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[Partially Lost] "The Light Fantastic", 1986 short film made for visitors of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, USA

2023.06.09 15:07 hononononoh [Partially Lost] "The Light Fantastic", 1986 short film made for visitors of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, USA

I visited the Corning Museum of Glass, part of the world renowned Corning, Inc. glass works in Corning, New York, USA many times as a child, between 1986 and 1996. The Hall of Science had an enormous screen filling an entire wall, with a high-fidelity audio system, that repeatedly played a 15min long informational film for tourists about the emerging science of fiber optics (engineered and manufactured by Corning, naturally). The title screen used the theme music from Star Trek: The Next Generation by Jerry Goldsmith. I used to wonder if Corning, Inc. paid for the royalties to this song, and still wonder if copyright issues related to this song have something to do with why this film has never been commercially released, à la MTV's The State. The film started with a scientist explaining the basics of light and optics in layman's terms. I distinctly remember him saying, "You need light to see me." It cuts to a shot of this same scientist outdoors using a hand operated signal lamp to send a Morse Code message to another operator far away.
The film continued with some (now retro-futuristic) vignettes showcasing the way that fiber optics were going to change the way we live. There was a boy in the USA video chatting with a girl in China, with a robotic voice auto-translating everything each one of them said. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asks, and she just giggles coyly. There's a woman voting from home using a touch TV screen, which sounds an alarm when her toddler puts his hand on the screen for identity verification.
The final climactic scene of the film is a fantastical, 80s sci-fi indulgence, reminiscent of Tron. The narrator scientist holds a glowing fiber optic cable in his hand, pointed right at the viewers. There is dramatic bass reverberation on the audio system as the shot zooms in on the cable, and the scientist says solemnly, "Come with me on a journey through a fiber optic cable," or something along those lines. As soon as the cross section of the cable fills the whole screen, the CGI animated "journey" begins. It's exhilarating, and feels much like a space age roller coaster or waterslide ride, with many unexpected twists and turns, graphics of bouncing light balls, neon light grids, and mathematical equations flying past. The audio is full of robotic sounding chirps, beeps, squelches, and rumbles. It was obviously designed to wow tourists, and I never got tired of watching it.
If I remember correctly, the film ends abruptly at the end of this "journey", the lights come up, and tourists are invited to continue through the museum to the next exhibit.
"The Light Fantastic" was directed by Bran Ferren's company Associates & Ferren. Bran Ferren is a special effects artist renowned in the video industry, but relatively unknown outside of it.
I tagged this post as [Partially Lost], because according to the Corning Museum of Glass Library's catalog, at least one copy of "The Light Fantastic" is available in hard copy there, but access to it appears to be limited to this copy. The film is no longer shown in the museum, and I can find no evidence of any availability beyond this library. It was never commercially distributed, and is not on YouTube, from what I can tell. Can anyone prove me wrong on this? What I wouldn't give to see this film again.
The next time I'm in the Southern Tier of New York State, I may just have to set aside a day to visit the Corning Museum of Glass Library in person, and give "The Light Fantastic" a watch for old time's sake. I may just attempt to say "Hail, Prometheus" and surreptitiously make a copy of it for upload it to YouTube, unless someone can convince me that this would be a very legally dangerous move.
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2023.06.09 14:25 SpatialOmenz 2 VIRTUAL and in-person job fairs in June

Fort Gregg-Adams Club
Building 9009, Battle Drive via Gregg Avenue
Virtual JOB SEEKERS: Registration
Partial listing of exhibitors includes - Transition Assistance Program-Fort Gregg-Adams, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Careers, City of Richmond Emergency Management, Cranemasters, Henrico County Fire Department, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Prince William-Manassas Regional ADC, Resource Management Concepts VIRTUAL, The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Virginia Army National Guard, Virginia Employment Commission (Tri-Cities), Walmart, Virginia Department of Transportation, PLUS more pending.
Continue to visit the website for NEW company updates.
If you do not have a CAC card, you must visit the Visitor Control Center Building (Dukes Building, 500 Gregg Ave., Bldg 5228, Zip 23801) to request a day pass.)

UMW-Dahlgren Campus
4224 University Drive (next to Wal-mart)
Located minutes from Dahlgren Naval Base, 10 min. Southern MD, 30 min. Fredericksburg, 1 hr. Richmond, 1+ hr. D.C.
Virtual JOB SEEKERS: Registration
Partial listing of exhibitors includes - Amentum …Baltimore City Police … BCI (Basic Commerce and Industries) VIRTUAL… / Intelligence Careers .. Chesterfield Fire Recruitment… Maryland Department of Labor Veterans Program … JobZone … Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) ... Kitty Hawk Technologies … Prince William-Manassas Regional ADC … Resource Management Concepts (RMC) … Re$ume Xpert VIRTUAL … SimVentions … Spalding Consulting …Tekla Research … The Institute for Applied Learning and Research … Virginia Army National Guard … PLUS more pending.
Continue to visit the website for NEW company updates.

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2023.06.09 14:17 JizosKasa AITA for getting upset during a game night with my girlfriend?

I (17M) have been looking forward to a game night with my girlfriend (17F) for a while. On the day, she arrived visibly tired, but I still initiated the games, starting with Mario Kart. She was getting frustrated, not doing as well as she wanted, and making comments that cast a negative atmosphere. To lighten the mood, we switched to Wii Sports Resort. Initially, she didn't seem too interested, but we had some fun with table tennis. However, when we moved to the sword and boxing games, she became upset again, saying she didn't understand them.
Her continued negativity started to wear me down, and after about an hour, I decided to end the games due to my rising frustration. I suggested that she could go home and rest if she wanted, which she interpreted as me wanting to kick her out. We then slept for a short while before her mom came to pick her up, but I admittedly didn't handle the situation perfectly and didn't say goodbye.
Later, she messaged me, accusing me of treating her poorly and being self-centered. She said she was upset at the game, not me. The next morning, she sent more messages, suggesting I was in the wrong and telling me she would wait for me to initiate contact to resolve the situation, implying a potential breakup if I didn't.
While I recognize I could have handled the situation better, I felt her constant negativity during the evening was draining. I felt she was manipulating me, accusing me of not caring about her feelings and threatening a breakup if I didn't reach out first. So, am I the asshole for getting upset?
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2023.06.09 13:55 WrongKielbasa Unsolicited ebike advice

I showed my landlord my ebike and he fell in love. I wrote him an email, which is essentially the post below, hoping to get him up to speed qucikly. Thought maybe my advice would help someone else:

