed me over the edge and I asked to go on a break to think things through. Fast forward 2 weeks and hes telling me he will change, that I've opened his eyes to how he has been treating me, he loves me and he cant imagine life without me. I feel the same way towards him but I've heard this so many times that I find it hard to believe and forgive him. I mean he got his "last chance" 2 years ago. I want to work things through and move past this but I just dont know how. Thoughts?
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2023.03.27 13:46 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Arrow Pet Clinic Veterinarian Coloma
Superior Smiles Registered Dental Hygienist Hancock
Superior Smiles Dentist Hancock
Manistee Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Veterinarian Manistee
The Laurels of Mt. Pleasant Dietary Aide Mount Pleasant
The Laurels of Mt. Pleasant Dietary Aide Saint Louis
Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Team Member Ann Arbor
Chattr For KFC 556d7bab 7946 421d 8faf 267c4b KFC Team Member Ann Arbor
Teijiin Production Operator - Grabill, IN - 21000042 Auburn Hills
Ati [Hot Die Forging Technician (third shift)] - [Irvine, CA] - [22 - 2519] Livonia
OPUS IVS Inc Customer Support Representative Dexter
Community Financial Credit Union Compensation Analyst Plymouth
Central Conveyor Company Estimator CCC Wixom
SKLD Wyoming Cook Wyoming
SKLD Wyoming Deli Cook Wyoming
Ace Hardware EJD Account Manager- MI Cascade
Helm Incorporated Staff Accountant/Tax Accountant Plymouth
Sigma Technologies, Ltd. Distribution Designer City Of Ann Arbor
Sigma Technologies, Ltd. Distribution Designer City Of Battle Creek
Sigma Technologies, Ltd. Distribution Designer City Of Flint
Woodward Movement Immediate Openings Marketing Account Manager Detroit Detroit
M&O Marketing Immediate Openings Annuity Marketing Consultant Detroit Detroit
Aquent Talent Immediate Openings Engineering Expeditor Detroit Detroit
Woodward Movement Immediate Openings Marketing Account Manager Detroit Warren
Re-Bath Remodeling Specialist Ada
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mi. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.27 13:41 AlanithSBR [A3][EU/World][Recruiting]Scarlet Pigs Regiment is looking to expand![Semi-casual Milsim][20+ man operations][60+ active members][New Player Friendly]

[A3][EU/World][Recruiting]Scarlet Pigs Regiment is looking to expand![Semi-casual Milsim][20+ man operations][60+ active members][New Player Friendly]
The Scarlet Pig Regiment is now recruiting! We're a tight-knit, semi-serious, primarily European based unit, though we have members on all continents, except antarctica! We accept ARMA 3 players of any experience, new or veteran, the only rule is not to be a dick! We're presently at over 50 members and steadily growing. We're eager to expand and get a few more, so why not give us a try?
Scarlet Pigs Regiment runs regular weekly operations, with our Primary Operation on Sunday at 3 pm CET. Operations typically last two to three hours but sometimes run longer. Additionally I also run frequent smaller persistent missions like Antistasi or Vindicta, typically Friday evening at 6 pm CET. Attendance at either is by no means mandatory, but greatly appreciated, we know that sometimes life gets in the way of a good time. We just ask that you let us know if you’re going to be out of it for longer than a month, and that otherwise you make an honest effort to attend at least one mission a month. Operations are generally light infantry/special forces or combined arms Zeus missions. We try to rotate roles if possible, so everyone gets to have fun. Our only requirement is that some specialist roles like medics and vehicle operators undergo a short certification course. The unit offers training for individuals who seek experience in specific areas. We don’t have a strict rank hierarchy, no “Yes, Sir” nonsense, but you must still be willing to follow the designated chain of command while on operations.
  • Must own a microphone for voice communications and coordination using TFAR and be willing to use it.
  • Must be able to speak enough English to communicate effectively
  • Must be able to behave in a fairly serious manner while 'on the job'
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She shrugged. “Sweet deal, isn’t it?” she asked with humor and yet a deadly serious tone.
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