My Ebike

In essence, it's like a modern reinterpretation of a classic 1990s mountain bike with a more rider-friendly geometry. You can take it on some single-track bike trails, but don't expect it to hold up when things get super bumpy. It's not built for that downhill rush.
1000’s of options to choose from. You could go for an inexpensive front-wheel conversion, just switch out the front tire, or you could opt for a rear-wheel conversion. Then there's what you've already tried: a mid-drive. Each comes with its own pros and cons, but mid-drive is your best bet. It harnesses the bike's front chain ring, turning your 2x10 mountain bike into a 1x10.
There are loads of impressive ready-made ebikes. For around $2000, you can get your hands on a slick, well-integrated solution that can hit speeds between 20-28mph and may include a throttle. However, it might only have a 500w limit and if the manufacturer stops producing parts, well, you're in a bit of a pickle.
Making your own ebike is similar to the old school hotrod culture. You grab a powerful motor, fit it into a suitable body, and watch it zip faster than it was ever meant to. I've invested a lot of time fine-tuning my bike to suit my preferences. Though I sometimes wish I'd started with a more aggressive mountain bike rather than trying to upgrade to that standard.
My bike's journey to what it is now cost around $1200 for the bike, plus $800 for the motor and battery, and an additional $300 for labor. I'm pretty certain you could do this yourself, and of course, I'll lend you my special torque tools whenever you need. There's a huge online community backing this hobby.
You could get the guy to build you one too. Mailing bike costs like $50 (take it apart) each way. But I’d be shocked if Colorado didn’t have someone who could build one too. I’m not super handy and I was able to figure it out.
Nearly any bike can be converted. For instance, fat tire bikes can handle sand, mud, and snow! They're a bit heavy and need extra power, but they're great for off-roading. Or you could get an old 1970s road bike and push it to 50mph, hypothetically speaking. If you're in the market for a bike right now, I'd recommend a 5-10-year-old hardtail mountain bike that could cost you around $500. Look for disc brakes, a decent gear set, and ideally about 100mm or more of suspension. Also, ensure the bottom bracket (the part where the crank is) fits the motor. Most bikes should be okay, but I'd steer clear of 40-year-old Italian models.
If budget isn't a constraint, a full suspension bike could be the way to go. The crucial factor is the amount of space within the frame – you don't want the frame to crush the battery. Earlier 2000s full suspension bikes, with their expansive triangular frames and smaller travel, are a good choice.
Keep in mind that the 90lbs of torque from the motor can strain your bike pretty quickly. It's wise to start with quality parts, ensure easy part availability, and aim for a relatively new model for smoother rides. I would advise against low-end models from Mongoose, Schwinn, or Walmart as the motor can quickly wear out cheap components, and finding suitable replacement parts for these frames might prove tricky.
Now, think about your ride:
That said, building your own ebike results in a more powerful, tailored product. I couldn't be happier with my build, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's all about making those tiny adjustments to perfect it. If you're into that, here's what I recommend: get the Bafang BBS02 like mine or perhaps the slightly more robust BBHD. It's roughly 30% more powerful and 50% pricier, but you'll need a more substantial battery to keep up. Be aware, the powerful version is slightly bigger, heavier, and could have fitment issues on certain bikes. There are other motors available, but in terms of value, Bafang takes the cake.
Investing in a good battery is crucial. A quality battery avoids voltage sag, ensuring steady power draw – mine is slightly undersized, and under heavy loads, the battery dips 10-20% then rebounds. This isn't ideal. I cannot overstate the joy of a suspension seat post. It's no full suspension substitute, but it negates about 80% of bumps.
If I had to pick a car that's similar to this ebike, I'd say it's maybe a Porsche Cayenne non-turbo. The bike started as maybe a Subaru Forester, but by changing out the fork, swapping for the suspension seat post, tubeless tires, and the Bafang USB cable tune, the whole ride greatly improved and felt much more refined. It's fairly quick and can hold a decent amount of accessories since it's more of a commuter touring bike with slightly more aggressive tires now. It's also mediocre off road, and being a Trek, it doesn't completely suck as a bike to start off with.

Would I choose the same bike if I did it all over again?
I keep asking myself that all the time. On one hand my bike is perfect for where I ride (gravel roads or state parks) while on the other I'd always want to ride a little more aggressive trails, but I know I shouldn't. I suppose I'd prefer a proper mountain bike with over 100mm of travel with bigger beefier tires - but again where would I really use this. My bike is objectively perfect for my needs. On some occasions I've noticed my shock bottoms out.... but that's because I was going too fast anyway and needed to slow down anyway. I'm fully aware that I don't need to go any faster or on any rougher terrain.

I've rambled on long enough. There are so many exciting options out there. The lowest you might find pre built is around $1000, but for a faster more fun model, you'd be looking in the $2000-$3000 range I'd guess. $4000+ is where you start being able to climb mountains and 6000+ is where you can basically jump off cliffs and the bike won't disintegrate from under you lol.
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2023.06.09 13:28 KittenDealinMama AITA for telling my wife I’m tired of raising a kid that is not mine?

Originally posted by u/kitchen_earth7954 in AmItheAsshole on May 18, '23 updated on June 2, '23.
Trigger Warning: Hints of possible domestic violence, hints of possible financial abuse, possible divorce
Mood Spoiler: Progress in the end
May 18, '23
AITA for telling my wife I’m tired of raising a kid that is not mine
I (31m) am married to my wife Amber (30f) we have a daughter Emma(7f) the problem is my wife’s best friend Jennifer (30f) has a daughter as well Harper (7f) well Harpers dad is a lazy sack of crap and refuses to do anything with his daughter. He is the type of guy that brags about how he never changed a diaper.
Jennifer and Harper are usually at Amber and my house on the weekends because Harper’s dad is drinking and watching sports all weekend. On Saturdays I normally sped all day with my daughter because I don’t see her as much as i want to during the week. However with Harper being there every Saturday anything I do with Emma I have to do with Harper. Take Emma to the zoo it’s Emma, Harper and I. Taught them both how to ride bikes, takes them both to dance class, take them both to the kids salon, and so on.
Mother’s Day was the last draw, I took them both to dance class Saturday morning ( Amber and I also pay for both dance classes because dead beet won’t) on the way home Emma asked if we could stop to get something for mom for Mother’s Day, I said sure but then it ended up I had to buy something for Harper to her her mom as well. On the way home I just kept thinking why am I buying someone else’s wife a Mother’s Day gift, that’s his job.
A few days later (because I did not want to ruin Mother’s Day) I told my wife that I am tired of raising Harper, her real father needs to step up. I tired of it taking away time I get to spend with Emma. She said that Jennifer is her best friend and we need to be there for Harper.
Now she is not speaking to me and sleeping in the guest bedroom. So AITA?
Just wanted to add some updates to questions I see.
Emma and Harper are best friends.
It was my idea to spend Saturday with Emma, I work more during the week so I wanted to spend Saturday with Emma and to give my wife a bit of a break.
We pay for things be Jennifer’s husband thinks it’s a waste on money to pay for dance class and Jennifer can’t afford to pay by herself.
Jennifer and Harper do things with Amber and Emma 1 or 2 times a week together during the weeknights.
In the comments:
where’s Harper’s mom in all this?
OP: Just hanging out at our place, Harper started to come along because I thought it would be mean to take her friend and not her. At the start it was not all the time like it is now
So your wife probably enjoys hanging out childfree with her friend every weekend. If your wife doesn’t agree to friend free days maybe the moms should start needing to attend the outings too? I don’t understand why Harpers mom isn’t at least driving kids to dance since you pay it etc?
OP: Our house is on the way to Dance, so she comes here first. I also like going to Dance, it’s kind of fun being the only dad there, and after class we have our routine of going to the local bakery and getting a croissant and smoothie for breakfast.
are the gift and things you spend on her getting paid back to you?
OP: The short answer is no, the longer version is Amber and I make a decent amount more money than Jennifer and her husband and her husband dose not like to waste his money on the kid. Jennifer can not afford to pay us back, So any money I spend on her kid I know we are not getting back.
7 years in, you've set the expectation and Harper is NOT going to understand your withdrawing. So hmm.... for taking 7 years to decide this was an issue.
OP: I see what your saying, but it’s gradually gotten to this point over 7 years. Part of it is she is here more now than when she was younger, part of it is as Emma has gotten older we do more involved things, when they were three we just went to the playground down the street now it’s trips to the science center.
you should definitely have a talk with this sorry excuse of a father, if anything just to tell him what you think of him
OP: I would but he is not the civil discourse type of guy, but more of the Alpha male beat you up type of person
Why do you pay for her dance classes? Why can’t either of Harper’s parents do it?
OP: I pay for the classes because Emma wanted Harper in class with her. Harpers father is they type of who is my money is my money and Jennifer’s money is their money and he does not want to waste money on classes.
Judgement: Not the Asshole
June 2, '23
So quite a few people has asked for an update on this situation, sorry it’s taken so long but it’s been a hectic few weeks.
As for the updates the Amber and I are fine. Her reaction was based on poor word choices by me, poor communication by both of us, and some things I was unaware of at the time.
The short version is:
Things at home were much worse than I was aware of for Jennifer, and my wife had only recently found out how bad things were.
Mother’s Day was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Jennifer as well, she was raised in a you must stay together for the kids family, when Harper came to me for a gift she realized that her daughter did not see her sperm donor as a father so it was time to get out.
Jennifer came to my wife to ask for help leaving because she had no family in the area and Jennifer does not have the financial resources to leave on her own.
So the night my wife was going to ask me if we could help her is when I told her I was tired of raising someone else’s kid. That’s what caused her reaction.
The Saturday after out initial argument Jennifer did not come over and Emma went to her grandparents, so the wife and I had a long discussion about what was going on, that’s when I found out all the stuff going on with Jennifer.
The wife and I decided the Jennifer and Harper can stay with us for the time being. My problem was never with those 2 it was that I had to take over for the deadbeat ( or dead beet if you prefer).
When we told Emma about this she was super happy her friend was staying with her. We had a conversation with her that if she wants to have time with either parent with out Harper just let us know, and we do not want her to feel left out of anything.
Last weekend with the help of a Uhaul and some friends of mine we got all of Jennifer’s and Harper’s stuff and moved it into our house. The good thing is we have a 4 bedroom house so everyone gets a bedroom, the bad news is my wife’s office got moved to the basement.
Wish me luck we shall see how this goes.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.06.09 11:28 Ok_Battle_4082 Requested Easy Wallride Money Method

Requested Easy Wallride Money Method
In another thread I got asked about this build I use to make 825,000 every 30 minutes with an extremely easy racing experience so here it is :)
The setup: World Touring Race 600 on Tokyo Expressway. Build is pictured, copy it exactly and you should end up at 599.77pp.
The strategy: Begin on fuel map 1 and full throttle into the first turn, keeping left and making sure to not hit any other cars on entry. Wallride into the second turn as well and you should glide into P1. Next, switch into fuel map 5 and you’re golden. You will never lose position or have to pit for the entirety of the race. You can wallride almost the entire track. As long as you don’t go off course (be very careful on the final corner) or make contact with any other cars you will get the clean race bonus.
Normally I’m able to complete the race in about 26 minutes and make 825,000 while watching Better Call Saul for most of it. Let me know if there’s anything I need to give more clarity to.
The original creator of this build is Skill Busters on YouTube.
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2023.06.09 11:19 Mobile-Lunch6853 wooden sleeping pods

is there a way to reserve the sleeping pods in the john wooden center? Has anyone ever slept in one? - one tired ass bruin
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2023.06.09 10:48 NaturalFit8049 33 [M4F] #USA - Looking for Normal Girl who Just Wants to Have a Family

Hey Ladies, I'm just checking this out real quick, I'm really not an online guy, I have plenty of friends, but I really would like a large family and getting tired or trying to match the perfect puzzle peice together, so just thought Id try this and see what I can find.
I'm 5'10, blond, athletic, attractive, I love sports, outdoors, work in finance but love the idea of homesteading somewhere, I'm very Entrepreneurial, work remote, love to travel, love books, games, movies, working with my hands.
I really just need a normal girl, no emotional abuse, that is aware of herself, someone I can just be myself with and enjoy spending time with, talking, laughing, jokeing, working together, please I'm so tired of the stuck up and self centered, I know there's some decent normal girls out there, please find me. (I'm on age gap, because I really want a large family and I am youthful in appearance, so it's hard for me being with girls that don't age well and look 10 years my senior, I'm not saying this to boast or try to put anyone down, I just would like to have a good match, so either someone with youthful looks and healthy Fertility, or a younger women so we have the opportunity to have a large family).
I'm fit, healthy and attractive (not super model status, but decent enough) and looking for the same, would really appreciate at least a physical description if you message me, we can proceed to pictures later on.
Look forward to chatting with you :)
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2023.06.09 10:08 audio-city-usa Method Wheels: Unleash Your Off-Road Beast with Superior Performance and Style

When it comes to off-roading, having the right wheels is crucial. Method Wheels is a brand that has gained a reputation for delivering superior performance and style in the off-road world. Designed with precision and engineered for the most challenging terrains, Method Wheels offer a winning combination of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Method Wheels and explore how they can transform your off-road adventures. From their innovative construction techniques to the range of designs available, we'll showcase why Method Wheels should be your go-to choice for enhancing both the performance and appearance of your off-road vehicle.
History and Legacy of Method Wheels
Method Wheels has a rich history rooted in off-road racing. Method Wheels was established in 2010 in Temecula, California. The brand was founded by enthusiasts Kevin and Bud Fitzgerald, and Colby Groom, the off-road business veterans who shared a passion for conquering the toughest terrains. From the outset, Method Wheels set out to redefine industry standards by combining innovation, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to performance. The founders were not content with merely producing ordinary wheels; they sought to push the boundaries and raise the bar in terms of durability, strength, and style. With their background in off-road racing, the founders had first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by off-road enthusiasts. This insider perspective allowed them to understand the specific requirements of off-road vehicles and design wheels tailored to meet those needs. With a focus on superior performance and innovative design, Method Wheels quickly gained recognition among off-road enthusiasts and professional racers alike. From humble beginnings, the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of wheel technology has propelled them to become a leading name in the industry. They support rookie and top-level racers alike. The list includes Jason Voss, Phil Blurton, Toyota Gazoo Racing, Austin and Jesse Jones, Cameron Steele, McMillin Family, Crody Bradbury, Toby Price, and Factory Subaru Motorsports to name a few. The trio to date gets their vintage 1974 FORD 100 to compete annually in NORRA Mexican 1000.
Superior Construction Techniques
One of the key factors that set Method Wheels apart is their exceptional construction techniques. Method Wheels are built to withstand the rigors of off-road driving, providing durability and strength when it matters most. The wheels are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials such as cast aluminum or forged aluminum alloy, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy design. Both materials offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for off-road applications. The premium-grade materials, ensure a strong and reliable foundation.
The process of manufacturing Method Wheels involves advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Whether it's the cast wheels or the forged variants, Method Wheels undergo a series of quality control measures to ensure they meet the brand's high standards. These measures include impact testing, load rating verification, and rigorous real-world testing in demanding off-road conditions. Method Wheels are designed with precise fitment in mind, ensuring proper alignment with the vehicle's suspension components. Proper fitment maximizes suspension travel, prevents interference with brake calipers, and maintains optimal steering geometry. Method Wheels employ design techniques to reduce unsprung weight, which refers to the weight of components not supported by the vehicle's suspension. By reducing unsprung weight, Method Wheels improve overall vehicle performance, including acceleration, braking, and handling.
Method Wheels are put to the test in real-world off-road environments, allowing the brand to validate its performance under extreme conditions. This testing phase ensures that the wheels can withstand the demands of off-road adventures, including intense vibrations, rugged terrains, and varying temperatures.
Method Wheels feature a variety of spoke designs, carefully engineered to balance strength, weight reduction, and aesthetics. These designs enhance the overall look of the wheels and contribute to their structural integrity.
Design and Aesthetics
Method Wheels not only deliver exceptional performance but also elevate the style of your off-road vehicle. The brand offers a diverse range of designs to cater to different preferences and vehicle types. From sleek and minimalist designs to aggressive and rugged looks, Method Wheels has options to suit every off-roader's taste.
Method Wheels pay meticulous attention to detail in their designs and extends beyond functionality. From the precise angles and contours of the spokes to the intricate machining and milling, each wheel showcases the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. These fine details enhance the overall look of the wheels, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to any off-road vehicle. Whether it's a symmetrical split-spoke design or a more intricate mesh pattern, Method Wheels offer a captivating look that grabs attention both on and off the trail.
Method Wheels offer a variety of finish options to suit different tastes and complement various vehicle styles. Whether you prefer a classic matte black finish or a head-turning machined and polished look, each finish is carefully applied to the wheels, providing a durable and visually appealing coating that enhances the overall aesthetics. In addition to the standard finishes, Method Wheels also incorporate color accents into certain designs. These color accents provide an opportunity for off-road enthusiasts to personalize their wheels and make a unique statement with their vehicle's appearance.
Method Wheels proudly display its branding and logos on its wheels. The Method logo, often featured prominently on the center cap or the spoke of the wheel, adds a touch of authenticity and brand recognition. These logos are intricately designed, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the wheels.
Whether it's a sleek and modern design or a rugged and aggressive look, Method Wheels offer a perfect combination of style and functionality, ensuring that your off-road beast stands out from the crowd.
Uncompromising Performance
Method Wheels are engineered to deliver exceptional off-road performance. The design considerations go beyond aesthetics, with features aimed at enhancing the vehicle's capabilities on challenging terrains. The brand utilizes high-quality materials that provide the necessary durability to handle the demanding terrains, impacts, and vibrations off-road driving entails. The precise engineering of Method Wheels ensures proper fitment, allowing for optimal suspension travel and clearance. It also prevents interference with brake calipers and other vital parts, ensuring smooth and uninhibited off-road performance.
The wheels are designed to be lightweight, reducing unsprung weight and improving overall vehicle performance. This lighter weight, combined with the strength and durability of the materials used, translates into enhanced acceleration, braking, and maneuverability off-road.
Furthermore, Method Wheels offer various beadlock options for those seeking the utmost security during extreme off-road adventures. Beadlock wheels allow you to run lower tire pressures without the risk of the tire detaching from the wheel. This provides increased traction, better grip, and improved performance in challenging conditions.
Method Wheels undergo rigorous testing protocols to meet stringent quality and performance standards. By subjecting its wheels to off-road and on-road tests, Method Wheels ensure that its products deliver reliable performance and durability in the most demanding situations.
Method Wheels over the years, have gained popularity and earned the trust of off-road enthusiasts and professional racers alike. The brand's wheels have been extensively used in off-road racing competitions, including prestigious events such as the Baja 1000. The fact that Method Wheels have withstood the rigors of competitive racing further attests to their exceptional performance and durability.
Whether you're tackling rough terrains, conquering challenging obstacles, or pushing the limits of your vehicle's capabilities, Method Wheels provide the reliability and performance necessary to elevate your off-road adventures.
Finding the Perfect Method Wheels for Your Vehicle
Method Wheels offers a comprehensive range of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of off-road vehicles. Whether you drive a Jeep, truck, or SUV, there is a Method Wheel that will suit your vehicle's specifications.
To find the perfect Method Wheels for your vehicle, it's important to consider factors such as the desired wheel size, offset, and bolt pattern, as well as any specific requirements for tire size and suspension setup. It's recommended to consult the Method Wheels website or reach out to AudiocityUSA – the most reliable and knowledgeable retailer and distributor of authentically branded wheels that ensure proper fitment for your specific vehicle.
Maintenance and Care
To prolong the life and performance of your Method Wheels, regular maintenance, and care are essential. After intense off-road adventures, it's crucial to clean your wheels thoroughly to remove any dirt, mud, or debris that may have accumulated. Using a mild soap and water solution, gently scrub the wheels with a soft brush, paying close attention to the nooks and crannies. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the wheel's finish. While cleaning your wheels, take the opportunity to clean and inspect your tires as well. Inspect the tires for signs of damage, such as cuts, bulges, or uneven wear, and address any issues promptly. Additionally, maintain proper tire pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations for optimal performance and safety.
Inspecting the wheels regularly is also important. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or bends, and address them promptly. Additionally, ensure that the lug nuts are tightened to the recommended torque specifications to maintain proper wheel attachment.
To protect your Method Wheels against corrosion, apply a layer of wheel sealant or wax after cleaning. This protective barrier helps prevent oxidation and the formation of rust on the wheel's surface. If you live in an area with harsh winter conditions, take extra precautions to protect your Method Wheels. Consider using a winter-specific wheel and tire package to prevent damage from road salt and winter debris. Additionally, regularly wash your wheels during winter to remove accumulated salt and grime.
Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Method Wheels have garnered a loyal following among off-road enthusiasts worldwide. Taking into account customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the performance and satisfaction levels of Method Wheels users. Browse through online forums, off-road communities, and retailer websites to gain first-hand accounts of experiences with Method Wheels. These reviews can help you make an informed decision and validate the brand's reputation for superior performance and style.
Wrapping Up
Method Wheels have earned its place as a trusted and respected brand in the off-road community. With their unwavering commitment to delivering superior performance, exceptional construction, and eye-catching designs, Method Wheels offer off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to unleash their vehicles' true potential. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or seeking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your off-road beast, Method Wheels provide the ideal combination of strength, durability, and style. Upgrade your off-road experience with Method Wheels and take your adventures to new heights.
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2023.06.09 09:39 Eat-chugjug-repeat Nice guy looking for REAL love

Hello fellow ucsd-ians 😋 My name is Jerrick and I’m looking for a beautiful gal who will love me and NOT betray me. I’m a veteran Redditorè, senior Discord moderator, and all around good guy (Jinx main in LOL💣). I’m making this post as a last effort to meet a real woman who can handle my alpha/sigma style. I am the nicest guy you will ever meet in your life, definitely nicer than your last man (beta) and will show you the world from my 2009 Nissan versa 🏎️
What I’m looking for: -Big booty/big boobies (non-negotiable) -Has a sense of humor (if you watch Joe Rogan or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you should be fine) -works a full time job (I’m a full time discord mod so I don’t have time for pointless jobs)
I’m just so tired of girls being selfish and self centered so please don’t waste my time. Just last week I helped my co-worker move and I specifically left the mattress for last (so she could pay for my services in other ways since I knew she was broke) and she was so confused and angry when she came back and I was naked (with my fedora still on obvi). I told her I was saving her money and she should be thanking me! After that I can’t afford another restraining order so please someone lock me down before it’s too late 😇
Let me know if you have any questions, I expect my replies to fill quickly so I’m sorry if I can’t respond
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2023.06.09 09:32 Middle_Elderberry342 Worthlessness

(REQUESTING ADVICE) I've posted before about suffering things but this time I feel like a lowlife despite my achievements. My freind ( who is a cart pusher at walmart) just came over to celebrate an offer to being the manager of his position. I'm happy for him making 13,000 a week but I know he's not poor like me, I know he doesn't try like me. I even helped motivate him to stop selling drugs to get that job and even helped him with the application. But when I applied (with over 6 year experience opposed to his zero experience) I was denied. Seeing how rich I could've been depresses me, I don't want to flip burgers for minimum wage, I know I am worth more than that. I Hate that no matter how much I try I can never reach the goals that I help my fteinds reach, even though I follow the same steps. Idk what to do, im soo broke and I'm tired of relying on others for bills and food. I'm honestly at the point where I feel like I'm just not meant for this world, no jobs will take me, I tell myself I'm too good for shitty jobs, and the jobs I want to do aren't relevant or profitable these days. Please if somone knows of work or jobs or a product I can sell, anything to make a profitable living please let me know. My desperation is deep.
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2023.06.09 09:02 vmservicepoint VM Service Point

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VM Service Point 24, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119
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2023.06.09 08:18 Ok_Development5836 Dealing w a narc for the first time while being a female in college (help)

Im not usually one to post about these things but maybe this will help…
I’m a 21 Female who is a college student with 3 roommates, let’s call them abby, Bella, and Charlie (all the same age and gender as well). We are all best friends, like truly, they are some of the sweetest, most bestest friends I could ever ask for. I can be my most complete self around them, they are always so loyal and there for me, and I see them almost as sisters. I got really lucky with this group. Living with these group of girls isn’t the problem, it’s who Bella is dating that’s the problem.
I met Bella in a dorm residency last year. We met our entire friendgroup of boys and girls at the same time. Charlie, started dating a boy around the time we all met, and we all love him. He’s very kind to her, and although they have their ups and downs, I can see he’s a genuine guy who cares about her. We met Abby just this year, and she’s dating a guy rn who I wouldn’t say is good or bad, he’s a fairly average individual. And then there’s Bella, who is dating James. And this is where the issues start.
James is, in my personal opinion, the most obvious narcissist that ever existed. From the moment I met him, I could tell something was off about him. Our entire friendgroup never liked him, although when we were around him we pretended we did. From the beginning he was very self centered, acted bubbly and fun but would always make everything about himself, all of the time. He could never handle anyone having any sort of success, he always either made it about himself, had to prove why he was better, or made passive aggressive comments, to both the boys and the girls. He is constantly a devils advocate about EVERYTHING, even shit that is 100 percent true, like Hitler being an evil person (something he has in fact argued about when it was brought up). He makes people feel insecure about things, and then reminds them of it constantly. He plays mind games to make you think you’re crazy, or that the knowledge you have about things is false because he knows better. And yet, he’s also deeply insecure, something he would never admit but it’s obvious. He’s insecure about his weight most of all, which is something none of us bring up but we know it’s true. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Anyways, he met Bella, and instantly became attached to her. It was almost like he claimed her when he met her. Bella did not like him at all, but the way he pursued her was something I’ve never seen before. It was almost like he knew she would be his. Eventually he pursued so hard that despite all of the bad shit he’s done, he won her over, and that was that. She’s been dating him for over a year. This is also Bella’s first relationship, and she is the sweetest, kindest soul on the planet.
Hang in there, I’m almost done. I know that because Bella is so forgiving and kind, she is the perfect victim for him. She has her insecurities as well, even though she shouldn’t, and some would say she’s a “people pleaser”. And I feel sad that she’s in this relationship with James, and that there’s nothing I can do to help her until she realizes on her own. The problem is, James takes out his insecurities on all of us, all 3 roommates. He’s called me fat before, he’s made comments about our roommate who is a nurse (told her she deserved to be slapped at work) he has said some awful shit to all 3 of us that I won’t even get into, and his presence is so bad we all hide in our rooms when he comes over. He purposefully tries to dominate us in a weird way when he comes over, like he knows we don’t enjoy his presence and loves it. I’ve told Bella how I feel about him, I’ve gone off on him before, but I’m not sure how much more I can take. I understand being with someone even if they’re not 100 percent a good person, but I don’t understand how she can overlook his behavior to her best friends. He emotionally abuses us, and we’re all so tired of being around him. I get all of the physical symptoms of anxiety around him, I almost can’t stomach it. I have to smoke weed every time he comes over, or leave the apartment.
Any advice? How can I handle my best friends boyfriend who is a narc but takes it out on us as well? How can I not let this affect my relationship with Bella? Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 07:52 videoandtheradiostar IM SO TIRED OF BEING 2ND

I've been dealing with this all my fucking life. Have you ever tried being the 2nd trans kid in a family of 4 kids? What about being an artist in a family full of them All my life I've been a afterthought. I was an accident, my parents even owned up and told me I was. I was never wanted in the 1st place. Sure maybe other people have it worse but I'm just so tired of being player 2.
All of my friends have people that they would much rather hang out with than me. It doesn't matter what I do for them. I'll try and be there for emotional support, I give them gifts, Whenever I'm uncomfortable I shut up because I want them to be happy. Maybe I'm a people pleaser and maybe I don't want people to get mad at me. Because the people that I have don't even like me anyway. My brother would much rather hang out with his friends, And my dad can't be bothered to not be late for my 8th grade graduate. Not because there was traffic or because he wasn't feeling good. NO, It was because he was having an argument with his girlfriend that he needed to solve. All I got was a sorry. You know maybe it would have been better if he I don't know bought us dinner afterwards. Sure it's a small gesture in the grand scheme of things but it's still is something. The only time that I ever feel like I am truly the center of attention is on the stage. That's the only place I feel like people actually give a damn about me. I mean you're someone's best friend for 4 years, You do anything for them, you're there for them You spend the little money you have on them. You know what they do? They up and leave you.
Imagine whenever you're talking to your friends the only thing you hear is: "I wish _____was here." Or: "oh you're just to boring." I mean even my boyfriend would much rather hang out with his other friends than me. I ask him if he wants to hang out, no hes busy. I tried to talk to my mom about this stuff and she just says "oh I'm sorry you feel that way"
Like what BS Is that and she says it in the most condescending way like she doesn't believe anything I am saying. Another thing no one believed. Whatever I try to tell anybody about this stuff I'm just preaching to the chorus. No one fucking cares. Nobody cares about me. No one ever asks how I'm doing, the only time they ever care about me is when I'm acting. I just feel like I'm something that people get bored of and then move on to the next thing. Like people get tired of me. The only thing that loved me is dead.
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2023.06.09 07:44 teomew20 Anyone dealt with driveline vibrations?

Anyone dealt with driveline vibrations?
Bought this 2010 335d a few months ago for a pretty fair deal. Runs and drives perfectly besides a slight humming, vibration at higher speeds. Starts getting noticeable at about 60-70 and quiets down around 75. Under load at higher speeds is where it is really noticeable. Going 75 on the interstate and going up an incline you can feel some pretty decent vibration and humming. Quiets down once it gets back to level ground. I think the PO was dealing with this too as he replace the Guibo and center support bearing but the issue still persisted. Not wheel/tire related, I’ve tried two sets and recently got brand new pilot sports. Any advice appreciated!
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2023.06.09 07:21 Thisismyusername1977 Nika you don’t have to wait …

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2023.06.09 06:58 up-dawg Walmart please, just make it make sense

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2023.06.09 06:09 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 63 (Efrain)

[←Chapter 62] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 64→]
The students were quickly dismissed by the Mentor after Efrain declared a winner, who was desperate to do damage control.
“Okay, okay,” he said, brushing down his coat and coughing, “I see that we have failed to meet your standards. On behalf of the entire academy, I apologize immensely.”
Efrain, now that his temper had cooled, and upon realizing that he actually found the situation quite funny, put his hand on the man’s shoulder.
“No, no,” he laughed, “it was all merely an overreaction. Nicolo loved practical jokes. But, for all that, I doubt he would’ve continued teaching at this academy for years if he had no investment beyond it pranking me.”
And just like that, the man’s hope was restored.
“Yes, yes of course,” he said, “although I suggest you not tell what the inscription says to the other faculty. Some have spent… years on it.”
“No wonder, it’s a personal language we made up when we were youths. It’s a ramshackle, cobbled together thing, nigh-impossible to figure out, unless one was inflicted by the insight of drunken insanity.”
The man laughed, Efrain laughed, and he looked around at the academy’s towers and bridges.
“Well, he did fine for himself, clearly,” Efrain said, “even married an Eisen. Its good to know he spared some thought for me, even if it was to pull one over in death. Now I can’t even get revenge now. Clever bastard.”
“Yes, quite,” said the man, coughing, “now, I would be happy to show you to your office. It’s one of our finest.”
The whole situation wasn’t merely funny, he decided, it was hilarious. Unfortunately for Nicolo, Efrain still remembered some of his more embarrassing exploits. He wondered if the man had a biography that was taught - perhaps it needed some correction by a primary source.
“Well, lead on,” he said to the Mentor.
They proceeded from one of the lower bridges to the largest of the four connected towers. The panelled walls were both old and expensive, indicating that the school was indeed more than a joke Students of multiple ages and stripes went this way and that, some carrying books, others merely chatting among friends. Several more hallways and a staircase or two later, the mentor stood before a tall door.
“And here it is,” he said, puffing out his chest with pride, “one of our best.”
“That’s the second time,” Efrain noted, and the man self-consciously pushed open the door, revealing a narrow room.
It was comfortable, with a large desk taking up most of the space, a small bed and stove tucked into the corner. The wall behind the desk was mostly of modest bookshelves, stocked with tomes, some familiar, others not so much. A single, large window, open shutters flung outward, looked out toward the center of the city. The mentor looked around, and then at Efrain, clearly anxious to please.
“Wonderful,” Efrain said, “I hope I’m not depriving anyone of their space for my short stay.”
“No, no, not at all,” the mentor said, “in fact, your timing was fortuitous. One of the professors has elected to retire.”
“Ah,” Efrain said, sitting in the large chair behind the desk.
“You must be exhausted,” said the Mentor, hovering by the door, “I suppose I’ll just come and check on you in the morning. Supposedly your group is to attend the Festival as honoured guests.”
“News to me,” Efrain said, leaning back as he looked out the open window.
“Would you like a change of clothes, a meal, water to bathe in?” said the man.
“No, thank you,” Efrain said, “in fact, I wouldn’t mind a brief tour, actually.”
The man’s face lit up in response to the casual suggestion - clearly he took pride in the institution.
“Yes, yes, why of course, I would be happy to,” he said, “when would you like to begin?”
“Now,” Efrain said, getting up from his chair and moving past the man.
“Actually, now that I think of it, the last of the evening classes should be just starting,” said the Mentor, “would you like to sit in on one. It uses your books.”
A couple minutes, and Efrain was sitting in the back of a small room, dozens of fresh-faced students looking back between him and a professor at a lectern.
“So, as we discussed in the last class,” said the old man with a beard hanging over his considerable stomach, “actually, who would dare to tell me what is the ultimate goal of magic.”
Efrain was busy rifling through the provided textbook on the matter, his apprehension growing with every page that he passed. He’d forgotten just how bad some of his earliest work had been, and now was reliving his mistakes with vivid horror. Several hands rose, and a young girl who couldn’t be more than twelve was selected.
“Magic is a purest expression of the human,” she said, clearly reciting what she’d learned by heart, “it is an attempt to get away from the base naturalness of ourselves and transcend into something greater.”
Efrain stifled a groan as he heard his early and more poetic pondering on magics parroted back at him.
The class continued on until Efrain couldn’t stand it any longer. The professor was in the middle of explaining how magic could be derived from the environment, which was correct, but that was inferior in all cases to simply deriving it from oneself, which wasn’t. Efrain snapped the booklet shut as loud as he could, drawing the gaze of everyone in the class.
“Alright,” he said, getting up, “we need to stop. Stop. All of this is a mistake.”
The professor, quite confused, looked towards the mentor for any sign that he should intervene. The mentor merely shook his head as Efrain stalked towards the lectern.
“My good man, take a seat for a little while,” Efrain said, “there are some errors of mine I have to correct.”
He gripped the edges of the lectern, trying to decide how best to approach this, and begun by clearing his throat.
“Is knowledge truth?” he said, prompting a rash of confused stares.
He departed from the lectern, and walked in front of the students.
“Again, is knowledge truth? Is knowledge automatically, by definition, true?”
“Well, yes,” said a young man slowly.
“Ah,” Efrain said, rounding on him, “so, if I were to stumble on half a conversation a noblewoman has about some innocent meeting she had with a young man, mistook it for an affair, and reported it to her husband, would I be lying?”
“Well, yes, kind of?” said the boy, his brows furrowing. Several of the other students blushed at the impropriety of the statement.
“But that was using the knowledge I possessed, and if knowledge is truth, then where is the lie?” Efrain said, sitting on the edge of the table, “all I did was relay my knowledge, hence, relay the truth to my friend, her husband.”
“I- I-,” said the boy, “then you were misinformed.”
“Precisely,” Efrain said, taking the book from before him and walking back to the front of the class to raise it before the children.
“The truth cannot lie, by definition, but knowledge can, implying that it is a distinct entity from the truth,” Efrain said, as he rounded the lectern.
“Perhaps it is not a matter of relaying the truth,” called the mentor from the back, “but inferring the truth only from half-knowledge.”
Efrain pointed the booklet towards him.
“And that is why he is a mentor and you are still students,” Efrain said, “but what is the point I hear you asking?”
A few genuinely seemed to think he could hear their thoughts and shrank back from this strange, belligerent man.
“The point is this - the books you’re reading are nonsense. Inferences made from a tiny amount of knowledge, by an overconfident idiot.”
The professor started forward at this sacrilege of the texts, but the mentor held him back.
“Now, if you’re intelligent, which I’m sure all of you are, you should be asking about now, ‘how could he possibly know? Who is he to come into our class and start making such claims?’ That’s good,” Efrain paused, and pointed to the cover.
“Would someone care to read me the title of this particular text?” he said.
One of the students, another boy, looked down and began to say in a high, weedly voice.
“Basic Principles of Magic: A Treatise,” he said, looking up to see if he’d somehow passed whatever test Efrain was given him.
“Keep going young man,” Efrain said, nodding him on.
“W-written by Nicolo Eisen, Efrain Belacore, and Avidius Armsted, compiled by Nicolo Eisen and Avidius Armsted.”
“Which is to say, ‘principally written by Efrain Belacore and Avidius Armsted, with footnotes of historical nature by Nicolo Eisen.’ He was always more interested in the history anyways,” Efrain said, slapping the book on the lectern.
The children all looked back and forth between each other, trying to see if any had an understanding better than themselves.
“To answer your question,” Efrain said, “the reason I both possibly know and get to come into your class and make such claims is that I am the middle name on your textbook.”
The explosion of curiosity and confusion was a delight to Efrain, who held up the book to the ceiling, pointing to it.
“To be clear, my name, young ones, is Efrain Belacore, and I’m here to tell you why half of my book is wrong, and the other half is incomplete.”
The class sat in dumbfounded silence, trying to gauge what the appropriate response to such information could possibly be.
“Let’s start with something simple, though, young lady,” Efrain pointed to the young girl who’d given the first definition to start the class.
“Y-Yes, professor?”
“Restate your definition, if you’d be so kind,” he said, which she did word for word.
“I wrote that line when I was under the impression that magic was apart from the natural world,” Efrain said, “in the sense that it could be used to transform it, to add value to it, much like some artists will say that their paintings cut through to the soul of the subject, removing the mortal veil on top of it or some hogwash like that.”
Efrain walked in front of the class.
“We are all part of the natural world, even if we strive to rise above it, whatever that means,” Efrain said, “you get cut, you bleed, you do that enough you die, your body returns to the earth, and so on and so forth. Magic is an extension of all those natural processes, not something apart from it. So, young men and women, do not spurn the world in the pursuit of magic.”
Efrain spied a beautifully made pin, stuck in the hair of a young woman.
“Excuse me, could I borrow that for a moment?” he said, gesturing to the pin.
“Uh, y-yes, sure,” she said, hastily pulling out the pin and letting her hair fall around her shoulders as she presented it to him.
“Thank you very much,” he said, as he held up the pin.
“Right, do not spurn it in the pursuit of magic, rather, embrace it. Seek inspiration in it,” Efrain said, focusing on the butterfly motif.
Again, unbidden, the memories of exploding light and claps of sound.
Copies of the exact butterfly carven on the head of the pin streamed out, following trails of light to explode into pinwheels of light. The children shrieked, at first in fear than in delight as the show continued, and Efrain handed the pin back to its owner. She looked at the pin in what seemed like awe, checking it over for any alteration.
“The pin is intact,” Efrain said, “like I said - inspiration. I had no need to change it.”
The mentor was by his side, clapping at the show.
“I say, marvellously, marvellously done,” he said, “a finer display of magic I’ve never seen. You truly are a master.”
“If that passes for a ‘fine display’, mentor, you are easy to please,” Efrain chuckled, “now, I suggest we leave the poor professor to his work.”
“Oh, I don’t think so,” the Mentor said, “after all, you’ve just ruined the integrity of the text he taught from! Students, you are dismissed from your studies for the day. Emilio, take a break for tonight, me and master Efrain have some discussions to have.”
It crossed Efrain’s mind that he might’ve just signed up for some extensive work in the near future. This however, was his academic integrity, and he wasn’t about to let those notes be his legacy, if he was going to have one. They took up the conversation in the hallway, leaving the students filing out behind them.
“That was simply incredible,” the mentor said, “I’m shocked that you were able to do it off the cuff. Just like that.”
“It was nothing,” Efrain said, “and that’s not self-praise, mentor. If you’re not able to do simple illusions of light like, then ‘my’ books have led you astray.”
Efrain stopped to look out through a window, seeing the central pyramid and its rooftop garden. “Though that’s not entirely fair to Nicolo and Armsted. I’ve been travelling and studying for nigh-on two centuries since I left. I’ve learned much more than what they were left to work with.”
When Efrain turned back to the man, he found that he was bowing low.
“What are you doing?”
“Oh please, master Efrain,” said the man, “please, led us back to greatness.”
“You are truly, the most knowledgeable, the most revered, the most brilliant-”
“Stop that,” Efrain said, “I left my patience for flattery about a half-thousand miles west. Say what you mean, plainly.”
He tried to tell himself that was the truth, but he couldn’t deny it made his chest swell to hear such things, especially after so long on his own.
“We need you,” said the man, astonishing Efrain as he wiped tears from his eyes, “we are but children, stumbling around-”
“Do you do this with every guest?” Efrain said, trying to tamp down on the delight he felt.
“What? N-no. Be the mentor! I will gladly renounce it, if you are there to take the place. Lead our school, master Efrain!”
Efrain held his face as he considered what the man had just said.
“No,” he said, quashing the image of mentor Efrain squarely and firmly right there.
“B-but why?” the mentor blubbered, “anything you want, I’ll give it to you, anything! Name it and-”
“But I will rewrite those gods-damned books you have. Fill them with my current knowledge, which is far superior than that poetic dreck that I made back in the day,” Efrain said, “I would not be able to live with myself, if I left you with that swill.”
“Oh thank you! Thank you!” said the mentor, clasping his hands.
“Now, let’s get back to my office,” Efrain said, “I’m finding myself quite tired of this whole affair.”
“Yes, yes, of course,” said the man, straightening himself and gesturing the way.
“Tell me,” Efrain said, “your begging seems to indicate that the academy’s future is dire.”
“Oh, it’s bad,” sighed the man heavily, “we simply haven’t been able to produce things that are of much use. It is our shame, and as such, we’ve moved much of the studies to other, more practical subjects. Maths, history - magic is quickly becoming a pure pursuit of knowledge. The Eisen matriarch seems not to mind, but Poutash, and many of the established houses, well…”
Efrain nodded as he climbed the main stairs, shuffling by students. He tried to ignore the irrational guilt that plagued him. He’d just managed to put a lid on it as they reached the office, where within he sank into the chair. The mentor stood nervously by the door, almost like an attending student, not the director of a school. Efrain wondered how he got the position in the first place.
“Well, that was enlightening,” Efrain said, “I’ll retire now, I think.”
“Of course,” said Avencia, “yes, we shall leave you to it. I will have dinner sent up.”
“No need, we had some in the city,” Efrain said, “I don’t eat all that much anyways. Tell me, are there any particular teas you’d recommend? Local speciality or imported, I don’t care.”
The man thought for a few moments.
“I would have to ask someone else, but I will send up a set as soon as possible,” he said.
“Oh, and the books,” Efrain said, reclining back on the chair and looking out the window.
“Which books?” said the man excitedly.
“All of them. Any of them that bear my name,” Efrain said, “In fact, just send me all your core texts for magic. If I need any sort of historical references, I’ll make up a list while I’m reading them.”
The man practically stumbled over himself, thanking Efrain profusely and indicating that the entire curriculum would be sent up, as well as paper and ink. When the door shut, the quiet seemed almost unnatural to Efrain after the busy day he’d had. He picked up a book from the shelf, some piece of Karkosian history from a man he’d never heard of.
He sat back down in the chair, and curiously, he found his eyesight beginning to swim as he tried to parse the page. His body felt… heavy, exhausted even. He tried to resist it, tried to fight it as the book fell open on his lap, but his vision darkened, and soon Efrain had drifted off to sleep.
[←Chapter 62] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 64→]
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2023.06.09 06:01 Savings-Grapefruit I can’t believe it came to an end

I am just in shock. I’m hurt, sad, tired and overall just devastated. I made a post a few months ago about my younger brother who was severely ill. After a long and grueling journey, he peacefully passed away today. His body was tired of fighting.
These past few months have been so incredibly tough. Every day, we went to bed not knowing if the next would be a good or bad day. Things were getting better- so much better. It was finally starting to look like a full recovery. He was off the ventilator, breathing on his own completely, survived an open heart surgery, started doing physical therapy and was gaining more strength everyday. He was transferred to a rehab center so he could start building up strength and walking again. He even sat up on the side of his bed and looked out the window all on his own yesterday and we were so proud of how much progress he had made.
Then out of nowhere, my brother had a massive brain bleed this morning and there was nothing left we could do. We elected for palliative care and he passed a couple hours after.
I feel at peace knowing that he went peacefully and hopefully in no pain. I’m sad because we had so much hope for him. I’m worried that maybe he was anxious when he was going, he shed a tear or 2 even though he was “unconscious” and heavily sedated. It just happened so fast and even with the circumstances, so unexpected.
I can’t help but feel like I could have done more in some way. Could have been nicer to him, could have looked out for him more, could have seen the signs. But I know at the end of the day, I can’t do it all.
I never thought I’d be burying my little brother. He was only 25.
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2023.06.09 05:13 jamiebrownofficial Modern Art

Modern Art
I saw this near the Walmart Supercenter in South Austin and must've teleported to a different timeline for a nanosecond.
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2023.06.09 05:10 darcytome Very Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

I have PCOS and pretty irregular periods. I had a period about 2/3 weeks ago and just started again on Tuesday. That’s not that abnormal for me, sometimes I go months without having one and sometimes I have one that is just spotting for a few weeks. However, this period is nothing like I have ever experienced before. I’m bleeding profusely… overflowing a Super Plus tampon and leaking into a pad in just 2 hours. I’ve gone through 8ish tampons just in one day. I’m not feeling super dizzy (maybe a little tired) and not experiencing unusual cramping, just normal cramps. I am passing clots a lot, however, not huge ones but I would say pinhead to pennyish sized.
I’m scared because this amount of blood is very strange and unsettling and it isn’t getting any better… it’s been like this since for 2.5 days straight. But I don’t want to go to the hospital or urgent center and have them turn me away because it’s just a bad period. What should I do here?
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2023.06.09 04:50 hassanfanserenity a bit of a rant but i just have to share

a little funny story that i wanna vent because i have not slept for the past 18 hours because my supperiors were morons

over the years i have been working here i have seen hundreds of people come and go leaving the emails, accounts, templates and folders on the server and eventually it just becomes a mess and fills it up so now one of them have the genius idea of purging the servers with any names who no longer work for the company the problem the schedules, files, customer data and ect. belong in those old accounts we just used them because hey it still works so one day i get a call to head to the office because suddenly everything was gone i asked around and nobody knows why i even asked the girl who deleted everything and turns out she didnt know that everything was connected to the accounts now here i am 18 hours later tired out of my mind trying to replace everything that was lost i hate my supperiors
a little backstory here i work at a call center owned by my highschool buddy Paul he didnt really go to collage instead inherited the company from his dad while i went to IT bussiness so while i am just a lowly IT guy i actually hold more power then they do as they cannot get me fired while i can fire them i do not abuse this power but they threaten me still and i just smile my face knowing when they say your fired or it will come out of your paycheck and the next morning they say sorry to me this little priviledge i have is the only reason im still here
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